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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 31, 2017 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, an astonishing jailhouse interview with the getaway driver of an oklahoma home invasion that left three teenagers dead. >> we made really bad choices. >> now potentially facing the death penalty even though she never entered the house. >> just thought we could get more, we were greedy and we were stupid. >> the heart-pounding 911 tapes from the deadly encounter. >> i've just been broken into. three men, two i've shot in my house. dr. miami. famous for broadcasting braz brazilian butt lifts on snapchat. the plastic surgeon now getting his own reality show that sometimes gets maybe a little too real. >> liposuction everywhere.
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she was the getaway driver in a botched home burglary that left three teenagers dead. and tonight she's speaking out from jail about the day that will shape the rest of her life. she could face the death penalty. the homeowner's son, who opened fire on the intruders, may also face charges. this case could put oklahoma's so-called make my de la to the test. here's abc's dana whitworth. >> reporter: tonight a stunning jailhouse interview with the getaway driver in that shocking oklahoma home invasion that left three teenagers dead. >> never in a million years did you think it would turn out like this? >> no, never. >> reporter: 21-year-old elizabeth rodriguez facing potential felony murder charge in the deaths of 19-year-old maxwell cook, 17-year-old jacob
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redfern, 16-year-old jacob woodruff. >> we just made bad choices, really bad choices. >> reporter: rodriguez says she planned the burglary with the teams who lived in her home. >> were you closer to one of them romantically? >> yeah, max. my boyfriend. >> reporter: the foursome, she says, had a history of robbing homes. you talk about sort of casing houses to decide which ones you guys might want to hit? >> we had our own connects. >> you and the three boys? >> yeah. >> reporter: monday, a hit on this house went tragically wrong. >> i've just been broken into. three help, two i've shot in my house. >> reporter: this 911 call made after a series of gunshots rage out. did you know it was gunshots? >> yeah. there was a lot. it was like -- first there was two. then pop, pop. pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.
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>> are they bleed sthlg. >> yes, i believe one's down, one's still talking, you need to get here now. >> reporter: 24-year-old zach peat others the line, barricading himself inside his bedroom after firing on the intruders. >> what did you shoot them with? >> ar-15. i'm still armed in the southeast corner of my house. >> what did he sound like on the phone? >> very shocked, very scared. >> reporter: police say the three teams wearing black masks armed with brass knuckles and a knife broke into the peters family home while zach was was there. >> they had gloves on, entered into the back door, shattering the back door, making spree into the residence. >> in the amp, broad daylight. he's at home, he hears breaking glass. he gra bes tgrabs the family ri >> do you know where they are, sir? >> one in the kitchen, one crawled into the northeast corner bedroom. the third i did not shoot, he ran outside. >> reporter: maxwell cook and
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jacob red is there fern were killed, woodruff managed to stomach beg outside where rodriguez was waiting in the car. >> jake came out. he slid across the hood and said, i got hit. fell on the cement. i was like, come on, bro, you've got to get in, got to get in. where'd you get hit, where'd you get hit? pull up his shirt, that's when i seen where he got shot. the blood. try to help him, try to hold on to him. try to get him in the car. and he just told me to go. >> reporter: but tonight we're learning rodriguez wasn't alone in the car. who else was in the car? >> i won't say. i won't talk about it. >> okay. someone else was in the car? >> yeah. >> reporter: meanwhile, inside the house -- >> okay, sir, my deputy's on-scene, i need you to go ahead and unarm yourself and put the gun away. >> okay, it will be unloaded on my bed, i'll still be in my
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bedroom. >> the gun's going to be unloaded on his bed. >> reporter: zach peters in shock and worried about the intruders. >> he repeatedly asked police, are they okay, are they okay, are they going to make it, are they going to live? clearly he was very distraught that he had shot someone. and apparently went into a state of shock when he discovered he had not only shot them, he had killed them. all three of them. >> reporter: peters was interviewed and released and has not yet been charged with any crime. like most states oklahoma law allows homeowners to use deadly force in self-defense. nicknamed the make my de la. >> go ahead. make my day. >> that's the nickname for this law in oklahoma, from the 1983 film with clint eastwood and dirty harry, "go ahead, make my day." it is sort of a stand your ground case. the stand your ground cases we typically think of, when people protect themselves and stand their ground outside their home. but the classic stand your
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ground case is the case when you are in your home and an intruder comes in, called the castle doctrine. >> does the stand your ground law apply here? >> well, we're going to take the facts, when it's presented to us and it's a complete investigation, and we're going so apply it to the stand your ground law. once we know everything, we'll make a decision as to whether or not the shootings in this case were justified. >> i knew they could be punished for it. but they did not deserve to die. >> reporter: jacob redfern's grandfather says the boys paid a terrible price. >> there's got to be a limit to that law. he shot all three of them. there was no need for that. the past is history, you can't change history. but you can damn sure learn from it. and maybe some kids will learn from this. >> reporter: ms. rodriguez's friend, ethan ellison, claims he spoke to her right after the three boys were killed. >> she wasn't crying because she didn't believe they were dead yet. whenever i called her and told
