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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 31, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's march 31st. time for new viral videos "right this minute." a car is stopped but -- >> you hear the person in the car revving up the engine. >> how things go from weird to so much worse. >> what the heck happened? when darkness descends on zambia, a hidden world comes alive. >> it's a ground breaking new series that captures africa's hunters with -- >> thermal imaging from a military grade camera. >> now one of the producers shares some of the drama in the dark you've got to see. >> absolutely. it's an amazing story, amazing animal. about the only thing you can say for these videos -- >> wow. >> surf survivors who became nominees of the wipeout award. we've got chrissian, oli,
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gayle, charity breaking down the best on the web. and everybody knows them. >> that one kid that tries to steal the spotlight. >> see a familiar face. >> here he comes. >> look at that. you know it's all bad when you see a car parked on a street and a bunch of people standing around that car. that's what's happening in this video in south korea. but you hear the person in the car revving up the engine. that's when things went from bad to worse. >> i swear i saw a body go flying. >> you did, because of course people are coming in and out of the subway. as the camera moves over and people start to run that way, you notice there's a woman on the ground. >> oh, no. what is going on? >> another woman walks down the stairs to try to tend to the woman who was hit. then the camera pans over to the person behind the wheel. that woman is in agonizing pain. the car's banged up badly and
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the person inside is just sitting there. there's no official report from police, but witnesses say this person was drunk and just slammed right into the subway station hitting that woman. >> is she the only one that got hurt? that's a whole crowd. >> we see the driver being apprehended by people around and smashing in. this person is going to be in some pretty hot water. let's go over to brazil. we see two guys on on on on everything is good until it's not. >> that's normal. you get your buddy to lean back a bit to get the wheelie. >> that's right. they got leverage on they side. let's go! >> oh, oh, oh. >> we got this, buddy! >> oh, that safety backpack isn't going to help. >> they went head first through this fence.
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there's a new show on smithsonian earth streaming services. it's called africa hunters. but you're going to see some hunting like you haven't seen before. >> when darkness descends on zambia, a hidden world comes alive. >> yes, you're going to see daytime video but also something you haven't seen before. >> through the lens of military grade technology by night. >> that's perfect. that's when the lions are doing stuff. >> what this show has you probably haven't seen before is thermal imaging from a really cool military grade camera. so they got some nighttime activities. >> that's crazy. >> so i'm going to stop talking for about 15 seconds. i just want to see the oohs and ahhs. because you're about to have some. ♪ >> whoa! >> that's my favorite image. i've never seen a big cat leap in the air at night after a bird. >> that's crazy to think about.
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we can see it because of the thermal imaging camera. but imagine the night vision a big cat has to spot a bird flying through the dark sky. >> this is producer hanna. they said, hey, let's check out a hyena den. ♪ >> look at that hyena babies. >> this would be an incredible thing to do. and we have one of the producers via skype right this minute. james smith, welcome to the show. >> great to be with you. >> what do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions about africa or the animals? how is this show going to help alleviate that? >> i think most wildlife films you've seen are filmed during the day. you've talked about the equipment we've been using. the misconception your viewers will have is it's all during the day. >> did it make shooting the animals easier with the night
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vision camera not having to bring out all the lights? >> absolutely. what we used to do before was film with infrared. you've got an infrared camera but need lights. with the thermal camera, it's the first time we've had a thermal camera with long lens. lions are hunting all around you. they might be in the distance or up close, but it's transformed what we can do. >> it's called africa's hunters. but i presume you're hunting for great images of the hunters that live in africa, right? >> when you see the show which i believe starts streaming today, it's great images and great behavior. what we've done is focused on characters. we got to know individual animals. we followed one leopard we thought when we first saw her we thought was young. but she's 13 years old. she's one of the oldest leopards at that time in the whole of africa. >> what kind of cat was going after that bird? >> a leopard. and that, in fact, was the old leopard i was talking about. 13 years old.
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and she jumped ten years in the air to try to catch that goose. >> her story is the one that premieres tonight, right? >> absolutely. yeah. it's an amazing story, amazing animal. >> thank you so much, james. >> no problem. great to be with you. >> start streaming on smithsonian earth today. it's amazing these guys are even alive never mind up for an award. here's a look at the nominees of the world surfing league's big wave awards. first nominee we've got william banks in california. >> oh! >> and just think, for every gallon of water, that's eight pounds of weight. the next nathan florence at mavericks also takes another massive wipeout. >> wow. >> so this is, like, the almost darwin awards of big wave surfing. you didn't die, you're up for an
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award. >> this one in tasmania. watch this. he comes speeding down and cuts back up. swallowed up. next up, tom lowe, portugal. this thing is just moving quick and he goes down fast as well. last up, rafael tappia also in portugal gets a little bit of a bounce, little bit of wobble. loses his balance. >> i love this. i love there are guys out there that are brave and skilled enough to go out there and tackle these enormous waves. sitting behind that rather n nondescript door, from the side -- you have to go inside, try and get the attention.
