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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 11, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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remain closed until at least tomorrow. last night, a prayer vigil for the two victims. the san bernardino community gathered at a church and prayed for the quick recovery of the student who's hurt. police say the two students were standing behind the teacher when gunfire hit them. 15 fourth graders and two aides were in the classroom when it happened. you can get the latest any time on our app, we're sending out push alerts as new information comes down. you've likely seen this video, a man getting pulled off delta airlines kicking and screaming. >> none of us could believe it would get to that point of violence. when the police came on they were just determined to take him off the plane. >> the 69-year-old was forcibly removed from the chicago to louisville plight on sunday. united said he was one of four people randomly selected to give up their seat to make room for four crew members who had to get to louisville for another flight. one of the chicago aviation
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security officers involved is now on leave. >> and the backlash is growing this morning. >> there's news of a federal investigation. amy hollyfield is live at sfo. amy? >> reporter: we're at the united terminal where things look normal. people are checking in for their flights. no protests but on social media momentum is building for people to boycott united airlines. here's the video that has people so upset. the united employee were moving the passenger from the flight to make room for off duty united crew members who needed seats on the overbooked flight. the man said he was a doctor and that he needed to get home to see his patients and that's why he did not want to get off that flight. passengers are upset, but we asked them if they're upset enough to boycott the airline. [ screaming ]
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>> i could consider it. >> i would consider something else if there's an option, yes. >> i don't fly united but this would make me more hesitant to fly united, at least for a while. >> reporter: united's ceo is standing by his employees saying he regrets the situation but emphatically stands behind his workers commending them for helping them fly right. but this isn't going away for united. this topic is trending online. people online are creating new slogans for the airline and are calling for a boycott. live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy, secretary of state rex tillerson says russia must choose between aligning itself with the united states or syria, iran and hezbollah. tillerson made the remarks before boarding a plane to moscow from italy. earlier he met with leaders of the g7 countries. the inclusion of middle east countries is significant because the american strategy for syria
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involves enlisting help from those nations to ensure security and stability in syria after isis is defeated. the man suspected of ram ago stolen beer truck into a crowd in sweden admits he did it. an attorney for the 39-year-old uzbekistani man says he confessed. police say he drove the truck into the front of a department store friday killing four people and leaving 15 hurt. two are still in critical condition. police say the man had been denied residency and expressed sympathy for isis. police are investigating eight sexual assaults at three different bay area universities over the weekend. one was at a u.c. berkeley frat party off campus. no arrests have been made. at san jose state, a man was arrested after being accused of groping five women saturday and on friday night at stanford two women reported being sexually assaulted within minutes of each other. police are still looking for the suspect in that case. 4:33 now. a man who worked as a school janitor in pinole is facing 47
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felony charges related to sexual crimes involving children. ruben gonzalez is being held on $46 million bail. $46 million bail. abc 7 news has the details. >> based off the allegations, we knew there were more kids in the house and so we along with them went to the house. >> reporter: on march 30, gonzalez ran from the home located in pinole but officers caught and arrested him. the west contra costa unified school district terminated him the next day. >> all of our employees and volunteers have to be -- have fingerprints run through both the state department of justice and the federal bureau of investigation. >> reporter: the district says gonzalez passed a background check. he worked as a substitute night custodian and prior to that as a yard supervisor at orlinda elementary school in richmond. >> we are sure he came into contact with students when he was a yard supervisor.
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>> reporter: police say the four victims allege the abuse occurred when they were between the ages of four and 17. gonzalez now faces 47 felony charges based on the age of the victims and number of assaults. investigators want the community to know about the case. >> as a society we won't stand for that. if you do it you will be caught. and if there are other victims out there, to come forward. that you're not alone. >> reporter: gonzalez is being held on $46 million bail. in pinole, katie news. police say this east palo alto home housed an unlicensed massage parly. jose plasencia is charged with running the operation. last month, two women reported plasencia assaulted them. detectives found a third woman reported the same more than five years ago. neighbors say they are surprised to learn of his arrest. >> he was a very nice person. i would give him -- he was a really nice man. when my husband passed he came over and hugged me and he cried.
