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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 17, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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high winds, heavy rain, boy, is this a familiar sight in the bay area, and you're looking at it again. this is the bay bridge, obviously, as people are making it through that wed roadway. >> and this is the same system that just dumped a lot of rain in southern california. >> and this is what it looks like right now on live doppler 7, that big green mass just hovering over us. the exclusive abc7 storm impact
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scale upgraded to a 2 late last night. good morning to you on this friday, february 17. i'm reggie aqui. >> grab all of your rain gear, you're going to need it today. let's go ahead and check in with mike nicco this morning. >> i've got a few tweets from some folks who went and bought new boots. good for you. congratulations, styling while staying dry. emeryville all the way up to berkeley to kinzington and richmond, we're seeing some of the moderate downpours in the east bay freeway there and from san francisco up to mill valley. this is marching northward. this is the leading edge of what's going to be periods of the moderate to heavy rain. as you can see on the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge, it wil be moderate by noon, scattered by 4:00, still a chance at 7:00 but just like yesterday, this is going to be a morning-centered storm that will bring us more rain and more wind than yesterday. that's why as reggie mentioned, it's a 2. here's alexis with the commute. we've got about 20 issues
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already on the board. the southern half of the bay may be getting a little bit of a break right now but we've got yellow and oranges indicating heavier pockets of rain and it is causing tough driving conditions. so westbound 580 just past the toll plaza on the richmond-san rafael bridge, we're getting reports of a vehicle on its roof. i'll have an update on that, and a couple other trouble spots. we do want to take you outside now for a live look at anderson reservoir in morgan hill. look at all that water. we did just check the reservoir level for you a short moment ago and get this, right now, it is at 99% full. crews have been releasing this water to keep that level down. they are hoping to keep coyote creek from flooding and impacting homes along its banks because the reservoir is only supposed to be at 68% capacity because of any seismic concerns. let's take a look at this new video from menlo park near
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marsh road and scott drive. when you can see rain so clearly on our images here, you know it is coming down hard. the roads are slick, so please be careful out there. let's take a live look at our camera near the boardwalk in santa cruz, the rain coming down there too and you can see the waves starting to roll in. the weather where you live, send us your pictures, your video, use #abc7now and we could use it here on the air online at abc7 it is going to be a tense day at a bay area high school. right now, hundreds of students and faculty need to be tested for tuberculosis. someone tested positive for the disease. >> abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is t at armijo high school in fairfield with what parents need to know. >> reporter: well, the tough part for students here is they don't know if they've been exposed to this person who has tuberculosis. now, officials here at armijo high school sent a letter out to parents notifying them about the case but they aren't saying who
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has tuberculosis, won't even say if it is a student or a faculty member. health officials will kokt those who may have been exposed next week. they estimate they will test more than 200 people. >> it's not something that you get in passing through the hallways. it's a matter of, you know, spending prolonged periods of time in an enclosed space with the individual. >> reporter: the person who has tb tested positive last week and may have been at school for a few days two a week. the patient is now recovering at home. there will be a meeting next tuesday here at the school, so parents can learn more and get their questions answered. reporting live in fairfield, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. thanks for the information. water officials say there is no immediate threat to the oroville dam even as we are getting all this new rain. crews continue to work on repairs and have also dropped the lake's level 37 feet since first using the emergency
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spillway and that is expected to continue going down. one issue now being discussed by local officials, widening state highways leading away from oroville. many roads and highways leaving that part of butte county are only one or two lanes and as we saw, that led to massive traffic backups on sunday as 188,000 people below the dam were told to evacuate as soon as possible. this morning, details involving the reported kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl in the south bay. "the mercury news" reports the teen lied about the whole thing. the girl is the daughter of milpitas councilman garry barbadillo. police say the girl told officers two men kidnapped her from her home. the supposed ordeal came to an end when the girl escaped and called home. police say an extensive investigation concluded the councilman's daughter was never taken. she was cited for filing a false police report.
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police in pacifica want your help finding an armed gunman. they released this image of the suspect. they say he went into the safe room at the store on linda mar boulevard on wednesday wearing a mask and glasses that made him look older. he then showed a gun, stole cash and ran off toward highway 1. there's still a lot of uneasiness in san francisco's soma district this morning where a construction mishap prompted evacuations on wednesday. yesterday, the city slapped the builder with a violation notice requiring the construction to stop until repairs are made. it gives the construction company and developer until tomorrow to let the city now a status report on the safety fixes. the building's texas developer, heinz, tells abc7 news the situation is safe. in addition, thm street is still closed between 1st and 2nd. new details about a legal aid fund to help immigrants.
