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tv   ABC World News  ABC  February 18, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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inviting us into your homes tonight. we will see you back here at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." we're following breaking news out of florida. the president holding a campaign event. 30 days into office but back out on the stump. the major turnout as he ramps up his attack on an old enemy. plus, the new message the vice president is sending to russia. epic downpours. the strong, deadly storm slamming the west coast. sinkholes, mudslides and flooding killing at least four people and the new round of rough weather ahead. border rush. the huge spike in undocumented immigrants heading north of the border. tonight, our correspondent on the frontlines with the families
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fleeing into canada. hunt for the killer. a small town now on edge. who's behind the murder of two teenage girls just out for a hike? plus, lurking drones. a couple busted for allegedly using a drone to look into people's bedrooms, even their bathrooms. tonight, how to protect yourself from these high-tech peeping toms. and good evening. thanks for joining us on a saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin tonight with the breaking news. the president back out on the campaign trail. air force one, you see it there, pulling into the hangar in melbourne, florida, the site of previous rallies in support of candidate trump. the president reveling with the well-wishes from fans. at this unusually early 2020 campaign event. just about one month into his new presidency. but tonight he's explaining why he's out there. the president who was introduced by first lady melania.
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taking new aim at the press, saying he wants to deliver his message directly. a welcome distraction from the turmoil the president faces back at the white house on numerous fronts. abc's mary bruce is in florida with the president. starting us off. >> reporter: tonight, president trump making an appearance as candidate trump. >> it's so great to be here in florida, my second home with you. >> reporter: just four weeks in, and with his new administration being tested, trump is trying to change the conversation. speaking directly to the american people at his first campaign rally of the 2020 election. in melbourne, florida, today, it's back to the future. ♪ proud to be an american >> reporter: it looks a lot like 2016. the only difference -- that's air force pulling up to the event. the same campaign songs. the same huge crowds. as trump takes on the same target -- the press. >> i also want to speak to you without the filter of the fake news. >> reporter: trump's adamant
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his administration is off to a roaring start. >> the white house is running so smoothly. >> reporter: but he's facing real challenges. the fbi's investigating his administration's possible ties to russia. his national security adviser forced to resign. his travel ban sparking controversy and confusion. across the country, republican lawmakers are facing the backlash. at town halls, angry protesters demanding answers. from new york. >> we need to get this russian thing outside of the political arena. this is america. >> reporter: to south carolina. >> do you support an immediate and independent investigation into the administration's unprecedented russian ties? [ applause ] >> reporter: but in florida today. >> thank you, donald trump, for coming directly to the people. >> reporter: a warm welcome. >> all the different things we he told us on the campaign trail, every day he's ticking them off. he's getting them done. >> reporter: it's day 30 of the
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trump administration but it feels like the campaign out here. these people have been standing here for hours. and this line goes as far as the eye can see. >> i give him about a b-plus. >> reporter: if you had him one >> reporter: if you had one message for him today -- >> stop arguing with the people and do your job. >> reporter: overseas, trump's sons in dubai celebrating the opening of the trump international golf club. donald junior saying in dubai if you can envision it, you can build it. the trump organization said it won't make new foreign deals as the namesake is president. >> mary joins us live from the trump event there in central florida. even though he was slamming the press throughout this speech, he spoke with reporters on air force one. force one and explained why he wanted to hold this rally. >> the president just wrapped up his remarks here moment ago. when he was speaking to
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reporters, asked him if it was too soon for the rally like this. he said life is a campaign and making america great again is absolutely a campaign. tom. >> mary bruce with the president in central florida. now to chief white house correspondent jonathan karl in washington tonight. in all your years covering and studying politics, have you ever seen a president start campaigning 30 days into his first term in office and is this more about 2017 than 2020? >> i have never seen something quite this early. we've seen early campaigns. president trump filed his papers to set up re-election campaign on inauguration day, on january 20th. but this is not so much about winning votes four years from now, this is really about getting the president bucked up. you know, he loves those rallies, tom. he loves the crowd. he feeds off their energy. this has been a brutal first month of the presidency. he wants to get out amongst his supporters again. >> jon karl, thank you. of course you'll have much more of the president's first
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month in the office on "this week." plus, the first interview with retired navy s.e.a.l. robert harward since he turned down the job of national security adviser. that reese coming up tomorrow. to the world political stage now, in germany, at the munich security conference the vice president reaffirming america's commitment to nato as unwavering despite past remarks by president trump. who questioned nato as obsolete. vice president pence had some tough talk for russia. >> the united states will continue to hold russia accountable even as we search for new common ground. >> reporter: plus, the vice president echoing the president's call for nato members to step up financially. we want to turn now to weather and that deadly storm slamming southern california. the worst in many years. those epic, drenching rains sending this san bernardino fire truck cascading down into a sinkhole, and swallowing this car in studio city.
