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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 22, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's march 22nd. time for great viral videos "right this minute." a 3-year-old in the hospital cheers up with a visit from -- >> his favorite power ranger. >> see why this student is an x-factor star who just happens to be -- trouble brewing for a bunch of guys near a bar. >> because suddenly, bang. >> the one-two punch that left them floored. a reporter's doing a live shot when -- >> someone starts horsing around. >> the stupid stunt that went above and beyond. we've got christian , oli, char ty, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web including this groom -- >> with his queen bride. >> why the dance at the reception left quite the impression. >> meanwhile, the groom's father is like, thatta boy. when you're a kid in a
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hospital, being treated, nothing cooler than having a superhero or someone you really like like power rangers coming to visit you in your room. in this case, little princeton here, 3 years old, got a visit from his favorite power ranger. the black ranger. >> i don't know about this. >> yeah, he did give him a hug. but when the power ranger tried to take his mask off, he goes back like, i don't trust you anymore. >> it's as if the black ranger met his nemesis. velcro. >> power ranger, are you having difficulty? >> why is he going to take it off? he's going to ruin the facade. >> no, there's an even bigger surprise under that mask when he takes it off. >> they make it look so easy in the removes the mask and it turns out black power ranger is actually -- >> daddy! >> his dad.
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>> aww. an adorable reunion. little princeton is in phoenix at the children's hospital. he was recently diagnosed with a rare brain condition. dad is j.j. hamlet. back in 2012, his band union j was on "the x-factor" in the u.k. he's been on tour. so in eight months he's not been able to see his son. >> those are hard decisions to make. dad knows his boy is going to need some financial assistance to get through all of this treatment. and so, yeah, he's got to be out there and work as much as he would rather be by his boy's side. >> come here! >> dad ddaddy! those cameras have a purpose but sometimes they capture something unintended. this is a dash cam from russia. just as this car comes into park, there's a group of six guys wandering up to another smaller group of other guys. now, apparently this is outside
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nearby a bar, and i have absolutely no idea what is being said. >> hey, what's up, tough guy? you talking to me? >> something along those lines because suddenly, bang, bang, one of them just floors two guys to the floor. one of them fortunately completely gets missed by that guy. and that's when the person in the car is like, no, i'm out of here. just drives off. >> the light turned green. >> the cause over the conflict is still a mystery, as is the identification of everybody involved. it is just one of those moments where the camera happened to be on them and the investigation listen continue, but at the moment, nothing is being done. and this next video from australia, this woman is just standing out there and the car is heading out of the parking lot and she's -- you kind of see it coming. as she walks just this way, doink! >> oh! that's cold.
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>> yeah. >> i'm laughing because i would do something like that. >> would this happen to you? >> no, not this exact thing. and not in australia. >> yeah, you can see what happens, she wasn't paying attention. but what comes up must come down. and eventually it does. she appears to be fine. as we show, there's no long-term consequences. >> that's debatable. you're a big fan of the mysterious things happening around the house, right? well, finally, i have answers to all these nonsensical ghost stories. those socks, that mysteriously disappear. we have been blaming it on the dryer. but in this video, it's not the dryer at all. >> i love it. >> they suspected the cat was up to something. and by golly, they were right.
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ghosts? i don't think so. >> so hang on, they know they are being stolen by the cat, but where are they ending up? >> the neighbors house. now you're in kenya and weird things are happening. there's a lot of different things that could be be behind it. they set up some cameras because they knew things were going missing. the door pops up. >> holy! dapg, that's a big porcupine. >> in the big old crested porcupine that went into the door, bumped the door open before they had the new locks put on, used its body weight and used the big chompers to open up the refrigerator and went right for the junk food. >> midnight munchies, eh? >> it went straight for the chips, ate the chips up first. as soon as the porcupine takes off, you can see a couple
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roommates come back into the room and clean up after their prickly little friend. >> dang. i'm sad i didn't find ice cream. that would have been a treat. today it has been described as saturated. >> no, it's saturate d with rai. >> oh. >> it was not just that one path. >> oh! it took her three times to figure out she was in the wrong spot. >> no, she moved out of the way but said her photographer, i wonder why he made her stand there. >> that's why you have to get back at your photog. >> lauren is reporting for mustard tv. the tv station had fun and put it online. she got really, really, really
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wet. let's move down to peru. pedro garcia is a reporter for cmd talking about the upcoming game between the peruvian soccer team and venezuela when someone starts horsing around. >> how many times has that happened in this office? >> but, my friend, he's about to be doused with something. >> no! >> dude. >> that's not cool. >> well, he gave an update on what happened. he was glad to be part of what he called the intrigue video for the relaunch of cmd. he says the most important thing is to smile because smiling paints your life. >> because you're saying it's a relaunch, then it leads me to believe he knew this was going to happen? >> this is an intrigue video lost in translation for viral video. he's happy it brought attention to the channel? >> hard to say, you can take it either way. baby's home from the hospital so now it's time -- >> to meet stella, big sister.
