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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 19, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live where you live, this is "abc 7 news." ♪ a back door route from morocco to oakland is closed indefinitely. a landslide is causing a headache for commuters and cutting off a community from its school and emergency services. i'm kristen ze. >> canyon road is close willed between constance place and pine hurt road. amy hollyfield is live in that area with the big concerns for this small community. amy. >> reporter: hi, natasha. people are upset. we wand one woman give officers an earful about why it is not going to work for her. look at this closure. it is not going to be opening up any time soon.
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the major players are having a meeting this morning. city officials, the fire department, the water district, to start coming up t u-turn is the new move and people are not happy. >> it is a disaster, a true pain for everyone that lives in the area. >> reporter: canyon road is closed indefinitely. a landslide is pushing up against an old, run-down bridge and officials are worried it could collapse. >> definitely going to be days, could be months, could be permanent until the bridge is -- until the land is stabilized. we can't even think about, you know, replacing the bridge, which is in the works. >> reporter: the bridge serves a few groups of people. commuters use this cut through to get from ma raug ah to oakland. >> everyone that uses this path will be impacted, impacting everybody else going to lafayette and norinda. this is a nightmare. >> reporter: how much time does it add to your commute?
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>> at least 25, 30 minutes. >> reporter: there are about 100 homes in canyon. those residents are now cut off from the town of maraga and there's a school in canyon with about 70 students. >> horrified. you know, there's only eight wee weeks of school but it is a big deal because a lot of people that go to the school come in this way, so it is really awful. >> reporter: she decided to let her little guy play hooky today. we also noticed a lot of bicyclists enjoy this path. within the last hour we've seen several try to come through here and were greeted with the bad news. all of the people in canyon or people that have to get to that school, you have to go around. you have to go through oakland and through the tunnel on highway 24. it is going to take much longer. live in maraga, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." >> thank you. neighbors are watching a sink hole that opened up behind a retirement community and it won't be fixed any time soon. from sky 7 you can see how big it is. people who live in the building say it started as a crack in the
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ground in february, and now it is a huge hole. it swallowed trees, a transformer and power pole, and there's a reason it hasn't been fixed yet. >> they're waiting for the ground to dry out. they really -- they really can't do anything until it is much dryer and it keeps raining. >> engineers say they've done measurements and the building is not shifting. >> happening now, a portion of the california coastal trail will be close willed today as crews tear down a home in danger of falling off a bluff. sky 7 over that white house there on alcatraz avenue nearal immediate ah avenue in half moon bay. the state parks department says the trail will be closed between marada road on half moon state beach. no time estimate was given on how long the demo will take or how long that portion of the trail will be closed to the public. >> now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning. we're on storm watch once again. let's break out the storm impact scale to tell you about what is going to happen tonight.
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a one, a light. that's where i'm ranking this one on our exclusive storm impact scale. we will have moderate and light showers up to a quarter inch in the north bay, less than tenth of an inch elsewhere. right now the storm is letting off steam to our north. you see the yellow and oranges around eureka and crescent city. for the most part, the storms are moving southwest to northeast, but notice on the lower left-hand side of the screen more showers are developing and those eventually will slide from north to south across our neighborhoods. in fact, about 30% of us will get wet today, another 50% tomorrow, and an extended period of dry weather with 70s and 80s. i will round it up in the accuweather seven day forecast next. >> thank you, mike. see you then. san jose state university police are warning women to be careful as they search for the man who tried to assault a female jogger on campus last night. "abc 7 news" reporter matt keller is live and has new information on the suspect. >> reporter: kristen, we have a suspect description but so far
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san jose state police say they've not made an arrest. some students told me they do not feel safe around campus. san jose state's campus was buzzing around 9:00 this morning. students heading to class, joggers getting in some exercise, all bordering a downtown area infamous with students. >> you have to walk together, walk in pairs and stuff like that, and try to just -- you know, we are always like on our headphones and stuff, so it is good to take those off every once in a while. it just makes it eelsier for people to sneak up on you and stuff like that. >> reporter: police are investigating an attempted battery on a student. san jose police say it happened on east san fernando and 7th street about 7:45 last night. a female jogger was running in the area. a man tried to grab her. she was able to break free and started running east. the victim ran a few hundred yards with the man chasing after her as she tried to get away. the jogger ended up here on south 10th street. she ended up jumping into another student's vehicle, getting away from her attacker. police say the suspect was last seen at the corner of east san
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fernando and 10th street. officers search but didn't find him. this comes about a week and a half after a man was arrested for allegedly groping five women at san jose state. 32-year-old cesar pen yet ah was arrested after being spotted on surveillance video and identified by some victims. >> at night i make sure not to walk around by myself, just because a bunch of things have happened in the past. and i don't want to be the one to get hurt. >> reporter: the victim described the suspect as a black man in his 40s, thin build, 6'3" with a mole on the left side of his face. now, police agree with the students. they say walk in groups if you can, and if you see anyone suspicious give them a call. reporting live at san jose state, matt keller, "abc 7 news." >> thank you. stand forward police are asking for the public's help identifying a man who follow a female student into her residence hall, exposed himself
