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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 17, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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seed arizona and north dakota, wildcats, no trouble at all. trier, steals, slams arizona at break. all five starters in double figures. zona rolls. arizona try to take down the cats saturday afternoon. sharky don't eat the fans. sharks give away the center ice. upshaw ripped back dell. sharks die up. joel ward on the redirect. vlasic shot, but weird bounce and badly in the second period. zach sanford right place. blues sweep the series against san jose. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. congratulations to brother-in-law bob. northwestern beat vandy, cats
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♪ ♪ all right that's our report. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm time for an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." >> he actually made me go to petrol station with him. >> after a guy returns a rental
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truck the company said they didn't put gas in it. >> he says no, way. >> what happens when he recorded the video to fill it up. imagine you're headed out the garage and found that -- >> someone moved in. >> we'll reveal the secret guests underneath that sleeping bag. >> oh! flipping out on facebook live after finding -- >> this alleged thief inside his home. >> what it is that really sent him over the edge. >> [ bleep ]. and for crying out loud -- see the keys to calming one sweet baby. >> it is a sweet baby, especially now that it's not crying. >> mr. any of us have rented a before and it's so much cheaper to fill the car up before you drop it off. adam said he did just that when
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he rented a truck from thrifty australia. >> and the employee is suggesting i ripped him off. >> we can tell the tank isn't fill by the needle and we'll charge you by it. he said, no way, here's the receipt from the gas station. it proves i filled it up and they said, no, it doesn't. >> so he's going to look like the biggest [ bleep ] right now. this is going to be great. >> so does the needle say full? >> apparently at the thrifty return center it was parked on a little bit of a hill, therefore, the tank wasn't quite reading full. that's why they said it wasn't full of fuel. >> what are they going to do now? see if it will pump more gas into the tank? >> that's what the employee is doing. they have a bit of a disagreement about putting it into the tank. >> put the nozzle in -- put the nozzle in. get away from me. >> [ bleep ]. >> put the nozzle in.
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>> did it click? >> three times in a row it does the automatic shutoff when it does when it's full. >> look what he's doing. look what he's doing. oh! it's full. [ laughter ] >> oh, now. >> look at that. he's trying to get fuel in it. look at that. look at this! fuel all over the floor. >> oh! >> he is just -- >> you know what? >> they went ahead and charged adam 150 u.s. dollars -- >> no. >> for that seven liters. that's not the equivalent of two gallons. >> adam posted this on social media. of course it got lots of attention. >> we reached out to thrifty for comment and they say as an organization we were appalled at what happened on the video which is contrary to the commitment to the customers. both the customer and store management were contacted and the customer received the apologies and a full refund. >> this wasn't adam's day. >> the cherry on top -- watch this.
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the guy who is pumping gas into the gas station sees adam on the phone and he was like, turn it off. >> you're not allowed on the on -- >> i'm on the walkway. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, my goodness. >> all over the place. >> just what he needed. >> you were. would you leave your garage door open at night? i would not because some things might leave your house due to the five fingered discount. well, this family left the garage door open all night and something moved in. check it out. somebody found an old sleeping bag and made it home. he takes a peep inside! >> i was trying to watch. >> it is scary if you're allergic to cats. >> oh. dude, someone was trying to find a quiet place to give birth. >> yes. the person who posted the video said that's the neighborhood cat that's been hanging out. but she had babies, so she came to this quiet warm place to
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deliver her three little off spring. >> how fun. you have kitties delivered at your doorstep. >> a kid did delivery. >> she had three cute little kitties and she documented them raising the kittens and getting them to new homes. they make a new crib with some nice soft blankeys. >> the dog of the house is like, yo, have you seen my bed? >> they picked mama and babies up in the sleeping bag, put it in the new crib and mom even got a heating pad. they're going to document these kittens growing up and getting new homes. but this family really wanted to go out and help this cat and her kittens get new homes. >> i want to give them a paw. when people use the facebook live feature it's generally to share their pleasant experiences of wherever they are. this live broadcast is anything but pleasant.
