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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 29, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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police responded to a shooting at plymouth and broad in the oceanview neighborhood. >> when officers arrived we found three victims who had sustained gunshot wounds. one of the victims has succumbed to her gunshot wounds at this time. >> she was a 65-year-old woman walking on the street. the other two victims a contractor who worked for a cleaning company and a 50-year-old man who was walking home from the corner store. his ex-wife identified only at katrina. both men are recovering. the she will caseings t -- >> we're definitely looking for one. >> this intersection is notorious for the numbers of shootings, four since last
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november. the men who hang out nearby are targeted. >> something really needs to be done because our children and these families, we don't with everybody this at all. >> adam charles moved her six months ago. >> it's frustrating not to be able to to go to my house and to come home from work and not be able to -- how could there be dead bodies on the floor of people being shot. >> >> police say they will step up enforcement in the area. in san francisco, abc7 news. sky 7 over redwood road in the east bay hills is how the down due to a slide and cave-in during the february storms. five miles of interstate 5 the redwood road exit in castro valley. one lane was closed on february 22nd. well, today they decided to close redwood road so they can
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assess the situation and what it will take to fix it. no word on when the road will actually reopen. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a deadly rollover this mornin tn near the you can see it caused quite a backup around noon. sky 7 was over the san leandro marine where crews had a brand new suv out of the water. the vehicle has been under water for hours. today we spoke with the husband of one of the victims aft fires. melanie is it "fox sports live" san pablo and immediate avenue.
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>> her husband is obviously devastated. he says he sometimes stayed here, other times in san francisco where he was working. the alameda county sheriff's office identified auto third victim in the fire. they are waiting to release that person's name until they can speak with family members in the midwest. for the fourth victim they'll need scientific evidence to identity that person. many people that lived in this building a staying in a nearby shelter and wondering where they will go next. surrounded by his brothers, he came here to grieve. >> it hurts. >> he married kasan dra in december of 2016. the couple just newlyweds. >> beautiful woman. two beautiful kids. she was a great ball of joy to be around. great cook. >> his brother says he wishes they had been here when the fire began.
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he wonders if they might have saved her. >> she said she's trapped. too much smoke and she can't get get out. i i'm devastated. >> the red cross is finding permanent housing for these people. >> people getting edgy and antsy. >> this woman said she complained about the conditions of the building to the owner. >> the cause of the fire remains under investigation while questions loom. >> so what do we do about the buildings in this community that are run down? do we put a stop to it now? what about the people living in them? do you put them somewhere else? >> he says prior to the the fire happening he and his wife
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planned to move from the building this week. >> i'll never be able to recover from this. >> in oakland, abc7 >> fire investigators are looking at a half moon bay nursery. the remote location made it difficult. it took them a while to get water to the fire. one workers for bay city flowers told us there has been an issue with homeless people cutting through to camp on the hillside behind the property. no one one hurt. we hadn't to turn to the weather. it is another beautiful day outside. a live look a little bit in the way of a cooldown tomorrow. a front to our north.
