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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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at the store. >> triggered by anger and violence here on the campus. >> these signs of comfort welcome student albany in the wake of a painful week. many students are angry and ashamed. >> overall, the feeling that a lot of people feel is disgust and horror. >> i'm aching. it's terrible. horrible. i'm depressed. it was hard to get up. and you still got to go on. >> administrators recently discovered a student created racist instagram account which focused on minority students. it had been up for about two months. >> there was a picture of me compared to a gorilla. >> anger boiled over when kids accused of liking the instagram account were surrounded by angry students when they tried to leave a meeting with school administrators. >> we were in danger. >> this parent didn't want her face on camera. >> and once we exited the building, then fights broke out everywhere.
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student next to me had his nose broken. another student punched. and so basically i had to throw myself on my child to protect him. >> she said her son was suspended for following the instagram account. those student who created the account are facing disciplinary punishment. >> i'm disappointed from pemt that i knew from elementary school and kindergarten, i'm disappointed in them that they made that speech and talked about it as a joke. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> students say they are happy in unity rally is happening. a chance to talk about recent events and how to heal going forward. school district saying little, citing confidentiality, administrators say they hope to use this as a teaching moment. they may have more to say at an upcoming meeting next month. >> thank you. new at 4:00, the man who
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created the iconic gay flag has died. he passed away in his home in gilbert, new york. there was a request to replace the pink triangle that nazis used to identify homosexuals. now permanently flies. there will be a memorial in gilbert's memory. >> i'm heart broken, my dearest friend in the world is gone. gilbert gave the world the rainbow flag. he gave me 40 years of love and friendship. i love you forever. gilbert baker. >> in san jose a 10-year-old girl survived a horrific crash that killed her father. sky 7 shows the car they were in wedge fled a big rig at park avenue and mcavoid street.
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media partners in san jose mercury news say the victim is 41-year-old man from san jose. witnesses ran in to help this young girl. >> she was distraught, bloody, flung over the seat saying my daddy is dead, my daddy is dead. i calmed her down by saying breath deeply, breath slowly, i'm calling it in. >> the girl survived without any major injuries. the sun was also shining toward the eyes of the victim at the time of the crash so that may have had something to do with it. >> investigators are trying to locate the car that collided with a train this morning. sky 7 was above the crash seen on east welling boulevard. the car's bumper was torn off as you see but the car was really able to flee the scene. no one in the train was hurt. it's not clear how the crash happened and if the driver could face charges, the crash delayed capital corridor trains for about an hour. >> u.s. attorney general jeff sessions responded to claims
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that agents are using california courthouses as bait to the chief justice made in a letter to sessions and john kelly. she accused oois agents of arresting immigrants who are not a risk to public safety. session slammed claims calling them troubling saying ice does not engage in sweeps or arrest practices. because of sanctuary cities laws, ice officers and rangers are required to locate and arrest aliens in public places. >> monterey county town of seaside has become the latest sanctuary city in california. last night's vote came two days after attorny general jeff sessions threatened to pull funding from any city that doesn't cooperate with the government on this issue. seaside gets $1.4 million a year from the federal government. >> mail mailbox thieves are so
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brazen. they are not only stealing mail but clusters. >> kate larson tells us a postal inspectors are trying to arrest suspec suspects and find a solution. >> these bags and boxes are full of stolen mail that's been recovered by postal inspectors in contracosta county this year. just a fraction of the packages and letters that suspect are stealing from communities all over the bay area. >> as the law enforcement under the post office we are actively investigating break-ins and the mail is being taken. >> u.s. postal inspector jeff fitch says for the past year and a half mail theft has been increasing throughout california. many thieves use counterfeit keys like this one recovered by martinez pd two weeks ago and use them to break into cluster boxes and housing developments and apartment complexes. leaving the residents with broken mailboxes and long waits at the post office to pick up their mail in person. but the postal inspector says they are making progress. in just the past month postal inspectors arrested 15 men and
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women for mail and identity theft in contracosta alameda and salona counties. dozens of mail thieves have been arrested all over the area. they say they are working to prevent mail theft in the first place. >> there are higher security boxes out there. >> postal inspectors says thieves are so aggressive that just a few weeks ago martinez says that is ripped an entire cluster box out of ground that had brand-new post office lock technology in order to spael e steal the mail and make new counterfeit keys. kate larson, abc 7 news. >> police need your help to track done these women who stole $7,000 in cosmetics from pair of wallgreen's. es this were taken last sunday at a concord store. the women got away. investigators say they believe the same women did the same thing earlier at wallgreen's in
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vacaville. they were seen leaving in a maroon chevy imbalancpalla with license plate in both incidents. >> sandy sahas a look at what t see this weekend. >> take a look at live doppler 7 right now. we have a few wispy clouds passing through the bay area. that's about it. let's check out your temperatures and they have come up. it is a warmer day pretty much everywhere. 60s, 70s for most of you. half moon bay at 57 degrees. howl winding. gusting out of the north. because that area is windy we keep a wind advisory there until 11:00 tonight bp gusts to 40 miles an hour may make it difficult to drive. watch out for blowing debris and downed tree limbs. if you're going the bay bridge series, giants take on the a sz at at&t park in a matter of hours. the weather is looking great.
