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tv   ABC World News  ABC  February 4, 2017 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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welcome to "world news tonight." the travel ban showdown. a federal judge puts the brakes on president trump's executive order, barring some immigrants and refugees. six states now challenging that order. using the president's own words against him. is this headed to the supreme court? face of terror. new details emerging about the man police say went on a machete attack at a world famous museum in paris. laptop hazard. the danger caught on camera. this laptop bursting into flames several times. could it happen to you? the warning signs to look out for. stolen baby. the terrifying moments for this mother, when a suspected carjacker takes off with her car and her child. and, secret to victory. those top qbs, getting into gladiator mode. but tonight, the big question --
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is one coach's secret weapon fashion related? and good evening. thanks for joining us on a busy saturday night. i'm tom llamas. as we come on the air, the president firing off on twitter. tonight, furious after a federal judge in seattle overruled his controversial travel ban on thousands of refugees and immigrants. that executive order halted, and similar cases in other states using the president's own words against him from his campaign speeches in their legal arguments. the president blasting the credentials of that seattle judge, who is a bush appointee. all this as protesters across the country continue to make their voices heard on this divisive issue. and just moments ago, president trump talking about russian president vladimir putin and making a surprising statement. abc's david wright is in florida with the president, leading us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, president
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trump on the attack, lashing out at the seattle judge who dared to block his controversial executive order on travel and immigration. trump tweeted, "the opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned." >> my question to you is, have there been terrorist attacks in the united states by refugees or other immigrants from the seven countries listed since 9/11? >> reporter: u.s. district judge james robart rejected the administration's claim that individuals from seven predominantly muslim countries pose an immediate threat to the u.s. the judge ruled the executive order would cause irreparable injury if it were allowed to stand. the judge's ruling is a lifeline to roughly 60,000 foreign nationals who had their visas revoked. president trump's three-day weekend at his winter white house, mar-a-lago, overshadowed. after a round of golf, trump
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tweeted, "what is our country coming to when a judge can halt a homeland security travel ban and anyone, even with bad intentions, can come into u.s.?" >> this is a judge who was nominated by president bush, 99 to nothing. confirmed. how is he a so-called judge? >> we face a dangerous enemy, inspiring people to come into this country, and the president is determined to use the authority that he has under the constitution and under the law. but -- >> doesn't this judge have the authority to do what we did, as well? >> he certainly does. and that's why the administration is complying with that order as we speak. >> reporter: today, democrats hailed the ruling, firing back at the president. >> the way he's reacting is not as an american president who understands american democracy. he's reacting in a very juvenile and immature way. >> reporter: it's not the first time trump has second-guessed a federal judge, presiding over a case that affects him. >> but i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. a hater. he's a hater.
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his name is gonzalo curiel. and he is not doing the right thing. >> reporter: during the campaign, he insisted judge gonzalo curiel could not fairly preside over a lawsuit over trump university because of the judge's mexican heritage. democrats are now threatening to make these attacks an issue in supreme court confirmation hearings. senator patrick leahy said, "we need a nominee for the supreme court willing to demonstrate he or she will not cower to an overreaching executive." >> and david wright joins us live tonight. david, there is another headline we are also following. new information tonight about president trump and his business interests? >> reporter: that's right. new documents released as part of a freedom of information act request show that trump remains closely tied to his business empire. it's not exactly a blind trust. the two people who administer it are very close to trump.
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his eldest skpon son, and a top exec sieve of the trump organization. and trump remains the sole beneficiary. tom? >> david wright at mar-a-lago with president trump tonight. david, thank you. let's take a closer look now at the legal battle unfolding over the travel ban. abc's kate shaw joining us now. in this showdown with the president, who has the better case? >> reporter: well, i would say there are some very powerful arguments against the lawfulness of this ban. equal protection, arms due process, religious discrimination. now, this is a case that is almost certain, i would say, to end up before the supreme court. there's a real question about whether washington state is the right party to be bringing the challenge, but if the decision is that it is, i think there's a very real chance that this ban goes down. >> kate shaw for us tonight. kate, thank you. and of course, caught in the cross hairs of these on again, off again travel bans, are the travelers and families desperate to keep up with confusing directives, not sure about the next steps to take? more now from abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, a race against time to get into the u.s. [ cheers ] in boston, a tearful reunion.