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the video starts off with a very agitated carlo. he just found this alleged thief inside his home. >> [ bleep ]. >> he picked the wrong place. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> you know what, you wouldn't have to defend yourself from a beating if you weren't in somebody else's stuff allegedly stealing. >> he realizes he's wearing my tennis shoes. >> oh! >> in the thief's wallet is carlos' money that he says that the guy took the time to carefully stack the money in his wallet. this guy is going to spend 36 hours in jail. if carlos chose to press charges
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against this guy, this guy could then pursue him for the beating and then carlos would have been responsible for the guy's medical bills that are involved with this situation so he didn't press charges. what he is going to do is find a new place to live because he's afraid now that his face -- he might be in jeopardy because of this incident. he did another video where he walked us through what the guy intended to take and check this out. he found the guy's backpack and in the backpack carlos opened it up and he takes out his computer, more clothes, tennis shoes, fitness clothes and glasses and he's laughing, like underwear as well? >> wow. the guy is trying to clean him out. >> needless to say, this video is getting a lot of attention because of how crazy it is. >> [ bleep ]. once you see these shoes, you're going to want a piece of them for sure. >> because right now we're -- he
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has a book in front of him. >> you can tell already that you're looking at a pizza hut logo and then look more closely you see it says pie tops. >> as he opens up the box, you start to understand. check out these kicks. >> whoa. >> the pizza hut high tops. never mind high tops. >> these seem kind of rare. oh, yeah they're very rare. >> only 64 pairs on the planet. they are hand made by the shoe surgeon in l.a. >> and he managed to get his hands on one of those 64 pairs. why 64 pairs, oli? you may have noticed on the side of the box it said pizza hut, the official pizza of march madness. 64 teams in the bracket, exactly. >> but they aren't just shoes they're so much more. >> you can eat them? >> no. but you pair these bluetooth shoes to your phone, choose your favorite pizza type. all you have to do is double
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click the tongue and they'll come to a location -- pizza hut will deliver you that pizza. >> no. no. >> let's click the button a couple times and see what happens. >> and before you know it -- >> and just like that, oh, my goodness. >> i want them to do this for tacos and hamburgers. >> now, we did a bit of reading, there are only 64 pairs but for promotional purposes after march they might start to make them available to the public. >> wow. amazing. under this lake at the bottom of this climb and inside the cave is a crazy surprise. >> oh, you can't be afraid of small enclosed places. >> see what's down there, next. and four photographers take the challenge for best picture. same model, same location. who wins?
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two of a video we had recently where the three photographers photograph one model in different locations. they all have their own equipment so the photos may be similar, but very different. >> so we brought back photographers irene and ruby. >> but wait, hold on, wait, what? >> i was on the neighborhood and walking by and saw you had the cameras in the window. >> derek happened to be walking by and decided to get in on the action. so all four of them are now going to hit the streets. same location, same wardrobe. same model. different cameras. and different artists. they do ask people that watch the video and see the final product to tell them which they prefer. >> kind of a way to challenge each other. >> yeah. here is the final product of the first shoot. >> and they're all so beautiful but so different. >> i like this. >> or this next one, they're going to this street that is lined with balloons. and each one takes a stab at the model with the balloons. there you go.
