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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 16, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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providence led by 15 at the half. they're dead, they're in trouble. they came roaring back, a little floater by jordan mclaughlin, bennie boatwright, sce smu friday. the spurs hosting portland third quarter, kawai leonard, they call him the claw. finished with 34. oakland native, damian lillard had 16 of his 36 in the third quarter here, as we look at more kawai leonard throwing down. with 2.5 seconds left, the spurs are down too. they try to miss the free throw intentionally, he makes it by accident. blazers win 110-106, spurs now trail the dubs by a game in the west. late news out of the nfl tonight, the vikings tweeting out they have signed la tave yous murray, he was drafted out of central florida, played for
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three years in silver and black. 12 touchdowns, 6'3", 225, no word late tonight on the terms of his deal.
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(all with worry-free ownership. colors in your neighborhood... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. right now on jimmy kimmel, matthew perry. >> good night. time for an all new show with great viral videos "right
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this minute." stunt performers are used to doing things -- >> most of us can't do. >> the bungee jump that made him glad he had a helmet. >> oh, did he hit his head? seems siri's got it in for oli pettigrew. >> i hate her. she hates me. >> now find out why this woman hates voice technology so much more. >> oh, no. some rowdy guys in chicago going viral after deciding to -- >> iron out their differences with their fists. >> the early st. paddy's celebration that ended in a street brawl. and a prankster for the tax season. >> can i just give this to you and you can do my taxes? >> how he's pulling it off with that april 15th flare. >> i'm not going to do it. >> well, you would have to because i'm not. stunt men and women seem super human. they can do things most of us can't do.
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and there comes that moment when they become human. oh! did he hit his head? and you heard a thud. >> slight miscalculation in the bungee cord there. did he have a little too much breakfast or something? >> somebody misjudged something along the way. because you see he bounces back up. >> how is this guy feeling after bouncing his skull after the pavement? >> he was wearing a helmet and reports say he touched it briefly. but you notice as he's dangling there, he gives the sign that he's all right. >> alive. >> i'm glad you told me he was wearing a helmet because that crack that you heard when he hit the ground, i thought that was his skull. moving over to china where rescuers are doing what rescuers do. >> saving a small child from something. >> yes. this kid was playing on the swin swings. perhaps somebody pushed the swing too hard and he slipped into this wedge. you see the kid under the swing and the rescuers are trying to saw the thing apart to get him
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out. >> kids have this miraculous way of finding the flaw in a design in play equipment. >> yeah, it's like they can get into somewhere and suddenly they have a growth spurt and can't get out. >> well, they did get him out. and he's sitting here on the concrete bench and says he can't move his legs. they check him out and take his shoes off. at some point there's numbness because of the way he was sitting but he'll be okay. all is not okay. he asked for the phone and wants to call his sister. he wants to make sure his teacher knows that he was hurt and that he can't be there. >> seriously. talk to the rescuers, i promise! a rescue is underway in china because of the horse caught in some nets. these people out in the water called the fisheries department and they sent a scuba team out to help the whale out. there was a three-hour endeavor.
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there you see the whale, there you see the scissors this guy is using. >> they have to put a lot of effort into this whale. >> yeah, and it looks pretty dr. the whale stayed chill the whole time waiting for them to do their work. and look at all that netting. it was caught around its mouth and body. they said it did have some cuts in those areas where the netting was. >> oh, man, that is completely wrapped around. >> no chance to survive this on its own without people. >> the sad thing is, after this happened, the whale didn't move. it was kind of hanging out. at first they thought it was kind of neat, but then experts came in and realized this whale wasn't using sonar to get back out to the water. it is now in critical condition as they work to get it back out to sea normally. a completely different experience with undersea life here in this video from to a oa. >> shane has beautiful photos. this guy knows where it can do cool stuff. >> hey, i have an idea, let's go
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shark diving in a capable. so shane goes by the name shanger danger on instagram. and he swam out meaning some stuff can probably swim in. >> he doesn't quite understand the concept of capable diving. >> they were right, the sharks came a-calling and they captured some beautiful, beautiful footage. st. patrick's day. >> top of the morning to ya! >> a day where it is more than wearing green and speaking funny. apparently, it's a great excuse to do this. >> oh, no. of course. >> this group of very grown kids decided to take to the streets and iron out their differences with their fists. >> those look like adumts. >> yeah, they are adults acting like children. this is a bar strip in wrigleyville in chicago. >> they are celebrating st. patrick's day? we are not there yet. so we are just celebrating st. patrick's month now or any excuse to get out to wear green
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and fight. >> a lot of the bar crawls happen the weekend before. a lot of them took place this past weekend. >> there are women there screaming at these guys to stop. at one point, check this out, they fall to the curb right here and they start throwing punches. a few cheek shots if you ask me, but then watch this. as the crowd starts to get back up, one guy doesn't. he stays there motionless. we're thinking he was really injured, possibly even unconscious. eventually, someone goes over to him, picks the guy up, some people get him a car, some people walk away. >> it is just interesting how it is framed in the way people perceived it. because they are clearly breaking the law. they are engaged in a fight. it is dangerous and there's a lack of response from law enforcement. >> chicago police told us that they are aware of this incident and they are investigating. so i'm sure this video is going to play a key role into what happened.
