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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 30, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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where demonstrations have been replaced with some emotional reunions too. >> reporter: yeah, much smaller groups out here today at sfo, which includes plenty of family members who have patiently been waiting for their loved ones to arrive from points abroad since this executive order. these hugs and smiles for the family end a weekend of worry and dismay, finally made it back from iraq. >> very happy. i see my family. >> reporter: the most nerve racking part of this trip was likely the three hour screening process by customs and border protection agents. she's iraqi and was visiting her dying father there when president donald trump issued his executive order. she immediately bought a ticket to come back home. >> we were afraid. we don't know the details of the
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order. >> reporter: the large weekend crowds have dwindled down to a few demonstrators today. >> i think it's important for people to see continuing solidarity. >> volunteer immigration attorneys have set up a mobile legal clinic for anyone who might have trouble getting through passport control and customs. and a staff member from the office is here to help get information from immigration security agents, but that has not been easy. >> it's been tough to get information over the weekend. we're hoping that the information flow picks up here over the coming days. >> reporter: even though a federal judge temporarily struck down portions of the president's executive order, it's not clear how many travelers may still be affected. families are forced to simply wait and see how long it takes or even if their loved ones make it through passport control and customs. now i talked with the coordinators of that immigration legal clinic that's downstairs, they tell me that they plan on
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being here at least through the rest of this week and even longer if necessary. reporting live at san francisco international airport, abc 7 news. >> thank you. and just this evening, the acting attorney general of the united states ordered the department of justice not to defend the president's executive order in court. in the letter, she writes, she's not sure the order is lawful. president trump signed the order on friday, pausing immigration from seven countries. iraq, iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria, and yemen for the next 90 days. applies to people with visas. it's a blanket ban keeping all refugees from any country from entering the u.s. for 120 days. it ends the syrian refugee program indefinitely. the department of homeland security has leeway to prioritize refugee claims on the basis of religious-based persecution as long as the person is a minority religion. making it easier for christians and other religious minorities in muslim countries to enter the
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united states. today white house press secretary sean spicer sought to put the impact into perspective. >> there are 325,000 people that came into this country over 24 hour period from another country. 109 of them were stopped for additional screening. this is -- we've got to keep this in proportion, folks. >> well the department of homeland security also released numbers, theirs are different as of 24 hours ago, 392 foreign -- legal permanent residents detained were allowed to enter the united states. 348 people were denied boarding on planes at foreign airports. now in berkeley, a coffee shop specifically hires refugees, so they are uniquely concerned about the changes under way. laura anthony spent the day there to get some perspective and joins us live, laura. >> reporter: well hi, dan, huge coffee chain, starbucks, announcing that they will hire 10,000 freenls over the next
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five years. it's something that coffee store is already doing. along with donating the proceeds to the refugee community. it's a coffee shop where all the employees are refugees. and all the proceeds go to their community. a newly opened, nonprofit called 1951 coffee company. >> we have eight employees right now from seven different countries. >> doug hewitt is one of the founders of 1951 coffee. >> we really hope that people will see the refugees who are working here, gives an opportunity to get to know people, see the positive things that we have seen. >> reporter: this 18-year-old is a refugee from syria. she is deeply concerned about president trump's travel ban on people from her country and six others. >> the people who are killing and fighting and in the name of islam, they do not respect islam. they don't not represent us. they are just terrorists. >> i think this is like one of the best ideas --
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>> reporter: uc berkeley freshman was a regular at the 1951. he sees the cafe's opening as especially timely and significant. given the executive orders coming out of washington, d.c. >> i think it's a really good humanitarian effort and a good combination of business and morality. >> thank you. >> reporter: 19511, not only hires refugees, the proceeds from it's coffee sales also go to the refugee community here in the bay area. in berkeley, laura anthony, abc 7 news. just hours ago, house minority leader nancy pelosi organized a protest with other democratic representatives and senators outside the supreme court in washington, d.c. >> the president did undermine our values and is not in support of the oath of office that we take. to support and defend the constitution of the united