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>> it does show you just how the photographer leaves his or her mark and when you choose the photographer, when you go to the same photographer go with your style. >> in this one they go out to the park, very pretty lined with trees. the final product which i think is really pretty. >> i see why they call it magic -- as well. why everyone wants to go outside and shoot. you've got the nice light and shadows. >> beautiful. >> they have done such a good job. it is really hard to pick a winner in this case. >> the winner is the model. >> yeah. yeah. >> amazing. >> and the last one, they go to the basketball court. and here's that last shot. >> do you have a favorite, let us know. head on over to this minute. coney island off the north of ireland is a very wee island. half a square mile, in fact. not a lot to do but there's an
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adventure to be had, courtesy of ian miller here. he's checking out this lake right here. the cool thing about this lake is underneath it is another lake. now owy island means cape in irish. if you go down this cave, you go on quite the adventure. this is where you can see ian as he starts his descent. it's 160 feet of this. >> oh, you can't be afraid of small, enclosed place. >> you can't be afraid of the dark either because once you get down, there's absolutely no natural light. they say if you're going down there, you make sure you take a powerful light with you. so you can see halfway down it keeps going and going. now it points out there are quite cool things you see on the wall there. >> cool now. >> of course we're not getting the full effect because he's using the light. so he has an inflatable boat and
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it's completely pitch blackness. he starts to paddle off. >> this looks like a lot of fun. a cool adventure. >> this is a cool video. you do not do this unless you know what you're doing. but they say this may be the first footage ever to come out from this lake. pretty cool. after 500 feet of paddling, you arrive at this place which is called the pool of tranquility. a very calm sort of -- if you want to get away from the world, wi-fi, sound, light, this would be the place to go. it cuts off toward the end, where he's down there. i'm pretty sure he got out. he uploaded it to youtube, but how cool is that? lunch time, well, maybe not. >> the yelp review on that one is going to be -- >> cute baby alert coming up on "right this minute." and this guy rolls into times square with his dj stuff and pretty soon, everybody's dancing. >> like this he gets everybody
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>> promotional considerations provided by -- there's gold bond healing lotion. it penetrates 10 layers deep to help stop dry skin before it starts. gold bond! videos. >> the guy is like a ray of sunshine. and he just wants to cheer people up and i just love every time he does one of the videos, like in new york, people are like, get out of my way, but like this, he gets everyone smiling. >> he loves to dance. >> remember the dj in the elevator. this is a little broader. >> half the battle is attitude and i think he has the right one to win the 2020 paralympics in tokyo because that's what he's training for and he might be competing in a number of disciplines. pretty unconventional ways
2:01 am
of getting kids to do what he wants them to do. this dad wants the baby to stop crying and when nothing else works, take to the typewriter. [ crying ] >> the baby is so mesmerized by the typing sound and that ching that it stops crying. >> is that not the most precious looking baby you have ever seen? >> especially now that it's not crying. [ laughter ] this little one is having some lunch. >> so happy. >> yes. yes. >> yeah. buddy. until -- >> take it back, take it back! >> i don't think he likes this very much. >> i would say a one star review. >> i agree. >> and lastly the lemons it never gets old. the little one takes a bite. >> the one wink. >> yeah. >> these kids' faces though,
2:02 am
that's what -- too much money, they look so cute. >> they are cutie pies. for the life of me i can't figure out why i'm pitching this video. >> because it's about being british in america and the names of things are different. >> play the british guessing
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where teams compete to make the right decisions about safe food preparations. our challenge in this round -- read and follow package cooking instructions, and use a food thermometer. let's see how our teams are doing so far -- team 1? we just got 100 points. we separated our raw food from our cooked food. team 2? we got a 100-point green card for proper hand washing before our meal prep. referee: we've reached a critical safety point in the challenge. okay, team 1, let's check this out. uh-oh, not a safe internal temperature for those hamburgers. that puts everyone at high risk
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for food-borne illness. you get a red card -- undercooked. always read and follow the package cooking instructions and use a food thermometer. let's see how our winning team cooked it safe and avoided problems. well, i just kept focus on the four food safety steps -- clean, separate, cook, and chill. and we followed the package cooking instructions and took the temperature. can you cook it safe? they're the best he ever made. >> wow. yum. pumpkin takes a bath. ♪ ♪
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honestly, i have been sitting there racking my brain because i can't for the life of me figure out why i'm pitching this video. yes, i can. it's what is it like to be british in america. sorry, sorry. i started to say -- the brits, they're comfortably apologizing for everything. this next one is 100% true. >> welcome to america, buddy. all right. >> everything is watered down or is it just the beer? [ laughter ] >> the language difference though is very, very paining for the childish among us. >> all right. put on your fins. >> oh, yeah. that for us is a different part of the lady's anatomy. but the same sort of language mix-ups can confuse us. >> i don't know, man. whatever you want. sure. jacket, pants. >> okay.
2:06 am
why aren't you wearing pants? >> i am wearing pants. >> trousers. >> yeah. >> on the same treat -- >> wear like a shirt and vest that looks cool. >> okay. >> a vest is a tank top? >> a vest is a tank top. >> what's the slang for a slang top here? >> a wife beater. >> that's right. you know what this particular experience was very close to something that happened to me in texas. >> he loves wife beaters. >> the first time i heard that, i thought what are we talking about? that's where the video gets really strange. keep an ear out for his name. >> oli, what is going


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