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"the examiner" reports increasing funding is on hold. the legislation would prioritize funding for public defender's office. but last night the board of supervisors budget and finance committee debated the idea for three hours and in the end, the committee voted to postpone a decision for at least two weeks. among the topics covered in president trump's much talked about news conference, a new executive order on travel. >> the south bay muslim community says the current executive order is contributing to islamaphobia. now they've come together to try to address the problem. >> katie marzullo has more in san jose. >> i am actually thankful to mr. trump because of his hatred for everybody. he's pushing us to really get closer. >> reporter: a unique perspective from one of the panelists at a forum called "banding against
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islamaphobia". >> it seems a lot of americans don't know any muslims so it's important for them to get to know us and see us as human beings. >> whatever we can do to promote love and peace, respect and understanding, i'm here. >> reporter: this woman is from alabama. she came looking for advice on how to better communicate with some of her friends back home. >> take them to meet someone, strike up friendships with other people and through that way, we can -- it might be not as fast as i want it to be but hopefully we're moving toward changing people's minds instead of both sides just being defensive. >> reporter: as for the latest on president trump's travel ban, he says he'll -- >> we had a court that's been overturned a lot of the time. >> reporter: the ninth circuit court of appeals which decided not to reinstate the travel ban announced it will not issue any further decisions until it sees the new executive order. in san jose, katie marzullo,
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abc7 news. the trump administration is looking for ways to work cooperatively with moscow. to make that happen, u.s. secretary of state rex toils told russian officials yesterday they must abide by the minsk agreement. that aimed to end a deadly war that started after russia annexed the crimea 2014. skirmishes still continue to this day. that breaking news, we're tracking here at the live desk, firefighters dealing with a fire emergency this morning near australia's capital. the fire burning out of control and details are still coming in but we're hearing more than a dozen homes have been lost already. along with numerous livestock and firefighters were gaining some ground on this fire, but it exploded on them last night and people are now being evacuated as crews and equipment are being called in from hundreds of miles
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away. all right the leading edge of the moderate rain, the downpours right now, walnut creek, ross more, lafayette, orinda, moraga, heading over towards berkeley, right across the richmond-san rafael bridge into san rafael and mill valley and out towards highway 4, pittsburg and antioch and that is heading to the north. it's going to be a little bit cooler when you step outside, 6 degrees cooler so we're in the low to mid 50s here in san francisco from west portal to a lot of our neighborhoods, 53 degrees. we've got 57 right now in san leandro. santa clara, union city, 54. walnut creek 51 a little bit cooler up north, petaluma at 49 degrees. this is the way it looks in the south bay, the first to get rain this time. yeah, it's coming in from the south, a little upside down from what we're used to. public transit, rain's going to be heaviest this morning. wet and windy for the a.m. commute. a little more shower activities possible for the p.m. commute,
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not going to be as dry as it was yesterday and if you're out and about, have the umbrella handy because you will need it in the afternoon from time to time unlike yesterday afternoon. let me go through the temperatures. upper 50s to low # 0s, mid to upper 50s mainly tomorrow and into sunday even a little bit cooler. if you're heading up to tahoe for the holiday weekend, we've got heavy snow falling today, snow showers for saturday into sunday and heavy, wet sierra cement for monday. let's find out about our commute here. where the hot spots, alexis? i want to take you to the richmond-san rafael bridge, a crash reported on the westbound side of the road. this happened about 15 minutes ago. it sounds like a vehicle is on its roof and it was involved in a crash with a tanker truck. we have not been able to confirm any lanes that are blocked there but seeing stop and go traffic in the mid span and you can see live doppler 7 as well. we've got some pretty moderate to heavy rain in that area too so that is only further complicating things. eastbound 80, currently blocked, that is due to a tractor-trailer
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that got stuck so chp running traffic breaks to free that. you can see a delay on the lower deck and here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet but we have a high wind advisory from chp this morning. next traffic update coming up. sky divers of course need quick reflexes in case something goes wrong in the air but this one uses reflexes to save a child on the ground. and this morning, new concerns about the trump administration and possible administration and possible interference
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today's storm is level 2. that means moderate rain so gear up before you go out and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now. and here's what a level 2 storm looks like this morning, at least from the richmond-san rafael bridge, a live look there at all the rain on the roads as you head to work. okay. take a moment and stop, look at your screens and check out these cat-like reflexes. an employee at a houston indoor sky diving facility, did you see that? he reacts so quickly. the kid is on top of the counterthere, and the employee was just able to catch the guy. yep. reggie's laughing because he flexes his muscles. we're going to watch it one more time. the kid's there. and oh, there it goes and the employee catches that child. the avid sky diver instructor is known for his acrobatics in the wind tunnel. he actually broke a world record
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in the sky and he said all that training with quick reflexes helped him save that kid. >> give that man a raise. authorities in florida have arrested a man accused of plotting to bomb target stores across the country. officials say 48-year-old mark barnett paid a man $10,000 to put the bombs on shelves in stores from new york to florida. the bombs were disguised in food packaging like breakfast snacks and pasta boxes. police say barnett wanted to make target stocks drop so he could buy cheap shares and make money when values rose again. whoa. the man surrendered the explosives to authorities. we have an update on a road rage shooting that left a father dead in san leandro. police are now looking for this van. they say it may be connected to the incident sunday night. a while his wife and children were in the car also.
