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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the flooding in san jose is forcing new evacuations this morning. residents grabbing whatever they can carry. in other cases, rescuers carrying the residents. this disaster also causing major issues for commuters. good morning on this wednesday, february 22. >> we have the whole team in the studio covering you right now. also in the field. abc7 news reporter matt keller is tracking new evacuations overnights but first, let's get straight to amy hollyfield. the flooding on highway 101 has it completely shut down. amy. >> reporter: hi, natasha. behind me. here's why. it is covered in water.
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we are standing on northbound 101. this is in between the 680 and 280 interchange, and 880. you are not getting on to this highway, which is really going to be a struggle for people who are trying to evacuate just to find out that 101 cannot be part of their escape route. both directions shut down. southbound traffic is being diverted to 880. this alum rock onramp, the mckee onramp all shut down. this is because of the coyote creek. that is where the flooding is coming from. they made the decision to shut this down around 8:00 last night. they don't know when it's going to reopen. no eta as of right now. so, do not count on this area for your morning commute, possibly your afternoon commute as well. reporting live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. amy, thank you. >> and this of course is going to have a major impact for commuters this morning. >> alexis has a look at the roads right now. good morning, yeah, we can see this closure on one of our traffic cameras here. this is 101 at 880.
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here's the southbound side of traffic on 101. you can see those cones up there being forced off on to 808 as amy just described there so these folks you see coming northbound have gotten on the onramp at 880 so it is a major stretch of 101 that is closed. where you're seeing that purple between 880 and the 280/680 split, that's where we have all lanes open. northbound seeing a backup there. little bit of good news, though, i want to sprinkle this in too. northbound 101 as fully opened in morgan hill in the coyote area so the flooding has resided there and all lanes are back open. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. seeing a little bit of fog out there this morning too. >> little bit of fog around the santa rosa airport for sure. there's going to be fog developing in other areas because the ground is saturated. let me focus on the newest news out of coyote creek. remember the water flows from anderson reservoir northward
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through the south bay and into the bay so this flood warning that you see from the anderson reservoir all the way up to the 85/101 split is until 11:30 this morning. current flood stage, 11.5 feet. let's see what it's going to do as far as later on this afternoon. by noon, it's down to 11 feet, by 4:00, it's down to 10.6 but flood stage is 9 feet so it's going to stay above flood stage and roll from south to north across this area you see shaded in green so places like evergreen, san jose, and milpitas could flood now all the way through friday morning. now to the new evacuations ordered just this morning. the area expanded overnight to the full 100-year flood zone along coyote creek west of 101 and north of 280. basically, everything you see within the red lines on the screen. coyote creek is that blue line, which is running down the middle. we've been tracking all of your tweets overnight like vanessa, 2:30 this morning, she
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wrote, being evacuated in the middle of the night is scary. stay safe, everyone. abc7 news keller has more on those evacuations. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. i have good news for people who are traveling here in the san jose area. i know a lot of roads are closed but since i last saw you, they've opened up santa clara street, the westbound lanes, all the westbound lanes, they do have the eastbound lanes closed right now, heading to 101 but they're going to open up one of those lanes. they're keeping one of those closed because there is obvious flooding here on santa clara street and a lot of flooding here on 26th street. i see a vehicle coming our way. a lot of people are leaving their homes here on 26th street. they're heading to work this morning. many are leaving their families behind. the question now is, will they be able to get back home? what do you think when you see all this water right here? >> i'm debating if i should even leave and get my family together right now. >> reporter: so your family's at home. >> yeah.
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they're all at home. i mean, we didn't -- we drove around last night. we didn't think that it was going to -- we thought it would actually, you know, go away or kind of not be as bad. but it's not looking like that right now. >> reporter: yes, it is bad. mandatory evacuations for about 14,000 people in this area, the water is high, really dangerous for people to be driving through, and it really is amazing when you hear this. the area with the mandatory evacuations are in the coyote creek 100-year flood zone, plus about 250 feet. several schools are also in mandatory evacuations area. we've been trying to contact san jose unify and had see how many campuses are impacted, but there are two schools -- two high schools in this area, some elementary schools as well. you can also find out about shelters and other resources by heading to our website, but of course, flooded roads out here so everybody has to be careful when they're driving. reporting live in san jose, matt
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keller, abc7 news. they also have to be careful of what's in the water. santa clara county health officials say flood waters could be hazardous and could have materials in it that could pose risks to your health. maybe sure your thoroughly wash your hands or any part of your body that comes in contact with the flood waters. use soap and clean water. throw away and avoid eating any food that may have come into contact with it and don't let kids play with toys that have been in contact with the flood water until it's been disinfected. the santa clara water district is responding to allegations it didn't give residents enough heads up about possible flooding. some say they had no idea which is why they were caught totally off guard this week, ill prepared and then needed to be rescued. the district offers a different story. >> we knew it was on its way, so we've been, since late last week, actually, about what levels we were expected to see, a lot of it, quite frankly, was due in part of the fact that anderson reservoir is now spilling over its spillway.