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her as she was on her way to turn herself in, i said they are confirmed deceased on the news. then she started bawling and crying and stuff. >> there are reports that elizabeth rodriguez very quickly after the shooting called a friend on the phone and detailed the whole scenario. then the friend says, you better call police and turn yourself in. she does. >> reporter: rodriguez decided to turn herself in and was arrested for a type of crime known as felony murder under which someone can be charged with murder if they take any part in a fatal crime. >> if there is a murder that occurs during the commission of a felony, you are just as responsible for that murder as you are for the underlying felony. i understand people are very uncomfortable with that concept. the example that i always think about is if you have four people going into a bank to rob a bank, all of them may have guns, but one person pulls the trigger and shoots the security guard. aren't they all equally as
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responsible? >> reporter: for rodriguez, a mother of three, these charges could mean the death penalty. >> in the state of oklahoma, first-degree murder, first-degree felony murder, the punishment range is life, life without parole, or death. so she does have the possibility of being charged with a crime that would carry with it the possible punishment of the death penalty. >> do you fear you may never see your kids again? >> yeah. terrified. >> sounds like to me you're ready to accept whatever punishment the d.a. decides, but the only thing you really want is to be able to say good-bye to them? >> yeah. i mean, i know what we did was stupid and wrong. i don't take responsibility for the murders. i won't. i feel guilty, but i don't feel responsible. i'm expecting the worls but hoping for the best. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm dana whitworth in broken arrow, oklahoma. next here, lights, camera,
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many plastic surgeons operate on celeb ryecelebrities. but dr. miami is a celebrity in his own right. for years he's built a social media following by posting intimate videos of his surgeries on snapchat. now he's taking his act to tv. here's abc's chief business
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technology and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: when we first met dr. miami last year -- >> how nice does this booty look now? >> reporter: we had a feeling the snapchatting plastic surgeon was headed for reality show stardom. >> they call me dr. miami, i'm a plastic surgeon and i make people feel better about their bodies. >> reporter: millions of people are watching as dr. michael salzauer proudly shows off every incision and tuck in snaps so graphic, most we can't even show you. >> she is quite square, we're going to snap her waist, give her a round booty. >> reporter: fans can see even more of him on "dr. miami." >> i'm dr. miami, i do whatever it takes to make people comfortable going under the knife. >> most plastic surgeons operate on celebrities. dr. miami is a celebrity. >> reporter: patients are flocking to miami from around the country for brazilian butt lifts and mommy makeovers. >> how can i help you? >> i need like a total mommy
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makeover. >> reporter: they're shelling out thousands to have dr. salzauer work his magic on them. >> for a brazilian butt lift, almost $10,000. a full mommy makeover with tummy tuck, $12,000 or $13,000. >> reporter: if you think high prices and gory snaps would have potential patients running for the hills, think again. >> my cousin showed me his snapchat. he won me over. >> reporter: travis richard is here from california. >> i traveled all the way here. getting a brand-new butt. i'm excited. >> reporter: patients say dr. salzauer's snaps make them feel better about going under the knife. >> i loved every surgery i had seen, loved the results. some doctors tell you what they want. he would listen and did exactly what i wanted. >> reporter: samari came to him for the works. after having a daughter she was unhappy with her post-baby body. >> breast augmentation, transfer the fat to the booty -- >> reporter: results were
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life-changing. >> i'm confident in me, and he did that. >> plastic surgery is hard. it's a hard decision to make. it costs a lot of money. there's a lot of bruising, scars, pain. >> reporter: dr. salzauer is not your typical plastic surgeon. >> there's a fine line between creativity and craziness. but i don't think i've crossed it. >> reporter: his zany personality is part of his appeal. >> watch me as i post my day of surgeries for all the world to see. >> lord have mercy. >> i'm all three beastie boys rolled into one. i wear it all the time. most people by the time they come here, they know what they're getting into and they laugh. a few times their family members are like, are you going to let this guy cut you? the before and after is dramatic -- >> reporter: the doctor insists all this doesn't distract him in the operating room, where life is literally in his hands. ed to who are-gid, worst case scenario, somebody ties on your table. >> we're careful. we hope it never happens. >> reporter: it's not the first time viewers have flocked to
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plastic surgery. on "botched" millions of fans tuned in to see the good, the bad, and the ugly side of cosmetic surgery. but in dr. miami's o.r., fans are getting raw, unedited, and unfiltered video almost instantaneously. >> all right, so this booty is all done. look how nice and round it is. everything she ever wanted in a booty and a bag of chips. do they still say bag of chips? >> they do now. >> reporter: the concern over unfocused doctors in the operating room has come up before. after a legendary comedian, joan rivers, suffered fatal complications during a minor throat procedure. her daughter melissa sued yorkvilyork ville endoscopy claiming claimin other things a doctor took photos of joan rivers while she was under. they accepted a settlement.
