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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 10, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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in fremont. a man is dead after an officer-involved shooting, and we are live at fremont and duh coat yo road. >> fremont police say officers were called after east bay regional police made a traffic stop involving a firearm, and a man took off running and police are not saying if the suspect fired at officers. we will have a live update coming up at 5:30. it's monday april 10th.
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reggie off today. we will continue to update you on that breaking story. >> first we turn to meteorologist, mike nicco. >> on this monday you can see on live doppler 7 there's a few sprinkles leftover and a little coating of light rain if you will in sonoma and napa county over the next hour or so and then that's it until we get more rain tomorrow. wednesday and thursday, right now looking from the east bay hills, quiet. let's try to go back. 38 to 48 this morning, your temperature. at noon, 57 to 61. 57 to 65 as we head through the afternoon hours. cooler than average once again. and then the timetable of the rain and who it will affect coming up next. we are going to san jose where traffic is looking great, and this is 280 and headlights in the northbound direction and
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an eight-minute drive up towards cupertino if you are leaving the san jose area. let's look at some of the drive times, just flipping to yellow headed towards tracy and dublin, and westbound on 580, and conquered to c good, and a look at your bay bridge toll plaza in just a few. and then the death in the bombing has climbed to 49, and five more people died overnight and more than 100 are hurt. hundreds turned out for a funeral procession in egypt for the victims of the church bombing. this is one of two deadly bombings on sunday services. isis is now claiming responsibility for both attacks. one tore through a church as a choir was singing.
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>> that video feed cut out as chaos erupted 70 miles north of cairo, and hours later in the historic city of alexandria, security cameras caught a suicide bomber detonating his bomb outside the building. evening prayers went on as schedul scheduled. they worry about what is next for egypt. leslie brinkley has more. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: these coptic christians in hayward prayed for the 44 dead in egypt and their families in their palm sunday prayers and prayed for the terrorists. >> that they change their mind to be good. >> reporter: many of the faithful here grew up in egypt or have families there. >> the coptic christians
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community. >> reporter: their houses are set on fire and they are personally attacked. in december terrorists bombed a cathedral in cairo killing 25, and now these bombings. >> most muslims in egypt are very friendly and we all get along really well, but you have the extreme elements that just destroys all relationship between good people. >> reporter: egyptian president met with president trump in washington last week and declared a three-month state of emergency that will include counsel to make arrests and search homes without warrants and the expert says his actions reflect the government's failure to protect the coptic minority. >> this is going to continue to happen. he can't face this alone. and so the emergency to me it just signals a failure already, and he is inheriting this from the mubarak years, and we have
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to start with school and education. >> there's hope in the pope, pope francis will visit cairo later this month to meet with the head of the coptic church. abc7 news. now to the strike on syria. president trump's national security adviser is leaving open the possibility of furthest military action against syria. this comes after last week's missile strike in response to the chemical attacks. the president spoke with the japanese prime minister about syria, and the white house says both leaders agree that syrian president's use of chemical weapons against citizens warranted a strong response the internationalcommunity. a man is being held on $3 million bail. police say he shot and killed 29-year-old franklin last tuesday morning as she was taking two of her children to daycare in richmond and mcbride
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was arrested the next day in sacramento r sacramento, and the police say they had a history of domestic violence. amy hollyfield is live with what this scene looks like now. hey, amy. >> reporter: good morning. anybody need any firewood? look at this huge pile of logs they have accumulated overnight as they work on this tree, and they have been using chainsaws to slowly take it apart little pieces at a time. they have worked all night long and still have a ways to go. here's what it looked like last night, and it fell just before 8:00. this is right next to cal's football stadium. the tree took out power lines and power poles, and nearly 2,000 pg&e customers lost power, and they turned the lights on for most of those people and now only 35 customers don't have power and they are estimated they will get that turned back on by 8:30 this morning, so no
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alarm clocks for a lot of those people this morning. the concern is that another storm is headed this way and that more trees like this one could be coming down. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. now a live desk update from abc that mornings. >> come into the live desk, three astronauts getting settled back on earth after arriving home from the international space station. we have video with the capsule making its way back home, and inside a nasa astronaut and two russian cosmonauts. this means nassau is the new commander. and then planning to close down operations, and there are still 60 people staying at the community center, and the city will be able to put some people
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in hotels and motels 30 days at a time. a family in the sierra is safe after a terrifying encounter with a mountain lion that got inside their home. it happened at a home in pollack pines along u.s. highway 50 and el dorado county. they were making dinner when he saw the cat and he grabbed the closest object he could find a. opini pinata bat, and then got in the pantry. >> the lion had his nose up to the crack of the door. >> the lion disappeared before sheriff dip teaseputies arrived. if one does try to attract you, create distance first and if that doesn't work, fight back. >> scary. look at this. beautiful, right? just one more inch, and that's all the snow the sierra needs to break a record.