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>> the district says there is help for those still being threatened by rising waters. it's offering free sandbags at several locations across san jose. go to our website,, to find out exactly where to go. first responders in the south bay have all hands on deck this morning. >> jessica at the live desk showing us how they're tracking all of the issues right now and the resources. >> that's right. i want to show you this online map that we have from the city of san jose with all the different types of problems that they are dealing with at this very moment. it's csj emerge is the name of the website and it basically tracks everything that they're doing. i'm going to zoom in here and show you how it updates in realtime and i've been watching this throughout the morning. as they get new calls in, they place it on this online system. it's a little bit overwhelming trying to read it but you can see the bright red diamonds are where they're dealing with something right now. this one says a crew is moving vehicles and equipment to higher ground. and then you can kind of click around and see exactly what they are doing. this is a brand-new one. they don't even have information on that one.
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i saw a truck that was overwhelmed with water at one point. and so the red are the more serious incidents. you've got green where they're already there on scene dealing with it. and then the yellow is where they're going to those incidents. so you can kind of track what's happening in your neighborhood by using tools like this, but basically, it illustrates just how much they're dealing with. you can see those incidents all across the board. remember, if you have a non-emergency because they are so busy, you will want to use 311 instead of 911. reggie, natasha, back to you. this gives you an idea of just how bad this is in some places. this home filled with severa inches of standing water. and remember, we don't know exactly what's in that water. it goes wault way up to the power outlets in this home. jean marie white shared this photo with us. white's family tried to recover furniture and other items. this is in nagly park area in san jose. sky7 shows these horses still in
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their stalls also flooded with water. a lot of you were concerned about them. firefighters tell us the property owners opened the stall gates and let the horses run to higher ground. if you would like to help the victims, you can easily donate to red cross by texting the words "red cross" to 90999 to make a $10 donation. it will show up in your phone bill. we have all the resources and info you need about the evacuation centers, what to do with your animals, pets and more on how to donate. go to you can also find all the info on our abc7 news app. let's take a look at live doppler 7. all around the area that's flooding, no rain, no more water rolling into anderson lake or anderson reservoir and spillig over, at least no additional and you can see it's pretty quiet everywhere this morning. in fact, drove on a lot of dryness this morning. it was such a relief. hopefully you'll find the same. temperatures mainly in the low to upper 40s at 7:00. low to mid 50s in the afternoon
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hours with partly cloudy conditions, it's a cool please. these temperatures are supposed to be in the low to mid 60s, we're ten degrees cooler than average. grab a coat if you're heading out this evening. here's a look at 280 and 17 in san jose. still some wet spots down there. public transit a little cooler today so just dress a little bit warmer. drying trend, especially for the evening commute and caution if you're going to be out on the water, it's going to be breezy at times. let's take a look at your temperatures today. we're going from about 55 in san rafael and richmond to the warm spots, if you want to call them that, palo alto and concord, only at 58 degrees and you can see there's a little bit of green up in the north bay. and a little bit of green along the coast tonight. temperatures in the coast into around san francisco, richmond, oakland, san mateo, low to mid 40s but look as you head south. mid 30s to upper 30s for palo alto and fremont. inland, we could have some freezing cold temperatures in the san ramon valley and up around santa rosa and petaluma and even colder weather is coming your way in my accuweather 7 day forecast and
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it looks like the storm this weekend is going to be stronger. i'll show you that on the storm impact scale. here's alexis. good morning, mike. our major issue this morning is going to be that full disclosure of 101 in the south bay. there's a look at southbound traffic being diverted if you're traveling northbound and all those ramps in between are closed as well. so we're already starting to see delays build on the northbound side. i can only imagine how bad that's going to get once we really get into rush hour here. a couple new problems in the east bay. westbound 80 before albany, before you get to golden gate fields, we've got a rollover crash. they were able to push that off to the shoulder. we do have a backup if you're coming from the richmond area. just past that, before university, another collision, sounds like we've got a vehicle facing the wrong way in the left center lane so that one's causing a backup too. i do have good news for central valley commuters. that's coming up. terrifying moments for a group of teenagers who went into freezing water after thin ice breaks.
