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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 31, 2017 1:37am-2:45am PST

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we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ] . monday rs we appreciate your time. >> allç of us thanks for joini us. jimmy, kimmel live. it's an all new show today
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"right this minute." the brave adventurer knows there's a big grizzly nearby. >> basically this woman is not afraid by much. >> how it paid off for the experience of a lifetime. and a driver has no time to react. >> there, you see it? >> what almost impaled him in one crazy near miss. >> he went right between. >> exactly! 'tis the season to make snow angels. >> grandma included. >> how she proves being 78 is great. >> a few more times. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new id mini. and a devoted husband clears the walk and then decides -- >> to sell the house. >> see the moment his wife comes back to the big surprise. >> oh, my god! >> somebody get him a baby, not a house! alison teal is 30 and she's the adventurer.
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and she had the adventure of a lifetime she's been waiting for. >> i've lived with some of the most dangerous and on-fire animals in the world. >> so basically this woman is not afraid of much. and she hasn't had a close encounter with a wild bear. so last month she headed on up to the great bear rain forest in vancouver, british columbia. and she and local bear whisperer nicki decided to go way out into a remote area to see if they could find some. >> what do you mean? just wear a bunch of steaks and fish and go running around in the forest until one shows up. if you would have asked me, i would have said yeah. >> no, you just need to show up at the right spot. so they decided to go to the watering hole where they need to feed. >> there is a grizzly running on the other side of me. >> oh, yeah. it is right behind her and dangerousry close. >> clearly, they have not been watching leonardo dicaprio
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movies recently. >> what happens next is delightful. >> all of a sudden it was like a grizzly spa day. they were everywhere and adorable enjoying their natural playground. >> they got incredible video and got really up-close on this adventure. not the only part of her adventure, not only did he experience bears up close like she wanted to, but she saw dolphins, orcas swimming incredibly close. there she is paddle boarding. and then she said, you can't be scared and have to let nature guide you. >> the bears will guide you. >> no, the sea lions, you can smell them a mile away. >> so that is the end of that tale. once more we delve into the world of dash cams. we should start calling it what not to do on the road. you'll be amazing the first video is from the 405. you can see cars are actually moving on it. never seen anything like it. duh don't worry, normal service will resume shortly. traffic is building up. we are riding in the hov lane.
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>> already the drivers should be cautious. >> absolutely. because you never quite know what other people are going to do. >> oh! >> stupid, stupid, stupid. >> no! >> i think in california, you're not allowed to go into that lane. >> bingo. >> because of the yellow line. you have to wait until it is a broken line. so that person was at fault. >> oh, in every way. >> no indicator whatsoever. now it gets worse. keep an eye on the right-hand side. because there you can see the car right there doesn't even appear to be -- no, no, it's the hit-and-run. so in the comment section the person just vanished. everybody's playing by the rules in the next video, but it's crazy. from the highways of taiwan, watch closely. there, you see it? >> what was that, a piece of plastic? >> oh, no, keep watching. it was a metal rod that seems to have ended up on the road, kicked up by the car in front,
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ends up hitting the car we're riding with. now you can see the car moves over to the side. guys, you will not believe where the metal bar ended up. keep watching. >> oh, right between the old -- >> exactly. keep watching, you can see the bar went straight through the front, straight through the engine and then penetrated right into the car between the legs of the guy that was driving. >> any further it would have punctured his body. >> it's another one of those thing that is you honestly wouldn't believe if you didn't just see it on video. everybody enjoys the snow and wants to get in on the fun, grandma included. >> go! >> what? does she want to be there? i can't tell. >> she's 78 years old, she doesn't get around anymore. and doesn't see very well. but she still wants to enjoy the snow in idaho. so there you see they are trying to help her get down in the snow so she asked to make a snow angel.
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>> oh, that's cute! >> just set you down, mom. >> okay, but now you're on the ground, do it! spread your arms and legs. >> she's got this once she gets down there. >> a few more times. that looks like a pretty good angel. >> you hear the sound of pure joy in her voice. >> whoo! >> now how are you going to get up? >> i don't know. >> so cute, i love her. >> i know! >> we need to get a picture after you're done. >> they give her the heave-ho after she's done. >> come and look at your snow angel. >> oh, it looks pretty. >> yeah, it looks just like an angel. >> enough of the sweet, on to the sour. we have figured out a way to make this a little more fun. >> oh, no! >> who job is it to clean up now? >> they call it the trash punk channel.
