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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> i'm dan ashley. they're not expecting sunny days until the weekend. we'll get to the forecast. but first breaking news. >> this is from the east bay where police are investigating a suspicious package that led to the closure of the hayward station. >> this is bay fair station in san leandro where hundreds of riders headed towards hayward are forced off the train on to shuttle buses. they're lining up. here's the station diagram. trains are not running between south hayward stations. at this time of day, that's a big problem. b.a.r.t. is working on a bus bridge but there is quite a wait. a lot of folks lined up. there are far more people than buses. the alameda county bus -- a b.a.r.t. spokesperson says you can expect delays because of this significant service disruption. now back to storm watch. today's rain closed the oakland zoo, the tenth rain-related
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closure of the winter. spencer christian is tracking the storm and joins us with a look at the forecast. spencer? >> ama. it's wet. it's going to get wetter. you can see what she pointed out. moderate to heavy rain moving across the area. over to the concord area. this current storm, storm ranks one on the impact scale. producing scattered showers, maybe a downpour or two between 9:00 and 11:00. it will be breezy at times. the next storm, early tomorrow morning that has our attention. it ranks 3 on the storm impact scale. a strong storm that will have the highest impacts. producing heavy rainfall, strong gusty wind. flooding is possible with power outages which are likely. these are main storm concerns. the north bay, santa cruz mountains. streaming, creek flooding. high concern for power outages. the remainder of the bay area, high concern for hydroplaeng.
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moderate concern for other areas. a wet week is ahead. all the details coming up shortly. a.m. a, thank you, spencer. counties that have had major damage already, abc 7 news reporter lauwye laura anthony h. >> reporter: potholes, sinkholes, they've taken april direct hit this winter. it shows no signs of letting up. they're starting to add up all the damage. the rain is far from over. across the bay area, counties are already in a hole when it comes to repairing and paying for storm damage. >> about $18 million in damage so far county wide. >> contra costa supervisors recently added their names to
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the counties seeking federal funding by declaring a local state of emergency thanks to storm damage like this giant sinkhole near pa knoll. >> is this revealing problems that you didn't know you had? >> absolutely. we have an aging structure particularly with the flood control district. >> the repair on this hole alone is expected to be $4 million. this one on miner road in orinda will cost at least a million dollars. the city and sanitation district have managed to secure it, but can't do much more until the rain stops. there's little sign of that happening any time soon. >> what do you think? you've seen enough? >> let it go forever. it's fine. i've had enough of five years of drought. this is wonderful. >> i was going to swim today. today was going to be my first day back in the pool. i think i'm going to take a bye and try it next week.
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>> reporter: right now, most of the pools in play are the kind you drive through. in orinda, laura anthony, abc 7 news. despite all the rain we've had, california is officially in a state of emergency because of the drought. at least until the governor announces it's over. let's take a look at the most recent map of drought conditions in california. almost 40% of the state is out of drought and no part of california falls into the worst part of the drought stage. the sierra drought paco owe that should be enough for the governor to lift drought restrictions on water use. >> it's a ruse to tell the people of california you need to keep under these tight regulations. it's affected a lot of districts. >> on wednesday, the state water resources board will vote to either continue or lift the current water conservation rules on residents. here's another look at live doppler 7. you can track it with the abc 7 news app. enable push alerts to get them
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on your tablet. a police officer will keep his job despite his involvement with a self-described sex worker who claims she was involved with dozens of police officers around the bay area. for the first time since this law enforcement scandal made headlines, richmond's police chief is speaking out on camera to abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow. she's live with the interview. >> reporter: chief brown tells us they've taken the allegations seriously from the beginning. we also sat down with the city manager who explained why he changed his mind about one of the officers investigated who will now keep his job. >> she said she had sex with 30 law enforcement officers in the bay area in exchange for money or information, some while underage. richmond police department investigated 11 of its officers. now for the first time chief brown is talking about the investigation. >> we got wind of stuff and we
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started digging right away. >> reporter: investigators examined phone records, social media pages in addition to her testimony. >> if a member is doing they shouldn't be doing. we want to find out about it to correct it. >> in september, chief brown recommended one officer be terminated. city manager bill lindsey overrode that recommendation and called for a total of four officers to be terminated. the officers were entitled to hearings. recently, the fire chief adrian sheppard who served as the hearing officer recommended two of the four officers retain their jobs. lindsey partially agreed. >> in one case, there were some compelling reasons why i should do something different. in another case, i didn't find those reasons to be compelling. >> reporter: the attorney for the officer who will keep his job says they received a one month unpaid suspension instead. >> in essence it worked the way it should work.