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police say it has a custom roof and black rims. if you have any information, call police. under a new proposed bill, doctors in california would no longer be able to prescribe oxycontin to patients younger than 21. a nationwide student finds that by the time students have reached their senior year of high school, nearly 11% of student athletes will have experimented with prescription painkillers. doctors often do not notify patients that the medication is a form of heroin and potentially addictive. oxycontin is currently being approved for children as young as 11. the trump administration may pose complications to california's new law that legalizes recreational pot. governor jerry brown is proposing merging regulations from medical and recreational sales. but state legislative analysts are asking officials to be careful about allocating large amounts of money to that new system because there is concern the administration would start
5:18 am
enforcing federal laws, overruling state regulations. and new u.s. attorney general jeff sessions is a long-time opponent of legalized marijuana. in today's gma first look, a big change coming to your food labels, making it easier to understand those expiration dates. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, could new product date labels be arriving at a grocery store near you. to see if it's still good, look at the label but that's where it gets really confusing. best by september of 2016. best by? but has it gone bad? can i still eat it? there are ten separate phrases for date labeling and sometimes just the date itself. it's very confusing for the consumer, because a package may have multiple dates that are conflicting. >> reporter: so now the new guidelines. two major food trade associations are encouraging retailers and manufacturers to make the switch to only two product date labels by summer of
5:19 am
2018. they are "best if used by" and "use by." and coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll have more on the recommended date label guidelines. best if used by is still confusing. >> that one really confuses me because how long, then, do i have later? >> what year is it that it's taken this long to figure this out? hi, mike. hi, guys. i hope they that up at 7:00. here's a look at the golden state. san francisco from the exploratorium camera and san jose 101 and 880. we've got you covered all across the bay as this storm rolls from south to north. let's take a look at what's going on with my storm impact scale. it's a 2. it's moderate. if you weren't with sandy last night at 10:00, she upped it because of the winds, they were trending a lot heavier. we've got that wind advisory that starts at 6:00 so from 6:00 to 6:00 this evening, damage is possible. downed trees and possibly a lot of ponding on the roadways.
