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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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shows clear skiestonight. but don't be fooled. meteorologist drew tuma is here with the time line of our next storm. >> we are expecting more drops falling shortly after midnight tonight. live doppler 7 shows across the region we are dry. off the coast this is our next storm system. one of two we are tracking over the next two days. it's monday's storm that is much stronger and much more powerful. on the storm impact scale it's going to be a 3 on monday. moderate to heavy rain. storm rains cranking monday evening. and the flood concern is very high. storm concerns on monday, urban and creek flooding along with trees down very hide. mud and rock slides high. pourt outages and river flooding is possible. we'll look at the storm coming monday and the one coming tomorrow and tell you how much rain you can expect in the full accuweather seven-day forecast. southern california is drying out after a huge pacific storm parked itself over the
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region. new video from the 15 near the cajon pass showed several cars were stranded on the busy freeway after a messy mix of rocks mud and debris inundated the lanes. four fatalities were blamed on the storm. the sierra is getting snow today. veil resorts provided this video. the national weather services excepts our upcoming storm to bring a mix of heavy snow and rain along the top of the sierra and interstate 80 with torrential rain in truckee. track the incoming storm on live doppler 7 and know exactly when it's going to hit where you live. download the abc7 news app it's free. four weeks into his presidency donald trump held a campaign rally today in florida. he made it clear that replacing our national health care program is a priority. >> it's also time for the senate democrats to take responsibility for obamacare and to work with us to replace it with new
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reforms that reverse this nationwide health care tragedy. it's a tragedy. >> his message was well received by this crowd but in the bay area a different effort to save the affordable care act. alyssa harrington is live in the newsroom with that part of the story. >> reporter: matt, today top democrats are holding a day of action with more than 100 forums and town hall meetings across the country. they are trying to drum up support to save the affordable care act and make sure all americans have health coverage. >> the whole bill is about prevention and wellness. it's about a healthy america. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi addressed the crowd in san francisco to rally support for the affordable care act. patients shared stories, like this woman whose son relies on this coverage for his asthma. >> my son, my family, millions of families, millions of seniors, we won't be able to afford hospitalization,
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treatment. >> reporter: this woman credits obamacare with saving her life. she got treatment for mental health and addiction and is now among rls millions at risk of losing coverage. >> i mean people are terrified, and people are angry. and people are also really confused. >> reporter: congress did present an outline of a repeal and replace plan this week. but leader pelosi says it does not save money or provide better coverage. >> it comes up with something that gives a tax break to wealthy people, makes poor and middle income families pay more, reduces the benefit package, and narrows a number of people who can have access to it. so it's going to the wrong direction. >> we're trying to stop this from happening. we don't want to make america sick again. >> reporter: in oakland, congresswoman barbara lee held a protect our care event. she says the most important people in this movement are those who are at whisk risk. >> the voices of people around
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the country at town meetings are really very profound and very important and very influential. >> reporter: alyssa harrington, abc7 news. a workshop was held today for bay area teachers school staff and youth workers to give guidance on how to support arab and muslim students after the travel banish ud by the trump administration. abc7 news was at the islamic cultural center where it was held. it was held by groups representing arab americans and social justice causes. they gave attendees valuable knowledge on current events and addressing fear in the classrooms. >> students don't want to go to school feeling like they have no safe space. >> the conference also touched on the issue of sanctuary campuses and how schools could potentially become safe spaces. new details on the man who terrorized a neighborhood in oakland yesterday and was eventually shot and killed by police.