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>> why it's safeorably well. and three canadians are craving something special. so -- >> these guys are traveling about 500 miles to get it. >> the story behind the rare treat that is sure to hit the spot. >> oh, my god! >> i hope it lives up to their expectations. or it's going to be a long ride home. "right this minute" is brought to you by all state. are you in good hands? but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. oh yes.... even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. wiback like it could used to?
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closed captioning provided by -- nasacort stops more of what makes you miserable. they are all making a film here. three guys on a road trip in the car, getting their groove on, they have a long road trip
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because they are on their way to get something traditional, something old, something from the way back machine from the '90s. something you really only can get at two places in the entire country. and these guys are traveling about 500 miles to get it. they are starting off from london -- ontario, kindergartca. >> wait a minute. >> and they are on their way to spencer, west virginia. >> what classic piece of west virginia are they going for? >> it used to be nationwide. in fact, it was in canada, the united states and they even tried to bring it to the u.k. it was pizza. >> oh! >> the pizza you could only get at the golden arches. >> mcdonald's? >> i didn't know about it either. i forgot. but the guys over at completely irrelevant did not forget. it's been a dream of theirs to
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get it once again. like i said, there are only two locations in the entire country, in the entire world, that still serves this, one in west virginia, one in ohio. so these guys hopped in the car, grabbed their passports, crossed the border and started driving. >> the crossing of america for the most american thing from one of the most american franchises. >> the crowd erupts in cheers and excitement when they cross into west virginia as they know they are oh so close to the sweet, sweet pie. here they are, finally, at ground zero. >> all right. here it is. >> oh, my gosh, that's pizza! it's [ bleep ] pizza! >> this is really exciting for them. because for the sake of the video, they didn't bother to call ahead to make sure the rumors they heard were true. they wanted to be surprised. >> holy [ bleep ]! >> pizza! mcdonald's pizza, oh, my god!
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>> i hope it lives up to their expectations. if not, it's going to be a long ride home. >> open it up, that sweet, sweet buy. >> it does look like pizza, i'll give them that. >> mitchell in the american flag shirt is totally stoked. he's loving it. nathan on the left, dan, all part of the road trip. what a great time to spendyour buds on a mission. during winter storm stella, something very important happened to jodie hart and his family. this is his baby girl, two days old, coming home to meet stella, his big sister. the puppy is famous on the interweb and instagram. the dog named stella and has a fa facebook page, too. look at her with the baby.
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after that -- because she's a lab, she had to go out to hop, skip and jump. >> is that the winter storm stella or is that the winter storm stella? >> i would say both. that's true love right there. giving the baby kisses on the head. and then, of course, a love low photo. now christian, you and i are both aunties. i think we both love this. this is alexandra playing with riley grace. >> oh! i think he barely missed her. >> he got her a little bit. >> i just took a shower! >> that's what they do, they wait until you know you are perfectly clean because then they attack. considering disneyland is the happiest place on earth, even the graffiti is wholesome and family-friendly. it is not strictly graffiti. this is spotted by heather anne
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who has a blog. and one of the cast members decided to ask if she could do this for fun. that broom has been tied up to create a paint brush. and what she is doing is drawing little pictures in water. can we tell what it is yet? >> i think i see a hidden mickey ears. >> drawing in the eyes. oh, is that goofy? >> no -- goofy would have -- >> donald duck. >> there you have it! that's a sweet moment. that's what the poster, heather, said, there are so many hid up gems in disneyland. it doesn't matter how many times you have been there, the experience is always different. she goes to work on the next one. you will recognize those teeth. you are right. and no bit of this graffiti would be complete without, of course, the one and the only,
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it's minnie! when she posted it to her facebook page, she said the pixie dust made it oh so much more special. >> yea! whoo! skateboarding in norway. >> the backdrop is mind blowing. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a youtuber is going to diy one of the latest fashion trends. >> meet mom jeans. essentially it means there are holes around your knees but there is plastic there. >> see how easy it is to rock the window look. >> if you want to show off your knees, don't you just buy shorts? >> don't be ridiculous. plus, the story behind the dart board that will automatically help you get into the game. >> this is great! a thing go right ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ it! i wanna rock right now ♪
