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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 20, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. devastating storms overnight. a possible tornado tearing through texas, damaging a hundred homes. as the west coast is slammed with another major storm. torrential rains battering the already hard hit area. fears of flooding, mudslides and powerful wind gusts after that deadly storm. this sinkhole swallowing cars, a freeway crumbling taking this fire truck with it. millions on alert right now. also this morning rallying his supporters. >> we will continue to win, win, win. >> president trump pumping up supporters at a campaign event just one month on the job, now facing backlash for what he said about an incident in sweden that never happened. >> you look at what's happening
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last night in sweden, sweden. who would believe this? sweden. >> and saying the media is not his enemy but the enemy of the american people. the assassination caught on camera, new surveillance footage of the moment two attackers reportedly targeted the brother of the north korean leader poisoning him in a matter of seconds. the race to find the suspects this morning. breaking overnight, a terrifying accident on the track. >> can we send another ambulance to the speedway? we have got a pretty big accident. >> a race car flipping. >> flipping violently in turn two. >> crashing into a fence and into the stands injuring spectators. one airlifted to the hospital. we do say good morning, america, on this monday morning. great to have david muir here with us. >> great to be here. >> happy presidents' day. >> happy presidents' day. did some math for you, 1353 days
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until the next presidential election. president trump holding a re-election campaign rally starting too soon and comments about sweden, that incident he talked about and what that caused, global headlines because of that. >> and a lot of big headlines about the weather and a major storm in texas overnight. more than 100 homes were damaged in san antonio. you can see the scene right there. >> wow. >> homes were flattened. nearly 40,000 without power and ginger is on top of all that. good morning. >> good morning. a lot happened in the early morning hours. you can see the significant damage pictures, so fortunate only five reported minor injuries. that storm is not done. that line of storms now threatening houston with severe thunderstorm warnings and flash flood watches and san antonio, we found our katrina weber from ksat and the latest from the damage. >> reporter: it's a whole different world with the sun coming up we can get a better look at the damage.
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you can see where the trees and branches have come down in front yards on top of homes. cars have lost their windows. many cars like this up and down the street. on this street alone just north of downtown san antonio we have 40 homes damaged from the storm. more than 100 citywide but the fire department says there were only five minor injuries as a result of this storm. jinser. >> katrina, thank you. now san antonio clear but that line in east texas going to move east. look at monday, 8:00 p.m. right there in central louisiana, little rock getting it by later this afternoon and tonight so the threat not over for severe weather and could see hail, damaging winds and the west, wind advisory, high wind warnings and flood watches that are just plastering northern california now after that busy southern california weekend. we're looking for more moisture stemming all the way from hawaii. i said look at that pineapple express feeding in and rainfall rates, totals in that 4 to 6-inch range. >> all right, thank you, ginger.
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a lot of rain right there. neal karlinsky is in san francisco where they're on alert for flash flooding and good morning to you, neal. >> reporter: in the last few hours we have gotten hit with heavy bands of rain. just the latest system to hit california. threatening even more flooding and mudslides. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> this morning the golden state set to be slammed with heavy rain again after a weekend of flash flooding wreaked havoc on the roads. over the weekend a powerful storm dumping as much as 10 inches of rain. at least five people killed including one trapped underwater in his car. those floodwaters also eroding the streets. >> there it goes. >> reporter: this massive sinkhole in studio city swallowing two cars, the drivers plunging into a raging river and finding one woman standing on her car screaming for help. roads crumbling across the state. watch as a fire truck just falls off the ledge of a crumbling
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freeway, luckily no one was inside the truck. north of here the oroville dam that caused so much concern last woke seems to be in good shape. the concern is low lying areas getting drenched again. robin. >> neal, thank you. now to the latest on president trump facing fallout over his comments at a rally in florida where he defended the white house and attacked the media and cecilia vega has much more on all that. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. today marks one month to the day into donald trump's presidency and he is already campaigning for a second term. the president hit the road for a re-election rally and he is taking aim at his favorite target, the media. the president's holiday weekend spent at his favorite home away from home, mar-a-lago. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: and enjoying one of his favorite pastimes pumping up thousands of cheering supporters.
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>> we will continue to win, win, win. >> reporter: just one month on the job and this was president trump's re-election kickoff. a florida campaign rally with air force one as a backdrop. >> the white house is running so smoothly. so smoothly. and believe me, i and we inherited one big mess. >> reporter: no donald trump rally would be complete without a healthy dose of media bashing. >> when the media lies to people, i will never ever let them get away with it, i will do whatever i can that they don't get away with it. they have their own agenda and their agenda is not your agenda. >> reporter: the latest onslaught follows this tweet the president declaring all-out war on journalists calling them the enemy of the american people. republican senator john mccain
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quick to denounce the attack. >> if you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and many times adversarial press and without it, i'm afraid that we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time. that's how dictators get started. >> reporter: even fox news anchor chris wallace says the president went too far. >> look, we're big boys. we criticize presidents. they want to criticize us back, that's fine but the fake news media is not my enemy, it's the enemy of the american people, i believe that crosses an important line. >> reporter: but reince priebus coming to the president's defense. >> the problem we've got is that we're talking about bogus stories and i think that the media needs to in some cases, not every case, john, but in some cases really needs to get its act together. >> reporter: and the president returns to washington today, robin. on the agenda that new travel
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ban executive order. >> as we await that cecilia, tell us the latest in the search to replace general flynn. >> reporter: well, of course, the second choice for president trump declined the job, the president this weekend did meet with four possible picks, let's take a look at those names. former u.n. ambassador john bolton, the rest military brass, lieutenant general robert caslen, retired general keith kellogg and lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster. robin, the president says he hopes to make this pick very soon. >> the president also sparking confusion and global backlash with his comments about sweden and what he said had happened. while u.s. officials including the vice president were trying to reassure europe about america's commitment so to our chief foreign correspondent terry moran in london this morning. >> reporter: european leaders, they're kind of baffled by president donald trump and not just by his off the cuff remarks about sweden that you mentioned but also and more important by his confusing and contradictory
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foreign policy so far. this was the moment that triggered the latest flap, president trump this weekend ripping on terror in europe alluding to some kind of incident in sweden and sparking considerable confusion. >> you look at what's happening in germany, you look at what's happening last night in sweden, sweden. who would believe this? sweden. they took in large numbers. they're having problems like they never thought possible. >> reporter: the problem, there was no incident in sweden and the swedes were not happy with the insinuation that their generous refugee policy had resulted in a terror attack. the swedish government promptly asking the state department for clarification. and the former swedish prime minister tweeting, sweden? terror attack? what has he been smoking? later president trump took to twitter explaining that his statement was in reference to a story that was broadcast on fox news concerning immigrants and
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sweden. that story didn't mention a terror attack. there haven't been any in sweden in more than five years. all this as vice president pence also in the international spotlight taking his first overseas trip meeting world leaders like angela merkel and extending a diplomatic olive branch at the munich security conference. >> on behalf of president trump i bring you this assurance, the united states of america strongly supports nato and will be unwavering in our commitment to this transatlantic alliance. >> reporter: this morning in brussels the vice president continued the charm offensive saying president trump wants strong relations with the eu but u.s. allies here remain rattled and remember president trump calling nato obsolete and cozying up to vladimir putin even as russia threatens europe and see the american president as erratic. >> plenty to jump into on this presidents' day. thanks. i'll bring in matthew dowd and amy holmes from rasmussen reports.