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sky 7 was over the home on las vegas avenue yesterday morning just before jesse -- exchanged gunfire with oakland police. abc7 news reporter sergia can tanna is in the neighborhood where residents are shocked about the shootout. >> reporter: well, there is a sense of peace and quiet that has returned to this neighborhood. of course it is a stark contrast to the pop sound of gunfire from yesterday morning. but respects are still processing exactly why the person who used to live in that house seemed to snap. when we arrived, an amazon delivery driver pulled up to drop off a package at the home. but neighbors had to tell her there was no one here to accept the package. the resident is dead. yesterday morning he opened fire on police with a long rifle and scope. for about an hour he leaned out his window and took aim. at one point he each aimed at our helicopter as it hovered
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overhead covering the story. neighbors tell us the man shot at neighbors vehicles two times last week. they called police both times. they are frustrated officers didn't take him into ku custody or didn't confiscate his weapon. >> it shouldn't have gotten to this point. especially when we called the police om multiple occasions. the situation like that it makes you nervous and makes you feel you know, what else is there for us to do? >> reporter: by the gunfire, residents tell us they have been calling their insurance companies to see what help they can get for that. meanwhile, the police department has told us they are still trying to determine how many times police officers came out here in the last seven days. they say that part of their investigation they should have more on that part of their investigation for us by sometime tuesday. reporting live in oakland, i'm
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serge row can tanna, abc7 news. thank you sergio. six people have been detained after a multihour standoff with san francisco police on treasure island. officers were originally called to mariner drive and gateway atmosphere at 10:45 this morning for a report of an armed robbery. later there were reports the victim was assaulted not robbed. two male teens hid in an attic inside a home until they surrendered to a s.w.a.t. team at 3:00 this afternoon. let's head to the big easy. it is a all star weekends for the nba and a big night for klay thompson in the three point contest. abc7 sports director larry biel is live. the dubs are well represented this year. >> in addition to the four warriors players, actually five if you count weber who played in the d league allstars today, and their coaching staff is here,
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led by steve kerr. you have got to be honest. this is very little coaching going on. there is nothing for these guys to do. outside of figuring out how many minutes guys will play, that's about it. today the dubs coaches previed over what could be described as a very casual practice. >> i'm worried. i didn't like the guys' focus. their attention to detail was lacking. i don't know about their conditioning. i wanted to get them on the line for some sprints. but it was a very unproductive practice. i am not happy. >> kerr obviously tongue in cheek there. warriors dance mom robin schreiber was teaching coach kerr how to dance last night. she was on tnt with charles barkley and shaq. robin has become a worldwide star with her dance routines. we will be talking with her tomorrow. she is excited about being here in new orleans. i'll be back later on in sports we'll tell you how the
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three-point shooting contest is getting. and i may get low, low, location low, low, low. live in new orleans, larry biel, abc7 sports. >> we will get robin to teach you some dance moving. maybe in the next report. basketball is not the only thing being talked about in the all-star weekend. draymond green just one of the players getting involved in a scientific discussion that could leave even kindergarteners shaking their heads. plus. ♪ >> a swedish heavy metal band told they can't perform tonight in oakland. why police decided to cancel the contest it's okay to cry, right?
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sweden will not perform tonight as planned at a converted oakland warehouse over concerns from list that the group will draw anti-fascist protesters. ♪ the group mar duck was supposed to play at the oakland myth metro opera house. they have been criticized for glorifying nazi imagery and anti-semitism. they disagreed but agreed to
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cancel tonight's performance. in a letter they said based on the riot that occurred at berkeley there is reason to believe there would be violence if these groups showed up to protest mar duck. a last-minute decision for spacex. why even even with a 99% chance the flight would be okay they decided to scrub this morning's launch. all-star weekend in full swing down in the big easy. we will check in with larry biel and check in on
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it was no go for spacex's dragon racket. the planned launch was scrubbed at the last minute. spacex tweeted they aborted the launch to look at a second stage emergency nozzle. elon musk said there was a 99% everything want fine but that 1% wasn't worth risking. they will try again tomorrow morning. san francisco's air bnb has been hit with a new lawsuit by one of the nation's largest
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landlords. they are accused of helping tenants break the rules by listing apartments on the website. air bnb said the lawsuit is without merit and called it an attack on the middle class. warriors star draymond green is taking on centuries of scientific research at the all-star festivities in new orleans. green was asked to comment on comments from kyrie irving suggesting that the earth is flat. green said it might be flat. we are tracking our next storm arriving late tonight, early tomorrow morning, and an even strornger one moving in on monday. the wet weather is coming back. live doppler 7 right now overhead we are dry. you notice green in the corner of the screen. that is our next storp. outside we go. live look from sutro tower.
