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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 31, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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it's january 31st, fp time new viral a family clings to a sinking car in a terrifying scene. >> as they drift out, panicw.ñ sets? >> the moment dad makes a split-second decision. >> no! why not? >> a guy and his paraglider suddenly thinks -- >> wouldn't itwpbe cool if i could fly to walmart. >> what happens if/ decide to shop. a couple takes to a submarine to renew their vows. >> how many people can say that? >> what it took tomzj pull off z underwater wedding. and yourmt5$÷ chance to wi new ipad. nick, charity and gayle bring
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you the latest latest!br videos. hear the moment he hits the turf. i should warn you, after watching these two ow3pvideos, d to sit at my desk foryplfivempr minutes to get my breath back. they are both from china and both very intense. we start with this u&situation, basically an entire family standing on top of a car that somehow ended up in the water. the really scary is you can see a teeny tiny baby there. as the car starts to drift, people on the side of the pier are shouting advice to them. which they listen to. >> strap in]zñ wçreeverybody? >> mr@ >> just like at thezwj super boq they basically throw a hail mary across the water. somebody snatches the baby out of the water. >> perfect toss under pressure, right? >> under the circumstances, you have to do it. >> but why not put the baby on the flotation device. >> they said panic set in.;4sñ(& at that moment, people were not thinking. he pier. then everybody was able to get
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out in the water with no
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out, tho. >> after a 0;ñgñwhile, the vides switch. sheü9 the water three minutes and still unconscious. she wasñ'l0- to the hospital and is currently in the icu. apart from that, no extra information was given as far as how she is right now up.7vj another i'm flying the velocity nitro and this glider is new to me. i have not figured out how to make it takeoff and land just absolutely perfectly. >> huh? all right, that's why you go out andrç3 that's mark zinkle withúús÷ a youtube channel where he puts hisñé adventures up. and today he has a brand new air [ guess, will learn how to fly. it's like a new pair of shoes. >> and a series of touch-and-goes. >> we'll see how it goes from first6l >> there you go. all right. we're up and good. >> what wasúihy impressive aboue first touch-and-goi is the cama
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hed )ñ gets down into the fiel sees the corn maze up ahead. nice. >> cheater. >> oh, yeah. >> wouldn't it"u could just fly to walmart?÷pqz get my stuff and fly home? >> i would need to hide the motor somewhere. hide it in one of these trees. hell, whyvá.ñ not? >>=scá why not? let's dip into walmart. so he hands in:çáf the field sa. and the cool part is, once he's got his stuff all stashed, a dude sees him and is completely blown away. >> what is your name, man? >> mark. >> mark,;8>!u gary. >> nice to meet you. >> it'sq% man. where the hell did you come from, man? >> i came ffáhe sky. >> i know, it's like what the hell? 4í impressed by mark.
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d enough to get k. mark a quick short ride over to but there was'a%g one in this successful flight. >> i lost my phone. that guy gary, super nicekñrguy. he drove me ou' ifqc=q it in his car. >> luckily he got in touch with gary to get his cell phone back and take off and fly p this action]6îs0wz xç run to away. >> were those streetzéo% dogs?#1 >> they were street dogs and got the best of her and her dog that day. >> that was quick. they came out of nowhere they were gone, what was that? like four seconds?
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b÷qh this happens in parts of country. we have seen so many rescues.ozl when they get together in a pack, sometimes they justrúr. >> inbs8 this instance they to off. a bunch of people surrounded her. they call the ambulance and took her to the hospital. they call the ambulance and took her to the hospital. she >> she'll be terrified to go outside. >> wow, she's mangled. look at the bruises and bites on her arms and legs. she's scheduled to have surgery to her arm. there's a ÷6óthree-inch cut the. here's video xl looked like. >> thankfully they didn't get her face. >> she's scheduled to play an upcoming role that may have to be put on hold now. >> hopefzzw i'll be in action >> hopefzzw i'll be in action it's time to give amuey mini. >> to enter you1x/ 1 old and[#2z legal resident of t u.s. or can. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. >> stand by for the ipad mini
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giveaway. marco a)imazza went on an incredible free diving journey. check this out. here he is in the channel islands in california.][5$(lc& aly he ran into this se. and check it/!> oh, i thought you meant he didn't pay for it. it means that you go in and you dive with one breath, but it takes a lot of training. >> hold on. the only thing i just cannot get out ofsl q inayf÷ a shark bait. >> k >> you know?utxt3
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>> well, there's that.  wetsuits on éylions, that i may look like sea lions to a/yq shark. >> and for sure you'll be the slowest one. >> yeah. that's why sea lions are so happy to be swimming around. protection. >> all we need to do is be faster than you.&?= rñ i love h. and i love how they all just swim around them and give him all these wonderful visuals. near the end, you see this little one swim up to say hi.!> when you need to practice putting on your makeup -- >> just do it on your thigh. >> see the bizarre beauty trend that will give you a h,leg-up ol your application4t skills. >> it's the largest >6ym1ñ right? lk suped up vehicle.
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brookside. closed captioning provided by -- shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. x slide slapper. check this out. >> in case you just saw this, there's going to be a $u'9.5u9g. >> stupid! when you want to practice your makeup skills and you don't have a friend and you don't want to practice on your own face, just do it on your own thigh. >> why the thigh? >> because there's skin there and it is practical. it's a very practical canvas. >> "yeah, plus it's probably easier to paint that b58 way. >> like we doodle on our jeans in school. >> it's the largest canvas,
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let's be t!.phonest. right? >> skin color, similar to our face. so it's one way to practice. in fact, this girl glam by kimm fab on youtube shows you how to practice from the shape of anii eyebrow to the eyeliner to the: shading ofix >> it seems like a waste of makeup.
