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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 31, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PST

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. now, at 11:00, the nation's acting attorney generaljutj her job after refusing to defend president trump's controversial immigration order. thank you for joining us tonight. >>jf the former acting attorne general say she isn't convinced president trump's executive order is lawful. >> sally yates wasko fired. abc news reporter is tracking this story from the newsroom. >> yet another commotion day for the trumpç administration whic accused sally yates of betraying the justice department. >> harsh words by the white house to acting attorney general, inp a statement press secretary sean spicer said yates, the obama administration appointeeç who was weak on boarders and weak on immigration. she was fired which banned travellers fromç mostly koun
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there tris. >> constitutional law at the university. he said tonight developments are not all that surprising fromu! plit scal perspective. but decline is noteworthy. >> to step of going knowing that her time is limited to say,ç i simply don't know think this is defensive. >> dana, u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia is now actingym attorney general, s set in the statement of president's executive order was lauflt and properly drafted.ç boente will be in charge of the justice department. >> his ultimate duty is of the people of the united states to do justice and to the constitution, it's not to hisç party, while he receivers at the pleasure of donald trump. ultimate has to be the constitution of the united states.6c r(t&háhp &hc scheduled to hold his its final
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hearing and vote on senator sessions tomorrow. thank you.ç new tonight, president trump also replaced the acting director of i.c.e. gave no direction of why.zv he's worked in immigration reform, the acting director will fall back to his previous deputy for stanford student who feels stuck in the country due to immigration ban. he's ag# freshman at stanford. her husband is still there and she had planned to return to see him after the summer break or over the summer braer, iç shou say -- break, i should say. she -- she will have to wait four years to see him when she graduates. she saidç the ban contradictor to basic principles. >> hopefully it could be okay. because it's u!unbelievable tha such law could exist in the u.s.
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>> stanford university said it is offering probono legal advice with;hrssrpáion attorneys to any student that wants it. google sponsored to show solidarity with those effected be i the immigration order.÷ú the tech company helped protest at eight offices worldwide. companies ceo addressed the crowd in silicone kovalley. google and its employees are pledging $4 million in support of refugees. >> it alsop bans refugees, in te last two hours a young refew gee made it to the bay area. >> he's live at the÷ú airport wh a story that's new at 11:00. >> calling it a miracle, not only that this young man is refew gee arrived in the united in place banning refugees. he got here three days before he got here three days before his 18th birthday at which timea he would not have qualified.
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he is a minor, but this is the moment he arrived meeting his foster parents for the first time and being greeted with signs and chants that say welcome to america. his family was murdered in the congo. he was approved to enter the u.s. after years÷ hjt vetting. he flew from kenya to l.a.x.,  knew he was on u.s. soil. >> he's been through some of the most horrific experiences that we can possibly imagine. and the process of trying to get here hasç taken so long. >> we as americans can welcome people who need a safe haven, who need a home that gives thgm a sense of possibility and hope. >> this young refew gee will live with possible pashts in campbell.ç cafeterias is currently providing foster homes to 102 children and teens, ten of them
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are from countries now÷ú bannedy president trump's executive order. live in san jose, abc 7 news. thank you. tomorrow president trump will reveal his nomin supreme court. download the app and be the first to know when that name is revealed. new at 11:00 pepper spray release forced theç whole food on gill man street to close for the evening started when a store confronted guard. the guard said the man pulled out a knife.d8 that's when the guard pepper sprayed him. firefighters treated the guard for the expose to pepper spray, no customers werehurt. after years of delay, the man accused of kidnapping and murdering, trial begins in 2012. he appeared afterç leaving her home to catch a school bus. prosecutors believe garcia torez killed her. they explained how dnaç eviden taken from torez's car links him to her murder.
