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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 3, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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tonight, several developing stories. president, now calling it a witch hunt. new questions over contact with the russians. first, michael flynn, now jeff sessions recusing himself. also tonight, the 25-car pileup on a major interstate. 30 people rushed to hospitals. the rescues, and the pictures coming in tonight. the multistate manhunt. the desperate call to 911. the stunning moment in the heartland. the drive-by in broad daylight. new action after this
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disturbing moment in the classroom. also, the life saved. who is our person of the week? good evening. it's great to have you with us on a very busy friday night. we begin with new questions swirling around president trump, his team, and communications with the russians before the election. and saying that jeff sessions is the victim of a witch hunt. the president said his attorney general could have been more clear. cecilia vega leading us off. >> reporter: inside the oval office today, president trump huddling with his closest advisors, steve bannon, son-in-law jared kushner and daughter ivanka. the president then heading to his florida golf club mar-a-lago for the weekend.
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but tonight, his administration in damage control. the president calls it a "witch hunt," but there's a growing list of aides and advisors who misrepresented their contacts with russia. there's attorney general jeff sessions and that bombshell revelation that he twice met with russia's ambassador during the campaign. that's not what he told the senate. >> i have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and i didn't have -- did not have communications with the russians. >> reporter: but now -- >> in retrospect i should've slowed down and said, but i did meet one russian official a couple of times and that would be the ambassador. >> reporter: and former campaign foreign policy advisor carter page. first, this denial. >> were you in any kind of contact last year with russian officials in russia, outside russia, anywhere? >> i had no meetings, no meetings. >> reporter: now an admission, he met with the russian ambassador, too, during the republican national convention in cleveland. >> did you meet sergey in cleveland? did you talk to him? >> i'm not going to deny i
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talked to him. >> so you did talk to him. >> i will say i never met him, anywhere outside of cleveland let's say that much. >> the only time you met him was in cleveland? >> i may have met him possibly, what might have been in cleveland. >> reporter: it comes after president trump himself insisted nobody on his team met with the russians during the campaign. did you or anyone in your campaign have any contact with russia leading up to or during the campaign? nothing at all? "not at all," he said. there was also national security advisor michael flynn, fired for lying about the nature of his conversations with that same russian ambassador. and jared kushner joining a meeting between flynn and the ambassador at trump tower in december. top democrats calling for a full independent investigation. >> the administration clearly cannot be trusted to investigate itself. >> reporter: today, the president firing back. saying, investigate them.
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calling senate minority leader chuck schumer a hypocrite. tweeting this 2003 photo of schumer and vladimir putin eating donuts together in new york. schumer says that meeting took place in full view of the press. and this 2010 photo of house minority leader nancy pelosi, at a table with the russian ambassador and others. earlier today, she claimed she never met him. her spokesman now says she meant she never had a private meeting. pelosi tweeting, "donald trump doesn't know difference between an official meeting photographed by the press and a closed secret meeting his ag lied about under oath. >> and where is the travel ban executive order? >> reporter: a lot of stops and starts. we're hearing it could come next week. but this report out today from the department of homeland security, pushing back, saying it may be difficult to find and
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vet the so-called radical islamic terrorists. but the white house is pushing back. >> cecilia, thank you. and all of this comes amid the firestorm over contact with the russians. and tonight, we ask, who is this russian ambassador, meeting with at least five members of president trump's team? here's brian ross. >> reporter: as a career russian diplomat, sergey kislyak, the ambassador to the united states, is skilled at public speaking, delivering what the fbi calls utter falsehoods. >> the government of russian federation is not involved in any hacking of the type you are discussing. >> reporter: and now the ambassador claims the meetings he had with key members of the trump campaign before and after the election were nothing unusual, not connected to the hacking. >> we do not interfere into internal affairs of the united states. >> reporter: but they have. and now the contacts between the kremlin and some of trump's closest advisers are at the
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center of the fbi and congressional investigations. >> we need to know, is anyone compromised? is there a risk to the country because someone is compromised? >> reporter: especially because some of the americans involved are accused of not telling the truth about their meetings with the ambassador. one aspect of the investigation involves a tight focus on the week of the republican convention last year. july 18th, the party's official platform gave a big victory to russia by downgrading u.s. support for ukraine. >> the champagne corks were going off when that happened. >> reporter: july 20th, ambassador kislyak meets with senator sessions and trump adviser carter page at the convention, something page later tried to deny. >> i had no meetings. july 21st, donald trump accepts the republican nomination for president. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> reporter: and the very next day, july 22nd, wikileaks posts the first of the hacked
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democratic party e-mails. >> and brian with us here tonight. we know both congress and the fbi are investigating that timeline. where does that stand? >> the congressional investigation has just begun, but the fbi has been working on it for months now. >> thank you. next tonight, mike pence, and new headlines after his use of private e-mail while governor of indiana. the indianapolis star reporting his private account was hacked last year. and critics pointing out he criticized hillary clinton for her use. >> there's no comparison whatsoever between hillary clinton's practice of having a private server, mishandling information, destroying e-mails when requested.
