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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  March 19, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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live, where you live, this abc 7 news. heart wrenching. a lot of time put into it, and we just need to know. >> a fear of the unknown. parents are growing yes, ma'imp tonight, wondering where their children will go to class after school assignments have been delayed. we begin with developing news, and we're getting some answers tonight about that delay for some 14,000 students. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard went out to get some answers and is live at district headquarters.
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you heard from the school district late this afternoon. >> reporter: yeah, i did. in fact the school assignments were supposed to go out last week. that didn't happen. the district tells me those letters will hopefully go out tomorrow. that is hopefully go out tomorrow. but, you know, they say that some staffing emergencies have delayed the process. but some parents telling us tonight they need an answer now. >> we're waiting. >> reporter: in limbo. >> in limbo. >> reporter: nicolette can't think about anything else but where her 5-year-old daughter will start school in the fall. she was hoping to hear by now. but first-round school assignments have been delayed by the san francisco unified school district. >> it's been a long process, and it's been really, really hard for us. because, you know, touring all the schools, heart wrenching, a lot of time put into it, and we just need to know. >> it makes our family very nervous and a little concerned. >> reporter: parent jessica clawson told us via face time
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her son luke wants to play baseball at lowell high, a public school, but he's. >> reporter: been accepted by two private schools and deadlines are looming. >> they have dates coming up just this week that we have to accept or decline. it's very hard to not know yet from the school district, you know, that he has an assignment within the sfusc. >> reporter: parents can choose from 130 schools in the district. there are 14,000 applications. but staffing tuesday. the next 48 hours, it will be a late storm, but you have to bring out the rain gear. a chance of thunder is possible on tuesday. we'll break it down form you, go hour by hour and show you where you can expect the rain where you live in that full accuweather forecast. >> you can track the rain using our abc 7 app. make sure to enable push alerts
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for instant weather and updates. palo alto fire officials are searching for the cause of this fire. video from palo alto online shows fire streaming from the roof of the multi-million home. crews were able to knock it down in about a half hour after getting into the home. >> had to actually force the entry, because all the doors were locked, which was an indication that probably there weighs was no one home. we did make our way to the back of the home into the kitchen and the fire had gotten into the attic at that time. >> they say the home is significantly damaged. a baton rouge sheriff's deputy was shot and killed in the line of duty. sean anderson and his partner went to a barbershop at a strip mall to investigate a rape case. they struggled with the suspect before the suspect opened fire, hitting and killing the 43-year-old officer. >> i'm here to support law
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enforcement, but also to admonish our community to be very prayerful about this situation. >> sergeant anderson was known for good news, like helping this woman deliver her baby on the side of the road and saving the life of a suicidal woman. gunfire and taken to a hospital. now the president's first 100 days with the trump administration setting up for a big week. the fbi director is due on capitol hill tomorrow and will likely be asked about those wiretapping claims. also confirmation hearings begin for the president's peck for the supreme court. and the house is set to vote on health care this week. gloria riviera has details from washington. >> reporter: new calls for president trump to say "i'm sorry." >> so you think the president should say "i'm sorry"? >> i think so. >> reporter: it's been 15 days since president trump said i was the victim of an illegal wiretap
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by president obama. then he said the british intelligence community was involved. >> to the uk, it doesn't hurt, and it takes away from the rest of his agenda. >> reporter: so far the white house has still offered no evidence of trump's claim. top members of the house and senate committees haven't seen any proof either. monday could mark the tipping point. fbi director james comey will appear before congress, possibly testifying that trump's claim is not true. >> do you think he's prepared to address this publicly? >> on the wiretapping, i hope he will. this will be an opportunity for us to have an open discussion about this investigation. >> reporter: health care also dominating headlines. the gop/obamacare replacement bill headed to the floor this week. >> in is t >> this is the plan we ran all last year and we've been working hand in glove to put this together. >> reporter: many lawmakers say it's not enough.