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87.5 inches have fallen this opini winter. the national weather service says sugar bowl ski resort has seen the most show, and this time last year people in the area were mountain biking, if that's any indication. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> they will set the record, it just won't be today. can you see the mid to upper 60s from chico and sacramento. so when will they set the record? they have a chance tomorrow. a better chance on wednesday, and the best chance with moderate snow onthursday. a little bit of a break. a bluebird day on friday and clouds on the increase on saturday and another light storm heading there sunday. how about that? 39 in pleasanton.
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temperatures in the low to mid-40s, so dress warmly this morning. we are pretty much in the mid to upper 40s everywhere. napa 42, and san jose 45, along with mountain view and san carlos and los gatos. today's temperatures range around 59 at the coast. about 62 to 67. warmer than yesterday but still not where we should be. temperatures about the same tomorrow, around 60 to 67 degrees, and it looks like on wednesday will be a little cooler, upper 50s along the coast in san francisco. low to mid-60s elsewhere. here's a the water. if you are out exercising, there are issues with pollen. the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights but a minor delay for cash paying folks. a good time to get across before the metering lights get turned on which is typically around 5:30. we will take a look at some of your central valley drive,
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slowing out of tracy and into dublin for just under an hour, about a 50-minute drive there. we will come back with cal train schedule changes for your monday in 15 minutes. and then donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to gavin news newsom. >> man's best friend falls >> man's best friend falls through thin
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♪ a canadian tv news crew happened to be on scene when a
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man plunged into a icy pond to help rescue that man's dog, and that dog's name, cosmo. he pushed his dog out of the water but they still had to get back to safety. both ended up getting back to dry land soaked and shivering. >> it's a second-split thing. you are not going to let him die, right. >> reporter: you didn't have to think about it, right? >> of course not. as soon as the ice broke i jumped in, and i think most would do the same for their dogs. >> they were doing a story about the dangers of thin ice. police in colorado are facing accusations of excessive force over an arrest after a video shows an officer slamming a woman to the ground. here's lindsay davis. >> reporter: colorado police are investigating this video and what critics are claiming is an excessive use of force.