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great to have you both here this morning. matt first off, you got the president saying the fake news media is not his enemy but the enemy of the american people, then the president goes out during a campaign rally and look at what's happening in sweden, who would believe this, he asks. we know there was no incident in sweden. the president did explain later he had seen something on fox news. but the president bashing fake news and then making reference to an incident that never happened, matt. >> well, it is rather bizarre as we know. one thing i'd recommend to the president he don't go after abba or meatballs, better stay away from both of them. i think this is a problem in the media. most of the media is united in saying we ought to get to the truth and the president of the united states ought to be the first person that speaks the truth. he ought not to enunciate that he either knows or is unknowingly saying stuff that isn't true. >> i want to turn to amy in the meantime. national security, you know, the president still has to fill general flynn's role citing
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issues of trust and the labor secretary who dropped out. i want to play what republican senator john mccain said overseas in munich trying to reassure european leaders about a white house he described as one in disarray. take a listen. >> i think that the flynn issue obviously is something that is -- shows that in many respects this administration is in disarray. >> you had the president telling the american people late last week the white house is a fine-tuned machine. senator mccain says it's a white house in disarray. which is it? >> i think it's a forensic look at making the sausage in politics. if you remember, president obama when he was looking to fill up his cabinet, he had some bumps along the road. we're one month in and point of fact with his nsa adviser he had michael flynn, now he has to cast his net back out. >> you saw the campaign rally for re-election. i mentioned at the top, 1,353 days until the next presidential election. awfully early for this.
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>> i would say i have two problems. i mean i think it's good for donald trump's psyche and that's the primary driver of this. he gets in front of adoring fans and feeds off it. i think two problems. one, you don't want to start doing campaigns so that everybody thinks the prism from which you're making decisions is political and if you want to unite the people, speaking to just your fan club won't help. >> amy, great to have you on presidents' day. over to michael. turning now to new video of that attack at an airport that killed the north korean leader's half brother. police are searching for more suspects and let's go to lama hasan for the latest. good morning, lama. >> reporter: and good morning to you, michael. in a plot seemingly ripped out of a hollywood movie now the latest twist, dramatic new video giving us what appears to be a blow-by-blow account of kim jong-nam's assassination. overnight japanese tv releasing this grainy surveillance video from kuala lumpur airport.
7:14 am
it shows the moment two female assassins reportedly attack kim jong-nam, the half brother of north korean dictator, kim jong-un. >> they have trained assassination squads for years including women both to do bombings, suicide mission, murders like this one, so, it's sort of their trademark. >> reporter: watch as one woman approaches him from behind, grabs him and according to police cover his face with a cloth laced with a liquid. the entire ambush taking just seconds. the video also shows kim jong-nam seeking help, miming to airport officials what happened to him later suffering a seizure and dying as photos are released of 11 suspects they believe are connected to the assassination. arresting four including one whose mother claims her daughter was duped into believing she was
7:15 am
taking part in a prank tv show. well, the manhunt is on for four men all believed to be north korean all on the run fleeing the same day kim jong-nam was attacked. this as a diplomatic spat is heating up. the north korean ambassador demanding from the malaysians to hand over kim jong-nam's body saying they can't trust the investigation. michael. >> a long way from over. now amy with the other morning's top stories starting with the secretary of defense arriving in iraq. >> defense secretary james mattis arriving unannounced in baghdad as major new operations begin. iraqi troops launched an offensive to retake the western half of mosul, the last isis stronghold in iraq. meanwhile, today secretary mattis reassured the iraqis the u.s. won't seize their oil. that was an idea once floated by president trump. two canadian lawmakers are calling on their government to stop the flow of people illegally crossing into the country from the united states. there's been a surge in the number of people walking across
7:16 am
the border to claim refugee status. during one night this weekend 22 people were taken into custody in a small town north of the minnesota border. history made at the nba all-star game. in new orleans. anthony davis scoring 52 points and the west beat the east, 192-182. >> defense, defense, lack of it, no defense. how does the third richest man in the world spend his money. wisely. warren buffett once shared lunch with bill gates while they were traveling in hong kong. buffet offered to pay at mcdonald's, then dug into his pocket and pulled out some coupons to save on the meal. buffet is apparently a regular at mcdonald's and we know he's famous for being frugal. still lives in the same home he bought for $31,500. proud of it. >> defense, defense. >> savings. >> when it comes to your money.
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>> you got that right. hey, we have that crash at a racetrack overnight, a car flipping through a fence into the stands injuring three people. gio benitez is here, has all those details. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking about very serious injuries here. people just trying to enjoy the race when the car catapults into the air and slams into them. overnight a frightening wreck at florida's volusia speedway. >> the car is upside flipping wildly in turn two. >> reporter: watch as dale blaney's car goes upside down crashing through a fence and into the stands. severely injuring three spectators. >> the accident occurred in the speedway. race car into the stands. >> reporter: all three transported to hospitals in critical condition. one a british man visiting the country with friends and family. >> can you send another ambulance to the speedway emergency? we have a pretty big accident. >> reporter: blaney's car flipping after tangling up with two others at the half mile oval. all drivers walking away from the crash with no injuries. this is the second time in four days where a car cleared a fence at volusia.
7:18 am
on wednesday night joe saldana's car flew into the pit and no one was injured. the driver in this latest crash wasn't hurt. a witness there said the fans were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. no doubt everyone is thinking about those three people still in the hospital. >> absolutely, gio, thank you. back over to ginger with that warm weather. so many of us are -- we had a great weekend with that. >> so many people are just enjoying it. like that first taste of spring a little early. albertville, minnesota, golfing with a little snow left. with the lack of snow cover, a lot were able to break records. we were one degree shy? new york city. hit a high of 65 sunday. we'll have a lot more mile air through much of the week.
