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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 11, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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hey, frances! >> good morning! good morning, everyone. we have a fun team here today. i'm gnnatasha zouves. >> i'm matt keller. alexis is off. we have frances there and jessica back. >> hi, everyone. >> the two that look the most refreshed? >> exactly. exactly. >> i was going to compliment you on your skin today, mike, but -- >> i'm trying a new shade of makeup today. >> it looks nice. we'll be losing the sun a bit so no suntans out there. >> not as much as yesterday. we've got the chance of rain also so you may not need the sunscreen today. tomorrow and also thursday but definitely for the weekend. hi, everybody. radar looks more impressive than what's reaching the ground. most ground has been around napa. if you see rain in your neighborhood let me know.
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neighborhood let me know. via twitter, sfo is quiet but i'm expecting some delays to develop. our best chance is scattered sprinkles to light rain. noon best chance across the north bay and the rest of us will get pockets of rain from 4:00 to 7:00. look at those temperatures. cooler than average, upper 50s to mid-60s. how about the commute, frances? good morning, everyone. we're starting the 5:00 hour with an overturned crash in the oakland area. it's been reported near the maze but it looks like the best location is eastbound 580 past 24. traffic is slowing approaching the scene and because it was an overturned crash, i also noticed that even though lanes were not blocked in the westbound direction, westbound traffic on 580 is slow as you make your way. look how it just turned green. looks like they might have cleared this overturned crash so we'll keep an eye on it for you and i want to show you quickly a live shot of the maze. traffic here westbound 80 heading towards the bay bridge,
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completely unaffected. >> thank you, frances. breaking news, a driver made a big splash in santa clara. >> the car ended up in a pool off warburton avenue. tiffany wilson is there with what's going on right now. hey, tiffany. >> reporter: good morning, i want to show you the path of destruction. the car first ripped through a wrought iron fence then tore through the wooden fence that completely surrounds the backyard before landing in the pool behind me. fortunately, the young driver safely escaped from the car. you can see in the video he isa. [ screaming ] >> you've probably seen this all over social media, the man being dragged down the aisle of that plane on sunday night. united airlines said it had to choose four people on this flight to louisville to give up their seats for crew members. united says the man defied security officers but a bunch of fellow officers say he was not hostile. a passenger on the flight said
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the man claimed he was being targeted because of his ethnicity. >> reaction continues to pour in from around the world and social media. jessica is tracking it at the live desk. jessica? >> this video not only causing headaches for united in the united states but causing a public relations nightmare in one of its most important markets -- china. it has gotten more than a million views on chinese version of twitter, united is the top carrier to fly directly to china. this will impact their bottom line. many people calling for a boycott. meanwhile, social media packed with everything from calls for a u.s. boycott to people, making light of it with the hashtag "kn "new united airlines mottos" some of the ones that stood out are "we'll drag you all over the world" or "our service will
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knock you out." a lot of this peres could hurt the company's bottom line. we'll have much more on this story throughout our natasha? what are your rights as a passenger? united's contract allows that it's allowed to remove michael finney said he predicts a drawnout lawsuit. >> if the airline inconveniences someone it has to be someone not on the plane, not already someone given a seat. >> united's contract with passengers says it chooses people for involuntary bumping based on criteria including fare class, frequent flyer program status and when the passenger boarded. >> a san bernardino elementary school is closed after a shooting left a teacher and student dead. police say the gunman walked sfwh into the school and opened fire
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on his wife before turning the gun on himself. candice gibson has the details. >> reporter: overnight, the san bernardino community coming together yet again following a shooting. this time at north park elementary school. just a few hours into the school day and emergency calls go out. >> possible active shooter at north park elementary. >> reporter: authorities say 53-year-old cedric anderson checked in at the front desk to visit his wife, karen smith, a teacher there. >> it's my understanding he entered the office and he simply said he was there to drop something off with his wife. >> reporter: he walked into the classroom filled with elementary school students carrying a large handgun, shooting and killing his biewife, two students also with gunfire. one of them, an eight-year-old boy named jonathan martinez, dying at the hospital. the couple just got married this past january. smith's mother says they were happy at first. >> we thought he was a fine person until they were married and then he showed the other
