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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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tweeted out this photo and will take some getting used to. >> we have team coverage and by all accounts, a sad day for r d raider nation. >> and live in phoenix at the tite of the owners' meet writing the vote happened. >> this is the first thing t thi did in phoenix. it took just about an hour with one dissent, handing a major defeat. >> we discussed the relocation by the raiders approved overwhelmi overwhelmingly. >> it was a vote that came earlier than expected all but one nfl owners voting to send the nfl raiders to las vegas. >> we work very hard and never want to see the relocation of a
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franchise exhausting our options to do everything we can to get a solution in the existing market. >> reporter: in the end, roger goodell said what oakland off offered wasn't good enough. >> my father used to say it was in its future. >> reporter: the owner said it was an extremely difficult time for him and fans and oakland. i have mixed feelings obviously, i love oakland and the fans in oakland and know there will be some disappointment and some anger. >> reporter: for diehard fans it was devastating. >> you made the biggest mistakes of your lives and tnext year or two in oakland will be a disaster. >> reporter: what happens when you go to las vegas? >> we will become the las vegas ra raiders. >> reporter: to that end, we learned from a source that said marc davis sent his letter to renew his lease at oakland,
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within an hour of the vote in phoenix, that source told me the oakland coliseum board took that as insult to injury, adding insult to injuriy. live in phoenix. nbc7 news. >> a lot of both for fans. talk about season ticket holders. did marc davis say what's next for them the people who invested the most in the >> reporter: he did. he was asked about that and said if folks wanted to cansell their season tickets he would refund them and be happy to refund them and went back and said i wouldn't be happy but will refund them for those who don't wish to attend the oakland's games next season. >> not just the fans are angry. city leaders say the team didn't do enough to try to stay in oakland and want them out long before the 2018 season finishes.
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>> wayne picks up the coverage from city hall tonight. wayne. >> reporter: they want the ra raiders not just out of the coliseum, they want them out of oakland the way a jilted spouse wants them out of the house. they don't feel the raiders ever gave them a chance, not at all. >> i'm sure you've heard by now the very disappointing news. >> reporter: who in oakland had not heard that the oakland ra raiders had threatened to leave town for las vegas had become a reality. >> i feel we've been double crossed and feel we've been abandoned. >> we did everything we were asked, this is their choice. >> reporter: the mayor said the 55 acres a shovel ready publicly funded project. from the start the mayor said she would expend no funds for
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this project nor jeopardize the oakland as who use this same facility. regarding the as, she said the nfl asked for too much. >> i was specifically asked to exercise the early termination option we have in their lease, kick them out of the coliseum. >> reporter: something she would not do, as evidenced one hour later when the mayor raised today's flag above city hall. call it a strange scheduling juxtaposition, by comparison, there were no raider flags today. city council president larry reed said he's looking for a way to evict the raiders from the coliseum lease immediately. >> i don't know them now. they can go to santa clara and play. they didn't want us. we busted our tails. they didn't engage with the city of oakland and trying to come up with a comprehensive deal that would allow them to stay. >> reporter: if oakland sounds a lot like an abandoned partner in a divorce, it feels that way. from oakland city hall, abc7
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news. >> a lot of anger. the owners voting to let them move has surprised people in football for years. >> and mike shumann is here with us now. >> the number 31 and 1 is a number oakland raider fans would like to forget. that's the breakdon of owners who voted for the raiders to move to las vegas. owner marc davis said he's exhausted his opportunities and had his mind made up he wanted to create his own legacy with this team and las vegas was the place to do that. in the past year, the nfl has pulled 10% of their teams from long-time fan bases from cities that didn't ask for a team. roger goodell wants stability but yet let this happen. taxpayers are still on the hook for the 1995 coliseum renovation to lure the raiders back to l.a. they will play in the east bay the next two years or maybe three. if they were to win a super
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bowl, possible, that would be really awkward. the day of taxpayers funding stadiums for rich owners is over. at least 7$750 million in funds in a city we don't even know will support the raiders. the fans will suffer the most and support their team the next few years. this is huge for players who have to uproot their families in a couple of years. we'll talk about that coming up in sports. no winners here except marc davis. >> i remember being on the streets of oakland that raiders were coming back to l.a. and there was such euphoria. now, they're doing it again. >> it's a lot to be done to get this finished. we have to wait to see if it does. >> raiders quarterback, derrick carr, tweet ad heartfelt message -- derek carr -- said while i am from california and would have love playing in oakland, i understand the business side of the nfl.