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this son reunited with his 69-year-old iranian mother. >> i'm ecstatic, because, you know, it's her birthday, 70th birthday next week. >> reporter: this 12-year-old girl born in yemen, one of the many living in limbo this past week. her parents and sisters, all u.s. citizens living in california. she has a valid visa, but wasn't allowed to fly until tonight, now, en route to return to the u.s. >> they're in a very desperate situation. so, if there is any window of opportunity, they were going to do whatever possible to take advantage of that. >> reporter: for this doctor in virginia, uncertainty remains. he's in the middle of his residency. his wife, a syrian citizen. >> they told her while she was on the plane that her visa would be canceled. and she was, like, terrified, even when she was on the air. >> reporter: her visa canceled, turned around when she arrived in d.c. last week. >> i really hope that everything is okay. >> reporter: her husband has filled out all the paperwork to bring her back, hoping he can get her home soon. >> i love my husband and didn't
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want to stay away from him. that's it. >> reporter: most airlines returning to business as usual operating as if the executive order never existed. allowing anyone with a valid visa or green card to once again fly to the u.s. tom? >> eva, thank you. and, of course, much more on this controversy tomorrow on "this week." and more on george's one-on-one with vice president mike pence. and tonight, a new startling statement from president trump. in a sitdown interview with tonight to air tomorrow during super bowl coverage, the president had this to say in an interview with fox news's bill o'reilly. the conversation turning towards russia. >> do you respect putin? >> i do. >> why? >> well, i respect a lot of people, but that doesn't mean i'm going to get along with them. he's a leader of his country. i say it's better to get along with russia than not and if russia helps us in the fight against isis, which is a major fight, and islamic terrorism, all over the world -- >> right. >> major fight, that's a good thing.
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will i get along with him? i have no idea. >> he's a killer, though. putin's a killer. >> a lot of killers. got a lot of killers. you think our country's so innocent? >> from that interview tomorrow night. and this development regarding the president's new cabinet. word that vincent viola, mr. trump's choice for army secretary, withdrew his name from consideration. viola, a billionaire, saying it was too difficult to distance himself from his business to take the job. next, to paris after what officials are calling a terror attack at one of the world's most famous museums. security very tight at the louvre, after yesterday's attempted machete attack. many tourists undeterred showing up today, and tonight, we're learning just who that suspect is. abc's jennifer eccleston reports. >> reporter: tonight, paris on high alert. the louvre museum reopening amid heavy security, after friday's terror attack. french prosecutors describing the attacker as a 29-year-old egyptian living in dubai. tonight, this man telling abc news, his son is the suspect,
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abdullah el hamahmy. insisting he was in paris on business and not a terrorist. el hamahmy's social media accounts paint a darker picture. "no negotiation, no compromise," one reading in arabic. "relentless war." prosecutors say he entered france on a tourist visa, nine days before attacking soldiers at the louvre, where he was shot four times. police searched his rented paris apartment, finding cash and the receipt for the two machetes used in the assault. french prosecutors say the suspect is no longer in critical condition, but remains in custody at a paris hospital. tom? >> jennifer, thank you. back here at home now, to some wild video. a laptop igniting into flames. apparently out of nowhere. take a look at these surveillance images, capturing the dangerous moment that computer erupting, not once, not twice, but four times. marci gonzalez picks up the story.
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>> reporter: two teens home alone when, out of nowhere, they say the laptop plugged in next to them on the coach explodes. >> just, like, in shock. we didn't really know what was happening. didn't really know what to do. >> reporter: security cameras in the california home rolling as the teens blow out the fire, unplug the computer and bring it outside. but just three minutes later, it bursts into flames again. then again, three minutes after that. you see devon johnson use a fire extinguisher, yet moments later, flames shoot out for a fourth time. >> we're lucky that our house didn't burn down. >> reporter: the johnsons say the fire appears to have come from the 4-year-old dell laptop's lithium ion battery. in 2006, more than 4 million of that type of battery were recalled by dell because of the risk of fire. and just last week, more than 100,000 were recalled by hewlett-packard. and it's not just computers. lithium ion batteries are the suspected cause of fires and recalls of hoverboards and galaxy note 7 cell phones.
