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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 12, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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morning america," and he has done an about-face, and now he is apologizing for what happened so stay with us, later within this hour we will bring you suplg of the exclusive inner here on abc7 news, and reporting live at sfo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. and a man is claiming similar experience, and he paid for $1,000 for the first class seat and he needed to give up his seat for a priority passenger, and then he refused and they said he would going off in handcuffs. chris christie is calling for the secretary of transportation to suspend regulation that allows airlines to over book flights.
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maryland senator chris van hollen said airlines and not passengers should not bare the over booking. >> if they over book they should have to put it on the airline and not the passenger, and who happens to draw the short straw temperature. >> the transportation department is still reviewing the united airlines incident. and then rex tillerson has a laundry list of topics on the agenda, and including russia's support of syrian's government after the sarin attack. >> the u.s. puts moscow on notice. this secretary rex tillerson in a tense face-to-face with russia's foreign minister. >> over the past few months we
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heard a lot of different things from washington. >> both men saying they are prepared to have an open and frank conversation. >> to further clarify areas of sharp difference so we can better understand why these differences list. >> the white house accusing the kremlin of a full-scale cover-up of the deadly sarin attack on his own people. >> frankly putin is backing a person that is truly an evil person and i think it's very bad for russia and i think it's very bad for mankind. >> on fox news, president trump demands russia with draw his support for the assad regime, but putin continues to deny the assad government was behind the attack. the future involvement in syria remains uncertain while nikki haley has said the u.s. is prepared to do more, and
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president trump clearly states -- >> we're not going into syria. >> the secretary tillerson says he's open to meeting with russian president, vladimir putin. the two have a long-standing relationship, and putin once ordered him with an award of friendship. this morning there are calls for sean spicer to resign after he made controversial remarks about syria and adolph >> somebody as despicable as hitler that did not even sink to using gas. >> after calling concentration camps holocaust centers spicer apologized on cnn. >> i mistakenly
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there is no comparison and i apologize and it was a mistake to do that. >> so far trump has not commented. and a sheriff deputy accused of giving a firearm to a convicted felon. in march 2016 deputy april meyers had said her gun was stolen but the break-in was staged. yesterday prosecutors charged meyers with mail and wire fraud. >> police hope you can idea this motorcyclist who they say hit a -year-old boy in a santa cruz crosswalk. this happened sunday afternoon on mission street and van nuys avenue. the bike slammed into the boy
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and left the scene and the boy has significant injuries but is expected to recover. and then a child killed during a murder suicide, and he was hit by bullets, and ago fund me age raised more than ? >> both victims were honored at the school last night. mourners sang and burned cancels in honor of martinez and karen smith, who was killed by her estranged husband. smith was a special education teach kwrurp. school's principal said the two worked well together. >> she cared deeply for her students and she was a very good teacher. jonathan, precious, precious. jonathan, precious, precious. he was easy to love.
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>> a 9-year-old was also injured and is recovering and in good spirits. and then a community meeting from transferring students students from the oakland hills. the district said it could no longer pay after losing funding from the state. the transit agency will try to determine if it's financially possible of transporting these students. the board will meet at 5:00 tonight. following up on a story we reported yesterday. santa clara put a $1 million rebranding campaign on hold. the money would have gone towards creating a logo and advertisements to ratchet up the county's profile, and then the county is said to have need to recess what it needs, and people don't often know what services
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the coundowcounty provides them. this is what a safe injection site looks intra venus voted to establish a task force to examine whether to open similar injection sites in the city. there are 22,000 intra venus drug users in san francisco. legislation offered by democratic lawmakers seeks to move california's primary from june shortly after the contest in iowa and new hampshire. secretary of state says california should have more clout in electing the president and when it moved up had the highest after another mild morning
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and you will notice when you step outside it's humid and that will lead to sprinkles and light rain this morning. right now temperature running to 50 in bodega bay, and american canyon, 57. that's up in the north bay. the rest of us in the mid to upper 50s and daly city about 52 degrees. 61 at half moon bay in santa rosa to antioch about 66, along with san jose. still dropping tomorrow, and mid-50s to low 60s. as we head through friday, there's a little rebound as dry and milder conditions roll in. 61 to 65 for the rest of us. here's a look at walnut creek where we have rain to your south and also to your west. looks like just a little bit made it there. a breezy afternoon if you are going to be out on the water. out and about, light this morning, showers in the afternoon and evening and the good news because it's wet the pollen is dropping. tonight 45 in santa rosa.