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oakland, our team loves you and my family and i love you. >> if you would like to share your opinion about the raiders move, you can ykacan leave a co below and we may show some of your posts in our newscasts later this evening. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a massive fire this morning that left two people dead and others hurt. it housed a drug rehabilitation center. amy has the story. >> reporter: people living in this apartment building in oakland banged on their neighbor's doors to wake them up about this fire. >> just how will you make it? is this it? >> reporter: one couple tried to open the door but the doorknob was too hot to touch. >> i got up, smoke hit me, i fell down.
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went for the door, couldn't get out. >> reporter: he ran to the window to flag down firefighters the whole time thinking about the ghost ship fire in oakland that killed 36 people in december. firefighters rescued him and his girlfriend and then ran down the hallway to help a few others saving 10 others. they did all they could do until this huge fire forced them to retreat. >> it was spread throughout the bui building. we couldn't make the progress like we wanted to and we pulled our firefighters out. >> reporter: an eviction defense attorney who has been inside the building at san pablo and meade avenues says it was a mess inside and suggests this could have been prevented. >> on the first floor there was exposed wire and knew there were leaks coming from the third floor.
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we called the inspector to get leverage to do something about this. this was the result. >> reporter: this was a housing transition place for vet vaeran and homeless people and people with no place to live. the ghost fire last december killed 30 people. >> and this one also has complaints. dan has been digging into that part of the story and has exclusive video from inside before it burnt down. >> that's right. going back 10 years, it shows 10 years of complaints including rodent infest stations and le leaking pipes. one called the entire building as unstable and the bottom two floors providing transitional housie ing as a nonprofit and i caught up with the pastor. >> since december we've been trying to get assistance with
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it. >> you try to get these things and what happened? >> it's in a hold pattern and nothing has happened. >> nothing has been fixed and we have a tragedy. >> former residents gave me this video that shows dirty rundown conditions, holes in the ceiling, rat feces, the owner tried to evict them and they filed for a restraining order against the owner. the pastor was arranging a news conference to draw attention to the horrible conditions but the fire came this morning. i'll get deeper into the battle between the owners and tenants coming up. >> thank you, dan. new at 4:00, the man accused of trying to kidnap a 13-year-old girl off a san francisco street made his first court appearance a few hours ago. the 26-year-old was accused of lewd acts. he grabbed the girl and tried to force her into the car. two bystanders heard the girl
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scream and stopped the kidn kidnapping. the judge denied this man bail. he will be back in court for arraignment next week. an overturned semi-truck hauling a crane and steel beams blocked traffic for hours this morning. reporting south of the central san rafael exit. for a time, three lanes were blocked by the semi. two people were hurt and the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. stay with us next on super bowls ne next on "abc news" at 4:00. >> he said the only reason he came to san francisco was because it was a sanctuary city. >> speaking up about the kate steng gle murder and sanctuary ci cities. getting ready for hillary tomorrow, a behind the scenes conference for how to empower women and the former first lady will give the keynote address.
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there's more to know. a severe warning coming from the justice department today, attorney general jeff sessions says so-called sanctuary cities that ignore federal law lose federal funding. >> san francisco is one of those ci cities. live from san francisco city hall with reaction, leeann. >> reporter: in that press conference, the u.s. attorney, mentioned, kate, shot by an undocumented immigrant reported
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several times. family said they did not want to talk about the issue. it was an unexpected visit to the white house pressroom but the attorney general's message on immigration had been anticipa anticipated. >> i strongly urge our nation's sta states, cities and counties to consider carefully the harm they are doing to their citizens by refusing to enforce our immigration laws. >> reporter: jeff session's warning comes two months after president trump signed an executive order demanding states and cities come ply with federal immigration policy or risk lose federal funding. san francisco in turn sued the trump administration. city attorney dennis herrera said immigration enforcement is the federal government's job. a professor from uc >> the law doesn't identify people to become part of the enforcement mechanism.