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>> chief brown shares the same feeling. they want to revisit the core values. >> to reinforce the idea there's no compromise of the highest standard of professionalism here at the richmond police department. >> richmond's police officer were not charged criminally in connection with the case. new at 6:00, a bank robbery briefly turned into a hostage situation. police say the armed robber walked into the u.s. bank on crow canyon road about noon today. we just got the surveillance pictures of the suspect from police. take a good look here. he demanded money and had an employee walk out of the bank with him. she was with him for a short time before he sent her back to the bank. police are still looking for the guy. both sides are preparing their case as -- the ban is temporarily on hold as a court of appeals in san francisco determines whether the ban on
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travelers from seven predominantly muslim countries is on appeal. >> they're saying trust us. end of story. >> the state of washington made a powerful showing of irreparable harm to lots of people affected by this decision. >> the ninth circuit judges scheduled oral arguments in the case for tomorrow afternoon. a decision could come by tomorrow evening. a few hours ago, 16 attorneys general, including those of california and washington, d.c., filed their own court briefs arguing against reinstating the travel ban. california attorney general released a statement about it saying "the administration's reckless dismissal of the constitution threatens to trip apart cal -- rip apart california families, risk their economic well-being and defies centuries of our american tradition." some of the best known tech companies are joining the legal
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battle to overturn the president's travel ban. so are smaller firms. david louie talked about why it's supporting the challenge. >> the 97 mostly tech companies argue there's a lot at stake as the president's travel ban continues. they put their names on the court brief to support that it will hurt the economy and their ability to recruit employees. the market for engineers is so tight that companies offer bonuses to workers to attracts candidates. joanne covington is general counsel in redwood city, one of the 97 companies in the brief. >> that makes it harder to attract a workforce of people that want to come here and so we're less attractive, i think, as a company and as a business in united states. we obviously don't want that. >> not all of the 97 companies connected to the brief are tech firms. notable exceptions include levi strauss and chobani, the yogurt maker. there's some risk standing up to
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the white house. that's the nature of leadership and taking an ethical stand according to the director of leadership ethics at santa clara university. >> leaders who have the most impact in terms of being ethical leaders are going to put energy into the design of the system they're operating within and they'll accept responsibility for them. >> tech companies might lose top engineers after they complete advanced degrees in the u.s. >> they're being funneled into the m.i.t.s, the harvards, the berkeleys, the stanfords, the engineering schools and they finish their degree there and then we have a chance with u.s. companies to tap into them. >> david louie, abc 7 news. in washington, democrats are holding the senate floor in protest of the secretary of education nomination. a live look at the capitol where candidates want to get one more republican to vote against betsy
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did he voss. she says devoss lacks experience and showed that she's not willing to prepare for the job. >> our country needs a secretary of education who demonstrated basic competency when it comes to issues facing children. they just need to know what they're talking about. >> right now, the 100-member senate is split 50-50. vice president mike pence will cast the deciding vote if there is a tie. the vote is expected to come tomorrow morning. an honor today for president ronald reagan 106 years after he was born. >> the reason some california lawmakers are upset about what the governor said today. plus -- >> it's really hard. the struggling college student thing is the truth. the struggle is real. but getting a little better and a little bit easier in san francisco. the historic announcement from
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the first free city college in the country. >> i'm really at a loss for what to do right now. >> you know, he's been in business for decades. it could all end within days. his story and how you can help coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00.