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and took off. it happened just before midnight on the west side of the university's campus. the man is described as a dark-skinned, heavyset man in his early 30s, 5'10" tall with black hair. he was wearing a black hooded sweat shirt and held a white towel. contact stanford public safety with any news you have. >> aaron hernandez was found dead inside his jail cell early this morning. he was serving a life sentence for murder at the time. prison officials say it was suicide, but those who knew him are raising questions. here is abc's emily row. >> reporter: it was here at this prison that former nfl star aaron hernandez end his life, prison guards discovering the 27-year-old just after 3:00 this morning. fernandez using a bed sheet he attached to a window to hang himself, blocking his cell door from the inside by jamming with
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various items. >> guilty of murder in first degree or second degree. >> not guilty. >> reporter: his death coming days after he was found not guilty for the 2012 murder of two men. hernandez wiping away tears as the jury read the verdict, mouthing i love you to his fiance. prosecutors argued two men were gunned down after one accidentally spilled a drink on hernandez in a boston nightclub. her n hernandez serving a life sentence without parole after shooting of his friend. hernandez rose to fame as an all-american tight end at university of florida, winning the 2009 national championship. he went on to play for the new evening land patriots from 2010 to 2012, signing a five-year, $40 million contract, but was cut from the team in june of 2013 following his arrest in the lloyd murder. patriots' coach bill belichick was asked about hernandez just
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the other day. >> tragedy. >> reporter: his answer in one single word. officials have not found a suicide note. hernandez was in general population, officials saying there was no indication he might hurt himself. emily rowe, abc news, new york. >> in fact, hernandez' attorney says there were no conversations from aaron to his legal team or his family that could have indicated anything like this was possible. a massachusetts department of corrections says the investigation is ongoing. hernandez's death comes the say dame his former team, new england patriots, visiting the white house celebrating the most recent super bowl title. this is video of the team bullses leaving massachusetts this morning. they're on the south lawn right now mete meeting with president trump. tom brady is not attending today's event, saying he had to attend to a personal family matter. >> the man accused of gunning down four people has a court date this friday. fresno's police chief says 39-year-old corey mohamed told
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investigators he decided to kill as many people as he could once he learned he was identified as the suspect in a fatal shooting last week. mohamad is accused of killing three other people yelled, including a pg&e worker. frels know police say the shootings were motivated by racial hatred. we have looked into his background. he has criminal records in fresno, sacramento and washington state dating to the late '90s. he served several years in prison for a federal drug conviction. he was supervised by drug counsellors until september. he claims to have attended high school and college in sacramento. "abc 7 news" reporter laura anthony in fresno covering this deadly shooting. look for her reports at 4:00 and 5:00. >> a woman suspected of stealing thousands of dollars of makeup from northern california walgreen stores is behind bars today, police searching for her acom police. >> 23-year-old sierra mathis is at large, believed to be in the sacramento area.
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concord police say mathis and parker are seen in this photo stealing make up from a walgreens in concord last month. they are connected to several theft investigations in northern california and nevada. new this morning, more fallout from president trump's immigration and visa reform. a major airline pulling the plug on some flights. >> san jose sides with renters. new protections just passed that will have residents breathing a little easier. >> and free tuition, or not so fast. the battle brewing at city college of san francisco over
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new details now from san jose. city leaders approved two new measures meant to protect reblters. both passed on a close 6-5 vote after hours of emotional testimony. landlords will be required to give tenants a reason or just cause before an eviction. city leaders say san jose has had more than 2400 evictions without cause since 2010. the other measure that passed requires landlords of rent controlled units to provide a minimum of 120 days notice before they demolish, remodel or convert their buildings. displaced renters will be given money to relocate. >> now our money report. we have new details on the plan to make city college of san francisco tuition free. according to "the examiner" the school's chancellor wrote a letter to the mayor saying the college's understanding is students need to complete classes and be in good academic standing to receive free
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tuition. city supervisors says residents should be able to attend for free regardless of academic standing. the college and the city need to finalize the plan before more than $5 million will be given to the community college. the biggest airline in the mid east is cutting flights to the u.s. in the wake of yesterday's executive order tightening up visas. emirates airlines blames a drop in demand it says started with president trump's first attempt at banning travelers from several muslim majority countries. emirates will cut daily flights to boston, seattle and l.a. from twice a day to once a day. the change starts next month. service to sfo is not affect. contest for a car gets a winner with the whole world watching. we're going to show you the results of that kiss a kia showdown we first show you yesterday. also a live look right now at our mountain camera. a little hazy out there. meteorologist mike nicco tracking more rain coming our way. his hour-by-hour accuweather forecast coming up next.
