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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 21, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a frantic 911 call from a woman who said her ex-husband was chasing her here in the parking lot where she worked. let's take a look at video from that scene. you can see a black pickup truck. the man apparently stopped his truck, confronted the woman in the parking lot. she had a restraining order against him. she told him to leave. that's when he went pack to the truck, pulled out a gun and started chasing her. dispatchers heard a shot fired as she was on the call and ran for help. that's when police arrived and cornered him in another office park across the street. >> they started to talk to him as he stopped for a short period of time, tried to negotiate his surrender. unfortunately, there was an exchange of gunfire. one officer fired one round and we believe he discharged a round at himself into his face.
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>> reporter: while the man, in his early 40s, died here in the parking lot, the d.a.'s office is investigating since this did involve an officer in the shooting. the deputy police chief said they've encountered this man several times for domestic violence abuse. the woman got a restraining order after he broke into his house. she says he confronted her again. several office buildings were on lockdown this afternoon. all clear right now. the woman we're told is okay, and she was uninjured. reporting live in redwood city, leslie brinkley, "abc7 news." >> thank you. and breaking news in san francisco, a shooting has forced muni buss to change their routes. the shooting happened within the last hour in the bay view intersection. sky 7 flew overhead. the victim said he was driving, heard gunshots and realized he
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was hit in the leg. he was able to drive himself to the hospital. now a story that's new at 6:00. the possibility of new charges and a life sentence for kidnapped matthew muller. >> just last week he was sentenced to 40 years for kidnapping denise huskins. >> melanie woodrow is live with the latest on the story. >> reporter: dan, ama, both counties have jurisdiction over potential charges. the d.a. is waiting for the feds to turn over their evidence. after a judge sentenced matthew muller to 40 years for kidnapping, the district attorney is requesting all discovery from the federal case. >> such as interviews, photographs, tangible evidence. >> reporter: including evidence found out his south lake tahoe home. his attorney says those includeburgly, stealing a car,
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and keeping her with the intent for sexual assault. according to the u.s. attorney's office, fbi analysts discovered video recordings of muller sexually assaulting her twice. she said of her sexual assault exam, you hope that by making that sacrifice and opening your legs to strangers to pick, prod, and examine you, it could possibly save others from the same fate. and here i was, wishing that i had put up more of a fight, was beaten more, was torn into nor, so the police would be more likely to believe me. >> it would be a shame if charges were not filed. it would be a great disappointment to women. >> reporter: the assistant district attorney said the determination as to any potential charges as to what evidence the u.s. attorney's office may have or to which county may be the most appropriate location to file any charges, if supported by the evidence, is still being looked
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into. the district attorney says there will not be simultaneous prosecutions. and while the sexual assaults allegedly occurred in el dorado county, it's more likely that the charge also be prosecuted by salano county. >> if we can't prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt, i want to get them justice locally. >> reporter: the d.a. says she could have an answer about potential charges within weeks. and tonight, some good news. this past saturday, aaron quinn and denise huskins got engaged. congratulations to them. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." >> thank you, melanie. we're on storm watch tonight because of a strong mix of rain and wind is expected to hit the bay area in the next few hours. this is a live look outside. it looks blustery. we've seen clouds and rain off and on throughout the day. spencer christian joins us now
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with a look at what we can expect and when. >> as you look at live doppler 7 hd, the bay area is experiencing relatively calm conditions right now, although there are some scattered sprinkles in the north bay. producing thunderstorms, lightning strikes up and down the sierra foothills into the sierra mountain range itself. and it's still snowing there. our next storm is on the way. it will arrive late tonight, continue into tomorrow morning. it ranks two on the storm impact scale, producing moderate to heavy rain. thunder and hail are also possible with this storm. 7:00 tonight, notice that for most of the evening, it will be calm. but by 10:00, 11:00 tonight, we'll see the first wave of rain sweeping through the north bay. by 3:00 in the this morning, we'll see most of the action south of the golden gate. south bay, east bay, and the peninsula will be getting