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we continue to monitor breaking news for b.a.r.t. ride he is o..ers. -- riders. hundreds of riders are waiting in the rain for shuttle buses. trains are not running on the fremont line between the bay fair and south hayward stations.
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we're going to keep an eye on this. we'll send an update as soon as it reopens. here's a live look at the golden gate. they and san mateo bridges as we check our microclimate conditions outside. in weather, we want to take it easy on the roads. the mayor announced that san francisco will be the first in the nation to make city college free for all students regardless of their income. lyanne melendez is live to explain how the program will be funded. that's what a lot of people will want to know. >> dan, well, it will be funded by the wealthier san franciscans through a transfer tax. some of the money will go to city college of san francisco, the rest to the city's general fund. >> just like the k-12 public school system is tuition-free regardless of a person's income, san francisco city hall says so
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should our community colleges. >> in san francisco, the city of many firsts is that we will be the first city in the nation to make community college free again for all of our residents. >> that was california's intention all along when community colleges were first established. >> somehow decades after that, we've abandoned it with one crisis after the other. well, we've come back. >> san francisco will guarantee nearly $5.4 million a year to city college to pay for the tuition of students who reside in san francisco regardless of their income. in order to qualify as a resident, a student must live in the city for at least a year and a day. they can be part-time for full-time students. the money comes from an increase in the real estate transfer tax for commercial and residential properties valued at more than $5 million. some of the money announced today will also go to help
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offset the cost of books and transportation. full-time students who receive financial aid will receive an extra $500. >> just this year, i'm taking more classes than i have been. i noticed it's getting to the point where the books almost cost more than the classes do. >> if you fund free college, essentially, you're funding a more economically stable and financially greate country. >> the new funding will go into effect next fall. in san francisco, lyanne melend melendez, abc 7 news. two drifters charged in the 2015 murders of a canadian tourist in san francisco and a hiker in fairfax pleaded guilty to first degree murder today. they were both charged in the deaths of audrey carrie and steven carter. he will be sentenced to 100 years to life. a third defendant, shawnening gold agreed to be a witness against the two in exchange for
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immunity and a 15-year prison sentence. the two will be sentenced on april 18th. vallejo police arrested two suspects in connection to a fatal shooting yesterday afternoon. brown and mckinney were both arrested they shot and killed a man on hill born street just after 12:30 yesterday. the victim's name has not been released. governor brown declared it ronald reagan day. we remember not only his most celebrated achievements. we also remember the turbulent years of his governorship during which he proved his ability to manage the affairs of the state. some say the declaration should go further and mention his shortcomings. they blame him for ignoring the aids crisis, deregulating the economy and making homelessness worse. >> i drove past on the way to airport. tents and tents of homeless
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folks. many mentally ill. that is the effect of the reagan legacy on policy in the state. >> the reagan day resolution passed with 59 in favor, 4 votes against. he was california governor from 1967 until 1975. probably comes as no surprise we're going to have wet weather. you can see all the green showing up. we have generally light rain blanketing the area. there are pockets of moderate to heavy rain. you can see this area of yellow indicating locally heavy downpours. this storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. this will be with us through the nighttime hours. scattered, light, showers. best time is probably between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. it's raining at the golden gate bridge. mainly moderate to light rainfall. a strong storm arriving
