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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 20, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this monday morning, capitol hill showdown. fbi director james comey hours away from testifying in front of congress. what will he say about the president's wiretapping claims and russia meddling in the election? we're live in washington with the answers. fighting the fires. hundreds forced to evacuate as wildfires burn out of control. what investigators are saying overnight about a possible cause and where the fire danger remains high today. new this morning, a family demanding answers after surveillance video captures someone spraying poison on their child's slide. was it a random act or was that targeted? caught on camera, a skier tumbling down a mountain. the dramatic video and rescue.
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we do say good morning on this first day of spring. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm adrienne bankert. diane is off today. we begin on capitol hill this morning where fbi director james comey will answer some questions today about russia's meddling in the u.s. election and about president trump's claim that former president obama wiretapped trump tower. >> sources tell abc news comey will push back against those wiretap claims. abc's janai norman is following the developments overnight. janai, good morning. >> reporter: kendis and adrienne, good morning. it is absolutely shaping up to be a busy week here in the nation's capital. today fbi director james comey is expected to publicly debunk those explosive wiretapping claims and shed light on russia's alleged involvement in last year's election. fbi director james comey is expected to set the record straight about the explosive accusation of illegal wiretaps even as the top republican and democrat on the house
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intelligence committee agree. >> was there a physical wiretap of trump tower? no, but there never was. >> no evidence to support the president's claim that he was wiretapped by his predecessor. >> reporter: the country's most powerful law enforcement officer will testify on capitol hill and it's already anticipated he'll officially undercut president trump's claim that president obama ordered wiretaps at trump tower, a charge that's left one republican committee member arguing trump should apologize. >> it never hurts to say you're sorry. >> reporter: last week trump doubled down and accused the british intelligence community of being involved. >> it's not just sorry to the president but also to the uk. it doesn't hurt and it takes away from the rest of his agenda. >> reporter: comey's capitol hill testimony is part of an investigation into how russia interfered with last year's presidential election and to address the lingering question of whether anyone on the president's team may have helped. an answer democrats and republicans may not yet agree on.
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>> i would characterize it this way at the outset of the investigation, there is circumstantial evidence of collusion. there is direct evidence, i think, of deception. >> i give you a very simple answer, no. there's no evidence of collusion. >> reporter: and sources emphasize today's hearing is about much more than twitter rants from the president. the hearing's main focus is to look at how russia interfered in last year's election and whether any u.s. citizens helped the russian government. kendis and adrienne. >> abc news will have live coverage of the director's opening statement expected around 10:15 eastern time this morning. also in washington today, the first of four days of confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee neal gorsuch. >> the senate judiciary committee will hear from the federal appeals court judge himself. he hopes to replace justice antonin scalia who died 13 months ago. >> the president criticized kim jong-un after the country tested a new rocket engine. south korea says the engine marks a significant advancement in the north's capability.
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the test came during secretary of state rex tillerson's visit to the region and president trump says he and his advisers met this weekend to discuss any threats. >> the meetings with north korea, he's acting very, very badly. i will tell you he is acting very badly. >> reporter: and north korea is saying this was for their space program. even china, north korea's ally appears to be losing patience with kim jong-un. secretary tillerson saying preemptive military action against north korea may be necessary. well, back to the capitol and new questions this morning about security threats at the white house after three breaches in eight days. new details surfaced overnight about the most recent incident. police say a man acrested at a checkpoint near the white house is from virginia and was in a stolen car. he claimed to have a bomb but there was no explosives inside the car. also this weekend, a person jumped over a bike rack barrier in front of the white house and you'll recall on march 10th while the president was there at the residence, a man entered the white house grounds after
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jumping a fence. overseas now and we're learning some more details about the suspect in the paris airport terror attack. toxicology tests found traces of cocaine, marijuana in the suspect's blood. investigators say he stopped by a bar before firing a shot at traffic police. now, later he allegedly took a soldier hostage at the orly airport. he was fatally shot by two others on patrol. back in the states this morning, investigators believe the raging wildfire in boulder, colorado, was human caused. fire officials have ruled out a lightning strike. they say the fire started in an area popular with hikers. the flames have forced hundreds of people to evacuate and even more residents are on pre-evacuation notice. mark sandercot is one of the homeowners forced to quickly pack up. he just moved to the area three months ago. >> i thought for sure we were probably going to lose the house. i grabbed my backpack, grabbed the most essential things i thought i needed and some water and just left.