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challenge. >> i can't tell if they are trying to get into the trash can or beat their friends down to the bottom. >> they are obviously not very good at it, though. >> practice makes perfect. after a while, they nail it. now, they are all the way at the top. >> oh! >> off the backboard. >> nice. hey, it's that time again. time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need monday's buzz word, be 21 years of age and be a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. and though we hate to see this around here, but these two videos i'm about to show you really are almost right out of a scene of a movie. this one at a train station in london. keep an eye on this guy here with the black shorts and black tops. he's just walking onto that platform, minding his own business -- >> oh! >> holy cow!
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>> out of nowhere, a man walks up to him, pushes him onto the track. this happened back in june of last year, but because there was so much cc tv footage from the station, they were able to identify the guy as 32-year-old christopher cole. they arrested him and charged him. he pled guilty to attempted grievance and bodily harm. >> why? because of words they had earlier or it was a completely random attack? >> nothing. authorities say this was a completely unprovoked attack, although afterward when they interviewed christopher, he said he was really annoyed at this guy. and it is mind-blowing because crust christopher has to spend ten years in prison because of this annoyance. >> that will make him think the next time he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. he'll wake up on the wrong side of the cell. now to australia where this video comes from.
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we are seeing dash cam footage from a patrol car chasing after two fugitives. gino and mark have been running for eight years and were found hiding at this location. this shows us how incredible police work can be. >> shots fired! shots fired! >> amazingly, he was able to get away. but they did manage to capture the two fugitives that had at this point already murdered a man, shot at the police and torched a vehicle. the video was playing during the sentencing hearing. they're pregnant. >> and they're about to find out the gender of their baby. >> see the creative way of revealing the gender. >> nice. >> that is so sweet. and this drone has been put into fallow-me mode. >> for a nice solidly frozen pond. >> but what goes up must come down. >> oh!
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closed captioning provided by -- with icy hot® smartrelief™. starts blocking pain immediately at the nerve level. icy hot® smartrelief™. these two videos are of a gender reveal, this first one is actually really cute and is getting a lot of attention. zach and jasmine have been
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married for a few years. now they're pregnant and they're about to find out the gender of their baby. now this is a really cute part. the technician put the right color lipstick in a box for them when she found out what the gender was. so the lipstick is going to be blue or pink. and now they both have their eyes closed. she applies the lip color on her and kisses him all over. get this, their eyes are still closed. >> oh! >> they are so cute! >> it's one of the most event union we have ever seen. >> he immediately starts crying. this is a really, really cute moment. >> it's a little boy. whoo! now over to this next video where jess and christian are about to learn the gender of their baby. >> go! >> they have a bowl in the middle of the table. and they're going to drop some fizz balls in there. now the dye will eventually color the water and you will
1:55 am
know if it is a boy or a girl. yep, it's pink! they're having a girl! and there's a cut in the video. and now we're back. there was an error in the translation of the message. and when they went back to check the paper to make sure it's a girl, it turns out -- >> how did they mess that up? >> someone got confused and now they don't know if they're having a boy or a girl. i think it will be a boy. >> maybe it is a misread. maybe they just have to wait. it is a boy! okay. we love our rescue videos here on "right this minute." these two very, very heartwarming drone rescues, actually. >> i saw ice and you made me scared for that child. >> no, no, don't worry. the first one from the netherlands, we have the drone up in the air over a nice solidly frozen pond. but the guy who is flying the drone has put it into bottle me
1:56 am
mode. we know about that. where the drone will follow along wherever the controller is. and down we go. so the drone crashes right into the tree, but i call this a rescue because look closely. it's almost appearing as if the guy was close enough to catch it as it comes falling down. and there it goes. but that doesn't like it is hurt too badly. that's a phantom three. let's move to another beautiful drone video in the neighborhood. >> oh, wait. >> yeah, now you see what we're after. this drone is the rescuer. so we have a little hook and a piece of string dangling down from this drone. the chances of actually hooking that thing -- nevermind. that is actually quite easy. hook, line and sinker rescue, i guess. heartwarming. time to find out if these videos are real or fake. >> number one. >> he's blowing up a tire when -- >> oh! >> did that blow his pants off?