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better than yesterday. not as windy by game time. 64 degrees p. cropping down to 59. milder but still breezy out there. good idea to take a thin extra layer to keep you comfortable. i'll be back with the complete weekend forecast coming up. dan? >> thanks very much. after being closed for months, one neighbor saying the newly paved road is like a racetrack but drivers beware, the speed limit is 35 and the radar is on. the police took to social media to warn speeders of a crack down. they are keeping their word. that speeding ticket can cost several hundred dollars. this is in response to the complaint by those living in the area of speeding and reckless driving. b.a.r.t. released details about closures beginning in april. part of the fremont line starting in april and continuing through july.
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crews will replace tracks and other equipment like the last few years. april 8 and 9, may 13 and 14 and saturday through monday of me fwloeral day weekend may 27-29. june 10-11. july 1 and 2. shuttle buses will connect with trains. >> giants fans will listen crook and kuip for years to come. >> p t is out of here. >> it is out of here. but they're not. the club announced it signed mike krukow and dwane. they have been partners for 24 seasons now. oakland as eckert will come back to the front office. special assistant to dave,
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fremont native working along side ricky henderson as alumni ambassador and help advise the front office and represent the club at community and fan events as well. >> get ready for more taxes. bay area cities that will cost you more in sales tax and huge jump coming for tobacco products. >> plus -- >> now allow us to take this part to the next level. we will be able to build to height we have never been able to do before. >> oh, boy, a new ride opening at great america and that's just the beginning. expansion plans that could mean big business. and -- >> okay, launching automatic ball thrower. >> a computer that can understand your pets. is this for real? >> and friday on the skyway. you know what it's going to be like this time of day. least moving but it is slow in both directions. cars coming at you. trying to get on to the pbay
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sit santa clara clara claraa rides. >> and it'll be more similar to disney. >> joining us live from isn't a kwlar santa clara to join us with what's going on, jean? >> coming inside the park and riding the new coaster, great america says it plans to add a whole lot more and transform parts of the park. it's nine stories high and great america's first floorless roller
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coaster. patriot roared down its track, first riders, members of the military. >> hitting the loop was crazy. hit us with fireworks as soon as we came around. it was quite an experience. >> great america said this is just the beginning. city of santa clara approved expansion plans and rezoning the park. allowing park operators, cedar fair, to build rides up to 250 tall. highest coaster right now tops out at 110 feet. >> now it will allow us to take this park to the next level. we will build to heights we have never been able to do before. bring latest technologies, add a marketplace concept and just really enhance the overall experience at great america. >> santa clara mayor is pleased about the expansion which includes up to 20 rides and attractions in the next two decades. she is most excited about the construction of an entertainment district under the front of the park, including restaurants similar to downtown disney. >> they will build a front gate project which will be open 24/7.