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i could see the flames up above on the base of the flat irons and it was a scary moment. >> the national guard there has been called in to help fight the fire. it is only 50% contained. the fire danger remains high for several states including colorado. days of record high temperatures and dry weather are creating perfect conditions for wildfires in parts of new mexico, texas and kansas. well, it sure feels like the start of summer even as spring gets under way this morning. today's highs in the middle of the country, 91 in oklahoma city, nearly 80 in st. louis. and mid-50s in chicago. now, those warm temperatures hit the east coast tomorrow, 60s in d.c., mid-50s here in new york city. 70s and 80s in the south and boston will be enjoying a little bit of it, 50s tomorrow. another sign out of boston that spring is here as grounds crew get the major league baseball parks ready. >> the snow is melting away
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soon. crews in boston spent the weekend thawing the ground at fenway. they're using heaters on the warning track to help the melting process. >> okay, should point out, the red sox home opener is two weeks from today. but who's counting? >> yeah. >> a whole lot of folks. >> it's spring. spring is in the air. still ahead, a major shakeup overnight at uber. why the president is leaving just months after starting. plus, new this morning, kim kardashian speaking out about that robbery for the very first time. >> are they going to kill us? and i was just like crying and like tell them i have babies. >> her emotional firsthand account, what she was thinking while bound and gagged. and police call it unheard of. poison sprayed on a child's slide. what the family is saying after seeing the surveillance video.
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reward in the search for the suspect in a firebombing attack in baltimore. now police say this man that you see here threw two molotov cocktails in a row house. two teenagers were killed and six others injured including a child. but in an audio recording posted on facebook last night, a man identifying himself as the suspect says he did not do it. the speaker's identity, however, has not been confirmed. a lot of people paying attention to this next story. a manhunt under way for a teacher accused of abducting a 15-year-old girl. elizabeth thomas was last seen a week ago. police believe she is with her former instructor, tad cummins. investigators say cummins may have decided to take thomas after being spotted earlier this year allegedly kissing the teen in his class.
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the frantic search intensifying for a missing tennessee teen and her former teacher accused of kidnapping her. authorities now sending out a nationwide alert. >> we really miss you. i miss you. please, please come home. >> reporter: school officials confirming that 50-year-old tad cummins was 15-year-old elizabeth thomas' health science teacher. the teacher now accused of having an inappropriate relationship with the teen, a claim he denied. thomas was last seen at 7:30 march 13th in a restaurant in columbia, tennessee. >> they planned this for some time before disappearing with elizabeth. >> reporter: detectives say they tracked the pair to decatur, alabama, before the trail went cold one week ago. and this morning authorities believe the two are still in the u.s. but may have changed their appearances. much more on the story later on "good morning america." uber needs to do a pickup. this time it's another president
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it has to pick up. after only six months on the job, jeff jon saying his beliefs and approach differed with the company's. he's the fourth executive to leave in the last month. jones reportedly found uber's problems were greater than he realized. they include charges of sexism, sexual harassment and a toxic work culture. >> on to entertainment news. "beauty and the beast" cast a spell on movie theaters this weekend. the live action remake of the animated classic from disney, our parent company, scored the biggest opening ever by a family friendly film. say that five times fast. the biggest debut of the year brought in $170 million and that's just stateside. >> wow. >> what were you going to say? >> very impressive. i think it's 350 million globally, yeah. a muppet with autism will soon be welcomed on "sesame street." julia will make her debut april 10th. she's been part of "sesame
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street's" storybooks for more than a year and the show spent years consulting organizations, experts and families of autism before bringing her to the show. when we come back, caught red-handed how this one thief got tuck in a window. sweet 16, more upsets during march madness and the coach using a super soaker on his team during the celebration. ♪ at almond breeze, we only use california-grown blue diamond almonds in our almondmilk. it's something we're proud of. knowing exactly where every almond comes from. but the whole "care-and-nurturing-making- sure-they-grow- up-just-right" part? that idea... ...we borrowed from the experts. ♪ blue diamond almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. at petsmart, we'll give a meal any to a pet in need. food