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intense rains causing some treacherous moments behind the wheel. check this out in glendale, a garage, more like a waefrtfall. abc's marci gonzalez with more on the monster storm. >> reporter: san bernardino firefighters escaping from their truck, just in time to watch this. their fire engine plummeting when the freeway it's parked on crumbles. the roadway eroded by intense flooding from one of the most powerful storms to hit southern california in years. the firefighters were here to check on the driver of that semi that plunged off the same interstate. you can see just how far both vehicles fell. but incredibly the driver of that semi and the firefighters are all okay. another close call-in this los angeles suburb. this massive sinkhole opening, swallowing this suv. rescuers finding the driver standing on her upside-down car, screaming for help. then, just minutes after pulling her to safety, this -- >> there it goes. >> i turned around for one second and then the second car
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fell into the sinkhole. >> reporter: both drivers are okay. but in other parts of southern california, at least four people were killed -- including a man electrocuted by falling power lines, and a driver whose vehicle became submerged in the fast-rising floodwater. >> two vehicles in the water and subjects still in the car. >> you need someone with rescue ropes. >> reporter: other roadways also washed away by more than eight inches of rain in some places. >> i've never seen it like this around here. >> reporter: the downpours creating a waterfall in this parking garage. the storm bringing wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour, uprooting trees, tearing the roof off this tractor-trailer and knocking out power to at least 76,000 customers in los angeles county alone. >> and marci joins us live now. at that major freeway, a connecting artery between los angeles and las vegas. will anything be fixed in time for the monday morning commute? >> well, that's definitely a goal and despite all this damage you can see there's some traffic moving right now. but there's major repair work
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planned for tonight. with the goal re-opening four of the five lanes of traffic in time for the weekday commute. >> the race is on. thank you, marci. let's turn now to senior meteorologist rob marciano on that battered coast of california. rob, further up the coast they're about to get hit again? >> reporter: they are, and really it's still raining lightly. and these waves continue to build. take a look. this one is going to come toward northern california. but this current storm is creating problems across las vegas, but by tomorrow the next storm begins to come in, first as light rain and then it increases. as early as monday morning, it takes a hook into sacramento. into san francisco. heavier rain, potentially damaging winds. and some heavy snow. rainfall over five inches. that's going to stretch the infrastructure there. once again, soil there still saturated. tom. >> we'll keep an eye on that rainmaker. all right, rob, thanks so much. and with northern california bracing for that rain, new worries for communities near
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that strained oroville dam. officials say that, while the dam is holding up and it's structurally sound, they're urging residents to remain vigilant and prepared. up to half foot of rain in the coming days could raise the lake levels significantly once again. next to indiana, and the intensifying double homicide investigation. the law enforcement stepping up the man hunt for the suspect behind the death of two teenage girls, out on a hike northwest of indianapolis. bikers rallied in the girls' hometown of delphi in support of the search. abc's stephanie ramos has the latest. >> reporter: tonight, the murders of two teens has the small town of delphi, indiana, desperate for answers. >> we are a very close-knit, small community, so this hits very hard. >> reporter: 13-year-old abigail williams and 14-year-old liberty german were dropped off for a hike on a popular nature trail last monday. an hour later, liberty snapchats this photo of abby walking across a bridge. it was the last time they were heard from. police say their bodies were found less than a mile away in