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the 22-year-old slammed to the ground face-first by a ft. collins police officer. the video went viral this weekend and viewed nearly half a million times in four hours, and it's caption, two words, seems excessive. police say the video doesn't tell the whole story. they say they were called to the scene thursday night to break up a fight between the woman's boyfriend and another man, and while they were dealing with that shoulder checked the officer and a bouncer while trying to get to her boyfriend. we will have more about the investigation. investigators say the ransom sent to the woman of a missing woman was fake and whoever sent it could face charges. her truck and cell phone were
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found near a river, and the suspect that sent the note has no knowledge of where she is. a california teenager died skateboarding while holding on to the back of a car. he grabbed a jeep's bumper and was going just 10 miles per hour and he lost control of the state board and crashed and hit his head on the pavement and neighbors said they heard a loud noise. >> i heard a thump and the kid was already on the ground. my heart dropped. >> he was completely unconscious and lying on the floor and not moving. >> heartbreaking. he was not wearing a helmet and the jeep belongs to one of his friends and he is cooperating with police. the suspected ring leader in an irs scan in fake phone calls has been arrested. he was nabbed in mumbai they were posing as irs agents
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and told victims in the u.s. they told back taxes and could be arrested or deported if they did not pay up. 15,000 americans fell for the scheme but it started to unravel in october. technicians and call center republics protested outside of an at&t store yesterday and had been without a working contract for a year now and they are asking for better job security and better pay, and they look forward to reaching a fair agreement as soon as possible and these are some of the most highly paid union represented employees and that will not change. a turkish airlines flight ended up with an unexpected passenger and the crew is getting worldwide recognition. that passenger was a baby girl. about halfway during the flight to west africa, a woman onboard went into labor 28 weeks into her pregnant and so the crew responded and delivered the
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newborn, and mom and baby are doing fine and the airline posted these pictures. >> so sweet. glad they jumped into action and everything is okay, right? hey, natasha and matt. it's monday and it's clear. the wind is blowing ashore and that's going to keep us cooler than average once again. here's a look at what is going on with live doppler 7. there's a few sprinkles hanging around the north bay and those will fade away in the next hour or two, and there's a tail trying to push into marin county and that has fallen apart also. today we are going to have our sky become partly sunny and still going to be cooler than average. tomorrow, we have the storm impact scale out and it's light, it's a one, and we have tuesday, wednesday and thursday as being wet this week and possibly late easter sunday. let's focus in on tomorrow. scattered showers, rain, potential about a tenth in the
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south bay and in the north bay. and then this morning, getting sprinkles and they are going to stay here through noon on tuesday, and then toerbwards 5: or 6:00, you will see scattered showers and that will continue overnight through wednesday morning, and then you will see yellow starting to develop about 6:00, and then look at them, bearing down in the evening, and then by thursday morning it's gone, but the residual moisture will make thursday morning tough. we will see sunshine on friday and saturday and then let's just go dry for sunday until the evening hours. we won't want to ruin easter. >> that sounds good. nice plan for the easter bunny. here we go to walnut creek where the headlights are in the northbound, and a few breaks lights toward the 24 interchange as you make the turn toward
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main, and elsewhere we have a you wi solid stream of headlights. moving smoothly. from highway 4 into the macarthur maze a. 20-minute drive, so not bad at all. schedule changes begin this morning for cal train because they get that peninsula corridor electrification project under way and they are quite numerous, so we listed them all for you at our website at we will come back and look at the tolls at the bay bridge in just a few. and a man was drunk when he tried to squeeze his car between a big rig and the curb. this is what happened in coasta maya and orange county. the driver of the mercedes tried to pass it on time on saturday and nobody was hurt but the myrercedes not okay, badly
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damaged, and the driver was arrested at the scene. more people are using uber or lyft to get to the emergency room, and it's cheaper than using the ambulance because they can pick the hospital. uber is encouraging people to call 911 in the event of a medical emergency. 2018 race for governor. the election is still 20 months away at this point but the money race well under way. three major democratic contenders collectively raised $19 million in campaign funds in their bid to replace governor brown. gavin newsom is leading the contribution from a single course. it shows air b and b employees have given $225,000 to effort. and the others have barely topped $100,000 from any single
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source. one man learned a lesson that cost him $100,000. what not to do the next time you gamble at a casino. gamble at a casino. fallout this morning after a
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it's 5:24. if you are just joining us or heading out the door, here are seven things to know before you go. a shopping center is closed after a deadly police shooting involving fremont police. it started with a traffic stop near fremont boulevard and duh coat yo road. stanford is warning female students to be careful following two groping incidents. a man described as only short and bald came up behind the victims on escondido road friday night and sexually assaulted th them. and then the state of emergency following the deadly palm sunday bombings. the death toll has risen to 49.