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restaurants, shopping, entertainment. you don't have to come to the park to visit great america. >> another major project called city place includes a hotel retail restaurants and housing is across the street from great america. it's expected to be built in the next four years right around the time new attractions will be ready at the theme park. >> it's going to stimulate our local economy by taxes and filling up hotels. >> a boost for a city looking to make its mark byn't taning crowds. janine dela vega, abc 7 news. >> tomorrow is april fool's day but tax increases taking effect are no joke. sales tax going up in several cities or counties. initiatives intended to raise money for infrastructure and services. voters in san jose, martinez, newark and east pal dwo alto agd to sales tax. also county wide hikes in santa clara and santa fe. also costing smokers more to
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light up. from $2 to $2.87 a tack, standard pack of cigarettes will cost between $8 and $9. >> today would have been the 90th birthday of caesar chavez. the labor leader is honored everyday with a state holiday. chavez started out picking grapes and cotton. he went on to form a union for fellow farmworkers to help them get a fair wage and living conditions. he died in 1993. governor brown said i asked all californians to join me in continuing to build on his dream after world where all workers are treated with dignity and respect. we are honoring the life and activism of caesar chavez with a tribute on our website. go there to see murals dedicated to the late civil rights leader and more. just go to our home page and look for that link. >> nature is putting on quite a show in southern california desert thanks to all the rain this winter. amazing number of wild flowers
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are now in bloom. check it out. this is the color of the desert state park in san diego county. california's largest state park. rangers and visitors alike say sheer volume of blooming shrubs and cacti is overwhelming. >> it is absolutely phenomenal to see this many blooming desert plants all at the same time. i mean, just i think it is probably a once in a lifetime thing. >> rangers say you still have time to take in the beauty. they expect the bloom it last into may. >> that is beautiful. >> the day was just spectacular. we are heading into what we think will be a nice weekend. >> going to be beautiful because we will get rid of the wind. wind is blowing tree pollen around here. if you have allergies, you may be sneezing sniffling. wispy clouds across our skies. temperatures look at this, up 10 degrees in oakland compared to 24 hours ago. 9 degrees warmer in san francisco.
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can you feel it. i'm going to step aside because we still have gusty winds and choppy conditions. small craft advisories for the bay and coastline. gale warnings. this is our view looking toward the lighthouse. you can see choppy there conditions. 66 in san francisco. in mid 70s in oakland. 72 san hoe zie. nice day, gill roy, 71 degrees. filtered sun as high clouds are harmless just passing through the region. mid 70s from santa rosa to napa. here is your evening plan. hour by hour forecast. 6:00 tonight. breezy and blue temperatures 50s, 60s. if you're stepping out going out on the town it is going to be nice looking weather. clear skies at 8:00. 60s, 50s, winds at starry night at midnight. gusty sfru here. y view here. it is windy in spots. winds ease overnight. sunny and warmer tomorrow afternoon.
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mild temperatures on tap into next week. here is a look at the wind forecast. 5:00 tonight yes gusty winds along the coastline. most of you will see those winds easing. we will keep wind gusts around 30 miles an hour. this trend continues into the late night hours before the winds really begin to drop off going into saturday afternoon. that's when you see temperatures come up more than today. expect warmer weather than today. temperatures tomorrow morning mid 40s to low 50s. clear skies to get you going and for the afternoon only place we are expecting breezy conditions are right around fairfield. for the rest of you, mid 60s to 80s. beautiful saturday on tap. good looking day. if you have outdoor planes this is ideal as far as weather is concerned. warmth continuing on sunday. on monday, mild pattern. plenty of sun out there. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast.