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and it's all caught on camera. there is a new bill to freeze tuition increases at colleges across california. how this could impact next month's vote on tuition hikes. it's 12 minutes after 5:00, our coverage continues on the devastating flooding in san jose, hundreds under mandatory evacuation as coyote creek remains above flood stage. remains above flood stage. th
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this morning, we are hearing from two of the teens who had to be rescued after, take a look, they fell through the thin ice
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into the pond at central park, of course, in new york city. a tourist unknowingly captured a picture of the six boys in the background there. you see it. just seconds before the ice cracked underneath them. the boys themselves wandered on the ice to take a selfie on monday night, despite all the warning signs. >> my chest was closing up. like i couldn't breathe. we were all sinking down. we were holding on to each other. >> i was trying to help push them, like come close to the land. >> terrifying. good samaritans rushed in to help, including model bennett jonas who jumped in. all of the kids were rescued and they're expected to be just fine. the san leandro city council voted lats last night to declare itself a sanctuary city. wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: when the san leandro security council meets, it always begins with the pledge of allegiance. this would be one council under pressure by an overflow crowd asking for san leandro to declare itself a sanctuary city.
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many of those here undocumented family members. when ashley ortiz kisses her father good-bye every morning, she wonders if she'll see him again. >> in school, i can't concentrate because most of the time i'm thinking, is my dad okay, is he safe, is he home. >> reporter: the timing could not have been more poignant on a day when president trump strengthened the department of homeland security. >> these are campaign promises. some people are so surprised that we're having strong borders. well, that's what i've been talking about for a year and a half, strong borders. >> reporter: in san leandro, though, we heard strong resolve, including from a police department that opposes the federal government leveraging them to find and deport undocumented immigrants. >> public safety is primary concern of the san leandro police department. not immigration. >> reporter: the public comments mostly one-sided. high school student stephanie rodriguez saw her uncle deported two years ago. what's in store for others, she
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wondered. >> if this happens to them, it might not be just one person. it could be their entire family, their entire support system. >> reporter: she was not alone. the measure passed unanimously. in san wlaernd, wayne freedman, abc7 news. in today's "gma" first look, a missouri man is under arrest. >> pierre thomas has more. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma" first look, the fbi claims robert hester jr. is a would be terrorist planning a bombing spree on a scale he believed was ten times bigger than the boston marathon attack. >> not robert jr. no way. he's a loving father. >> reporter: the alleged mission of a u.s. citizen with a brief stint in the u.s. army, our president's day terror massacre targeting buses, trains, and a train station in kansas city but it was all a sting. the fbi locked in on hester after he allegedly began posting isis propaganda ask declarations of jihad on social media using a number of aliases, including
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junaid muhammad. >> he opened himself up to be contacted, was very anxious to be recognized and walked right into this trap set by the fbi. >> reporter: we'll have the latest coming up at 7:00 5:18 now. undocumented students in virginia are bei-- california ag urged to sign up for the california d.r.e.a.m. act. he says it would be a shame if fear of deportation students from applying for aid. information gathered through the california d.r.e.a.m. act is not shared with any other government agency, federal or otherwise. if you want to sign up, go to our website,, the deadline is next thursday. happening today, we may learn new details in an alleged scandal involving the bay area air quality management district. two former employees claim the district intentionally destroyed documents and hid records from the public. this action, according to the
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whistle blowers, compromised the district's ability to monitor, recollect, and enforce air quality. a district's spokesperson says the allegations were investigated by an outside firm and determined to be false. check out this new surveillance video. it shows a car break in this san francisco. you see him throw an object there, shatter the window, he takes something from the car and then eventually just walks away. this happened early yesterday morning. it's been a big topic of discussion on the neighborhood website next door. people say they're increasingly frustrated in the city soma area about car burglaries that just keep getting worse and worse. take a look at the weather. the most concerning thing i've heard from mike is that the flooding in san jose could possibly expand to other areas. >> yes, as the water flows through the anderson dam through the coyote creek, it flows north ward to the bay. it means that surge is now starting to move through san
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jose and into milpitas and we could find additional flooding there. that's something you got to keep an eye on. that's why there's a flood warning out. you see that water coming up, you've got to react immediately and get out of the way. and have everything by the front door or the garage door, ready to grab, put in the car, and go. that's the best thing you can do. let's talk a little bit about the fog. it's mainly around santa rosa. it's been from about 1/4 mile to 3/4 mile so be careful there. our only freezing temperature is on mt. diablo, 3800 feet but look at san ramon, 36, danville at 39, everybody else in the low to mid 40s so this is much cooler than yesterday. look at this. 40s everywhere until you get to santa rosa at 36, san francisco, 47, oakland, san carlos, mountain view, 45, along with san jose so dress warmer this morning. here's a look at san rafael. no fog here. partly cloudy today, a stray shower possible in the north bay. a winter chill the next few
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nights, expecting frost in inland valleys and showers with snow levels very low this weekend. so, we could see diablo and hamilton get dusted with snow, especially saturday night and into sunday as that storm looks like it's going to be a little bit stronger. it's going to pull back to a light storm monday and then we'll get a break tuesday to more days are dry in the seven day forecast than wet. that's a first. i want to move in on our traffic maps to san jose and really highlight where that full closure is of o 1. this is going to be a major problem today. fully closed between 880 and the 280/680 split. we have that heavy traffic approaching on the northbound side and no estimate, honestly, i can't imagine this would open for the morning commute and it possibly will stay closed into the afternoon as well. where we do have good news, though, northbound 101 through morgan hill, they were able to pump the water out of the water and all lanes are open.