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side of him which we never had seen before. is we were shocked. >> reporter: the students too judge to understand this sort of terror line up hand in hand, rushed to safety and with the 2015 san bernardino mass shooting in their purview, law enforcement officials surrounded the school. >> my partner is carrying one out to the front. we believe we have the shooter down inside. >> reporter: anderson turning the gun on himself as panicked parents rushed to find their children. >> reporter: the san bernardino swat team surrounded the suspect's riverside home yesterday afternoon but it's not clear if anyone was inside at the time. >> the "l.a. times" reports cedric anderson and his wife were friends for four years before they got married. they moved into his riverside home shortly afterwards. the victim's mom tells the "l.a. times" that anderson had other motives and her daughter planned to divorce him. at least two dog owners in san francisco say their pets became ill after playing in a popular park. both dogs visited the park and
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abc 7 news saw plenty of dogs at the park when they were there. some owners believe something is making their pets sick but the parks and recreations department has no record of anything put on the ground. >> he hasn't been feeling too great the last couple days and what worries me like he's doing right now is eating the fish emulsion or whatever is on the ground. >> but at this time there's no record of fertilizer or any type of chemical application. >> the recreation and park department is encouraging public input. marin county decided there had will be no medical marijuais boundaries. it decided to allow four medical pot dispensaries in marin however the man chosen to approve says no to all of them. a california shake alert is linked up with oregon and
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washington. all three states are operating with the same technology. it's not yet ready for public use. the u.s. geological survey estimates it needs $38 million to make the network more reliable. it has half of that but most of the rest needs to come from congress. the the u.s. g.s. hopes to roll out a public version next year. let's talk temperatures, significantly milder in san francisco 51 to 55 if you're going to lake merced. in the financial district it's 54. same temperature walnut creek, union city, santa clara 52. 54 in palo alto. the cool spots hillsburg at 49 degrees. here's what's going to happen. you can see the best chance of scattered rain across the north by a to the san mateo bridge. south of that mostly cloudy with a southerly breeze that will be warmer than yesterday when we saw more sunshine.
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here's a look from mount tamm. if you're going to be on the water, breezy into the northern water, breezy into the northern part of the bay. tonight 49 at santa rosa. and if you're round the state, 82349 palm springs, low to mid-70s fresno and los angeles. look at tahoe, a mixture of rain and snow today. wintery mix tomorrow and moderate snow thursday. they will break that record the next couple days. frances? we're following an injury crash in oakland on eastbound 580 approaching highway 24. they're trying to clear that but traffic is slowing as you approach that intersection, i want to show you a live camera shot from emeryville looking towards the mcarthur maze but we panned to the left and that's 580 traffic heading to the right. that's westbound towards the bay bridge and even in the eastbound
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direction it doesn't look like it's slowing past the mcarthur maze. that's something to keep in mind. drive time on westbound 580 heading out of castro valley to the maze is unaffected. it's a 14-minute drive and northbound 101 in san jose, the bottom drive time on your screen from 280 to highway 85 delay free at 12 minutes. divers discover a sunken barge is lying right above bart's transbay tube but engineers say there's nothing to worry about. also, a family leaves their dog at a kennel but, look, the beloved pet proves no cage is about to stop it from going on an adventure. an adventure. keep tra
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printing doesn't have to be painful. now, during "hp savings month" at staples, get up to $180 off hp printers. fremont police are defending their officers involved in the deadly shooting of a man. police responded to a call back for backup sunday night asking for help after a traffic stop. fremont officers spotted the suspect standing on a u-haul truck. the officers attorney said they saw him raise his hands as if surrendering, then he seemed to change his mind. >> they saw this guy with his hands up like this, one officer very clearly saw an object in his hand but what all three officers saw was a muzzle flash from a firearm. two other people have died in shootings involving fremont
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police. fremont police are asking for your help in locating a 15-year-old girl. she was last seen one week ago on maori avenue and fremont. police say kallen is girl. police are asking you to call 911 if you see her. the fbi and oakland police are ramping up calling for your help to solve a year old murder. brian bowl was just three days from his door near broadway and piedmont when he was killed last april. investigators want you to take a close look at his car. look at an image captured by a nearby security camera. this is just being released. police believe the car is a late-model chevrolet impala and may be connected to the crime. >> i just want 240ez who are responsible to know that keep looking over your shoulder because the oakland police department and the community will look for you and find you. investigators are looking for a man who was wearing a turquoise jacket with reflective strips on the back.
