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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 18, 2017 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." tonight, the family manson. callying never before aired footage of the notorious psychotic cult leader. >> how you doing. >> how he convinced young women to kill in his name. >> i felt nothing. i felt absolutely nothing for her. as she begged for her life and for the life of her baby. >> reporter: telling their stories from behind bars. >> i stabbed mrs. la buy and ca in the lower body about 16 times. >> will they ever see the light of day? plus, snow guts, snow glory. the youngest olympic slalom gold medal ist in history. michaela schifrin is just getting started. >> it doesn't feel like i'm doing something special. >> on the slopes with the star and her coaching star. >> she outworks everyone. >> on the cusp of taking home
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good evening. thank you for joining us. it's been decades since he inspired a horrific murderous spree that included a hollywood starlet. yet charles manson still holds a grip on part of the american psyche. tonight a new look at footage of manson and details of his life behind bars in his own words. >> we're ready. >> his is a face of evil, seared in the minds of many. those whose lives he ravaged and those whom he convinced to commit murder. charles manson a name not easily forgotten. >> hello. >> these never before aired outtakes from a 1993 prison interview are in stark contrast to the brutal murders he is responsible for. >> can you see yourself in there.
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>> yeah, i can see myself in there. >> they don't have mirrors where i'm at. >> so you never see yourself? >> yeah, they got funny little things you get a close look a little bit. how you doing? >> this figure who walks into the room to talk to diane sawyer who looks like he's been worn out and hung up wet for so long, do not confuse that guy with the manson of the late '60s. >> we have a weird -- >> massacre. >> five were killed. >> tate slayings. >> the incredible brutality of these savage nightmarish murders. >> walking living murder all my life. >> reporter: behind the gruesome killings, a cult leader charles manson. >> you all from new york or some guys from l.a. here, right? it was the summer of love. climate ripe for manson to assemble his group of followers soon to be called the manson family. >> manson used drugs so he could suggest things to people in states of altered consciousness that might seem real at that moment.
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>> he draws these people to him. and he tells them they're beautiful. they're wonderful. >> among them tex watson and patricia krenwinkel. >> he asked us constantly each one of us, will you die for me? will you be my finger on a hand? after i started taking acid with him, i believed he had some kind of ultimate source of power. >> but power wasn't enough for manson. he wanted to become a rock star. >> manson deliberately sent out the women in the family to go around and troll for famous musicians. two of the women in the family are hitchhiking and fancy car pulls up beside them and it's dennis wilsorngs the drummer of the beach boys. ♪ i wish they all >> despite his squeaky clean image as a member of the beach boys, dennis wilson was attracted to manson and his california girls. he even moved into wilson's house. >> initially it was great.
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it was girls, drugs and manson could supply both. >> he was definitely under charlie's influence at that point in time. >> beach boys co-founder and singer mike love met manson, as well. >> we were invited by dennis to come to dinner. there were a group sex kind of situation. it wasn't my cup of tea. i excused myself to take a shower. no sooner than i got in the shower, door opened and charlie manson stood there and looked up at me and said, you can't leave the group. and he looked at me with these wide eyes and kind of maniacal look. >> behind those his a desperate even ominous desire for fame. he wrote a song which caught wilson's attention. he brought the song to the beach boy but with a new name "never learn not to love" and changed lyrics. when the song appeared on the album, it was credited to dennis wilson. the others never knew the origin of the song. >> manson was furious when he
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goes looking for wilson afterwards and at one point leaves a bullet and tells him i know where you live, i know where your children are. you know what this means. >> manson knew wilson was very close to music producer terry melcher who lived in this benedict canyon mansion on cielo drive. he believed that relationship was his ticket to stardom. >> he tells manson, your music is good but i wouldn't know what to do with you. and at that moment, charlie manson's life turns completely. the dream of being a rock star is not going to happen. for manson, the house on cielo drive comes to represent all he wants to achieve and hasn't been able to. >> charles manson has dispatched some of his most devoted followers to go to that house and kill everyone inside. whoever they are. >> melcher had already moved
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out. manson knew that but didn't know the house's new residents were director roman polanski and his pregnant wife, actress sharon tate. their new home a target for manson and his clan. >> on the night of august 8, manson goes out and picks three of his women. susan atkins, patricia krenwinkel and linda kasabian. >> charlie came and woke me up and he said, get up. i want you to go somewhere. and so i did. and he said, do everything that tex says. and we were off. be. >> manson's instructions to tex watson are these. you know where the house is up on cielo. go kill everybody there. >> polanski was awake. >> sharon tate has these friends who were staying with her. she's in the late stages of pregnancy. when the four killers break into the house, they cut through a screen window and sneak in that way.
