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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 26, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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t's gonna last 50 years. when you talk about, you can get solar, a battery and a new roof typically for less than you're currently paying on your utility bill. [audience clapping] - alright, hi there. there you go, what's your name? - hi my name is matt. - alright matt. - jim, i just recently got a quote on a new roof and it was crazy low, frankly it almost seems too good to be true. so, i'm wondering what kind of things can i look out for to make sure that i don't get taken? - so my parents taught me if it sounds too good to be true you're probably gonna get ripped off. you know there's a lot of guys out there - we call them chuck and a truck. you know ya gotta check their worker's compensation. you gotta check their general liability insurance. ya gotta check their references. you gotta go to the contractor's state license board and see how long they've been in business. do they have any violations against them? but you know what's really scary out there? is that there are seconds, just like you can get your regular clothing. you can get your regular felt, you can get your regular roofs, and you can get your regular solar. at petersendean everything is top of the line, tier one, roofs, underlayments, solar,
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and batteries. so we don't mess around here at petersendean. we're too big, we've been around too long. so, if you're paying too low you're probably gonna get ripped off. - great, thanks. - you're welcome. - alright, we have another question over here, what's your name? - my name is justin. - ok. - yes, when petersendean installs my solar system how do i know the solar system is working? - well, it's pretty simple i mean there's monitoring so we use endphase, which is a microinverter, all that is monitored by the company endphase. it can also be monitored by you. with the phone app. we talked about in the show so you can look at your battery over the phone. you can look at your stuff either on your computer or over the phone. you'll know it's working, and if it's not working you'll know either by a notification to you or endphase would notify you as well. so, we set it and you forget it. - alright, thanks to all of you for your questions. jim, do you have anything else that you'd like to add? - the only thing i want to add is what i've been saying all day, which is put some more money in your pockets this year. there's no reason you can't, it takes about seven minutes. you know we offer no interest and no payments
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for six months for all our customers. easy terms. low prices. big time savings. look, we can take care of you over the phone, we can sell you a system or offer you advice in seven minutes or less. let us help you save money this year and right now. [audience clapping] the preceding was a paid program. paid for by petersendean roofing and solar. ♪ upbeat music playing♪
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they are and realizes that no one can see that he can see the intersection. >> this is like being at your favorite fishing hole. >> these guys are just loving it. >> bang-a-rang, peter, this is the best episode ever. >> all kinds of craziness. >> that's a double shot since he ran the motorcycle. >> i'm amazed the cop missed this one, reversing against traffic through an intersection. >> wow. >> somehow gets away with that one. but the cop will be back. >> he got 'em! >> woo-hoo! >> be glad there's no tequila on
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the "right this minute" set. >> this is going to be help my hydrate. >> i'm going to have to pee soon. >> you are. >> wow! [ sirens ] you're about to see something very rare. >> only believed to be about 2 to 3,000 of these things in the world. >> hi, baby. >> so cute! >> that is thinking cute. that baby is a she. she was born on february 21st at the toronto zoo. these are her first sightings by visitors. >> is that a pigmy hippo? >> it is. they are endangered because of deforestation. >> that is cute. >> there she is with her mama. >> even though they're a pigmy hippo, when you see the baby next to full grown mom, you get a sense of scale.
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speaking of babies, one is on the way. this is in the krueger national paragraph. that zebra is laying down, pushing. >> making another zebra. >> that zebra is coming. did you see that? the baby is moving. it's already trying to get up. you can see it's partially in that sac. it lifts its head up, where am i? it was warm and toasty. >> other crews are like, look at that. >> happy, healthy. mom is like, woo, that was tough. woo! >> it ain't easy being a member of the nitro circus traveling stunt team. these guys written credible. ryan williams is the guy highlighted in this video. they're in osaka, japan. it's their last show in japan. now, ryan williams is known for his bmx stunt. the kid can do some pretty
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tremendous feats up in the air. >> one of the tricks that ryan has been tracking down for a long time is the triple front flip. >> he's tried it in practice, hasn't quite nailed it. on their last night in japan, ryan decided to reach up to a higher power. >> i love you and i miss you. >> aww. >> ryan's grandmother recently passed away. so he thought if i'm ever going to do it, it's now, and i'm asking for help, grandpa. let's see if he can do it. >> here it is, one, two, three. >> whoa! >> lands it and rides it out. the team is so incredibly stoked for him. the godfather of the nitro circuit is there as well. >> how did you do that? >> congratulations to ryan. really, really remarkable feat. >> his grandpa came through.