5:20 am
here's a look at the san mateo bridge where the light rain just moderate rain just let up and it's light but you can definitely see how there's standing water on the bridge there and here we are over the golden state. you can see the rain kicked up in the tires there as we had a heavy shower roll across here also so moderate to heavy rain this morning, then showers this afternoon. little more numerous than yesterday. scattered lighter showers this weekend and holiday rain for monday trending to be the heaviest. you can see the richmond-san rafael bridge moving north into san pablo, seeing some of the better radar returns, moderate rain, hercules, you can see pinole valley road, highway 4 as it heads through that beautiful hilly area there all the way up to around benicia and then as we head down into the south bay, pretty quiet right now but the santa cruz mountains, that's what i'm really worried about as we head throughout the day. that's where the most rain's going to fall. moderate rain there while the rest of us are dealing with scattered moderate showers and they continue up until noon
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there while the rest of us are dealing with waves of it from time to time. at 5:00, rest of us, scattered showers, still the heavier rain down in the santa cruz mountains. as you head towards the evening hours, make sure you have an umbrella. my accuweather 7 day forecast, saturday and sunday are going to be a 1. monday morning's going to be a bear but it is a holiday so hopefully not too many people on the roads then, alexis. there are definitely people on the roads this morning and it's already getting rough here today. i want to take you to the bay bridge. we've swung our camera around here. we've got a new crash on the westbound side on the incline there as you get towards treasure island tunnel and it sounds like a vehicle spun out, lost control, hit the left wall and that is now facing the wrong way in the far left lane so i just say them do a traffic break. not sure if that vehicle is drivable but we are seeing some delays building there as you leave the toll plaza and we can zoom in quickly and i can show you that backup. the eastbound side looking better. we had a tractor-trailer that was stuck on the off ramp. that cleared in the last few minutes and that backup has
5:22 am
changed to yellow and we have a sig alert on the richmond-san rafael bridge, the westbound side, westbound 580 past the toll plaza near san quentin, a vehicle on its roof. sounds like that is blocking the left lane. next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. and a woman sinks a half-court shot during a basketball game. that's great and everything but it's what happens afterwards that really shocked everybody. we are learning new details about what led up to the crisis about what led up to the crisis at the
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you can bring yourneed yourb-game instead. you're just subbing for mrs. tindall's fifth-grade class. [laughter] yeah, that's not gonna work. bring out your best you with the refreshing taste of tropicana. you may be muddling through allergies.oned with... try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, here are seven things you need to know before you go and since i'm the first one, it has to be weather. yes, look at this. rainy and windy. we showed you that all morning. we'll continue to show you live doppler 7. i wanted to let you know to be prepared for wet way through wednesday.
5:25 am
and number two, we have a pretty major problem on the richmond-san rafael bridge. they have updated the location. it looks like it's a little bit closer to the mid span. we've got a vehicle on its roof right now. we were able to confirm that's blocking the left lane. i don't think this is going to be to get better for quite some time and they did issue a sig alert. number three, water officials are keeping a close eye on bay area reservoirs and here's why. many reservoirs, including anderson, are just gushing 99% full. number four, if you think it's rainy here, don't go to l.a. because they are getting ready for stormageddon. these folks preparing for what's expected to be the biggest storm they have seen in years. parts of the foothills expected to get up to 10 inches of rain by tomorrow. number five, 200 people need to be tested for tb after someone tested positive for the infectious disease at a fairfield high school. officials say the person may have been at armijo high school from up to a week but didn't specify it was a student or
5:26 am
maybe staff member. number six, state senator steve glazer from orinda plans to submit two bills. one that would ban b.a.r.t. strikes outright and another that limited their effectiveness. that second bill essentially allows non-union b.a.r.t. workers or managers to operate trains during a strike. nurg seven, president trump says he will issue a new executive order on immigration next week. the trump administration announced yesterday it will no longer fight the federal court ruling that suspended the travel ban. so there's lots of proposal videos on the web. you can probably make a whole day out of it just by watching those and they all make you saw aww. >> and the one you're about to see is no exception. it happened last night during halftime of a college basketball game in albany, new york. erin tovin actually sank the half-court shot, won $500 but the surprises didn't stop there. take a look. her fiance popped up from
5:27 am
underneath the dunckin macot costume. >> that is quite a night for both of them. >> her lucky day. >> look at her too. that's -- i mean, she really went for it. >> that was her day. >> cool. >> all her. >> congrats. we'll be back with another full 90 minutes of use, including another effort to keep us from springing forward and falling back oochlgt and an army veteran targeted after he was forced to evacuate his home at the oroville dam. also storm watch, what pg&e also storm watch, what pg&e is doing
5:28 am
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i'll put it to you this way. hopefully you enjoyed our
5:30 am
sunshine break because the rain is definitely back this morning. you're looking at live doppler 7 and to put it simply, it is wet and windy just about everywhere. >> that's right. for example, right here. you are looking live at interstate 80 between cordelia junction and vallejo. traffic moving but the the roads are slick and our crews are out there. mike and alexis tracking the storm for you to help get you going this morning. >> that's right. we've got jessica here in for an under the weather natasha. hopefully she's feeling better. >> i get it. >> we've all been sick for many weeks now. speaking of under the weather or just the weather, mike nicco. find yourself under an umbrella for the better part of the morning hours. i want to show you a giant downpour. pittsburg all the way to hercules there's got to be standing water there. also 780. more yellows and oranges developing to the south which means moderate rain to heavy
5:31 am
rain through the kmorng commute with the winds picking up. it's going to be windy with moderate spots at noon. we're going to see more scattered showers at 4:00 to even isolated showers at 7:00. so like yesterday, this storm is very morning-weighted but it's also going to have more rain and wind. more detailing on that wind advisory next. first let's find out with what's going on with our roads and alexis. couple issues that i want to get to here, including a sig alert on the richmond-san rafael bridge on the westbound side so as you come from the richmond area heading towards san rafael, we have a vehicle on its roof and that is blocking the left lane we've updated that location so that is closer to the mid span and that backup continues to grow as well. taking a live look at the bay bridge. i think this crash cleared a couple moments ago but it was westbound 80 on the incline just before you get to the treasure island tunnel, a spinout crash, just one vehicle involved there lost control and hit that center divide and bounced back and was facing sideways in the left lane but it does look to me like they got that cleared.