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we have action on the screen. just want to widen out and show you what we are tracking. there's a weak front to our north. it's about 200 miles away if we estimate this on live doppler #, you see rain drops around eureka. it's bringing cooler temperatures, but as it does it may bring a light sprinkle. outside right now it is beautiful and your evening will be just fine. your planner shows you after midnight tonight by 1:00 there is the chance of a sprinkle. who has the best chance? future weather showing you by 10:00 tonight we're dry. similar story by 11:00. overnight by 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, probably outside the north bay that's your best chance very early on to see a sprinkle. you may have damp another lawsuit was filed
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because of the sinking and tilting downtown high-rise the millennium tower. >> vic is live at 1st and mission. >> i spoke with the lawyer for the homeowners association is their goal so-so to make sure the residents, many of who invested their life safgsz will get the full value of their purchase. >> who knew what and when and why didn't they tell the homeowners. >> the $64,000 question. but that's what the homeowners association. millennium towers wants to find out through their lawsuit. they're suing the developers millennium partners and just about every single who built the 60-story downtown high-rise
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which has unexpectedly sunk. in a previous story, you saw our simple test. this golf ball rolling down the uneven floor of a 42nd floor unit. others have also filed lawsuits. some residents and city attorney dennis herrerra. but under the law the homeowners' association lawsuit is the only one that can address the structural issues of the building. >> our goal is to recover all the funds necessary to fix this building and fix it once and for all. >> the hoa is also suing the transbay joint powers authority who is building a huge transit complex. >> their work on the adjacent site to the tower may have been contributed to the problems. >> the towers ground level dropped by a staggering 20 feet
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when an underground but tres wall was built. whatever the cause of the structural shifting, the homeowners board says it's been difficult for many of the one thousand residents. >> something's been taken away from them. we want them to have the value back that they deserve so they can live the thrives they want to. >> now in february, millennium partners filed a cross-complaint against transbay joint powers authority saying they agreed with another lawsuit filed by residents against the the, thegapa saying the underground tunnel may have been a cause. >> hey, vic, the homeowners are suing a lot of people here, the developers, architects, engineers. what about the city itself? >>, well, the city is not a defendant. but the lawyer for the homeowners association said that they can had defendants at any
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time as the lawsuit progresses. super aaron possess kin held a series of hearings at saying they may have known about the tilting of millennium towers way before the first unit was ever sold. >> the gypsy hill serial killer will be charged in two cold case murders. 68-year-old rodney hal bower will be in court for a hearing this week. he'll be formally charged for murdering two women in the 1970s. >> the dna only allows us to prove two here in san mateo and he's charged with another in reno,
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>> he won't be charged for two other murders in the area. one body was found in january that year at sharp park. she was stabbed 32 times and raped. a month later another body was found in millbrae. she was last seen at cappuccino high school. regret butts were left at both crime scenes. at the time he said this finding a cigarette but and dna from 30 years ago doesn't make sense. i have no idea about that. he's expected to be charged april 11. more controversy coming to the uc berkeley congress. you probably remember the violence last month. another speaker with right-wing views is coming to town. what milo has to do about it. the shipper yard is home to new osprey and you can keep tabs
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on them everywhere you go. how these images are making history. talk about history. i'm at at&t park where the giants debut a brand new team, not the one on the field, the one in the kitchens. that's coming up. let's take a look at the sky way in san francisco on this wednesday afternoon. as you can see cars on the left trying to get onto the bay bridge. stay with us. more to come.
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at at&t park today, no baseball, not yet anyway.
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for those inclined to eat their way to a baseball stadium, i might. this is the biggest day of the year perhaps. >> hey, wayne that's a tasty assignment. >> it was a pretty tough assignment. we've had very tough assignments in our life. but nothing compared with all the amounts of food that we had to eat for the benefit of san francisco giants fans just to make sure everything they sample and buy at the ballpark is going to taste okay. it happen answer is, it does. we're looking at what has become a bay area baseball tradition, garlic fries as served by the san francisco giants. they're the most popular food on any given game day. >> i wouldn't say they were a risk but we took a chance on them. >> so says bill great house. >> i would like to think so, yes, i taste a lot of different items. >> enough to fail large food court in the stadium on this show. time to examine this year's
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variations on the evolution from peanuts to hot dogs and popcorn shrimp and organic chicken? >> it's a brand new play. >> this year add the organic items. >> fast food is a food desert, and we needed this change. people need convenient ford but they want clean food. they don't want food with chemicals in it or gmos or or or antibiotics. >> this splooid supplies pretty much every item in the house. >> we get it. it's not the cheapest place to eat at a game but the food offerings are good here. >> at at&t park, wane it's no secret the oakland
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a's are trying to benefit from the raiders move. the team unif you recalled this banner with this year's slogan, rooted in oakland. they have launching an all out effort to commit to oakland. another prominent democrat is throwing his name to newsome for governor. >> along with none of them there's there are four other candidates looking to replace governor brown. john chung, former state schools chief delane east tin and rosy greefrmt he's the only republican to announce his candidacy too far. tesla is going on a hiring
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spree ahead of the launch of its new model 3 sedan. the electric car maker has 3,000 openings at its fremont plant. that would bring the total number of employees to 9,300. it's expected to ship later this year. they already have 400,000 preorders for that vehicle. ford is recalling more than 570,000 vehicles to fix separate problems that can cause engine fires and doors to fly open without warning. vehicles that may be affected by the engine fire issue include ford escape suvs from the 2014 model year. certain ford fiestas, ford fusions from 2013 to 2014. and the 2015 transit connect van. others may have a defect that could make the door fly open. if you think your car might be affected, contact your dealer
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immediately. crayio la crayons dropping one of its colors from its 24-count crayon box. imagine that. they're not saying which color is bidding goodbye until the end of the week. they will live stream the decision this friday which is also national crayon day. we had this big meeting at work today and we wanted to hold class outside instead of the conference room. >> tomorrow's going to be cooler thanks to a system dropping in. it could bring a few dronz especially in the south bay. a couple changes, nothing too major. showing you along with satellite, some high clouds are going stream in those baby blue skies are mixing in with thin clouds. theorist storm system we're tracking. it's bringing soaking rains to oregon around northern california around eureka. it's very limited in moisture.