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overnight and continuing through the day tomorrow. this wet pattern will be with us through friday. dry and sunny days going into next week and over the weekend. the storm developing overnight that will be here tomorrow ranks 3 on the storm impact scale. this is a strong scale. there will be periods of heavy rain, possibility of flooding and power outages. let's move along to the areas that will feel the highest impact. the north bay and santa cruz mountains. winds gust from 40 to 50 miles per hour. there's a possibility of mudslides, rock slides and downed trees. those same areas are covered by the flash flood watch in effect from 10:00 tonight to 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. these are the most flood-prone areas. look for ponding on roads as a possibility, possibility of flooding on creeks and streams. and burn scar areas. there's a wind advisory in effect or it will be starting at 9:00 tonight, continuing through 6:00 tomorrow morning for
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virtually all of the bay area and beyond. wind out of south at 15 to 30 miles per hour with stronger gusts and the gusts, of course, can produce downed trees and power outages. here's the forecast animation. heavier rain becomes widespread during the early morning hours beginning after midnight and continuing through the morning commute. it's going to be very, very wet. ponding on roadways. if you're a morning commuter, give yourself extra time in the morning. it's going to be rainy and windy and localized flooding is a possibility right on through the afternoon hours as most of that rain sinks down to the southern part of our viewing area later in the day tomorrow. it's going to be wet everywhere. potential rainfall through tomorrow evening, we project 2 to 3 inches in the north bay. 1 to 2 inches from the peninsula. through the central part of the bay area and perhaps only half an inch to an inch in the south bay. that's still a lot of rain. in the sierra, there's a winter
6:22 pm
storm warning in effect through 10:00 tomorrow night. an additional 1 to 2 -- 60 to 80 miles per hour wind gusts likely over the crest. here's the seven day forecast. wet and messy through friday. strong storm tomorrow. a weaker system on wednesday, ranking 1 on the storm impact scale. rain refs up on thursday. a weaker system on friday and finally beginning saturday, sunny and dry and mild conditions. we'll be ready for it. thank you, spencer. battle over public space in the east bay. the east bay. what led to the east bay. what led to afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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on the first trading day of the week, stocks dipped a bit but didn't move much. the dow lost less than 20 points and closed above 20,000. the nasdaq down by 3 and the s&p lost about 5. a battle by the bay is playing out in oakland. the day conservation and development commission is about to find scott's seafood restaurant more than $840,000. why? the commission claims the restaurant has been limiting public access outside its jack london square location. the restaurant says no one was ever denied access.
6:26 pm
if the commission follows through, the restaurant plans to fight the decision. an oakland shop closing -- is closing after decades in business. how a side effect of free speech crushed his bottom line. plus -- >> a key special effect in the super bowl halftime show was -- i'm here with the swarm of sparkling drones ahead on on abc 7 news. we continue to track all of this showing where it is raining. spencer is working on the forecast models as we speak right now to show you where it's going to be raining the hardest tomorrow. when we come back, an update
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it is a long frustrating and wet commute for thousands of b.a.r.t. riders. package investigation has closed the hayward b.a.r.t. station. >> a lot of headaches. sky 7 is over it in san leandro. there is no service between bay fair and south hayward stations.
6:30 pm
>> this started around 5:00. a bomb squad is looking at the suspicious package to see if it is harmful. access to the parking lot is not affected. b.a.r.t. is asking riders to take ac transit buses to get between affected stations, but there are far more riders than buses. we'll stay on top of this and send you alerts when this is cleared up with the abc 7 news app. protests in oakland we've seen it before and we'll see them again. tonight we're learning what kind of price is attached to them. a downtown business owner says years of protests are a reason he may have to close down. >> he told us the demonstrations have scared away customers. carolyn tyler has the story. >> a 28-year run might be coming to an ent for the hat guys in oakland. >> we're one of the last standing retail businesses right in this immediate area. >> he would like to continue on.
