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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 23, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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great viral videos "right this >> [ bleep ] sake! >> a horse on a trail ride gets a wild hair. >> not obeying a single command. >> find out why good ole shamrock ain't about to slow down. >> whoa! >> how did you get paint on your hands if the baby did it? >> not me. >> he's sticking to her story about who spilled the paint. >> obviously the baby did it. >> see if blaming the little one can get mom off her back. >> the baby's first words, innocent! >> a valet hops into a rare ferrari worth millions. the tight squeeze that's enough to make an insurance guy sweat. we have christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking
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down the best on the web including a prom proposal. >> you have the band, you have the cheerleaders. got the help of men's warehouse. >> how a clever girlfriend pulled an epic surprise for her shar sharp-dressed man. >> and a girl like that would never even talk to me. >> nick is taking a little ride on shamrock here. >> walk. whoa. >> then you hear nick say, whoa, shamrock. >> whoa. sham! whoa! >> shamrock is a retired race horse. and -- we begin to see that sometimes he misses the old job. >> whoa!ock! [ bleep ] >> nick gets quite the ride, because shamrock is not obeying a single command. >> he's in the grand national now! cheltenham, i can see it, let's go! >> shamrock picked up speed, keeps going, and nick is like,
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whoa! whoa! a few other things that have to be bleeped. >> no, sham, [ bleep ] whoa, sham! oh [ bleep ] >> he thought it was a gate in the grand national, he was going to jump it. >> when he comes to the split in the road, you don't know which way shamrock's going to go. >> whoa, shamrock! >> whoa! >> hang on, buddy. let him run himself out. i remember this happened the horse took off, i tried to turn one way, the horse took off the other way. the saddle flipped underneath, i fell on my head. might explain a thing or two. >> you know i lost count how many times he said "whoa, sham" in this juking video. but then it's whoa, sham! one last time. >> whoa! whoa! >> oh. ooh! >> did he bail off or get thrown off? >> according to him, he was unseated. shamrock was uninjured. nick said he didn't suffer any serious injuries.
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maybe just his pride and some bruises from that fall. [ bleep ] got two videos to prove that distance and time makes the heart grow fonder especially when it involves your kids. in this case we've got people returning from service. this sailor right here, this is jan coming to surprise reese who doesn't know she's on the way. she heads inside every kid's dream, every parent's nightmare -- chucky cheese. and she heads over to surprise her little one who has no idea and is honestly distracted by all the noise and lights and games as we all are. and she turns and looks right at mom and can you see here, processing, processing and finally it's like -- wow! he runs into her like that's my mom! that's a hug that pretty much lasts for the rest of the video. >> in this case, this little one
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has a special box, it's a pokemon box. >> what is they going to catch? >> you have to press that button, press the pokeball. that is in the army. what do you learn in the army? camouflage and concealment. because suddenly -- >> daddy! >> as if by magic. hi, dad! two very sweet videos and two wonderful people. thank you for your service. >> but dad, where's my pikachu! we put a lot of trust in valet drivers. you pull up with your car, hand over the keys and off you go. when you hand the keys to a valet driver and your car is a ferrari, in the upper stratosphere of hypercars, you really hope that they know what they're doing. >> because they are super, super
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rare, the kind of car that ferrari has to invite you to be able to buy. >> this happened in the week of the geneva motor show, this particular la ferrari is quote worth millions and getting very, very close to that mercedes 6 x 6, which is also a very expensive vehicle. >> oh my goodness, there's no room there. >> the insurance company agent is like -- whoa! >> this video could have gone a couple of different ways, thankfully the beautiful car just drives off unscathed. involved worth decidedly less, this is kind of a box van that's fallen over. we don't know what put this truck on its side. we do know that several guys have tied a rope to it and are doing their best to right the truck.
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>> oh! >> and that's why you need the tow truck. that's not good. >> they were able to right it, but not set it down gently, the whole box of thean just tears off and now they're left with a flat-bed truck. the good news is they can take all the parts, stack them up on the truck and drive off. younger siblings do have a great purpose in life -- >> the baby did that? what did the baby do? the baby painted all that stuff? >> oh. >> the baby painted everywhere. >> did the baby paint your hand? >> uh-huh. >> did the baby paint your mouth? >> obviously the baby did it. >> the great thing is is that she's speaking for the baby. >> uh-huh. the baby can't speak up and confess. so she's doing the confession for the baby. >> meanwhile you can see in the little girl's eyes, dang, ma, why are you asking so many questions. this is not supposed to go this
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way. >> the questions continue. but -- so does her alibi. >> did the baby paint my carpet? >> ooh. >> did the baby paint by the fireplace? >> the baby was busy. if the baby did all that -- >> the baby is only ten months old. but that's long enough for it to know how to paint. >> how did you get paint on your hands if the baby did it? >> not me. >> how did you get your hands dirty? >> because i was painting. >> what? did she just change her story? >> she kind of did and she realized, she has to back-track a little bit. >> so it was you? >> it was not me. it was the baby. >> that's the baby trying to talk and say -- it was not me! >> the baby's first words -- innocent! >> you're in big trouble. >> i'm not in big trouble. you love me! >> ooh. >> see these eyes.