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crews in berkeley cutting up a massive tree right now after it fell on pg&e lines overnight. the lights are now on for most of them. tracking a few sprinkles across the north bay this morning. 0.1 of an inch in the south bay and more on the way for thursday. and then following your monday morning commute. no metering lights yet at the bay bridge toll plaza. but stacking up on the cash paying lanes on the right and left-hand sides, and so far a moderate start this monday morning. and then the invention that could be a dream for parents everywhere. ford create add crib that feels like a car ride. it huplz and slowly rocks from side to side. it's lined with l.e.d. lights that turn on and off like passing under streetlights. so far it's only a prototyp
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>> good idea. and then if you pass machine and your friends ask if they could push the no. >> at one point he turned to his friend and said why don't you push the button. suddenly the lights flash, and the pay line shows and he hit the jackpot. $100,000, or so he thought. and the casino said marina is the rightful winner. >> technically, we have to pay her. >> and he went ballistic. he started screaming in front of everybody. >> i said are you kidding me? >> yeah. and apparently they had a bit of a falling out, and he says she sent her threatening messages after offering to give him a little bit, and no longer friends. >> i feel there's more to this
5:27 am
story and what we don't know about, and maybe their prior relationship and what was going on there. and many of you could be getting a text or call from the warning system. plus the reason more than two dozen nfl players including two dozen nfl players including a 49er could face possible
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the challenger and charger have the most affordable v8 engines in their classes. check them out now during the fast and furious sales event. the fate of the furious. in theaters april 14th. in dealerships now. now get 20% off msrp cash allowance on select 2017 dodge charger models in dealer stock. this is abc7 mornings. >> i am natasha. >> i am matt keller in for reggie, and alexis off today. hi, sue. >> hi, matt. >> we are talking about, and i don't know it seems like strange weather for us as we approach april. >> cooler than average, and it's been a wet winter and we are
5:30 am
trying to spill that into spring. light rain across the north bay. most of the measurable stuff has been well up into the higher elevations. it's not too much on the ground, but you may find a few slick spots around santa rosa. and let's look from mount tam this morning, and it's a quiet morning. temperatures in the upper 30s to upper 40s. chilly this morning. we will be in the 50s to low 60s at noon. upper 50s to mid-60s at 4:00 and then mid to upper 50s, grab a light coat if you are heading out around 7:00. a quiet start weather-wise, and fingers crossed, let's talk to sue about the commute. >> just like that, metering lights are on and you have a delay building at the bay bridge toll plaza for a ten-minute rate from the macarthur maze to the tolls and beyond. looking good on the upper deck in san francisco, and the san mateo bridge in the flat section, we have a 15 to 17-minute drive over towards foster city from hayward.
5:31 am
taking a look at the central valley drive, you have slow traffic for about a 15-minute delay get into the doubleton area in tracy, and giants home opener today at 1:35, bay bridge traffic, 280 traffic and surface streets around at&t park to be pretty busy prior to game time. we will come back with cal train issues for your monday morning coming up. >> sue, thank you. we have breaking news. a traffic stop in fremont is followed by a shooting and we now know the suspect is dead. >> investigators are piecing together what happened. abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson is live near the scene. >> reporter: there are two scenes they are investigating. this officer involved shooting started with a regional bay parks officer and a car full of people at this 7-eleven behind me. the officer requested backup because somebody in the car had a gun and witnesses say a man from the car ran across the
5:32 am
street into an alley behind the shopping center. now we don't have -- >> this is a public safety issue. there is nobody out standing and there are no issues for public safety at this point. >> reporter: you did hear the good news, no issues for public safety because that suspect that ran across the street was interacted with two fremont police officers and police say they shot and killed that man. initially they were not sure where he was located so a helicopter and s.w.a.t. team was called out and they did locate the body and they are waiting to see if they recovered a gun and if that suspect fired at officers and the people in the car have all been taken in for questioning. abc7 news. new threats of retaliations on the u.s. after president trump ordered air strikes on syria last week. military commanders from russia and hezbollah are defending the
5:33 am