5:32 am
i'll have another traffic update coming at 5:40. meanwhile, people all over the bay area keeping a very close eye on all those v reservoirs. >> with all this rain, it's only going to increase, including in morgan hill where they're taking precautions right now. abc7 news reporter matt keller is there for us live. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. since the last time i saw you, the rain has turned into a slight drizzle here in morgan hill, which is good news because we already have more than enough water. i just checked the water level's website and anderson reservoir is at 99% capacity and that is why they're doing this, getting all that water out. but while they do that, it causes another possible issue, flooding down the coyote creek. there are a number of low-lying communities that are close to the floodplain so there is a risk they could flood. the reservoir is only supposed to be at 68% capacity so water officials need to get it below that level to make it safe in
5:33 am
case there is a really big earthquake. with the rain today and over the next couple days anderson reservoir could reach full capacity and the water could begin spilling over the top of the dam into a concrete spillway. only one out of ten reservoirs in santa clara county is currently spilling but four others are above 90% and that includes anderson here in morgan hill. reporting live in morgan hill, kmaemt, abc7 news. meanwhile, pg&e putting its mobile generates on standby in case of major power outages. abc7 news was in benicia where many of them are loaded and ready to go. pg&e is using emergency power systems more often to get the lights back on in storm outages. in fact, they've already been used this winter in san rafael, diablo, and fairfield. >> pg&e has a plan when it comes to a storm event like the one that's coming this weekend and part of that plan is to prepare for large-scale outages and that's when we call on aggreko.
5:34 am
>> yeah, so, we can power anything from single home, single residence, up to say 5,000 or greater. >> the generating systems can also be prepositioned ahead of a storm in places where outages are expected. take a look at your screens. you can track wealth and get this on our phone or your tablet in the palm of your hand with the abc7 news app. we have that live doppler 7 on the app and you can enable push alerts so you get those weather updates as soon as we hear about something. we have developing news this morning in solano county. public health officials trying to calm fears about a tuberculosis case at a fairfield high school. officials say more than 200 students and staff at armijo high may have been exposed. this letter went out to parents yesterday after the person tested positive last week. they're not saying if the person affected is a student or staff member, only that he or she is affiliated with the high school. officials say they may have been at the school for a few days.
