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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 21, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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they make their 9th straight sweet 16, cal's season is over. joe pavelski and the sharks starting a four-game road trip in dallas. nice pass for patrick marlowe, he can't put it home. aaron del getting the start in that, making the great save on cody eakin. late second, the stars take a shot and curtis mckenzie redirects a pass. dallas goes up 1-0. sharks had their chances to tie it up. lehtinen posted his 36th career shutout. 1-0, sharks have lost three in a row. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino, it's good to see the warriors winning without kevin duran the. he gets re-evaluated in a week. li
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man: constant tingling in my toes. woman: i had double vision. man: they said, "you have multiple sclerosis." man: i kind of had to get a grasp on reality. man: i had to adapt and change very rapidly. woman: i had to lear how to drive with my hands -- yeah, that was interesting.
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man: a symptom may cause you not to be able to do that anymore, and at one point, i was able to do any of those. man: since i've been cycling, it's definitely helped my walking. woman: it's a fantastic opportunity to be working together with a common goal of curing ms, and sharing is the key. we were told nothing could be done, to enjoy these final moments together. but in that moment, when all seemed lost... st. jude children's research hospital gave us hope. announcer: because at this moment, st. jude children's research hospital is saving lives with pioneering research and care. we're changing the way the world treats childhood cancer by sharing our discoveries with doctors and scientists everywhere. and we'll never have to pay st. jude for anything, ever. at this moment, she wants to be in her own bed.
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i want to be outside playing. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit don't leave home without your umbrellas tomorrow morning. live doppler 7 tracking light to moderate showers. street level radar, walnut creek to clayton, mike will be here at 4:30 amtraking it all. >> that's our report, we appreciate your time. >> thanks for joining us. adam corolla on jimmy kimmel live. it's an all new show today with great viral videos "right this minute."
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a pilot fights to control a 737 in strong winds. looks more like he's sawing wood. the moment this guy knows he's earned his paycheck. >> yea! a dog wants to cross the threshold. >> but she has a fear issue. >> the amazing story of lily lilac learning to trust again. and he can find rhythm in anything like -- how andrew wong is really making music this time with the fridge of the future. and a little boy who -- >> is at the beach for the very first time. >> see the sheer joy of sticking those toys in the sand. >> he's giving them all the feel. >> they are all experiencing this. i could be alone in this assumption, but i always thought the modern airplane technology basically flew the planes and landed them automatically.
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boy was i wrong. this pilot of a 737 looks more like he's sawing wood. he's coming down to land the plane in strong, gusty crosswinds. he always uses the line that pilots earn their salary in a day and he earns it. he's all over the place trying to put this on the ground. >> and the right hand is on the throttle. and he's constantly moving that as well. >> boy was i wrong. i thought they were up there punching buttons too. >> if you thought it was a clenching moment, watch the moment on his face when he puts it down safely. >> yea! >> did you see that? >> yay me! this is lily lilac. she's an 8-month-old chihuahua. but she has some fear issues.
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fear of the door. it says, wait, she can't read. >> so she gets close. >> nope, not doing it. not today. >> lily had to be evacuated during the floods in louisiana last year. when she was being evacuated, say said that her mom stepped on her head and caused head trauma. so now she's got fear issues. >> so is it like she won't walk inside? if you picked her up and carried her inside, would she still get nervous? >> let's see. dog respond to trauma a lot like humans do. my sister had a dog that wouldn't go through certain doorways because he was afraid of being trapped. but it is really cool they are coaxing her and helping her adjust in the new space. >> oh. >> wow. >> he has a big sister now. her name is chewy. watch what chewy does when she gets in the door. >> she's like, fine, it's okay,
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come in the door, you're a big girl. you'll be all right. so now we'll see how lily does on her own. >> come on, show everybody how brave you are now. wow. >> ah. >> victory. >> look at that face, though. >> i can walk on >> it's a nice example of how too many times people feel like with animals you need to dominate them. in this situation it would have made it worse. >> see, you're not so afraid anymore. facebook, we all use it daily and it has become an i didn't ca-- intrical part of ou lives. not everybody can go there until now. >> we are going to see the facebook headquarters. >> these two teams, trickster and harris, have decided to take their own tour of the facebook london campus. they have done this before at another high-security organization in london.