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good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. rainy, lightning and windy through at least tomorrow. a brief break wednesday and thursday especially, then a weaker storm for friday and saturday. today's storm is a three on the impact scale. a strong storm because of the flooding rains and the damaging winds. that will highlight some of my big es concerns, the urban and creek flooding and the possibility of trees coming down. you will see a lighter storm for tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday. >> it's that time of year when people start to smile at me again. >> oh, we always smile. >> keep those temperatures going. you'll get that. coming up, angelina jolie breaking her silence opening up for the first time about her
7:20 am
upcoming divorce from brad pitt. an interview and what she's saying about their family and future. the fast-moving fire completely gutting a multimillion dollar mansion. firefighters got there in minutes, but it took 12 hours to get it under control. we'll be back in a moment. we'll be back in a moment. make it sweet. make it savory. make it creamy. make it crunch. make it overnight. ♪
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green mountain coffee. packed with goodness. good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. a quick look at that very rainy forecast. hi, francis. >> good morning, everyone. the rain is starting to pick up right now. and i'll talk about a few big accidents out there. there's a sig alert on the peninsula north 101 at whipple. two left lanes still blocked and traffic is backed up. you notice the orange and yellow heavy rain moving through the area. an earlier crash near 880 and market has cleared but traffic still heavy. traffic is actually light all around the bay area because of presidents holiday. but do look out for those hot spots. if you want to take mass transit, keep in mind they are running on a holiday schedule
7:24 am
but so far b.a.r.t., a.c.e. and muni reporting no delays, limited service on b.a.r.t. right now. jessica? >> francis,
7:25 am
7:26 am
now an accuweather update from abc 7 mornings. >> all right. the storm is moving in right now. we'll go to live doppler 7 to show the rain coming into the bay area. could be heavy at times throughout the day. this will continue for a while. we have this ot months fearic river that will produce moderate to heavy downpours throughout the day on our storm impact scale. this is a level three. a strong storm. very high flooding concerns and look for the very heavy rain to continue through the morning. >> frances, thank you for doing double duty this morning checking our roads and our skies. meanwhile, coming up, melania trump's emerging role as first lady next on good morning america. we'll have another update in
7:27 am
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welcome back to "gma" and you're looking at those huge flames destroying a mansion in virginia. firefighters were on the scene in minutes but the house burned for hours raising new concerns about water hydrants and how close they are to your home. much more on that just ahead. scary. >> closer, right. also right now, texas cleaning up from severe storms overnight. the damage to 100 homes and left thousands without power and the west is on alert for flooding, mudslides, and the rest of the country faces springlike temperatures. did i hear 70? ginger, we are smiling at you. and the president working from mar-a-lago and thousands are expect to join not my president's day rallies. from l.a. to new york. we're going to be monitoring that as well. from donald trump to melania trump now making her first major
7:31 am
public speech as first lady. it's a role many have suggested she's embracing reluctantly but over the past few weeks we've seen her take it on more visibly. >> it was a fairly quiet first month for the first lady. she spent much of it right here in new york city. but now she is stepping into the spotlight meeting with foreign leaders and giving what some are calling a passionate speech at a campaign rally over the weekend. >> let us pray. >> reporter: melania trump taking the podium for the first time as first lady delivering the lord's prayer in that trump campaign rally in florida, saturday. >> it is my honor and great pleasure to stand here before you as the first lady of the united states. >> reporter: melania even using the spotlight to call out her critics. >> i will always stay true to myself and be truthful to you, no matter what the opposition is saying about me. >> reporter: her remarks a sign she now seems to be embracing her new role, a position some
7:32 am
claim she seemed to approach reluctantly. >> it is a daunting task, it's easier for first ladies of states who have played a similar role in a state. but for someone who has never even been in government before, this is a tough job. >> reporter: since inauguration day melania has spent most of her time in new york with son barron as he finishes out the school year but president trump confirming she will soon call the white house home full time. >> and melania goes back and forth and after barron finishes school, because it's hard to take a child out of school with a few months left, she and barron will be moving over to the white house. >> reporter: in the meantime, melania has been flying back and forth to fulfill one of the hallmarks of a first lady hosting foreign dignitaries. on wednesday she greeted israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu visiting the national museum of african-american history and culture with his wife sara and earlier she welcomed japanese prime minister abe to her mar-a-lago estate
7:33 am
where she spent more time than the white house as first lady. the two women touring the museum where she tweeted this photo from its japanese gardens. president trump saying melania will align herself with charities that champion women's causes. >> very, very strong advocate. i think she's a great representative for this country. >> reporter: melania echoing that sentiment on saturday. >> i'm committed to creating and supporting initiatives dear to my heart which will have impact on women and children all around the world. >> while she has also indicated in the past she would like to take on cyberbullying, so far mrs. trump has not outlined specific issues she might pursue as first lady. robin, we will have to wait and see. >> that's true but we'll bring in anita mcbride, former chief of staff for laura bush. always great to see you. and get your perspective.
7:34 am
your take on what melania was able to do at the rally on saturday? >> good morning, robin. thank you for having me. i think, you know what, this is one example of that we should not underestimate mrs. trump at all. i agree with cokie, this is a daunting task to walk into and she hasn't had the benefit being first lady of a state or being in politics, but she is showing a comfort level of knowing what to do and when to do it and i'm actually impressed with that. >> as you know, there is no job description, every first lady has to figure out what's best and play to their strengths. opening with prayer like that, that was a little bit different. >> it was very different. i mean you do see at campaign rallies and events where they the pledge of allegiance or a prayer is said generally not by a principal. for her to do that is unexpected but like with everything else in this, there are a lot of surprises but i think that shows there is a reliance on faith she has so it seemed to be something very comfortable for her to do.
7:35 am
>> also she seemed very comfortable the last few weeks, several foreign dignitaries and wives visiting the white house and it is a moment that you think really suits one of her strong points. >> i think that's exactly right and i think, you know, it is an important role for a first lady to be a diplomat and to be a surrogate for the president in the world of diplomacy and two visits back-to-back and to choose the events she did with each of them, each of her counterparts, i think, was very astute and was, again, showing a comfort level and being a hostess for the nation. >> we've seen -- heard reports from the president saying he's perhaps going to downsize her office, have fewer staffers and you think this may be an indication of some sort. >> well, i think, you know, being at the beginning of several administrations when staff sizes at the white house fluctuate and can grow over time, you know, she's not there
7:36 am
yet. she did say she's rolling out her staff slowly. she made that public pronouncement. she has two anchor positions already so i think we'll have to see over time how much staff she really needs to work on the initiatives she's interested in working on and that will take time. >> always appreciate your insight and on another note great to see george and barbara bush there at the super bowl a couple of weeks ago. >> i know. wasn't that great? thanks, robin. >> coming up on "gma" this morning, two minutes, that massive mansion fire. the entire home gutted. why did it take 12 hours to put out the flames. and lisa marie presley is fighting for her family in a bitter legal battle. shes trying to get her twins back. back in a moment. back in a moment. n our house. check this out. ♪ whoa ♪
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call 1-800-quit-now. whattwo servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. back now with that devastating blaze tearing through a virginia mansion. the home going up in flames burning for hours even though firefighters quickly got to the scene and abc's linsey davis is at a firehouse in new jersey.
7:39 am
much more on this. hey, linsey. >> reporter: hey, david. it only takes a matter of minutes for a house fire to spread out of control but in the case of that house fire in virginia, it wasn't about firefighter response time but about finding and accessing water in time. a massive inferno at this multimillion dollar virginia mansion. >> fire has gone through the roof. >> sounds like propane let loose in the house. >> reporter: towers of flames shooting into the sky. thick, black plumes of smoke were visible far from the 6,000-square-foot estate. gas tanks exploded and walls collapsed which forced firefighters out of the $2.7 million property owned by the embassy of the united arab emirates. >> they were, you know, very shaken. it was amazing how quickly it just spread throughout the house. >> reporter: fortunately no one was killed. this morning, investigators are digging through the charred shell trying to determine just what started the blaze. >> they all evacuated safely. their fire alarm system alerted then.