6:31 pm
but he's several months behind on the rent and has received an eviction notice. he says the financial squeeze began years ago with violent street demonstrations and even peaceful rallies have hurt his business. >> i totally agree with protesting and everything. they don't realize what they've been doing to the little businesses down here whenever they do it. because they block the streets and everything. we've really paid a big price. >> he also blames changing trends, more online shopping and a new generation that likes hats but balks at the price. he needs more customers like dennis. >> i like to see small business that can survive in oakland. >> the owner says he has not reached out to city hall for help. we called the mayor's office which is going to look into the situation. this oakland resident hopes something can be done. >> you want to support somebody who has been here forever. >> the hat guys are hoping the customers will come to their
6:32 pm
rescue to buy hats to help them make enough money to stop the eviction. >> i'm an east coast fella. >> leon dockery bought two hats, these and the thousands of others are now 25% off. the owner hopes it's not a going out of business sale. in oakland, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. a state senator from the bay area is introducing a bill to change california laws that discriminate against those living with hiv. scott wiener says the laws unfairly target hiv patients subjecting them to felony charges. the laws were passed in the 1980s and '90s at the height of the aids epidemic. solicitation could become a felony for those who are hiv positive. >> hiv positive people are singled out under these laws for unfair and discriminatory and stigmatizing treatment. >> the aclu --
6:33 pm
>> weiner says great strides have been made in reducing the infection rates in california and those diagnosed are living healthier and longer lives. businesses displaced by a fire could be put back in their businesses sooner than thought. fire inspectors say the building won't have to be demolished, only repaired. we learned that the academy of arts agreed to supply them with temporary homes. >> we now have 15 rooms for the midterm to take care of these folks. the units are very close to the community. all of these folks will be able to stay together, so we've got good news. local leaders say the response to help the victims of the fire has been overwhelming and highlights the generosity of san francisco. did you see the game? everybody is talking about the
6:34 pm
win, including people and especially people in tom brady's hometown in san mateo. they were celebrating today big time. he played football with brady. he was on pins and needles during the game. >> it was super intense. i couldn't sit down. i was pacing back and forth. i will say this on camera. i kept the faith with him. i knew there was a chance. >> of course, as we know, brady pulled it out. the school will have to update its trophy case now. there is a commemorative football that needs another mvp award for brady inscribed on it. very exciting. remember this cool site. pretty slick. a sky full of stars flying into formation as an american flag behind lady gaga. as jonathan bloom found out,
6:35 pm
it's one of silicon valley's newest inventions. >> through the night. ♪ >> a star of the music world in front of a sky full of stars. >> they started moving and changing into different shapes and then you saw the formation of the flag. >> with liberty and justice for all. >> it turns out lady gaga was not the only flying object in this show. >> you can just feel it. it's 280 grams. less than the weight of a volleyball. >> this is an intel shooting star drone. >> you can have green or blue. >> that's really bright. >> even brighter when 300 fly at once. >> in december, intel partnered with disney for this holiday light show and got the call for the super bowl. >> how do we fly here? >> they gave us behind the scenes video, launching from outside the stadium with special permits to fly at night. they flew a lot. >> over a dozen times we did fly different variations especially
6:36 pm
as they were doing the tech rehearsals. >> flying hundreds of drones is something no human can do manually. they have to take off together and fly without hitting each other. >> it's a three-dimensional view. >> software lets an artist design it in space. a commuter on the ground figures out the rest. flying a fleet in formation has broad possibilities. >> how you can deploy them and have inspections of a bridge, for example or even looking for a lost hiker at night. >> both legal uses for drones. >> but this? >> flying over large stadiums, crowds are not allowed today. >> which is one reason they had to be pre-recorded while the stadium was empty. in santa clara, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. lady gaga is coming to california as part of her five-month world tour for her album. it was announced after the halftime show. they will be at the at&t park on
6:37 pm
august 13th and in sacramento two days later. tickets go on sale a week from today. you've said, you're going to be there. >> she was great last night. some call lady gaga the queen of the super bowl. there's another woman who really rules. >> the record setting ruler has done it longer than anyone in her country. today, that deserved a celebration. how would you like to adopt a pet that comes with a trust fund. sounds funny at first. this is serious business with ♪ ♪ jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master.