5:35 am
they plan to notify everyone they came into contact with. a public meeting for concerned parents scheduled for tuesday. a very unexpected about-face for oakland city leaders who issued a new policy aimed at avoiding another ghost ship fire only to then retract that new policy a few hours later. yesterday afternoon, oakland's assistant police chief ordered all officers to report, by e-mail, any illegal parties, like raves or unpermitted living spaces in warehouses. the report was to include specifics and be completed the very same day. well, the policy follows last year's ghost ship fire where 36 people died. recent reports indicate oakland police knew people lived and partied there illegally but code violations were never documented. the police union is upset. >> they're not engaged in building code violations and this terrible tragedy should not related to see a work in police
5:36 am
officers. >> they tried to implement that policy but only four hours after it was issued, the city administrators sent this e-mail saying the previous directive was "distributed prematurely and has been retracted." . new details emerging this morning about what caused that massive crater in the main spillway at the oroville dam last week. a new cal fire report blames rain water erosion for the gaping hole in the concrete chute and i know that sounds pretty obvious but what's interesting is that it says that the runoff from days of rain alongside the main spillway is what caused this. it undermined the concrete there and caused it to collapse. video shot tuesday showed the sides of the main spillway also started to break away. on top of that, major erosion was triggered when water was released over the backup spillway and that is what led to the evacuation of 188,000 people. those mandatory evacuations are now over but many people have not returned because they fear even more problems with storms
5:37 am
over the next few days. highly decorated war veteran is one of the people who evacuated and came back in uva city and returned to find that two dozen of his medals were stolen. mike pomeroy was awarded the medals including a purple heart for heroism and valor during the vietnam war. he says he has ptsd so he has a hard time talking about his experience. in fact, he has kept his medals secret and wanted that to remain that way until he died. >> a lot of things went on and you try to bury it and that's it. but the medals were to be passed down to my family and then they could sort out what grandpa or grandpa didn't do. >> i don't know why someone would want to take that from somebody. take a part of their life away. >> horrible. >> yeah, this just -- terrible. these need to come back to him, of course. he kept the medals locked in a black case in the back of his closet for almost 50 years, now
5:38 am
he's opening up, hoping this person, whoever it is, returns them. police in belmont have put out this sketch of someone accused of four home burglaries all in one day. witnesses think that he's in his late teens. february 1 he was seen running away from a home on chula vista drive. police say he then broke into another home on chula vista. he's also a suspect in to two break ins on north drive. today, senate republicans plan to use their majority power to confirm president trump's nominee to lead the environmental protection agency. they're ignoring calls from democrats to delay the vote until scott pruitt releases thousands of e-mails exchanged with oil and gas executives. pruitt is oklahoma's attorney general. critics are questioning, though, his close ties with the oil industry. yesterday, a judge gave pruitt until next week to release those e-mails. retired advice admiral bob harward haas turned down the job of national security adviser.
5:39 am
he denies reports that he turned down the offer because of chaos in the west wing. we how old replace michael flynn. washington state's attorney general believes the federal government is conceding defeat after president trump revealed that he is going to be issuing a new executive order on immigration next week. yesterday, the trump administration announced it will no longer fight the federal court ruling that suspended the travel ban. the president says his new executive order will address the concerns that caused a federal judge to suspend the ban in the first place. just last week, a three-judge panel on the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco unanimously ruled the president's original travel ban appeared to violate the u.s. constitution's guarantee of due process. oakland has filed a brief in support of an appeals court ruling that immigrants who are being detained for long periods of time have to be given a bond hearing every six months. the court is considering an appeal to that ruling.
5:40 am
oakland city attorney says holding immigrants for months or even years without the possibility of being released is a violation of human rights. and supporters are calling a day without immigrants a big success. abc7 news was in san francisco's hayes valley yesterday when the staff at this restaurant made the decision to close in support of immigrant rights. many schools in the south bay and north bay also reported sharp decreases in let me give you an idea of what kind of weather you can expect during your commute today. downpours and windy, hazardous driving conditions this morning, some lingering lighter showers during the evening hours, little bit wetter than it was last evening during the commute. if you live on the coast, half moon bay just had ha heavy shower roll through there, moernt heading through pacifica, coleman, up into ocean beach in the next 15 minutes or so. you can see the winds are starting to pick up and spread.
5:41 am
we're now pushing 25 in mountain view, faster than 20 at the coast, and also in san carlos to about 16 in napa and these are going to continue to ramp up, especially in the east peninsula and the south bay starting in about 19 minutes from now. that's the window that opens for 12 hours of wind damage, downed trees and power lines from gusts up to 50 miles per hour. as far as our temperatures today, those southerly winds will keep us mild, 58 to 61 degrees and the showers do become a little more scattered but they do linger during the overnight hours, a little more so than what we had last night. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s when you wake up tomorrow morning. all right. i mean going to take an hour-by-hour look at today's rain coming up next. storm impact scale's been upped to a 2. i'll tell you what that means for the rest of today. first we've got some good news from alexis. i am really surprised but happy to say our sig alert was just canceled. we'll zoom in. we had a rollover crash, a sedan
5:42 am
collided with a tanker truck and flipped over. less than an hour ago and that was on its roof in the left lane. honestly, normally, when we have a rollover crash it takes so long to get it upright and get a tow truck there and clear it but they were able to clear it just a few minutes ago so that sig alert is canceled. we are seeing heavier traffic back into the richmond area, about 11 miles an hour but i think that's going to clear out pretty quickly. also good news on the bay bridge. westbound 80 collision on the incline just before treasure island did clear and that was a solo vehicle spinout crash. have not gotten official word that the metering lights are on but i would say they have to be. and that's our only bridge with a high wind advisory issued this morning. we'll take a look at drive times coming up. imagine this. you may never have to worry about getting out of work to vote in a presidential election ever again. the change being considered that could mean a new rule for millions of californians. we're taking a live look
5:43 am
outside at that rain coming down over san francisco and in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz.
