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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 14, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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tonight, the nor'easter strikes. the storm still slamming parts of the coast. up to two feet of snow in some places. chain-reaction crashes. wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, and tonight, tens of thousands are without power. now schools closed in some places again tomorrow. also developing tonight, the white house defends the plan to replace obamacare. and is asked, why the pushback on calling it trumpcare? tonight, the map here. what some pay now, and what you would pay under the replacement. the eye-opening example. as the nude photo scandal widens, the top marine in the hot seat tonight. the very candid answer, and you will see the the moment. and out of control authorities investigating an suv slams into a gas stiegs.
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the explosion that follows. and the dad's children who photobombed the tv interview. tonight, they are all invited. the good evening, and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night, and as we come on the air tonight, this major nor'easter continues to churn, and the nor'easter and its strength from the two storms that combined. 60 million americans in the past. and a dangerous mix of freezing rain and snow, making driving treacherous. the high independence making it nearly impossible for drivers to see this image from wooster, massachusetts. and this frightening moment in boston. spitting out on the bridge. nearly a quarter of a million people losing power, in the dark and without heat tonight. from virginia all the way up through new england, and we begin here are abc's matt gutman in hackettstown, new jersey
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tonight. >> reporter: tonight, that major winter storm blasting the northeast with blizzard conditions, ice and high winds. a dangerous mix of sleet and snow making roads especially treacherous. authorities begging the 20 million americans in the tristate area to hunker down. >> very, very important that people stay in to the maximum extent possible while we ride out this storm. >> reporter: a sloppy mix, and even thundersnow, grinding new york to a halt. >> the storm in the new york city area is not as bad as anticipated. problem is it is worse than anticipated in other areas of the state. >> reporter: the snow dumping down at 4 inches an hour in places, burying cars in newburgh new york. those that tried to get out in poughkeepsie needing a push or a tow. our adrienne bankert is in connecticut where plow drivers are struggling to keep up. >> reporter: why not wait until the worst of this is over? you can't just wait for the snow
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to pile up? >> no, because you cant move it. it's compact and you literally moving 18 inches of snow. >> reporter: that system, now churning northwards. a motorist on zakim bridge in boston capturing this tractor trailer jackknifing. watch it swing across the traffic lanes. no one was hurt. tragically, one teen losing her life when a vehicle lost control on a snow-covered new hampshire road. it's not just snow, but winds gusts of nearly 80 miles per hour whipping the massachusetts coastline. this wind turbine snapped in half. a driver rescued on this flooded street in connecticut. heavy rain and strong tides, inundating all along the jersey shore. beaches eroding. extending into pennsylvania where some towns are now covered with more than a foot of snow, and it was through that, that a 23-month-old toddler was raced for a heart transplant. with the snowplow clearing the way, and accompanied by the national guard. >> that was just incredible to see today.
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matt gutman with us live, and now the freezing rain, and a night of plunging temperatures with thousands without power. >> reporter: that's right. power outeniages from virginia new england. the snow, 18 inches deep here, and as our drone pulls out, we'll show you what the problem is. it's the glistening you see on the roads, and that wetness will make it be hard frozen tonight as temperatures plunge. single-digit windchill attempts, and authorities are urging people across the east to stay off the roads tonight, and tomorrow morning as well, david. >> those dren images a reminder, that winter isn't over. matt gutman leading us off. the snow still pounding the coast in new england, and gio benitez is outside boston from the south shore tonight. >> reporter: here in massachusetts, we have been getting slammed by this storm all day long, and it's not over just yet. we have seen wind gusts of about
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60 miles per hour. look at the waves behind me. the snow and sleet now turning into freezing rain. now officials here in massachusetts are urging people to stay off the roads and boston, the city of boston, has announced that schools will be closed again tomorrow. so no doubt, david, this is still a very dangerous storm. >> all right. gio benitez. our thanks to you. chief meteorologist, ginger zee in new york square. you told us snow totals will depend on the freezing rain line, and it will make for treacherous driving yet again. >> reporter: exactly, david. we straddled that line here in new york city. other coastal kmucommunities in sloppy mess, and my taxi got stuck getting out of here. we have warnings. on tonight still, coastal new hampshire and maine, and the blizzard warnings, and that means the wind combined with the precipitation. you can see it right there. snow, the mixing line in pink, and the green where it's
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transferred over especially at the cape. as it pulls off to the north and east, heavy snow bands wrap around, and new england might see 6 to 12 inches of snow. very windy and cold behind it. watch it stretch to gainesville and even jacksonville. >> another 6 to 12 inch, you said. ginger, thank you. while we were on the air here last night it was chicago in the cross hairs of a wind that formed. now second night, and lake-effect churn overnight. damaging 35 cars, sending 7 people to the hospital. today, that second round, winds causing whiteout conditions, and creating problems for commuters. not just the roads, but air travel, too. some 6,000 flights canceled today, most in the east, but triggering disruptions from coast to coast tonight.
