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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 22, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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barry bonds is back with the team, a special adviser to the ceo, he'll be an ambassador for the team and the community and work for minor leaguers on hitting instruction. you know the song, "it never rains in southern california", oh, it did at dodger stadium. sixth inning. japan down 1-0. deep to right. andrew mccutchen gave it a go at the wall. couldn't make the catch. a ground to third. he will not get brandon crawford running from third. shortstop scores on the ground. and luke gregerson ma matsuda. they'll face puerto rico tomorrow. the warriors looked a little shaky there for a while. 11 games left, up by two and a half games on the spurs. smooth
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when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many. thunderstorm approaching the san francisco coastline. live doppler 7 is tracking it. we'll do the same at 4:30 am. so watch out. >> for all time for an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." a police chase ends and a suspect jumps out. but --
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>> this is where things get crazy. >> the scuffle that had everybody looking for the bullet. >> holy cow! a guy takes a girl up in a plane where -- >> he starts pointing out some areas of interest. >> what the lights below are trying to tell her. >> ah, well done. see anything on that smaller chunk of ice? >> oh, my goodness. >> an ingenious way to get from shore to shore. and a tutorial with makeup that's been replaced by something. why daddy's prank on mommy isn't going to fade any time soon. >> oh, my god. look at her face. we are in russia with officers facing the vehicle right in front of us. this vehicle eventually comes to a stop. and a couple people get out. >> this isn't good for the officers. they get led into this dark back road here and the device come after them. now they are automatically on the fence here. >> you're on to something, nick.
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the police officers also get out. one of the officers reaches for his gun. >> holy cow! >> one of the men now has a weapon in his hand and he's pointing it right at the officers. and this is where it gets crazy. the suspect pulls the trigger and then all of a sudden everybody walks out of frame. that bullet went through dude friend's pants. >>. his other buddy. >> yes. a few minutes later you see him running back in showing his buddy what he just did. there's a lot of screaming. it doesn't sound like the officer was actually injured, but needless to say the suspect was arrested. no word on what happened with the accomplice after ward. now to a very unfortunate incident also in russia. we see this man walking into this jewelry store with a hammer, breaks one of the cases, and starts taking jowl ry
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robber turns around and tries to go out the door, but the security guard ain't going to allow him to just get away. the robber turns around and starts using the hammer against the security man. you can see at this point, jewelry flying everywhere, but so is the security man's blood. it didn't sound like the injuries were serious. the guy ended up running away. but the authorities used a dog to sniff, not just this guy, but two other accomplices earlier in the day. shopping at the store, the behavior of the security men and the owners were confirmed this other man. >> oli, it's coming for you. that moment when your daughter
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is old enough to go on dates and get in the boy's car. >> okay. >> imagine if it's not a car that the guy wants to take your daughter in but an airport. hannah is taking her up in a plan with something special planned. it starts to get dark and he points out an area. wait, is there something glowing on top of the house? >> yes. >> ah, well done, dude. what do you say now? >> there is that risk. >> will you go to prom with me? >> yes! >> she wants that to happen. >> you probably already knew what the answer was going to be. she says yes. she is pleased. >> he set the standard way up here, all the other high school kids are going to be like,
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thanks. it may be warming in parts of the world, but the two videos are what we are talking about. and this first one is chilled to the bone from mount alps. this is a super busy slope popular for families and children. what is happening already is happening. you just can't see it happening and it happens fast. >> oh! >> yes, avalanche just sweeps completely through hundreds of people on this run. this is at a place where all the people go supposedly. watch here, you can see people start to search for victims. they spent two hours making sure nobody was trapped. >> i can't imagine the terror
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over parents' faces as that is happening. >> fortunately, nobody was hurt or trapped. we'll head over to russia for a rather interesting video. some of that ice slope is flowing. they jump up. bradley took it .6 miles just for fun. >> it is kind of shaped like a canoe. >> it is a strange video. you have to give them credit for the idea and pulling it off and making a party out of it. wireless keyboard, pretty effective, pretty quiet. it gets the work done that you need to get done, but if you are not satisfied with this, our buddy lou over at unboxed therapy may have something to suit you better.
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for the days of the office being filled with crackty crack. i want this and the cool part is it is wireless with multiple different devices, mac and ios devices. >> look at that. >> you are not the only guys who want this. they did an indy gogo campaign and were hoping to raise just $10,000. they blew the goal out of the water. more than $400,000 raised because lots of people yearn for the days of old. >> every once in a while i miss that sound in the newsroom. because in the newsroom, you hear the typing and all that. >> this thing has the sound.