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>> reporter: most people agree with the attorney general. >> why do people like our governor, jerry brown, believe they can pick and choose the federal laws that they obey? >> reporter: still, the board of supervisors voted to defy any mandate to step up enforcement of immigration laws. >> i believe the trump administration will continue to spread its message of hate. i know in san francisco prote protecting our immigrant brothers and sisters is a core value and we will not back down. >> reporter: any withholding of federal dollars must be approved by u.s. congress. abc7 news. immigration may be one of the issues hillary clinton will touch on when she comes to san francisco to take part in the 28th annual professional business women of california conference. >> she has given few speeches since the election so a big spotlight will certainly be shined on the former presidential candidate here. >> here with a preview, kristen. >> hillary clinton will be the closing keynote speaker tomorrow
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at the pbwc conference. the former presidential candidate has not revealed what exactly she will say to the crowd but this will be the first time she's come to san francisco since a pre-election trip in october. this annual event empowers women through inspiring speakers, informative seminars and netw k networking opportunities. all 5,000 tickets for tomorrow's event have sold out, no surprise given the star power of the speakers. in addition to clinton, they will hear from tarajip. henson and rosario dawson. it was founded 28 years ago by jackie speier, who spoke about it. >> i wanted to create a place for women to come together and network and do professional development. >> this is a picture of the panel i moderated last year, even more excited this year because i'll be serving as conference host along with
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cheryl. be sure to follow us on social media, your ticket to pbwc. >> thank you so much. a civil rights group is asking the state's attorney general to launch an investigation into dozens of schools across california that are asking parents to provide their children's social security numbers and citizenship status. four bay area school districts are among the 79 asking for such information including dublin, antioch, orinda and la honda. dublin said it's reviewing its form and dublin said it will stop asking for that information. the uber cars back on the streets of san francisco, the fleet of autonomous vehicles in this city after receiving the dmv appropriation. they stopped in arizona where one of the cars was involved in a crash. it appears the uber vehicle was
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not at fault in that collision. they said san francisco's program is at a different development stage and will not be carrying passengers. time to turn to the weather in a warming week, i think. >> started off as a windy week. pretty breezy week. it will calm down in the evening hours. sunny and clear and dry and it will get warmer. we still have the breezes to contends with. look at our peek wind gusts. between 25 and 35 miles an hour at hayward, san jose. the winds are getting a little calmer right now. looking northward at mainly blue sky, 60 degrees in san francisco, low 60s at mountain view, san jose and 57 degrees at half moon bay. this is the view of the sky. we have temperatures in the low to mid 60s at santa rosa, napa,
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novato, fairfield, concord, fairly uniform temperature range and a view looking across the embarcadero. these are the forecast features, sunny and mild the next two days and possible sprinkles and warm temperatures returning friday. tonight, under clear skies, temperatures drop in the cool range. middle 40s and upper 40s near the bay. it will still be breezy in some spots. look for high temperatures in mid to upper 60s on the coast and low to mid 70s and warming conditions wednesday, very mild afternoon with highs inland climbing up to the upper 70s, close to 80s in some spots and a sharp cooldown, 5-10 degrees on thursday and a few clouds in the picture, possibly a sprinkle. a storm system moving through
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northern california late wednesday to thursday morning producing rainfall there. as it wraps around a bit it could produce a sprinkle or two in the bay area. its main effect is producing clouds and a cooldown. here is the 7-day forecast. sunny and mild the next couple of days with a bit of a warming trend and slight chance of shower thursday as temperatures drop just a little bit. temperatures rebound rapidly friday and by saturday, we're looking at high temperatures at 80 degrees, mid to upper 70s around the bay and upper 70s around the coast and cooldown. the weather is looking great, at least for my tastes. >> thank you, spencer. coming up, the first review
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this was the first monday commute for b.a.r.t. passengers at the newly opened station in