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hundreds of b.a.r.t. riders are stuck waiting in the rain after a suspicious package shut down the hayward station about an hour ago. this is the result. a live look near the bay fair station in san leandro and the line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot. there's no b.a.r.t. service between bay fair and south hayward stations. send alerts, we'll send them to you when this is cleared up on the abc 7 news app. it looks like an auto junkyard but this is actually one massive traffic accident. take a look. happened yesterday morning near shanghai china. the pileup was blamed on the
6:41 pm
weather. in particular fog. look at that. 27 vehicles were involved. including some trucks. some cars actually ended up on top of each other. 15 people were injured. fortunately, no one died. >> it is a record setting day for britain's queen elizabeth. >> the queen received a royal gun salute to mark her sapphire jubilee. royal watchers say the 90-year-old queen is in good health and fully capable of handling all of her responsibilities. >> you have the looming visit of president trump and the queen will cope perfectly well with him. she's a dealt with mass murderers and disagreeable figures. so she'll handle him pretty well, i'm sure. >> buckingham palace kept the milestone low key. the queen spent her day 110
6:42 pm
miles from london at her estate in norfolk. it's raining right now and it's going to rain even harder tomorrow. one of the strongest storms of the season. there's a live look from the tower camera at sue troe, spencer will be back with the forecast. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. today's storm is about to get stronger in the next few hours. we're keeping an eye on it with live doppler 7. access to the abc 7 news app. it's free for apple and android devices. >> preparing for a pet can be expensive. many people, especially those on fixed incomes don't a dropt them. >> what if you could get a pet that is guaranteed to not have any vet bills. >> we're here with a report on trust fund cats. >> i know how silly that actually sounds. trust fund kitty. it is serious business that's actually doing some serious good.
6:46 pm
>> i love when she cuddles. >> linda cline is talking about her cat angel which she adopted about a year ago. >> she loves to cuddle in my lap and the company is great for me. >> linda lives on a fixed income. never thought she would afford a cat. she wanted one so badly, she would surf the internet and dream. >> one day, i couldn't resist looking on pet finder. lo and behold, i saw something i had never seen before. a cat with a trust fund. >> that's right. angel here is a trust fund kitty. >> yeah. >> people without pets will make fun of it. people who adore their pets will say i have to get one. >> she owns kitty charm school, a mill valley cat hotel. on the side she works to find lost cats and place found cats into loving homes. some have trust funds. >> i was gifted a cat that had a severe bladder condition and
6:47 pm
potentially bladder cancer. that family left me $20,000. they wanted to make sure this cat was forever taken care of. she was young enough that she could live another ten years. >> that cat was angel. her trust fund paid for her vet bills and covered the cost of this safety screen in her -- there isn't a clearinghouse for trust fund animals. if you're interested in adopting one, you need to ask animal advocates and check at local shelters. if you love your pet, sara says you should set up a trust. >> you want to make sure you have somebody that understands your feelings, talked to them in advance and put your feelings in writing and leave them whatever you can. >> which takes us back to linda and angel. >> i never knew such a thing existed. i think it's wonderful. >> i'm going to continue talking about trust fund pets at 7:05 on
6:48 pm
facebook live. just go to my facebook page and we're going to do more than just talk. i've got two trust fund kitties that need adopting. we'll start the process of adopting them out tonight. two felines worth $3500. that's 7:05 on facebook live. >> i never heard of that. talk about a win-win. >> absolutely, it is. >> thanks, michael. it's time to check on that rain coming down. >> spencer is tracking a series of storms. >> still coming down. it's not going to end any time soon. you can see all the green across the screen. light to moderate rain. a few brief localized heavy downpours. for the rush hour, what's left of the evening rush, commuters have to contend with showers and dodge puddles. it will be a trickier situation with downpours, gusty winds, ponding on roadways.