7:40 am
the fire had already spread throughout much of the house. >> reporter: now a disturbing detail about just what helped that fire rage for so long. crews battled more than 12 hours to put it out. >> i have no water. >> unable to supply water at this time. >> i'll have to shut you down until i get water. >> there are no hydrants nearby so we had to bring additional water in in tankers. >> reporter: it took them eight minutes to arrive on scene after the 911 call came in saturday but precious time was lost trying to hook up water from the only fire hydrant in this neighborhood of expensive homes. its location about a five-minute walk from the home. >> the neighborhood does present an additional complexity. >> reporter: there are no national standards requiring communities to have hydrants within a certain distance or to have them at all. in communities across the country, some homes can be too remote to be supplied by public water sources like in this deadly annapolis, maryland,
7:41 am
mansion fire in 2015. crews took hours to bring in tanker trucks to fight the blaze that left six people dead including four young children. the closest hydrant more than a mile away. according to one report, about a fifth of the 172,000 homes in that community are not serviced by a water hydrant. we want to thank the new brunswick fire department for giving us access to their equipment. this is an example of an engine and holds 750 gallons of water. this is the kind of equipment that would be used to fight a fire if you happen to live in an area that is quite a distance away from a fire hydrant. >> in the meantime, a lot will be watching and if they have a smaller house even than the one we saw in the piece it will burn faster. what do you do if you don't have a fire hydrant near your home. so many of us don't. >> reporter: experts say smoke detectors and sprinklers are key in that scenario, david. >> always check the batteries. linsey, thanks so much. over to michael and the big board.
7:42 am
coming up on our big board, that emotional interview with angelina jolie breaking her silence about divorcing brad pitt. >> it was a very difficult time and we are a family. >> we're going to find out what she's saying now about their future when we come back in two minutes. minutes. wiback like it could used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with
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it can seem like triggers pop up everywhere. luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear. here t here the big board got heated when i was away. okay. just a little bit. >> that was a good one. >> back now with this big board. oscar week kicking off the day, lots of news out of hollywood. dan abrams back at the table with us and complex magazine's alex gale. good to have him joining us. from los angeles. we start with angelina jolie, alex. the actress as you know speaking out for the first time about her divorce from brad pitt and this is what she had to say in an interview with the bbc. >> it was a very difficult time
7:45 am
and we are a family and we will always be a family and we will get through this time and hopefully be a stronger family for it. >> alex, we know that she was there in cambodia to promote her new film there, but she was asked about her impending divorce. what do you make of her statements, alex? >> this interview was really, really powerful. it's obvious she's still wounded but not at all afraid to show it and first time she's spoken about it and she didn't say a lot in her words but the tears really spoke volumes but as honest and as raw as the interview was it's also interesting to look at the parts that were obviously pretty planned. i mean look at the beautiful setting in cambodia where the film is focused on. look at the way they're sitting cross legged looking at each other. it's very unusual. angelina is very, very smart and she knew if she were to speak about the divorce in this interview it would get a ton of
7:46 am
coverage so why not use something bad, this divorce, and use it for something good to shine a light on this movie which focuses on cambodia, a country she loves and the genocide there but the big standout to me really is when she said we are a family and we will always be a family. was she talking about her and the kids or was she talking about her and the kids and brad? it's impossible to know but it does look like a divorce that was taking a very, very nasty direction has done a bit of a u-turn and great to see. >> yeah, it is great to see but it did a big, big u-turn, big swooping u-turn and, dan, they both agreed to have a private judge and a private forum settle this divorce case. what are the benefits of doing it that way? >> for this huge advantages. most importantly privacy, right. this has been so ugly. in the public eye and, remember, typically when you file papers in court, they're made public. so now they can do everything in private. number two, it's faster. you've also got a judge with more expertise.
7:47 am
you don't have random judge plucked to do this case. you can pick a judge who's got specific expertise who will have more sensitivity and when you've got the resources and most importantly both parties can agree to it, it's a great way to deal with a divorce. >> a lot of us are -- everyone is grateful they've backed down a little bit because as you said in the beginning it was very contentious and alluded to it, as well. what do you think is behind this softer approach? >> i mean, of course, it's impossible to know but, remember, these are two of the biggest stars on the planet. they have huge careers and they have really pretty sterling reputations in and out of hollywood. you know, and who knows what other kind of allegations could have surfaced. this could have really, really hurt their careers and i doubt angelina would want to see brad's livelihood and reputation ruined. they have six kids together. that's the most important thing here. >> absolutely. kids, no doubt. we move on to the next story about that backlash in hollywood over lack of female directors.
7:48 am
film studios are reportedly under investigation accused of unfair hiring practices and, dan, what can you tell us about this situation? do you think there's a court case here? >> so, for about a year, maybe a little more the equal employment opportunity commission, eeoc, has been investigating the major studios. the challenge with this is there are a lot of studios and there are a lot of decisions that go into every director being hired. so it's not just like you can say, is there discrimination at this company? because when you're talking about studios and you're talking about films, different people are associated with every different film and, therefore, different decisions are being made and because you're talking about all these major studios. with that said they have been interviewing dozens of female directors, they've been interviewing, of course, other male directors, as well. but there's no question the eeoc is taking this seriously and seems they may even be at the stage where they're effectively trying to mediate what they call conciliation trying to figure out a solution. >> when you look at the numbers,
7:49 am
dan and alex, a recent study found 7% of 2016's top grossing films were directed by women. 7%, but the problem doesn't stop there, does it, alex? >> absolutely not. i mean, those numbers are damning and don't lie. even worse that's actually down from 9% the year before. and it's not at all like there's a shortage of massively talented female directors out there. i mean just to name two there's ava duvernay who directed "selma" and "13." one of the best documentaries of last year. kathryn bigelow who did "hurt locker" but for whatever reason they're not getting the same chances as male directors when it comes to big blockbuster films. there is a patty jenkins is directing the wonder woman film coming up this year but we have a long way to go. >> alex, good to have you with us. thank you, dan, as always. coming up this incredible video showing a hole in the middle of a lake. ginger has the story behind it
7:50 am
and we've got a huge surprise with "hidden figures" star janelle monae. she is here live and she's going to surprise someone for us. that's all i could say. can't say anymore. coming up "gma's" road to the oscars is brought to you by aquafina sparkling. let your interesting bubble over with aquafina sparkling. simply more interesting. nteresting bubble over with aquafina sparkling. simply more interesting. simply more interesting.
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♪ i do believe, i do believe [ male announcer ] rethink the power of the oat. quaker -- we are the good we make. i need a real vay-cation. one measly week to bury my work phone in the sand while sipping some crazy concoction. is that too much to ask? hey we hear you. that's why we created aarp travel. you'll get inspired by all of the tips and tools you need. to easily plan a simple getaway. or even the trip of a lifetime. so pack your bags and bury your phone. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at back here on "gma." a beautiful sight in northern california. the morning glory spillway and man-made pipe and hasn't been seen like this in a decade. because of all the rain, finally the reservoir two hours north of the bay area overflowing and so all that goes to a creek, the overflow of the spillway.
7:54 am
also want to mention we talked about the new rain coming into california. wind speeds already 55, redding for gusts. look at 65 by tomorrow morning in chico so a very windy couple of days ahead. all that brought to you by aarp. your local news and weather next. good morning, america.
7:55 am
7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. frances dinglasan is in for mike and alexis. we have you busy this morning, frances. >> very busy, in fact. we've already had an inch of rain in san francisco and this is just the beginning. check out live doppler 7, just inundated, pounded by rain. this will continue throughout the day. so on our storm impact scale, it is a level 3, moderate to heavy rain, damaging winds, gusts up to 65 miles per hour. also a quick check on traffic. busy on the roads in terms of numerous accidents out there. also 121 is closed at highway 12. so look out for that and just be careful on the roads with all the wind warnings. >> frances, thank you. coming up, the latest on lisa marie presley's custody fight for her twin daughters.