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el -- dreidel here. number one, that guy is walking around a shop. >> he's blowing up a tire here. >> oh! >> did it blow his pants off? wait a minute. go back. let's go back. he has pants on right there. that hose is going to the tire. >> that is so sad. >> wow. >> dangerous, man. >> that is dangerous. i believe that much pressure is possible to blow somebody's pants off. >> it literally knocked his pants off. >> we are all saying real, mac. what say you? >> the guy is embarrassed and is crouching down trying to kind of cover-up what was previously covered. i broke it down in slow-mo to get a better look at what happens here. you can see the air just blows it off. this seems real for sure. >> and that is why you're a doctor of the internet. here we go with video two. ♪
2:01 am
>> so this is supposed to be like an lcd backdrop for your kitchen. >> backsplash. >> if they can do this at a basketball game where you have that whole thing going on can do that at your house. you >> i say this is totally real. it's totally possible. but i'm not sure it exists in anyone's kitchen yet. >> i can't wait to have this in my kitchen. >>. this is what the guy who wears the sequence shirt, the real flashy stuff, when he wants to take it to the next level, it's like, my whole kitchen is going to look like me now. this comes from all things lcd. you can find it on the facebook page. it's real. all right. here we go with video number three. wow, she can kick high. >> okay, girl. >> okay -- oh! she got stuck. >> okay, not okay, girl. >> oh, my gosh. >> it looks like her shoe is
2:02 am
stuck. >> yeah, it's her shoe. >> wait a minute, now she's chiseling out of here. why not take the shoe off? >> i can tell you how it could be possible. you have that nail in that heel of your shoe. it's possible, but her being -- >> no. >> they had me going with real up until the end when they made it seem like she was still stuck and it was dark. >> she's not really stuck. >> we all say fake. >> yeah, i think they should have cut it right where she was trying to get it out. cut it, end it there. then i might be going real on this, break it down into slow-mo here. it looks like -- this is what she wasoi for, the intended purpose to get it s in the of like that. this one is a set-up. it's fake. after watching these videos, i had to justify my existence. >> oh! >> because there are people -- >> broken ankle. >> -- in this world that can do this without breaking their
2:03 am
ankles. >> torn acl. that is impressive. >> this is a circus trick. >> really. >> wow. >> the ball is there when he jumps back down. >> i will say, when the ball is in the hole where the ball goes through is not rolling as much, but even then it is impossible. >> i am still impressed. >> that's a risky move to try and won't hurt. >> that blows my mind every time. i hate it. i love it but i hate it. alexander is also known on instagram to have a ton of videos showing us his incredible fitness feat. but check this one out. with his neck he lifts it, picks it up and does this. >> all i see is injury. what? >> this is kra zcrazy. any of these moves and -- what? he keeps going. >> i'm in the same place you are now. >> thank you.
2:04 am
see? >> i went to the gym today. >> and you're going to have a muffin in about a half hour. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word, be 21 years old and be a legal resident in u.s. or canada. >> head to rightthisminute and click on ipad. >> enter the word on twitter or facebook each day. >> it is b-i-n-a-r-y. binary. >> and we'll also give away an amazon echo. good to luck, everybody. tune in. he has a sweet surprise for his wife. >> she's off at work right now. he's at home and decided to fill their house with puppies. >> see how you can also fill your home with these cuties.
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she paints this lovely lady. >> it will make your art smell kind of good, too. >> that's true. a couple of people go on a journey. a big gift was wrapped up. it was an electronic keyboard, but one of the guesses was, is it a puppy? he knows deep down she kind of meant that.