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they nail it. you see them go down the side of the building, they get inside. >> so we are currently heading up all the stairs. and we're trying to get to near the top. >> there you see the cafeteria that everybody talks about. >> i would just hit the cereal bar all day long. >> that what's on your mind board, you need to improve security. >> so they continue exploring. look, security. >> security is there. literally right there. >> how would that be if you started posting on facebook from inside the building and the security guards are just scrolling through. >> you see they were able to maneuver around the office. and they couldn't leave without shooting some pool on this pool table. >> oh, hello. >> and they just walk past because they do look like they belong there. >> we managed to sneak in here and explore the place. but now we need to leave. >> let's play devil's advocate and point out this is the kind of building where you shouldn't
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be able to do this. and this is opening some pretty glaring holes in their security. because they gees could easily be a target with people with a more nefarious goal. >> they went into the promised land and made it out. it's awesome to see kids when learning how to do things, right? the first time they open counter something, well, little manome will be a great surfer one day. >> oh, my gosh, how cute is she? look at her life jacket. >> because with a big old smile she's on that surfboard with her mommy. and is totally rocking the surfing. >> check that out. >> you know what i love? she got up before mom. like, she was fully standing up there. >> it's not a bad place to learn either, look at that. >> it's stunning. they say at first they didn't really want to get on the surfboards, but know they can't get her off. little garrison is at the beach for the very first time. and i think it may also be the
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first time he stands on sand. >> he's giving them all the feels. are you all experiencing this? >> yes, i know the feeling. >> look at that beach, it looks like powder. >> doesn't it look super soft? but it's not stable, he keeps slipping and just figured out how to stand up without falling and now they put him on the uneven, unstable surface? what is this? >> why have you waited so long to bring me here? >> honestly, i can't tell if he's hating it or loving it. i guess we'll know soon enough. mad scientist collin ferrs is building his latest thing. he's doing it with pop gear and all meant with the stick to dry. >> is there where we figure out if the stick will die? and they call her the real rapunzel. >> see her hair drag on the ground while she walks. >> see what her husband says
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closed captioning provided by -- like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. our favorite british mad scientist -- got a text message. >> to celebrate the new series of top gear, bb krarc worldwides
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to lend you a stick for the day. >> for those who don't know what top gear is, it's a world famous show about the cars and the stig is one of the characters on the show. >> in return we want you to build something for us. >> depending on what part of the world you're in, this will be a nice ride. we need to make it fast, like scary fast! >> this is a child's dream come true. how many times do you get in the bumper car and wish that thing could -- >> collin sets off to refurbish this thing. >> you say refurbish. >> well, you could. first he's got to take off the heavy base. takes the body off, starts building a new bumper platform, you know. then begins building a brand new chassis. he's got go-cart wheels in the back and go-cart wheels in the front. and it's going to be scary and unstable, but it's got to be
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fast. >> let's try one of these. >> he's putting a motorcycle engine in it. four-cylinder, 100-horsepower inside the tiny bumper car. >> is this where we finally find out if the stig can die? >> i hope not. >> he manages to get the engine in without much fabrication and soon gets a special delivery. >> they mailed the stig? >> collin finishes up the beautiful stainless steel custom-made exhaust. do you want to see the stigy drive this thing? >> yeah. >> that's not going to happen until later this week. this is part one of the video series to promote the new season of "top gear" that continues today, monday, on bbc america. i can't say his last name, but i'm going to call him alex. he's a certified outdoorsman and nature lover. so much so we have to give him love for what he did in this
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case. >> oh, little guy. >> he found a squirrel nest. >> so he's basically just cut down their home. >> yes. but when he figured that out, the team was gentle and saved the little squirrels. and they rehomed them. >> that's cool because they took the nest as well. >> i don't know who i want to comb more, him or the squirrel. how sweet is that? >> i would give them a hug. >> they take this to a tree nearby. and mom is around and will still go find their babies when she smells them out and figures out where they are. >> mom is going to be like, i swear i left the tree right here. >> this is the tree next to the tree where they came from. so this would be the best spot i could find right here. i'm going to put the nest right in this area. >> they take the nest up there and carefully place it down. >> i cannot believe that, that the babies were okay, the nest was secure enough to hold them
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all and everybody is just fine. just relocated. >> the nest is right there. it will be okay. best buds. ♪ i've always been fascinated by the idea of the fact that humans can do a movement over and over again and eventually become almost super human. now this woman in china is about to count all that money. usually you use a money counting machine. she is the money counting machine. spins it and suddenly just starts flickering it like a drum on the table. she knows that was four more, she knows the denomination and
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quickly puts it in the calculation and puts it into private money. in each case, she flies through it never making a mistake. noticing the amounts on the piece of paper when at the end she goes, time. she's got it all done. >> did you notice how he moves like a machine and it sounds like the machine is doing the work. >> it's just incredible. >> it's impressive, but as her boss i would be concerned that you can't work that fast. you would be making a mistake. you're telling me she's accurate all the time? >> that's exactly what it looks like they are doing. not only are they timing her but monitoring the amount. they are going to know how much is there. this is what they do to keep people shocked. it's monday and real or fake time with ebaum's world. this video, real or fake. >> they show -- >> we've got three new videos and it's time to decide if they are real -- >> and it's gnarly. that's how i feel sometimes. >> real or fake time, you decide
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promotional considerations provided by -- in original prescription strength. so for 24 hour symptom relief be wise all take new xyzal. curing nail fungus could take my pharmacist said.. fungi-nail stops foot fungus fast before it spreads. fungi-nail. it's monday which means it is usually the time where we come up with weird, wacky things with ebaum's mack. >> hi, guys. we have a fresh new group. let's roll them. >> wow, we already know that. have you seen us without makeup?