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south fremont. >> another major b.a.r.t. system delay sent many back to their cars. >> the story from the warm spring station. >> reporter: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. >> right now, there's no service. >> reporter: this morning many passengers would have been better off staying home rather than riding b.a.r.t. on the monday morning commute at the brand new warm springs station. they turn you'd around. >> now, we don't know what to do. >> reporter: power lines fell across the track at the west oakland station, keeping trains from going through the transbay tube into san francisco. >> are you going home? >> for now, i'm working from home i guess, i can't get to san francisco. >> i'm going back home. there's no train anymore. >> reporter: you're getting into your car? >> yes. >> reporter: today was supposed to be a big day for commuters. the warm springs station is the first day for b.a.r.t. to reach
4:25 pm
silicon valley and service 7,000 passengers during the week. everything is new here. when you consider the major delay, for many passengers, the same old b.a.r.t. >> i was really excited about the first day commute. i guess i'll try again tomorrow. >> reporter: hope for better luck? >> yeah. >> reporter: the issue was resolved about 9:15, 9:30 this morning with b.a.r.t. working on residual delays. hopefully by tomorrow the commute is much smoother for passeng passengers. nbc7 news. san francisco-based wells fargo is the first in the u.s. to launch an entire fleet of card-free atms today. customers can walk up to any of the banks 13,000 cash machines and enter an 8 digit code and atm pin and take out money. the code is a single use password you get by using the wells fargo app. much more ahead for the negotiate in chief, news from
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the white house president trump may be ready to work with democrats. a family's grief from relatives of the utah man killed in london who helped victims of the terror attack. a new round of mass protest agains
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live where you live, abc7
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news. >> here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. heartbreak today for raider nation. earlier, nfl owners voted 31-1 allowing the raid others to relocate to las vegas. miami dolphins were the only one to oppose the move. it will be the second time the team has left oakland. in phoenix where the league's 32 owners voted this morning. here, you see seattle seahawks head coach, pete carroll congratulating raiders' owner, mark davis of the decision. ality the scene of a fire that left two people dead and four injured. he's digging into the property records and will have revealing information. tonight at 6:00. turning to politics. republicans and democrats are looking to shifting alliances in wake of the failed healthcare bill and more information on
4:30 pm
sanctuary cities. >> disregard for law must end. >> reporter: jeff sessions warned they must obey the the sanctions or face consequences. >> when nations don't impose the immigration laws the nations are less safe. >> reporter: even though president obama had this same law, they said president trump was available to collaboration. >> the presidet is willing to listen. the president gave a rebuke of his own party about the healthcare plans and now the freedom caucus is talking back governing doesn't mean passing bad policy. the ahca was poorly rolled out and bad for american families. >> and the vote for neil gorsucu
4:31 pm
is being threatened with a filibuster. >> jared served with contact with russian officials. >> reporter: his son-in-law volunteered to speak to the committee about russian contacts. >> we made contacts and i'd be glad to explain them. and now a confrontation over the budget, a potential government shutdown one month away. the meeting between republican and house intelligence chairman, devin nunes and the source that told him about possible surveillance on trump associates happened on the white house grounds according to the scentral valle press secretary. he indicated it happened on the white house grounds because it was a secure location nunes could view the information provided by the source. nunes has been criticized by democrats for not revealing his information with his committee
4:32 pm
first, instead telling the white house and reporters about it. >> many western nations are demanding russia release prot t protesters jailed over the weekend, following the biggest rally against his government in five years and his opponents accuse him of being corrupt. stephanie has more. >> reporter: mass protests breaking out across russia. tens of thousands of protesters marching in multiple cities. it's the biggest protest in the country in at least five years. demonstrators accusing president vladamir putin's government of widespread corruption. some protesters holding caricatures of putin and medvedev wearing jail uniforms. the crackdown came quick, more than 1,000 arrested sunday including protest organizer and leading critic, alexei navalny. he was sentenced today to 15
4:33 pm