regime in syria. they are saying russia and iran will not only allow the u.s. to be the only superpower in the world, and rex tillerson has not seen any evidence russia was involved in the chemical attack that killed more than 80 syrian civilians. >> we are hopeful we can work with russia and use their influence to achieve areas of stabilization throughout syria. >> now north korea is vowing to protect itself against air strikes similar to those in syria. in egypt now, the preside there has declared a state of emergency. funerals are being held for the first victims and state media is reporting at least 49 were killed. for the bombings and video shows a suicide bomber detonating his bomb at a security point
5:34 am
alexandria. egyptian troops have been deployed to help protect vital areas. and the pope said i express my deep condolences and i pray for the dead and the wounded. the coptic christians are the largest christian communities in the middle east, and they base their teaches on the apostle mark. dozens of coptic christians have been killed this sectarian violence and there is little christian representation in egypt's government which is 90% sunni muslim. neil gorsuch will be sworn in today as the new supreme justice. gorsuch fills the seat left
5:35 am
empty by antonin scalia's passing last year. this restores the court's conservative voting majority. gorsuch will be sworn in at 6:00 a.m. our time and then later at the white house. a school district under investigation after reports say it paid thousands of dollars for construction projects that have not been completed. according to our media partner, the mercury news, they paid a southern california company for new construction. the problem? no work has been done. parents continue to complain about the schools lacking basic amenities like heating and air-conditioning and prompting the department of education to request the audit. and then two sexual assaults on campus that happened within 20 minutes of one another between 10:30 and 11:00 on friday. a man approached them from behind and groped them and both women described their attacker as short and bald.
5:36 am
and then a former nasa scientist, friends marking one year since his murder. he was walking home in oakland when somebody shot and killed him. last week police released new photos for two cars they are looking for, a silver honda accord and a white chevy malibu and a reward of up to $30,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. and tracking a major fire back east. firefighters are on the scene of a powerful fire smith, new hampshire. it started in the kitchen of a restaurant and spread to at least two nearby buildings. police tried to put the fire out before it spread but they could not get it under control. three buildings have collapsed. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and he sec is that correexpected to. and then neighbors heard large booms coming from a burning car early yesterday
5:37 am
morning, and those flames spread to another car and then a house. everybody inside did get out safely. firefighters believe the blasts were caused by exploding car parts. if you live in contra costa county, the system is testing capacity and capability and will call land lines and cell phones and start times will be staggered every half hour starting at 5:30 in the evening, and then at 6:00, martinez and pacheco, and then 6:30, rodeo. >> the giants open their 60th season in san francisco at at&t park today. the team is coming off of a road trip where they went 2-5 to start. they will take on the arizona diamondbacks. first 40,000 fans at today's game will get an opening day calendar and the first pitch th. now your afternoon forecast with mike nicco.
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>> wear the sunglasses and sun screen, and will have filtered sunshine due to high clouds. and not too breezy by at&t standards. 59 half moon bay, and 60 in san francisco. about 62 to 68 degrees for the rest of us. here's a look at 101 and 880 in san jose where it's partly cloudy right now. temperatures running there in the mid-40s. tree pollen, a lot of it out there once again. predominant predominantly, oak, pine and sycamore. a quick burn ratio today. here's a look at the golden gate bridge and looks dry as all the wet weather that fell this morning was around santa and the water will be good whether you are on the water or taking mass transit. tonight milder than this morning, mid-40s to low 50s
5:39 am
under a cloudy sky. and look at this, a 50% chance of rain tomorrow and 90% of us see rain on wednesday and 40% on thursday, and then another on easter sunday. really? yeah, i will map it all out for you coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> bunny can't get a break on easter sunday. mass transit for your monday morning. looking good. no problems with muni. all buses and rail are on time. b.a.r.t. has 47 trains on time. ace train number three is on time into lathe rupp. changes for cal train beginning this morning, and quite a few changes on their schedule due to the ongoing peninsula corridor electrification project, and that's hard to say. and especially if you are taking cal train to the giants' game, check out the scheduled changes and they are listed on our website,
5:40 am
electrification three times fast. how do you think airlines across the country did last year? the numbers a see how they faired. local girls heading to houston for a competition dominated for boys, and the project they are working on making headlines. making headlines.