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>> dna is the key here and the prosecution[ spend it an inordinate amount of time on. if they don't get it in, that to me is the key to the >> it's been an emotional day for us. hundreds of volunteersym countily hours, but the 15-year-old's body has not been found. >> they're notym stealing wheel instead they're swiping license plate. the story, tonight, franklin in leslie. >> there are 25 license plates stolen off of cars parked in residential neighborhood. neighbors told me they know of several incidentsç in additiono that over the weekend. now, police are saying that's alarming, that's unusual and they need some help.ç >> it happens and to this man, i
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woke up in the morning and my license plate was missing and called the police. >> and it happened to thisv: woman. he said mama, where is your license plate? i said it's on my car. i came out and the whole thing was gone. >> 25 residents÷/ of the pictu res k has had their license plates vanished from their cars over night all in the last ten days. the cars wereç parked in driveways and not on the street. reports are lighting up social media. one couple shared video with abc g a man standing by the back of neighbor's car and later walking by their house when both theirzv vehicles had plates stolen. they could be steeling to make art work. >> the other thing is that we can think of this time isç stealing license plate who is someone ice -- residents are
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changing habittía up just a bit, just to be safe. >> whenever the dog reacts, we now go up to the front top see. >> some are bolting plates instead of using screws. police hope this will help them find the fees. in sanleandro,u! abc 12 news. they still have their site on las vegas. the organization says itv: will move forward with the effort despite billionaire children announcing today withdrawn from the project. she was setç to compute $620 million. the franchise excluded him. >> stay with us, coming up on abc news at 11:00.[ >> tonight, this story of one family waiting for a loved one who went to a wrong and backed nonstop. plus not all protest, the bay area supporters who were
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behind trump's immigration order. ç and leader.nd once again the companies are opening up for threats. >> meteorologist you have to tell spring like tomorrow but realityzv check ask is coming. we'll let you see the wirt and check it out. when abc news at 11:00 comes ym back. jimmy camel comes back at after the normal. >> here is wh's happening over you, don't want this to happen. if youv: should go into labor during the broadcast. as host i achl prepared to
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making it easy to ignore. yet most older americans aren't getting their hearing tested. untreated hearing loss can keep your loved ones from enjoying what they cherish most. (woman) dad, can you hear me? (narrator) don't let that happen. speak up about hearing loss. you'll be glad you did. there were nearly as many protesters against president trump immigration order over the weekend, but more than enough to make÷ú their presence known. >> we sent abc reporter news reporter to find a small story in the larger one he/+ joins u outside the international terminal. >> the story we found tonight is quite difficult. an american family, anzv irania family, they spent many many hours at the airport tonight waiting for one of their love
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ones to come home. she was stuck between twozv countries. this is a woman who flew to iran and back pretty much without stopping. her homecomingzv hardless joyou. days of worry by her family. >> my daughter-in-law's mother has a green card. list. >> we have a right to, her son, daughter-in-law, just face the crowd ofht sfo. today we watch every passenger if they'll get gear in welcoming tod8 the united states of california, that's a good thing. the fact that we have to, is a bad thing. those tell us customs tonight feels like÷ú it's repressive thd world constitution. >> its unconstitutional. there's nothing good about what they're doing. >> anyone with aç green card te and question it. >> we know that they took it to
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another room. >> one hur passed. % >> i want security. >> i want security. i don't want a terrorista you know, but we can't punish all 99.5% of population for a few badç people. >> i could never imagine the united states doing something like this. >> ultimately, as we now know, his mother-in-law did d8emerge. she's a cancer survivor who had gone home to attend her mother's memorial. she never made it. when asked for an interview, her face and her family's relief said -- what will you say toç donald trump terrific. >> donald trump, these people have lives and every decision that you make impacts people's lives. >> these lives tonight,zv swallowed and shouted and i was on abc 7. >> there are some vocal people
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here who support the immigration order. careen attended the presidential inauguration at the california chair ofzv african-americans fo trump. he's keeping a campaign promise. >> we need to be -- instill a deeper vetting process to makey sure that the people who are coming into this country don't mean us any harm. it only takes oneç person. >> and believes we have the right to pick and choose who we allow into our country. transgender children will now beç allowed to join the bo scouts. they'll except boys based only on the gender listed on a scouting application. thiszv leaders say communities d laws and trooper different challenger. we're referring to birth certificate. the new policy went into÷ú effe immediately. >> all right. it's winding down.