7:57 am
that's next on "good morning america." we'll have another update in about 30 minutes. try to stay dry out there and good luck on the roadways.
7:58 am
7:59 am
we'rebut maybe we've had it wrong all along. maybe our most extraordinary moments happen when we feel small. princess cruises, come back new.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. overnight devastating storms. a possible twister ripping through texas. the west coast drenched by another major storm. torrential rain, now fears of flooding, wind gusts and mudslides. millions on alert at this hour. also new this morning, bombshell allegations against uber. the ceo calling for an urgent investigation. a former engineer at the company saying she was propositioned by her boss on her first day on the job. her claims about systemic sexual harassment at uber calling it a company in complete, unrelenting chaos. bitter divorce. explosive accusations in the battle between lisa marie presley and her estranged husband. presley claiming their 8-year-old twins need protection from their father after disturbing photos were allegedly discovered on his computer as he
8:01 am
says he needs spousal support and she claims she's far from rich. ♪ on top of the world and the movie that's taking america by storm. "hidden figures," celebrating remarkable african-american women who were behind the scenes at nasa propelling the space program to new heights. this morning we're honoring a new hidden figure and wait until you see who is here to help us, janelle monae joins us for a surprise only she can help us pull off. >> as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ >> nice, nice. >> hey, that was without rehearsal. >> wonderful to have everybody here on this holiday, david and t.j. with us, as well. >> good morning. >> you know, we show up on a holiday. >> some of us get a call at midnight to show up. but it's all good.
8:02 am
>> we got a special surprise for you. >> we do. >> janelle monae. that's why you're here. you're not here for us and you know what, she is excited to be here too. this is what she just tweeted saying the show will be very special and because there's somebody that we're going to introduce you to and this person doesn't have -- we put mechanical problems by her tv so she doesn't know that janelle will be here to surprise her. >> i just saw "hidden figures" last night. and, you know, she was in "moonlight" this year too. she's amazing. i'm so happy she's here. you didn't get the call till midnight. i was a little earlier. >> happy to be here no matter when you call. look at this photo, a former soccer star lauren holiday, that's her daughter jrue. she's going to open up about how her baby girl helped her get through a harrowing ordeal. >> adorable. >> janelle monae, "hidden figures," oscar time. all about the oscars on sunday, a night when there's so much focus on thank you speeches and
8:03 am
we'll go back and put on your thinking caps. i'm going to ask you, what are your most memorable thank you speeches from the oscars? we'll talk about that later. >> looking forward to that but also have amy with the morning's rundown. good morning, amy. >> that's right. good morning, guys. the big story this morning unfortunately those violent storms in san antonio, texas, where a possible tornado carved a path of destruction damaging more than 100 homes and buildings, ripping off roofs and knocking trees down onto cars leaving thousands without power. only minor injuries are reported but this is not the only severe weather causing concerns so let's get straight over to ginger with the latest. >> amy, that line of storms is still marching east. you can see the flash flood watch that includes houston on the east side of victoria, 2 to 4 inches of rainfall and golf ball size hail you could still see and damaging wind and outside chance of a tornado. as we go through the day parts of louisiana and arkansas along, 20, 10, traveling there this afternoon and evening, something to look forward or not look forward to but look out for. you can see the winter weather alerts for the west because
8:04 am
that's a separate story. a new storm hitting this morning and already see gusts upwards of 60 miles per hour, the flood watches that are in place, especially in the foothills of the sierra, an area getting all this moisture from the pineapple express sourcing it from near hawaii and it is pouring in for the next 48 hours or so. could see more than 80 inches of snow in the sierra. >> whoa. 80 inches. thank you. today marks one month since president trump's inauguration and he begins this week without a national security adviser. a decision on michael flynn's replacement is expected in the next few days. the president also spending some time this weekend strategizing on how to replace obamacare. meanwhile, he is now explaining the statement he made during a campaign rally saturday when he indicated there was a recent security incident in sweden. there was no such incident, but trump now says he was referring to a report on fox news about immigrants in sweden. as the president prepares to issue his revised immigration order, authorities in canada are responding to a surge in illegal crossings along the u.s. border.
8:05 am
some lawmakers are demanding a crackdown citing concerns about security and the burden on local police. well, today presidents' day demonstrations are planned across the u.s. to protest president trump's policies. thousands expected to hit the streets in los angeles, chicago and new york. well, defense secretary james mattis arrived in baghdad overnight, and he told iraqi leaders he expects president trump's new travel ban will exempt iraqis who fight with the u.s. against isis. his visit comes as iraqi troops launch a new offensive to retake the isis stronghold of western mosul. well, the ceo of uber is calling for an immediate investigation into claims of sexual harassment at the company. a former uber engineer says she was propositioned by her boss on her first day and says she wasn't alone, but she says management brushed off her complaint and she claims human resources ignored a pattern of sexism and organizational chaos that forced most women engineers to leave that company. well, a frightening moment on lake michigan, a driver
8:06 am
towing an ice shanty went crashing through the ice but he acted quickly and was able thankfully to escape from his truck. look how quickly it sunk. finally, police in washington state say there was more than one dummy riding in this car. take a look. when they stopped a speeder in the car pool lane they found pretty in pink mannequin illegal driving in the hov lane, $136 fine. he was going 81 miles per hour. on a positive note, guys, at least she was buckled up. >> i think the handbag gave her away. >> always looking for that silver lining. got a chuckle out of the audience too. okay, that's different. >> that was a chuckle like that's a good idea. i can sense it. i can sense it. >> you got that from them? hello, t.j. holmes. >> hey. >> in for lara with some "pop news" for us. [ applause ] >> "dirty dancing," the movie, "dirty dancing," 30 years ago and i got breaking news about it right now.
8:07 am
yes, you all remember this movie, of course. well, we got new news that patrick swayze apparently was not having the time of his life when he was making this movie. you see that scene, this is in the movie when they were practicing for that talent show. it turns out jennifer grey says that almost didn't happen. he was in excruciating pain because of a knee injury at the time and it almost didn't happen. he struggled through it, of course, that final scene, that iconic scene, they pulled it off there. he was still in a bit of pain but can you imagine this movie without, boom, that moment. >> i can't, right. >> but it almost didn't happen. he had to battle through knee pain. >> answer this, how many of you have tried to re-create it? [ laughter ] >> how many tried on live tv? >> none. >> i have. >> did you really? >> yeah. >> how did that go? >> i almost hurt myself because i was determined not to fail. >> but you didn't hurt anybody else? >> didn't hurt anybody else. >> that's all that matters. >> nobody puts baby in the
8:08 am
corner. nobody puts baby in the corner. >> you know i don't always wear glasses but when i do, i look like an idiot. no, no, let me tell you what we have here. these are supposed to look like this and supposed to be funky and cool but these are the snapchat spectacles. and, yes, folks, you have glasses now that you can do your snaps and it gives you this panoramic view. i have a button on the side. all i have to do is hit that button, and i'm recording and it's going to our "gma" feed. oh, that got questions. i thought you had a question. >> i don't have a question. i'm waving. i'm just waving. >> you can follow us @gma, but we'll be using them at the oscars. >> oh, we are? whoa, whoa. that does not go with my dress. that does not go with my dress. >> when i say we, i mean others besides you, robin. that's what i meant to say. you can get them now at and we announced earlier this year you'd be able to get them. >> you think a celebrity will walk up to you on the red carpet
8:09 am
if you're wearing these. >> no celebrity will walk up to me because they're not letting me go. >> midnight call. midnight call. you'll get it. >> should i keep these on for the last story? i should probably take these off. >> you look good. >> all right. we -- oh, come on, y'all. okay, usually we don't have a japanese professional pool player that makes "pop news." but one is making it today because of his post-match interview. the guy doesn't speak english, okay. the interviewer didn't know that so what do you do? you just fake it. check it out. >> this is going to be good. >> me? no english. no problem. ♪ every time happy i have happy end ♪ ♪ i have ooh oh oh, my god. >> okay. so, now some of you -- >> that was good. that was good. >> what do you do?