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no backup there. quick check of our drive triemz here. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, had two crashes clear up. 28 minute drive time to the maze for you. bay bridge, though, just nine minutes and southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, in the green at just nine minutes and good news for central valley, ace rail, all four trains running. the csu and community college systems would be barred from raising tuition on or fees on students through the 2019 school year. the legislation would freeze tuition and fee increases on all students at both systems. of course this comes just weeks after the university of california regents voted to increase tuition by 2.5%. the legislation may not be approved until september, meaning the votes to increase tuition in march wouldn't be affected. coming up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. and no. that's all i have to say about this. i'm sorry. i have a strong opinion about peeps and oreos and their merge.
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we'll talk about this just in time or easter. the cost of gas could be going up soon and it's not being caused by the annual summer price increase. the most important story of the day is what's happening with coyote creek. we have crews watching it this morning as we are also watching evacuations happen and just look at how deep that water is that these cars are trying to make it through. through. we'll keep an eye
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5:26 am
number three, i do have some good news, it is receding at least at eden veil. flood stage is 10. we'll finally be below that at 11:00 this evening. however, the crest is moving nord ward. san jose and milpitas, it hasn't crested in your neighborhood yet. some flooding is still possible. be ready to act. number four, that flooding is causing a major traffic issue in san jose this morning, a full closure of 101, southbound side being forced off here at 880. you can see the northbound side, you're diverted at the 280/680 split. not a terrible backup yet but i'm expecting this to be a major problem as we get further into the commute. richmond is the first city in the country to call for president trump's impeachment. the security council says mr. trump is violating the constitution because he continues to benefit directly from his business holdings. the white house denies any conflict. number six, san francisco's transportation authority will discuss a toll proposal for
5:27 am
driving down crooked lombard street. the plan is designed to reduce tourist traffic by charging that toll. number seven, lottery fever sweeping the country once again. today's paurball jackpot sored to $304 million. next at 5:30, the flooding in san jose. this is what it looks like right now at 26th and santa clara. the danger for residents this morning and what's causing all this water to flood our south bay neighborhoods. boy, so many people dealing with that scene right now. in fact, the mandatory evacuations expanded overnight. evacuations expanded overnight. we
5:28 am
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that breaking news out of san jose, new mandatory evacuations issued overnight as flooding continues to spread
5:30 am
along coyote creek. >> this is another morning of chaos, entire neighborhoods are evacuated. let's get right to abc7 news reporter matt keller for us. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. i just got an update from the emergency operations center. and they told me that there are 36,000 people in the recommended area for evacuations, and 14,000 people in the mandatory evacuations area here in san jose. and basically, if you're in that area, they want you to leave. they say it's better for you to get out too soon than too late because your home is going to flood if it is not already flooded and as we've watched people driving through this flooded street right in front of us, new numbers on how many people have actually needed to be rescued by boat. this is the new number. 346 people have been rescued by boat. 96 of them came last night. and it looks like one person is not going to be going forward here through this water but we've got other people coming from santa clara street on to 26th street and they're going to risk it. they're going to drive through
5:31 am
this flooded street here. we've seen people successfully get through these waters without stalling but it looks like someone is being extra cautious on the other side here. there are six schools in the mandatory evacuations area that are closed. other schools until the area, james lick high and evergreen valley high school are being used as evacuation centers and i was just told, 267 people are staying in those two places. there's more space there, but if needed, the city of san jose will open up more evacuation centers. and i was told to pass this message on to you again. if you're in the evacuation areas, you need to take it seriously, it's better to get out too early than too late this morning. looks like that vehicle is trying to make it through so looks like they're going to be success. but also be very careful if you're driving through these flooded waters. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. matt really gave us a good idea of the numbers that we're talking about, but what about the actual neighborhoods that are affected along coyote creek? >> jessica tracking the latest here. who is being told to leave now. >> i want to show you that new area. we got this new map overnight and i want to show it to you
5:32 am