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when it swings overnight tonight, it's not going to have a lot of moisture. santa cruz, a really nice beach day. there's the high thin clouds and the forecast feature is going to call for an overnight sprinkle. i think the best chance is going to be in the south bay. it's going to be cooler and bre breezy tomorrow. temperatures rebound and the sunshine will be in full force. we have an active current out there, so beach hazard statement, just be careful out there. could have strong rip currents. 77, is it a rose, 70 in san jose and oakland. mild at 65 degrees. we'll have those clouds increasing around midnight. there you see future weather these pops of green you see on the screen, there's that sprinkle chance. and likely right along the coast
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and the south bay is our best bet for a few drops. we'll show you hour by hour. watch the time stamp in the corner of your screen. by 2:00 in the morning there's that weak ripple of energy crossing through bay area. chance of a sprinkle around san jose and redwood city, but by 6:00 that chance really diminishes. by 9:00 it's going to be total sunshine. quick moving system and if there is a sprinkle, it's likely before the sun gets up. highs on your wednesday -- total number of rainfall drops, north bay, zero. highs on your thursday, a beautiful-looking day, brought the sunshine. what you will notice, it's cooler by 5 to 10 degrees. 66, oakland. 68 in san jose. you can track all the changes at the abc7 news app. a stray shower in the morning before the sun gets up. otherwise a lot of sunshine.
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look at the weekend. saturday and sunday we're above average and that sunshine sticks with us. really nice pattern. >> thanks, drew. another controversial speaker is set to speak at uc berkeley
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. campus republicans are inviting another speaker with controversial right wing views. >> thomas thomas has more on the prepositions already underway in berkeley. >> as an author, ann >> that would be ultra
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conservative wire yiannopoulos who's called a feminism on cancer. his grammy was canceled when protesters became violent causing one hundred thousand dollars in damage. they're they're inviting coulter to talk about illegal immigration. >> also having a lengthy q&a discussion with students, i think that's the best thing for berkeley at this point. >> this but this time they're working with a nonpartisan group called bridge cal who's also inviting someone from the left. >> the thing about this event is it's not just a speech. >> who's rhetoric is more incendiary? what we know for sure the uc berkeley has to plans to interfere with her appearance.