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so far for dr. miami, no lawsuits no complications. if something goes wrong, somebody has the evidence to bring to a court and say, look what he did right here. we have the moment on tape. >> i think all surgeries should be on tape. i feel like that -- what's wrong with transparency? it's like saying to a cop, why are you wearing a body camera? i think body cameras on police and cameras in schools are a good thing too. it keeps everybody focused. >> reporter: in dr. salzauer's office, everyone has a choice. has anyone asked you not to snapchat their surgery? >> oh, yeah, about one-third of my patients don't want anything to do -- >> you give the option? >> of course, of course. they have to sign permission forms. about two-thirds of my patient dozen want to be snapchatted, one-third don't, which is the inverse from the beginning. >> reporter: the doctor started out posting his surgery pics to another social media outlet, instagram, but says he got kicked off for being too graphic. that's when his teenaged daughter introduced him to snapchat.
12:58 am
>> he set up the account, no idea how to use it, i had to show him. this is how you figure it out, this is the picture, whatever. he went to his office, that day he started using it. >> reporter: the father of five employs not one but two full-time snapchaters. >> how was the rest of your sunday, britney? >> much better, i slept after the iv. >> i heard that you hurled. >> no hablo ingles. >> you did, didn't you. >> reporter: everybody is now in on dr. miami's snapchat and reality show game. >> i couldn't do any of this without my phenomenal staff. >> reporter: dr. miami's popularity only seems to be growing and shows no sign of stopping. >> this is the best day ever! we got about 800 calls a day. i had no idea snapchat was going to take off. >> reporter: but while snapchat may have made him famous on snapchat and reality tv -- >> you can call me dr. miami! >> reporter: patients say the
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work speaks for itself. >> i want to look how god should have made me. i feel he did that. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm rebecca jarvis in miami. >> thanks to rebecca. "dr. miami" premieres tomorrow on we tv. coming up on "nightline," maybe sex doesn't sell. why franchise carl's jr. is backing off from its busty bikini babe ad campaign. more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll.
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okay, and finally here tonight, from now on the hottest thing in a carl's jr. ad will apparently be the grill. ♪ you turn the heat on >> reporter: carl's jr., infamous for racy ads -- >> barbecue the best pair. >> reporter: say good-bye to the babes in bikinis. their latest ad, introducing their fictional founder carl hari senior, he's strictly business. burger business. >> you're back, yes! >> take that down, put that up.
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>> that was supposed to be fresh ingredients -- >> reporter: blaming the branding on his son. >> i passed it to the boy. he sowed his wild oats as a young man is wont to do and he got a little -- oh. >> reporter: he's flipping the franchise upside down. >> so i'm back to do what we do, what we've always done. take a little flashback with me. >> reporter: bringing it back to the beginning. >> we started out how all great things start, with meat and fire. we pioneered the char broiler. >> reporter: while that history lesson is hardly in our memory -- >> i love going all natural. >> reporter: we all remember this blond bombshell's ad. charlotte mckinney skyrocketing into an overnight sensation after last year's super bowl commercial. >> nothing between me and my 100% all-natural, juicy, grass-fed beef. >> reporter: joining the likes of kim kardashian, paris
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hilton -- >> do you make bourbon burgers? >> reporter: and heidi klum. looks like they'll be heating up their burgers and their customers a different way. and we thank you for watching abc news tonight. as always, we're online 24/7 at and on our "nightline" facebook page. thanks again for watching and good night. we make uplack in nature service.e, ♪
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at nature valley, we know that you have to put good in here to be great out there. real good energy.


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