8:10 am
some of you might have recognized the song. all he was doing was -- he was quoting a song, a viral video from last year. he was just coming up with the only english thing he could come up apple, it's some crazy song out there. so he -- hey, he lost his next match and i hate it because he's my favorite now and i want to see his next interview. but it's going viral, going crazy this morning, but he had a good time with it. >> thank you, t.j. looking good. looking good. >> those glasses kind of match my tie. maybe i'll be one of the guys wearing it at the oscars. who knows. coming up, accusations from lisa marie presley as she fights for her children. on the road to the oscars with "hidden figures" star janelle monae and she's joining us for a big, live surprise. so, come on back. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the fast, powerful cough relief of robitussin because it's never just a cough. ever just a cough. when you buy a used car you should feel confident. that's why carmax has over 40,000 cars to choose from nationwide. with prices clearly marked,
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back now with the latest on lisa marie presley's divorce and lisa marie presley's divorce and those bombshell allegations about her ex. her 8-year-old twin girls are caught in the middle and abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more. good morning, mara. >> reporter: michael, good morning. those girls are now in protective custody. presley is accusing her estranged husband of sexual misconduct. the two are in a bitter battle over money. new court documents revealing just how nasty the split has become. this morning, explosive accusations in the divorce battle between lisa marie presley and michael lockwood. presley claiming she discovered her estranged husband had a collection of hundreds of inappropriate photos of children and says as a result, he is now facing allegations of sexual abuse and neglect in family court. lockwood who through his lawyer calls presley's claims highly sensationalized and inaccurate is seeking spousal support of almost $500,000 a year. >> this has become a messy divorce. >> reporter: this is presley's
8:16 am
fourth marriage. the 49-year-old also previously wed to michael jackson and nicolas cage. presley and lockwood, a musician, splitting last summer after ten years of marriage. now, in court documents filed this month and obtained by "people" magazine presley claiming her 8-year-old twin daughters with lockwood are in protective custody after she says she discovered the photos. presley stating, i was shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach. >> if they are not false allegations, they will be treated very seriously and looked at in terms of whether or not he poses a danger to the children. >> reporter: presley argues the allegations of sexual misconduct are among the grounds for denying lockwood's request for spousal support. lockwood is asking for $40,000 a month and $100,000 in legal fees and wants the court to toss their post-nuptial agreement signed after the wedding. saying, since separation, he has no income and has received no
8:17 am
support making it necessary for him to sell his personal property and sleep on a friend's couch to avoid being a homeless person. while he argues presley continues to live an extremely affluent and comfortable lifestyle. documents stating elvis' only daughter gets an inheritance payment of $100,000 every month. plus, a salary from graceland of $4,300 a month. now, as for those sexual abuse allegations, officials say they are reviewing evidence. lockwood has not been charged with anything. we reached out to presley for comment but we did not hear back and their next court date later this week so we'll learn a lot more about this case. >> thank you, mara. coming up, former soccer star lauren holiday is revealing her brand-new baby. how her baby helped her get through her health battle. beautiful, beautiful girl. beautiful. rizon. (mic thuds) uh, sorry.
8:18 am
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president's day savings are going on now. design your look today. back here back here on "gma" on a monday morning we are celebrating the warmth. how many of you loved on that warmth yesterday? right? [ applause ] a lot of folks and you weren't alone because rufus in philadelphia skateboarded better than any of us could skateboard likely to enjoy that warmth.
8:22 am
and you know what, it wasn't just in philadelphia, of course. along the jersey shore this is actually a polar plunge but it looks like they're in the tropical islands. right? hardly a polar plunge. and finally my favorite picture of hanna crawford. she is enjoying that popsicle and she has that latin hand up like this like she's going for it. good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. rainy, lightning and windy through at least tomorrow. a brief break wednesday and thursday especially, then a weaker storm for friday and saturday. today's storm is a three on the impact scale. a strong storm because of the flooding rains and the damaging winds. that will highlight some of my big es concerns, the urban and creek flooding and the possibility of trees coming down. you will see a lighter storm for tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday.
8:23 am
[ applause ] >> how much did we love ginger on "dancing with the stars"? remember her doing that. whoo. good memories. >> she still got it. >> she still got it. she never lost it. now a powerful message from a former soccer star, lauren holiday, who faced as you know that brain tumor while she was pregnant and she's given birth to a beautiful little baby girl and is now revealing how her daughter and her husband, boy, they really helped her get through a tough time, t.j. >> you think about how when women have babies, they're looking forward to the time after having the baby, the month, that bonding time. she had to immediately get ready for brain surgery. we covered that story and it was gut wrenching. well, that story was not over yet. lauren holiday is best known for helping lead the u.s. women's soccer squad to world cup victory. >> holiday, goal. >> reporter: and this morning the retired midfielder is sharing details about her long road to triumph off the field. holiday posted this photo
8:24 am
of her 5-month-old jrue writing i have never quite known suffering like i experienced the last six months. i can remember countless nights repeating, there may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning. i remember half believing it and half still in disbelief that this was my life. last october the 29-year-old successfully had a benign brain tumor removed just one month after welcoming her baby daughter with husband and nba player jrue holiday into the world. >> everything about lauren holiday as an athlete came into play to help her with this challenge of a lifetime. >> reporter: the college sweethearts married in 2013. after lauren's diagnosis, jrue took a leave of absence with the new orleans pelicans to focus on family. >> what a drive by holiday. >> reporter: now jrue is back on the court returning in late november after missing the preseason and 12 games. >> holiday breaks free. >> blessed, man, blessed to have my family back and okay. everybody is doing well. so blessed for the support from
8:25 am
especially the team. >> reporter: along with her family, lauren's faith helped her through this journey, writing i memorized scripture and somedays my faith felt unshakable and others i was scared to death adding every time i see this smile, i'm reminded that joy does come in the morning. things are looking up for the holidays. little jrue's parents continue to share photos of her on social media. mom first sharing this picture, you're my hallelujah and dad later posting this snapshot of daddy's little girl. >> there's the ultimate joy for lauren holiday on social media. i mean, she's using it to tell what appears to be a very happy ending. >> and great story. and, again, she's quoting bible scripture from psalm, weeping may endure for the night but kwoi comes in the morning. it might not be the next day, might not be the next month but it's coming and so to think that this child, a 5, 6-month-old is helping her through that is
8:26 am
exactly how they see it. >> takes courage to believe the best is yet to come. thank you for share that. and to come, janelle monae takes the prize.