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it's 5:42 and alcohol and speed blamed for a driver that died inside the burning car. there was reports of a sleeping lexus and that lexus slammed into the back of a car and that second car hit a third car and forced it into the guatkpwaurgud it flipped over and caught fire. >> both sides of the free stopped and many people tried to get him out of the vehicle and unfortunately their attempts were unsuccessful. >> police booked the lexus driver under the suspicion of dui and manslaughter. crash into a sheriff deputies suv. the sheriff's department shared
5:44 am
these pictures, and satter field hit the suv head on. the deputy went to the hospital with minor injuries. satterfield was booked into the marin county jail and later released on bail. released on bail. and then the plug the leaking fuel. so far they are working on a plan to salvage and raise the ship. happening today, big news for soccer fans. the u.s., mexico and canada are expected to unofficially unveil a joint bid for the 2026 world cup. the united states last hosted the world cup in 1994, and that tournament still holds the all-time attendance record. in 1994 that final match took
5:45 am
place at the rose bowl, and not clear which country would be able to host the final game this time around. and then some 49 players could be in trouble. linebacker bowman joined 31 other current and former nfl players at this week's competition at the mgm grand casino in vegas, and other players were king, and marchand lunch as well, and the nfl is looking into whether the players violated the league's gambling policy. nfl personnel are not allowed to appear at casinos. and then airlines improving on time performance and losing fewer bags. 81.4% of flights arrived on time or close to on time last year and that's up from 79% in 2015. the rate of bags being lost, stolen or delayed
5:46 am
17%. and some girls in san francisco are making their way in a way dominated by men, robotics. >> a team of engineers, coders and builders have been assembling the robot, and they call themselves the misfits. they did have a strong performance at a critical robotics competition earlier in the month and they say building a robot pushed them to learn a variety of skills. >> i love math and science and it's more practical. >> i will not be in a classroom using a power drill or ban saw. >> they are going to houston for the world championships now, and they are going to be one of a few all-female teams there and they launched a go
5:47 am
because they do need help and that is that on our website, they will nickel and dime us with wet weather and get some of our commutes to be more challenging than we would like. let's talk temperatures, mill valley, 40 right now. most of us in the mid to low 40s in the north bay. same thing in san francisco and also in vallejo. 48 in alameda, and newark, 43. 45 in san jose. looks like 40 in san ramon. tracy, 43 degrees. east bay hills camera, pretty clear out there for the most part other than the slight sprinkle in the north bay. wet weather likely, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. and that's going to keep us cooler than average at least through next week. this storm looks pretty impressive. and here is what happens. energy and moisture, and it
5:48 am
weakens as it approaches and starts to head towards the north. so we are still going to put a storm impact scale on and it's going to impact you in a light way, and that's why it's a one with scattered showers and a little breeze out there, and we are not expecting anything damaging. here we are at 7:00 tomorrow morning, and you can see the impact across the north bay in the form of sprinkles to light rain and it stays there other than a few dots out there, random elsewhere, and as we head into the afternoon and evening random scattered showers develop everywhere and they continue all the way through wednesday morning. wednesday, for the most part, is going to be pretty dry until we get to the evening hours and that's when the heaviest rain rolls through on thursday morning, and thursday's morning commute will be the most difficult, and sun comes out friday and saturday, and then on sunday the rain looks like it will be in the evening right now. let's look at san rafael, you are looking at a 20-minute
5:49 am
drive to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. good news heading out of marin. it's relatively light all morning. i am thinking spring break, perhaps, a lot of folks taking this week off leading up to easter. out of the central valley, we are seeing slowing from tracy. and this is westbound before you reach highway 4, starting to backup now into rodeo and near crocket. second lane from the left is blocked here, and they are awaiting a tow truck. the push is already on to get more people registered for next year's election. abc7 news was in san jose as volunteers received training on signing up people to vote, and the aim is to get enough registered in enough time for 2018. >> we really want to have an affect and have more and more people participate in the elections and participate in