days in jail by a moscow court after being resisted for resi resisting police orders during one of the marches. after criticism from u.s. lawmakers, a state department has given "abc news" this statement from acting spokesperson. the united states strongly condemns the detention of hundreds of peaceful protesters on sunday. alexei navalny who organized these protests says he plans to run in the 2018 presidential race against vladamir putin. new york. a key player getting president trump elected will not speak in san francisco. roger stone was scheduled to appear at the commonwealth club next month. it was stone not the club who made the decision to talk about potential russian meddling in last year's election. he released a statement saying quote there is zero evidence the
4:34 pm
russians were involved. speaki ining publicly for t first time, instead of conde condemning the attacker, they rushed to praise those who he helped the injured. >> reporter: it was the final day of their anniversary trip, 25 years of marriage ended last week. today, their family is speaking out. >> we didn't know there was a terrorist attack or know our loved ones were involved and we got online and looked and realized that was our loved one. that's how we found out. >> curt cochran, 52-year-old from utah killed when pedestr n pedestrians were plowed down on the westminster bridge and going to stab a police officer he was shot dead after killing four people. his wife in the hospital recovering from a broken leg and rib. >> she's recovering very well. we're pleased with the progress
4:35 pm
she has made in the last few days. >> reporter: 12 relatives traveled to london, speaking here at new scotland yard, th k thanking the paramedics, medical personnel and those who helped. >> so many people have been so kind and we are deeply 20utouch by their goodness and generosity. >> reporter: the couple were visiting melissa's parents serving as missionaries in the london church of ladder day saints and say they will travel back to the u.s. with their daughter when she has recovered. >> this has been a humbling and difficult experience. we felt the love of so many people during these past several days. >> reporter: this was curt's first trip overseas and his family says he was absolutely loving it and couldn't wait to get home to upload all those pho photos. "abc news," london. >> a 22-year-old oklahoma police officer injured in an overnight shootout has died. police say justin turny pulled over a vehicle last night, about
4:36 pm
35 miles southeast of oklahoma city. officials say the suspect ran, turned and used his stun gun but the suspect shot turny several times, and he shot back hitting the suspect several times and he underwent surgery. he just graduated from the police academy. police were called out to calm down this suspect not once but twice before he eventually shot six people this morning. he and his girlfriend were fi t fighting over property at a gas station. officers calmed them down but had to go to their home when the flight flared up again. when they left he shot and killed his girlfriend including two grade school sons. 16 people were hurt in yesterday's shooting at cameo nightclub. one more than was reported
4:37 pm
yesterday. 27-year-old brian spikes was killed, five people still hospitalized. there were several gunmen and doesn't appear to be video coverage from inside the club. north carolina could stand to lose billion force passing the bathroom bill. the law excludes gender orientation from stayed wide gender protections and requires them to use restrooms based on their gender at birth. the bill will cost nearly $4 billion in lost business over a dozen years. already the ncaa has avoided the state and several performers cancelled concerts there. >> do you have a fire extingu h extinguisher at your home? do you know how to use it and how old is it? >> next important pointers so you know what to do if a fire breaks out in your home. i'm spencer
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you may have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen or garage. even if your extinguisher is near where a fire might break out, it might be too late to stop the flames. how to keep your family safe door-to-door. >> reporter: we're in morristown, new jersey, going door-to-door with the local fire department making sure residents and their fire extinguishers are good to go in the event of a
4:41 pm
blaze. >> i'm, guyot, with "good morning america". >> reporter: while everyone we meet have a fire extinguisher. >> reporter: you have it right by the door and know exactly where it is. >> reporter: just having one isn't enough. now to the test. first up, expiration dates. you need to replace an extinguisher every 10 years. here's why. ron has a perfectly good extinguisher in his kitchen but out in his garage. >> take a look at that. this one is in the red. when was the last time you ch k checked this one? is this possible? >> 1981. >> reporter: yes. his extinguisher is 36 years old. >> reporter: want to test it out? >> reporter: outside, our fire team, he presses the handle and its pressure gone. >> reporter: you look at that and think, if there was a fire in the garage -- >> yeah.