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>> they're really flat out false in telling us, oh, you guys ran on this plan. none of us ran on this plan. we ran on repealing obamacare because it doesn't work. >> i think it's not going to work to bring down premiums. >> the current house bill as drafted, i do not believe it will pass the senate. >> reporter: the stage now set for a showdown on capitol hill. gloria river david elliott was seen late thursday morning, became separated from his caregiver. he suffers from dementia which affect affects his sense of direction. video of a high altitude scare in san francisco where a man climbed up a construction crane. police quickly shut down the intersection. the man with the backpack climbed up around 9:00 this
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morning. he paused at the edge then safely made his way down. of course he was met by several police officers. they took his backpack and searched it. he did not have any weapons, but they did not say what prompted him to climb the crane. he was taken to the hospital for an evaluation. coming up on abc 7 news, it wasn't easy to get this span down. the job is far from over. and what brought these pups to the oakland airport. three football players expelled. at least six others could face expulsion. >> tracking down answers. >> i went to pg&e headquarters in san francisco, hoping to ask a few more questions, but they refused to go on camera. >> telling your stories. >> i get deported, what is going to happen with my bank account. >> abc 7 is right where we've always been, the team you trust, built on the
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. a no easy task for cal trans crews in mon crews in monterey county. cal trans tried to use a wrecking ball but conditions have enough force. they used a chisel to take the middle portion of the structure down. demolition of the south portion will begin tomorrow. it's been a month since the bridge was closed due to a landslide damage. a steel bridge will replace this one and could be built in about six months. firefighters in menlo park
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are excited about a development they want to share with you. take a look. they provided this drone video of a new down town fire station under construction. it is excited about its drone program and has six pilots who can operate the drones. it is set to be completed by the end of the year. school was in session today for more than two dozen pups at oakland international airport. alaska airlines is partnering with guide dogs for the blind to help visually-impaired flyer they were allowed to explore the baggage claim. the training gaugaudogs to better help their owners. up next, beautiful and confident. they may look like just dresses to you, but they're helping create priceless memories. clouds are thickening this evening and will give way t
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tributes are coming in for a musician credited of being a founding father of rock 'n roll. chuck berry died near his home in st. louis. he defined rock 'n roll. including "roll over beethoven" and "johnny be good." fans can look forward to a new album of mostly new music later this year. keith richards posted a picture of him with berry and says one of my big lights has gone out. and former president obama said chuck berry rolled over everyone who came before him and turned up everyone who came after.
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participants of all ages got their hair shaved off to raise money for kids fighting cancer. abc 7 news was in downtown martinez for the sixth annual shave-a-thon. it shows sol daeidarity with th who lose their hair during treatment. >> here in martinez over the past five years we've raised over $150,000. it's a very important event to us, very important cause. >> organizers say about 30 people gave up their locks during this year's fundraiser. the princess project is putting prom dresses on hundreds of bay area teens who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford one. abc 7 news was there for the event. the princess project has chapters throughout california, collecting prom dresses and giving them to students in need. all you need is a student id.
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>> they shopped with a fairy godmother which is their personal assistant. >> they were set to give away 1600 dresses this year. now your accuweather forecast. >> we will welcome spring early tomorrow morning. and spring, going to bring showers with it. live doppler7 showing you return of action on the screen. the majority of the action is well north. north of santa rosa right now. but this is indication of what is to come, the changes in the next 24-48 hours. the storm impact scale, specifically for the north bay and the coast, that is the best chance of seeing any light showers in the next 12 hours, along with a bit of a breeze picking up. a live look from our east bay hills camera, not as bright as it was this time yesterday. a canopy of cloud cover
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overhead, fog along the coast. we're going to see a 180. that warmth is going bye-bye. cooler weather and rain is returning this week. where we have seen a good amount of sunshine today, we are in the upper 60s. contrast that to the fog and clouds along the coast. we are in the mid to upper 50s and in between those numbers around the bay. the call, overnight tonight, location will be key determining what your sky cover will be. in the south bay, mainly clear skies. san jose, a different story in the north bay and along the coast. more in the way of cloud cover and a chance of drizzle popping up the next 12 hours or so. but everyone monday into tuesday is fair game for showers. the storm door open. light showers return. breezy at times. and tuesday morning we're going to track the chance of an isolated thundershower. let's go hour by hour. tomorrow morning, 6:00 in the