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downpours. into the middle part of the day, the storm breaks up. i'll have a complete look at the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> spencer, thanks so much. a stanford climatologist says our weather is the result of climate change and what we're experiencing now was predicted 30 years ago. an article written in 1988 predicted winter flooding and summer droughts. >> this is the new normal. we have a water system in terms of the infrastructure and the legal rights and the water management that was all designed and built for a climate that existed half a century ago. the oroville dam, the flooding in san jose, the other challenges we're seeing around the state highlight the risks that are intensifying as climate change is. >> the professor says we have the chance now to make changes to prevent problems in the future. today is four weeks since
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flooding in san jose forced thousands of people from their homes. david louie has covered this story for the past month and is live with an update on everything that's happened since. david? >> reporter: progress is being made, although not as fast as some victims would like. damaged apartments are still being repaired. a horse owner is seeing vet bills of $1,500 a day. but federal funds have come you there to allow flood victims to apply for low interest loans. at first glance, it appears frozen in time. inside, construction crews are working hard to restore floors, electrical service and plumbing so residents can move back in. casey almac is hoping for the best for her prized arabian named ben. 28 horses endured these
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conditions for three days before they could be brought out safely. >> he had infections on all four legs, which was to be expected, a bit of a fever. but all if all, he seems to be fine. >> reporter: however, ben developed colic, and the vet bills have reached 10dz,000. conservation teams are helping the zoo rip out dry wall to prevent molding. >> still kind of investigating and testing and trying to open up some of the buildings that were impacted, get them dried out and really assess what needs to be rebuilt or redone or torn out completely. >> reporter: the mere cats are back in their habitat. 27 beehives were lost. flood victims can apply for lones up to $40,000 at low interest to replace lost personal property. >> you can apply online today or
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tomorrow you can come down to city hall and we'll have officials here to help people out in three languages. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, "abc7 news." new at 6:00, a bay point man is under arrest for charges including child pornography and mlestation. the sheriff's office said they had him under investigation for almost a year, since detectives in virginia got in touch saying ruiz was trading child porn over the internet. investigators say they found a significant quantity of evidence on his computer and evidence that he had sexual contact with at least one person under age. an apparent kidnapping and attempted extortion ended in arrest in the east bay. "abc7 news" was in lafayette where that arrest took place on mt. diablo boulevard. a man kidnapped a resident from his home about a mile away,
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drove the victim to the bank and demanded he withdraw money. >> it was just a couple of cars, you know, down to my car. and there was a guy sitting in it, and after i sat in my car and the police car came and he was pointing the gun at him. >> the victim is now safe and was not seriously hurt. a man riding a bicycle died in a crash with a car this evening. about 3:00 this afternoon, a car collided with the bike at lee avenue. you can see part of the road was closed during the investigation. police say the driver of the car stopped nearby. an empty lot in santa rosa where a 13-year-old boy died after being shot by a deputy will now be a park in his honor. county supervisors ordered a $3
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million park to be with the in memory of andy. he was shot in october of 2013. the park will include a teen zone, as well as a community garden. guards at the santa clara county jail went on trial for the death of an inmate. >> it's a battle of forensics and witnesses over what killed him, next. at 6:30, another country joins the u.s. in banning laptops and tab lets from being carried on airlines. also ahead -- >> i'm wayne freedman on a liberty ship to help win
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today was the first day of a murder trial of three correctional guards accused of beating an inmate in jail. vic lee is live in the san jose courthouse today. day one featured some shocking moments. >> reporter: well, indeed a shocking moment in the courtroom when the prosecutor showed a photograph of michael tyree's body taken shortly after he died. in fact, no one minced words delivering their opening statements. now the jurors will have to decide whether this was murder, an accident, or suicide. >> it is either accidental death or suicide. >> reporter: that was the gist of the defense attorney's opening suicide. prosecutor matt brinker's opening statement. inmate michael tyree was beaten to death in august of 2015. the thee correctional guards sat
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impassively listening. he told the jurors power and abuse of power, that's what this case is about. several jurors winced when a photo was shown of tyree's bruised, naked body. the defense attorney, the only lawyer who spoke on camera afterwards, called the next meaningless in a macho jail culture. but the prosecutor said that after the autopsy death that was caused by blunt force trauma, the medical examiner ruled it a homicide. they said the investigators did a sloppy job reviewing his death and the defense would prove he was still alive after the three deputies left his cell that night. >> because the death happened as a result of him standing on the
