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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 15, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories. fbi director james comey on capitol hill. lawmakers demanding to know where is the proof of president trump's claim that president obama wiretapped him. what our team has learned. critical condition? the white house battle to save the plan to replace obamacare. and tonight t e, the eye-openin new number. how americans just signed up for obamacare. hacking america. the fbi bombshell tonight. the justice department revealing. an arrest, and the hunt for three others. russian spies among them. hacking into hundreds of millions of e-mail accounts, everyday americans. the manhunt tonight. the shootings on an american highway, the suspect in his car, taking aim at two different drivers. both of them hit, the urgent search. and the headphones in flames in mid-flight, amid warnings about certain electronics and batteries on planes.
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good evening, and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy wednesday night, and we begin with the growing pressure on the white house and the fbi to show the proof of president trump's claim to president obama wiretapped him. and if there is no proof, to reveal that. fbi director, james comey, summoned back to capitol hill. meeting behind closed doors with members of the judiciary committee. one republican threatening to subpoena the fbi if there is no answer. another republican with an eye-opening acknowledgment about the evidence. abc's mary bruce leads us off from capitol hill. >> reporter: tonight, for the second time in two weeks, fbi director james comey suppened to capitol hill. lawmakers demanding answers about president trump's explosive claim president obama had trump tower wiretapped.
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director comey, have you seen any evidence that president obama wiretapped trump tower? but asked that same question today, the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee had this extraordinary admission. >> we don't have any evidence that that took place. in fact, i don't believe just in the last week of time. the people we've talked to, i don't think there was an actual tap of trump tower. >> reporter: congressman devin nunes adding this. >> so now you have to decide, as i mentioned to you last week, are you going to take the tweets literally? and if you are, then clearly the president was wrong. >> reporter: the white house has refused to provide any proof of the president's accusations, and this week they tried to shift focus beyond actual wiretapping. >> do you know whether trump tower was wiretapped? >> what i can say is there are many ways to surveil each other now, unfortunately. >> do you believe -- >> there was an article this week that talked about how you can surveil someone through their phones, through their -- certainly through their television sets, any number of different ways. and microwaves that turn into cameras, et cetera. so we know that that is just a fact of modern life.
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>> sure. >> reporter: today, the president himself seemed to hedge. >> wiretap covers a lot of different things. i think you're going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. >> reporter: no indication what he is referring to, but his initial tweets were clear. "how low has president obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process." in another, he flatly cites "the fact that president obama was tapping my phones." today, senators demanded that the fbi turn over any documents related to any potential wiretapping or else. >> we're issue a subpoena to get the information. >> r signs of progress. >> so apparently the fbi has contacted my staff that they will be at some date in the future providing us an answer to this, in a classified monied ma. >> reporter: but not yet, and so
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many questions still remain. have you found any evidence? >> mary bruce with us live on the hill tine, and director comey's meetings today were behind closed doors, but he will be he having in front of the american people. >> reporter: the pressure is mounting on comey to provide answers and to do so publicly. he has asked the department of justice to refute the president's claims, and he will go on the record when he testifies here at capitol hill, david. >> mary bruce, leading us off. thank you. tonight, president trump is not in washington. instead, he is out to change the message traveling to michigan and tennessee. he was talking jobs with auto workers in michigan, but made no mention of the plan to replace obamacare there. tonight, 12 million americans have signed up for obamacare, even as republicans work to repeal and replace it. abc's senior white house correspondent, cecilia vega with the president trying to turn the page. >> reporter: president trump on a road show today from detroit to nashville.
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far away from washington, where opposition to that plan to repeal and replace obamacare is growing louder by the day. the president so far hasn't mentioned the health care plan today. the white house pushing back on that idea that it's trumpcare. but now, questions about the president's refusal to release his tax returns back in the news. portions of one year's returns leaked. and today, he told fox news he is not happy. >> i have no idea where they got it, but it's illegal, and you're not supposed to have it. >> reporter: they are the first two pages of his 2005 returns showing the billionaire businessman earned nearly $153 million that year. he declared $103 million in losses and paid $38 million in federal taxes. some top earners pay a 35% tax rate. trump's? 25%. and he would have paid about $7 million more were it not for the alternative minimum tax, which is designed to make the rich pay their fair share
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and which president trump promised to abolish. they are part of the same returns the president has refused to release. >> i'm not releasing the tax returns because as you know, they're under audit. >> reporter: since it's just two pages, there are still many unanswered questions, like how he earned his income? who his business partners were, both at home and abroad, and whether any are connected to russia. we also don't know to whom he owes money. the president says he has no idea who leaked the documents. >> it's certainly not an embarrassing tax return at all, but it's an illegal thing. they've been doing it. >> reporter: but this "client copy" stamp on the second page, fueling speculation that president trump, himself, or someone cose to him could be behind the leak. the journalist who mysteriously received the documents in the mail, not ruling out that possibility. >> donald has a long history of leaking things about himself. >> reporter: but white house officials tell abc news the suggestion is absurd.