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as for the johnsons, that laptop is in the mail, on the way to dell. the company telling abc news, "dell places the highest priority on safety and will conduct a complete investigation." and tom, most laptops have lithium ion batteries. so, to help protect yourself, experts say, always leave your laptop on a hard surface, never on a bed or a couch. and unplug it as soon as it is done charging. tom? >> marci, thank you. now, to the new court documents coming out on a scandal involving a popular college football team. the coaching staff at baylor university accused in a major coverup involving players. abc's adrienne bankert has the details. >> reporter: tonight, new evidence claiming former baylor head coach art briles "shielded players from university discipline." in response to a libel lawsuit, by another coach, court documents filed by the university show text messages between briles and his staff. in a 2013 incident, a masseuse
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asked the team to discipline a player who allegedly "exposed himself and asked for favors." briles reportedly responds, "what kind of discipline -- she a stripper?" upon hearing it was at a spa, the coach writes, "not quite as bad." in another exchange, after a player is arrested for assault, coach briles texts the athletic director, "the player said waco pd was there. said they were going to keep it quiet." those texts released nearly nine months after an internal investigation found the school mishandled and in some cases silences sexual assault claims. stephanie mundhenk taking her alleged sexual assault to then university president ken starr. >> i wish they would have done more to help. if someone really believed that i was sitting in class next to my rapist, more should have been done about it. >> reporter: starr, eventually stepping down, and briles fired. since then, briles' supporters have demanded more details, some hoped would exonerate the coach. >> these text messages reinforce and in many ways confirm the allegations that women have made about a coverup.
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>> reporter: briles also filed a libel suit against the university, but dropped it just one day before those texts were made public, tom. >> this controversy far from over. adrienne, thank you. now, to the winter weather. worries around the country. take a look at this helpless driver on oregon's icy i-5. slick conditions there triggering a 50-car pileup. no major injuries reported. and heavy rains the story in fresno, california, stranding some drivers in fast-rising flood waters. senior meteorologist rob marciano joins us now with the forecast and more. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, tom. very active in the west. portland is going to get another batch of snow sunday. complicated situation from canada down to mexico. this is going to be a wide-reaching storm. potentially heavy snow? portlandly monday morning, and same with seattle. not as heavy. san francisco to los angeles will see heavy rain with this and high wind warnings in the mountains there. by tuesday, we're looking for a
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high impact event here. big wind storm for a lot of folks and strong storms across the mid south. might see icing across the northeast. this is a storm we're going have to watch. >> all right, rob, thank you. it is super bowl eve, that deep winter annual ritual so many americans look forward to. abc's jesse palmer on what to watch out for in this year's super showdown. >> reporter: tonight, the clash of the quarterbacks drawing closer. >> the flea-flicker! brady to the end zone. >> reporter: 39-year-old tom brady, defying age, aiming for a record fifth title. and a little payback. hoping the man who handed down his deflategate suspension, commissioner goodell, will also have to hand over an mvp trophy. both looking ahead. >> you know, i've moved on, you know. >> as i say, we're focusing on the game now. >> reporter: standing in the way of a dynasty, matt ryan and the high-flying falcons. >> second down. ryan escapes. >> reporter: he wants to bring atlanta their first super bowl trophy. >> we've put in the work. we've put in the time. and i think we'll all be ready to go. >> reporter: and tom, excitement for the game at a fever pitch
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here. tickets selling online for somewhere around $4,000, but get this -- somebody forked up $15,000 for a single ticket. and tom, i can promise you that person was not me. >> going to be a good game. didn't know if it's worth $15,000. jesse, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. this is not a dad carrying his child. it's a suspected carjacker. we'll tell you what happens next. plus, a massive drug bust where authorities seized more than $150 million worth of cocaine. and an incredible light show in the sky. captured on camera out of an airplane window. we'll show you more after this.
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desperately searching for this man. the surveillance video shows him carrying a toddler in a car seat. terrifying part? that's not his child. philadelphia police say he stole this suv with a 19-month-old child in the backseat. when the suspect walks back into view, he no longer has the baby. the child's mother said she had quickly run into her place of work, leaving the car running with her baby inside. >> just ten seconds, because the baby was crying about a certain toy, she runs back into the business to get that toy, and in a matter of seconds, the car is gone. >> reporter: a witness spotting the toddler. >> the baby was crying, she was cold. i held it and she was pointing and saying, "mommy, mommy." >> reporter: the little girl is now safe in her mother's arms. but this is a growing problem. in 2016, there were at least 180 incidents where children were taken during car thefts. this mom in dallas, clinging to the hood of her car after leaving the keys and her daughter inside. her child managed to escape.
