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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 22, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PST

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round draft pick. and the a's will be working this weekend, kind of struggled, hope that haan bounces back and the rest of the squad does the same thing. the a's have been through a revolving door this past few years, but they didn't sell anybody off this summer and they hope the team will be a contender. >> every year is a fresh start, we have a great group of guys, we truly have a really good group of people in this clubhouse and i think that is something we're already coming together as a taeam really well >> our mantra is try to get better every day as a team, and if we do that they automatically get better. >> haven't seen this type of enthusiasm for the a's for a while. and a live report for the giants camping starting tomorrow. abc 7 sports, brought to you by
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all right, that is our report, we appreciate your time as always, i'm dan ashley. >> have a good night, see you tomorrow.
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it's an all new show today "right this minute." >> as you can see, the tornado hit our block. >> a man goes on facebook live to show the devastation after the texas tornadoes. >> the entire roof of his home just ripped off. >> now hear from the dad who looked the storm in the eye and got his family out alive. >> i was holding on to my kids and the other one kind of dragging them, because we were trying to get out as soon as possible. a rescuer spots a cat stuck in a tree. >> just uses manpower to go grab the cat. >> why kitty is going to need to be rescued twice. a snowboarder is carried away by an avalanche. >> which must have felt like an eternity. >> the ride that leads to one of the craziest endings ever. >> no way!
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plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. and a proposal of the doggy kind. ♪ would you marry me >> think zuckerberg. >> oh. >> how the facebook founder's dog became the object of extreme affection. >> i must be doing something wron as you can see, the tornado hit our block destroying a couple of houses. this is my van. >> a devastating weather system struck the san antonio area on sunday night leaving a neighborhood of about 150 homes in shambles. this is just one of those areas. this video is broadcast live to facebook by adrian benagis. taking a tour of what was left.
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>> this is my house. >> oh, my goodness. >> it is destroyed. >> the entire roof of his home just ripped off. and you can hear his voice, he's remarkably calm despite what he's seen. >> a couple things i can't find. now we found pictures of other people from other houses. >> they can't find some of their own belongings, but they are finding belongings of other houses dropped into what is left of their home. in all, the national weather service confirmed four tornadoes hit the san antonio area. we had to find out a little bit more about this, so joining us right this minute, adrian venagis, where were you when this storm hit? >> i was inside my house. it immediately blew up the roof of my house. i had my wife and children with me. the minute the tornado left, my family and i ran out of the
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house to seek safety because their houses were intact. mine was completely destroyed. >> how much warning before it hit? >> i was not given any warning. normally i get an alert on my smartphone. two hours later i got the alert for the flash flood warning. >> where did you guys hide? because it doesn't seem like one room wasn't hit? >> it came up too fast for us to hit. so i just reacted and went straight under the bed. >> adrian, we are so glad you are okay. we understand that a coworker started a gofundme page. >> it was my boss. he immediately opened a gofundme page. >> we are going to get a couple days at a hotel, and then they will try to find houses. >> adrian, what made you decide to do a facebook live video? >> my family constantly was calling me and texting me, wondering what happened. 99% of my family are on facebook. so i went on facebook live to
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show them what had happened to us. >> adrian, thank you for joining us. we are glad you and your family got through this safely. >> thank you, sir. something that separates human beings from the animal kin is the ability to think laterally. something that separates men from women is the ability to come up with really stupid ideas as doing as such. for example, the problem in china was they were getting all kinds of rubbish caught up in the their power lines. the solution, these guys got themselves a drone. so all they did was do a little bit of work and do that. put a flame thrower to the drone and burn the rubbish down. >> i thought that was a video of trickery at first, but that is what they're doing. >> this is the flame thrower from a drone. >> did they really need to get the trash bag out of the power line that bag? >> did you really just ask that question? >> yeah, nick. flame thrower on a drone, nick. >> shut it. >> even i want in on this. >> almost identical sort of decision-making paradigm going on, i think, in this next video.
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the thing is, when you're trying to get the coal to catch, you also have to fan or blow it. and these guys had a very similar solution, just get your drone, bring it down, bring it lower, bring it lower and then just give it the beans and watch. >> totally not going to work. >> ironically, if they had put a flame thrower to the drone they wouldn't have to do this. they could go anywhere. this is the exact perfect time of the year to get your ski or snowboarder in this case and get out to the highest snowboardable peak you can find. >> that's kind of high, christian. >> it's really high and kind of vertical. >> but tote awesome, dude. he takes off in the snow, man it looks beautiful. wish i was there right up until right here when i no longer wish i was in this predicament.