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there's a $30,000 reward being offered in his case. in today's gma first look, investigators revealing more about a wisconsin fugitive suspected of robbing a gun store and sending an anti-government manifesto to president trump. >> here's the details. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look, new details about joseph jakubowski, the armed and dangerous fugitive accused of sending a lengthy and angry manifesto to president trump. overnight authorities releasing photos of the wisconsin man's tattoos and saying their $10,000 reward still stands for information leading to his arrest. this as we learned new details of exactly what is contained in that 161-page handwritten manifesto. >> they'll look for clues, may not be direct but there may be enough information to narrow down potential attack sites. >> reporter: it's those closest to jakubowski, including those heard in the video, who could be key to this case.
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we'll have the latest on the massive nationwide manhunt coming up at 7:00 a.m. abc news, janesville, wisconsin. we are learning a sunken barge near the bay bridge is resting above the transbyay tub. the coast guard is saying the tube is safe and sheltered by a 25-foot protective layer of earth. this is video of the coast guard surveying the area. bart was using the barge to do repairs on the transbay tube when it became loose due to strong winds. a dog in virginia doesn't like to be cooped up so he broke out of the kennel. watch as jern, a great pyrenees, gets through the door at the kennel but he's not done. general grabs the doorknob with his mouth and opens the door, finally gets outside through the next door. general was missing for 15 hours before being found in a nearby neighborhood. his family left him in the kennel while they visited relatives. they call him a little houdini. >> oh, many i goodness!
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i'm so impressed. the number of barriers he needed to get through to get outside. mike, goodness gracious. >> amazing. my parents just changed their doorknobs from the round type to the handle type and i'm just waiting for their dogs to do the same thing. it's easier for the dog to push down. smart dog nonetheless. hope you're having a good time this morning. most of us will be dry through the morning commute like we are in walnut creek where it's cloud glee 55. the chance of light rain does increase from north to south especially the afternoon and evening hours. we have the better chance of moderate rain and breezes tomorrow but friday, saturday, easter sunday trending drier and warmer. the radar looks impressive right now whether you're going to follow it on our app through the morning and afternoon hours. a lot of us still not making the ground because below 10,000 feet it's still pretty dry. now we have two storms. here's today's storm, here's tomorrow's storm. stronger system, moderate rain
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and breezes, this is the weaker storm with light rain and breezes so a 1 on our storm impact scale because we'll get five hundreths of an inch in the south bay, a quarter of an inch in the north bay and the breeze they won't be any damaging speeds so here we are through 9:00. scattered light rain as we head towards noon. here's my accuweather seven day forecast. showers heaviest tomorrow during the evening hours, a few lickering showers through noon thursday and let the warm sunshine come out for friday, saturday and easter sunday. hey, frances. hi, mike. a couple new accidents doesn't look like it will cause too much trouble on westbound 580. the other is southbound 808 at stevenson. car facing the wrong way, possibly blocking the lane but with all that green, traffic flowing well, both in the southbound and northbound direction. here's a live shot of 101 and 808 in in san jose.