here on our interactive board and this is the area that got an alert around midnight. it's along kwoit creek in the coyote creek 100-year flood zone. it runs from north 280 to south 101 and for you to have an idea of how that expansion has happened, i want to show you an older man here. right here in the corner, you see this red mandatory evacuation that was around 10:00 that basically has expanded outwards to include that first area that i showed you. and this other area here, i'm going to highlight it in blue for you. whoops, i just lost that image. camera back to me on camera. basically, you have this long stretch that goes from san jose all the way to milpitas. that is under advisory right now. so if you are told that you are under advisory, you may want to get prepared as matt said, better to get out too early than too late so we are going to keep tracking that. but an expanded area this morning under that mandatory evacuation.
5:33 am
that's what we saw overnight. back to you. getting those alerts at midnight, jessica, police going door to door, getting people out of their homes. >> this affects a massive number of people, mike, and you have been telling us that even though the rain has stopped, this cream creek is now able to spread far north. it moves north. it flows from anderson reservoir right through the coyote creek and then up towards the bay so the first area that's going to stop flooding will be the area right below the dam so here's some good news. flood stage is 9 feet. our current stage is 9.1. we're going to continue flooding until about 11:30 nd then this area shaded in green is going to be more than likely taken out of the flood but the cresting of the flood has passed edan vail and is now moving through san jose and up to milpitas. we could have additional flooding in these areas through friday morning. here's the good news erraaround edenvale. flood stage is 10. we'll be finally below flood stage by 11:00 this evening.
5:34 am
but that's probably when san jose is milpitas will start dealing with some flooding there. we have some flooding in the north bay. i'll talk about that. also i'll have your day planner forecast next. let's get more on the situation with alexis. i'm going to take you back to san jose. this is 101 at mckee. and this is why we've got that full closure northbound and southbound 101, that is between 880 and the 280/680 split. so, no traffic being allowed through, obviously, we've got some work crews there, we've got chp on the scene helping to direct traffic but that is some deep water and that is starting to cause significant delays as well. so, i will detail some more of those specific locations and i'll show you that backup coming up in just a few. wanted to quickly show you the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. those metering lights flipped on around 5:29 so really the south bay is our biggest concern this morning but everyone else is starting to fill in. people living in three mobile home parks in san jose are keeping a close eye on this barrier wall. now, as you can see, it's keeping some of the water out. but there is still quite a bit
5:35 am
coming underneath and through that wall. there are 200 units at that park on oakland road. people living at this neighborhood and two others nearby are under evacuation orders. 550 units in all. last night, emergency crews rescued three people after they got trapped in the water. >> on the other side of the wall, there's about a foot or two of water, and that water is coming through the seams and the holes in the bottom of the wall and filling up the back of the mobile home park here. >> it's dry over there and my good friends live in the very back where it's completely flooded and we're having them stay with us for the night because yeah, i mean, whatever we can do to help. >> even with a mandatory evacuation order, police and fire cannot forcibly remove a person from their homes and some are deciding to stay. >> take a look at the reason this is happening. the water pouring from anderson reservoir right now. this is the largest reservoir in santa clara county. it reached capacity and began cascading over the spillway on saturday. now, it is normally kept under
5:36 am
70% to meet state seismic restrictions there. anderson reservoir is in morgan hill and you can see on the map, southeast of san jose. it feeds into coyote creek, and that winds through san jose more than 20 miles away before it eventually reaches the bay. as soon as the widespread flooding hit san jose, chaos broke out in the rock springs neighborhood, some people taken by boat, others chose to wade through the water. one woman even road piggyback on a firefighter. those who were moved to safety had to be decontaminated like you see here, often in the middle of the street. the city was worried about possible hazardous contaminants. people were just worried about their belongings. >> i know we los a lot of photos. i had a lot of my clothes down there from the winter that i like to storage. i know i had a lot of shoes, i had all my baby's toys, all of his stuff down there. sky7 shows these horses still in their stalls that flooded with water. viewers were concerned about those horses as you can
5:37 am