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ever since she entered my life i have had a hate relationship with sir. i hate her, she hates me. and we understand that, but there is one person out there in the world that hates siri more than me. it's this young lady right here. because her name is siri, miss siri. it is spelled s-e-a-r-y. and the amazon echo came out, what is her name? >> hey, alexa. >> alexa seary is her full name and she's over it. just about the time you find out her whole name it will be alexa cortana seary. just watch this video. behold! >> oh, no. >> alexa -- >> yes. >> what's the weather?
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>> she thinks about it for a second. >> indiana, it's 41 degrees with clear skies and sun. >> almost every time siri is talking to me this is what i picture. >> oli pettigrew is a hack. >> you have to program that so if somebody comes in the house, you can prank them so it starts moving and talking to you. >> you could create this very thing yourself. actually, the whole movement, you know the billy bass thing you put on the wall, that's what is inside this. in fact, if you use the raspberry pie. >> raspberry pie and cheesecake. >> if you are somewhat tech non logically advanced, it will take you through the steps to get the raspberry pie and cheesecake connected. you're done! flicker lights, banging door, what is going on here? >> the only explanation is ghosts. >> that's it. >> and i believe in ghosts. >> ghosts? you decide, next. it's a 1967 mustang.
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this, my friends, is the most compelling video you have ever seen. loose trancelation leads me to believe that it's a children's school or a children's hospital. but at night when these guards were there, they started hearing noises coming from this hallway. the light is flickering. and this is a door to a fire hose. so it's not like there's someone in there because there's a cavity that someone can sneak into. >> right. >> it's a flat case. >> that was cool. hey! the fact that it stops and the light went out just as they got to it, that was cool. come on! >> that is why i'm looking at this saying, and i'm a skeptic, too, but this one, i'm like, i can't explain that. >> yeah, it would be really difficult to have, like, somebody sit there and flick the light switch back and forth.
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and somebody else sit there with a piece of swing and open and close the door. i can't explain that. >> and it happens in sync. >> the only explanation, the only explanation is ghosts. >> that's it. and i believe in ghosts. i respect the past life. but come on now. >> i'm going to tell you guys, this one, and i'm being honest here, has my skin crawling. >> what is in the rest of this? >> okay. so they get really close to it. they grab the door. and they open it to show you there's nothing in there. >> it's a very, very good fake if it's a fake. or it's -- >> i mean, it's a creepy space. >> guess you're not going to be a security guard. >> no. >> well, the debate is still out.
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i'm going to break your heart and i'm going to make you fall in love all over again. >> such a guy. >> i know. >> whoa! honda, or at least it was a honda. >> the honda s-2000 this is a scenario where they leave a coffee gathering. this guy took off and it got out of control. >> is it because of the coffee? >> no, i think it's because of the ego. >> here's a witty comment from the guy directing the traffic. the driver goes, how is my car? according to some of the comments, the owner has only had the car since september. he spent decent money on this car. it is not easy to get anymore. listen to his heartbreak audibly. oh, wait, that's right. that wasn't his heart squealing. that was another car. that almost crashed into this
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accide blue audi. everybody needs to calm down. you have nice cars, let's keep them that way. and this is an old 1967 mus tang. >> that's officially my dream car. >> this is a full-on restoration six months was spent on this vehicle. and it is a complation of 10,000 photographs of much of the process that this car went through, he put it all back together and you wind up with this dream boat. >> dang. >> it's so beautiful. >> the transformation is so fascinating people are still loving it. she's on instagram and is hungry eating for two. ♪ i'm in love with the shape of you ♪ >> one burger, that's not enough. she's got two. she's dancing to ed sheeran's "shape of you". and this is her ability to eat
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and dance and sing about how much she's enjoying eating right now. >> i'm amazed at how fit she is. she's obviously pretty far along in her pregnancy, but she's eating burgers. >> he's pregnant? that's how i am just double-fisting food. i can eat whatever i want. >> she hosts a show on the cooking channel. so we'll just call this research. yes, she's got her donuts and her hash tag is #eatingfortwo. don't fret, she's got greenery on there, too. she's got pizza, donuts and pasta and you name it. her and her baby are happy and cutend enjoying this time. miles and willow. well, they're having a moment. >> look at that. >> instagram stars coming clean, next. it's called smoky mountain, but it's a pile of trash made
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promotional considerations provided by -- for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. cortizone 10 gives you the strongest nonprescription itch medicine, plus seven healing moisturizers. now i'm itch-free. [ male announcer ] cortizone 10. feel the heal. everyone loves a good scratch. >> oh, yeah. a little to the right. >> that's the same face i make when i get my back scratched.