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states. >> but not all california lawmakers are against the president's action. representative devin nunes from the central valley released a statement supporting the president saying quote, the trump administration's executive order on refugees is a common sense security measure to prevent terrorists on the homeland. and the chairman of the house of representatives. there are republicans on board and they're pleased to see him fulfilling campaign promises. carolyn tyler continues our live team coverage with their perspective, carolyn. >> well here in the bay area scores of protesters have been denouncing this immigration ban, but trump supporters also want to be heard. the demonstrators might have the loudest voices, but they don't speak for this woman. she supports president trump and his temporary ban on immigration. >> it is designed to keep us safe. >> reporter: rankin lives in rdwood city and attended the presidential inauguration as the
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california chair of african americans for trump. she says president trump is fulfilling a campaign promise by tightening the country's borders. >> we need to be instill a deeper vetting process to make sure that the people who are coming into this country don't mean us any harm. it only takes one person. >> reporter: protesters say the ban is un-american, but backers believe it puts america first. marin county, trump supporter rick altman believes a majority of americans endorses the executive order. >> we need better management of our borders and we need to make better choices about who we allow into the country. >> reporter: the demonstrators are in his words, spoiled by the safety of this nation. and are upset that president trump took action so quickly. >> he didn't give 90 day warning, which allows our enemies to try to sneak in as many people who hate this
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country, masquerading as refugees. >> reporter: so they have a perspective that they feel is being drowned out, but on the other hand, some trump supporters that we talked with would not go on camera saying that they fear harassment here in the bay area. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, nbc 7 news. >> thank you so much, carolyn. and abc 7 news is committed to covering changes in our world both nationally and locally. read all of our stories on our website abc 7, we send out breaking news alert through our app and via twitter at abc 7 news bay area. like us on facebook to get news updates on your feed throughout the day. a major shake-up in the raiders effort to move to las vegas tonight. just a short time ago, casino billionaire officially withdraw as an investor and the proposed $1.9 billion stadium project. adleson was a major player using his clout to get nevada lawmakers to approve $750
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million in tax payer money. he was also set to contribute $650 million to the deal of his own money. now we've reached out to the raiders for reaction on how this might impact their attempt to leave oakland. the team filed for relocation to las vegas earlier this month. the nfl owners are expected to vote on the move in march. well now to a kidnap and murder case in the south bay. police say their suspect was vumted buying a shovel before the victim was killed and buried in a shallow grave. kate larson is live now from san jose with details on the case, kate. >> reporter: dan, there was a trail of evidence from here in santa clara down to the central valley, but one of the most shocking details in this case is the suspect's admission to a relative that he, quote, buried a problem up in the mountains, hiked down to civilization after that. on the same day that christopher eller bronx stood in court wrapped in chains and dressed in
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a correction's uniform, the son of a man he's accused of murdering spoke out. >> we were shocked and saddened that my father's life story has come to such a tragic end. >> reporter: he was known as tommy was found strangled and buried in a shallow grave last week. the 70-year-old cupertino businessman was last seen at this 24 hour fitness in sunny valley on january 17th. when he didn't show up for a meeting with, his family reported him missing. >> it is incomprehensible to us how something like this could happen to a soul as kind and giving as i my fathers. >> reporter: eller, accused of murder and financial elderly abuse worked for him as a handy man. on january 18th, a surveillance camera at this morgan hill atm caught the 38-year-old depositing a forged, $10,000 check belonging to sway. the same morning, investigators say eller bought a shovel at home depot. days later, police found the van abandoned on a remote mountain
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road in three rivers. southeast of fresno and more than 200 miles from santa clara county. >> during their search, they located a shallow grave containing the victim's deceased body. >> reporter: detectives found his drn near the van and bloody clothing inside. along with a home depot resee the for the shovel. he was arrested after he threatened someone else with a knife. prosecutors expect him to plead not guilty next month. reporting in san jose, kate larson, abc 7 news. well in that same courthouse, another trial finally got under way today. >> it started years after the victim's disappearance, even though her body has never been found. the defendant is charged with murder. this week is off to a dry and mild start. it won't stay that way long. we'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. the way we get our news has changed, u i'm michael finnny ahead on 7 on your over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance.