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he says "i'm going to miss roy." >> that's a little creepy. he seemed so nice and now i know what he's doing in there. >> police say there could be alleged victims. anyone with information is asked to call east palo alto police. >> reporter: a valley medical center employee is arrested for peeping at the hospital. detectives arrest fereja ali. he worked as a protective services officer for more than a year. he's being held on $5,000 bail. bart will raise fares across the board next january by nearly 3%. happening today, several bart advisory groups will be meeting to discuss how it will likely impact you. the environmental justice and limited english proficiency advisory committees are meeting. neither has decision making power. let's talk temperatures. you can see on the map behind me, we're five to 12 degrees
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warmer than this time yesterday so dress accordingly. let's look at what's going on as far as some neighborhoods. we'll start inland east bay where coolest temperatures 52 degrees in pleasant hill, 53s through the san ramon valley, 55 around antioch and brentwood. the rest of us, low to mid-50s. 54 in san francisco, san carlos, novato 52. san jose 56 along with oakland at 50 in pacifica. today's forecast warmer than yesterday as the breeze comes out of the south. mid to upper 60s in most neighbors, low 60s around santa rosa and petaluma. tomorrow cooler, upper 50s to mid-60s and thursday will be our coolest day, mid to upper 50s, even a few low 60s as spring warmth is just having a hard time developing so far this month. here's 101 sand 880. tree pollen will be high again today. here's a look from the east bay hills. mass transit, sprinkles to rain from morning to noon, breezy spots if you're on the water and the commute pretty quiet but
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this evening will get a little bit better. as far as temperatures, low to mid-50s again tonight and look at these chances of rain. i'll talk all about those coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. hay, frances. good morning, everyone. enjoy the warmer weather mike was talking about. traffic lighter than normal. lots of folks on spring break. the drive time on westbound 580 from tracy to castro valley, normally this grows, in the last ten minutes it's dropped so it's now 38 minutes. looking good north 101 through san jose as well as northbound 280 heading into san francisco. live shot of the san mateo bridge shows traffic flowing well. here's the westbound side as you make your way towards san mateo 880. i wanted to show you the drive on 101 in san rafael, southbound traffic fine as you make your way towards the san rafael bridge. matt, natasha? >> frances, thank you. california's gotten so much snow and rain that governor brown says the drought is over. so why are water users in the north bay facing a rate hike? and relations between the
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u.s. and russia are growing even more tense. what the trump administration is now accusing moscow of. it's 4:38, thanks for waking up with us. we're headed to break but you can keep tabs on live weather can keep tabs on live weather and traffic where you live.
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someday, gus will invent this thing and change the world. this is the thing that could change gus' world. and this is the doctor that could cure that thing so he can grow up to invent this thing. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. it's the second leading cancer killer in the u.s. but, it is almost entirely preventable. most colon cancers start as polyps. and screening finds polyps, so they can be removed, before they even turn into cancer. if you're over 50, get screened for colorectal cancer. screening saves lives. welcome back. i'm tracking more breaking news. an explosion in turkey. several people are hurt, at
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least four people. it happened in the kurdish city of diyarbakir. it's one of the country's largest cities. it's in southern turkey near syria. we are working on getting video of the blast from a turkish newspaper. we'll have that later in the newsca newscast. u.s. russia relations are at the frostiest in years. one is the fallout against the strike in syria with russia facing the charges it knew that syria was using chemical weapons. >> reporter: new accusations from washington that russia was well aware of the chemical weapons stockpile. >> i believe russia knew about the chemical weapons because they were operating from exactly the same base. >> reporter: russia is denying all accusations and continues to
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support the syrian government. new images appear to show syria's russian-made fighter jets are back in business on the very same base the u.s. destroyed and now russia, in a remarkable joint statement with iran and hezbollah warning the u.s. of retaliation for any new strikes saying "from now on, we will respond to anyone, including america if it attacks syria and crosses the red lines." and while the president has not blamed russia outright, others in the administration have gone that far. >> innocent victims were hurt by a terrible regime that was attempted to be covered up by russia. >> reporter: while we're expecting most of the conversations to have a hard focus on the syria conflict, there will be talks of working together as the u.s. will need some level of cooperation from russia to defeat isis in the region. abc news, washington. happening today, sonoma county residents, you apparently did such a good job conserving
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water during the drought you'll have to pay more for it. supervisors are schedul resolut rates and charges for the next fiscal year which begins july 1. the increase would be about 5% but should translate to 90 cents more per month. the water agency says it needs to raise rates because of a drop in water use during the drought translated to a drop in the agency's revenues. happening today in contra costa county, get ready for construction on a new overpass on highway 4. there will be a ground breaking ceremony at 10:00 a.m. for construction on the balfour road interchange in brentwood. if you know the area, you know heavy traffic builds up during the commute hours. the county says the overpass will improve safety and congestion. taxpayer advocates say california's gas tax bill puts unfair pressure on residents in a state with an already high tax burden. late last week, lawmakers approved a $5 billion a year plan to pay for major road repairs. one of the immediate results is a 12 cents a gallon gas tax in november. >> this helps people.