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i can't explain's reaction may be summed up in this tex he sent us about the campus republicans. it says good on them that. makes two fabulous conservative queens. i'll be sure to lend ann my navy seals for the night and return to berkeley myself soon. she's set to appear april 27th. bob dillon agreed to accept his nobel prize. he kept silent for weeks for months. he did not attend ceremony in december to receive the prize. he'll meet with a noble academy in sweden while he's giving concerts. he will not give his in person, but send it in a video. changes are coming to the oscars after the best picture fee i can't say co. pricewaterhousecoopers has not been fired. instead accountants will not be
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loud to have cell phones backstage during future oscars. in addition there will be three accountants on hand. the additional one will be in the control room and will be able to immediately alert the director if there's a problem. the stakes go up in the investigation into russian involvement in the election. >> that we will get to the bottom of this. >> the inappropriate probe into involved by trump staffers and what's ahead tomorrow. ivanka trump's control in the west wing. how she'll be helping out the president. a scare on kwlachlt we learned about the woman who slammed her car into a p
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>> announcer: live where you live. this is abc7 news. here are the stories making headlines. police in san francisco are looking for the gunman who shot three innocent bistandards. one person died. we've learned the woman who died was 65-year-olds. authorities haven't released her name. we'll have an update on 5:00. lewis lewdavid louie is cov special meeting in san jose. the big question during the
4:31 pm
meeting meeting. the senate intelligence committee can moving forward in the investigation. neenl white house hasn't explained thousand leader of the house intelligence committee mooid made it onto its grounds to speak with the secret stephanie ramos has more. >> the senate intelligence committee is moving forward. >> we're here to assure you and more importantly, the american people who are watching and listening, that we will get to the bottom of this. >> the ranking members of the senate intelligence committee in a rare joint news conference staying staffers are already looking into possible ties between trump aides and russia. they also say they've asked to interview 20 people including ivanka trump's husband and
4:32 pm
president trump's adviser jared kushner. >> we take that very seriously. >> on the house side, meetings are on hold. hearings postponed and chairman of the house intelligence committee, devin nunez, is not bundle, refusing to recuse himself from the investigation after that secret meeting on white house grounds. today white house spokesman sean spicer says they have no authority over how it conducts itself. >> we asked both the house and senate intelligence committees i don't have anything for you on that at this time. >> spicer also says there seems to have a fascination with the process of how nunez obtained his information. >> what door did he enter as opposed to what's the substance of what we're findings. >> on the senate side the intelligence committee will hold its first hearing on any possible trump/russia tries tomorrow. reporting in new york, stephanie
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ramos, abc7 news. first daughter, ivanka trump, is joining the trump administration as an official employee. she announced this morning she will serve as an unpaid employee in the white house. ivanka trump previously announced she would get an office. trump will serve as an adviser to her father. a new poll shows they are not happy with president trump handling health care reform. 62 of americans disapproved of the prosecute presidency's handling of health care. it was his worst rating among seven issues the poll tested. a woman is in custody after striking a police cruiser on capitol hill. police do not believe it was any kind of terrorist attack. this happened this morning. police say she tried to hit other officers. >> in the attempt to atrophy
4:34 pm
support, shots for fired. however no individuals were injured during the arrest. this incident appears to be criminal in nature. >> some house buildings were temporarily placed on lockdown. no one was taken to the hospital. a dozen people are dead after an out of control pickup truck hit a church van. it happened on a highway 75 miles west of san antonio this morning. there were 14 people inside the church van. the driver was the only person in the pickup. three others were injured. the legal battle surrounding the new jersey briej scandal is officially over. today a judge sentenced two key figures in the revenge plot in 2013. former port authority official, the one in the green tie, received two years in prison. the codefendant received 18
4:35 pm
months. prosecutors say they launched the scheme to push the democratic mayor of fort lee new jersey for not endorsing eng chris christie. >> starting today, the clock is ticking. >> so here is the six pages. >> this letter from british prime minister tracy may making it official. signed, sealed, and delivered to brussels. >> this is a historic moment from which there can be no turning back. we are going to make your own decisions and our own laws. >> the uk now two years to unwind four and a half decades of eu membership and work out its future relationship to the continent. >> there is no reason to pretend that this is a happy day. >> the prime minister here speaking to parliament.
4:36 pm
>> the world needs the liberal democratic values of europe, values -- >> the brexiters running victory laps. while today wasn't a day of action, every paper still marking it, the sun saying dover and out. many dreading the uncertainty. >> we have socialism people from different cultures here, and i think that's how it should remain. for me it's a sad day. >> lots of people who didn't vote for brexit. i think it's a disastrous move. >> president trump has fully supported britain's exit from the european union saying the uk will be first in line for the
4:37 pm
new trade deals. social media fire storm following comments about a california congresswoman. >> i was looking at the james brown wig. >> what women are saying today and reaction from maxine waters. a look at the dejeamageamaat texas. nothing bibut sunshine and our temperatures for the next 24 hours. numbers ahead in the accuweather forecast. let's look at the mac arthur maze. it is sloerks but no major problems to report. stay with us. more t
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people are cleanings up and officials assessing the damage caused by 14 tornadoes that absolutely tore cross texas . a severe thunderstorm ravaged last night. it left 200,000 people without paufrmt heavy hail and rain, shattering windshields. flying debris, how long winds colliding with homes outside of dallas. >> we just heard the bang and then we could hear the debris. we were fortune. the whole neighborhood was fortune. we're going to lose a couple houses, but everybody's okay. and that's the main thing. >> outside of spur, texas, three
4:41 pm
storm chaserers were killed when one vehicle collided with another. the weather didn't play a direct roll in that accident. that severe weather threat will push to the tees next 24 hours. here in the bay area, live doppler 7 showing you green on the screen north of sacramento. what we are tracking, have very weak storm system right now moving on shore just around eureka. eliminated moisture, but as the swings overnight, it could have a few drops. 2:00 in the morning, while many of us are sleeping this is your best chance along the coast into the east bay and south bay of a couple drops. that chance really diminishes by 8:00. it's nothing by sunshine that. system is out of here. but in the wake of that front it will be a cooler day. highs on your thursday, enjoy. plentiful sunshine, but the numbers will drop 5 to 10 degrees from where we are right now. 70 in concord.