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toilet, falling off and there's skid marks on the toilet seat from his feet. >> reporter: defense attorneys say tyree was fully dressed when deputies left his cell but naked when they found him dead. new at 6:00, "abc7 news" has learned that one city leader will withdraw a proposal of owners of pot businesses to live in oakland. city council will focus tonight on a series of rules designed to regulate medical marijuana. one council member wanted growers and sellers to live in oakland for three years before they could get permits. he admits pressure from pot growers prompted a change of heart. >> it's been clearly defined to me that it's not unconstitutional. >> the city of oakland doesn't require the ownership of
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to live in oakland. >> the vote on a series of cannabis laws will be delayed two weeks. the city council is set vo vote -- kristen sze is here with a preview. >> reporter: the project has several phases, up for final approval tonight is the developer's request to build a 24-story tower from residential and retail use. this is the developer's rendering of the tower. it will be three times higher than anything else in the neighborhood. let me show you exactly where it would go using sky 7 video. you can see this is the b.a.r.t. station, and this right here is the empty parking lot where that tower would be built. the telegraph improvement business has been vocal supporting the project. >> 402 units of housing, as well as 13,000 square feet of retail
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to the district. >> reporter: the village broke ground in 2011. opponents say it would bring too much traffic. but two weeks ago, the council passed the firbill. construction could be done in 2019. >> thank you, kristen. 20 san francisco neighborhoods will see improvements this year as part of the city's fix it program, which started last year. the city works with the targeted communities to find out what changes will make the most difference and follows through on making those changes happen, both short and long-term. during last year's pilot program, the city ended up fixing more than 100 street lights, painting almost 500 cross walks and replacing 150 street signs. >> don't let the current calm conditions fool you. here's a look at the calm conditions we have right now.
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there may be a few sprinkles hitting the ground at the north bay. the storm that hit us this morning has swept over to see yara. here's a view looking northward. lot s clouds in the north there. 62 degrees here in san francisco. we have mid 60s at oakland. 61 at gilroy and check out this view of a cluster of cumulus clouds looking westward from our emeryville camera. 63 at napa. fairfield, 61. 63 at livermore. here's the view from our roof top camera. lots of blue sky looking across the embarcadero. rain overnight with early morning downpours, which will complicate things for morning commuters. there is the possibility of thunder and hail accompanied this storm tomorrow and another moderate storm will move in on friday. the approaching storm ranks two on the storm impact scale.
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and it will be a messy morning commute, thunder and hail may develop tomorrow. forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening shows mostly calm conditions about 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. and we'll see the first wave of rain move through the north bay quickly. as the morning commute begins, much of the bay area will be under rainfall. some of it moderate to heavy. the north bay will have relatively calm conditions by then. so the bulk of the rain is likely to hit all parts of the bay area except the north bay. by mid to late afternoon, we'll see quite a bit of sunshine as we look at the projection of rainfall totals, in the north bay where the rain will end early, only a tenth to 0.2 of an inch. morning conditions, rain heavy at times, winds gusting up to 35
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miles per hour. overnight lows will be generally in the low 50s. and tomorrow's highs will range from upper 50s at the coast to low 60s near the bay and inland. and then we prepare for our next storm, which will come in on friday. that one too will rank two on the storm impact scale. another storm of modern intensity. it may produce more rainfall than tonight's storm. one to three inches of rain for the north bay from this storm. gusts 35 miles per hour down at bay level and over 50 miles per hour above 1500 feet. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. thursday will be mostly sunny and dry day. so a short break between storms but we have pretty vigorous storms tomorrow and friday. both ranking two on the storm impact scale. saturday that doesn't warrant a number. but rainfall on sunday and monday ranks one on the storm impact scale. then sunny and mild next tuesday.
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maybe will be mark the beginning of the dry spell. >> thanks, spencer. coming up, uber promises it can change. >> next, today's strong words from the
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♪ ♪ it's spring, and we can't wait to open our sheds and get working on our yards. scotts and miracle-gro are here to help. we make it easy to grow thick, healthy lawns, spectacular plants, and bountiful flowers. because when spring starts right, the months that follow stay perfect. load up your shed with scotts and miracle-gro. it's time to get outside. ♪ ♪ stocks had their worst day of the year, dropping more than a percent in value. the dow lost 238 points.