2:07 am
fortunately, there's a problem. >> we are not able to have a pet in this home. however, we have actually replaced this carpet here. so i got permission from the landlord to fill our home with puppies. >> i would like to fill my house with puppies. >> he's getting the puppies from this website. >> that's a thing? >> it is a thing! they take puppies forfeited. they will rent you puppies for they take puppies forfeited. they will rent you puppies for h colorectal cancer is the 2nd leading cancer killer in the united states. and it doesn't always cause symptoms, especially early on. but i'm only 53. i'm too young. [announcer] screening is recommended for men and women beginning at 50. but no one in my family had colon cancer. it doesn't run in my family. [announcer] most colorectal cancers occur in people with no family history of the disease. but. that test... [announcer] there are several kinds of screening tests
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>> you better hang on tight for is one. the final sprint in a bicycl you better hang on tight for this one. the final sprint in a bicycle race in california. one driver goes down. take a look. wow. and a chain reaction crash. look at that. keep watching. we'll show it again. the guy who nearly got the worst of it ended up hanging on for dear life to avoid a 30-foot drop off that bridge. his bike made the drop into a dry creek bed below. you saw the pictures. the rider unbelievably made it through okay. says he has a bit of road rash. he almost fell off that bridge. >> you could see him clinging to the side of the divider there. >> quick thinking. >> glad no one got seriously hurt in that one. both super bowl teams are already in houston ahead of sunday's big game. last night the falcons and patriots participated in what the nfl now calls super bowl
2:11 am
opening night. >> this is the event that used to be known as media day. no matter what they call it, the players and the coaches just can't avoid some of the strangest questions you've ever heard. >> go to pickup line for a girl. >> i like to play the guitar. i'm not that good. >> you have pretty eyes? i don't know. >> this thing's very soft. you got to the shampoo and condition. put beard oil on there sometimes. >> bromance. i got a couple bromances. ben affleck, wicked, matt damon, wicked. >> mark wahlberg. >> karaoke song for me "jesse's girl," some kind of '80s pop rock. >> i love chocolate chip cookies. little debbie's get me. >> i can't even tell you how much of a highlight it is for me. good, that's it? >> bill belichick always looks so excited. >> always looks so uncomfortable. so uncomfortable. he is my favorite person there. >> what's your go-to karaoke song? >> god, you put me on the spot.
2:12 am
i know yours. you told me once. >> do you? >> no, i don't. tell me. >> do you put conditioner or beard oil on that thing? >> you know what? i did this morning. >> it's very soft. >> i shampooed it this weekend. >> there was one moment in that whole thing where someone in the crowd actually stole the spotlight for a little while because the person, presumably a tom brady fan, was wearing -- did you catch that? it's a freaky tom brady mask. at one point tom brady noticed the mask in the crowd and his response was whoa. >> looks a little like him. >> so weird. >> it's kind of creepy. >> also on the scene having fun with the houston texans, mascot was the empress of austria, elizabeth i. his real name is julian kurtzwernhart. a reporter from austria coveri the super bowl for the past six years. word is he gave more interviews last night than he conducted because that's what happens when
2:13 am
you're going to dress up and go into media day looking like that. >> you've covered the super bowl before, right? >> i have, last year. >> did you go as queen elizabeth? >> no, i didn't. of course, not. i wouldn't be working here if i did. when we come back, who got the boot and who got a rose last night on "the bachelor." >> i know you can't wait. what "game of thrones" heartthrob kit harington is saying about his own deflowering. > we're going there. "the skinny" is next. deflowering. > we're going there. "the skinny" is next. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks.
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♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> skinny time starting with the "bachelor." >> oh, yeah. the crowd of women is being seriously reduced. you guys, can you believe it? here with all the details is our chief senior bachelor analyst jack sheehan. jack, what's up? >> your favorite episode ever, right?
2:16 am
>> it was, no. it wasn't. they're being seriously reduced thankfully. 15 women started last night. there was a rose ceremony, two of them were ousted, astrid, sarah, much like the old acting attorney general, you're fired. roll that beautiful bachelor footage. headline here, bachelor in the big easy. high drama in the french quarter and on the bayou. it was a one-on-one date. nick and rachel. they were shopping. they were eating beignets at the cafe dumond. >> whoa, look at that. >> there was second lining going on. they hit a concert eventually. nick says, "i'm super into you." rachel gets the rose. she's going to be around for a while. now to what i'll declare the lamest, stupidest, overall worst group date in bachelor history. >> tell us how you really feel. >> it was horrible. >> why?