5:50 am
choosing the people that will represent them and the policies that they are -- that are important to them. >> three groups including orchard city and duh visible, and swing left sponsored yesterday's event. stephen curry is getting grief on social media. this is a 360 view of the leather shoes made by underarmer. you could remember his shoes last summer were called dad shoes. one critic said they are a pt cruiser for your feet and one said they look like oldsmobile armrests. >> the internet can be a very cruel place, you know. are they that bad? >> i think they look fine, but i like the dad shoes as well, and but i am a dad. i don't know how can you take that. the changes affecting cal
5:51 am
the changes affecting cal trains
5:52 am
5:53 am
cute. this group that little ducklings got themselves into a foul situation. alameda county firefighters posted these photos and the video after finding 11 of them stuck in a storm drain in newark yesterday and their mama was so worried about her babies, and the firefighters came to their rescue. watch this. this video of them just tumbling down. we are told they are totally fine and they reunited with mom and dad at the bottom of the creek. if you get holiday shopping done at game stop, keep an eye
5:54 am
on your credit cards. there are reports hackers may have taken information from the website, that includes names, addresses, credit card numbers and the three-digit security co code. game stop received notification of a potential breach from a third party and game stop says it hired a top security firm to investigate. ♪ ♪ abc7 news was in san francisco for the grand opening celebration of the lgbt center on market street. the center just underwent more than $10 million in renovations, and yesterday marked the 15th an verse of serving the bay area that welcomes thousands to its doors every year. >> this is an important institution for the lgbt community and the san francisco bay area, and we are making it sustainable for the long term.
5:55 am
♪ ♪ >> beautiful singer. center leaders tell us the improvements allow them to expand their programs and rent more space to non-profits. >> we could listen to that longer if we wanted to. that was nice. let's look a look through the sutro tower. we want to talk about the spring break from warm temperatures. it continues today even though we are warming, two to six degrees shy of the average. and may be a few light showers out there, so have the umbrella handy and a few windshield wipers and patience, and then midnight into wednesday morning, more on the wetness, you can see getting up to 0.1 to 0.2 of an inch in the north bay. and then maybe half an inch out of the next system. more rain on the way after that. we will have that in a few minutes. here is sue. metering lights on at the
5:56 am
bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is starting to build up towards the macarthur maze for a 10-minute delay to get into the toll plaza. and an accident westbound 80 before highway 4, and speeds slow down to 14 miles per hour and traffic is stacked up towards the coming skyway in crocket, two left lanes blocked there. a tow truck is en route. and then the bridge being used as a jungle gym or a backdrop for selfies, and a woman fell when she tried to take a selfie, and she survived and broke several bones and one of her friends described what happened. >> they were taking a picture on the bridge, and then the big bolts holding the beams together, she stepped on them kind of weirdly and lost her balance and fell backwards. >> she will need more surgery.
5:57 am
thrill seekers post photos on that bridge, and at one point the bridge rises 700 feet a sketch police want you to see. >> and some flood victims have to leave a shelter today. crews in berkeley this morning where a massive tree came down and taking to a home. this as more rain is on the way. a live look outside for you. a live look outside for you. a quiet
5:58 am
a live look outside for you. a quiet ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
5:59 am
now from abc7 news, breaks news. >> breaking news involving a deadly police shooting in fremont. a man was killed near a shopping center just after midnight. the shopping center will be closed for several hours as police investigate. police tell us the regional
6:00 am
police first made a traffic stop at the 7-eleven and called for backup because somebody in the car had a gun, and a man ran from the car and two police officers open fire and we will have a live report at 6:30. it's april 10th, and sue hall is in for alexis. we are going to start your day with a look at weather with mike nicco. >> if you are joining us right now, i was tracking sprinkles to a light shower across the north bay. live doppler 7 showing that's gone, but it may have left residual moisture out there. here's a look from the exploratorium camera. 57 to 61 at noon. 57 to 65 at 59, so a light jacket. a light morning commute. a lot of folks possibly on spring


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