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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 25, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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you can see that boy being passed over and is rescued. but that is just the beginning. look at what was on the other side of that lower building. all of these people looking up at all 37 other people that are still trapped inside that building. >> they didn't have any way to get out. this is the problem with building close. >> it looks to be that way. two people died from this. 19 were injured. >> how was it started? >> they believe it was related to a gas line. you can see them rescuing another person. this is very, very serious. you can see this photo, chris was planning an epic european trip. he's going to criss-cross the whole of europe.
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one of his friends hapz given him a gift. >> a small jar of -- >> he got in >> that's when the idea popped in my head that i should travel and exchange. >> kind of like the little red paper clip idea. i got you. just to see where you wind up at the end of the trip. >> kind of like the swap game of telephone. and that is what this entire video is. before you know it, you end up with a magazine and now he's getting some kinky little shorts. >>. trip over for me. i'm done. >> this is so fascinating because he's just going to about any country you could think of, finland, norway, germany, france, spore which you gal, it's in the u.k., he's meeting people. he's seeing how
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getting. he meets people and they are talking and it's a fascinating journey. >> what a neat way to do a travel blog. just a complete set of scenery and stuff. it's what is a great great and the woman you see there watching the video that i think i just showed all of you, is the same person that gave him the sesame butter. so as the video ends, there's the gift. it's going all around europe. the that is the coolest thing about it. you can follow his entire travel blog, like if you pull
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#awakeshow. it's a book, it's a buzzer book, i loved it. these buddies are off the coast of california on their water craft having a good time, but they stopped because they have to make an emergency rescue. >> this is why you always throw away your balloons after your parties. >> a mylar balloon? >> yes, a mylar balloon and the rope tied to it. you have to be careful when filling them with helium, and if you fill them up -- >> it is highly illegal to view turtles and we are going to cutt this. >> these animals eat jelly fish in the water and it may look
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like itt once they get the rope off, easy peasy. they jump back into the water with the sea turtles. >> i obviously probably wouldn't have noticed this. you never know who is going to show up. you see the picture on your phone and then they arrive. and who else? you might get this guy. >> you guys excited for the weekend? >> yeah. we are going to start drinking at 9:00. >> nice, i love to party. that's oli. today he's just your typical man. neither looks like they are into the rap music. >> yes.
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>> maybe i'll bust out a little bu i busta rhymes for you guys? >> hope it's a short ride. >> he presses play and the beat drops. ♪ to prove that i can flow yo i got it bro ♪ >> the grandmothers manage a smile but it's on. >> time for snapchat. ♪ >> he was like, forget the cool part, he's right here. ♪ everybody's feeling me everybody's killing me ♪ i like to rap.
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a mom and daughter are being attacked outside a supermarket. >> can one of them swing? the other is knocked to the ground. >> find out why this man lost his temper. >> that stuff makes me so mad. and april fools is just around the corner. >> and the problem with that is there are people everywhere with great april fools ideas, like richard ferguson. >> see the easy tricks you can pull on your loved ones.
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whenfrom eczema, akout closed captioning provided by -- e frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. going to the grocery store sometimes can try your patience, but this man is just annoyed. look at him. steps toward the person recording and the other person says, calm down, it's all good. he laughs and thinks it's over. now he's waiting outside the store and those are the women he was upset with. here they come, a mother and her daughter. they are kind of going back and forth. >> stop engaging and get out of the way. and don't take your eyes off of them. >> can't one of them swing. the other knocks her to the ground and pushes her on the ground. then kicks her in the face and walks off. reports are that he was upset
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they were taking too long. the person recording him in the store says he was already tipsy and they were in the alcohol aisle. >> oh, man, this makes you so mad. >> they try to block it with blows but he still gets the best of them and takes off. >> one of the women was taken on to the hospital with a concussion and bruising. he was arrested and police are trying to figure out what they charging him with. >> assault from one supermarket in russia. parents are not around. >> they call pitbulls nanny dogs because back in the day this is what they used to do. >> it's just chilling. you notice another dog walks up to. >> i'm confused as to why. why wouldn't they take a stroll through the supermarket.