definitely understand and we talked to firefighters who said the property owners opened up those gates and let the horses run to higher ground. evacuated neighbors have three places to go. the mayfair community center, shirakawa community center and james lick high school. only one of those is a place you can stay overnight. we were there with the red cross. some flood krmz were brought in by bus. one man who could not get to his apartment because of the flooding decided to go to the shelter. >> i'm just here in the shelter for a while to make sure that, you know, hopefully everything's okay. i'm pretty shocked right now. >> the salvation army is helping stock the shelter with items that evacuees may need. people are also stopping by to drop off donations. >> good to see that generosity. police are warning that if more evacuations are necessary, you may only have minutes to get out. they say you should be ready to go by making sure all your family members are together or at least you know where they are. you should also have your pets ready to leave. and make sure you have essential
5:38 am
items like your medication and important paperwork like your i.d.s and before you leave, turn off the appliances and the lights. we know many of you feeling for these flood victims. this is how you can help. the red cross is taking donations so text the word "red cross" to 90999. it will make a $10 donation. the red cross also needs volunteers. in fact, 90% of workers who show up to help during a crisis are from the local community. for information on how to apply, go to our abc7 news app or our wet weather is leading to crumbling concrete on the main route to tahoe. >> take a look. highway 15, the collapse here has forced the closure of both westbound lanes. yikes. eastbound lanes have been converted to two-way traffic and they will remain that way for at least a few months. novato police have released a sketch of one of the two men who investigators say sexual assaulted a woman last week.
5:39 am
this sketch was made from a photo of the suspect seen in a surveillance video. the assault happened ten days ago after two hispanic men befriended a 30-year-old woman. she says they assaulted her in the novato creek west of lee gerner park. the victim described the suspect as a 40 to 42-year-old man who spoke spanish with a central american dialect. okay, here's this other area of concern i talked about up in the north bay. mark west creek near mirabel. the entire area shaded in light green here, joyce drive, all the way down to bodega avenue, flooding is going to continue. if you see that water getting near your, act immediately. good news, look at live doppler 7 over the last hour, that's what i have right here. absolutely nothing. we're off to a dry start this morning. in fact, you can see some of the crescent moon here as you look from our roof camera and look at how much drier the embarcadero
5:40 am
is here in san francisco and how the trees aren't moving and dancing nearly as much as they were yesterday. little bit of a breeze today, cooler breeze, it's going to feel like winter outside. temperatures mainly in the 40s this morning. low to mid 50s this afternoon under a partly cloudy sky. so you have to dress warmer today. temperatures about 55 to 58 at about 1:00 to 1:30. by tonight, though, look at this. a chance of freezing cold temperature, san ramon valley, north bay valleys, mid 30s to low 40s with a slight chance of a few stray showers along the coast. i'll talk more about that coming up next and we'll take a look at our weekend of wet weather in the accuweather 7 day forecast. let's see what alexis has for your morning commute. full closure of 101 through san jose, northbound and southbound and yeah, unfortunately, this is going to be a big problem. so, basically, where you're seeing the yellow on the traffic maps there between 880 and the 280/680 split that's where all
5:41 am
lanes are blocked and this is due to flooding. very high water, just not safe for folks to move through this at this point. we have a couple crashes in the area too and i'm guessing this is due to confusion about the closures, folks distracted, slowing down, not knowing they can't take the exit. so southbound 680 ramp to northbound 101, which is closed, we have a collision, one person is injured and that is not a blocking situation but that definitely could be a distraction for you as you head past that northbound 101 closure and then northbound 101 just past tully road, another collision, it's not easy through that stretch this morning. quick mention of b.a.r.t. we've got about a ten-minute delay due to an earlier equipment problem. they've got that fixed at wegs oakland so the delay remains in the sfo, millbrae, and daly city directions. we'll take a look at drive times coming up. lawmakers in the process of permanently increasing gas prices and that is not the only commuter cost that will be going up. a live look at the water in san jose right now. you can see people going through it, people evacuating, our flood
5:42 am
coverage continues. we have more on what areas are we have more on what areas are under the mandatory evacuation
5:43 am
5:44 am
welcome back, and new this morning, we have some school closures to tell you about. six schools in that mandatory evacuation area in san jose, all of them will be closed today. the schools are san jose high
5:45 am
school, cristo rey jesuit high school, mckinley elementary and olinder elementary and the parents, a big heads up because i just checked again for you, the school district's website is still down this morning as it has been all morning long. you will not get your school closure information there so stay with us for any changes and of course continuing coverage. there's a new survey out which shows just how much immigrants contribute to san francisco's economy. a report by the immigration advocacy group new american economy says, they make up more than a third of the city's population. immigrants have about $7 billion in spending power and pay more than $2.5 billion in taxes each year. more than 37,000 of san francisco's immigrants own homes. thousands of dollars coming in overnight to repair anti-semitic vandalism at a jewish cemetery in st. louis. muslim americans started this