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i don't know r. >> if you press the button, it goes, "ding!" >> maybe you can program your computer to do that. >> now is guy that brought in a disco ball will walk into music sometime. >> shut up. . >> a kid's game but somehow parents turn it into their fight. >> it's the kid's game and the parents turned it into this? >> see who put the sock in soccer, next. and see the young man who just got new glasses on his face. >> you can see the colors now? >> see the colors in his life next on "right this minute." the first water gel foundation for a refreshed look
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system]
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closed captioning provided by -- new act kids toothpaste strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. want to see a video again and again? head on over to and find tons of videos and share them with your friends. sometimes you expect 12 and 13-year-olds to not have quite all the answers in life, they are still learning. but they are certainly not going to learn from the parents at this soccer match.
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there was a bit of a shoving match, maybe a bad call that happened between two kids on the pitch. that spilled over to arguing in the stands. and it went from arguing to shoving to a full-on brawl. >> gosh, look at him. he's just taking on everybody. >> it's a kid's game and the parents turned into this? >> there was a child right there. >> that's the scariest part about this. as you see the crud of figowd os come spilling this way, watch the little boy get swept up in all of it. you can hear him screeching and crying. >> oh, no! >> it's really sad, especially since this supposedly happened on father's day in spain. father's day is celebrated on march 19th in spain. and this is a horrible example to set for the kids. police had to be called to the scene and calm everything down. it doesn't look like there were
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any serious injuries, but just a sad, shameful thing to do. what color is this? >> carson here is with his fourth grade teacher ivory. >> what about this one? >> carson is color blind. carson is a sweet fourth grader, but a lot of the times when you're in fourth grader your teacher asks you to do something in colors. so carson has to ask a friend, which means he's having to cheat. it is not a fair environment for such a sweet kid, but you can almost make out the logo with these incredible glasses that take you from a world without color to a world filled with it. and it is seeing ivory brought
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in. >> look at the smile there. >> that's the sweetest thank you ever. >> it is so sweet. >> he gets a hug first before he puts them on. >> you can see people lose it. they go, wow! and he just goes -- just a tiny smile on his face. and then, about to run the test again. >> what color is this? >> red. >> what color is this? >> orange. >> every single one of them right. >> look at that smile. ivory, his teacher, with the help of friends are responsible for buying the glasses for him. and it just goes to show the length they go to to help our kids. >> you don't ever have to worry about anybody making fun of you because you can't tell somewhat
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color it is. when you don't quite get the game. ♪ this video is posted to the channel of bb doing nothing. but in this case, bb is doing something pretty cool. he's doing over-the-shoulder trick shots. we have seen something similar before but it doesn't matter. >> and the stone face, too. >> he does land every single one.
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you'll be impressed one from this dog. never mind. >> that's a sign of why he's at bb and doing nothing. >> apparently he went from the single slice to the double slice and to the dishwasher. that's my favorite. >> i wish i could load my dishwasher just like that. >> you have watched the videos, and now put your >> can you do this? see how it's done, next. and newborn baby zebra has one big question. >> he lifts his head up and is like, wait a minute, where am i? >> life is a jungle coming up on "right this minute."
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>> that is a pigmy hippo. >> that is insanely cute. >> there she is with her momma. cue the montage of pictures. look at that smile. >> even though they are a pigmy hippo, when you see the baby next to full grown mom, you get a full sense of the scale. speaking of babies, one is on the way. this is in the kruegger national park and that zebra is pushing. that zebra is coming. the baby is moving and trying to get up. it is partially in the sack, but it lifts his head up. oh, look at that! happy, healthy. mom is like, whoo, that was tough.
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cruising in the car. ♪ we love the internet. here's the challenge. >> oh, yeah, this is cool. >> this particular one got picked up by bleacher report and got out there. guessoh! the cup blowing challenge, it's ridiculous. look it up, #why. her daughter does her makeup and it is all fun and games until she finds out her husband messed with it. uh-oh. >> and they are still together. >> for now. >> see how it turns out ne
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sync moto built this demonstration to show off how cool this hum dongle is. living the cat life.
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♪ this is john greenhead. he has green hair and got pranked by nicki. guess what, he's going to return fire. nicki has an alternate youtube channel on makeup and such and is setting up a tutorial. and he has a dye that stains your skip. you will see people in india do lovely decorations on their hands. he puts it into all of the makeup she's going to use. >> all of the makeup. >> that's like taking the dry erase markers and replacing them with permanent. >> he's just doing a little bit of creative sort of interpretive art on mom's face.
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his daughter is totally into it. they love it. they are covering themselves in all the makeup. you can use a little glitter and makeup. nicki decided to keep the makeup on. by the looks of it, it is quite dark outside. and he decides to go in and break the news. >> your face is actually cover in henna tattoo mixture. >> no. >> and this is the moment john decides to play with fire. >> if you did something with it, you need to tell me right now. because i have to wash it off. >> yeah, you should have washed it off hours ago, but i think we're past that point. >> oh, my god. >> she goes out of the room and suddenly starts to clean it off. it's not going well. >> it is henna. >> john,


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