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today's storm is level 2. that means moderate rain, so gear up before you go out, and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now.
5:46 am
yep, it is raining and we're taking you through a tour, really, the same way that this whole storm arrived. and that is in the south bay, a live look at 101 in san jose at least what you can see of it through all that rain. and let's take a look at the bay bridge. traffic already getting heavy there. in fact, alexis just updated us, there was a big crash, westbound, it's now clear. weather and traffic, though, coming up in a few seconds. we will check in with alexis and mike. meanwhile, the latest round of storms could delay plans to reopen an oakland street. it has been closed for a month by a landslide. abc7 news was on westover drive in the oakland hills as city crews worked to prevent any further slide damage. they are right now installin a plastic tarp and drainage system. a high-speed police chase created quite the scene on east bay fraez. it started yesterday in vallejo and went through berkeley as you can see from our camera looking down on interstate 80. the driver was weaving
5:47 am
dangerously through traffic at speeds up to 100 miles per hour. it all started when the driver didn't pull over for a traffic stop. chp officers finally stopped and arrested him on interstate 580 in pleasanton. happening today, a move that may make some b.a.r.t. riders very happy. according to our media approximate partner the east bay times, state senator steve glazer from orinda plans to submit two bills, one that would ban b.a.r.t. strikes outright and another that limits their effectiveness. that second bill essentially allows non-union b.a.r.t. workers or managers to operate trains during a strike because currently all b.a.r.t. operators are union members. glazer's goal is to prevent strikes like those in 2013 that could potentially cripple the city. california lawmakers will soon consider a bill that would make november elections a state holiday during general election years. that's of course when we vote for the president, senate, and other high-ranking offices. assemblyman evan lowe of cupertino authored that legislation. it would give schools and state
5:48 am
workers a day off. it would not be a requirement for private businesses. he says the bill would allow more people to participate in the electoral process and help boost voter turnout. the san francisco police department is spotlighting the heroism of one of its own. the department has now presented its medal of valor to officer arnold. he captured the man suspected of a brutal attack on a chp officer. here's a photo of two officers taken at the ceremonies wednesday night. chp officer andre had his throat slashed during a struggle with a pedestrian on interstate 80 in san francisco a year ago this month. serenko has recovered and is back on the job. let's take a look at that storm number 2 on our storm impact scale and this rain is going to be hanging around a little bit. >> yeah, absolutely. it's going to be around for the better part of today, a little taper a little bit late this afternoon into the evening hours. hi, everybody. here's a look at our weather window from san jose 280 at 17,
5:49 am
it is wet there little bit of drizzle falling but a steadier rain on the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. you can see the rain drops pooling as you head towards the toll plaza. so downpours and gusty winds this morning. random showers this weekend, not a complete washout of any outdoor activities but they may be stalled from time to time because of a light shower that rolls through. heaviest rain still slated for monday morning but hopefully you have the holiday off. pulling away from highway 4 and heading up 680 and 780 towards benicia, fairfield, cordelia and martinez, you can see a moderate shower there and another one coming ashore. right near the airport. moving on davis street, marina boulevard and heading towards san leandro. get ready for some ponding, 580 and 880. here's a look at another round of some moderate showers developing offshore and that's going to be the case with this southerly flow all day. moderate to heavy, strong gusty
5:50 am
winds, downpours. so you can see by 9:00, more yellows, more yellows at noon, and then they start to taper to just mainly some green other than some yellows in the santa cruz mountains where we're going to have the heaviest rain and the best chance of damage from this storm. saturday and sunday, we'll keep it a 1. monday's going to be a 2, moderate, tuesday and wednesday still light storms and then finally, thursday, no rain. alexis? oh, boy, that seems like a long ways away, mike. taking a look at our traffic maps, i do have live doppler 7 added on top and it is going to be a soggy morning commute and we have heavy traffic here on the westbound side of the richmond-san rafael bridge so we did have that rollover crash. we have a second crash reported on the san quentin off ramp and it's unclear if that one is still blocking so we're down to about a 9-mile-per-hour average as you head across that mid span. i know mike showed you the heavy rain but these are the residual delays on the bridge as you approach from the richmond side so be prepared for a lot of that
5:51 am