5:46 am
fund-raiser yesterday. it reached its $20,000 goal quickly and it's now above $60,000. vandals destroyed nearly a hundred head stones on monday. that incident came as a growing number of jewish community centers across the country have been receiving bomb threats. richmond has become the first city in the nation to call for president trump's impeachment. last night, the city council passed a resolution that supports an impeachment investigation by congress. critics claim mr. trump continues to benefit directly from his business holdings and that is in violation of the constitution. the white house denies any ethics con fliktsz. california is a step closer to raising our gasoline taxes by quite a bit. a bill to raise the tax by $0.12 a gallon has now passed a crucial vote in a state senate committee. supporters say california needs to money to help pay for the $100 billion needed to fix and maintain our infrastructure. the bill's opponents say increasing that tax puts an unnecessary burden on us.
5:47 am
the measure would also increase our registration fees by $38. new numbers show that the pay gap between women and men in california has grown even wider. the u.s. bureau of labor statistics revealed that women's weekly earnings in 2015 averaged 15% less than their male counterparts. the pay gap equates to $7,000 every year and it marks the widest gap since 2002. let's take a look at the all important weather today as we continue to think about our folks especially in the south bay. good news, it is starting to lower, at least at eden vail but that crest is going to move through milpitas and cause flooding the next 24 to 48 hours. i'm also keeping an eye on the rest of your neighborhoods too. look at how much colder they are from 5 to 16 degrees so dress warmer. that cold air we talked about is here. in the 30s right now, los gatos at 39 and santa rosa at 35. everybody else in the low to mid 40s until you get to san francisco, 47. we've got 45 in oakland. also around mountain view and
5:48 am
san jose, 40 in san ramon and look at that, half moon bay the warm spot at 50. san mateo, doesn't that look nice. the fact it's dry outside as we look towards the west. still a slight chance but most of us dry today under a partly cloudy sky. frosty cold valleys the next few nights and the weekend through monday, next series of storms rollings in. here's a storm that's going to bring a chance to the north bay. isolated showers there and into the coast. we're going to go to the north bay during not necessarily the morning hours but look once we get past noon up in the north bay, chance of a scattered showers. once the sunsets, we'll take a look at the coast and that's where we'll have some storms roll from north to south and notice the snow elevation down around 4,000 feet so if it bumped into one of the higher mountains along the coast, could have a dusting of snow. we could have a better chance of that with the weekend storm which is now a 2 for sunday, moderate, little gustier for the breezes. i want to take you back to
5:49 am
our major issue this morning, a full closure of 101 through san jose and here's a look at the southbound side being diverted off at 880. so looks like we have a semi on the shoulder. that's not a great spot. and have seen several vehicles driving around those cones thinking they can continue on 101. please do not do that. you have to get off of 101 due to the flooding. if you're traveling southbound, you're forced off here at 880. if you're traveling northbound, you'll be forced off at the 280/680 split and i am seeing delays this morning. bay bridge toll plaza had filled in. those metering lights on. and i hate to say this but i think we have pothole problems again through altamont pass. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, up to 1 hour, 13 minutes, we've got reports of several vehicles with flat tires just past grant line road. let you know as soon as chp arrives on the scene. no delays southbound 680 or northbound 85. tech shuttle buses in san francisco now have more places to pick up riders. the metropolitan transportation
5:50 am
agency's board of directors has voted to permanently allow buses to pick up tech work ez at muni stops. the new policy doubles the fines for buses that drive on residential streets that are considered off limits, also increases gps monitoring of tech shuttles. i know you are not here for this next story. look at his face. oreo has not been afraid the push the limit. >> there are two types of people this this world. people who enjoy peeps and people who do not. and i don't know who you are if you want a peep flavor oreo cook we're b cookkey but apparently there's an audience for this. so what is it exactly? well, it's a sparkly pink peep flavored cream that's inside. sandwiched between two vanilla cookies. >> what makes it sparkly? >> what makes it even an oreo at that point? people have been talking about this since the fall and reaction, as you might expect,
5:51 am
is quite strong on both sides. leave a review for me if you try it. >> i would love to try it. that sounds fun. new at 6:00, sfpd is cracking down on bias. the high-tech way the department is now monitoring its employees. but first, the flood crisis in san jose is raising questions like, are you truly prepared if an emergency were to come to your house. we're going to break down what you need to know next. plus ups getting into the plus ups getting into the race to deliver
5:52 am
you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz.