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all you have to do is go up to this thing. it seems like there's a card scanner on the right-hand side. that's not your bank card. that's where you swipe your i.d. then you pump in about 50 cents u.s. and then -- >> hold on a second. only 50 cents? >> only 50 cents. this is in the czech republic. >> it's cool but an antisocial way to enjoy the pub. >> the tables are outside. people like to enjoy a pint when the weather is nice. >> it's a great idea. in louisiana they have vending machines that dispense daiquiris, margaritas. oh, yeah. it changed my life. >> i want my very own old fashioned dispensing machine. >> if you want to enjoy this in the czech republic you've only got until the first of june. they have a new law that makes it illegal. >> like y'all better step it up. sticking on the pub theme, in this next video this fella --
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>> i want to go to the pub. >> oh, dear. >> just wants to go to the pub, mom. >> what does he know about the pub at this age? >> he overheard mom talking about the pub. he overheard that without knowing what the pub was or what they were talking about. he goes, i want it. and so started a long love affair with the pub. >> i want to go to the pub. a brave guy decides to think outside the box and -- >> make like a flying squirrel. >> bye. >> what happens when he takes the 12,000 foot plunge? and dad's got the sniffles. so his daughter digs for a tissue. >> it's got to be here somewhere. >> see why what she finds instead brings on the water works. yeah, at first i thought it was just the stress of moving.
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closed captioning provided by --gh . breakthrough allergies with allegra®. . here's something to try to make your kids happy. >> you got a tissue? >> those allergies. they're bad this time of year. >> that's craig and his daughter. there was a tissue in there. so now dad starts to help. he sticks her hand in her purse. it's got to be here somewhere. come on. >> oh, wait. yeah. >> have you got more? how many more have you got? >> now as he asks for more, you see her pop her eyes back up
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quickly. there's something else in that purse. it ain't tissue. >> what do you think of that? >> looks like she's going to need those tissues back. >> she will need those tissues back because inside of her purse are concert tickets to 21 pilots. >> i like that band. >> and she's just beside herself. she has no words. right now she's just choked up. dad has done a nice job. >> yeah, that's a nice present. the parents in this next video score big as well. their daughter's standing there front and center. >> guess who i bought tickets to go see? >> it didn't take her long to figure it out. >> they're in the mail. >> they're tickets to alan jackson and, well, she's going. and she's pumped. >> she should be pumped. he might sing chattahoochee which is quite a fun song. when it comes to hikes, there's two types of people.
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and they're on display in this video. we are the kind of people who are inside that box. that's an attraction there called step into the void. it's about 12,600 foot high. you can step into this glass box, but in the foreground we can see the other type of human being who when they're 12,600 feet high, they just strap themselves into a wing suit and make like a flying squirrel. so you can see as all these tourists are gathered around with their phones, this guy eventually just decides to show everybody up and do something awesome. he just plummets and vanishes. as you keep watching, you see as the speed builds up, you really get an idea for just how well those wing suits work as that guy just vanishes off on an awesome line. we see a lot of wing suit videos, but i love this one. >> great comparison. love it. >> i just wish we had their
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video too. this dog really is that man's best friend. >> the dog's face is like, are you crazy? >> next "right this minute." and still to come, newly released helmet cam video shows firefighters rushing in to make a rescue. >> they found her right there still alive. >> poor dog. >> see why that's just the beginning of this life-saving mission. plus some super embarrassing home video. >> let's go back to 1987. >> oh, no! >> find out why this little tyke is someone you might recognize. ♪ lucis a lucky dog. but not every pet is as lucky as lucky. so we came up with a little idea, this year, when you buy any bag of dog or cat food at petsmart, we'll give a meal to a pet in need. it's like this: when pearl eats,
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allergy symptoms and nothing gets you closer than nasacort because unlike antihistamines nasacort stops more of what makes you miserable. like us on stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. it is always really tense when firefighters have to respond to a call. they get there and it seems that everybody is out until -- >> it had been about five minutes. maybe six or seven, just a guess. >> a neighbor notifies the firefighters there's still a family member inside the home. but in this case it's a four-legged member of the family still alive. >> poor dog. just look for any little place to hide. >> went over to move the couch of out of the way, seen her gasping for her. kneeled down, picked her up.