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those lights moving well all the way up the peninsula into san francisco. so no major problems. if you're heading to the richmond-san rafael bridge, light at the toll plaza and the north bay is pretty quiet as well. mass transit also looking good. bart, ace train and caltrain reporting no delays. deputies found several hundred dollars in stolen items during a traffic stop. look at this. they pulled over a car near the outlet stores in vacaville for having no license plate and found these items in the backseat. 19-year-old nicholas parker of fairfield and 18-year-old jose salinas of vallejo are facing several charges. rome's less fortunate now have a free laundromat to turn to courtesy of pope francis. the facility is stocked full of washers, dryers and irons that have been donated for use by the poor. the vatican says it will add showers, a barbershop and medical services to help rome's homeless population. this is the second facility that pope francis has opened with the
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goal of restoring dignity to the less fortunate. 5:21. next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. and an illegal massage parlor busted on the peninsula. what police say was really going on behind these closed doors. amazing grace doesn't manage to save them. no pity for mr. t. on the dance floor. shake up your routine with a completely new way to clean. new colgate total advanced health mouthwash. shake to activate a powerful cleaning action that removes twenty four times more bacteria. improve the health of your mouth with new colgate total advanced health mouthwash. shake to clean.
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only at the home depot. doctors recommend taking claritin every day distracting you? of your allergy season for continuous relief. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief. for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear. every day. that trop50 could taste so good and still have 50% fewer calories. can i stop, jane? no. trop50. tastes so good you won't believe it has 50% fewer calories. these are the seven things you need to know. number one, the san bernardino community is remembering an eight-year-old boy and a teacher eight-year-old boy and a teacher who were shot and kill d number two, there are calls for boycotts against united airlines in the u.s. and across the globe after the violent
5:23 am
removal of passengers all caught on cameras. the feds are investigating and united's ceo saying he's upset but thinks his employees took the right action. >> reporter: two fences were not enough to stop someone from driving into a swimming pool in santa clara. police are waiting for a crane to pull the car out. homeowners were not home at the time. number four, our unsettled pattern is here. already measurable light rain just like yesterday up in santa rosa, a couple hundredths of an inch. the rest of us will get rain if not today, tomorrow and thursday. an overturned crash near the maze but traffic is light. quite a few folks on spring break. bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights were just turned on. number six, a team from the national weather service is in michigan after a possible tornado touchdown. a lot of downed trees and wires,
5:24 am
fortunately no injuries reported. number seven, a light show in southern california has everyone talking this morning. videos of a possible meteor shower popping up on social media, including this one of a very surprised woman as she sees a bright flash streak across the sky behind her. a man captured an incredible moment in mali you notice dirt sliding off a hill slide near zuma beach. rock and debris fell covering the cars below and a cloud of dust. a man is hurt at the end of the video is heard saying "that might be better than getting a picture of a whale." mr. t. is saying good-bye to dancing but not getting the last word on "dancing with the stars." >> i said i couldn't dance. i was surprised y'all wanted me but thank you it was a great experience. i enjoyed myself. thank you.
5:25 am
[ applause ] >> he is the latest celebrity eliminated and he got a standing ovation from the crowd. we'll hear more from the beloved actor coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. you can catch "dancing with the stars" monday night at 8:00 here on abc 77. we're coming back with a another 90 minutes of news with a suspect still on the run following a string of sexual assaults at bay area universities. and just ahead, the reason gas prices are expected to soar in the summer. taking a live look outside with the abc 7 news now, we're keeping weather and traffic up for you. abc 7 is the only place that you abc 7 is the only place that you
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good morning and thanks for joining us on this tuesday, april 11, i'm matt keller in for
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reggie. >> i'm natasha zouves. we're welcoming jessica castro. franc frances in for alexis and mike nicco bringing in some rain. >> we've had measurable rain up in santa rosa. so far that's all i've seen. if you see something else, let us know so we can warn somebody else. radar looks impressive but below 10,000 feet air is pretty dry. here's a look from our explore or the yum camera. very mild. 48 to 54,%s of rain best in the north bay at noon 59 to 62. they'll spread south at 4:00, 58 to 65. our best chance for all of us seeing light rain 7:00 to 9:00. how about the morning commute? >> we have a new crash just reported in the walnut creek area on southbound 680 past highway 24 still green. doesn't look like serious injuries so if the chp get there is quickly things will be out of
5:29 am
the way soon we are picking up brake lights westbound 205, happens every morning. the drive time right now not that horrible. 43 minutes on westbound 580 from tracy out to castro valley. frances, thank you, developing news in san bernardino now classes are canceled this morning at the elementary school targeted the shooting yesterday. the shooter is identified as 53-year-old cedric anderson. police say he shot and killed his estranged wife 53-year-old karen smith and turned the gun on himself. the san bernardino community gathered to pray for the victims. one of the two students wounded in the attack, 18-year-old jonathan martinez died a short time later. a second student is in stable condition. police say anderson told the front office he needed to drop something off to his wife. they say after he went to her class he opened fire. parents at the school in disbelief. >> i'm a mom and i feel bad for the kids that have to go through all this. the kids are the innocent ones.