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>> i do love you, but you're still in big trouble. >> dammit. four guys head north for some amazing skating. >> and the backdrop is mind-blowing. >> why the cold location is the perfect spot for their super cool tricks. >> no they didn't. >> yes, they did. and this beauty blogger is testing out the latest thing in lip-plumping. >> the instructions say you might get blue and purple lips. >> let's see if the pain leads to a beautifully full pout. ♪ a lot of people have vertical blinds. well, if a lot of people jumped off a bridge, would you? you hungry? i'm okay right -- i'm... i'm becoming my, uh, mother. it's been hard, but some of the stuff he says is actually pretty helpful. pumpkin, bundling our home and auto insurance is a good deal!
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the winters up in norway can be very, very long. and things can get very cold and sometimes boring. but it's also extraordinarily beautiful. these guys are in lafoten norway, you would never think it would be the perfect environment for skating. but you would be wrong. this is the short film called "northbound" with four skaters. herman, dedrick, henrik and carson. >> is the beach frozen solid? >> it is frozen solid, and it creates a perfect surface for these guys to skate on. >> it's essentially concrete. >> it has enough texture to give you enough grip. >> yep. >> and they're using sticks and things they find out on the beach to create ramps. >> they have an endless set of obstacles to jump over and create different tricks with and the backdrop is mind-blowing. >> they've got no edges to grind. >> don't they? >> well done. >> they start using not only
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their environment, but some of the flotsam and jetsam that floats up on the beach. here any find an old boat and start using that as their rail. of course the weather out there is extraordinarily cold. down in the neighborhood of 14 degrees fahrenheit and they ramp it up even more. they use the horrible weather to their advantage. these guys are urban skaters, they know their skills very well, they learned them at the skate park. what if they could bring part of the skate park to this wild back of beyond area. >> no, they didn't. >> yeah, they did. >> they built a half-pipe out of sand and water. it froze, but of course you know the weather and the elements change, so it didn't last very long. there's an entire full-length documentary called "on thin ice" go to, click tv show or use our mobile app to check it out. remember when these things were a thing? >> there's the lip plumper? >> yeah, you're supposed to kind of create suction and it almost like bruises your lips to be plump. >> the trend is still out there.
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it's just gotten fancier and way more expensive. there's a device now, that does this electronically. >> why do i feel like i'm going to have a hickey around my mouth or a bruise. the instructions say you might get blue and purple lips, but that's normal and it goes away. >> i've got a shop vac that i bought for $28 that will do the same thing. >> right. >> yeah. >> okay. mmmm. okay. my tongue got like stuck in there. [ bleep ] that actually was doing it, though. >> she says it works, but it hurts. in the process in fact she can't leave it on the whole time. because she has to do it three separate times for shorter periods of time. eventually she does have super-plumpy lips. she says she really enjoys it. the pain to get there. but it's cool to of these plump lips.
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a few hours later her lips are back to normal, but -- i wonder if this will work on my husband. >> man. >> i'm scared. >> you should be. it hurts. >> is it doing it? does it say thumbs up? shoot, it's doing it. >> my lip is bruised. oh, no, why did she do this to me. >> oh, my god, his lip is actually bruised. i'm so sorry. >> it's okay. >> she's not sorry. >> she's really happy she put him through this. >> it doesn't do the same thing to me as it does for you. >> i know. >> i'm out of here. nick calderon, is it your contention that most cats don't need a firefighter to rescue them. in this instance, nick is right. this person comes home and notices a cat helping a kitten. mama noticing the kitten has fallen off where she has stored the family in this little garden ledge. she comes down, picks it up by the scruff of its neck, jumps on that mechanical unit there, and then jumps on the ledge with the
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baby in her mouth. >> that's cute. >> she's like, look, i can handle this, you got your video, now go home. give us some privacy. the guy in the next video in russia, he could be called the laziest cat owner alive. the cat jumped down from the second-story apartment. so he lowers down this little basket as you notice, this first method is not working. so you think at this point, okay, he'll walk out of the building and go get the cat? no, that's not what he does. he takes the windscreen off of the window because maybe if he puts the basket down this window, the cat will climb into it. eventually this method does work. the cat does get in the basket. and is lifted to safety. she's ready to be offended for you. >> wow. >> she can make so much money. >> next "right this minute"! and still to come -- a dude's drone gets a bit out of control.