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the nasdaq went down by more than 100. the s&p lost about 30. despite today's losses, gains are up significantly for the year. uber is promising big changes for its culture. three of uber's top female leaders, including ariana huffington, spoke about the changes during a phone conference today. they include releasing diversity numbers, which should come out, offering bias training and making job descriptions less likely to appear bias. y "we now need to expand effort in ensuring the individual is never more important than the team. not ever." the delete uber hash tag began
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after uber began to take advantage of a taxi travel ban in new york. in february, a former employee said she had been harassed and human resources covered it up. other women came forward. also in february, google sued uber accusing it of stealing secrets from its own project. and again in february, the ceo travis callenek -- seen berating an uber driver. a group of women in their 90s received a long overdue recognition today. tonight, meet some of the real-life rosy the riveters who helped the united states win world war ii. plus -- >> why this year's celebration of persian new year won't be like old times. also ahead -- >> the woman returned her rental call to find charges added later for damage that didn't happen. i'm
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live, where you live. this is "abc7 news." the trump administration's travel ban is having an impact
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on a holiday celebrated all around the world. >> it's persian new year, a time when a lot of iranian americans travel far and wide to be with loved ones. >> carolyn tyler has the story. >> reporter: there are nows of iranian-americans in the bay area, including the owners this gourmet ice cream in san ramone. they've been busy celebrating the 14-day holiday that began on the first day of spring. >> it means a new day. >> reporter: this year the persian new year coincides with the company's 70th anniversary. and the family has been planning parties and festivities to honor their late father who founded the business. >> it was going to be our reunion. it was going to be us being together, all of us, even though that is not here. >> reporter: but president trump's travel ban has changed all that. iran is one of the six nations
6:31 pm
targeted. now an older sister and brother are stuck in tehran. >> for us, it's a very emotional thing. >> reporter: they aren't alone and it's not just the holiday disrupted. according to a lawyer with four iranian-american groups that have filed a legal challenge to the ban. >> the beddings haweddings has disrupted. i heard a story of a father not able to come to the united states to attend his son's funeral. how devastating is that? >> reporter: they will still celebrate the new year. but it won't be like old times with family members missing. in san ramone, carolyn tyler, "abc7 news." britain has now joined the united states in banning some electronic devices from being taken as carey-ones in planes. the emergency rules bans laptops, kamras, dvd players and electronic game devices.
6:32 pm
smartphones are still allowed. it applies only to eight countries, including egypt, saudi arabia, and turkey. travelers were not happy about the news. >> it's many hours. i use that to do all my work, to watch movies, to read books. >> you catch up on e-mails and office work, which is preparing for the meeting we come for. >> reporter: the items must be inside the checked baggage. intelligence officials fear terrorists may try to hide explosives in batteries. happening now, the episcopal diocese is considering whether to declare itself a sanctuary. sanctuary would provide protection to undocumented immigrants and refugees. "abc7 news" was in san francisco city hall as the mayor signed a law the first of its kind in the nation. it makes sure san francisco will
6:33 pm
not take part in any registry based on religion. today, judge neil gorsuch tried to separate himself from the president testifying at a senate hearing. senators pressed him for ten hours on capitol hill. democrats tried to get gorsuch to speak about his views on issues but he wouldn't give a direct answer. he did say he would be independent, even when it comes to the president who appointed him. >> i take the judicial process very seriously and i keep an open mind for the entire process as best i humanly can. and i leave all the other stuff at home. and i make a decision based on the facts. >> if confirmed, he would be seen as the second most conservative justice. arnold schwarzenegger considers his twitter war with president trump. now schwarzenegger is responding to the latest gallup ratings for
6:34 pm
president trump, which showed his approval dropping to 37%. >> the demonstraratings are in, got swamped. wow. now you're in the thirties? but what do you expect? you take away after school programs for children and meals on wheels for the poor people. that's not what you call making america great again. come on. >> schwarzenegger is referring to proposed budget cuts unveiled last week. it took long enough. seven decades and now rosy the riveter has her day officially and forever. wayne freedman watched the pomp and circumstance today. >> reporter: this is the stuff of hard work, really big rivets and welds still holding on the red oak victory. a libry ship anchored at port richmond. since world war ii, she does not look nearly as good as some of the welders who put it together.