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she was 15 years old and disappeared almost five years ago. today the trial began for the man accused of killing sierra lamar, even though her body has never been found. abc 7 news reporter david louis was in the courtroom and joins us now live. david. >> reporter: some people thought this day might never come. not to mention the fact that it was a very lengthy jury selection process. today, the prosecution had it's turn to outline it's case, tomorrow, the defense will get it's turn. 25-year-old garcia torres was flanked by his defense attorneys. he looked at the jury of six women and six men who will decide his fate and tv monitor
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where the prosecution displayed various pieces of evidence. then 15-year-old sierra lamar disappeared the morning of march 16, 2012 and never made it to school. she was active on social media and text messaging, but then went silent. hundreds of volunteers fanned out in search of her starting close to her home and extending out. today in court, prosecutor david buoy told juries had will link torres through dna from a rope in the accused killers trunk and through dna found on a pair of the dirt-stained jeans. steve clark, a legal analyst and former prosecutor says that's the heart of the district attorney's case. >> dna is the key here. and the prosecution spent an inornament amount of time on it, if they don't get the dna evidence in, that is the key to the case. >> reporter: lamar family members and close friends have a long road ahead. and there was a toll on day one. >> it's been an ae moelgs day
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for us. we're all exhausted. and sierra's family, sierra's friends, the hundreds of searchers that have helped us search for sierra are all glad that this day has finally come. >> reporter: in san jose, david louis, abc 7 news. today a civil rights icon born in the bay area was honored by the state of california and google. abc 7 news anchor kristen is here with the tribute to fred and it's implications today. >> well dan, this is today's google doodle. fred, and if you clicken to, you learn about the oakland native a civil rights hero. who became now he would have turned 98 today. at age 23 after the pearl harbor attacks, he defied president roosevelt's executive order that japanese americans report to internment camps. he was arrested, tried, and sent
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to a camp in utah where he stayed in a horse stall. the aclu took his case to the supreme court and lost. he was in turn for two years before the government released the detainees. in 1983, a federal judge overturned his convictions and in 1998, he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom. >> the greatest stance that fred took over 70 years ago defying the curfew and intournament order is more relevant today given what's happening in this country. >> governor brown issued this today declaring january 30th fred day as he's been doing the past seven years. one of the last things he said before he passed away in marin county 12 years ago, i'll never forget my government treating me like this. and i really hope that this will never happen to anybody else because of the way they look. if they look like the enemy of
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our country. >> important to remember. thanks so much. drone operator is facing charges for allegedly interfering with a rescue operation friday night in pacifica. police arrested 55-year-old jared of pavk ka over the weekend. investigators say the drone he was operating flew too close to the highway patrol helicopter assisting on the rescue of a man who had fallen off the cliff. the helicopter had to in fact pull away to avoid a collision, that's according to police. the man who fell is now recovering. on that same street, demolition work started today on the apartment building that was in danger of collapsing into the ocean. sky 7 was overhead as crews tore down the 20 unit building. they had to be careful not to let any pieces fall below the unstable bluff. the debris was loaded up and taken to a landfill in san jose. tax payers have to foot the bill for the demolition, about $330,000. pavk ka will receive federal grants to secure the roadway. now your acuwhether forecast
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with spencer christian. >> here's a look at live doppler 7. we have clouds getting a little bit more widespread over the bay area right now. they are high, thin clouds. so it still pretty mild outside and it still has the feel almost, the look of a clear evening. let's move along and take a look at live camera shots. one from the tower looking out over san francisco on in calm evening, currently 55 degrees here in the city. oakland 58. and also 58 at san jose and cooler 50 at half-moon bay. this is the view from emeryville which is partly cloudy, and we have almost uniform readings in the low to mid-50s from santa rosa to napa, fairfield, concord, and livermore. one more live view where skies are partly cloudy and we'll see increasing clouds tomorrow. wet powder begins late wednesday and rainy and windy conditions on thursday. tomorrow though, will be another day much like today. i'll start with overnight conditions first. partly cloudy with label the of