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in fact, take a look at this. this is the air traffic in the northeast, and the early hours of last tuesday. now the same view this morning, a much em teer sky, and abc's david kerley on how long it could take to get the system and passengers back up and running again. >> reporter: an unusual sight today -- a jetliner landing on a snowy runway, in the northeast. from washington to boston, airports looking like ghost towns. empty gates, plows clearing tarmacs and runways, and the few jets taking off had to be de-iced more than 4,000 flights canceled. that's why we see this dramatic contrast. the air traffic last tuesday, versus today, looking like a hole in the sky. most airlines moved their jets out of the storm's path. american airlines made charlotte's airport look like a parking lot for planes. passengers across the country hit by the disruption. in detroit, austin, miami, and orlando, some passengers stranded. >> i had to sleep here all night because the flight was canceled.
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>> reporter: new york hit the hardest. three major airlines canceling all flights there today. leaving some british newlyweds dreaming of their florida honeymoon. >> now we're stuck here on our way to orlando. we can't get a flight out until tomorrow, now. >> hope florida gets here soon for them and the honeymoon. the airlines saying they think they will be able to recover quickly despite the thousands of cancellations? >> reporter: it's because they are starting to move planes earlier than they expected back into position. they hope they can get operations back up and normal sooner than they hoped. >> hopefully the flight to orlando for that couple. thanks to you tonight. now to the other major headline at this hour. the white house defending the new plan to replace obamacare despite the numbers from the nonpartisan, congressional budget office. finding that 24 million more americans will be uninsured in ten years than would under obamacare. republicans and the white house are well aware those numbers are on the front pages of newspapers
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across the country. detroit, boise, among others. what will you pay? a 64-year-old when makes about $26,000 a year, and what they would pay under the replacement. abc's cecilia vega from the white house. >> reporter: the president in the oval office today with saudi royalty. asked about that report card on the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare -- >> cbo score, mr. president? >> reporter: the president sat stone-faced. no comment. but his press secretary not holding back, saying the non-partisan congressional budget office has been wrong before. >> its attempts to estimate coverage have been historically faulty. >> reporter: but the numbers are stark. in 10 years, roughly 1 in 5 americans, 52 million people, would be uninsured. compare that to president trump's campaign promise of insurance for everyone. >> i am going to take care of everybody. i don't care if it costs me votes or not. everybody will be taken care of.
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much better than they are taken care of now. >> reporter: and the swearing in. >> no one will lose it or end up with anything else? >> when you say no one, i think no one. >> reporter: today, we pressed again. can you stand here today and say that the president will keep his promise of insurance for everybody? >> i think the president's goal is to provide insurance -- to make insurance available to everybody, yes. that's when he intends to to. >> reporter: the reality for many americans could be harsh. a 64-year-old who earns a $26,000 salary could see a huge spike in their premiums, from $1,700 a year under obamacare, to nearly $15,000 under the gop plan. a nearly $13,000 a year increase. coleman thompson of nashville, tennessee, is nervous about what to come. even with a hefty tax credit, he would face paying an additional $350 in premiums every month. >> that would be some frightening experience for my wife and i. god forbid another catastrophic situation happened, man we'll be bankrupt.