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>> you see the medics are already working on the first dog they brought out from the home. so now the entire team is working together with both dogs and trying to still figure out the damage to the house. >> it's incredible these guys have the training, take the time to do this. because you're right, you know, pets are an important part of our family. >> and talk about taking the time. >> we went through about three or four bottles of oxygen within roughly an hour. they started coming around. i didn't think that was going to happen. >> that just goes to show what kind of everyday heroes that firefighters are. whether they're getting a cat out of a tree or putting a fire out, they'll spend an hour helping to revive your dog. >> another wonderful part is that roxie and daisy the other dog they saved are doing just great. p.e.t.a. actually organized a reunion between the dogs and the firefighters that helped rescue them. >> we came back to the station and it felt good. it made us all feel good. you can't save them all, but it
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feels good when you do, you know? you guys know or did you grow up in a family where there was that one kid that always tried to steal the spotlight? anybody? >> it was me. >> it was you? you know, oli, it's funny you say that. let's go back to 1987. >> oh, no! how the -- >> 1987, the young oli and family. >> two years of home videos i ruined every shot because i played an imaginary banjo. >> how did you get this? >> doesn't matter what's going on. here he comes. >> there he is. >> and look at the stripes. >> is that your dad behind the camera telling you to go away? >> don't do that, darling. >> that's all the videos are.
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>> oli, don't do that. oliver, don't. you're ruining this. >> maybe you also wanted to be a rock star at some point too? because we've got you covering dire strait's money for nothing. >> this was our favorite song growing up. the irony of the situation, my older brother simon on the left was a rock star and doesn't know how to play imaginary guitar. i know how to play amazingly. >> of course. >> it's classic. so why are we doing this to you? >> yeah, why? >> because your birthday is on sunday. so this is our way of saying happy birthday, oli. thank your younger brother chris and your wife for reaching out to me and providing us this video. >> well, done. >> oliver, you're ruining this.
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it's all fun and games on the golf course -- >> that's just wrong. >> it's a great prank. >> see what happens when some
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voila. you've got macaroons. >> she achieved nothing more than making me hungry. what happens when you take the fellas from the duke squad and go off to the golf course? >> some hilarity, i'm sure. >> i forgot to mention they have air horns as well. so they all go off into their little spaces in between the
3:26 pm
trees in the bushes and the brush. >> my goodness. >> and there they go. >> that's wrong. that's just wrong. >> it's a great prank. because you see them turn around looking for the guy and he's like, you -- >> he's not a happy camper though. >> oh, he's got the club in his hands. that man threw out his back doing that. >> he just had a bad swing. >> people pay good money to go golfing. they don't need it interrupted by some -- i will snatch your lips off your face. >> and that guy, he jumps and then grins. oli, i'm going slap you. i don't take kind to other people interrupting. >> you always got to take things too far. these guys have a sense of humor at least.
3:27 pm
they get a chuckle out of it. it shouldn't bother these guys. golf is all about concentration. >> oh. >> and focus. >> see? he's fine. did anyone come after them with a golf club? >> you asked for it, you got it. >> uh-oh. >> oh, my god. get the hell out of here right now. >> at one point they had enough. they call the police. >> oh, come on. fortunately the police officer caught up to them before the man with the golf club did. >> so what would the conclusion be? >> what do you think the conclusion would -- >> you just walked into that one. >> oli pettigrew sits by me. >> totally worth it. >> you stop egging him on. >> that's the end of our show. be sure to check out for lots more fun content or catch us on the next brand new episode of "rtm."
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tonight, we have breaking developments as we come on the air. the new terror concern. after we reported on laptops, ipads and other electronic devices being banned from certain flights because of terror fears, tonight, what we've just learned. has isis been testing laptops on airport security equipment? pierre thomas is standing by. also tonight, fired by the white house, now lieutenant general michael flynn is asking for immunity in exchange for his testimony about russia and any possible collusion, after it was flynn himself who said this about immunity. >> when you are given immunity, that means that you probably committed a crime. >> tonight, what president trump is now saying. the fiery highway collapse in the middle of rush hour. the fire onboard a passenger jet. and tonight, for the first time,


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