2:17 am
>> it was at a haunted mansion. it was ouji boards involved. just absolute stupidity. it doesn't get worse than this. >> the chandelier fell. >> unfortunately, it didn't hit anybody. the only redeeming quality in this whole mess was that our girl danielle m. got the group date rose. so she's sticking around for a while. good going, danielle m. two-on-one date, nick, corrine and taylor. corrine and taylor don't like each other. >> they hate each other. >> you predicted this would happen. >> that's right, that's right. so i did. the analyst is right on it. predicted. these two had clashed earlier about emotional intelligence. >> oh. >> there was accusations of rudeness. >> oh. >> of not being there for the right reasons. >> what? >> no doubt. >> gosh. >> nick eventually gives the rose to corrine, unfortunately.
2:18 am
>> wait, who's corrine? >> she's corrine. she's got the rose. taylor, you're gone. taylor though is not going quietly into that good night. she's out for revenge. she eventually butts into corrine and nick's dinner. we might see both of them on their way out the door next week. kiss count, kiss count, the kiss count stops at eight. >> whoa. >> he's going on a down slope. >> he is diving. >> second week in a row. quick super bowl prediction, atlanta 41, new england 47. last team with the ball wins. analyst out. >> nice.7. last team with the ball wins. analyst out. >> nic37. last team with the ball wins. analyst out. >> nice. i like ending on the prediction. >> jack, analysis spans from the bachelor all the way to the super bowl. >> dropped a rose. coming up next, kit harrington is getting super personal about his love life. >> fans of "game of thrones" vividly recall his character jon snow losing his virginity in the
2:19 am
steamy love scene but things have changed. >> he told "elle" magazine about his own deflowering. >> he says it was a typical sort of teenage thing at a party with a girl. how young was he? when the reporter asked how old he was she said maybe 13 years old, he said no, but you're not far off. >> he never did reveal the actual age but he said "i was probably too young." >> what? >> that feels like tmi. >> it wasn't in a cave with a wildling. fine. come up, a mother's challenge to herself. >> a virginia swim coach and her new year's resolution and boy was it a doozy. virginia swim coach and her new year's resolution and boy was it a doesy.
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calling your name until you come back home ♪ >> you know you're one of the cool kids when you have no idea who anybody is on the -- >> who is bradley gilbert. >> last day of january which means for many of us, your new year's resolution totally go up in smoke if they haven't already. >> one woman in virginia is not only reaching an impossible resolution goal but now going well beyond that. you got to check this out. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: it is a moment one year in the making. coach betsy lavin gearing up for her own milestone swim cheered on by her children and their teammates. for lavin, the notion of going the distance became a personal goal. eight years ago, the former college swimmer was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, suffering occasional paralysis and numbness. her 12-year-old son assumed the worst. >> so i went to talk to liam,
2:24 am
and he said, if i were going to die, would i be able to swim a million yards? >> reporter: last january, she pledged to swim 1 million yards. 568 miles by the end of the year. last month, with the community tracking her every lap, the williamsburg, virginia mother of three reached her goal. >> i didn't realize how important it was to me. both the goal and the team, until i completed it. >> reporter: her goal for this year is 1.1 million. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> what a feat. i mean, she swam an average of 48 miles a month. >> you used to swim, too. how difficult is it to do something like that? >> it's extremely difficult. it's so hard, it's back and forth. it's really, really tough. kudos to her for doing all that work. >> just so you know, next year i'm going to top it. no big deal. >> do it.
2:25 am
meantime, outside of norfolk, virginia, one man gave his wife a very special gift for their 20th wedding anniversary. >> scott gave his wife cindy a kidney. she suffers from polycystic kidney disease and has been on dialysis for two years. >> the transplant surgery happened the day before their 20th anniversary. he tells local media that the light she got back into her eyes he doesn't have the words for it. >> their daughter kate so far is the only one of the five kids to have tested positive for the hereditary disease and they are now hoping to raise awareness by sharing their story. 20th anniversary traditionally is china. i was wondering if after all this she said thank you so much, sweetheart. where is my china? >> is that how you're thinking on this one? >> the china closet is not going to fill itself.