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6 for san jose. 69 napa and san francisco. we'll take you into at&t tomorrow. bay bridge series tomorrow. light jackets are all you need. temperatures been in the 50s. so enjoy. tons of sunshine out there tomorrow in the afternoon. a little of a breeze. the breeze is with us on friday, but temperatures are on the upswing. into the weekend we are beautiful, bright, warm. next week wave slight chance on wednesday, but it's minimal at this point. the internet and your privacy. reaction from the white house and democrats on the plan to let internet companies sell your information to the highest bidder. should you pay off your house before you retire? i'll have advice coming up next in ask
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your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv or any other medical conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. . president trump is vowing to step up efforts to fight the
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nation's crisis. >> drugs has become a crippling problem throughout the united states. >> the president hosted a listening session at the white house this afternoon. chris christie who spoke emotionally about the problem will head the new commission. a big break throw in the fight against multiple scler row sis. dr. steven h h h h h tested this drug. the cost of the drug will be $65,000 a year without insurance, but it is showing great promise. regulations passed under the obama administration meant to protect the privacy of internet users have now been overturned by congress. >> we have a look at what this means for you. >> every online search, each app
4:47 pm
opened and every location where your phone pings, information cell phone and internet service providers can collect and sell without your knowledge. fcc regulations passed under the obama administration sought to stop that with a measure requiring internet service providers to get users' permission before sharing those personal details with advertisers and other third parties. >> american's private browser history should not be up for sale. >> after some i am passioned motels on capitol hill -- >> why would you want to give out any of your personal information? >> -- congress stroetd overturn that proposed block. those who voted the eliminate the recollections saying it favored certain providers. >> consumer privacy will continue to be protected skpshlgs actually be enhanced by removing the uncertainty and confusion these rules will create.
4:48 pm
>> but others are concerns this strips privacy pretexts for consumers. >> i feel like our rights are flying out the window. it's not okay. >> the proposal is heading to president donald trump for final approval, the white house saying it strongly the supports repeal. >> i'm sure we'll have further details on why. >> one way to try to keep your information is to read the fine print and ask if you can opt out of the sharing your personal details. it is time now to ask finney. michael, anita from daly city asks should i pay off my mortgage before i retire or continue to pay on it while i'm in retirement. >> that's a great question. the theory being it's one less thing to worry about, but if you have plenty of money and the tax writeoff can be beneficial like
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it is now. however, as you pay down your loan, of course you know you need to keep in mind your tax deduction gets smaller and smaller and smaller. it's the best talk to your financial adviser. before you retire, a whole a lot of planning goes the day after. do it before. where is the best place to look for college scholarships? >> i have a couple options. first check the financial aid and scholarship site. then go to create a free account and then it uses information to match you with scholarships in the database. they have over a million scholarships on their site. look at
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do not rely on ads you find on the internet and the majority are fakers many of them complete ripoffs. we'll give you a no. >> when is the best time to buy a house? >> that is a popular question. it really depends where you want to buy a house and for how much. believe it or not, this is complex. there's new data showing the best time to purchase in san francisco and in parts of the east bay like oakland and hayward, january 26th is the is the very best day. but in the south bay, it's december 31st. what's going on? you get the best prices during the winter and best selection in spring. but remember this, buying a home in the spring and early summer can cost you. it can cost 10% more. why? that's when demand peaks. that's when everyone wants to buy a house. if you have a question for me,
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you can also record a ten to 15-second question on your tablet and use the hashtag #askfinney. a piece of history from the father of modern biology is being auctioned off. the highest bidder will get a page of charles darwin's original of species. it's signed by darwin himself. the opening bid, $675,000. two osprey, two cameras and a live stream that may turn all of us into bishd watchers. take a look here. this is the live stream. ooh, i see action, yeah. we've been watching for richard and rosy, the latest internet
4:52 pm
celebrities live atop a historic crane in richmond. >> i think one did fly. >> the golden gate autobahn society got a lot of help setting up that live stream and you can see them nesting 24 hours a day with an infrared camera providing a peak after dark. the cute couple was celebrated at the live feed this morning. there was even a cake for them and a rosy the riveter to mark the special occasion. >> very exciting to see what happens. >> to be able to have closeup views of the osprey through the camera is just incredible. >> we have a link to our osprey camera on our website, there could be eggs in that nest soon and maybe even some babies sometime in may. >> now we'll never get any work done around here. this is wild.