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we come back and we will take a look at the next 48 hours, hour by hour. take a look at this morning's commute. she's back. good morning, and we did have a rollover crash i wanted to tell you about in the pleasant hill area and it cleared from the boards as i walked up here. southbound 680 at monument boulevard, emergency crews got there and doesn't look like it will turn into a blocking situation and they should have it cleared quickly. no delays so far through that stretch. good reminder, it's slick out there this morning in several areas. here's a look at westbound 80 through the emeryville west and no delays as you head towards the bay bridge toll san jose state students have big plans for this tiny home. we will take you inside, next. and pot on demand. how in san jose can get their homes.juana delivered to
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headed to break, and keep headed to break, and keep tabs on
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breaking news coming in out of pleasanton. an suv destroyed after crash into a big rig. the crash was near the ruby hill
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drive area. from these first images we are getting from the scene it looks like the driver's car may have caught fire and we think the driver was hurt and we are waiting to get official confirmation on that. 84 was closed for several hours in both directions and there was a sigalert for the crash and that cleared a few short moments ago. >> the suv destroyed. thank you, jessica. the san francisco based uber for pot is expanding its service to the bay area, and the city lifted the ban on services of marijuana delivery. it works with local dispensaries to make the delivery and says it operates in about 100 california cities and covers now the entire bay area. a north bay area's cycling team is pleading for the return of stolen bicycles. the bikes belong to 2020, an
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olympic winning team. the bikes were discovered missing on friday and taken from a utility trailer park. and state students have big plans for the tiny little house. take a look there. a lone little log cabin on display on campus right now and students are hoping to create entire villages of little homes. >> if you want to be a big man on campus, just stands next to the tiny house. >> like, that's pretty much a room and a bathroom so not much else you really need and i worked with a room and a bathroom so i think i can prepare myself well for this. >> it's a novel idea for san jose state students but this tiny house has a bigger purpose. >> it's a temporary fix for somebody that is waiting for section 8 housing with a voucher. >> gary is a graduate student and is writing his thesis on
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tiny houses to help solve the problem of homelessness, and his plan ten villages placed throughout san jose, it would give shelter to homeless people. >> i have a proposal for land use for the first tiny home village. >> and we should consider it for that and beyond. it could be good student housing and it could be good senior housing. >> she would consider it for herself but she would have to have somewhere to put it and this student has a different concern. >> i am a pretty tall person so a tiny house might be a little bit of an inconvenience for me. >> and a portable home makes the a tiny house a winner in the eyes of many. the oakland a's are removing the threaded green tarps.
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coliseum will add more than 12,000 seats to its capacity, and the third level view tickets will sell for 15 bucks. and then the warriors played their last game at oracle. >> the first game will be saturday or sunday, and the nba won't release the final playoff schedule until this afternoon. sports director, larry beil and sh mike shumann will be live as the dubs face-off with the lakers. post your pictures on social media uses #dubson7. we will find them and put them on air. on air. let's check in with mike nic nicco. >> and funny how he doesn't have an a's watch. that's because he's from san
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francisco, and he gave me that look like, really? here's a look at area of low pressure pushing in later this afternoon and bringing us heavier showers tkaduring the evening hours. we are looking southbound on 101, and light rain to moderate showers, and driest days will be tomorrow and saturday. sunday showers that keep creeping in the forecast a little earlier. little earlier. will they upset the rainfall 0.1 in the south bay. not expecting any damage and that's why it's a one on the impact and throu11:00, we have scatter clouds, and then through the afternoon and evening hours at 6:00, you can see moderate showers, and then by 9:00 in the
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heart ft bay and by 11:00 just about out of here. now, because of that we are going to have a little wet weather this morning so watch out for the slick streets, and by 6:00, mainly dry for the evening commute but it's tomorrow morning we will be driving on wet streets. you are going to see a brighter mild friday and saturday and rain coming in late in the morning on sunday lasting through monday and tuesday. >> i do want to take you to a new problem before you get into the call docket funnel. we do have wet pavement out there and have seen a few of these already that hit the center divide and is partially blocking the left lane and emergency crews arriving on the scene and you can see a little backup, too. drive times out of the central valley. westbound 580 tracy to du
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30 minutes. i am hearing a new crash on the peninsula on the 101 and we'll talk about that coming up next. happening today the trump administration is expected to lift the federal hiring freeze. as one of his first acts in office president trump froze government hiring except for military, public safety and national security positions, and many jobs will remain unfilled as the white house looks to overhaul the federal government and its workforce and the white house says it's part of a larger effort to save taxpayer money. walmart will offer discounts on online only items with a catch and they will begin discounting next week to take advantage of the deals customers must have their items shipped to one of the stores for pickup. walmart hopes to expand the price cuts to more than 1 million items before june.