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then tex says, we're going to kill you. >> everyone else at that point obviously was getting really frightened and scared. i knew this is pure madness. >> their killing spree that would take the lives of four began. >> i looked around. i knew this is wrong. and it was like no matter what or anywhere i turn, it wasn't going to stop. >> susan atkins stabbed sharon tate to death and told her she was going to do it. susan atkins had given birth to a child herself ten months earlier. >> she talked to the media about killing sharon tate. >> i felt nothing for her as she begged for her life and the life of the baby. >> one word is written on the door at cielo. susan atkins is going to put her finger in their blood so she dips a towel in the blood and writes pig on the door. >> i said, if you're going to do
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something, leave something witchy. leave a sign to let the world know that you were there. have a good day. >> reporter: the next night, more bloodshed. >> last night a middle aged couple was stabbed to death. >> manson again instructs krenwinkel and watson to carry out another round of murder. this time joined by fellow follower leslie van houten. >> and targets of the unknown assassins were grocer lean any la bianca and his wife rosemary. >> i stabbed mrs. labianca in the lower back about 16 times. >> following charlie's orders, words are written in blood including helter-skelter on the refrigerator. >> they were just savage crimes, savage murders. >> in the bizarre circus-like trial, mastermind manson, atkins, krenwinkel and van houten were found guilty of first degree murder and
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sentenced to death. their sentences reduced to life in prison after california changed its stance on the death penalty. kasabian who drove the car was given immunity in exchange for her testimony. decades later, the manson family homicides continue to fascinate the american public. >> it continues to shock the conscience both because of the brutality of the murders and because of this eerie cult-like control that manson had over his followers. >> this past january, the 82-year-old criminal made headlines once again when he was briefly hospitalized. he's now back in prison serving the remainder of his life sentence. age incarceration have left him a diminished figure awaiting his inevitable end. next, how olympic gold medalist mikaela shiffrin trains to take home a world cup title. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin.
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♪ olympic skier mikaela shiffrin makes speeding down the slalom run look so easy because she's done it almost every day since she was 5. gloria riviera traveled to vale, colorado to learn what it takes to be a world champion. >> mikaela shiffrin seemingly skimming the surface of the snow at warp speed embodies steady grace was raw power. a charging silhouette against a backdrop of serenity. the 22-year-old vale, colorado native competing at the world cup finals in aspen this week with enough points from previous races to win the overall title. the youngest champion since
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2003. >> what everybody says, you kind of locked in the overall, i'm thinking no, i haven't. do not say that. have i not yet and i need to like, we've got a few morayses this season and i have to keep my nose to the grindstone. >> reporter: the drive propels her to grinds stone. >> look at the lead. >> reporter: winning her first world cup title her rookie season, she now holds three. >> people look at you and think how does she do it. what's your answer. >> it's not that different from what i did when i was 5 years old. i've always had the same mentality. it's something my parents taught me. hard work pays off. and if you're going to do something, do it well. >> reporter: she has. racing into skiing history's books when at 18, she became the youngest athlete ever male or female to win public gold in slalom ski racing. now one of the sport's most famous faces endorsed by companies like red bull,
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longines, and barilla i love it because it has everything together. >> reporter: she was training this week for competition. >> average day during the season, i'll ski for probably five hours and sometime in the afternoon around 3:00 or 4:00, i'll do somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half of core or agility or mobility or recovery walk or strength sessions. >> reporter: you've coped men. now you're coaching women. what is different about mikaela? >> well, her drive. i mean, she outworks everyone. >> i've worked with athletes that eight, ten years older and don't have near the drive she has. >> reporter: eileen, her mom who first put skis on her daughter for fun traveling with her now full-time just about every training session, every race. >> she was the one who was willing to give up anything that she might want to do with her life to just come with me and coach me. >> reporter: is she mama bear