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>> that'[jkxx/uctrue. >> that is true,f(1mñtoo. ludicrous will do because that word comes from a mode that you can put the car in. the guys over at the drag time youtube channel have taken their tesla down to the test[rdgñ tra west palm bi@beach, florida. they roll up to the racing area and racing against them is a.e& brand new cadillac 6czrsjd more than a $100,000 car. this is going to be a challenge. but .uiatesla recently put out of their updates where they make the car faster. it is called y,&úvgwgludicrous mode. i? al
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here we go, the pl camera pointing at the cadillac in this ruchblt we'll seei how this goes.0fiñ >> probably. >> wow, that wasn't even38 the challenge. >> just the sound of air. >> totally walks away from the cadillac. let's see what it looks like from the grandstands. >> off it goes. >> that'sbl' a there's the ticket at the end. you can see the rt means reaction time. thebyqillac in the rightfuh lan got au than the tesla. and the avtesla still of k
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sjt things about this video, but my favorite part is, actually, how to make the holidays. four eggs benedict. this video by theqw topless ba. he says the first thing to do is start with a fresh egg. because when you have a fresh egg, it boils into a beautiful littlencm5 nest that is round sits on top of the english muffin. boil that for about 2:47, that's exact science. >> about. >> yeah, about. and?>5] then you make the -tc4 hollandaise. that's basically butter, egg yolks and ag7pfuju things like lemon, salt and5ó here's the key, when you blend the egg yolk with the j?fdbutt notice how he's pouring inv0y4 butter very slowly because you n it to separate. >> look. so good.  layering. you get your#]%e toasted englis muffin. >> yum. uz your ham. >> yum. >> and then the j it with chives, because that's what you do8rágñ to make it look all
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pretty. then you eat vó@ he says it's she'so california. >> and she has a facebook ,p @& companion,,:wv too. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- these cyclists are cruising, but then -- >> watch out for that roo! >> the interruption no one saw coming. >> wow!6l rrñplus, we've got and 7 the worst thing about toilet they don't stay in the toilet. disinfect your bathroom with lysol bathroom trigger... ...lysol power foamer... ...and lysol toilet bowl cleaner. they kill 99.9% of germs including e. coli. to clean and disinfect in and out of the toilet... ...lysol that. wiback like it could used to?
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oh, snap. >> all right, go. >> oh! >> yeah, i love bubble. >> i don't look, you won't likeit. >> she was at2a; an⌟ñindoor bo house. >>" an extra jy >> oh, my gosh! >> on her arm and as you could hear -- her humerus broke. this poor girl who is a#yóp se doesn't have insurance. there you can see the break. >> oh, it's a clean 3x)/break. >> her friends immediately took her to the e.r. and referred her to an orthopedic surgeon. they said, listen, you're probably$/i%ç going to need sur but let's see if it heals on it own. she's getting a clamh3erárq&l brace.7.xeñ if it mkjñ on its xown, won't need surgery.
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now she's trying to raise $6500, because again, she's a ps2serve. so she;ç9 and now she's going to havetóz medical bills. she went out for a bunch of fun with her friends and this happened. these cyclistso%/íñ austral were out on a ride. %l@ñx'k watch out for that roo! >> what the -- >> in case you missed it.ptm >> asdç%m÷tvc bizarre as this i honestly, is she giving us three guesses as to what might happen in this? i wouldn't have gone for that l:íaereu$ey aremtñq÷wfuo makin turn. >> good thing i had that roo. >> it looks like the kangaroo came roadway. you can see him there gathering the roadway.
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he's tossing a[d it's funny. especially because he kept his balance all the way down the hill. all right, let's just go with it. >> i believe this is going to be in the winter olympics. because that's a gold medal right there. >> that's how skiing staj)# that's where the guy first got the idea$&3 for skis. >> and then it looks funny because these]ájv people clearlt a kick out of it. it's time to give away another ipadeqzoñ mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word, be 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both. enter each every day. >> let's re0qartuesday's buzz word. it's data. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button and enter
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dz $ buzz word data, d-a-t-a. >> and later we'll have a bonus giveaway. meaning somebod/mc will win an ipad mini and somebody will win an amazon echo. good luck, everybody. a couple embarks on a#úglñq submarineçh adventure. >> but this is going to be life changing. >> the7%a
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>> he slashed that record. when you travel on vaca, you really want an adventure, right? 2mp ba$'b!3)t kb÷ might be a thing to consider. because as we see z tpbl these guys are providing some pretty incredible underwaterkjj adventures. butwçcx -- for alexandra and ma this one is going to bezóoo 4$ life-changin;÷ke÷5j;< >> dude, look. >> wait. are they single seat submarines? or how many people can you -- >> that's so cool. it's like a
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>> to celebrate the wedding of alex and matt. their union is witnessed by fish, sharks -- >> squid. >> and another submarine. >> i mean, come on, how many people can sayhy(wñ that? < have a loveh the deep? >> they are engineers for the company. ñ seems fitting that this would be the way they would tie the knot. they exchange rings and make it official. >> you may noww qn-k7÷ kiss the] >> is this something tourists can book? >> yeah, you can. this is%m:g a cool story sent e that's it. for p1
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tonight, president trump's primetime pick. about to reveal his supreme court nominee. president trump and his reality tv roots trying to build suspense, moving his decision to primetime. have finalists been summoned to washington? our terry moran at the supreme court. new pushback tonight on the immigration order. the white house press secretary now saying this is not a ban, even though the president and press secretary used that word themselves. and the acting attorney general fired, the white house saying she betrayed the department of justice. the deadly secret raid. the navy s.e.a.l. killed. new questions tonight about the american mission. did al qaeda know the americans were coming? the dangerous commute tonight. more than 200 crashes in the northeast, the storm system affecting millions.


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