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and then minutes matter in emergency calls. the action san jose is now taking to get first responders to the scene faster. a professor finally figured out why shoe laces come untied, and finally have the research and the results coming up next. first, this morning's tech bites. >> and u.s. customers may not be able to use bixby under later in the spring and samsung does not provide a reason for the delay. >> and facebook phaerpbg now supports group payments. >> similar to pal pal. this means users can send or receive money between groups of people. can't be used for things like splitting a bill, and the service is free of charge. a college student's use of spotify has gone viral. >> she made a special play list for her boyfriend and the titles
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read out do you still want to read out do you still want to kiss me because i am kind of
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today's storm is level one, and that means right lane. track today's storm anytime on the abc7 news app. down load it now. now a live desk update from
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abc7 mornings. >> this just in. our first look at a fire in sonoma. it happened at a strip mall. at fifth street west and napa street. it happened over night in a family-owned pizza or bakery shop. no word yet on exactly how much was damaged. this is a popular area. there were a ton of people watching from the parking lot as firefighters battled the flames. no word on if anybody was injured. matt, natasha, back to you. san jose is investigating a new technology to manipulate traffic signifies so first responders can get to emergencies faster. firefighters are required to arrive at 90% of emergency calls within eight minutes and the department has not consistently met that goal for several years, met that goal for several years, and now one-third of tech
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determine red from green. >> your route is preidentified for the fire truck to follow and signifies that are in the way will be automatically preemted to green so the fire truck and the surrounding traffic can move through the intersection. >> the fire department says it won't solve the problem entirely, as they say the city grows they will need to build more fire stations. >> this is not the every day call for firefighters in vacaville. a number one pop caught his head stuck in the hole. the family called and said they could not get him out of a vent opening, and poor guy, and they finally got packed out and is just fine. >> good to see. >> let's talk about what is going on in sfo this morning. can you seat runways, the taxi can you seat runways, the taxi ways, they are all wet.
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if you are going to the game this evening, it's a 7:15 first pitch at at&t park, it will be 57 dropping down to 55. this will be your best chance to get wet at a game this week so take the poncho with you, you will need it. >> expect traffic around san francisco for that. and a report of a hit-and-run crash on 101, and it sounds like one person has injuries, and it sounds like at least the far left lane is blocked. we are waiting for chp to arrive on the scene and we should have more details for you. a quick look at the bay bridge as you head into san francisco, check out under the street lamps, it's misty, so wet pavement out there as
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> answering a question you probably have been wondering. why do your shoe laces keep coming untied, and researchers spent two years testing the variety of the bow not, and it's not a matter of your fault but its physics fault. shoe lace knots failure is triggered by changing forces, and -- oh, this is so dumb. >> the shoe lace material. >> how it's side. >> we have the friction and size and how it's laced. >> what is the material of the lace? what are your shoes made out of. >> some of the west work goes unrecognized. >> thank goodness we have some of our greatest minds devoted to this for two years. researchers say it could help them understand dna, so there you go. >> or we could all wear flip
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flops. >> there you go. next at 5:00, what a new report says is to blame. >> and then water worries in the north bay, and so clogged up north bay, and so clogged up boats ca
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