2:26 am
2:27 am
>> good morning. i'm ryan smith. >> i'm diane macedo with some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." president trump has fired the acting attorney general
2:28 am
after she refused to defend his controversial immigration ban. he's now facing growing opposition from members of his own party. we have a full report coming up. vigils have been held across canada to mourn six victims of a terror attack on a mosque in yeah business approximately approximately 6/quebec. suspected gunman known for his far right views made a brief appearance in court. >> any policy for the boy scouts will now allow transgender children who identify as boys to become scouts. super bowl week got under way last night in the houston with members of the patriots and the falcons meeting with the media and others and as usual, there were questions not about football. everybody was there. so nobody got fined. that's a good thing. those are some of our top stories on this tuesday, january 31st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> are you here just so you won't get fined? >> yeah, i just don't want to get fined. >> i enjoyed that interview. >> beast mode.
2:29 am
>> did you catch the creepy tom brady mask in the crowd? >> every time i see it makes me shiver a little bit. swift reaction from president trump firing the acting attorney general for refusing to defend his executive order on immigration. >> sally yates was immediately replaced after the public clash. the president is also facing discord from other officials and from protesters here at home and abroad. stephanie ramos has the latest. >> reporter: the first president trump firing hit monday night the president relieving acting attorney general sally yates, an obama administration appointee who ordered the justice department to not defend trump's executive order on immigration which bans visitors from seven predominantly muslim countries from entering the u.s. in a letter, yates declared she is not convinced trump's executive order is lawful. the trump administration quickly reased this statement saying "yates betrayed the justice
2:30 am
department," adding thatates weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration. >> replacing yates is dayna benton, u.s. attorney for the eastern district of virginia who is said to have been sworn in monday evening to serve as acting attorney general. this immigration ban sending shock waves across the globe from canada to israel, to the uk to several states spanning the u.s. all coming together to speak out against president trump's executive order. house and senate democrats showing their opposition at a rally in d.c. >> it will make us unsafe because it will encourage those who are lone wolves. >> reporter: the trump administration says they're trying to get ahead of a possible threat. >> he's made sure that every way possible, we get down the path of securing this country, putting america's safety and security first and foremost. >> former president obama breaking his silence. a spokesman says he fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion. ryan, diane, back over to you.
2:31 am
>> thank you. more republicans have come forward to criticize the way the president rolled out the ban. republican senators marco rubio and tim scott said the rush to implement the policy created "confusion, anxiety and uncertainty." senator pat toomey says he supported increased vetting but he called the executive order flawed, too broad and poorly explained. >> officials in the state department are warning it won't help the fight against terror and there's word of a growing number of veterans outraged because some of those immigrants put their lives on the line to help the troops. martha raddatz has more. >> reporter: dozens of career diplomats worldwide have drafted a rare formal letter of dissent. saying president trump's restrictions on refugees and immigrants will not mean a drop in terror attacks in the united states. rather, it will be a drop in international good will towards americans. sean spicer reacting to the news of that letter first reported on abc.
2:32 am
>> i think that they should either get with the program or they can go. >> reporter: veterans groups are speaking out strongly against the ban as well. the head of the iraq and afghanistan veterans saying in a tweet, this is flat out un-american, ignorant and shameful. bad for our economy, international standing and soul as a nation. defense secretary jim mattis did ask the pentagon to compile a list of names of iraqi translators and support staff who have worked with americans over the years. the list to be passed on to those vetting immigrants and refugees. the white house also defended the president's executive order, giving trump's controversial chief strategist, steve bannon, a seat at the principle committee meetings of the national security council, side by side with the secretaries of state and defense. >> what this shows is that this administration is being rather transparent. that it's putting on the -- on the -- out in the public, who's
2:33 am
going to be going in and out of those meetings. reporter. the language in the order says that the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the director of national intelligence will attend meetings that directly affect their areas of responsibility. but sean spicer says they are welcome at any meeting and steve bannon now can attend all meetings no matter what the topic. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. now to an example of the real world effect of the president -- president trump's travel ban. this is a house in allentown, pennsylvania, purchased by a couple for their syrian relatives. six of them who are christians from damascus travelled from qatar to philadelphia where they arrived on saturday. they were denied entry and flew back to qatar. that's back-to-back 18-hour flights. >> they're exhausted. they're angry, frustrated. they're upset. they're afraid. they have mixed feelings. they don't know what they have done wrong to be treated that way and to be sent back like this.