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>> it's the before and after game. >> and it's gnarly. i feel cheated sometimes. >> this is very real. >> yeah, it's real. and you all see us in the morning, we have the same features, they are just enhanced. >> i love that this is the video we have to decide if it's real or fake. it's real. >> we are all very real. >> i'm with you guys, this is real. >> the crazy thing is the eyes. >> a little eye makeup, lashes and you can be a different person. >> video two. >> uh-oh. >> don't do it, man. >> so this is a safe video. this guy has been working out a lot, he's doing a lot of training here. so he's about to do a pretty crazy stunt. >> oh, my gosh. >> okay. >> i love it. i say real, there's nothing that could have possibly been edited in that video. >> he really made that. >> he's not done yet. >> i always wondered how these things worked, how they got going.
2:01 am
it shows there's a guy pushing it. >> if you want to get small like that guy is, he looks heavy. >> this is real, ridiculous, but we liked it. >> it's funny, he's doing it for entertainment but it's a fake stunt. they shoot! >> you shouldn't do that to somebody. he's working with some powerful equipment right there that could really hurt somebody. >> i don't think this is real. i think it was set up. because why would you do this to your buddy? like, offer something that could injure him. he knocks over the ladder and takes off. >> i kind of agree. >> it sounds so generousl genui amused. >> i'm going with real. >> i'm going with fake. >> i'm going with fake because it doesn't femael real. >> what do you say, mac?
2:02 am
>> i think the knocking over the ladder like he was overacting. i'm going to say fake but we have to get the viewer opinions on this one because it's tough to tell. >> i'll tell you what, do us a favor, go to and sound off if you think this is real or fake because it's bothering me now. the happy octopus dance. ♪ this woman is a real life rapunzel. she's been growing her hair out since she's a child. now it is about 90 inches long. it drags along the floor as she walks. >> look at that. >> you will notice her instagram page is full of pictures of her
2:03 am
long, flowing locks. she says that her hair weighs about the same as her cat. >> how much shampoo and conditioner she must go through. >> all the logistics, how long it takes to brush it, it is even heavier when it is wet, probably, if she must get crazy headaches because of it. >> it's funny that you mention that because from the sounds of it, as high maintenance as it looks, it seems low maintenance. she says she washes it once a week, 20 minutes to wash it, and people send her hair products. >> and she has saved a fortune on not getting her hairstyled and cut. >> that's true. >> there's the normal maintenance in seeing a hairstylist. but other than that, it does take some planning. you have to imagine that it has become a part of the family. >> and it is very nice. she's got great hair. ♪
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this guy makes music with just about anything. even the stuff in your kitchen. >> that refrigerator is nice. look at that. >> yep,
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did you know that people born from 1945 through 1965 have the highest rates of hepatitis c, but most don't know they're infected? people can live for decades without symptoms, but over time hepatitis c can cause serious health problems. if you were born during these years,
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the cdc now recommends that you get a blood test for hepatitis c. so talk to your doctor and find out if you have hepatitis c. it could save your life. know more. that gun. >> honestly, everybody in the studio is happy about that. someone wants to swim. ♪ >> are you done? all done? ♪
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we're familiar with andrew wong. he makes music using just about anything, balloons, wine glasses, if it makes a sound, he'll make music with it. and in this case he's using lg appliances, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves. let's hear the song he put together. ♪ does that song sound familiar? it's by dnce. >> that refrigerator is nice. look at that. it's perfectly effective. lg, you got me. >> that's the whole point of the video. >> it is a really cool fridge. i really like the stove.


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