4:53 pm
a seven-arm octopus. the monterey aquarium research institute found this guy during a deep sea expedition. they've been only been able to find this species three times. representative maxine waters is fighting back. i cannot be undermined. >> reaction one day of bill o'reilly made fun of the congress woc congresswoman's hair on tv. coming up, fixing our bumpy roads will cost us all big bucks how we're going to pay for the $50 billion plan. plus a heist highest in death valley
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
a social media fire storm aftr comments made by bill o'reilly. chris nguyen has more on the
4:57 pm
fallout and how women are responding. >> it was the comment on national television that left so many people stunned. >> i didn't hear a word she said. i was looking at the james brown wig. if we have a picture, it's the same. he's not using it anymore. >> fox news host bill o'reilly on "fox and friends" talking about california congresswoman maxine waters who had said criticism of the president on the house familiar was patriotic. rather than sharing his thoughts on her comments, o'reilly went after the congresswoman's appearance. waters would later address the controversy. >> i'm a strong black woman, and i cannot be intimidated, i cannot be undermined, i cannot be thought to be a friend of bill o'reilly or anybody. auto & i'd like to say to women out there, everywhere, don't allow these right-wing talking heads, these dishonorable people
4:58 pm
to intimidated you or scare you. be who you are. do what you do. >> some in the bay area now coming to waters' defense. >> as the younger generation, it's critical that we see kind of those who have come before us who have a lot more experience pushing back and sticking up for themselves in the way she has. >> the hashtag black women at work still trending on twitter this afternoon. yesterday the white house press secretary knocked a black reporter for shaking shaking her head during a meeting. >> following those tense moments at the white house, a more light hearted exchange between the press secretary and that member of the press core. in the newsroom this afternoon. i'm chris nguyen, abc7 news. and you can get the lat news anytime with the abc7 news app. you can download it for free and enable push alerts to be the first to know about breaking news where you live.
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that's going to do it for this edition thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. abc news at 5:00 starts now. >> yes, it costs money. if the roof in your hougs is leaking you better fix it. >> the governor says there's no tooth fairy to fix our roads and bridges. he wants all of us to pay $5 billion a year in new taxes to do it. a san francisco neighborhood turns into a shooting gallery, and three innocent by standers are hit. in the east bay, the latest category after our winter of diskette. who warned whom a new round of finger pointing turnover flooding in san jose. sky 7 zooming in on a major road collapse in castro valley, an 80-foot long schung ripped apart. the road is definitely closed. i'm dan ashley.
5:00 pm
>> and i'm kristen sze. lori you found out this road has been deteriorating for sometime now? >> it has, dan. it has been a common sight here in the bay area. this winter these road ways, major section of them between 50 and 80 feet like this, that just could not take all the rain. >> shutting everything down. we got a lane that's dropping off here and it can go at any time. >> this was one of the last cars at a-to-make it northeast of castro valley before it was closed due to a 50-foot section that gave way. >> we noticed the road starting to fail in a small section about february 22nd. and we kept


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