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, jessica, driving conditions have been a mess on bay area roads and there are a few sig alerts out there as well. some problems for those of you heading in through parts of the north bay and on the peninsula. there was an earlier problem north 101 at whipple, some lanes are still blocked. and 121 is closed at highway 12. >> frances, thank you, we'
8:28 am
you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed.
8:29 am
and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz. now an accuweather update. >> from abc 7 mornings. >> a flsh flood warning has been issued for marin and sonoma county. rainfall that's been pounding the bay area for hours and it will continue to do so. and there's very heavy rain. if this continues check out the precipitation, 0.4 inches in an hour. we will see that, that's why the storm impact level is a 3. damaging winds this afternoon up to 65 miles per hour and a flash flood warning in effect. heavy rain throughout the day. >> be careful out there. frances, thank you. we'll have another update in about 30 minutes. and always on our news app. join us for abc 7 mornings weekdays from 4:30 to 7 clinic.
8:30 am
♪ how much do you love this audience this morning. we welcome you back. this is a great way to start our week. thank you very much for being in here. [ applause ] taking pictures during the commercial breaks. a lot of fun. >> the energy is great. thank you guys so much for that. you know, i got something i want to talk about. super fan, okay. jarrius robertson. you remember jarrius. he was our new orleans saints super fan, which is your team. >> right. who dat. who dat. >> who dat, who dat, who dat. well, he was espn's special "sportscenter" social media correspondent for the nba all-star weekend, and it looked like he had an incredible time. check it out.
8:31 am
that was at the celebrity game. an entertaining kid hanging out with the players. he was a little upset at his coach michael smith because he didn't put him in the game but when he did, check this out, bam. knocking down the jump shot. >> let's see it again. let's see it again. >> look at the moves. >> ah. >> robertson. >> then he got to take a shot from the free-throw line. i don't think -- he's such a good kid. >> because there's still time. >> his confidence is so incredible. >> i know. it's stunning. >> oh. >> some say he does that. >> yeah. >> but he had a chance to interview the players and hang out. what a nice kid. i'm glad we were able to be a part of his saints journey. >> i love he only comes up to their waist, i love it but he has their attention. he commands their attention and looks up. >> absolutely, something else that commands attention is the oscars. >> the speeches. >> yeah. >> which are this sunday and i'm
8:32 am
excited to see who will win because i'm also excited to hear what they'll say and yesterday the academy tweeted out this question, what oscars acceptance speech has inspired you? so you -- tell me, what are your all-time favorite oscar speeches and i think i did a little poll and i think we are -- >> we have something in common. >> long list. roberto. is that who you're thinking? roberto benini. >> and that movie too, "life is beautiful" is one of the best movies of all time. >> when he got up there it was all about love and gratitude and thanking his parents for growing up in poverty. he actually thanked them and said that was the best thing for him and sophia loren was in tears. there's so many. cuba gooding jr., goes on and on. >> unbridled passion. >> i love matt damon and ben affleck. when they won they were sitting next to their moms, and i think we have a clip of it. it was such a great honest
8:33 am
moment. >> less than 20 seconds. of us to thank, harvey weinstein who believed in us and made the movie. gus van sant, robin williams who delivers the lines, minnie driver. >> your brother. >> my brother casey. he's brilliant in the movie. >> coal hauser. >> coal hauser. >> my mother and matt's mother, the most beautiful woman here. >> who else? >> john gordon from miramax. >> chris mohr. >> chris mohr. >> patrick wisen. >> and cuba gooding for showing us how to give an acceptance speech. >> i love it. >> just so cute. >> breathless. >> there was one -- i bet you wouldn't even remember this. there was kim basinger, "l.a. confidential" and the stories of how shy she was all the time and she won the oscar and look at this. this is kind of if we ever had a chance. listen to this. >> we do only get 30 seconds and, um, and to give a thousand
8:34 am
thank yous, i just want to thank everybody i've ever met in my entire life. >> that's the way you do it. >> covered all the bases. >> and you see they reference cuba gooding jr., you know, matt and ben did. and we have that moment too when he accepted best supporting actor, his speech in 1997. >> everybody, i love you. i love you all. cameron. james, i love you. everybody who was involved in this, i love you, i love you, i love you. [ applause ] >> oh! >> that was good. that was good. >> unbridled passion. >> unbridled. >> to get a standing ovation before you're even done. that was good. >> people like steve martin. >> no pressure to any of the winners on sunday. no pressure. we'll be watching. >> remember the great line from sally field. you like me. you really, really like me. something succinct and right to the point.
8:35 am
>> you like me. >> she's still saying it. >> well, before they start playing us off, we got to get going. >> yes. ♪ >> you see, they are playing us off. that's our cue that we're going too long. thank you, control room. coming up, we're on the road to the oscars -- >> i'd like to thank my mother. >> with "hidden figures" star janelle monae. a surprise for a very special person.
8:36 am
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this is what happens when the temperature goes above freezing in new york city. one of my friends from boston. your names again? >> lea. >> megan. >> katie. >> they're sisters. can you tell? and they're very excited to be here in new york city. we're so happy too. i have to show you some crazy pictures from bear lake. so, utah, idaho, we have this images. see how tall the ice chunks are. this morning it's 19 degrees there. all right. that's good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. our holiday is full of wet weather and breezy conditions. in fact, flooding and damaging winds are possible today through tomorrow. a little bit of a break wednesday and thursday before our next storm, friday and saturday. this weather brought to you by ethan allen. pockets of people everywhere.
8:39 am
it is so nice out here. >> beautiful out there and beautiful in here because we are on the road to the oscars and we are celebrating black history month with the remarkable raye montague. she is a real hidden figure. she broke barriers just like the women in the movie and transformed the design process for all navy ships. we're going to have the honor of speaking to her in just a moment but first i want everybody to know your remarkable story. >> what do you guys do for nasa? >> calculate your launch and landing site. >> reporter: the oscar nominated film "hidden figures" celebrates the true story of three african-american women who helped propel the u.s. space program to new heights, mary jackson, dorothy vaughan and katherine johnson. >> i analyze the levels for air displacement, friction and velocity. >> reporter: as they were live breaking barriers at nasa, another hidden figure, raye montague, was making history at the navy. >> i am known as the first person to design a ship using a computer and i was the first
8:40 am
female program manager of ships in the history of the navy which was the equivalent of being ceo of a company. >> reporter: the little rock native was a child of the segregated south and never saw an engineer who looked like her. >> my mother told me when i was a very little girl, raye, you'll have three strikes against you. you're female, and you're black, and you'll have a southern segregated school education, but you can be or do anything you want provided you're educated. >> reporter: she would go on to receive a bachelor of science in business, and in 1956 she moved to washington, d.c. to begin her career with the navy. >> and they said, oh, you've got a bachelor of science. you're on the leading edge of technology. i didn't know that. >> reporter: over the next 14 years she would shatter glass ceilings as a woman in a male dominated field surpassing those who would have held her back and maneuvering around every roadblock in her path. >> to think back to what she
8:41 am
dealt with back then, especially with the gender variable, as well, they thought that she was supposed to be getting them coffee and she was the one actually there in charge. >> reporter: today 82-year-old raye montague is credited with revolutionizing the design process for all naval ships and submarines. >> she had to keep proving herself over and over that she could do the job, but she took that with a smile too. and she was able to rise above those type of things. >> please welcome mrs. raye montague. [ cheers and applause ] there you go. >> thank you. thank you. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, what nice people. >> oh, my goodness. i don't know if you all noticed when the piece was running how you were watching your story and you had the biggest smile on
8:42 am
your face. you lived it. is it sometimes incredible to you where you are, what you overcame to be where you are today? >> growing up, robin, in a segregated south, you never dream that these options were available to you. and i can remember wondering, where am i going? what am i going to be? and when i was 7 years old, my grandfather took me -- this is during world war ii -- my grandfather took me to see a german mini submarine that had been captured off of the coast of the carolinas. and they let me go inside and, of course, i saw the dials and mechanisms, and i said to the guy, what do you have to know to do this? he said, oh, you'd have to be an engineer, but you don't ever have to worry about that. >> oh. >> and i didn't realize i had been insulted.