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fog from the central valley, possibly spilling through the delta and the car tee in a strait. low temperatures in the mid-30s in the inland valleys once again tonight. it'll be chilly tomorrow morning. lows right around 40 near the bay and low 40s on the coast. then tomorrow, much like today, partly cloudy skies, especially up in the north bay where clouds would be label the more widespread and it'll be mild again tomorrow with highs ranging from low to mid-60s. let's talk about the approaching storm which will arrive on wednesday. the storm ranks one in the storm impact scale, wednesday at least will have just light scattered showers, it'll turn breezy, but not very turbulent. here's the forecast animation starting at noon on wednesday. clouds thickening and rain arriving in the evening hours. the evening commute on wednesday may be a wet one and the rain will become more widespread and today issier during the overnight hours. heavier as well. thursday morning, by that time, the storm will have intensified to the point where it will rank duoon the storm impact scale. it'll bring more widespread rainfall, occasionally heavy localized downpours and winds
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will gust from 40 to 50 miles per hour. let's resume the early animation just before the morning commute begins. we'll see rain becoming heavier, today issier, more widespread. very slow commute thursday morning. and the rain will continue through the day thursday and into friday. let's talk about the winds. wind gust animation says question expect gusts for most of the bay area on thursday morning. 25 and 35 miles per hour possibly even higher in some locations. the rainfall potential we project will range from about an inch and a half to two inches in the santa fe mountains. tenth to half inch in the south bay and half inch through the central part of the bay area. after one more mild and dry day tomorrow. late day showers on wednesday, storm ranking one on the impact scale. storm is stronger on thursday ranking two on the impact reconcile. and then it'll weaken again on friday to scattered showers and light rain. weekend looks mainly dry, but clouds will linger to the
6:22 pm
weekend and it'll get milder around sunday and monday. get ready for three days, at least of wet weather. >> we had a nice break. >> we have. >> thanks. all right. well coming up next, the new addition to an old tradition. girl scout cookies.
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fitness trackers is laying off staff because of low revenue in the most recent quarter. fitbit plans to lay off 6% of the work force which equals 110 employees. fitbit recently bought pebble, but facing increased competition from apple's updated smart watch which includes more fitness options. fitbit stock tanked today dropping 16% to close at just six. the dow closed under the $20,000 mark that it crossed last week. the nasdaq also went down. here's good news, girl scout cookie sales start on wednesday. it is the 100th year for the fundraiser which helps pay for scout trips and camps. and this year there's a new flavor too, smores. two different looks because they use two different baking companies. interestingly, both combine gram crack we are marshmallow and chocolate. well tomorrow is the deadline to enroll for health insurance through covered california. anyone who signs up by the end of january will have coverage
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beginning in march. covered california promises your health insurance will be valid for the entire year, even the republicans in washington, d.c. want to repeal and replace the affordable care act better known as obamacare. we know there's a lot of some of this undercurrent of questions about what's happening nationally. but what we've got on the books right now, the health plans, the rates are locked in. and when you sign up through covered california, you've got a contract between you and that health plan to get a deal that's going to be rock solid for 2017. state officials believe it may be years before changing at the national level affect people served by covered california. now other changes by president trump are taking effect immediately. >> we are tracking his executive actions as they happen and keeping tabs on who's going to join the administration in washington, d.c. among the travelers detained over the weekend, a woman who was six months pregnant. i'm jonathan bloom with how the doctor who treated her had to walk the line between medicine and politics.
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of reach for far too long:s have health insurance.that's been out how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. now from abc 7 live breaking
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news. and that breaking news is that president trump just fired acting attorney general sally yates. >> late today, yates ordered department of justice attorneys not to enforce the president's executive orders on refugees in court. the statement just released by the white house, the press secretary says yates had quote betrayed the department of justice. >> the white house appointed dana boeington, the u.s. attorney for eastern virginia to serve pending the confirmation of president trump nominee jeff sessions as attorney general. well, opponents of the president's immigration order marched the halls of sfo this weekend at a peninsula doctor stemmed in to directly help one of the detained travelers. >> that traveler was six months pregnant, and as abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom tells us, the doctor who usually delivers babies, delivered scared travelers. >> the reason i'm talking is because it's not a small deal. it's not overblown. >> reporter: the doctor may knows she may ruffle feathers.