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their cars aren't going to get as broken as they are under our bad roads. a lot of them will get jobs and it's part of the prosperity of california. we can't be a third world country crummy roads so that helps all of us. we're all in it together. the only republican to vote for the bill did so only after democratic leaders agreed to spend $500 million in his district. to win support from truckers, democrats agreed to restrict regulations on greenhouse gas emissions. >> the reporters at the "east bay times" are celebrating a bittersweet victory. the staff won a pulitzer prize for breaking news for their coverage of oakland's ghost ship fire, also for their reporting that exposed the city's failure to take action that may have prevented it. the fire was a tragedy that was personal for many in that newsroom. >> it was a terrible thing that happened and we all felt compelled very early the first day to get to the bottom of what happened. >> we're still writing stories about that fire and we'll be writing more.
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>> the east by"east bay times" s work has just started and it won't let go of the story until every detail is brought to life. a stanford neurosurgeon has been recognized posthumously for the pulitzer prize for biography. he wrote a book about his battle with terminal lung cancer before passing away at 37. we spoke with him shortly before his death. his wife finished her husband's book and made sure it was published as she had promised him. "when breath becomes air" became a "new york times" best-seller and a pulitzer finalist. happening today, decision is expected to be made regarding the opening day of the season. unfortunately it won't be good news for fishermen. the commercial is expected to be pushed back from may to august. the reason? lack of salmon. although our drought has been
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declared officially over, the affects remain, including shrinking salmon and sardine populations. local seafood retailers say that could drive up the price to $40 a pound. turning to weather. we'll check in with mike nicco. mike, looks like showers later today? >> a little light rain in napa. that will spread to the rest of our neighborhoods. the south bay the least likely area to see wet weather. let's look from our roof camera. looks benign this morning, doesn't it? let's talk about what will happen with your accuweather highlights. weak storm today with areas of rain, milder temperatures, that's what you'll notice across the board. heavier rain arrives tomorrow evening. we'll have a few leftover showers thursday but friday, saturday and easter sunday are trending drier and warmer. here's the area of low pressure. as we talked about, you see the rain shield? it's thicker and a lot deeper up to our north and that's why as you head down to the south you're going to have lighter amounts. in fact, with my storm scale, the 5five hundredths woud
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be in the south bay. breezy but nothing damaging. i put it at a 1 on our storm impact scale. you can see through about 9:00 we have a few light showers out there and by noon it transitions mainly up to the north bay and as we head from 4:00 to 7:00 you can see it trying to develop across other neighborhoods and then just scattered the isolated showers overnight through tomorrow's morning commute. tomorrow will be dry. you can see at noon a stray shower in the north bay but there you go. there's the heavier rain, the quick push of moderate rain from 6:00 tomorrow evening through 11:00. that storm, though, is also one because we're not expecting flooding because it's fast-moving and it will be breezy but not expecting damage out of that. those leftover showers thursday are also 1, then you can see 70s return by saturday and sunday. frances tells me she has a new accident. here she is. we'll start off with this crash north 680 at 80. there could be light sprinkles there as mike was mentioning but they've cleared that crash to the shoulder so it shouldn't be
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a big problem for you. also in the oakland area northbound 880 at fruitvale, some lanes are blocked, that will be cleared in the next 12 minutes. we're checking out the traffic on westbound 80 for headlights here, driving through emeryville heading towards the maze. it's looking good on 680. southbound traffic is on the right-hand side past north main up towards highway 24. >> frances, thank you. 4:49. look at this rescue. officials calling this one treacherous. you can see why. the coast guard flew an oregon man to safety after he became stranded on a rock ledge. officials say he was trapped by the high tide at cannon beach in northwest oregon yesterday afternoon. a helicopter rescue crew was dispatched. they eventually reached the man and put him in the helicopter. then he was flown to a coast guard base where he was treated by paramedics and released. watch out for wild deer. coming up, the video that will