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>> oh, he's sliding down the avalanche. >> because before you know it, this snow breaks. >> the good news is at this point he's still above it. he's still on top and haven't been buried. >> this goes on for 30 seconds which must have felt like an eternity. in fact, you can hear him just gasping for air. and you can hear the fear in his voice. >> no way! it's like nothing happened almost. >> if anyone else is watching, it's like, yeah, missed you there. imagine the story at the bar that night? so, i was snowboarding and road this avalanche down for 30 seconds and then boarded right out of it. totally shredded, man. >> but nobody would believe you. check the video. >> he's got the juking video to prove what happened. listen to his breathing after he
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finally takes a break. >> when hi looks back up, look how far he came in 30 seconds. >> according to the article, he said this was the worst idea of the day, but he survived it, so was it really? >> today, what's he planning to do tomorrow? it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need tuesday's buzz word, be at least 21 years of age and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzz word coming by in just a minute. >> stand by for the "rtm" mini ipad giveaway. it's not often you see a cat rescued two this a video but this is "right this minute" and i'm about to deliver. you see this poor kitten caught up in a tree in bosnia herzegovi herzegovina. this guy doesn't have gear, but he uses manpower to grab the cat. he climbs down with it in his hand and then -- >> oh, okay, he just dropped it into somebody waiting below. >> but look what it is stuck.
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>> oh. >> they have to -- this poor cat is like, you humans, i don't moe know what is up here, but look at this. >> okay, well, that was a good plan. i'm totally on board with what they did. this next video, nobody needs rescuing, but this is at the zoo in australia. as you can see, momma just had four cubs recently and they are now a public display for present day. but all you can see is cuteness playing with each other, jumping on each other's trails trying to get mom's attention. trying to be cute before you can get in there and play with. >> i love how mom just grabs them and puts their whole head inside their mouth and drags them around. >> she's like, anyone want to help? saudi arabia fell victim to a horrible storm. >> this particular region of saudi arabia was on the
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act®. smile strong. a crazy ice storm is going on here. believe it or not, this is footage from the region of saudi arabia. this particular region of saudi arabia was on the receiving end of three months' worth of rain in one 24-hour period. and this weather caused chaos. in fact, they said that over 280 people were rescued. a majority of them from cars trapped in water just like these. you can see in this video posted to twitter some guys try to make it across this rushing water in their four-wheel drive. while they seem to be doing okay to begin with, they get pushed right over to the side. boom! fortunately for them, it doesn't go any further down the water. you can see these guys pop straight out of their vehicle realizing the situation they're in. >> they never make it across. the saying turn around, done drown, is in place.
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>> we rarely have videos when they make it across. >> these guys didn't need to get in the water, but this guy was called out by a sudden flash flood. this is a tanker truck of some kind, but look at the back right there. i'm assuming that's the driver who managed to get out and is trapped on the back of the truck. the pretty heavy truck seems to be in one place, but as so much is being pushed down river, that happens right here. here people start calling and pointing. it's not debris, this is more trucks. there are other vehicles in the water. >> it's starting to move. >> as the camera pans over, you can see out into the distance how many vehicles are caught up. >> that is terrifying. >> so far, one person was killed. 280 people rescued like i mentioned before. there were over 900 emergency calls in just two minutes alone. it's been a while since we had finger
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they have trained their hands to dance, their fingers, arms, bt z it is all in such a beautiful way. >> it is like body popping. >> they make it super easy and it is messerizing to look at it. it is to the tune offed efe efe sheeran's song. >> this seems like such a waste of time. >> if i was watching dr. strange, when they did one of their spells, they hired these guys to come create the photography. >> there's value to every talent. what these guys are doing is pretty cool. so i'm willing to bet we'll see their talents in movies pretty
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soon. it's cute, i like it. i wish i could do it. but i can't. she does amazing things with her body. >> i feel like she's scamming us, trolling us. >> see what she turns herself into this time around. >> i'm not sure how it makes me feel. >> i know. plus, don't miss the buzz word for your shot to win an ipad mini. ♪ at air wick we know the power of that first whiff of your favorite scent. ♪ air wick freshmatic releases timed bursts of the fragrances you love. so that first whiff feeling never fades. air wick freshmatic. ♪
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just nick calderone. >> no, don't throw me under that bus. >> well, this cyclist in philadelphia is showing one incident in which the driver is clearly double park in a bike lane. but just a few seconds later when the cyclist is in the car lane, you see that same car pulling up behind him and -- now you have a problem with the bike in the car lane. when a few seconds ago, you were just blocking the bike lane. >> the reason i'm in the car lane was because i was forced out of the car lane -- oh wait, it was you! >> he does see a philadelphia police officer. >> write him a ticket for parking in the bike lane. >> nothing happened. so is the po-po is not doing anything about it and the bicyclist won't do anything about it. what will the russians do? >> get a bat? >> no! there's a whole group of russians that puts enormous stickers on the cars illegally parked. this video is a compilation of him taking stickers he found that said, you're illegally parked. so he's putting the stickers on
2:01 am
the windshield. >> you know what will happen when they try to take the stickers off? if i catch you doing this, there's going to be a problem. >> but you wouldn't have that problem if you didn't park where you were not supposed to park. >> okay. this is supposed to be the city of brotherly love. something tells me all the love is about to be sucked out of the city. >> look at this, you're getting out without a parking ticket and fines and points. all you got was a crappy sticker on your car. >> i bet you don't have any friends because he's the hall monitor. >> you're right. marianna melokavic. we have seen her do amazing things to her body with paint.