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>> look at him. >> they name this colt famous because it went viral. everyone is enjoying that silly grip. >> i mean, come on. >> when they get in the right spot, you make horse faces. >> it is glorious. >> it is glorious. not so glories yous -- >> there's something wrong with that cloud. >> this is good for you. >> yes, when you have a dog like that, you have to keep it combed and wonderful and fluffy and it requires this. but tori doesn't like it. back to happiness. it's bath time. or shall i say, shower time. this is the mile and willow channel. and that's mile. and that's willow. and it's wonderful. who doesn't like a good donkey
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video? why encourage you guys? you guys have been to smoky mountain? >> like the smoky mountains? >> no, this smoky mountain in the philippines. >> good morning, guys. >> this is in the city of manila, the capital city of the philippines. these are pretty cool. they are using the old cop verted world war ii jeeps and stretch them out into the buses to getcity. it is like 20 cents. >> this is a cool way to get around the city. >> each one is individually owned by the drivers and customized and they are proud of what they own, right? >> they have all kinds of painting on the sides and play music. after a while, he gets to his destination. >> this is actually the smoky mountain here. and it's not earth or dirt. it's actually trash that is piled up on top of itself. >> wow. >> that right there, smoky mountain, with all the grass and
2:03 am
all the trees, that is all trash. >> no way! >> it's basically a landfill that was around for like 40 years. and during that time, there were 30,000 people who lived there that would go through the trash looking for things that they could then use or potentially v resell. the government decided to close it down. the 30,000 people had to be moved off. and what they did then was plant trees, kind of close it off to people, and installed public housing all around it for the impoverished to move into as well. >> they turned the landfill into a park and residence area. >> yes. 2 million metric tons of trash. but now that is the smoky mountain. now the reason for them to end up doing that is because it was notorious, hence the name, for fire. those fires sometimes would get out of hand. so a lot of people died. so they decided to put it under control. so now it's a thriving community in manila. >> considering everything and what it is made out of, it still has its charm. >> it's so much like they
2:04 am
recycled the area. >> yeah. >> i was noticing the mattress spring as fencing right there. there's recycling everywhere you look. >> it is just a pretty interesting story. if you want to see the whole thing on the youtube channel, head to and click on tv show or download the mobile app. this guy is telling strangers, i need you to do my taxes. >> she's being so kind and gentle with this man. >> yeah, she is. >> the next guy, he ain't got no time.
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- ( snaps, clatters ) that sounds awful. ( music stops ) but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪ worse. that could have been a lot, lot worse. bridgette tv could be one of the most awkward people on the web. but today, today -- >> hey. i got all these phones. what is your name? >> rachel. >> rachel. rach, do you think you can do my taxes this season? >> no. >> it's not a complete strange
2:07 am
request. college campus, there could be people looking for this kind of experience. and maybe a couple extra bucks. >> funny you should say that. because one of his next targets, well, they are taking something quite appropriate. >> where would i get that information? you took tax? >> i'm taking it right now. >> oh, perfect. can i just give this to you and you can do my taxes and i'll come and pick this up from you. >> i have no idea how to do it. >> the if he's got the 1040 ez and he's in college, how did he get in? if it was one of those deductible things that colleges have -- >> yeah, do it. >> will you do my taxes? >> i think you can do it. >> no, no. >> i'm not going to do it. >> you would have to because i'm not. >> that's a good point. >> she's being so kind and gentle with this man. >> this next guy, he ain't got no time. >> please do my


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