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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 24, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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gerald vick had 12 points. if i could dunk, i would like to see i could do it like that. but i can't. graham had five triples and a foul, 26 points and smacking the floor. kansas going to state oregon in the midwest final. 98-56 was the final. christian mccaffrey is expected to go high in the draft. thomas, 6'3", 273 pounds. explosive, relentless, a couple of mock drafts have him going second overall. mccaffrey did not run the 40. he ran a 4.40 to the combine and showed off his receiving skills today. interview and ever every day, you have to earn a spot and earn something. so, you know, i just treat it like any other day, prepare like any other day and come out here and try to have as much fun as possible. >> he is fast. abc 7 sports brought to
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all right, that is our report, we thank you for your time. >> thanks for joining us, shaq is on jimmy kimmel live time for an all-new show with great viral videos, "right this minute"! >> this dude's name -- is dude.
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>> he's a bulldog with a big problem. >> a little too much skin. >> see the story behind the eye-opening surgery. >> so weird. >> look at that. peru floodwaters take everything in their path. >> but this guy is pretty lucky. you see his great escape and a house that didn't. a teacher thinks her students will be part of the school program. >> instead, this happened. find out what that guy with a puppy is really doing here. >> this wasn't the lesson at all. and two dads with a trap beat. ♪ >> how they're going megaviral, rapping about minivans and kids. >> which is where i spend most of my weekend. they get a lot of donations. this homeless dog they call dude -- >> his eyes roll in.
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you need some petting, don't you? >> he says that's not unusual for a bulldog to have a little too much skin around their eyes. so he's got to do surgery to open those eyes up. >> i thought it was an infection. >> i tried to open these eyes. you can see them just roll out like that. >> wow. >> look at that. >> that's so weird. >> it is weird. not only are they going to fix dude's eyes, he's also going to get -- >> unduded? >> unduded. >> and here can you see them using anesthesia on him. he said the second eye is the bad eye and he'll have to do even more work on that one. >> his lower eyelid is really rolled in. zblees not going to come out like hollywood style, is he? >> just an eye drop. but he'll do a lift on the top and reduction on the ones on the bottom. so dr. matt, does the surgery on dude and once he's done? >> we're about to wake him up but the eyes are a lot easier to see now. >> even though he's still under
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anesthesia. you can see a big difference has been made. they put the cone of shame on him. >> he's like what's going on? >> two days after surgery. if i can get him to stay still. you can see how you can actually see his eyes now. >> three weeks later he comes back in to get a check-up. you can see the progress he's made. >> can you see his eyes are open. he can see really well. >> not only did his eyes get fixed. he was adopted. >> going to a new family. got a forever home. see the before and after to get a better comparison of those eyes. here he can barely open them. there, he's like -- i see you. we are taught time and time again about the power of rushing water. both of these view videos from peru. can you see from this freeze frame, this disaster has already begun. a tiny sedan rushing floodwaters. what do we think is going to happen? >> the only thing that could happen, the car is going to get swept away. >> here it goes. >> swept off. tips over. all of this goes on, but this
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guy is pretty lucky. he hit that rock. the windscreen shatters, his car now trapped in floodwaters on the side. rushing water. life's in danger. fortunately he has an easy escape. as he's on his way out, he stops to go back in and get his cell phone. priorities, ladies and gentlemen, before making his way out. >> i have decided this is the time for a little bit of a psa. i went to the fema web page. i got some physics for you guys. physics of fluid dynamics. this is important -- >> let me translate -- >> don't do this! >>-day have a second video for you, also from peru this one demonstrating the power of water with reference to erosion. the river just because there's extra floodwaters. the river burst its banks and is slowly, slowly been digging away at the foundations, you can see some of the concrete foundations underneath this building. for now, because we all know where this is going --
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>> at the risk of sounding callous, this is sort of cool. >> i enjoy seeing the power of water and what erosion can do. >> honestly, you're right in this case nobody was hurt. it's the kind of thing that happens somewhat slowly in most cases. however this is the worst flooding in two decades in peru. over the last two weeks they said 78 people have been killed, 670,000 people have been affected. we could all use a little more love and kindness, so the second graders at chestnut grove elementary school in decatur, alabama, decided to put together a program explaining just that. first up, miss lib by's class. >> love is being kind. >> love is sharing. >> as the video plays during the assembly, each student explains what love and kindness means to them. it's super cute. they've been working on this for
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about two months. you've seen the teacher sitting there, she's so proud. >> i love seeing their reactions to seeing themselves. it's funny. you know. >> i was looking at the teacher. look at them, they're all beaming. >> they're so proud. >> as they come toward the end of the video. the teacher says something else they've been working on is going to come on. instead, this happens. and all the students are like, oh, my gosh! pictures of her in her man, will, start to roll. >> i see where this is going. >> this wasn't the lesson at all! >> well, it is a lesson of love and kindness, because will says that libby is super-kind and he loves her. and then they have quite the love story. it incorporated the students and the elementary school, they've been together seven years, they met when they were in preschool. >> doing a project about love.