6:31 pm
she was watching the protests on tv when she got a text message. >> you're not going to believe this. there are some iranian-born pregnant women here. >> reporter: the patients were brought to the hospital in federal custody from the airport. she says they were green card holders, permanent residents of the united states. >> coming home. this is their home. they live here. they have jobs here. they work here. >> reporter: one says she was six months pregnant. >> she told me she hadn't eaten. i don't know if they hadn't let her or if she just couldn't eat from worry. >> reporter: so the doctor says she made a decision to keep her in the hospital as long as possible, rather than risk more stress with the chance she'd be sent back overseas. >> it was truly not safe. putting a pregnant woman back and forth on a plane risks dehydration, it risks clots. this is this isn't small. >> reporter: and as she talked to the waiting officers, she went a step further. >> don't separate the wife and husband. this is a medical recommendation. she should not be separated from
6:32 pm
her spouse. and they promised me. they outright promised me that that would not happen. which they kept back. >> she wants to be my patient. and i'm honored. she's going to be my patient. >> reporter: patients from the airport are typically brought here to mills peninsula medical center. the hospital can't confirm because of privacy laws. the doctor makes clear she doesn't represent the hospital and says her views and opinions are strictly her own. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. the tech titan, google held protests at eight offices worldwide, including here at the mountain view hoerpts. the ceo addressed the crowd in silicon valley. google and employees are pledging $4 million to nonprofits supporting refugees.
6:33 pm
the co-founder of san francisco-based yelp tweeted a note he sent to employees today saying quote, i would not be here writing this if america did not welcome immigrants. he added later that we will do everything in our power to help and protect our affected employees. former president obama issued his first statement since leaving office ten days ago. today a spokesman says obama is quote, heartened by the level of engagement around the country. many comparisons have been drawn between the actions of former president obama and president trump. today we consulted with a law professor from haystinging college of the law about the similarities and differences. >> every president that comes in having been proceeded by an administration from the opposite party has used executive orders in the first few months of their administration to try to change things they should should be changed. president obama did that, president bush did that. when people come in after, you know, hard fought campaign and they've sort of won a different
6:34 pm
viewpoint, this is not unusual. what i think is unusual is for an order to be issued so quickly with so little attention to detail. and that i think is more reflective of uniqueness in the trump administration so far. >> well today, president trump issued an executive order seeking to dramatically reduce federal regulations. this action requires government agencies requesting a new regulation to identify two that they will cut to counterbalance the cost. the white house will ultimately decide which regulations to eliminate. >> this will be the biggest such act that our country has ever seen. there will be regulation, there will be control, but it'll be a normalized control where you can open your business and expand your business very easily. >> president trump's nominee for secretary of state advanced to a final vote today. three democrats joined gop senators to put former exxonmobil chief executive rex
6:35 pm
tillerson on track. that vote will most likely happen by wednesday. president trump will name his nominee for the supreme court tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. our time. these are the three front runners. neil gorsuch, thomas hardiman and william pryor. they're all federal appeals court judges. it's made up of only eight since the death of antonin scalia last february. republicans refused to hold hearings for president obama's nominee. if you can't watch the announcement tomorrow. find out who he picks through the abc 7 news app. download it today and enable push alerts. it's free for both apple and android devices. the boy scouts just annou e announced a major policy shift. today the organization has said it would allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in it's boys-only programs. up to now, the boy scouts relied solely on the gender listed o an child's birth certificate. michael finnny made a name for himself by being on your
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a long time richmond man that has subscribed to his hometown paper since 1955, but picking up his paper lately has become more and more difficult. >> he asked 7 on your side michael finny for help. >> i can relate. >> were you really? >> okay, there you go. the days of a newspaper boy on a sting ray no doubt. on a sting ray, dropping off your paper for the most part are long gone. it's a tradition however one man misses immensely. he enjoys coffee with his good neighbor robert. the two have been neighbors for 26 years and have developed an incredibly close relationship. >> bob's more more like family than he is a friend. he takes good care of me. he has become a second father for me. it has become a chore.