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about kim kardashian's terrifying ordeal at the hands of armed robbers in her paris hotel room. >> in gripping raw detail, the reality star opened up for the first time about that fateful night. >> i'm not going -- i know how these things go. >> kim kardashian west riding a rank of emotions as she recounted for the first time publicly what was the toughest night of her life. >> i was laying in bed like should i wash my face. i'm so tired and then ten minutes i was like dozing, dozing, and i heard pounding up the stairs. >> reporter: that noise two robbers dressed as police officers. the reality show star was in paris last october for fashion week inside her lavish hotel room all alone when the thieves made their way in. >> he was telling me, he goes, ring, ring, ring. he goes give them your ring. so, okay, it's on the table, you know and i said while i'm being tied up, i'm like are we going to die? are they going to kill us? and i was just like crying and
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like tell them i have babies. >> reporter: her ordeal not over yet. >> he duct taped my face and my mouth to get me to like not yell or anything, and then he grabbed my legs and i had no clothes on under and he pulled me towards him and i thought, okay, this is the moment they're going to rape me and i fully mentally prepped myself. >> reporter: the suspects did not. they eventually left her tied up in a bathroom and ran for the exit. the "keeping up with the kardashians" cameras rolling as kim returned to new york city, and then this moment, a reunion with her oldest child. kim telling kanye she wanted to be brave for the children. >> did you miss me so much? >> yes. >> how much? >> and robbers did steal millions in jewelry but french police, we should point out, arrested ten people in connection with this case in january. an investigation is under way into a bizarre crime scene.
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in georgia a family says somebody sprayed poison on their child's slide. they say surveillance video shows a man walking through their yard spraying that substance on the slide and believe it was weed killer because it did kill the grass nearby. now, as far as they know, it was a random act. they've turned the case over to police. also a legendary nfl wide receiver has revealed he is fighting als. dwight clark, the former san francisco 49er, says football may have caused his illness. clark is best known for the iconic play now simply known as the catch during the 1981 championship game against the cowboys. clark says he first experienced symptoms in his hand two years ago. and an incredible fall down a mountain is captured on a professional skier's helmet cam. look at this. russian skier ivan malakhov was competing in austria. he started off all right, then one mistimed turn causes him to lose control.
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he can be heard gasping and grunting in pain as he tumbled down the steep slopes. he was taken to the hospital and remarkably says he's okay. nothing broken. >> all right. so we go to france now where a suspected thief gave police the big break they wanted. he wasn't hard to find because he was stuck half in and half out of this window. >> goodness. >> police say he made the hole with a hammer while trying to rob that jewelry store. the fire department was called in to help free him before he was arrested. >> so he just couldn't get through the hole that he broke with a hammer. >> no. he needed a bigger hole. >> okay. we'll leave it there. it began with 68. now the ncaa men's basketball tournament is down to its sweet 16. >> three of the top seeds in the semis though north carolina almost didn't make it. the tar heels scored the final 12 points against arkansas to wipe out a five-point deficit in in the final 3 1/2 minutes. >> number two seed louisville
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was sent home. the cardinals lost to michigan in in a rematch of the 2013 collapse game. >> and wolverines head coach john beilein took the postgame celebration to another level just minutes after the big win. beilein grabbed a super soak and let loose on his players. >> i have to say, i once did that for my brother's birthday and brought them in and doused him. it was one of his favorite memories. >> i bet. up next in "the pulse," the march madness moment going viral this morning and the memes behind the crying kid. oh, and great escape. the twins partying all night long.
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does your child need help with digestive balance? try align junior probiotic. so she can have a fraction dominating... status updating... hello-yellow-belt kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support with align junior. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand, now for kids. the ♪ your monday "pulse" starting with something we'll call march sadness. it's now sweeping the internet. >> yeah, he has become known as crying northwestern kid. >> oh, man.