4:19 pm
in florida, another mother fights off two armed men, allegedly trying to steal her car with her kids inside. law enforcement urge parents, it may seem like common sense, but don't leave your kids in a car alone. these car thefts can happen in the safest neighborhoods, in just a matter of seconds. tom? >> stephanie ramos for us tonight. stephanie, thank you. and when we come back, one of the most talked about super bowl commercials. a new and improved mr. clean destined to be a classic. why some are saying he's too hot. and, incredible video. an overturned car. bystanders running to the rescue. were they able to save the driver? that's coming up. i take movantik for oic, opioid-induced constipation. had a bad back injury, my doctor prescribed opioids which helped with the chronic pain, but backed me up big-time. tried prunes, laxatives, still constipated... had to talk to my doctor. she said, "how long you been holding this in?" (laughs)
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with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! try phillips' colon health. back now with our index. and a dramatic rescue of a woman from an overturned car caught on camera. >> move away from the window! move away from the window! >> good samaritans eventually able to break the window and get the driver out onto a street in san diego. she is all right tonight. the rescue captured on a gopro camera strapped to a motorcycle helmet. now, to the largest drug seizure ever in germany. take a look at this. more than 1,500 pounds of
4:23 pm
cocaine. 717 kilos. caught at the port in hamburg, found in a shipping container from curacao. german officials saying the drugs have a street value of more than $150 million. and, an incredible sight out of an airplane window over canada. a geo-magnetic storm producing these spectacular northern lights. a professional photographer capturing this time lapse footage over western canada this week. and the super bowl commercial featuring a mr. clean for the 21st century. one who can dance. ♪ updated mr. clean star what will likely be one of this year's most talked about super bowl commercials. we all knew he was good at tidying up, but who knew he had such moves? some calling him hot tonight. up next, t.j. holmes in houston, on the fashion statement that could decide the super bowl. >> tom, for some fans, the super bowl will be decided before kickoff, as soon as they see what coach bill belichick is wearing. that's coming up next on "world news tonight." "world
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finally tonight, conventional wisdom says the key to a patriots win in tomorrow's super bowl is stopping the falcons' high-flying offense. but could it come down to a hoodie? here's abc's t.j. holmes. >> reporter: patriots coach bill belichick's sense of style on the sidelines is notable. >> trend setter. >> make sure it's not washed. >> my wife let me, i'd cut the sleeves off this thing. >> reporter: already, the prop bets are being made. 4 to 11, he sports the blue hoodie. 3 to 11, the grey. but the long shot at 40 to 1, red. and one man says, there's a reason. >> if he were to wear red again, i think patriots fans would have a collective meltdown. >> reporter: for 14 seasons, pats super-fan mike dussault has
4:28 pm
carefully kept tabs on belichick's wardrobe in the "hoodie database." and the number's don't lie. >> this is the 2003 reebok grey hoodie. in this, he is 31-9. he's played the most games in this one. >> reporter: he walks out with a red hoodie on sunday, what y'all going to do? >> i'm going to have to get down on that stage and give him his grey one. >> reporter: but for super bowl media day, coach belichick classed it up a bit and cast doubt on superstitions. >> i'm really not superstitious. i mean, i wish that's all there was to it, then we wouldn't have to do all of the things that we do to prepare for a game. >> reporter: still, if he had to choose an option, the team's official blue nike hoodie with the sleeves intact, is his best bet. he's 3-0 in that look this season. >> i like him in blue. he looks good in blue. >> reporter: t.j. holmes, abc news, houston. >> we will be looking out for that hoodie. t.j., thank you. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night. reat evening. good night.
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an this special edition, sky 7 live over breaking news. a growing protest in san francisco against president trump's policies. >> mid-air uncertainty. immigration attorneys have advice for those trying to return to the u.s. plus trees topple and saturated soil. when rain will return to the waterlogged area. [ chanting ] that breaking news is in san francisco where hundreds are filling the streets in what that he say is a show of solidarity against president trump. i'm eric thomas, welcome to the early edition due to basketball. we begin with live team coverage of reaction to the latest moves and statements from the trump administration. we have a crew at the airport where immigration rights supporters have gathered during a time of uncertainty for some travelers. also breaking news in san francisco where abc 7 news reporter


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