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rough wooded terrain. >> we're checking the cellphones. we're checking the social media places. we're looking at every possible option. >> reporter: it's been nearly a week and still no suspects, but investigators want to talk to this man -- seen in the area at the same time as the girls. >> we have no suspects at this point in time. and we need information. >> reporter: police searching this home in delphi thursday night, coming up with nothing, leaving a community on edge. >> i think it's terrible. makes me sick to my stomach, going down to the bridge thinking one of my friends died down there. >> reporter: murders in delphi are rare, let alone two. with the assistance of the fbi, police are hoping to get answers soon. tom. >> stephanie, thank you. heading overseas now to a bizarre international murder mystery. malaysian police just announcing a fourth arrest in the shocking murder of the brother of north korea's leader. abc's jennifer eccleston with the latest twist in that case. >> reporter: tonight, the mystery deepens as north korea goes on the attack, demanding the immediate release of kim
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jong nam's body -- the older half-brother of dictator kim jong un. >> they are deceiving us. >> reporter: the regime claiming the malaysian government's autopsy is invalid. >> there's every indication based on north korea's history that this was a targeted kill. >> reporter: a north korean in custody, joining two alleged female assassins accused of killing kim jong nam in an airport. one seen in surveillance images with an "lol" shirt. the other, an indonesian woman. her family claims she thought she was part of a candid camera tv show, spraying kim jong nam -- along with several other men -- in the face for laughs. unaware of any potential deadly chemicals inside. right now, the malaysians are refusing that demand to turn the body over as they continue to question the suspects in this bizarre case. tom.
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>> jennifer eccleston from london for us tonight. jennifer, thank you. moving to the can canadian border and the immigrants fleeing north to a new life. custom officials say families, some undocumented have been sneaking across for decades and now with heightened fears around the president's new policies, those numbers are spiking. abc's eva pilgrim right there with the latest. >> reporter: right now, undocumented immigrants desperately fleeing to the north. families with small children making the trek on foot, in the snow, dragging everything they own. >> it's very painful. >> reporter: canadian border police making arrests, but assisting those who make a refugee claim. >> we made it and we are happy with that. >> reporter: the number of asylum seekers illegally crossing along the quebec border skyrocketing in january, up 230% over last year. >> the system is made to handle about 15,000 claims a year. we're at 30,000 right now. like i said, working double capacity. the system just wasn't made to handle that number of claimants.
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>> reporter: many making the move out of fear after recent immigration raids and continued debate over the president's executive order banning refugees from seven majority muslim countries. >> these are campaign promises. some people are so surprised that we're having strong borders. well, that's what i've been talking about for a year and a half. strong borders. >> reporter: canada allowed nearly 40,000 syrian refugees into their country in the past year. in a joint news conference with trump, canadian prime minister justin trudeau said the policy will remain. >> we continue to pursue our policies of openness towards immigration and refugees without compromising security. >> so far this weekend, immigration lawyers telling us that there's been a steady stream of people crossing the border here illegally. they say it doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon. tom. >> eva pilgrim on the u.s./canada border. eva thank you.
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the woman at the center of the battle that legalized abortion has died. her case landing in the u.s. supreme court which handed down its historic roe v wade decision. she joined the anti-abortion movement later in her life. mccorvey died of heart trouble at an assisted living center in texas this morning. she was 69 years old. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday. flames shooting out of a mansion with a family inside. how they escaped. and they thought they were secure in their own house and they didn't count a drone acting as a peeping tom, violating their privacy. the growing story and their story coming up. plus, a fiery crash, life-saving actions. the story of two men ahead.