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>> cecilia vega with us live tonight from nashville, and cecilia, the tax deadline fast approaching. any word tonight from the white house if the president plans to release his taxes for this year as every other president has for decades now? >> reporter: well, david, so far, it doesn't look like he will. press secretary sean spicer was asked this question directly last week, and he said he would get back us to, and he has not yet. we asked the white house again today, and so far, david, no comment. >> still waiting for an answer. cecilia vega with us live tonight. thank you. we turn next to that bombshell announcement from the fbi today after the russian hacking of the democratic party and russia's efforts to hurt hillary clinton's chances at becoming president. tonight, the fbi is now accusing russia of stealing information from millions of americans. hacking into a half a billion yahoo accounts. the fbi filing criminal charges against two russian intelligence agents and two hackers who worked for them. abc's senior justice
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correspondent, pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: the massive hacking plot targeting hundreds of millions of u.s. citizens and foreign nationals, allegedly orchestrated here at the headquarters of the russian federal security service, the fsb, russia's version of the fbi. these two russian intelligence officers today accused of employing these notorious black-market hackers in a new high-tech cold war. the sinister plan, to hack half a billion yahoo users and then use their private information as a gateway to eventually spy on specific russian adversaries here at home and abroad. >> the defendants targeted yahoo accounts of russian and u.s. government officials, including cybersecurity, diplomatic, and military personnel. >> reporter: and once the hackers stole the names, dates of birth and passwords of yahoo users, exposing them to potential identity theft, the espionage possibilities were extraordinary. >> if the russians can get the password of one person in an organization, then they can hack
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their way into that organization, and once they're in, they can spread literally into all the files of a company. or a department. >> wikileaks, i love wikileaks. >> reporter: officials suspect stolen passwords were likely used by the russians to hack the dnc and clinton campaign chairman, john podesta. >> the russians have gone from stealing information and using it internally as traditional espionage to now stealing information and giving it to julian assange and posting it on wikileaks. >> reporter: something then candidate trump at one point ene encouraged. >> if you are listening, russia, i hope you are able to find the $30,0 30,000 e-mails that are now missing. >> reporter: even as president trump has discussed a pivot with putin, the russian aggression appears to be intensifying. for the second time in recent weeks, a russian spyship has been spotted off the east coast of the u.s. >> and pierre thomas with us live from the fib tonight, and pierre, you said this plot was hatched at russia's fsb, which is their fbi, and that hundreds
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of millions of accounts were hacked. no question that everyday americans were swept up in this? >> reporter: no doubts. millions of americans caught up in this hack, targeted by the russians, david. >> pierre thomas, tracking this. thank you. next, this evening, new indictments tonight, in one of the worst corruption scandals in u.s. navy history. nine officers, charged in a scheme to trade classified information in exchange for bribes, lavish parties and sexual favors. abc's global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz tonight. >> reporter: tonight a federal indictment revealing a growing and sordid bribery scandal for the navy. nine current and former officers accused of swapping secrets for lavish meals, hotel rooms and parties with prostitutes. the highest ranking, rear admiral bruce loveless, now retired. a former intelligence officer for the 7th fleet. prosecutors say defense
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contractor leonard francis, nicknamed "fat leonard," seen here in this navy league photo, bribed his so called "wolf pack" of officers in exchange for classified information and preferential access for his company servicing ships in the pacific. >> this is a level of corruption in rot that is unprecedented in the history of the united states navy. >> reporter: one dinner bill in hong kong, topping $20,000. another raunchy party allegedly held at the macarthur suite in manila, seen here on the hotel's website. all the while, prosecutors say the company was overcharging bilking the navy out of tens of millions of dollars. >> and martha raddatz with us here in new york tonight. this investigation has been going on for quite some time now. how many officers now involved? >> reporter: really epic numbers, david. 20 former or current navy officers charged in this scandal. admiral loveless put in a not guilty plea, but the chief says this behavior is inconsistent with our standards, and is an
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embarrassment to the navy. he says they are fully cooperating with law enforcement, but this is not over, david. >> always great to have you in person. we move on now to the deadly nor'easter moving out, and a deep chill reaching to florida tonight. let's get to meteorologist rob marciano with us live tonight. he is tracking this. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. hard to believe march 15th, and we're feeling an arctic, january-type pattern. nudging that cold air down to the southeast, and we are locked in. look at the freezing warnings. hard freeze, damaging the crops across georgia and across the northeast in the single digits again. we have another winter storm for saturday. a weak one, that's a reinforcing shot of cold. >> thank you, rob. next this evening, the deadly confrontation on a highway in florida. newly released cell phone video showing an armed bystander coming to the rescue of a deputy attacked by a suspect and pinned to be ground. a warning tonight.