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keep it nice and outdoorsy for you this weekend. mid 60s to low 80s tomorrow. mid 60s to 70s monday. same tuesday. more of a warming trend briefly wednesday before we see changes it will get cooler cloudier and we're putting in a slight clans of showers on friday but a better likelihood. next weekend not this coming weekend but next weekend we may see showers so you can dial in the abc 7 news app. >> thanks very much. >> coming up -- >> okay. ordering jumbo sushi platter from amazon restaurants. >> pets ordering sushi on-line? >> and phone freeway to call your next
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♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. bewaive, april fool's day is tomorrow. spu bu so
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but some can't wait, including a fourth grade teacher who was creative with a spelling test. >> the next word, speekuzslmspeu there are silent letters at the end of that one. >> what? >> yeah. >> the best teacher going over the spelling word in the test he just gave to his class, students got quite skas pa rated as words were completely outrageous. that is until the teacher finally delivered the punch line. >> your next word, number 11 is -- april fools. because this is a april fools joke. >> well, he got them. those kids will probably always remember mr. dombroski. >> list couldn't wait either. posting this message about a new service it is offering. the company claims customers no longer needed an app it arrive
4:24 pm
they could just use mono and put the device on your hand and raise your arm and the powerful processer and micro controller tracks your movement and summones a driver. lyft says it works but it was an april fool's joke. >> according to fitbit you've taken about 8,000 steps. okay, launching automatic ball thrower. >> well even amazon can't do this. they tweeted saying petlexa is here. the joke is that your pet can talk with alexa and she can understand. a lot of comments from people reminding amazon that tomorrow is april fool's day. >> a lot of jokes today. >> fooling better. >> exactly. >> this is no april fool's joke. you can now say good-bye to the egg on twitter. for the last seven years you got
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an egg profile picture when you first joined the site. today it is changed to a silhouette of a gender neutral person. twitter hopes to encourage people to upload pictures of themselves and discourage harassing others. >> one woman's story of survival after running out of gas and found herself stranded in the desert for five days. >> amber van heck drove along a road seldomly traveled. she found herself out of gas and out of cell phone range. she retraced her steps with matt. >> amber is alive where many other people would be dead in her shoes. she took into this very bad situation tremendous survival skills. she had been in the girl scouts, in the junior rotc. she knew what she was doing. when we were out in the middle of the desert she helped teach me thousand navigate by the stars. >> she tried desperately to alert others that she needed
4:26 pm
help while enduring extreme temperatures in the arizona desert. can you learn more about how she survived at 10:00 this evening on abc 7. >> now to the story of another missing teenager. police found a clue into the disappearance after 15-year-old and her teacher. spotted in oklahoma. but does this maeb police are closer to finding the two? plus -- >> we will continue to investigation russia. >> protesters meet embattled congressman def dev devin nunes. we find out who was involved in leaking secret documents to him. >> and once lost forever, back to the family it was stole
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♪ if you grow up here, you really can be anything. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. headlines at 4:30 . school official he didn't comment on the situation today but will at the next meeting. gilbert baker passed way. melinda tweeted he was one of her favorite and she will miss him. at 5:00 whenlee an will have
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more from a close friend. the picture man killed in a fire in oakland monday. ed anderson was one of those killed in the fire. leslie brinkley will have more on how loved ones are responding at 5:00. today, michael flynn was urged to seek immunity in the hearings on russia. abc news reporter lana zach has more. lana? >> so many major developments on this story today. we are learning more as well as the ranking intelligence committee who went to the white house and just there moments ago reviewing documents that may or may not have been the same documents that chairman, nunes may have been privy to and met with the president he called that meeting cordial. >> abc news can confirm that
4:31 pm
white house official michael ellis was involved in producing classified documents to house intelligence chairman devin nunes. national security council worked for nunes who faces calls to resign or recuse himself in the house investigation into russia. >> we will continue to investigate russia. it's long been a focus of ours. and that hasn't stopped despite what you may see in the national media. >> and at the white house today, nunes's counterpart adam schiff will review confidential documents, shaking hands with el pi is. there are questions if this is the same information given to nunes s nunes. sean spicer wouldn't answer questions about how he received this information. >> what occurred between chairman nunes and coming here was proper.
4:32 pm
>> michael flynn is asking for immunity in exchange for his testimony on russia. the president weighing in on twitter writing mike flynn should ask for immunity and this is a witch hunt. big election loss by media and demes of historic proportion. when asked if the president did support the question for immunity, he responded -- >> i won't give mike flynn or anyone else legal advice from the podium but he should good up there and testify. >> sean spicer was asked whether or not the us would was concerned that flynn in his testimony could impugn the president or administration and for that spicer had just one word, no. reporting live from washington, >> and lana, chairman nunes had more to say about ongoing russian investigation. what can you tell us about that? >> he did. back there in california today he said he saw no evidence there was collusion between the president and russia.