2:02 am
what does she do? i'll tell you. she can't braid very well. >> i feel like she's just kind of scamming us, she's trolling us. >> she is trolling us big time. because she's starting to paint something on her body. and she's done some interesting things using the negative space and black pachblt aint. and you don't know what is coming. she starts painting her body and right about here she starts shaving something in and realize, she's doing a body braid. that is different. >> kind of like making yourself disappear. >> like an old cartoon. >> finally, you see the braid on her torso. >> oh, the knots in your gut, that's how i feel when i have bad food. >> that's how i feel when doing yoga. >> she is tied up in knots so to speak here. >> the human braid, her latest. >> i'm not sure how it makes me feel. >> i know.
2:03 am
but that is what art is supposed to do, provoke all different emotions from you, right? some people get one thing out of it, others get something else out of it. that's the whole fun of it, you get to look at it and go -- it's a pretty amazing achievement. if i took my uncle to this, he would be like, i don't know why it costs $100,000. i don't get it. >> i don't know why it costs $100,000 but i don't get it. it's time to give away another ipad mini. to enter you need the buzz word, be at least 21 years of age and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> then head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz wofrd on facebook, twitter or both and can enter once each day. >> the word is feedback. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button and enter tuesday's word feedback, f-e-e-d-b-a-c-k. >> later this week we'll also have bonus giveaway where we'll also give away an amazon echo.
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so tune in and good luck, everybody. it's a love song directed at somebody else. i love ♪ >> i'm so uncomfortable right now. >> hear the story behind this interesting song. >> i ain't saying she's a gold digger, but she ain't deali
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while i was on a combat patrol my c in baqubah, iraq,nned out. a rocket-propelled grenade took my arm off at the shoulder. when i came home, i felt alone. my family was around me, but i couldn't talk to them about what i'd seen and what i'd done. i remember just thinking, man, the way i am right now, i don't want to live. i was discharged from the army, and i've been working with the wounded warrior project since 2007. warriors don't have to be severely wounded to be with the wounded warrior project. we do have a lot of guys that have post-traumatic stress disorder. being able to share your story, i guess it kind of helps you wrap your mind around what did happen over there. just because you've left the military doesn't mean your life is over, because when these guys are coming home, i'm kind of leading and training them, instead of for combat, i'm leading and training them to heal. and if i come away with anything from the wounded warrior project, it's them giving my life back. my name is norbie, and yes, i do suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder,
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but i'm okay. weird, right? it gets weirder. ♪ cold you love me truly >> i'm so uncomfortable right now. >> okay. all right. it's a weird video. so there's a crazy weird story going on behind it. that's floppy. she was found in the summer of 2016 wandering outside the i.p. company in budapest in hungary. now all the people that work in that company decided, let's adopt her. come on in, you became kind of like the office pet. the thing is, in winter 2016,
2:07 am
floppy caught site of beast. he's floppy watching some of beast's videos. beast is also a white poodle. >> he's so handsome. >> are you kidding me? >> he's also got beast's picture there on the wall. >> no way. >> it appears she's found a stand-in, i suppose you could say. >> no. you got to be kidding me. >> yeah. well, the thing is, i ain't saying she's a gold digger, but she's dealing with a broke dog. beast has 2.5 million followers on facebook. and it might be because beast's family name is beast zuckerberg. >> oh. >> yes, beast zuckerberg is part of that family. social media royalty. as you can see from the videos they share, they figured that love knows no barriers and they basically put their proposal out. they poked him. they are looking for a friend


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