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>> this was his reaction to a referee's noncall and his team lost to gonzaga and read his lips saying this is so bad. >> and see it in his eyes, as well. the moment is leading several memes now including this one where he's joined, of course, by the crying jordan. crying northwestern kid joins the class of champions before him including last year's kentucky band girl. >> the piccolo player. i have to say it's hard to see kids crying about anything. you know they're taking it to heart. that kid is probably going to grow up to be a coach himself. >> yeah. it is. and the kid is actually the coach's son. one of the coach's sons so you can understand it. >> the family affair. now to another sports moment going viral. >> a soccer player in south africa's premier league being interviewed after a game and he thanked his fans and some other people, as well. >> and i appreciate my fans also
4:24 am
my wife and my girlfriend i mean my wife, yeah, sorry to say, i'm so sorry, my wife. i love you so much. i love you so much. >> no, i don't think so. so he thanked his wife and his girlfriend, some nervous laughter after he tried to backtrack. >> yeah, the cat is out of the bag, and now everybody is asking who is the girlfriend. >> take a look at these kids. parents were wondering here in new york city why were their kids restless during the day? they did a time lapse and they found out stayed up late building forts with the pillows. widespread pain drained my energy. they did a time lapse even they found out stayed up late building forts with the pillows. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions.
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>> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. first day of spring for 2017. march 20th, 2017. welcome back, reggie. >> that's nice, miss. i wasn't here friday but we're all back today. >> really? >> brutal. >> yeah. >> i'm kidding. >> rain? >> possible. more likely throughout the day but not this morning. i'm kidding. it is always nice to see you. hope you had a good time. no need for the umbrella now. most areas looking quiet. some scattered sprinkles but most are outside of our neighborhood. let's see how your daybreaks down from sutro tower. looking at temperatures in the low to mid 50s. mainly cloudy. first sign of showers around noon. they'll become numerous but scattered from 4:00 to 7:00.
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not as warm as yesterday. near 60 at noon. mid to upper 60s at 4:00. how about the commute? we started with a rollover crash westbound's highway 4 corrector to southbound 242. that landed on the left shoulder. emergency crews are blocking the left lane. south of there, you see the yellow and red on the traffic flows. southbound 242 past concord, we had a couple vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed. six vehicles total involved. we have the left lane blocked. i'll have an update in less than ten. >> announcer: a live desk update from abc 7 mornings. >> new this morning, a gruesome accident left a man with severe burns. firefighters responded to a call at the public storage facility on south buchanan circle before 11:00 last night. an rv was in flames and a naked man, whose clothes had been burned off. >> it did look like either the clothes were burned off or he
4:29 am
wasn't wearing any to begin with. definitely, you can tell he has significant burns. >> he was taken to buchanan field in concord and flown to a nearby burn center. witnesses heard an explosion inside the vehicle before the fire. the victim suffered second to third degree burns to 80% of his body. no word on a cause. 49ers legend dwight clark says he suspects football left to his als diagnosis. he posted a letter disclosing the disease. his friends and former team's management is responding. abc 7 is live in santa clara. >> natasha, as you say, dwight clark suspects that football may be the cause of his als, but he just doesn't know for sure. he does say he's going to fight like hell and live life to the fullest as he deals with this disease. clark was on the receiving end of the catch, one of the most famous plays in nfl history, in
4:30 am
1982. it helped the 49ers get to the team's first super bowl. clark went on to become a pro bowler and has his 49er jersey retired. he said in an open letter, he started experiencing the symptoms of als in his left hand in 2015. clark wrote in a letter, quote, i can't run, play golf or walk distances. picking up anything over 30 pounds is a chore. the one piece of good news is that the disease seems to be progressing more slowly than in some patients. we spoke with a professor of neurology at ucfs and she said als affects the nerves and muscles. it affects 1 in 100,000 people and is not genetic. >> alzheimer's, parkinson's, als are degenerative diseases. something triggers the nerve to die, and we don't know what the trigger is. if we did, we could obviously treat the diseases much better than


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