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>> reporter: the president also promised not to touch medicaid. but the republican plan with his name on it could make $880 billion in cuts to the program. democrats sounding the alarm. >> trumpcare would be a nightmare for the american people, causing tens of millions to lose coverage. >> reporter: trumpcare? the white house says, not so fast. >> the obama administration didn't label it obamacare. they labeled it the aca, this is the american health care act, the president is proud of it. >> cecilia vega with us from the white house. they are not willing to call it trumpcare. not yet. we did see sean spicer during the press briefing today refer questions back to house speaker ha paul ryan. what message does this send? >> reporter: they are making it clear he is the architect of this plan, and he is putting a positive spin on the report that the white house spend the day
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ba bashing, saying it would cut costs for young people, and he calls it encouraging. >> thanks, cecilia. next, this eeping, a significant change in how the u.s. targets terrorists. president trump giving the cia the authority to conduct drone strikes, reversing an obama policy. the cia using its new strike authority in syria last month to kill a son-in-law in osama bin laden who was believed to be al qaeda's number two official. the cia would locate terrorists, but turn to the military to launch air strikes. to provide transparency, and they say, accountability. next tonight, the marine's top commander on capitol hill facing tough questions about the nude photo scandal now widening. commandant, robert neller offering responsibility and candid answers among a grilling there on capitol hill. you will see the moment, and here's abc's chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz. >> reporter: today, commandant general robert neller on capitol hill facing questions over that scandal rocking the marine
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corps head on. >> we all have to commit to get rid of this perversion to our culture. enough is enough. >> reporter: the outrage growing after the discovery of hundreds of nude photos of female marines, originally linked to a facebook page called "marines united." but even as some of those women are speaking out, the photos are popping up on other pages. >> do you agree with me this is one of the darkest moments and it needs to be fix? >> yes, senator. >> reporter: today the nation's top marine is vowing to prosecute those responsible. but that promise falling short for some senators demanding swift action and accountability after years of complaints. >> who is being held accountable for doing nothing since 2013? who? which commander? i am very concerned that this is part of a culture that is resulting in the high levels of sexual assault. >> reporter: senator kirsten gillibrand pointing to the problem of sexual assault of female marines, the highest rate of any branch in the military.
3:44 pm
>> this is a problem with our culture. i don't have a good answer for you. i'm not going to sit here and duck around this thing. i'm not. that's a lame answer, but ma'am, that's all -- that's the best i can tell you right now. we've got to change, and that's on me. >> and martha raddatz with us live from washington, and you are saying this is far from over, and dozens of female marines call into a hot line? >> reporter: that's right, that tip line getting calls from marines and others sharing information that might help in identifying some of the abusers. general neller estimates some 500 members accessed those photos. there have been a few victims coming forward, which the marine corpss is urging them to do. >> martha, our thanks to you. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the american working for the u.n. abducted overseas. the effort to get him back tonight. also, authorities investigating how this happened.
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the suv driver out of control here. slamming into this gas station. you saw the explosion. investigators believe a series of events led to that moment. also, the new headline tonight about the creator of a popular children's tv series. what he has now revealed. and they are back. the dad who became an internet sensation. the kids who photobombed his big tv interview. this was hilarious. millions have seen it. tonight, the entire family has been invited back to explain the whole thing. you have to stay tuped for this. ed for this. ned for this. pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia- an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13® is approved for adults 18 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that
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you wouldn't put up with an umbrella that covers you part way, so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. tell you what, i'll give it to you for half off. next tonight here, the iowa congressman at the center of a firestorm over racially charged comments. representative steve king sparking outrage. first with a tweet. then the comments that followed. tonight, the call now to remove him from a key post. abc's mary bruce on capitol hill. >> reporter: his comments labeled racist and bigoted. tonight iowa congressman steve king condemned by both sides of the aisle. >> i'm a champion for western civilization.