4:33 pm
now that investigation is still ongoing so his comments maybe have you seen as premature among democrats and that may further the riffs. >> thank you so much for that update. >> bay area congresswoman jackie spear told abc 7 news is a far too premature to offer flynn or anyone immunity in this investigation. >> before congress would even give a thought to doing that, they are going to rely on the department of justice and the fbi which is doing the criminal investigation as -- >> spear is a member of the house permanent select committee on intelligence. she will host with former ambassador to russia tomorrow afternoon at san matteo city hall. >> judge approved an agreement for trum top pay $25 million to settle lawsuits over now defunct trump university.
4:34 pm
peop under the settlement president trump admits no long doing. >> confirmed citing of 15-year-old girl from tennessee who disappeared more than two weeks ago with her 50-year-old teacher. this is surveillance images from a walmart in oklahoma city where the two were spotted two days after they disappeared. marci gonzalez has the latest. >> reporter: the first glimpse of the pair sips police say 50-year-old e cummings kidnapped thomas. on march 15, two days after comins and thomas vanished in tennessee they were captured on surveillance shopping at walmart in oklahoma city. newly discovered imans show cummings with darker hair and thomas with reddish hair. they bought food and paid in cash. >> she looked subservient to him. walking behind him. looking to him. very scary image and frankly exactly the kind of image we were expecting.
4:35 pm
>> in 2 1/2 weeks since there have been no other confirmed sightings of the pair. the the search expanding across the u.s. and into central america. cummings was fired after alleged inappropriate contact with thomas earlier this year. investigators say the the two communicated by leaving draft e-mails on a school computer. >> the other person would log in, read the message and then delete it. >> thomas's sister tells abc news comins didn't just send messages but would stop by thomas's workplace. >> she would go and hide until he left. >> tennessee bureau of investigation said they received more than 1200 tips including the one that looked into the surveillance images. they ask anyone with information on where these two might be to call authorities. o marcy dwonz, abc news, los angeles. >> today a judge in louisiana
4:36 pm
summoned an officer to 40 years in prison for shooting an autistic boy. derek stafford showed no emotion. he was charged with manslaughter and attempted manslaughter. stafford and another deputy, marshal, opened fire on car critically wounding a boy and his father. >> commuters in atlanta are in for months of delays after an interstate freeway collapsed. an intense fire weakened the structure on the main north/south highway in atlanta. the fire began in an area where construction equipment was stored. no one was hurt. officials don't know what sparked it. the collapse damaged the southbound lanes. repairs are expected to take months. i've been on that highway many,
4:37 pm
many times. it is a critical highway in that part of atlanta. >> a painting once thought lost forever is now back home. >> our family has waited 40 years to be reunited with this special painting. >> the painting purchased for $75 could be worth millions. >> quick thinking that got him back where he belongs. >> i'm michael finney. ask finny is still ahead. i'm taking your questions. hashtag askfinney and i will answer them later. >> lots of sunshine today and temperatures are up. i'll let you know if this trend will continue this weekend, coming up. >> thank you, sandy. live look at traffic, 101 through san jose. northbound looking good. and 880 moving in both
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a florida furniture store got a real surprise. check this out. a young gator found his way into the parking lot of american freight furniture in holiday northwest of tampa. employee quickly called for help but instead of picking him and ticking him all around the building they simply took him right out through it. albeit against his will, he wasn't really cooperating, right? it seems the gator just wanted to get to the lake behind the store.