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>> libby, will you make the happiest man in the world and be my wife? >> here comes will. >> will this adorable little puppy. >> yeah, finally! >> and she said yes. >> aww, that is great! >> all of this has come full circle for these two. it was posted and documented. >> that was a nice little video. the entire time that i was watching this video, my jealousy meter went from zero to -- 100%. >> a group of really cool people, including marshall miller, a pilot. he jumps on that bi-wing being followed by a car below filmed by a special film team. >> super and trampy. >> this is a devin supertramp production. he's going to be wing-walking. he secures his feet on the wing. now he is straps his weight on to the brace that you see there. and then the pilot films this.
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>> whoa! >> sign me up! >> i think you both have given yourself a little too much credit for no fear factor. that's going to be terrifying. >> no! >> the scenery is great. >> this is shot around washington state. some of these shots are being captured by a helicopter. they do have gopros mounted throughout the plane. look at this shot. i mean come on! >> next time he does a loop like that i want to see marshall disconnect and sky dive and then up his wing suit and fly down? >> you are not far off, my friend. because -- a little bit after you see that marshall now has his parachute on, he walks to the edge of the wing and he waits for his cue from the pilot of the other plane. it is a stunt plane. >> oh, goodness! >> come on! come on! >> this is crazy. this is devin supertramp, but
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the budget of a feature film. >> in the end you see marshall landing and everybody gives him a hug. it turns out it's marshall's birthday. what a great way to spend your birthday. there's a pretty awesome behind-the-scenes video as well if you want to check it out. head over to, click on tv show or check it out on our mobile app. she's recreating the kiley jenner blinged-out jacket look. >> that's been trending all over the place. kim k., kyly, they've all been wearing it. >> check it out and find out how to make it for yourself. >> that girl is talented. they're going about their day -- >> right here, this walkway is an indicator of what's about to come. >> see what happens next. >> oh! a lot of people have vertical blinds. well, if a lot of people jumped off a bridge, would you? you hungry? i'm okay right -- i'm...
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closed captioning provided by -- breakthrough allergies with allegra®. now that spring is upon us, ice is starting to melt. and in this security video you actually see some of the water on this walkway below. you see all of these people walking casually, going about their day, but this -- right here, this wet walkway is an indicator of what's about to
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come. >> it's not wetter in else. >> exactly. so you've got to wonder where is the water coming from? >> right. >> we're about to see, one little clue right here. >> ooh! >> some ice falling from the top of that building there. you see a pedestrian look, back around, looks around, coast is clear, and keeps walking. >> she walked right through there. i would have seen that and been like -- i'm out. >> even this woman who apparently works at a shop came out, looked up, all right, whatev, she walks back in as a group of people are coming. >> whoa! >> it's like they heard it happening before they saw it. >> there were five people on that sidewalk. two of them you do immediately see run out of the way, once the fog clears -- you see two of them amazingly, this person seems to have jumped to the other side.
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>> that was a customer. >> that was a lot more dangerous. >> and authorities agree with you, in fact they're investigating this -- in massachusetts everything is still covered in snow. but these guys are making lemonade with the lemons that life just handed them. >> this guy just has a really great sense of humor and decided to go out there in boxer shorts, jump in that pile of snow. and obviously, why not? >> this video posted to our facebook page by chis mason lee. >> hug me! amber shoal can easily be considered one of the diy queens. this time i think that she's going to set the bar pretty high. >> that girl really is talented. >> apparently some of her followers have been asking her
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how to recreate the kylie jenner blinged-out jacket look. >> so it's definitely a kardashian/kanye exclusive look. >> we're not going to pay what they paid for these looks. amber is going to make sure that -- first, you'll need a denim jacket. >> i picked this one up from forever 21 at $20. >> you could score one at a thrift shop or something. >> she found some bling. >> that looks like the bodice of a wedding dress, she's going to cut it out. >> it's bling on some fabric. here we go. >> i'm going to cut this in half. >> she cuts the bling up so it goes well on the places and spaces she wanted to on the jacket. >> it's not so bad. i don't know if i like the all-over look. one sleeve isn't bad. >> you can put as much or as little bling as you want to. >> i think that's kind of cool. if you keep it simple. you could really revitalize an
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old denim jacket that you may have. >> once the look is complete. here you have it. >> there you have it. ta-da! it looks so good. >> i'm impressed. that looks super cool. >> it looks so good. i'm surprised that when we see stuff on the show, somehow we see stuff that hasn't been tried before. like mountain biking in an abandoned mine. >> no. >> there's probably a good reason we haven't seen this. it looks dangerous. >> it looks super-sketchy and super-cool. these guys have the place to themselves, obviously, they did a little bit of scouting early on to check things out to plan out where they may stunt and where they may ride up on the walls and stuff. but other than that, they've got some headlamps and that's it. >> this is great. as long as you've done the planning like you said. as long as you know one, how to get out when you get in.