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have you doing a double take. and sfo beeves up security. the information for anyone who drives or parks there. a truck smashes into a store. why police say this is no accident. but first, this morning's tech bites. tesla has charged its way to the top. >> the electric car maker is now the most valuable in the u.s., passing general motors despite selling fewer than 80,000 vehicles last year. gm sells millions. in-flight cell phone calls won't be happening any time soon. >> the fcc is halting its own effort to give airlines the option of making those calls possible. the proposal was floated four years ago but received backlash from flyers and flight attendants. and this was once the cool way to listen to music long before the ipod. >> today is national 8 track tape day so set aside some moments to remember the clunky cartridges. the 8 track was popular for almost 20 years, mostly in the '60s and '70s, not many of those
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around. >> i imagine some five-year-olds would look at that and go "what would look at that and go "what do we
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you're looking at a lot of
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cash stuffed in a suitcase uncovered by officers in the east bay. they found a million dollars as well as 320 pounds of marijuana saturday. it started when the highway patrol pulled over the driver of a van in castro valley for a cell phone violation and found the van filled with pot. that let officers to a storage unit in al plameda where they fd the cash. sfo can now record the license plate information of everyone who drives in or parks at the airport. that includes travelers or people picking up friends or relatives. the airport can keep the information for more than four years. according to kqed radio, the airport commission voted last month on the new policy that allows 70 employees access to the license plate database. it's supposed to help connect revenue from parking and commercial drivers like taxis but sfo has permission to release the information to local law enforcement and the fbi. we have dramatic video out of florida where thieves made a lightning fast robbery of a gun shop. watch as a stolen truck is
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driven through the front door of the sunshine state armory. as the truck goes back out the door, thieves smash glass cases and help themselves to guns and ammo. the entire robbery took 31 seconds. the robbers left the truck on railroad tracks and set it on fire leaves ammo inside. police were forced to let the fire burn out. >> stunned every time we see something like that. a successful home opener for the giants so why not make it two in a row. it's going to be in the evening, 7:15 first pitch, 60 to 57. same temperature as it was yesterday afternoon and breezy and watch out for some sprinkles. i don't think the game will be canceled. during the evening commute you can see a couple hundredths of an inch of rain, possibly wet there. by the time we get to thursday we have a quarter to half inch of rain from the south bay to the north bay. we're looking at gusty conditions from 2:00 today to about 8:00 so if you're on one of the bridges or out on the water watch out for that and another round of gusty winds from 4:00 tomorrow afternoon through habit 10:00.
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here's frances. >> hi, mike, good morning, everyone. we'll check out a new crash just reported in the oakland area. this is on westbound 580 past highway 24. it looks like there's already slowing as you make your way through the scene. it looks like an injury crash so we will be tracking the slowdown for you as well. rather that's eastbound 580. westbound traffic is looking good. so at least it's in the westbound direction. no delays on mass transit. back to you guys. the national park service is waiving park entrance fees to 118 national park this is coming weekend and the next one, too. the park service is celebrating its 100th anniversary. the free fare includes yosemite which is usually $30 if you're driving a car, there's free admissions to muir woods, the pinnacles and sequoia. a man had a run in with a deer with that his friends had to see to believe. this happened in british
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columbia on april fool's day. carry mccook's friends didn't believe him got so he got a business to give him the surveillance video. you can see the deer. cook was not hurt. he says he's an aspireing rapper and he's going to write a song about the encounter. medical marijuana has been legal in california for years but marin county has no dispensaries. why it may stay that way for a little while longer. these two dogs got sick after visiting a popular bay area dog park. no one seems to know what's behind this mystery illness. and at the live desk, fallout from an encounter on a united airlines flight. it has taken off on social media. media. i'll let you know how
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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hey, frances! >> good morning! good morning, everyone. we have a fun team here today. i'm gnnatasha zouves. >> i'm matt keller. alexis is off. we have frances there and jessica back. >> hi, everyone. >> the two that look the most refreshed? >> exactly. exactly. >> i was going to compliment you on your skin today, mike, but -- >> i'm trying a new shade of makeup today. >> it looks nice. we'll be losing the sun a bit so no suntans out there. >> not as much as yesterday. we've got the chance of rain also so you may not need the sunscreen today. tomorrow and also thursday but definitely for the weekend. hi, everybody. radar looks more impressive than what's reaching the ground. most ground has been around napa. if you see


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