6:35 pm
>> we were young. and when you're young, you can do anything. >> i'll be 94 in may. >> 97 years old. >> reporter: and yes, in this crowd it's okay to ask, because at the rosy the riveter museum, real women added context to the statue's depicting them, with one caveat. nobody here riveted. >> i think the riveters were in the airplane factories. >> reporter: and the red oak victory is not an airplane. rosy the riveters, or in this case, welders, helped build 142 of these ships, and it was hard work. >> they were three stories high and we climbed a ladder with a coil of line on your shoulder. >> reporter: they worked alongside 60,000 men.
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>> might as well do it in comfort. i'm jonathan bloom with the new store in san fra
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people who visit japan often come back raving about the sushi, the public transit and most recently, the bathrooms.
6:40 pm
>> jonathan bloom explains the new advances. >> reporter: at at&t park, a good seat isn't cheap, but across the street you'll find the best seat in the house. what is this? >> a very good question. >> reporter: they call it a show room, but they're not showing anything. so where are the products? >> they are in the bathrooms right behind me. >> reporter: get ready. the japanese toto calls them the most advanced toilets in the world. before you get flushed with embarrassment, there's a reason for that big empty room. they're planning to hold events here, like tea and sake tasings. >> some people will come to te events and they'll naturally gravitate toward the bathroom. >> reporter: call it a delicate way to bring americans up to speed with a trend that's happening globally. just like everything else in our lives, bathrooms are getting
6:41 pm
high tech. >> a lot of public places and residents in japan, over 80% of households. >> reporter: self-cleaning and disinfection and a built-in boudet. >> you can set up to two user settings. >> reporter: just like a car. >> exactly. >> reporter: they promise the cleansing warm water massage will feel like a trip to another world. >> you feel so much better. >> reporter: the one thing that might hurt is your wallet. they range from $1,500 to $5,000. but they point out you will save money and trees by using less of this. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." >> wow. taking a live look outside from our camera in the east bay hills, more storms in the forecast. but it's not a complete washout.
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don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. we are following breaking news in berkeley. there's been an alert of a meningitis case detected on
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campus. the patient is a student. doctors say the student has been treated and is recovering now. uc is working with the health department to identify people who may have been exposed. the bacteria is spread through close contact with an infected individual and can be very contagious. officials are warning students on the university cam chpus to take action quickl. you can be held responsible if you damage a rental car. but a san francisco woman claims she was charged for damage she didn't cause. >> this could happen to us. this woman remitted a car and it passed inspection when she returned it. a week later, hundreds of fees appeared on her credit card bill. her friend was in up to for the weekend, so she rented a car to
6:46 pm
show them around. >> we saw the bay bridge. >> the weather was really nice. >> reporter: she returned the car and she was charged the expected $94. but it didn't end there. >> i was like, wait a minute, what? >> reporter: she later found out budget had charged her card more than $250 in extra fees. >> i was like, well, they detected smoking in the car. i was like, are you serious? >> reporter: budget claims she had been smoking in the car and she had to pay for a cleaning. but she doesn't smoke. and neither does her friend. >> i was like no, there was no smoking at all. how are you just going to assume? >> she don't smoke. i didn't smoke, and we know we didn't smoke in there. so i'm like well, that's not right. >> reporter: she pointed out budget inspected the car when she returned it and no one said anything about the smell of smoke. >> the receipt said everything was okay and we were on our way. >> reporter: she demanded demane refund but the manager refused.