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>> what if a person walks up to to you? >> it's a sight to be hold and an odd one at that. oli, i know you don't like movie trailers but i have a clip from the next "blade runner" coming up. the base jumper climbs up one of the wind turbines about 200 feet see the blades starting to lower and twist. he knows he's got a few more videos. that's a cool base jumping video. >> here's the view from the base jumper. you can see him walking out of th
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this. >> it is very clear in this video. now, of all the extreme sports, speed riding is my favorite. every time i sigh it. it just shows them skiing down the mountain. not only do they find cool wine wine -- oh, boy. april fools is around the corner. >> don't look up here at me. >> and the problem with that is there are people everywhere. like rich ferguson. >> i'm going to show you improvements. get yourself oreo cookies and white food paste. and we're going to be doing the old two-faced or owe gag.
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>> you see an oreo cookie and your eyes turn into trolls. you're like, funnel vision. now this next one is pretty interesting. also, thinking amoist ing thinking a moist -- >> is that some type of spray h enhancement? >> yes. >> you take one. >> crack your >> there are more. a total of ten. if you want more of these, head
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over to and click on tv show and check it out on the mobile app. >> this is no prank. she's telling the truth. where am i? this 6-year-old is dropping pun after pun after pun. >> the pun-y video that will have you saying -- >> how far with you travel with typical places? >> check this out as he puts it to the test. >> dang! to a pet in need. it's like this: when pearl eats, peanut eats. when wolf woolfs, george gorges. and when moose mows down his meal, cuddles cuddles up to a bowl. you buy any bag, we'll give a meal. it's that simple.
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if you have ever wondered what it was like to raise or go shopping with 6-year-old oli pettigr pettigrew. want to know more? >> oh, my god, this is a pun king. >> this is little jayden. and his super power is my favorite super power. it's the pun-tastic power. it is jayden dropping pun after pun after pun with what i'm assuming to be his mom behind the camera cracking up every time. >> he's so proud of himself, too. just like you. i know you love a good pun. i can totally see this. >> that's your phone and this is my phone. i'm so glad you made it. >> usually, when we're at the store, the kid in the basket maybe having a temper tantrum or crying. he can entertain the shoppers with this show.
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>> you butter believe it. >> mom is giggling behind the camera like another 6-year-old. >> like play-doh -- >> jayden, if you focus on this, one day you can host a national television show. >> so you're saying you have the intelligence of a 6-year-old? >> we figured that one out a long time ago. have you guys ever experienced that kind of nervous feeling when you see your low fuel light come on the dashboard? the dude over at our blog has a ford 150 g-8 truck. he is curious to know when you have zero miles to go. >> wish me luck and here we go. >> now, they do say that they are supposed to design cars that
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once it says empty or low, you have a certain amount of miles to then try to find a gas station. >> what does that mean? he's searching them out. >> you can see the bottom left there is his mileage counter. one mile to empty. he's going to click over. >> there we go. >> f-150, v-8, i'm going to go -- >> i'm be your backup tank. we'll say 15. >> i'm going with 23. >> wow. i mean, the truck is telling you, the computers in the truck are saying, zero miles to empty. you're done, son. >> honestly, i feel like i'm going to keep the price. 23 mimes comes and goes. >> but i'm here. >> this gets more nerve-racking and nerve-racking.
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>> here comes 25 miles. and right past that -- >> all right. this is not feeling safe anymore. >> 40 miles comes and >> come on, give me that 50. >> i felt a jerk there. >> charity bailey -- you nailed it. >> 49.1 miles. >> oh, my goodness! no way! >> hey, show me what i've won! do i get a brand new car? >> no. >> now i'm going to go do this with my car. it's the turkish chef. >> he has his way of salting your food. he picks it up with your fingers and then it
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>> you should do it and i'll watch.
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i don't know that the internet or television can continue to handle this hotness. this is one of salt bay's latest jou videos. this piece of meat slides on in such style. >> this is how it started. >> i thought you were talking about him when you said beautiful meat. >> back in january he became an internet sensation because he has a way about salting your food. he picks it up with his fingers and adds that he sprinkles it off his forearm right onto your food. >> for argument sake, does anyone else put salt on your food going, there you go. >> disgusted! eye. he's about to leave -- >> just the way he attaches everything.
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>> he's finally kicked the one out. i don't know what this is, but he just baits this chunk of meat and it looks amazing. i want him to feed it to me. >> yes, the food is there, but he's like -- >> where do i have to go to experience this man's food. >> he's a chef. but he is in abu dhabi. he is opening a restaurant in september in new york city. >> i'll take you on a date there. me, you and your wife. thanks for watching. we'll see you on the all new new episode of "rtm."
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