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in original prescription strength. so for 24 hour symptom relief be wise all take new xyzal. you guys might be really shocked, but i'm bad at darts. don't laugh, like you expected that. mike rober is here to help people like me. bam, see that? bull's-eye. it took him three years to build this automatic bull's-eye moving dart board. >> cool. so it's like the dart board moves to catch it. >> pretty much. he's an engineer. basically, the dart board creates the dart board. >> each motor has a spool and then some fishing line. and they all attach to the center of the back of the board right here. once we have the predicted bull's-eye spot, the computer does the trig monometry and wil
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spin it at the same rate. >> let's just play darts. >> we took it to a bar to see what people thought. >> this is great! >> basically, anywhere you throw the dart within that general area, the dart board will pick up the senses and move for you. >> people can barely stand up while throwing darts. >> this is great. >> so it makes all of us equal. so there you go. imagine mom jeans coming back, but little details. the top shop apparently came out with clear knee mom jeans. essentially it means there are holes around your knees but there is plastic there. >> why? why plastic? >> it's the trend, i agree, it's ridiculous. >> i wish people could see my knees more. i want sweaty knees, that's what i want.
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>> it's true that this was created and got no hits. >> i see no point other than just a thing that people are going to pay $95 for. and apparently they are. >> they are paying $95 for this? >> yeah. >> i'm having a hard time understanding the point of this. all i can imagine is some dude like, i really like knees. i really like to see knees. i'm going to make knee jeans, windows for knees. >> annika victoria has been getting a ton of messages about this. people, her followers, want her to do it. now she's a seamstress and does a diy thrifter. she decided to take out some pants and show you how to do this if you want to make them. >> if you want to show off your knees, don't you just buy shorts? >> that's ridiculous. >> that's the thing about trends, they don't make sense. most of the time they are hideous. so when you look back at the trendy outfits when you were younger, it all looks ridiculous. that's why they don't last.
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>> there is one main difference though, when you have the trend at the time, be it the '70s or the '80s, yuou feel cool. there's no way you'll feel cool. >> you know, she does say she wanted to do this so that people would stop asking her for it because she got tired of seeing the requests on her feeds. >> i'm intrigued. anybody watching the show at home that actually likes these jeans, one, we apologize, but two, let us know why. what is appealing about the jeans on the facebook page, please. all eyes are on this bride. >> dang, girl. >> this is at their reception. >> see her show-stopping
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>> because donuts. >> why not? >> i'm a little pregnant with a donut baby. sometimes you just can't even -- ♪ we all know about queen bee. well, i introduce to you queen bride. like the queen, she has quite the experience. >> dang, girl. i'm curious how they are able to dance like that and not tip over. i'm just sitting in chairs and they tip over. >> oh, my gosh. is she already married? because i would be proposing by now. >> as a matter of fact, that's
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her husband, jeff, watching. this is at their reception. initially i was like, i don't know if i want momma to see all that. she thought the performance was to beyonce's "naughty girle's >> i need a sip of water. >> meanwhile, the groom's father is like, thatta boy. thatta boy. >> she must be a dancer. this is really good. >> she's incredible. >> well, it gets better because her girls join her. ♪ >> they must have saved a ton of money on entertainment. >> this is absolutely amazing. andhe entire time, her husband is sitting over on the delines like, yeah, yes, yes. >> the wedding videographer is like, i got the best gig. thanks for hanging out with us today. the next episode of "rtm" is going to b
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tonight, terror on the streets of london. at least four dead including a police officer. carnage, panic and gunfire under big ben. parliament on lockdown. people running for their lives. tonight, the hunt for a motive and possible terror ties. the u.s. under increased security. we have team coverage. gop health care on life support. on the eve of the major vote, president trump's last chance to convince republican holdouts. and now the white house saying there is no plan "b." the bombshell report, former trump campaign chairman, paul manafort. was he once paid millions of dollars to promote the interests of vladimir putin? plus, the new development. did u.s.


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