4:42 pm
>> reporter: you'd be in trouble. very much so. unlike a bottle of wine it doesn't get better with age. they need to be accessible, definitely not under the kitchen sink where we found meredith kimble's. >> reporter: under the sink? >> under the sink. >> reporter: in the event of a kitchen fire, chief gary says you might never get to it. not only that, we realize the safety pin, it's missing, compromising its integrity. we place a brand new one close to an exit. down the block, we meet dana, mother of two, hers also under the sink but her issue, she admits she doesn't know how to use it. >> reporter: lets test it. >> sure enough when the heat is on, she doesn't pull the pin, wasting valuable time. >> reporter: after 20 critical seconds she finally figures it
4:43 pm
out. i was worried for a second because you didn't know how to use it. >> right. >> reporter: you didn't know you had to pull the pin out. >> right. >> reporter: a simple acronym to use, pass, p-a-s-s, you will pull the pin and sweep at the base of a fire. if you're not comfortable and can't get it out in 30 seconds or less, just get out. don't try to be the hero. >> don't try to be the hero and let the fire department handle it. >> reporter: you're going home with two. we're equipping our families with two brand new fire extinguishers to tackle single fires in your home. "abc news." >> good stuff to keep in mind. easter is almost here. do you need a bunny? >> the folks at san francisco animal control can help you out. these cuties were rescued f ed a
4:44 pm
home a man was raising them as pets or rabbit meat. >> you can't do that in the city and they've been spaied and ready for adoption. they make terrific pets and are lo loving. >> we recommend they have a cage and the older ones we have are litter box trained and they can roam around the house. >> the rabbits live 8-10 years and the first 30 people to adopt a rabbit will get a $30 gift card from pet food express. and following our national puppy adoption day event. >> we found another puppy we featured found her forever home. her name is beauty! what a great name, adopted from the spca. >> our perfect pet partners expect the puppies featured thursday to have new homes by last night. we're still waiting on official confirmation. for more information how to adopt a pet, download our abc7
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news app. your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> on this bright sunny spring day, clear skies across the bay area, it's been a breezy day and they diminish overnight and dropping to the low to mid 40s. and we will see temperatures to mid to upper 40s and temperatures pick up tomorrow under sunny sky, breezy at the coast. highs tomorrow, upper 60s in the coast and warmer 70s in the inland spots. looking at weather wellness, tree pollen is high right now, oak, pine and birch. if you're an allergy sufferer, you probably noticed that already. most are moderate and uv index is high. you don't need to wait for hot weather to put on the sunscreen. the 7-day forecast, sunny and mild to warm by wednesday with
4:46 pm
inland highs near 80 degrees. a bit of a cooldown and clouds come in thursday and slight chance of sprinkles and by saturday, we are warming up to 80 degrees. >> geez. thanks, spencer. did you know you have a right to ban two passengers w r wearing leggings? the controversy sweeping across social media today. a 2100 pound gold coin disappears. you heard me correctly, when we come back. and the tax hotline returns tomorrow. tax experts will be here taking your questions about your federal taxes, our phone lines open from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. michael finney does this every year. you don't have to wait, submit them now using
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you are looking at a giant gold coin that vanished from a german museum over night. the massive canadian $1 million coin nickname ed "the big maple
4:50 pm
leaf" they don't know how the thieves avoided the alarm and security system and they do know it took more than one 14 remove this 2100 pound coin. it's pure 24 karat gold and worth more than its face value. facebook has added an app to allow friends and family to track your location for an hour at a time and let them see how close you are on the way to a social gathering. this is video from facebook. the feature automaticallyallyaly disables itself after an hour but they can disable it theirselves. united refused to let two girls on because they were we wearing leggings. they were flying on united's dime and had to follow a different set of rules.