5:30 am
>> i would have never thought. i mean typical morning and then cha chaos. >> the school is expected to remain closed until at least tomorrow. stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage of the san bernardino school shooting. we're sending out push alerts as new information comes down. calls for a boycott of united airlines after a passenger was dragged off a flight. >> you've likely seen the video of the man getting pulled off kicking and screaming. [ screaming ] the 69-year-old was forcibly removed from the chicago to louisville flight on sunday night. united said he was one of four people randomly selected to give up his seat to make room for four crew members who had to get to louisville for another flight. one of the chicago aviation security officers involved is on leave. now there's a federal investigation as backlash is
5:31 am
growing. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at sfo. amy? >> there's also a call to boycott united airlines. passengers this morning tell us their flights were booked long ago, they don't like what happened but they couldn't just cancel their plans. the man who was dragged off the airplane said he is a doctor and needed to get home because he had patients to off duty employees. now there is a move to boycott. passengers say they don't feel great about flying united today. >> the whole thing is disgusting and i'm going to talk to united when i check in today them know that this is the first time in my career -- and i've flown for 30 years -- that i'm embarrassed to fly united. >> reporter: would you boycott them in the future. >> depending on how this ends
5:32 am
up. i don't think the story is over yet. >> reporter: united's ceo is standing by his employees, commending them for going above and beyondake sure they fly right. the department of transportation is investigating whether united followed consumer protection regulations. this topic is all over twitter with people coming up with fake slogans for united. one of them saying "you carry on, we carry off." this is far from going away. this is far from going away. reporting live at sfo, amy hollyfiel hollyfield. rex tillerson says russia must choose with aligning itself with the united states or with syria, iran and hezbollah. 7 countries as well as ders of leaders from the arab world. russia's foreign ministry says it hopes for productive talks. moscow called the u.s. strike on syrian airfields an act of aggression. the man suspected of ramming
5:33 am
a stolen beer truck into a crowd in sweden admit he is did it. an attorney for the 39-year-old uzbekistani man say he drove the truck into the front of a department store store friday killing four people and 15 hurt. police say the man was denied residency and expressed sympathy for isis. police are investigating eight sexual assaults at three different bay area universities. one was at a frat party at uc berkeley. at san jose state, a man was arrested after being accused of groping five women on saturday and on friday night two women reported being sexually assaulted within minutes of each other. police are still looking for the suspect in that case. 5:34. a man who worked at a school janitor is facing duns of charges related to sexual crimes involving children. 306-year-old ruben gonzalez is being held on $46 million bail. police say he ran from a pinole
5:34 am
home and police officers arrested him. he was terminated the next as custodian and yard supervisor at an elementary school in richmond. district officials say he passed a background check. >> all of our employees and volunteers have to be very have fingerprints run through the state department of justice and the federal bureau of investigation. police say the four victims claim the abuse happened when they were between four and 17 years old. he faces 47 felony charges based on the age of the victims and number of alleged assaults. police say this east palo alto home housing an unlicensed massage parlor. jose garcia plasencia is charged with running the operation. two women reported plasencia sexually assaulted them. detectives found a third woman reported the same more than five years ago neighbors say they are surprised to learn of his
5:35 am
arrest. >> he was a very nice person. a really nice man. when my husband passed he came over and hugged me and cried he says "i'm going to miss roy." >> that's a little creepy. he seemed so nice and now i know what he's doing in there. a police say there could be other victims out there. nip with any information is asked to call east palo alto police. a valley medical center employee is accused of peeping at the hospital. deputies arrested 25-year-old fereja ali at the hospital last night. he worked as a protective services officer for more than a year. the hospital hasn't commented. he's being held on $5,000 bail. bart will raise fares across the board next january by nearly 3%. several groups will meet to discuss how it will impact you. the environmental justice and limited english proficiency advisory committees are meeting. neither has decision making power.