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trouble is brewing for a bunch of guys near a bar. >> because suddenly, bang, the one-two punch that left him floored. and four photographers take the challenge for best picture. same model, same location. who wins? >> the winner is the model. >> check out the photos, next on "right this minute." ♪ five-second rule protection. new lysol kitchen pro eliminates 99.9% of bacteria without any harsh chemical residue. ♪ lysol. what it takes to protect. choose your favorite pasta,or piadina or sandwich. it all comes with our never-ending soup or salad. and all the breadsticks you want. starting at just $6.99
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whenfrom eczema, akout i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. most cameras have a purpose.
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but sometimes they capture something unintended. dash cam from russia, vladivostok. a group of guys approaches a group of other guys. apparently this is near a bar. i have absolutely no idea what's being said. >> what's up tough guy. talking to me? >> something like that. another guy on the floor gets completely missed by that guy. that's why the person in the car is like, yeah, no, i'm out of here, drives off when the light turns green. >> cause of the conflict is still a mystery as is the identification of everybody involved. it's one of those moments where the camera happens to be on them. the investigation will continue but at the moment nothing has come of this. no issue identifying the assailant in this next video from australia. the car is heading out of the
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car pack. she doesn't see it coming. as she walks just this way, doink! >> that's cold. >> i feel bad. >> i'm only laughing because i do things like that. >> no, not this exact thing. >> and not in australia. >> you see what happens, she just wasn't paying attention. come on, man, what goes up must come down, and eventually it does. she appears to be fine. there don't appear to be any long term consequences. >> that's debatable. we're back with version two of a video we had recently where three photographers photographed one model in three locations. they all had different equipment so the photographers are similar but all different. >> we brought back photographers
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irene and ruby. >> i was in the neighborhood and walking by. i saw you guys had cameras in the window. >> derek happens to be walking by, decided to get in on the action. so all four of them are now going to hit the streets, same location, same wardrobe, same model, different cameras. they do ask people that watch the video and see the final product to tell them which they prefer. >> kind of wait for them to challenge each other. >> yeah. here is the final product of the first shoot. and they're all so beautiful but so different. >> for this next one, they're going to this street that is lined with balloons. each one takes a stab at the model with the balloons. >> it does show you just how a photographer leaves his or her mark. and when you go through pictures and choosing a photographer, it looks like i've been going to the same photographer in this style. >> they go out to a park, very pretty, lined with trees. and this is the final product of
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that, which i think is really pretty. >> you see why they call it magic, everybody wants to go outside and shoot, you get the nice light and long shadows. >> it's beautiful. >> they've all done such a good job. it's really hard to pick a winner in this case. >> the winner is the model. >> i know. >> the last one, they go to a basketball court. here is that last shot. >> do you have a favorite? let us know, head on over to this minute, leave it in our comments. you see the first image of this 24-year-old mexican woman and you think she's going to have more than one baby. she's not having a baby at all, you guys. doctors say this is an ovarian cyst. they say this woman noticed that she was gaining like six pounds a month. what this cyst did is, as it grew, it was putting pressure on her other organs. they say she had a hard time
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walking and was at dangerous risk of a heart attack because of all the pressure. it had to be removed. after pioneering surgery, they were able to remove this cyst. and look at it now, it's enormous. >> wow. >> it is enormous. you guys, it weighed 73 pounds. >> okay. i think maybe she waited a little too long. >> can you imagine what it must feel like the day after? overnight you lost 70 pounds, all that pressure is released, now you can almost stand up straight. >> it's hard to believe that her body could hold something that size. this was over an 11-month period. finally it was removed. you can see that large incision she has down her stomach once it's removed. think about how her skin has stretched. >> wow. >> think about this. women have ovarian cysts that burst all the time. this is one of those cases where it grew exponentially large.