6:49 pm
developing storm, which is developing as we speak. ranks 3 on the storm impact scale. santa cruz mountains with periods of heavy rain, gusty winds. along with power outages. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. a storm with 3 on the impact scale. a weaker storm on wednesday. a fairly strong storm worth 2 on the impact scale. saturday, sunday, monday, sunny and dry conditions. >> drying out. thanks, spencer. a new era begins in earnest for the 49ers. >> stu is in for larry. >> kyle shanahan is the new head coach. he ♪
6:50 pm
♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places.
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super bowl li over the 49ers, kyle shanahan to become the 20th head coach. shanahan could not commit until the season was over. unfortunately, he comes aboard not as a super bowl champion but part of a team that gave up 31 unanswered points. his image with 49er fans will be
6:53 pm
questioned. but it's truly an honor to be one of the marquis franchises in history. both have no experience at the new positions. i feel confident they will be effective and 49er fans need to be patient with both starting from the ground up. warriors steve kerr, the dubs don't play until wednesday. they were back on the court. klay thompson was in portland attending his grandfather's funeral. we've never seen him this upset. green gets a technical. he went -- he got t-'up twice. i don't mind the explosion. i think we're all entitled to snap once in a while. but i used inappropriate words. i deserve to be fined.
6:54 pm
i apologize to bill spooner through kiki yesterday. next time i see him, i'll apologize. it was totally inappropriate. i deserve to be fined. this may be one of the ultimate honors. the oakland coliseum will be named rickey henderson field. as a tribute to someone who wore the uniform, he's a special assistant to the president and said this is an incredible honor and he was humbled. that's hard to do with rickey. he was part of that 1989 world series team who beat the giants in the bay bridge series. great honor for a great athlete and human being. super bowl li will be remembered as the greatest come back ever or greatest collapse. while there were many big plays or and questionable calls, the falcons will be thinking about this season. third and one, two running backs and the patriots struggled to
6:55 pm
stop. kyle shanahan called for a deep pass. matt ryan loses the ball and a touchdown. on the next drive, julio jones makes a fantastic drive to get the team into field goal race, but ryan gets sacked ond second and 11 and the falcons called for holding. the patriots drive down again. julian edelman made one of the most amazing catches in a super bowl setting up the tying touchdown. >> tom brady, had one of the best nights of his life and today was still beaming. >> do you know, it was a great way to finish. to celebrate with my teammates and see my family, it was just a night i'll never forget. it was just a great win for our team. like i said, so many great teams i've been a part of. just happy that this team will be able to be mentioned with
6:56 pm
those other great teams. >> thought we responded to a lot of challenges throughout the year. couldn't be prouder of this group of guys. it's an honor and privilege to coach these guys. >> brady's jersey was stolen other misplaced. it's gone. the texas rangers have been called upon to search it out. i would not buy it if you see is online. thank you. join us tonight on coffee tv 20. two missing teens in northern california. this video is one of the only clues at 9:00. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is holding a q and a session here. will she be asked about president trump at 11:00. here's the lineup tonight. at 8:00, the bachelor, followed by quantico, starting at 10:00 then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel
6:57 pm
live. emma stone and patriots player an i amendola. >> that's this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news online. i'm dan ashley. i'm ama daetz. for spencer and all of us here, thank you for joining us. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. have a great night.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- an economist from ottawa, ontario, canada... a captioner from phoenix, arizona... and our returning champion -- a microbiologist from berwyn, pennsylvania... whose 6-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thanks, folks. we are now, ladies and gentlemen, exactly one week away from our annual college championship.
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it's a 2-week-long tournament. interestingly ough, our currently champion, lisa, looks young enough to be a college student, but she's a graduate, and she has been drawing on a vast reservoir of knowledge to earn a lot of money as our champion. jill and matt, welcome aboard, and good luck to all of you. here we go. now the categories for the three of you, starting off with... followed by... notice the "m-i-s" in quotation marks. and finally, you're gonna be renting a car, perhaps. lisa, start. fictional death, $200. lisa. -who's the invisible man? -you are right. death, $400.


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