5:36 am
>> feels more like spring with temperatures four to 12 degrees warmer than yesterday morning where does that put us? low to mid-50s into the hills. cass trow valley 52 along with san leandro. fremont at 54. most temperatures are in the low to mid-50s, one exception, pacifica at 49. today's forecast, 62 at half moon bay, petaluma 61 and santa rosa 60 in bodega we'll get on the other side of that cold front and it will be cooler tomorrow with winds coming out of the north and northwest. 58 in san francisco to 64 inland. coolest weather thursday. 55 to 61. here's the look from our roof camera. tree pollen will be high outside of where it rains lightly.
5:37 am
golden gate bridge, you can see sprinkles. we'll have breezy spots north of the bay bridge and watch out for wet weather during the evening hours. low to mid-50s tonight. check out your chances of rain. this is what i'm going to talk about when we come back. >> we're tracking ant accident in walnut creek. here's a live shot. southbound traffic on the right-hand side as you make your way towards highway 24. you notice a bit of brake lights there. there is slowing but northbound 680 looking good. bay bridge toll plaza has traffic backed up past the 880 overcrossing so it's a good 15 minute wait if you're heading towards the tolls and it's sluggish on westbound 80 as you make your way towards the maze. from highway 4, the middle line to the maze is 22 minutes. slowest traffic is westbound through hercules. if you want to avoid that, take mass transit.
5:38 am
natasha, matt? california has gotten so much snow and rain governor brown says the drought is over so why are water users in the north bay facing a rate hike. >> relations between the u.s. and russia are growing more tense. what the trump administration is accusing moscow of. >> and keep on top of weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial break with abc 7 news now. 7 news now. what a
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5:40 am
5:41 am
welcome back. new arrests this morning in the subway bombing in st. petersburg, russia, officials are saying eight members of extremist cells are in custody this morning for last week's deadly attack. the suicide bombing killed 13 people and hurt dozens. the bomber, a 22-year-old russian national, died in the attack. at this point, no extremist group has claimed responsibility, matt, natasha, back to you. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is on his way to mos dough this morning trying to mend a fragile relationship. experts say most of the talks will center on syria and the u.s. strike on an air base where chemical weapons were launched however rex tillerson must try to convince moscow its cooperation is needed to destroy isis. russian president vladimir putin has said he will not be meeting with tillerson. >> sonoma county residents, you
5:42 am
apparently did such a good job conserving water during the drought you'll have to pay more for it. supervisors are expected to adopt a resolution establishing rates and charges for the next fiscal year which begins july 1. the increase would be about 5% which would translate to 90 cents more per month. water agency says it needs to raise rates because a drop in water use during the drought translated to a drop in the agency's revenues. happening today in contra costa county, get ready for construction on a new overpass on highway 4. there will be a great breaking ceremony at 10:00 a.m. for construction on the balfour road interchange in brentwood. if you know the area you know heavy traffic builds up, the county says the overpass will improve save safety and congestion. taxpayer advocates say california's gas tax bill puts unfair pressure on residents in a state with an already high tax burd burden. state lawmakers approved a $5 billion a year plan. one of the immediate results is a 12 cents a gallon gas tax to
5:43 am
begin in november. >> this helps people because their cars went get as broken as they are under bad roads. a lot will get jobs and it's part of the prosperity of california. we can't be a third world country with crummy roads so we're in it together. >> the only rabb to vote for the bill did so after democratic leaders agreed to spend $500 million in his district. to win support from truckers, democrats agreed to restrict regulations on greenhouse gas emissions. reporters at the "east bay times" are celebrating a bittersweet victory the staff won a pulitzer prize for breaking news for their coverage of the ghost ship fire and their reporting that exposed the city's failure to take actions that may have prevented it. the fire claimed 36 lives. it was a tragedy that was personal for many in that newsroom. >> a terrible thing that happen ed and i think we felt compel it had first day to get to the
5:44 am