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when you needed help. >> people are laughing already. >> it's going to hit that dock, isn't it? >> give him a chance. >> the guy behind the camera is just snickering and that's greg reeves. his buddy chuck has never done this. those posts are marking the edges of the trailer he's aiming for. >> you can hear chuck putting it in reverse, putting it in forward, getting sideways. that whole engine noise is drowned out by -- >> turn it off. >> what's that dog in a hanna-barbera cartoon? >> muttly. >> you never actually see chuck get the boat on the trailer. >> truck is running out of gas. >> greg totally is helping.
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>> if i'm hysterical, you're doing it wrong. >> eventually greg does offer a little bit of instruction. >> turn. other way. other way. [ laughter ] >> chuck now can see the humor in this video. he did post it. >> like austin powers. some of us are just bored with it. the camera comes on, you turn it on. juliette is bored. about now she's not very happy. [ crying ] she is just giving it to mom. mom is like, okay, i'm going to take some video for daddy. she's like, hey, dad. >> it's in their dna. >> she instantly turns on. she goes from crying to, hey, dad. >> on her own instagram in three
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seconds. >> instagram may be your social media of choice. but these next two babies. >> snapchat. >> you know what it is. the builters. >> that kid does not want to be there. >> i'm amazed that child did not freak out any more than it did. that is hilarious. >> it is pretty funny. when most kids see themselves in those filters, they perk up. this next baby is amelia. >> da-da-da. >> she definitely looks like dad. >> here's a pic of dad and a snapchat filter of her with the glasses on. you do the side by side and -- >> you're welcome. the s theory guys are stepping out of the box to try something new. >> like magic mike style stripping. >> see what happens when they take the stage for a steamy performance.
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i want, i want, i want. my name is darron emre and i want to be a stripper. >> the guys decided to try their hand at stripping, like magic mike style. they've teamed up with the hollywood men. and they start to be a little body insecure. >> now, this guy right here, this is scott. he is the man. he runs the entire show. the guys sit down, enjoy th so two days before the performance, time for the first rehearsal. >> there is no better stripping
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costume than that of the firefighter. >> my favorite part of the rehearsal is this part. one thing is not like the other. >> that's not fair. >> you're going to play me? okay. >> he's got to give these guys credit at s theory. they step outside the box every time and it's fun to watch. >> particularly thomas. >> down a third and over two steps. >> a sexy eyes, a sexy face. >> the night of the performance i think the chicks will love these guys. they're the everyman. >> thank you for acknowledging that we do like who a man is not what he's been lifting. >> but you can appreciate that stuff on the side. >> let's get to the show, shall we? >> ladies, for your entertainment and pleasure, give it up for yes theory.
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>> you can see a volunteer on the floor, she's going to be there assistant. ♪ >> the crowd goes wild. >> they start interacting with a volunteer. >> the crowd is loving it, pulling off their jackets. you can see one of the guys comes in, makes it rain for them. >> those shirts have got to go. it's the finale. here we go. >> yay! >> they had a great time, the crowd were awesome. after the performance you can see how much fun they were having. >> oh, my god, that was so fun. thanks for leaving your tv tuned to us. now use your mouse and go on over to for more. we'll siee you next time.
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, we're celebrating national nutrition month with helpful snacks. what is your top tip for folks who want to eat healthier this month? >> great question. takeaway message is keep it simple. if you look at all of the ingredient lists of the products that you see here, very simple, clean ingredient list. you want ingredients you can see and pronounce, and products like this that encourage you to cook more at home with your family, that's really key. >> then an old favorite is back. >> i've got two kids. i've got a boy. i've got a girl. and there we were. we were sitting on main street, waiting for the floats to come down, and as they did come down, i had that realization that i remember coming with my grandmother, and now here i am with my kids. it's definitely an incredible nostalgic feeling. >> plus, the perfect place to hold your next event. >> they have a great ability for


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