12:56 am
out out there? >> if i'm feeling i'm pushing my y limits too far, she knows that line. like to a t. >> her mom is the person that developed her from scratch. and ultimately she's the one that has produced this amazing product. >> reporter: mikaela is the youngest of two, born to ski, built to race. she made her first podium at just 16. pushing her career into hyper speed. >> it took you eight races to get on the podium and it took lindsey vonn 44. >> well -- >> is there a rivalry there? >> i'd call it mutual respect. i have grown up idolizing linsey. she's never made no bones about telling people that she works the hardest and that's why she's been the best. and i always really listen to that. something that struck home with me. >> reporter: it is daybreak in aspen, 12 degrees and icy. mikaela is gearing up inside
12:57 am
signing a few autographs but outside winds battering the mountain. they test out the slopes but the conditions are too treacherous. for now, just a week before the competition, a critical training day is postponed. >> it makes it difficult to train because the wind blows the gates over and you can't see the surface. >> reporter: early next morning we're there as she finishes training. her team taking advantage of every moment to fine tune and practice. >> we are just down at the lift getting on the chair and several people know she's here. they though when she's training. one guy said we're so proud of her. it's true. he's is veil's prodigal daughter. off the mountain the toll at this level can be brutal. >> i have taken more than two days off in this entire season. maybe a day off. normally that's a travel day to the next venue. >> there will be 50 or 60 people at the bottom of a ski area waiting pore autographs. it's easy for us to accept too
12:58 am
many appointments for her, appearances or obligations. we've seen it backfire and makes her so tired. she can't ski. >> reporter: racing is taxing on both mind and body. >> i feel it everywhere in my body. my back gets really sore when i ski. my legs can get really tired. i'm a good sleeper. i am a professional -- what's your nickname again. >> sir naps a lot. >> reporter: on the mountain, total focus and a post race celebration that says it all. >> after almost every single win, i just want to go to bed. i daydream about winning races and partying after. like having a celebration. >> this is the woman who had one glass of champagne when she turned 21. >> but i always think, well, it's pack past. there's another race coming up in a week. it's time to work again. >> i'm gloria riviera in vale, colorado. and next, moo have over
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♪ and finally tonight, there was the printing press, the cotton gin and now the impossible burger. ears abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: one of these things is not like the other. >> did you trick me? they may look the same but at saxon and parole in the east village, looks can be deceiving. the impossible burger impossible because it smells, sizs and even bleeds like the real thing. yet, it is entirely plant based. acclaimed chef bad farmer serves the possible alongside the impossible at two of his restaurants. >> big mission is to give people an ethical and sustainable alternative to meat.
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>> reporter: the food scientists at impossible foods in redwood city, california, have spent five years perfecting this revolutionary alternative. so what's it made of? wheat, coconut oil and potatoes. plus one juicy secret ingredient. heem, the iron containing compound uniquely found in animal muscle contributes to the color and taste meat lovers crave and it can also be found in plants. >> whatever it is, it's good. >> reporter: seeing may be believing but you can hardly tell just by looking at it. >> the second one i would say is the impossible burger. no, sorry, the second one is the meat burger and the first one i would say is the impossible burger. am i right. >> you are correct. >> wow, but it was really hard to tell. >> reporter: making plants taste like beef may not be so impossible after all, but putting it down just might be. for "nightline," i'm linzie janis, new york. >> on this st. patrick's day we
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are reminded of the words of the 19th century poet join boyle o'reilly. be true to your work, your word, your friend. thank you for watching abc news. as always we're online at and our nightline face page. thanks for company, america. have a great weekend. good night.
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