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showing a quiet and dry night. the camera shaking just a bit. the winds are backing down from where they were this afternoon. but still breezy out there. winds gusting to about 30 in novato. same in oakland. 21 in half moon bay. currently 17 miles per hour in livermore. so the next 12 hours or so what you notice, a mix of stars and clouds out there. it's still a breezy evening by 7:00. midnight and thereafter showers move in first into the north bay. by 7:00 in the morning everyone has a scattered shower chance. it is a 1. a light system on the storm impact scale. sunday, on and off showers. most cities less thannan a half of an in of rain. breezy on sunday night. the bigger storm we are tracking is on monday. it gets a huge upgrade on the storm impact scale, a 3. moderate to heavy rainfall across the region. strong winds especially monday evening and the flood concern is very high. future weather, let's go hour by hour in the next 48 hours. stomomorning, isolated scattered
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showers. midday, rain is there but very light in nature. ooechlg even into the afternoon and early evening hours we will track on and off showers. may get a break late sunday night around 9:00 burr watch how quickly this storm strengthens and fills back in. monday morning, heavy downpours. this will continue early monday morning. even by 10:00 on monday in the morning we see widespread moderate to heavy rain this. storm system is just going to sit over us. potential rainfall. look at this. i think anyone in the bay area is fair game to see two inches if not more than two inch ofs rain. for that fact we have a flood watch in effect. flooding is a very high concern the next 48 hours along with rock and mudslides. a one-two punch because wind strengthens. a wind advisory is in affect tomorrow morning. gus could go over 45 miles per hour. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you light rain
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tomorrow but the action intensifies monday with heavy rain and strong winds in the evening. it's 3. not out of thewoods. even on saturday next week a moderate strength storm looks to move in between on and off showers a. we wet week we have ahead. >> can't wait for spring next month. now, abc7 sports with mike shumann. >> nba all-star classic down in the big easy. larry biel is live in new orleans. >> i want to update you on the three point shoot out because klay thompson stunningly did not make it out of the first round. he could not finish in the top three of eight competitors. in fact just moments ago eric gordon of the rockets outshot kyrie irving of the cavaliers in a overtime shoot out.
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he is your three point king. let's get to the west practice that was held earlier today. all eyes were on kevin durant of the warriors along with russel westbrook to see if they might get along, talk, might they make eye contact? anything that would indicate maybe they have patched up their feud. absolutely nothing doing. most of the time, kd was on one side of the court and westbrook was on the other side. they didn't participate in any drills together. later on i asked klay thompson if it was awkward in the locker room and he said no. >> they are both competitors. all these years of history there. it is not a big deal. people like to make it a big deal but at the end of the day, if you don't want to be friends, you don't want to be whatever -- we have got a job to do. so it doesn't matter that much. >> i did spend some time today talking with warriors head coach steve kerr pressing him to reveal which player he was going to put out on the court tomorrow
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with the all-star game. a lot of people want to see westbrook out there to see the dynamics with durant. but i suspect it's going to be anthony davis of the pelicans. this is his home court. the home crowd would love it. steve was stone faced despite by rigorous grilling. so we will just have to see tomorrow night. live in new orleans at the all-star festivities, larry biel, abc7 sports. >> thanks larry. i don't want to make you feel too old but this is lebron james's 13th all-star game. carmelo ethiopia was named as an injury replace men. lebron was going to be the senior member on the east squad. lebron says at first he was in denial that he was the oldest all-star but he is accepting it now. >> it put everything into perspective as far as where i've come from and how long i've been playing this game. at the same time it was like wow it is a humbling thing to know
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that i'm still at a all-star level, you know, the way i'm playing the game right now at my age, as long as i've been playing with the miles that i have been playing to know that i'm still at this game and still an all-star starter. it meant loot, too. >> it is amazing. all right, new warrior brie on ta weber playing in the d league all-star game. four points and 15 minutes of action. in his second ten day contract with dubs. if they want to keep him the rest of the season they have to sign him. a month ago i was riding the bus in sioux falls. today a warrior taking the team jet. tried not to think too much about it. >> it is a ride. i can't explain it. i'm going along with it. trying to get my head out of the clouds imi'm still up there. i'm trying to get level and drowned. at the same time i'm going to work. >> finally scott wood with the warriors d league affiliate in santa cruz won the d league affiliate three point shoot out. if you are going to be a dub you have got to shoot threes.
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more tonight at 9:00 and 11. next on abc7 news at 6:00, this d
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tonight an abc 7 news at 9:00 over on kofi 20r tv 20, five people owe their their lives to a smart kittan. what she did to save them from a fire. drew mentioned we are tracking the next rounds of rain and how it will affect our reservoirs that are already at or near capacity. a very impatient animal in ohio is getting a lot of attention. diamond the dog apparently does not like to wait. cell phone video shows him getting behind the wheel and laying on the horn as his owner was inside a restaurant getting a stand witch. the owner was only gone for a couple of minutes. this isn't the first time diamond has lost his cool. he has been seen around town honking the horn at his owner. pretty funny. drew, we are talking about the next big storm. when does it start?
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>> we will see light rain tomorrow bull it's really monday. monday morning could have heavy rain. a very high chance of flooding and storm winds kick up monday night. speaking of water, our splash brother was eliminated in the first round -- >> didn't even make it to the second round. he looked stunned. we'll hear from him and larry later. >> finish early so you can get to the party. >> especially in the big easy. >> that's it for abc 7 news k569. we'll see you back here
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