4:51 pm
>> reporter: the controversy why united airlines made two teens change clothes started with a tweet. fellow passenger activist sh shannon watts said a united gate agent isn't letting womtwo wome get on united's flight. when do they enforce women's rules. >> they said they just enforce them. >> reporter: the family responded they were flying on the pass rider program where employee relatives and friends fly for free or heavily disco t discounted programs. when taking advantage of this benefit all employees and pass riders are considered representatives of united. the passengers this morning were united pass riders and not in compliance with our dress code information company benefit travel. >> anybody who has flown on these passes knows a dress code has to be followed for it to be
4:52 pm
blowing up now is shocking. >> reporter: others weigh in on that policy. >> why should they be banned, i don't agree with that. >> if you're flying on the friends and family pass they know you have certain rules you should abide by those rules. >> reporter: even competitive delta taking advantage of the story, delta means comfort. that means you can wear your leggings. >> it includes jeans and flip-fl flip-flops. the family was allowed to travel on the next flight using their passes and united assured their regular customers leggings are welcome. most california school administrators are getting paid faster than teachers are according to a financial data review. they looked at how much most local school districts spent on salaries between the 2010 and 2016 school years. it found general fund spending on teacher's salaries rose by
4:53 pm
15% and administrator salaries rose by 27% or 7$700 million. the trend has prompted some of teachers to leave the profession. while taking advantage of this sun in the forecast next, the state park in marin county cleaning up after a winter of rain. this afternoon, officials there need your help. a look at what's coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. >> thanks, guys, coming up next -- >> that's the reaction california on the raiders -- reaction today on the raiders coming to los angeles. a horse and a mule make for a wild ride in the east bay. we'll track down how they got there. scientists doing dirty work, focusing on dust on a galactic scale. a look at the new research and how fast the universe is
4:54 pm
growing. i join dan on "abc news" at 5:00. tracking down answers. >> the punishment did not fit the crime. >> i went hoping they would answer a few questions but they refused to talk on camera. >> if i get deported, what will happen to my bank account. abc7 where we've always been tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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tonight's primetime layup. 8:00 p.m. ""dancing with the stars"" "quantico" at 10:00. you can get the news any time with our app and download it for free and connect to push alerts to learn about breaking news where you live. the damage left behind continues to affect trail rides and hiking trails throughout the bay area. kate larson takes us to marin county where one state park is struggling to come wake up the money and volunteers needed to make the repairs. >> reporter: like much of marin county, this park has been battered with the rain. >> i've been running since 1979 and 1980 since i was in high school. this is the worst winter damage i have ever seen. >> reporter: ernie is a val tear at the park, something china camp desperately needs to help put well loved and water damaged
4:58 pm
trails back together. >> if volunteers don't do the work it doesn't get done. >> reporter: in order to save them from closure during the 2011 state budget crisis and they took over park operation and mark is the executive director. >> we don't get any funding from the state of california. all of our revenue and everything that comes in to keep the park open and operating comments fr comes from the people who use the park. >> reporter: during the past few years, the drought has only cost a few thousand dollars. this year because of all the rain those costs have gone up exponentially. it may end up spending more than 100,0$100,000 to repair all the damage. >> we have to make a concerted effort to reach out to the community. >> reporter: one of the biggest blows to the park is this washout from february rains that closed 2 miles of shoreline trail. they hope the friends will come wake up the resources to open up
4:59 pm
the very popular family friendly path by this summer. if you'd like to help we have links on our website. kate larson, nbc7 news. >> abc7 news. >> abc7 news starts now. >> our loss for oakland, what we can expect now that the raiders move to vegas. >> upset. >> a look how bay area raiders fans are expressing their sadness and anger over the team's departure. >> nightening momefrigfrigfrigfg oakland and people burnedburned trapped in a burning building. winds about to bring warmer temperatures. details ahead in the forecast. live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> we're still the oakland ra
5:00 pm
raiders. we are the raiders and we represent the raider nation. >> but it's a nation divided tonight. oakland is losing its football team again. >> a vast majority of nfl owners agreed to move the team to vegas but sombet area fans vow to continue to fight. >> thanks for joining us. devastation tonight after a moves the team. >> we have reaction. >> reporter laura anthony live in phoenix where nfl owners took today's vote. >> reporter: after weeks and months of handling up in the bay area, this vote wasn't even close. to hear roger goodell and team owners tell it, oakland was never in the game. >> we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: marc davis got what he wanted and


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