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and two, check the oxygen levels, that's a dangerous thing when it gets into mines. >> and if something happens, how will somebody know and will they come get them. >> there's a lot of what-ifs and potential incidents that could happen. thankfully, though, nothing bad happened to these guys, a couple of french mountain bikers this area at an undisclosein france. don't want to say hey, go try it yourself. because no, it's obviously very dangerous. ♪ >> you see they came across some bats. it looked like there had been a collapse there before or they just found their own way through. but barely wide enough to get their handlebars through, they get on down to the other side and it opens up into another cool chamber to ride. this raccoon was after something. but -- the poor thing is stuck. >> find out if it ever makes it
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or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. wiback like it could used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena library break! shhhhhhhh. have a break, have a kit kat!
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windex that you don't even know it's there? so clear by sfx: slide show smudge it! with the new smudge stick even clear glass gets visibly smudged in a snap. sfx: smudge sounds against glass get it now and say no to spotless clear windex glass. promotional considerations provided by -- developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. that's emily wilson's hummer h3. >> it was, it was. >> thank you for correcting me on that. it was. she had just got ton work, but then this happened. the culprit? a squirrel is believed to have
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eaten through her gas line and caused this. >> oh dear. >> yeah. >> no squirrel. they had to call the fire department to get it out. it took them not too long to get the fire tamped down. they don't make the h3 any more, do they? she's going to have to find a replacement. i don't know what. and who wants to find a new car when you have the car you want? joseph g had a completely different experience with a raccoon. prospect park, brooklyn, new york. the poor thing is stuck. >> is he trying to steal nuts from a squirrel. >> that raccoon ain't doing anything any more. >> wouldn't you be tempted to tickle tickle? >> well maybe, maybe -- but with a stick, with a branch, i wouldn't want to get too close. eventually the raccoon is able to finally after sucking it in, get himself in there. the problem is -- now he's got to get himself back out. >> yeah.
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>> peter went to visit his uncle in austria. and he is a film maker. he saw the mountains and the terra terrain. and as they were passing by he said hey, stop, let's make a film. he's going to attempt a back-flip. so he's getting ready. can you hear them joking with him in the background about how he's getting ready. it's all about the prep, right? got to get loose, are you ready? i said, are you ready? >> yeah, sure. >> it's all about preparation and practice. >> pull the trigger there, tiger. >> in the event of an attack, i will be able to back-flip within two minutes. >> oh! >> and well all the preparations -- [ laughter ] >> bites the dust zblext wanted to taste victorkctory but but bt tasted was dust.
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>> let's hope there's no you're in there. >> that wasn't even close, he plunked himself into the street. >> it worked so well when i do it into the pool. >> it's like if you and i tried to do a back-flip, it would go about that well. >> two regular dads murder a trap beat. >> these two dads have set a trap hook i suppose you could say to make a whole song -- about being a dad. >> hear their impressive song, next.
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them -- >> oh, sorry. >> don't look this up online! trap music, for anybody at home who doesn't know what that is, it's a type of music that if you're under 21 years old. makes no sense. but these guys have found a way to make it relevant.
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>>. ♪ family comes first ♪ it's only logical ♪ let's go to work ♪ my wife is sexier than yours ♪ no comparison ♪ you're embarrassing so these two dads have decided to do a trap hook i suppose you could say to make a whole song, about being a dad. the best thing about it is they do the whole thing pretty much in a homegoods store. which is where to be honest i spend most of my weekends. in fact this part of the song is basically my entire life. ♪ wife and two kids ♪ all of us do it ♪ i've had to vacuum and dishes and mowing the lawn and working 9-5 five days a week ♪ >> hey, hey! >> they keep going. it all boils down to -- ♪ keeping food on the table ♪ that's the reason i can never quit ♪ ♪ keep the wi-fi and


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