4:41 pm
>> well the giraffe birth watch continues this afternoon. april, the giraffe, has been keeping the world on pins and needles for weeks. and in keeping with her name, she is waiting until april. you never know, the day isn't over yet. there is a live camera on april. can you watch this live feed any time on abc 7 news app and >> hi, everyone. if you didn't get the chance to get out and enjoy the weather, don't worry. i have a great weekend coming up. here is a look at your forecast. saturday, warmer. temperatures up to low 80s inland. let's specifically check out your temperatures for tomorrow. 82 in santa rosa with north wind. 80 in napa. 70 in san francisco. 74 oakland. 78 san jose. livermore. antioch. only place it is breezy is right
4:42 pm
around salona county. as we move into the week ahead, average high is 65 oakland. saturday 10 degrees above normal and even though temperatures dip it is still above average bouncing back up again on wednesday and thursday and still pretty mild but then look at accuweather seven-day forecast. change it all up for you. enjoy this weekend and warmth and good with a drop in temperatures on tuesday. and then we head into latter part of next week and that's when we're bringing in clouds cool be it even more by friday low 70s and closer to average and a slight possibility of seeing rain drops around here. that will carry over into the following weekend. >> thanks. >> huge growth for the ronald mcdonald house. >> and we go from 67 families a nice to 123 families a night. >> they will help twice as many people as before and they're not done yet. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael
4:43 pm
finney. can you get
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about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible.
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ing? almost done now with a multimillion dollar expansion project, opening up a new second house last year and are renovating the original house as we speak. jessica castro from abc 7 mornings explains why this project is going into the record books. >> reporter: the walls are up, furniture is in and families have been making themselves at home inside the new wing of the ronald mcdonald house at stanford for nearly a full year. but staff there may be getting ready for their biggest challenge yet. >> brand-new 150,000 square house was a big family project. but we move families into this house and empty the legacy house to renovate that. our big jump in mission delivery is really going to happen this summer when we go from 67 familyes a nice to 123 familyes a nice. >> that's right. nearly doubling its capacity and it will become the world's largest ronald mcdonald house. it means for rooms for families like this one. >> it takes a village to raise a child and more to raise special
4:47 pm
needs child. >> 20-month-old cameron has been in the hospital his whole life. diagnosed with hypo plastic left heart syndrome. the left side of his heart is underdeveloped. now he is waiting for heart transplant. >> our lives unfortunately usually make us choose between working and care giving and ronald mcdonald house lets us be care givers. >> cameron has five other kids too and says the house helps her provide some normalcy. >> living in a hotel would be just physically impossible for our family. so to have such a beautiful place available us to is -- it makes us, you know. we would be broken without it. >> when i hear a family that firsthand that is explaining how they are getting what they need from big designificants made and small decisions made, it's fabulous because by feel like we are doing it right. >> but doing it right for twice
4:48 pm
the number of families starting this summer will be their biggest operational jump since ronald mcdonald house of stanford was built in 1979. >> legacy house opens its doors and gym and represent the end of the expansion project. their care taking mission is never over. they now need more funds than ever on a regular basis provide ongoing care. to find out how to help, visit our website, abc news. >> tomorrow night the ronald mcdonald house at stanford will hold its annual house party fund-raiser. cheryl jennings will be the em emciee for that event. >> rosa from i paid $200 to repair damage to my car after hitting a pothole. who do i contact to report
4:49 pm
>> with all of the recent storms and rains, you need to file a claim with the city. you can get a form through city clerk or city attorney's office. it depend. if your problem happened on a freeway you could file a claim with caltrans. that the most important take away. only six months from when the damage occurred. after that you can't file. here is what they normally say, no, it didn't happen. you actually investigate it and find out if you get paid or not. >> shonalyn asked, which credit card is bet for those who have never had one or any type of credit for that matter. >> oh, fraet question. apply for a card with no or very low annual fee and low interest rate. i know what you're thinking. reward pint, i want repard point. they are a good deal but not if you have to pay for them with higher interest rates.