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>> we'll get some more rain. >> that's right we'll see some rain around the middle of the work week, all the way through at least part of the weekend. i do want to show you a beautiful time lapse, if you didn't get a chancezv to step o, it's ve nus and the moon dancing in the night sky as venus gets closer to the crescent move, you can see lovelyç picture. live doppler seven tracking high clouds across the bay area and also fog. visibility and concord, soç tomorrow during the commute you will need to be careful. there will be some fog around. temperatures in the 40s, 50s, a live look since÷ú i'm a new mo meant tour rim. one more dry day tomorrow, unsettled pattern begins wednesday night and it is going to be wet and windy on thursday. first thing tomorrow morning the fog is what you'll need to look out for especially with your commute.ç temperatures in the mid 30s for the coldest, if you have to walk
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to bars, it will be chilly enough that you need to dress iú layers. for the afternoon sunshine and high clouds. temperatures low to mid-60s. they added low to mid-70÷ús, that's not going to happen tomorrow. we have a one, the scattered light showers turning breezy, most spots left than a twoç r . 4:00 afternoon, begins to move on to the courthouse what is scattered in nature. there will be pockets ofs moderate rain at times. 7:00 p.m. it becomes a little more widespread wednesday night. we get you into thursday, that second part of the systemnb bris us when as well. rain gusts 40 to 50 miles an hour, we're in a slight possibility of thunder. hr(to showing you a little way in the way of downpours when you're sleeping during thursday, you might be wokenzv up by maine
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coming down. 5:00 a.m. commute time does not look like a breezy one. and this continues right on showers for the afternoon. midnight thursday, winds begin to increase. they post at around 2:00 a.m. 44 milms)pá point raised seeing trees or powerlines getting toppled by this, especially now that the ground is saturated. not expecting majorp problems bt could see some minor injuries as we've seen postedly. they had decidedym inch and a half, is up to 3 inches, central bay, three quarters to an inch and a half. wenter storm is they're feet over the past snow level will be down to 5,000, which means you will need to carry your chain if you're going. you can download the app andv: send you push alerts should anything change. accuweather seven day forecast.
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still pretty mild, late night showers çwednesday. we have a wet windy conditions. a one for friday. and then possibly some early aturday. super bowl sunday, hopefully you really come. >> it looks like another system
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if you use google today. ç you'll notice an idle. he would have been 98 years old today. the ult may tim, the government'sç internment of japanese americans during world ward two. he was arrested and in turn for two years. in 1983 the judge overturned anm we're about to receive the presidential medal of freedom. >> he lived by his principles. so people need to also think about whatç they can do and wh is right and what is wrong. >> seven years ago california declared january 30th, mand8 su day. >> oh, yeah. >> it's time to take us into the
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sports. >> mike schh mil'a5- more. >> no front office experience, not to worry, he knows the game, he's a born
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will one day be affected by some kind of vision problem. save your vision for the years ahead. call... or log on to to learn about glaucoma and macular degeneration.
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abc 7 sports. >> the general manager and÷ú --s work as analyst when he called kyle shanahan and volunteered for the job. the 9ers have their 15-year nl÷ veteran in last thursday and he flew to atlanta friday to meet with kyle shanahan. lance has noo front office experience. today's super media day he trust atlanta's former present, smart enough to know what he doesn't know and sur rond himself with he can't wait to get started proving them wrong. >> can't tellsyou how humbled for this exciting opportunity. few weeks ago i never thought i would be doing this. we'll have to earn the respect and the only way you doym that through your actions. you know, we've got a big task
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in front of us. i can't tell you how excited i am to attack it. >>ç we're going to bet and you have to learn some stuff as you go, just like we all do, but, i mean, you're going for theç it. john lynch is tech neneeded in everything. a chance is startingzv over from the ground up. boom or bust, shanahan will be introduced next week. super bowl÷ú media day is n in prime time. some silly, some typical. falcons quarterback playing in his first super bowl trying to while tom brady playing in his record 7 super bowl says the game never getszv old. >> i've loved it since i was kid. joe montana, and steve young and all those great 49er teams.ç
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it's a great game to watch and, i mean, imagine what it's like to play. >> all right.a today paul market, young hospital patient is a super hero of that shark foundation case for hero's event. theyzv customize a case that kaiser permanente club. will experience provide the young super heroes with e


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