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the images are grarvphic, and here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: tonight, newly released cell phone video of what's being called a heroic shooting. >> bro, he's about to [ bleep ] fire, dude! >> reporter: a florida deputy badly beaten and pinned to the ground last november by a suspect who had reportedly pulled the officer from his patrol car. >> he has a gun. oh, my god. oh my god. he's about to fire. >> reporter: according to police reports, the bystander, ashad russell began yelling for the suspect to get off the deputy. but he doesn't, and the officer, fearing for his life, tells russell to "please shoot him." that's when he fires, striking the man. [ shooting ] >> he just [ bleep ] shot, dude! oh, my god. he just [ bleep ] shot him! oh, my god! >> reporter: allowing officer dean bardes to break free. russell dropping his gun as he walks away, another bystander congratulating him. the suspect, identified as edward strother, later dies at the hospital. now, officials say russell had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and will not be facing charges. david, the suspect's family says
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he had a history of mental problems. the deputy suffered only minor injury and is now back at work. >> thank you, mara. to the economy now. the federal reserve raising interest rates for the second time in three months. up a quarter point to 1%, and that rate is linked to many other interest rates that affect you. abc's chief business correspondent, rebecca jarvis, with what this means for your money. >> reporter: tonight, the impact of that rate hike on your wallet. 29-year-old nurse ashley warren has been searching for her first home for a year, all the while watching those mortgage rates creep higher. >> i have noticed them rise about approximately .5%, on the interest rates for putting down for a home. >> reporter: mortgage rates already factoring in today's hike, now a $250,000 30-year-fixed rate mortgage will cost almost $100 a month more than it would have last year, a difference of more than $25,000 over the life
3:45 pm
of the loan. >> that's definitely made me more aware of the time that i have to buy a home, and i want to be -- make sure that i buy it in a timely fashion. >> reporter: interest on private student loans, car loans, and credit cards also now going up. the average credit card balance now more than $5,000 with the fed expected to hike rates two more times this year, experts recommend moving fast. and paying it down, or consider converting to a 0% interest rate credit card but pay attention to fees, and when those teaser rates expire. >> so rebecca, more expensive to borrow, but is a silver lining. >> reporter: savers and retie raes get more in the bank. >> thanks so much. mrs. money more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the urgent manhunt tonight, the shootings on an american highway. the suspect in his car, taking aim at random drivers and passengers. two victims shot. police with a description of the suspect coming up. the deadly bank shootout.
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ask your doctor about lyrica. if you are eligible, you could pay as little as $25 dollars a month. we turn now to the urgent manhunt tonight for a gunman targeting drivers on a california freeway. shooting from his car, wounding two victims in separate random attacks. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, an urgent search for a gunman, suspected in two separate shootings on a california highway. >> we have a report of additional shots fired. just be advised. >> reporter: terrifying rush hour drivers. the first shooting just after 6:30 p.m. a passenger in the backseat of a car traveling westbound on the 210 freeway near rialto, shot in the leg. >> it looks like i have a rear window shattered. >> and that's a separate call? >> reporter: 15 minutes later, a second shooting. this time, a driver shot at multiple times, hit in the arm while headed eastbound on the same highway. police say both victims were shot at by someone driving along the freeway.