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>> he's pushing it to the right? it's drifting left. he starts to try to put a little elevation into the mix to try to make it not do this. >> see how a lucky encounter saves it from the cliffside. these guys have a grand plan to prank their parents. find out what happens when it's time to start blowing smoke. >> whoa, whoa! what's going on? we'll play somethingthe y besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren.
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the people that lend a hand when a hand is needed. especially in case of a drone mishap. three friends here enjoying their dji maverick. that's the drone that folds down. very portable. almost like the size of a small football. but the guy who posted the video says the drone seems to not be communicating very well. it starts to drift, he's pushing it right it drifts left. he tries to put a little elevation in the mix to make it not do this. but it does that. and then it flips over and now it's pretty much swamped. it's up on the cliff, upside-down at the moment. >> what are the chances one of the members of his team is a rock climber. >> they're not rock climbers, but there are rock climbers in the area. this is where good people come into play. this gentleman climbs right up to the drone, picks it up and returns it. the drone did survive, but he did send it back to dji to say something is wrong. i think you should check it out. this kind of drone is
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designed for high speed, point of view flying. the pilot will wear a pair of googles that will show what the drone sees. the pilot is seeing exactly what they're seeing. nick is flying it like this and a little easier. >> he's avoiding pretty much everything. until he doesn't. and he backs himself into a corner, seems to be no way out and -- crunch. but this motorcyclist, it appears a woman that's riding with him finds it before the pilot does. this nice gentleman picks it up, rides it right over to him, hands it back, thank you very much. no damage to the drone. because right here -- back it goes up into the air. lucas and marcus have roped in their other brothers to prank their parents to scare them into an early grave. they're going to make them think they're burning the house down. [ whispering ]
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>> credit where credit is due, they got themselves a bluetooth speaker, they'll hide it in the kitchen and it will be playing the sound of flames. >> what about visuals? >> they've got a smoke machine. >> oh, snap. >> the machine pops on, there's the high beep which sounds like the fire alarm is going off. they just start filling the whole downstairs is filled with smoke. >> you've ever been awakened to the sound of your fire alarm, you freak out. you don't know which way is up, which way is down, you come running down the stairs like this. >> dad has his head on straight he goes looking for the fire extinguisher. he comes out, what, fire? fire? >> this is where the kids burst out with -- oh my god. >> quickly they figure out
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they're being pranked. no surprise, their two sons do have like two and a half million subscribers on youtube. one has like fire, smoke, it still acts like smoke. which means -- >> you have to give us -- >> now the actual fire alarms in the house start going off. >> they better turn to those two and a half million subscribers to help them find a new place to live. summer knows her boyfriend is about to ask her to the big dance. >> she wants to beat him. what does she do? >> i can't believe i'm doing this. oh, my gosh, are you guys ready? >> see how she pulls off the
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find one for 2.99. >> it will wash out but you'll leave color behind. this is summer mccann, a youtuber, she's got more than 650,000 followers. they like her videos that are about makeup, and style and stuff. well, prom season and she knows her boyfriend, dillon, is going to ask her to prom, she wants to beat him. what does she do? she calls her best friend. >> i know dillon is asking me to prom and i wanted to kind of beat him to it and ask him in a better way. so could you help me with that? >> what did you have in mind? okay, what? >> she called his best friend brent and he's like yeah, i'll help you organize. so cue the band, you guys, not just any band, the high school marching band. >> i'm all about the high school marching band. >> the cheerleaders are there to cheer her on. you've got the band, the cheerleaders, and she's got the
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help of men's wearhouse, you've got to have a man in a tuxedo and a really nice car. the kind of car -- that you dream about driving to prom. oh, and don't forget balloons. there he is. apparently he's already dressed for the big event. and got a drone holding a sign that says "follow me." he follows the drone. who could be operating the drone? none other than our fearless heroine. when you hug like that, that's usually a yes. >> this is like an episode of laguna beach or something. it feels like a twisted reality, non-reality reality, you know, for real? >> yeah, for real. >> will you go to prom with me? >> of course i will. >> i'm thinking this girl went to all the trouble to ask him to prom and a girl like that would never even talk to me. >> hope you had fun with us today, we appreciate it. you can see more on or check us out on the next "right this
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breaking news tonight. no deal on health care. chaos on capitol hill. the big vote postponed. a major setback for the president. millions of americans waiting for answers. the face of terror. daytime bloodshed in the heart of london. the woman who jumped for her life. the american on his wedding anniversary, swept up in the attack. tonight, new details about the attacker and new suspects. string of assassinations. another critic of clad mere putin gunned down. brian ross on the chilling price some pay for taking on the disturbing new allegations. the suspect, an army veteran, in court accused of coming to new york city, stalking black


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