2:34 am
>> her family members had visa in hand after a 13-year effort to obtain them. the home that's waiting for them is surrounded by syrian neighbors. now it's unclear when it will be used. we are hours away from finding out who president trump will nominate for the supreme court. >> the president announced he will reveal his pick for the high court at 8:00 p.m. tonight. more now from abc's arlette saenz. >> good morning, diane and ryan. president trump took to twitter to say he's decided on his pick for the supreme court. the decision could have far-reaching impact and he's saving that announcement for primetime later tonight. trump's nominee would fill a seat left vacant by the late antonin scalia who passed away nearly one year ago. president obama named judge merrick garland as his replacement back in march but republicans refused to even hold a hearing. trump has said he would select a conservative nominee similar to scalia. >> i've made a very big decision
2:35 am
on the united states supreme court that is going to be announced tomorrow night from the white house at 8:00. a person who is unbelievably highly respected. and i think you will be very impressed with this person. >> sources told abc news trump previously narrowed his list down to two names. one of the contenders judge neil gorsuch of the 10th circuit court of appeals is a harvard law grad who clerked for two supreme court justices. >> in one of his most note worrying cases he sided with -- to the obamacare mandate requiring employers to provide insurance coverage for contraception. other candidate judge thomas hardiman sits on the 3rd circuit court of appeals where trump's sister maryanne trump barry is a senior judge. now even before president trump names his nominees some democrats are already threatening a fight. senator jeff merkley of oregon told politico in an interview he would filibuster any nominee that's not merrick garland saying, this is a stolen seat."
2:36 am
it's likely going to be a tough confirmation battle ahead. asian markets mostly lower overnight following a tumble on wall street blamed on the president's travel ban. all three of wall street's major averages lost ground on monday. the dow dropped more than 122 points which was its worst loss this year and since election day. among the biggest losers energy companies and airlines. >> good news for dog lovers. three new breeds added to the westminster kennel club. the pumi comes from an ancient hungarian herding breed. these dogs can manage a flock of 200 sleep. how about that. the sloughi was a rare breed of sight hound from the northern african countries of morocco, libya and algeria, and the third is a spunky, allergy friendly
2:37 am
american hairless terrier, a rat breed that descends from the rat terrier. more than 2800 dogs are expected to compete last month. james cameron has finally had it up to here with the debate about the end of the titanic. >> that's when is we see leonardo dicaprio's jack in the icy water in the north atlantic where, spoiler here, if you haven't seen it yet, he eventually dies. >> oh, no. >> i didn't know that. i'm joking. rose tells jack she'll never let go. for decades fans have said there may be enough room on the wood door for both of them. >> move over, kate. >> cameron says an episode of mythbusters about the scene didn't prove anything. anin a new interview, he says the titanic script is ry clear saying jack gets off the board and gives his place to kate. it's that simple. >> basically here's how it really went down. the real life jack said, kate, i want you to be safe and she said, i think there might be room here. and he said no, i'm going to try to swim to this other plank and it didn't work out.
2:38 am
>> i think he was like here, you can have it. expecting her to be why don't we share. instead she just said okay, great. i'll never let go. >> oh. wow. is that what she would do? >> no. >> all right. coming up, controlling your sugar cravings. the science behind your sweet tooth and the easy steps you can take to trick your taste buds into thinking you're indulging when actually you're not. >> and speaking of indulging, if you're looking to thaw out from the winter chill, now is the time to snag some cool deals on some hot get away spots. first today's temperatures, warmer in dallas than in honolulu today, if you can believe it. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. (achoo!) did you know you can pick up cold & flu viruses from things in your home for up to 48 hours?
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♪ on and on and in the sun ♪ on and on and in the sun >> well, millions of us are still weeks away from any hint of spring. >> luckily though there are quite a few deals out there to have some fun in the sun and they're cheaper actually than you might think. expedia travel expert courtney scott has some ideas for us. courtney, good morning. >> reporter: the deep freeze of winter is setting in which makes
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princess cruises has some of the biggest cruise deals of the year in february. you can take a unique ten-day cruise on island princess ship, a ship custom built to sail through the panama canal. departing from fort lauderdale, the cruise makes stops in some of my favorite destinations, aruba, cartagena, colombia, panama and costa rica.


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