4:50 pm
what i want you to check out, a website wau website called where cards are compared side by side. if you are turned down for a standard credit card then get a secured credit card. where you put a bunch of money in an account and the bank allows to you charge up to that amount of money. if you put $500 into the account you can charge up to $500. after six months or a year go back to the bank and ask for a regular credit card and if you made all your payments on time you are off to good credit history and eventually great credit score. >> great advice. nolan asks, i'm selling off things from my grandfather's estate, how do i get them sold? >> you can sell items yourself on ebay oor any yard sale. here is another idea, you can go for an estate sail. there are companies that do it
4:51 pm
for you, they get red of every single thing but also they take a cut. you may want it good to a clothing store or vinyl record store. if you have a big selection, it might be worth to you. >> family waited 40 years. they finally got a stolen painting back. >> it is now worth a fortune. repo >> reporter: an iconic american painting back with its owner. >> are you prepared to receive this painting? >> yes. >> sign there, sir. >> the fbi returned this normal rock well painting. lazy bones. to the grant family. stolen from their home in cherry hill new jersey back in 1976. >> our family has waited 40 years to be reunited with this very special painting. my father-in-law bought this painting after he accidentally damaged it while playing pool. >> the family bought it for $75. >> he had no idea at the time that rock well would become
4:52 pm
america's favorite artist. he truly loved this painting and was very sad when it was stolen. >> the fbi said a person came forward after a recent media blitz unaware it had been stolen. >> person who turned over the painting is not voofed with the theft and as a result, will face no charges. >> the work is worth about $1 million. >> my father always said they would find it. that it would show up one day. >> this is called boy asleep with hoe. norman rockwel painted it for the cover of a saturday evening post. >> good-bye dandy lion, hello, blue. crayola is replacing dandy lion with a crayon in the blue family. they didn't show the color or share the name. instead the fans will come up with the name for the replacement color. only the third time in cree
4:53 pm
olda's lo crayola's long history it is retiring a color. >> a tall ship built here in the bay area is on the move. >> lots of people turning out to see it, where it is heading and how can you catch a glimpse ease well. >> traffic reaches the breaking point. a measure of how far people are willing to go. >> today's rally of prekugss from california to washington. >> trying to stop the revolving door. one city hopes it has an answer. >> and fastest way to calm down. stanford researchers say they figured it out. those stories and more on abc 7 news at 5:00.
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tonight, last man standing at 8:00 p.m. followed by dr. ken then shark tank. 20/20 at 10:00 then abc 7 news at 11:00.
4:57 pm
>> gettingi its first taste of salt water. >> many of them are retires but one day kids may benefit. >> eric thomas is in repo . >> reporter: a few hundred yards from a tent to the boat ramp, she will be launched tomorrow. >> i said the same thing everybody else did, wow. >> dan higgins spent the las four years building the turner. they used timber cut down in mendocino county, shave need planks and steamed for three hours each so they could be molded into place. >> it is very intrickate. a lot of bending, laminating and cussing. >> price tag, $6.5 million. less than half the cost of buying one already built. >> we also built a community. >> when the turner is ready to set sale, organizers hope to
4:58 pm
take $15,000 young people were year out on the water and get them closer to nature. >> when they go op board ship what they do matters. they have to look at the ship, the crew and themselves. >> dan higgins is a veteran boat builder and it says every volunteer starts the same regardless of experience. >> everything starts with the same thing. a broom. sweep the floor. as you meet the other ship rights and you tell them your expertise, then they mold you into that department. >> moving the ship is not even close to being the last step. they still have to attach the mast and electronics and it'll probably take until late summer or early fall. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> the project still has a long way to go and volunteers need another $800,000 to finish it. >> more information on how can you help go to where it can find a link to the call of the sea.oorg. beautiful ship.
4:59 pm
>> it is. thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> stay here please, abc news at 5:00 starts now. >> we're devastated at this time. >> torn about everything that happened. >> as we learn more about the victims of this week's >> bay area traffic goes from terrible to horrendous. so bad, many are willing to finance a fix. >> and you might want to go shopping tonight, sales taxes are going up in many cities across the nation. >> live where you live this is abc 7 news. >> days after a fire killed four people in oakland the city reveals a fire official recommend the city be shut down months ago.
5:00 pm
t >> the mayor responded in the last hour or so. announcing a an overhaul of fire safety inspections. >> she plans to double the size of the city's fire prevention bureau. changes are an effort to clear the backlog of inspections and put an urgent priority on known problem properties. >> east bay times report firefighters had been trying to shut this building down because of violations since february. or since january i should say. sabrina landrith released a statement saying while the cause of the deadly fire at 2551 san b pablo avenue has been ruled an accident be it is clear that overdemand and inadequate needs a remedy. >> my dad, there was a fire that took


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