3:48 pm
>> reporter: king ignited a firestorm with this tweet. praise a far-right politician, saying that he understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. we can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies. the comment embraced by former kkk grand wizard david duke, tweeting "god bless steve king." but from some republicans, disbelief. congressman justin amash saying "i'm an american no less than you are. am i 'somebody else's' baby because my parents are immigrants?" king is being pressed to explain himself. >> i meant exactly what i said. >> can eget agreement on that? >> if you are going to down the road a few generations or maybe centuries with the inner marriage, i would like to see an america that is just so ho among nis, we look a lot the same from that perspective. >> reporter: he is taking it further. talking about the time white
3:49 pm
wills become the minority. >> i will brikt that hispanics. >> reporter: tweeting, make western civilization great again. >> let's get to mary bruce live on capitol hill, and house democrats say he should be punished for his statements? >> reporter: david, democratic leader, nancy pelosi, and demanding, trip him of his chairmanship. she disagrees, but would like to think king simply misspoke, david. >> mary, thank you. when we come back here, there is news about the american abducted overseas, working for the u.n. and out of control suv, and the explosion. and dolly parton smiling tonight. and he has reason to.
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group, they are working to get them released. back home t fiery crash in seattle. the suv driver out of control, slamming into a gas bump. exploding into a ball of flames. two people inside were not badly hurt. police say moments earlier, the driver clipped another car sending them into a tree. that driver in the hospital seriously injured. the creator of a childhood favorite, revealing a battle. the man behind the character, 55-year-old stephen hillenberg, revealing he has als that has no known cure. he released a statement. i will continue work on "spongebob squarepants" for as long as i'm able. and dolly parton. parton's my people fund issuing checks to 921 who lost their homes. promising money each month, and her fund receiving more than
3:54 pm
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if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. finally tonight here, no need to photobomb their dad. they were invited this time. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: there's not a parent tonight in the modern world who couldn't sympathize with professor robert e. kelley, >> i would argue this is a trial of democracy. >> reporter: you root for the guy when he tries to keep it together when his kid steals the show. he is broadcasting life by skype from his home office in south
3:58 pm
korea to the studios in london talking about korean politics, and the children want to have a parade. >> reporter: there's mom trying to rush them away from the camera. >> my apologies. >> reporter: the family was live on the bbc again today. >> this is my daughter. >> reporter: sharing that it wasn't so fun at the time. >> we were worried. a little bit more. >> we were worried the bbc would never call us again, that was our first response actually. >> reporter: fans are cheering him on. he has nothing to worry about. >> that's what got them invited back. thanks to steve osunsami for that family and the entertainment. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here t
3:59 pm
this $40 billion potential boondoggle, there's a lot of opportunities for waste and fraud. we want to make sure that oakland's taxpayer dollars are not involved. >> that boondoggle he's talking about, president trump's proposed border wall and now a proposed boycott has cleared a major hurdle. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm kristen sze. ama daetz has the day off. that boycott would affect any company that works on the wall. laura anthony is live in oakland with the details. laura? >> reporter: kristen, well, this list of vendors who want to work on that wall now includes 100 companies, here in california about two dozen of them in the bay area. today oakland leaders are telling those companies to take their business elsewhere. >> it's clear that oaklanders do not want their tax dollars used to build any part of the wall. >> reporter: oakland city leaders want to send a message
4:00 pm
loud and clear to any business that wants to help build president trump's border wall. the city finance committee passed a resolution that oakland will boycott any company that helps design or construct the 2,000-mile border wall with mexico. >> it doesn't reflect our values as a city and tax dollars should not be used to create barriers across our border that prohibit commerce and trade and certainly separate families as well as does nothing to solve our immigration problems as a community. >> reporter: oakland's shimmick construction has shown interest. they have done work for b.a.r.t. a company official declined comment to abc 7 news, but one small san francisco contractor on the federal list did speak with us by telephone. james flanagan said of oakland's proposed boycott. >> my first reaction is why are taxpayer dollars being spent to hold committee meetings to


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