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>> reporter: tonight, drones invading your privacy, filming your most intimate moments. >> open the window and looked out, and i literally could see the drone hovering about 10, 15 feet outside the window. >> reporter: this couple were stunned they were being spied on. >> that's terrifying. it was very, you know, kind of reality check for him. >> reporter: his first instinct track the drone down. that's when he found disturbing video of other unsuspecting victims. also caught on that drone, images of this man, now arrested on voyeurism charges. along with his girlfriend. scenes like this now happening more and more as drone sales increase, up 224% last year. watch as this drone flies by a woman's apartment in downtown atlanta getting too close for comfort. and in miami, christina was
5:49 pm
breast-feeding her then-16-month-old son when she noticed a drone hovering right outside their -- her window. what can people do to protect themselves? >> if you're an area that doesn't allow you to shoot something out of the sky, unfortunately there isn't anything you can do. >> reporter: and while many states have laws limiting the use of drones, only a handful address the issue of voyeurism. tom. >> adrienne, thank you. and when we come back -- dreams dashed. hundreds of people thought they were accepted to one of the nation's prestigious schools. we'll tell you what happened. and is mark cuban hinting at a presidential run? his not very subtle message to president trump. stay with us. when my doctor told me i have age-related macular degeneration, amd, he told me to look at this grid every day. and we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression, including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd after 15 years of clinical studies.
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and we start with a huge inferno in a virginia mansion caught on camera. flames shooting through the roof of the house in the d.c. suburbs. smoke alarms able to alert the family to the fire. six people escaping safely. firefighters rescuing two dogs that were inside. columbia university apologizing tonight after breaking the hearts of hundreds of would-be ivy leaguers. the school e-mailing 277 acceptance letters for one of its masters programs. an hour later, another e-mail saying the first letter was sent erroneously. they were not accepted. columbia blaming the mishap on human error. and one of the sharks on abc -- billionaire mark cuban escalating his feud with president trump. the mavericks owner and potential 2020 presidential candidate wearing number 46 at the nba all-star celebrity game.
5:54 pm
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suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief. finally, two men who met not by accident but rather in an accident. one saving the other's life. here's john donvan. >> i'm on the freeway and the weather was bad. >> reporter: collision, the flames begin. >> the car is on fire. >> reporter: and antonio wainwright swings the door. falling partway out, then realizing he's still pinned inside, a smashed ankle keeping him down. >> i'm just screaming in agonizing pain as i'm watching vehicles drive by and i'm
5:58 pm
thinking, i'm about to die. >> reporter: but one of them stopped. >> as i got closer i could see the flames. >> out of nowhere, i felt someone grab the back of my jacket and started to say, it's going to be okay. it's going to be okay, buddy. >> reporter: seconds later the car was gone but not antonio. he's still here, thanks to one man's reflex. >> i'm going to be able to enjoy life and every moment that he's given him. i feel like he was a godsend to him. >> reporter: nice, since antonio is about become a dad. can he explain why he helped? no, but also yes. >> just did it. i didn't really think about it. just doing a good thing. i would hope someone would do the same for me. >> reporter: a story giving reason to hope exactly that. john donvan, abc news. thanks so much for watching. i'm tom llamas. have a good evening. good night. or watching. i'm tom llamas. have a good evening. good night.
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could police have done more from stopping a gunman from terrorizing a oakland neighborhood i, new details from a neighbor. the band told they can't play tonight. nbc -- abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. we begin with storm watch. don't put your umbrella away just yet. we are getting ready for a stronger storm. people are still cleaning up the damage from our last storm. a large tree fell into a car smashing its windows and caving in the roof. a live look from our roof camera
6:00 pm
shows clear skiestonight. but don't be fooled. meteorologist drew tuma is here with the time line of our next storm. >> we are expecting more drops falling shortly after midnight tonight. live doppler 7 shows across the region we are dry. off the coast this is our next storm system. one of two we are tracking over the next two days. it's monday's storm that is much stronger and much more powerful. on the storm impact scale it's going to be a 3 on monday. moderate to heavy rain. storm rains cranking monday evening. and the flood concern is very high. storm concerns on monday, urban and creek flooding along with trees down very hide. mud and rock slides high. pourt outages and river flooding is possible. we'll look at the storm coming monday and the one coming tomorrow and tell you how much rain you can expect in the full accuweather seven-day forecast. southern california is drying out after a huge pacific or


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