6:40 pm
i found it right here. yesterday i believe it was over here in the junipers. >> i'm afraid i'd flip and fall and it if bob's not home, i wouldn't dare try to go out and get it. >> reporter: he says his former delivery person used to drop his paper right on his porch, but a new one has thrown the paper from a moving truck. he complained, but not much changed. robert contacted 7 on your side on behalf of him, we contacted the east bay times, thinged changed for the better, but not for long. >> mr. wright says about three weeks. >> reporter: that's when we visited him and he told us once again he was having issues with his paper. 7 on your side contacted the east bay times again and the next day. robert met with the delivery person. the paper is now being delivered to the doorstep. >> just think it, michael, i appreciate you going to this
6:41 pm
trouble. >> what a cool guy. now i'll keep in touch with him to make sure his paper is consistently left on his porch. >> newspaper boy slang for making sure that the paper landed on the porch. >> oh. >> i never got it on the porch. >> porching it. >> spencer was the paper boy too. >> did you know porching it? maybe i made that up. >> all right, thank you. all right coming up next, the message in a movie that could save the lives of modern
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a san francisco neighborhood is paying tribute to it's african american heritage. abc 7 news was in the bay view which crews began painting street polls with stripes of red, black, and green. they're the colors of the black nationalist flag. a third of the population is
6:45 pm
african american. silent killer talking about melanoma. >> they're hoping the story of a beloved bay area athlete will help drive that message home. >> here is abc 7 news sports reporter mike shoouman. >> documentary film makers phil and bob say former cal quarterback joe roth was extraordinary his humility. it's the cautionary tale. you don't want to end up like joe. you want to live your life like him. >> roth was a star at berkeley in the 1970s when he died at just 21 years old. he'd hidden the severity of his fatal diagnosis to finish out his final season. they decided to profile roth in their documentary, don't quit. both to celebrate his courage and also spread the message about preventing melanoma. >> one millimeter makes a
6:46 pm
difference. you don't that want to make the wrong difference. >> now they're hoping the film will inspire universities around the country to start screening their athletes for skin cancer. they say a model program already exists a few miles down the road at stanford. >> jane campbell is the goal keeper and typical for those who make it to that level. >> every day i would spend average three to five hours in the sun. so i'm just taking a look at more of your moles here. >> now like other athletes, she's undergone screening as a part of a program called sun sport. it's run by the tleek department and variety of experts, including dermatology and the cancer institute. that can follow an athlete over a lifetime. > look for change, that's an important factor in looking for transformation.
6:47 pm
>> athletes and trainers also help spread the word about the importance of sunscreen. if trouble is caught early, recently developed therapies now offer hope to patients that do not exist in the time. >> we have better drugs, but only in the last five years. and these drugs are prolonging life for individuals with advanced disease. >> meanwhile, they have shown don't quit to a variety of audiences including young athletes. they're hoping renewed interest in roth's story might prompt the ncaa might adopt this. >> and get that message of melanoma awareness out to this new generation. abc 7 news. well the stanford team is also actively tracking data from athletes in the sun sport program it hopes to release information in the near future. we'll let you know. >> and first though, spencer is back with an update on the forecast. >> live doppler 7 happy to report that another mild day is headed our way.
6:48 pm
we have mainly clear skies right now and it's going to get pretty chilly overnight as it has the last several days. tomorrow, another mild day wl a little increase in clouds especially up in the north bay. highs tomorrow will be mainly in the low to mid-60s. our chances of rain over the next seven days are like this, 50% on wednesday with light rain arriving and the storm will intensify to level two on the impact scale on thursday. 100% chance of rain own thursday and friday, and the chances of rain will diminish through the weekend. snow will hit the sierra. winter storm watch is in effect or will be from wednesday evening to friday evening in the sierra. four to eight generally at the 5,000 foot level. two to four feet of snow will fall over the passings. and here's the accuweather seven day forecast. wet, wednesday, thursday, and friday, drying out and turning milder again over the weekend. >> great rainy season. >> yeah. >> looking good. she was just on tape with that great piece.