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>> the fbi said no reasonable prosecutor would charge mrs. clinton. and if you look closely, in this picture, the headline is about vice president pence and his e-mail. and intensifying air strikes against air targets in yemen. pounding away at fighters, weapons, and strategic targets. all of this coming one month after the first and controversial strike ordered by the trump administration. ryan owens was killed in the raid. his widow carryn was honored on tuesday. and the deadly highway pileup in pennsylvania. now, 37 cars and trucks involved
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in icy interstate 80. drivers in whiteout conditions. eva pilgrim with the images coming in at this hour. >> reporter: tonight, a massive pile up on a pennsylvania highway. >> oh, my god, look at that one. >> reporter: more than 35 cars slamming into each other. trucks mangled. this vehicle crushed between two 18-wheelers. >> i appear to have multiple injuries, one appears to be a trauma arrest. >> reporter: at least 18 people rushed to local hospitals. a snow squall, winter whiteout conditions to blame for the chain reaction. >> county, i'm arriving, approximately 20 vehicles at this time. >> reporter: a diesel truck spinning out and rupturing. spilling fuel all over the highway. the major interstate shutting down in both directions. rescue and fire teams struggling through the mess to help drivers stuck in the middle of the debris. luckily, there were no fatalities reported in this accident. there are reports of other car wrecks in the area.
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this blast of snow making driving conditions dangerous. >> thank you. and arrests, juan thomas arrested in suspicion of making threats to jewish community centers. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: we saw children from coast to coast suddenly evacuated from jewish community centers and hebrew day schools after getting bomb threats. tonight, investigators believe this man, juan thompson, is behind eight of them. authorities warn this is just one arrest as they investigate 130 threats across the country. thompson, seen speaking here about race on a local tv show, >> i think you can be an effective reporter and cover >> reporter: -- was fired from his job as a reporter for fabricating quotes. police say they discovered thomson's threats as part of a cyber stalking investigation. his ex-girlfriend allegedly
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receiving harassing messages from him since last july. but then in january, when the nationwide bomb threats started, investigators believe he started making his own threats, in his ex's name. police arresting him in st. louis. >> while the motive is unclear the impact is crystal clear. threatening jewish institutions is an antisemitic act. >> reporter: this, on the same day fbi director james comey met with jewish leaders to talk about bomb threats and those vandalized cemeteries. and david, this is one of the jccs thompson alleged threatened in manhattan. he's only been linked to 8 of the 130 threats. if he's convicted, he could face up to five years in prison. >> gio, thank you. and next tonight, the major headline about the economy and your money. the federal reserve signaling a raise in interest rates is
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coming. the dow ended with a small gain, after surpassing a record 21,000 for the first time ever this week. and home depot announcing plans to hire 80,000 workers for the spring rush. next tonight here, the carjack victim making a terrifying 911 call. the murder suspect had been leading police on a manhunt through three states. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: police say it's right out of a horror movie. >> the man just shot me and i think he's killed my girlfriend. >> reporter: 19-year-old devon philo and 18-year-old sara reeves just finished a hike near albuquerque tuesday when a man with a gun forced them into their car trunk. they pull the emergency release to bail out but get separated. as philo escapes, the suspect shoots him.