today. we definitely have our fair share of slowdowns already before 6:00 a.m. we are up to 42 minutes now on northbound 17 between highway 1 in los gatos. of course that is due to that slide at vine hill. one lane getting by in each direction northbound, southbound, due to that slide. we'll take a look at the south bay coming up. alexis, thank you. right now, we want to take the time to tell you about a special report tonight on abc7 news at 11:00 because several people have contacted the abc7 news i-team to investigate why big rigs keep rolling over in their south bay neighborhood. the i-team dug for answers and discovered a series of accidents all in the exact same spot. what caltrans did to the road before the crashes and what it's doing now after the i-team's dan noyes started asking questions. his investigation tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. i know this is going to sound crazy but we have a story about woolly mammoths who
5:52 am
haven't even roamed the earth for roughly 4,000 years but that could soon change. >> do we want it to, though? scientists at harvard university say they're about two years away from creating the embryo of a hybrid woolly mammoth. so far, they've been able to isolate the genes that make the ice age creatures unique from their closest modern relatives, the asian elephant. the team believes it's nearing the point where it can splice mammoth traits, including long hair and blood that's resistant to freezing, into an elephant embryo's genome but some scientists argue doing so would be risky and unethical, not to mention scary if we see those woolly mammoths roaming around. >> i have seen jurassic park 1, 2, 3, and jurassic world and this does not end well. new at 6:00, a warning for anyone who got a flu shot. it might not be as effective as you think. but first, one town taking a
5:53 am
colorful step to protect anyone who texts while they walk. who texts while they walk. plus she's back.
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back. check this out. a town in the netherlands using these lights right here to get the attention of smartphone users, those folks that are always looking down at their phones. the lights are embedded into the ground at crosswalks and they flash green or red. right now, they're being tested at one of the town's busiest intersections. some critics say the light are not a good idea because they just reward bad behavior. the nba invited the warriors famous dance mom to come to the
5:56 am
all-star game in new orleans. check it out. robin schreiber shot this promotional video with the one and only steph curry. it looks like the redwood city mom gave curry a pretty good lesson on how to get down. >> i think he got it. they both have moves. abc7 sports director larry beil is in new orleans for the nba all-star game, warriors stars steph curry along with kevin durant, klay thompson, and draymond green are all part of the western team. some good news. just a small sliver of santa clara county the southeastern part still under part of the drought but let me show you what happened yesterday. now less than 1% under extreme, nobody in exceptional and the area under extreme, nearly half the state not even in a drought. that storm is brewing down south and we're going to get the top end of it. you can see it heading into san
5:57 am
francisco. one of the stronger downpours that will lead to a high probability of hydroplaning, moderate urban and creek flooding. live look outside at the south bay. here is 280 at 17 so we've got a soggy drive there. we've got a lot of drops on the lens and no major slowdowns for you yet. no incidents to report in san jose. limited ace service today, aefrs 3 in the morning, ace 6 in the evening, reduced capacity for san francisco bay ferry routes and vte running a bus bridge. next at 6:00, police in san mateo county need your help to find a bank robbery suspect. there was a major issue complicating that search. and people in southern california hoping to avoid california hoping to avoid another scene like this.
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, if you drive through the north bay, no friday light for you. this is a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge where
6:00 am
not one two crashes are causing a big backup. >> no kidding. stop and go traffic there. we are on storm watch. look at this. stop and go traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza as well. heavy rain, gusting winds all across the bay. traffic stacking up and you can see all those lanes are full. and this is what it looks like in san jose right now. alexis tracking the tough commute but we're going to start with mike and live doppler 7. on the peninsula, if you're transitioning from san bruno, south san francisco to brisbane, all the way to daly city you can see that moderate shower causing ponding on 101 and 280 and right along the coast from pacifica all the way up to the sunset we've got a moderate shower also and over the oakland airport a moderate shower but more developing to our south so here's a look at the golden gate bridge. you can see it's definitely been raining there all night. heavy at times in our 12 hour day planner the rain this morning moderate at noon, becoming scattered at 4:00 but still a chance at 7:00 so have the wet weather gear handy a


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