bottom of what happened. >> we're still writing stories about that fire. >> the "east bay times" says its work on the ghost ship fire just started. it won't let go of the story until every important detail is brought to light. a stanford neurosurgeon has been recognized pos chum owsley as a finalist for the pulitzer prize for biography or autobiography. he wrote a book about his battle with terminal lung cancer before passing away at the age of 37. cheryl jennings had the opportunity to speak are him and his wife shortly before his death the wife finished husband's book. "when breath becomes air" became a "new york times" best-seller. >> incredible book. happening told decision is expecting to be made regarding the opening date of chinook salmon season and it probably won't be good news for fishermen. west coast fishery managers are expected to push back the season from may to august and the reason, lack of salmon although
5:45 am
the drought has been declared over the affects remain, including shrinking salmon. local seafood retailers say that could drive up the price to $40 a pound. >> time to check in with mike keno with a look at our weather forecast. we have showers in there. >> i still have the buckets in our showers. still trying to conserve water in i way we can even though the drought is officially over. we could slip back into one easily. looks impressive. live doppler 7. it's green, that means light and most of this evaporating before it reaches the ground so that w more numerous as we head into the afternoon hours. you can see from mt. tam it's pretty dry. heavier rain arrives tomorrow evening. lingering showers thursday, then friday, saturday and easter friday, saturday and easter sunday trending dryer.
5:46 am
rain will be across the north bay the storm is light. the impact will be light on our storm impact scale pockets of rain, breezy at times. here we are from 6:00 to 9:00 you can see the chance of wet weather trends down then you can see by 4:00 to 7:00 it moves into the rest of our neighborhoods and from 7:00 to 1:00, 2:00 in the morning we have our best chance of widespread showers. isolated showers from the morning commute and those will continue until 6:00, from 6:00 to 11:00 you can see the moderate rain moving in from north bay to south bay. lingering showers thursday, light on the storm impact scale, sunny and milder friday through eastern sunday and another chance of rain next monday.
5:47 am
>> we've had a few accident this is morning but none of them causing too much trouble. a new one just reported in san jose, northbound 101 at old oakland road this is causing slowing towards the 880 interchange. traffic is moving at 36 miles per hour along that stretch. also natasha mentioned highway 4 and right now it's the typical slow spot as well through pittsburgh. traffic is sluggish at 33 miles an hour. so we'll check out some slow drive times for you. that westbound stretch from antioch to con scored now 20 minutes you'll find the usual slow-and-go on westbound 580 tracy to dublin. natasha? >> frances, thank you. 5:48. just take a look at this rescue. officials calling this treacherous. you can see the high tide, the surf there. they had to fly a man to safety. officials say he was trapped at cannon beach and northwest oregon. a helicopter rescue crew was
5:48 am
dispatched. they managed to get him, pull him up and he was flown to a card base where he was treated by paramedics and released. volunteers have been watching for a gray whale that should be along the sonoma county coastline. the whale was spotted off southern california with a piece of metal on its head. volunteers hope to find it so they can remove the metal before the whale dies or disappears. up next, the video showing a man being pulled off a united airlines flight raising questions about passenger rights. the one thing you can do to make a difference regarding your complaints. > sfo beeves up security. the information that is collecting on anyone who drives orb parks there. a truck smashes into a store. why police say this was not an accident. and we leave you with abc 7 news now live weather live traffic where you live and abc 7 is the only place you'll see is the only place you'll see this, a
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welcome back, we have breaking news coming in from los angeles at our live desk where a georgia firefighter was killed, two other georgia firefighters hurt after a suspected dui driver slammed into them while on a trip to southern california on your screen here. i have an image from twitter sent out from our los angeles affiliate. the vehicle they were in was hit in marina delray south of santa monica if you're not mill war. the georgia firefighter was killed immediately. the other two taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. the drunk driving suspect has been arrested, is in custody this morning. matt, natasha, back to you. thank you, jessica. happening today the santa clara county board of supervisors will propose spending more than $1 million of taxpayer money to