3:49 pm
they are searching for a male in his 30s or 40s with long, dark hair driving a dark sedan. >> it's very brazen. it's very cold. we don't know if it was a random act or if there was some other motive. >> reporter: both victims are expected to survive, and california highway patrol is now searching the area for surveillance cameras. in the meantime, they are asking drivers to remain vigilant. >> kayna, in california. the headphones igniting in mid flight. the deadly bank shootout. the armed gunman, and the security guard taking action, saving lives. and the kidnaps scare. the victim escaping from the trunk of her own car. we're back in a moment. scare. the victim escaping from the trunk of her own car. we're back in a moment. p scare. the victim escaping from the trunk of her own car. we're back in a moment. i scare. the victim escaping from the trunk of her own car. we're back in a moment. n scare. the victim escaping from the trunk of her own car. we're back in a moment. g scare. the victim escaping from the trunk of her own car. we're back in a moment.
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to the i dex of other news type, the bank shootout in rockford, illinois. surveillance video of the dibt. the gunman opening fire. security guard on the right, shooting back and killing the
3:53 pm
gunman. investigators are saying the guard's actions were justified. he was limpged to robberies in two other bangs and a jewelry store. seen on surveillance driving the victim's car while she was locked in the trupg. he allegedly tried to use her atm card at the gas station. she is seen jumping out as he drives away. they have recovered her car, and they are searching for the suspect tonight. and the midair scare tonight, involving headphones that ignited. the passenger's head was burned. she says she was wearing them during a trip to australia. she threw hem on the floor as they sparked. authorities believe the batteries caught fire. they didn't reveal the brand of the headphones or batteries. when we come back tonight, the pilot making an emergency landing. the reassuring voice talking her through it, and the one wish that the air traffic controller call her husband. why pause a spontaneous moment?
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finally tonight here, america strong. the pilot trying to make an emergency landing, and the calm voice that guided her through it. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: veteran pilot met mason brad dock on the radio. the throttle on her small throttle damaged and stuck, basically no way to slow down above atlanta's hartsfield airport, the country's busiest, and then help. >> i could hear that she was very distressed. >> all we're gonna do different is just cut power right before we touch down. it's gonna be fine. >> would you call my husband for
3:58 pm
me? >> when you are faced with death. in a moment, you don't know how it feels. >> and if you could ask him to put a prayer chain out to my church. >> you think about the people you love, and it's still hard to think about it. you don't want to lose them. >> reporter: cathy approached, killed the engine, and still thankful a year later. with mason now set to be honored. >> attitude of gratitude, it spills out of my heart. you're maing. >> reporter: david kerley, abc news, washington. >> we applaud him as well. thank you for watching. i'm david muir. hope to see you tomorrow. good night. breaking news now on
3:59 pm
president trump's new travel ban. a federal judge in hawaii has granted a motion for a temporary restraining order against the new travel ban that blocks the order from taking effect at midnight eastern time. judge derek wattson just issued that ruling on the state of hawaii's lawsuit a few minutes ago. that's one of three lawsuits heard today. two more judges could rule against the order by the end of the night. either way, what this means is the new ban will not take effect tomorrow. it would have banned travelers from six primarily muslim countries. good afternoon, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm larry beil. a federal grand jury in san francisco indicted four people for a breach that affected at least 500 million yahoo! accounts. >> these were two fsb officers using fsb infrastructure and fsb tools and techniques. >> it's being called the second biggest hack in history. at least two suspects in today's bust were part of russia's version of the cia, that is the
4:00 pm
fsb. the accusations related to the hacking attacks against sunnyvale-based yahoo! >> vic lee is live with details. you found out that the fbi's northern california office was the lead agency in this investigation? >> kristen, that's right. the fbi san francisco office was the lead office in large part because they have the expertise here. this actually is where yahoo! is. now this indictment says the four are being charged with conspiracy to commit computer fraud, economic espionage, theft and other related counts. and the fbi says this indictment is unprecedented. >> it is the first time the fbi has indicted russian fsb officers for committing criminal cyber intrusions. >> the fsb, russia's federal security service which replaced the notorious kgb, an arm of its military, an intelligence-gathering agency. the indictment charges that two mb


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