6:49 pm
>> yeah, absolutely. 49ers made it official, and the former stanford safety has no front office experience, but i think you can make it work. we'll h
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visit today. now abc 7 sports with mike. >> tampa bay safety john lynch was named the 11th general manager in franchise history today. he was working as an analyst for fox sports when he called kyle shanahan and volunteered for the job. 49ers had him in last thursday, jed and john flew to atlanta friday to meet with kyle shanahan, over the weekend agreed to a six year deal. the 15 year safety with the bucs and broncos is the finalist for the football hall of fame. he knows what it takes to win a super bowl as he got a ring back in 2002. and he's a born leader. but john has no front office experience. former stanford man is smart enough to know what he doesn't know and surround himself with people who do. his hiring also tells me that kyle shaun listen will have final say on the roster and that might have scared off the other candidates. assistant gm tom gamble who has
6:53 pm
been an gm in the nfl is in house. he could mentor lynch. former tarp bay gm mark dominic. huge chance on hiring lance who today said, i can't wait to get to work. >> just can't tell you how humble and excited i am for this unbelievable opportunity. two weeks ago i never thought that i'd be doing this and you know, things change sometimes. and unfortunately i have a wonderful family that have supported me incredibly in my pursuit of this fully aware that myself, the team i put around me, we're going to have to earn this -- earn the respect and the only way you do that is through your actions. and for us, that's showing it on the field. and you know, we have a big task in front of with us yab i can't tell you how excited i am to attack it. >> it's easy to jump to conclusions here, but i say give john and kyle a chance as this team 12 starting over from the
6:54 pm
ground up. there is a precedent for this hiring as the lions did the same thing with former raider and line backer mike miller. and it was a disaster. both lynch and shanahan will be introduced next week. super bowl media day is now super bowl media night. falcons and patriots holding court taking a lot of questions. falcons offensive coordinator kyle shanahan and the future 49er head coach was asked about his new gm, john lynch. >> whenever you have a smart guy who is very talented and he's got extremely high character and has no problem working extremely hard, i feel when you have a person like that who has all of those qualities, and you give them the time, it's a matter of time before he's going to figure it out. if i'm going to bet on someone, it's tom lynch. he's going to have to learn stuff as he goes like we all do. but you're going for the person. and john, john lynch succeeded in everything. and it excites me about him. >> great story down on stanford.
6:55 pm
last night's winner was seventh ranked washington, she is one win away from 1,000 joining the late pat as the only two coaches to achieve that milestone. tenth ranked cardinal had to come from behind to get win number 999 and they can put her over the top friday night. been at stanford since 1985 and so humble, claiming it's not about her. >> it just gives me an opportunity to really thank the great women that i've coached. and really, you know, so the -- it's an honor that, you know, i can share with the thousand people, and it wouldn't happen -- i'm not doing it by myself and it's something that, you know, i'm proud of what we've accomplished at stanford, i know it's not -- this is not an individual sport. ths is a team sport. >> i've known her for 30 years, couldn't be happierer in her. and all you 49er fans, be patient, i like this combination of john lynch and kyle shanahan. >> all right. thank you so much. join us tonight at 9:00 on
6:56 pm
coffee tv 20 cable channel 13 and right here on abc 7 news at 11:00. coming up, the firing of america's top law enforcement officer, the words that led to her dismissal. plus who's in charge now? join us for abc 7 news for 9:00 and 11:00. here's the line-up, at 8:00 the bachelor followed by quantico at 10:00 and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. then 11:35, stick around, jimmy kimmel live is coming up. natalie portman and actor morris chestnut. >> that's all for you tonight. that is this edition of abc 7 news. looking for breaking news on twitter. we appreciate your time. >> for all of us here at abc 7 news, thank you so much for joining us. >> have a good night. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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