5:52 am
tell residents how great their county is. it's part of a county rebranding effort by the board using a new york public relations firm. our media partner the mercury news reports the board is not required to hear from the public about the money because the item is on the consent agenda and needs only that, consent, to go into effect. sfo can now record the license plate information of everyone who drives in or parks at the airport. that includes travelers or people picking up friends or relatives. the airport can keep the information for more than four years. according to kqed radio, the airport voted on the policy that allows 70 employees access to the license plate database. it's supposed to help revenue from parking and commercial drivers like taxi but sfo has permission to release the information to local law enforcement and the fbi. >> dramatic video out of florida where thieves made a lightning fast robbery of a gun shop. a truck is driven through the front door of the sunshine state armory. as the truck goes back out the
5:53 am
door, thieves smash glass cases and help themselves to guns and ammo. the entire robbery took 31 seconds. suspects left the truck on railroad tracks and set it on fire. police were forced to let the fire burn out. >> it may have taken a bad news bears play to make the win but we'll take it. successful home opener this morning. toe we are obamacare back to our toe we are obamacare back to our normal time 7:15 first pitch. take the poncho, you won't need it, i won't stop the game if it does rain. look at the rainfall amounts. if we have slick spots it will be up in the north bay. tomorrow morning a better chance -- thursday morning a better chance of the afternoon hour you'll see a quarter to a half inch of rain. faster breezes 6:00 tomorrow
5:54 am
through 10:00 in the evening. we'll start off with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is the biggest backup and it extends past the 880 overcrossing towards the foot of the maze so a 15-minute delay. also drive times for you ride on southbound 101. no delays there. westbound 580 castro valley to the maze, slow and go but overall a 14-minute drive. northbound 101 from 280 to highway 85. there's the crash at oakland but that drive is 14 minutes. i'll show you another live shot this is northbound 280 for headlights underneath highway 17. coming out of the santa cruz mountains no problems in that area. if you're looking to get outside the national park service is waiving fees to 118 parks this weekend and the next. it's celebrating its 100th anniversary. the free fare includes owe the empty, which is usually $30 if you're driving in a car. free admission to muir woods, the pinnacles and sequoia.
5:55 am
a man had a run in with a deer his friends had to see to believe. this happened in british columbia on april fool's day. his friends didn't believe him so he got a nearby business to give him the surveillance video. the deer doesn't have an attitude problem but it appears it was trying to escape another animal. you can see it highlighted on the right hand part of your screen. the man who was hit is an aspiring rapper and plans to write a song about the encounter. >> wow. can't wait to hear it. a deer, a doe, a -- how does it go? ♪ doe, a deer -- you have to rap that. it's a first for san francisco in nearly a decade. a new project to help get the city's homeless off the streets. a car into a pool. check this out here. the one thing the driver blames for his path of destruction. a live look outside at 5:56. abc 7 news now, our way to keep you up to date on traffic and weather through the commercial break. you'll only see that on abc 7. a quiet look at the embarcadero.
5:56 am
a quiet look at the embarcadero. we'll be
5:57 am
5:58 am
coming up on 6:00, a lot of news to get to, i'm natasha shue ves. >> -- and i'm matt keller. we have frances in for alexis, jessica castro is back and mike nicco is here to deliver us the nicco is here to deliver us the news of more rain. light rain in the north bay at noon and scattered light rain from 4:00 to 7:00. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. cooler than average once again.
5:59 am
here's frances to tell us about the morning commute. we have been tracking an accident in the south bay, we'll head down there. this is san jose, northbound 101 reported at old oakland and chp just arrived at the scene. a little slowing as you approach the area. a live shot past this, northbound 101 for headlights. 880 across your screen and it's looking pretty well. no delays on bart and caltrain. a driver made a big splash in santa clara. >> it ended up in a pool off of warburton avenue. tiffany wilson is there when w what is happening now. >> reporter: well, the debris from that crash extended out to the curb.


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