8:43 am
[ laughter ] so, i asked my mother to take me to find out what was required to become an engineer, and it was all the math and science, and, of course, i pursued that. but in the long run, i just never dreamed that i would be credited with achieving as much as i did. >> well, you're deserving of all that you have accomplished and the way you have paved the way and the over 100 honors that you have received, but there's one in particular, the flag, tell people why that was so special to you. >> this was at my retirement. if you could imagine the united states flag was flown over the nation's capitol and presented to me at my retirement with a certificate from the architect of the capitol saying that the flag was flown in my honor, can you imagine that from a grateful
8:44 am
nation? >> yes. >> a little girl from little rock. [ cheers and applause ] >> a grateful nation. oh, my gosh. you remind me so much of my momma and my daddy right now. it's all i can do to keep it together. when so many people went to see "hidden figures," what was it like for you to look up on the big screen and to see that these women, what they had done at nasa that many people didn't know much like they didn't know your story with the navy, what was your reaction to seeing that film? >> it was really my story except for the fact that i didn't have to run that mile and a half to the restroom. >> you didn't have to do that. >> but i faced a lot of the same barriers that those ladies faced, and i can remember one time when i would walk in the room, the guys always felt like, what is she doing here and they thought i was a part of the help, okay.
8:45 am
so as i walked into one group, the fellows looked at me and one of them said, i'd like a cup of coffee and i said, so would i. be sure mine has cream and sugar. [ laughter and applause ] >> i love that spirit. i love that spirit. well, you know, we have a slight surprise and we know what's about to happen but she does not know who is here. would you please welcome one of the stars of "hidden figures," janelle monae is here. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh. >> hello, darling. >> you're going to make me cry. >> oh, how beautiful. you are beautiful. >> here you are. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for having me. [ cheers and applause ] >> sit, sit. >> thank you.
8:46 am
>> all right. >> she's going to make me cry. >> i know. isn't she? isn't she? >> oh, my gosh. >> the interesting thing is that katherine johnson, who did the orbital flight measurements, katherine and i were both honored at hampton university in 2010 by the honors department with plaques that said, should have been nominated for a nobel prize. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> but you all were beautiful. >> thank you. >> just beautiful. and i know what you were going through because i was going through the same thing. >> yes, ma'am. yes, ma'am, and we thank you so much for your service. you are an american hero. and you are hidden no more. everybody sees you. [ applause ] >> hidden no more. >> thank you. >> the role -- >> and thank you for the beautiful flowers. >> janelle, it means so much for you to be here and the woman that you played, mary jackson,
8:47 am
oh, my goodness, and we have a clip from the movie because i know you said it was like seeing your life being played out on the first black woman to be an engineer at nasa and she needed to further her education for that to happen and for that she needed to petition the judge. >> yes, i remember. >> i plan on being an engineer at nasa, but i can't do that without taking them classes at that all white high school, and i can't change the color of my skin, so i have no choice but to be the first, which i can't do without you, sir. your honor, out of all the cases you're going to hear today, which one is going to matter 100 years from now? which one is going to make you the first? >> gosh, she was not only intelligence, she was smart. what was it for you to play a role like that, janelle? >> it was, first of all, an
8:48 am
honor to honor these women. i had no clue who mary johnson was, katherine johnson or dorothy vaughan or any of the colored computers as they called us back then. i didn't know these were the women that sent our first american astronauts into space. these are american heroes. without their brains, we would not have, you know, sent john glenn, and i hear this is the anniversary for his orbital flight today. so this is a very special day. but i didn't know, and so to play someone who was the first, you know, i knew that this woman was brave. i knew that this woman was a leader. i knew that this woman was not doing it for selfish reasons, but she wanted to make sure that no other woman, no other human being who knew they had a right to the american dream, you know, didn't get the opportunities to really pursue their goals and walk in their purpose. i don't think she was really trying to the first. she just wanted to contribute. i think race and gender became a thing when someone else made it
8:49 am
a thing for her. >> much like with mrs. montague. the same thing. we'll take a quick commercial break but you're not going to go anywhere. we'll have much more with these two beautiful women when we come back. stay with us. "gma's" road to the oscars is brought to you by aquafina sparkling. let your interesting bubble over with aquafina sparkling.
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8:51 am
we're back now with "hidden figures" star janelle monae and a real-life hidden figure who is hidden no more as you said it. i love how you said she's hidden no more, raye montague, and i think you have another little surprise for mrs. montague. >> i do, mrs. montague. one of my amazingly brilliant co-stars of "hidden figures" has a very special message for you. >> who? >> miss octavia spencer. >> let's look. >> really? >> good morning, miss montague,
8:52 am
i'm octavia spencer. it is such an honor and a privilege to thank you for being a pioneer and trail blazer for women all across the world. i want to let you know that you are no longer hidden. we see you. we salute you, and we thank you. >> thank you. isn't that wonderful? oh. [ applause ] >> i just love this smile. >> she's so cute. i just want to hold her. i mean just the cutest little thing. >> she is adorable. >> i'm going to be 100 years old. >> but there is something that you wanted to say as well, mrs. montague, about all of this. >> well, one of the things that people always say to me, oh, you mean you were the first black woman to do this. no, when we talk about the ship design, and they said, well, then you were the first woman. no, i was the first person, and that's important. [ applause ] >> amen. amen.
8:53 am
amen. >> and i have to say, this young woman who is sitting right next to you, you have had a year that has just been amazing. "moonlight" also oscar nominated. "hidden figures" oscar nominated. what does this week mean to you? >> well, i'm just so thankful and sitting with women like you, i'm getting all emotional, just really does put things into perspective. >> thank you, janelle. >> and i just think that -- i'm sorry. excuse me. i was trying not to do this today. but i'm just so moved by stories that humanize us and, you know, for me "moonlight" and "hidden figures," they deal with individuals, human beings who are oftentimes marginalized because of their gender, because they are different, because of their sexual orientation, because -- but no longer so these films are universal stor
8:54 am
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. hi and form. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. frances dinglasan is in for mike and alexis with a quick look at weather and traffic. >> hi, good morning, everyone. heaviest rain yet to come. live doppler 7 showing us all the rainfall we've received in the last few hours. almost three-hour delays. actually a little bit less now. sfo 30-minute delays at oakland. this is a strong storm, level 3. moderate to heavy rain. 1 to 3 inches more most areas. damaging wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. we've had numerous problems on the road there's a couple of sig alerts in effect. look out for highway 121 closed in shellville. be safe out there, jessica. >> frances, thank you. yes, everyone be safe out there. we'll be back at 11:00 for the
9:00 am
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