5:53 am
5:53 and another terrible sight from the devastating flooding in san jose. imagine if this were your house. this house along santa clara street and north 17th street right next to coyote creek. you can see the water all the way up to the roof there.
5:54 am
>> knots, those folks, hopefully they are safe. no one wants to leave their home at a moment's notice. i do want to show you a great tool. the county will actually send you alerts when your home is affected. it buys you a little bit of extra time and i want to show you here. this is the county's website, and if i type in alert, and you go to this, what is alert scc and you click on it, this is a system that basicaly gives you an alert when your home is under evacuation. also tells you about crime. it's just a really handy tool. you'll want to register for it. it will text you and it's free. it's a little hard to find online. but i've made it really easy for you. i've sent out a link on twitter. find me @jessicaabc 7. "7 on your side's" michael finney has put together a few things to think about if you did need to have to evacuate at a moment's notice. >> if you do not have flood insurance, you are likely not covered for any damage. there is a loophole that you need to know about.
5:55 am
if the flooding was caused by something other than rainfall, you may be covered. so, for example, if a storm drain was damaged and it forced debris into your home, you could qualify for financial help. here's what you need to do. if it is safe to do so, snap a few photos before you evacuate and then again after you return. try to document how much water entered your home and itemize your possessions with photos. keep a diary and note the date and the time that you evacuated. if you do have flood insurance, you can notify your company right away. if you have renterer's insurance, i'm sorry to say that you are not covered unless you also bought flood insurance on top of that. one exception might be if you could prove your landlord knew you were in a flood zone but didn't tell you. however, you may have to sue to get any money from that. if you have any questions, the "7 on your side" hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the number is on your screen. 415-954-8151. you can also reach michael finney on his facebook page and through our website,
5:56 am only four days without measurable rain somewhere in the bay area and the last two days i highlighted red because we had record rain in san jose, oakland, sfo, monday and livermore yesterday and in between that, my twitter friend sent me this double rainbow livermore. isn't that gorgeous? let's take a look at the snow pack. it's about 186% of normal, 151% of the snow year which goes up until april 1. we have snow thereupon this morning and snow in the grapevine to be careful if you're traveling in either of those areas. not going to be easy getting around san jose today due to all the flooding. here's a look at the closure of 101. northbound side, you're forced off at the 280/680 split. i'll show you what that backup looks like coming up. 47 minutes, having a tough time bouncing back from an earlier crash at university. looks like that tow truck just left the scene. westbound 80 across the bay bridge, 11 minutes, ten minutes if you're heading to the airport
5:57 am
this morning. b.a.r.t., we've got a five to ten minute delay at oakland station and a new problem between lafayette and orinda, another practice on the track. so next traffic update coming up in less than ten. u.p.s. testing drone deliveries in florida right now and it all worked. until it didn't. during an unofficial demonstration, some sort of interference caused an issue with the drone's compass so the drone had to abort its launch and it tried its best to land on top of the truck. it was nearly crushed by the still-closing lead of the vehicle. just a few kinks that need to be worked out. >> can you imagine being the pr person for u.p.s. today? not great. next at 6:00, we're going to get back to the devastating floods affecting thousands in san jose. this is the scene as flooded streets are now causing people to have to leave their homes very early in the morning. matt keller and amy matt keller and amy evacuation zone right now and
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
in the south bay as new evacuations are ordered this morning. people are grabbing what they can and driving through flooded streets to get out. >> you're in for a headache if you take highway 101 through san jose. this is a live look right now at 101 at 880 where the freeway is completely closed. it could be all day. this is an emergency in the south bay, and we have live team coverage. matt keller and amy hollyfield are in that evacuation zone. alexis is tracking the trouble for everybody driving this morning. we want to start with mike nicco. you say the threat is not over yet, mike. >> it's not over, but it's improving and it's improving faster than the original forecast. so let me give you the newest numbers. this is just south below anderson reservoir where the flooding first began because of the overtopping there. flood stage is 9 feet. we're at 9.1 and almost below 9 so this flood


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