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morning, the majority of the region does look dry. however, you do notice along the coast and in the mortgage bay the -- north bay there is a chance of a sprinkle. everyone is fair game for the wet weather to return. it's on and off showers through the second half of your monday. then another wave of wet weather will move through. you see the pops of yellow and orange on the screen. that is the chance we could see an early morning thundershower pop up tuesday morning. tuesday afternoon right now, we could actually squeak out a good amount of sunshine to round out tuesday. so really the theme is monday and tuesday, not a washout by any means, but the showers are returning. potential rainfall the next 48 hours, highest will be in the north. probably one to two inches of rain. from fairfield to san francisco, oakland, san leandro, antioch, half moon bay, probably half an inch to an inch. and from palo alto, morgan hill,
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probably less than a half of an inch of rain. highs on monday. grab the umbrella as you step out the day. high, 63 napa, 61 in san francisco, 67 san jose, and 67 in livermore. tomorrow, spring arrives in the morning and brings scattered showers with it. best chance for widespread showers tomorrow, likely in the afternoon. tuesday, a morning thunderstorm is possible. then tuesday afternoon we may be dry. wednesday a scattered shower. not a washout. similar on thursday, but friday, matt, that's when we track a stronger storm moving in. and friday looks to be the only day that is a washout. >> i thought we done with that. >> not yet. march madness going on and going strong. >> another upset. in the ncaa tournament, a hint? my hometown. the
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now, abc 7 sports. >> the men's ncaa suffered another bracket buster as louisville was upset by michigan. rick pitino looking for a sixth consecutive trip to the sweet 16. led by as many as nine. a career high 26, led a furious second half come back and the wolverines are going to the sweet 16 and telhey'll take on e
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oregon/rhode island winner. >> don't force anything, see what happens, and today, yeah. i got a couple easy ones early, and my confidence was high. >> unless you win it all, it's always going to be that disappointment. mentally, we have a very difficult time focussing on what to do defensively. and it cost us the game tonight. >> could greg marshall al's shoo shock kentucky? just under 90 seconds to go, wichita state cuts in. and a chance to tie at the buzzer, but he gets a hand on it. wildcats win 65-62 and get the ucla/cincinnati winner in the sweet 16. the warriors seem to have their mojo back.
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steph curry led the way with 28 points, rediscovering his stroke going 6-8. the dubs are hookilooking like old splash brothers. they made the adjustment without durant. >> we talked about it a lot when we got back from the road, that this is going to be a big week for us to get back to who we are. we figure it out and most of it was defensively. >> i think we're in a great spot right now. the turnover ratio is great. and we're going to mow tum momentum on the road. >> he gave off samardzja did strike out five. travis shaw looking to end it, but then he gave up back to back home runs in the fourth to perez
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and kirk nieuwenhuis. giants lose 6-4. and the a's lost. lost. los off the green for eagle, just misses. he'd make that putt for birdie to tie for the lead. open the door for the aussie, mark leashman. he struggled home and had to make this three footer, and with the victory, a trip to the masters. big day in tennis
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new on abc 7 news at 6:00. success for spacex and medical science as the dragon space capsule lands safely on earth. and a good sign vineyards are getting back to normal after the drought. ever wanted to peer into the eye of an active volcano? now you can, sort of. google hired a crew to go to volcanos off the coast of australia. they propelled into the crater to collect 360 degree street view imagery. it's quite a sight. that's it for abc 7 n welcome to "world news tonight."
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moment of truth. high drama as the fbi's james comey gets ready to testify. what will he say about russia and president trump's unsubstantiated wiretapping claims? developing tonight, explosive new details about the teacher accused of abducting one of his teenage students. her family's emotional plea. and this, from the teacher's own wife. >> tad, this is not you. this is not who you are. deadly arson. the manhunt tonight for the suspect baltimore police are calling public enemy number one for allegedly firebombing a home that killed two teenagers. tonight, the video that appears to show the arsonist at work. plus, high fire danger. the growing wildfire setting off mass evacuations. and, lost and found.


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