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>> i know he's shooting to kill. he's killed sarah, i think. please, you got to get here quick. i don't know if he's going to come down and kill me. >> reporter: what none of them know is, suspect alex deaton is a fugitive on the run. suspected of murdering his girlfriend and another woman in mississippi. also wounding a jogger. >> he left a gun on the passenger seat. should i pick it up in case he comes back down? >> i wouldn't touch it. >> reporter: police say deaton catches and kidnaps reeves, but when he stops, she runs for it, and gets away. deaton flees to kansas, allegedly shooting a store clerk and stealing his car. >> as soon as i handed him the keys he just pulled a gun on me and shoots me. >> reporter: finally, after a police chase up to 140 miles an hour, deaton crashes and is captured. and now that his alleged crime street is over, he faces a long list of charges. including murder and attempted kidnapping. >> thank you. and the drive-by in the afternoon commute. the weapon drawn, a spray of
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bullets. there's a manhunt tonight. late word coming in today. action now being taken after this violent takedown in a north carolina high school. what authorities have decided. coming up. and a very candid george w. bush. making jimmy kimmel laugh. and revealing what happened with that poncho at the inauguration. stay tuned. beyond assuming the source is safe... to knowing it is. beyond asking for trust... to earning it. because, honestly, our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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3:47 pm
this happens. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: now look again. here's who they're trying to shoot. on the left hand of the cross street, there's a gray dodge charger. two people are firing from that car, too. they were big guns, and the family in the sedan was caught in the crossfire. witnesses say it was a young woman, and police say there were two children in the back seat. amazingly, none of them were hurt in the monday evening shooting. >> the most striking thing about that video is how casual shooters are. the drive up, the window goes down. it's almost like they've done this before. >> reporter: kansas city is struggling with a rise in drive-by shootings. more than 50% more of them in 2016. authorities tell us they're not sure why this is happening. they are looking for the shooters tonight. david? >> thank you. the second arrest in the murder of the teacher we've been
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to the "index" of other news tonight. a second arrest in the decade-old disappearance of a popular georgia high school teacher. we reported last we'ek, a forme student was arrested and charged with the murder. tonight, authorities have charged a classmate with helping conceal the crime. there are late developments after a violent police takedown at a high school in north carolina. a police officer caught on camera slamming the female student to the ground. the officer has resigned. a large wildfire forcing
3:52 pm
mandatory evacuations in oklahoma tonight. firefighters working on the ground and from the sky to beat back the flames. and a very candid george w. bush. the 43rd president paying a visit to "jimmy kimmel live" last night. >> every time cheney would come in, a lot of people would yell, duck! >> were you jealous of the size of the crowds at trump's inauguration? >> i was there. >> i know you were there. >> i was the guy trying to put the -- >> trying to put the poncho on. >> we noticed that. >> the former president told jimmy kimmel, i love humor, and the best is when you make fun of yourself. very true. when we come back, the split
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer finally tonight here, our person of the week. there are so many quiet heroes across this country. tonight, the young woman at a fast food restaurant, jumping in when needed. bristol, tennessee, the white mini van pulling up. the mother, her 3-year-old limp in her arms. he had stopped breathing. she ran to the window to help. the 18-year-old runs out and gives cpr.
3:57 pm
she say she noticed he began to start breathing again, but faintly. the ambulance arriving in three minutes. >> i don't like the term hero, because if you see someone hurt, you're going to try and help. >> she finished her shift, then went to visit the body in the hospital. >> the blank look in his eyes from when he started to at the hospital, it was huge. it was amazing. and the police officer rushing to the scene in texas. a young mother and father had called 911. >> what's the address of your emergency? >> my son is not breathing. >> okay, is he not breathing at all? >> he's not responding. >> the officer at the scene in one minute. the mother brings him over and
3:58 pm
then the officer gives him cpr. the officer shows his father how to give compressions. it continued for several minutes, but it worked. and then braden standing next to the officer that saved his life. and back in tennessee, that young woman helping to save a life, too. >> so many heros in this country. thanks for watching on a friday night. i'm david muir, i hope to see you right back here on monday. until then, good night.
3:59 pm
i don't think my dad ever realized how many lives he touched and how many people he -- and how many people he helped feel safe. >> a moving tribute today to alameda county deputy michael foley. good afternoon and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. larry beil is off. today family action friends and law enforcement officers from all over the state honored his memory. >> sky 7 was above the funeral procession as officers saluted as the hearse drove by. the deputy died in an accident last week. >> leslie brinkley was at today's service and is live in concord with the story. >> reporter: an emotional tribute certainly. it was quite a spectacle to have a thousand law enforcement officers as well as 800 to 1,000 members of the public coming here to pay their respects to deputy mike foley, 60 years old. this was a fitting place to have that memorial, i was told, here
4:00 pm
at concord pavilion. he used to patrol here. ♪ a stars and striped draped casket took center stage on friday morning. 1,000 uniformed officers from all across the country converged here to honor fallen alameda county sheriff's deputy mike foley. >> he worked 21 years on patrol, 4 years as a motor officer, 3 years as a school resource officer, and spent 10 years on the s.w.a.t. team. >> reporter: his 38 years of service ended tragically last week following a bus accident at the santa rita jail. >> it was a lose for our family and for the driver of the bus. >> reporter: his dad was in the oakland police department and now his 18-year-old son says he wants to follow in his dad's footsteps. >> i don't think my dad ever realized how many lives he touched


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