6:47 pm
>> that's when i contacted channel 7 on your side. >> reporter: we contracted budget and she got a call from the corporate office. >> she said that charge of $250 was meant for someone else. >> reporter: budget tells us we always strive to provide an enjoyful rental experience. we have reviewed the matter and have worked directly to reach a resolution. soz that's a good thing. >> reporter: budget did reverse all the extra charges. so when you rent a car, note any damages before you take it out. take pictures with your phone. and then take a copy of the inspection report after you return the car. the company should note any damages right then, not at a later date. i want to hear from you. "7 on your side" hotline is open monday through friday 10:00 to 2:00. my nu you can reach me through facebook and on
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>> great work. >> thanks, michael. well, kind of cloudy out there right now, but things are changing. >> spencer? >> we're going to see more clouds and rain later tonight. this is current conditions and as you point out, we have a few clouds around, but the weather conditions are calm. over the sierra, it is snowing. and a winter weather advisory remains in effect until 6:00 tomorrow evening. look for four to eight inches of additional snow about 6500 feet. back to the bay area, after overnight showers and heavy downpours, we'll have sunny skies in the afternoon. our rain chances the next seven days, 100% tomorrow. zero on thursday. nearly 100% again on friday. down to about 20% on saturday and more substantial chances sunday and monday. here's the seven-day forecast. a storm coming in tonight. it's a storm of moderate
6:49 pm
intensity. and friday's storm will be a two on the storm impact scale. sunday and monday, light rain and showers, ranking only one on the storm impact scale. >> just to be clear, it's raining tomorrow? >> for sure, especially overnight and in the early morning hours. >> all right, and we have larry beil here for sports. >> interesting news tonight for the giants. >> i hilike his cert it's going to rain. barry bonds is back with the giants. and it's curry versus curry, big brother against
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. foafter blowing out okc, th warriors have moved on to dallas. an intriguing curry versus curry. steph curry versus his little brother seth. they had a little pregame chatter going on. can you hit this, baby bro? first quarter, curry with the miss. dirk has ten. second quarter, magee throwing it down.
6:53 pm
and kevin durant was like, whoa. ian clark with a lot more confidence, hits the tear drop there. and look at draymond green with authority. 3 for 3 from deep. ws up 12 at the half, 62-50. how about the sharks on the tail end of a back-to-back? tonight in minnesota, first period wild on the power play. matt dudududududu right now in the second, the wild leading 1-0. barry bondses is back with the giants. not playing. special adviser to the ceo. his new role includes representing the organization at community events and attending spring training, helping out my your league e -- minor leaguers. in 2014, bonds spent a week with the giants as a special instructor. madison bum gagarner struck out
6:54 pm
three, allowed just two hits. and nick hundley had a couple of hits for the giants, two home runs. this is a blast off kevin quackenbush in the second. chris morero, his sixth of the spring. giants win 5-3. here's mike shumann with nick. >> you're coming in here knowing you're going to be a backup to buster posey. >> he's the best catcher in the league. whatever i can do to help him when it's my turn to play, i think that's what the team deserves out of me. so that's my mindset going into it. >> these guys make you feel pretty comfortable when you come in here, right? >> yeah. everybody is on the same page. everybody has one goal in mind. that's to win. and when that's the goal, it's easy to fit in.
6:55 pm
>> some good news for the a's pitcher. sonny gray has been cleared to resume pitching. had an mri yesterday on his strained lat muscle and given the okay but needs to build up strength and will still likely miss opening night. we know that jim harbaugh loves milk, whole milk. not the 1% stuff, okay? now he has a new food he's talking about. >> do i know you? jim, right? say you love peanuts. >> i love peanuts. peanuts, please! i want some peanuts! >> okay. calm down. we'll get you some peanuts, jim. relax. harbaugh is now a pitchman for planter's peanuts. there's a story on, the rage now is pb&. you have protein from the peanut
6:56 pm
butter and i guess the jelly gives you a sugar rush. >> so what we add when we were 8? >> it still works. mom was right. join us tonight at 9:00. coming up, the noise that surrounds us. that's at 9:00. >> and a kidnapping and extortion plot ends at this east bay bank. at 11:00, neighbors tell us somewhat they saw as police surrounded this quiet neighborhood. coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it's "the middle" followed by "american housewife" and "blackish." at 10:00, catch people icons gone too soon, honoring those who have passed away. and "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> that's it for this edition of "abc7 news." >> for all of us, we appreciate your time. see you later.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a retired adjunct professor from fort collins, colorado... a librarian from toronto, ontario, canada... and our returning champion, a psychologist from baltimore, maryland... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. "jeopardy!" champions are usually people with broad-based knowledge. that is certainly true of our current champion, rebecca. over $40,000 in just two appearances.
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adam and kevin, good luck. welcome aboard. here we go into the jeopardy! round with these categories now in play... ah. followed by... and finally, we want you to... ...because each animal will begin with the letter c. rebecca. let's try "c" all the animals for $200. adam. -what are chimpanzees? -that's it. "c" all the animals for $400. kevin. -what is a coyote? -correct. "c" all the animals for $600. kevin again. -what is a crocodile? -right.


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