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today's storm is level one. that means light rain. keep an umbrella handy and drive safely.
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new this morning, a texas woman is the proud owner of a new car after spending 50 hours kissing one. >> here you go. >> oh, yeah! >> i'm surprised sheh the pucker strength left to kiss the key. that is my question. this is the "kiss a kia contest" put on by a radio station in austin. started with 20 people who had
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to keep their lips locked on a car for 50 hours. they were given 10-minute breaks every hour. at the end, this morning seven contestants still remained. so all niems were put in a hat and her name was drawn. >> congratulations. we here are waiting for a kiss a tesla contest. training for that, right? >> i would wait many hours for that. i would jump in for that, just for my wife who is looking for a car. >> what about our sun-kissed weather. >> i like that. >> almost convertible time. >> kind of what she's looking for. tesla doesn't make one yet, they got to work on it. it was a little hide and seek this morning. look at the sunrise from our explore tore yum camera at pier 15. you can see an absolutely gorgeous day unfolding now. let's look at what it looks like. it is even clearer. yeah, sun-kissed, great to put it. glad you said it, natasha. we will be that way as we're between storms today. weak storm tonight and damp tomorrow, at least during the morning hours. then a warm weekend is on the way. let's talk about what's going to happen if you are stepping out right now.
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still in the 50s in parts of san rafael and santa rosa. some areas had thick fog, rest of us in mid to upper 60s, even a 70 in san ramon already. going to the game this afternoon, 12:35 first pitch, 63 warming to 66. you will feel a little warmer than that if you're in the sunshine, but it will be dry. a look at our next storm. the best energ head north. we will get the weakest part of this storm. in fact, it is going to fall apart as it moves from north to south across our neighborhoods. but until it does, here is a look at your planner for rest of today. partly cloudy conditions, light breezes, near 60s at coast, mid to upper 60s forrest us. now let's start at 4:00 this afternoon, the evening commute getting going. you can see it is pretty quiet, other than mendocino and lake counties. moderate rain there. it starts to move into the north bay about 9:00 all the way through midnight. watch what happens to the yellow and the orange. it disappears as the storm moves through the bay, and notice the solid green breaks up.
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the steady rain becomes more showers by the time we start tomorrow morning's commute at 4:00. by 7:00 most of the shower activity is over, and by 9:00 for sure we have moved on. we are looking at a possible quarter to half inch in the north bay. you can see santa rosa at 11:00 tonight, measurable rain. there's your quarter to half inch, the santa rosa, possibly napa two-tenths of an inch. rest of us a tenth of an inch, hardly anything in south bay. low 60s along the coast, mid to up earp 60s for the rest of us and a few 70s out there. tonight not quite as cold and the cloud cover will keep us to about 53 in oak land. at the same time the storm will bring light snow into the sierra tonight through tomorrow morning, and then they're going to be as bone dry as we are, just not quite as warm. they're going to get some possible rain and snow tuesday. for us, i'm kind of keeping it out of the forecast but definitely cooling us off from the temperatures that will be in the 70s and 80s, friday,
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saturday and sunday. back to you guys. >> mike, thank you. the internet is buzzing over some big celebrity baby news. >> call it a love game. tennis superstar serena williams is expected her first baby. >> she made this announcement on snapchat. she deleted quickly but fans took the screen grab, still going crazy over this. 35-year-old donned a yellow swimsuit, posting she is 27 weeks along. >> looks fabulous. she has been spending time in san francisco since getting engaged in january. >> more big news out of hollywood. the original pretty woman, julia roberts, has been named the most beautiful woman in the world. "people" magazine tweeted out the cover featuring roberts this morning. >> that's right. and this is the fifth time she's gotten the nod. she has a sense of human about it. she says pal george clooney has only been sexiest man twice so she plans to rub her title in in their christmas card this year. >> five times, a record.
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coming up next goats in pa gammas. >> up next, kids having fun on
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coming up on "abc 7 news" at
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4:00, distracted drivers might be more distracted than we thought. what a shocking study reveals about what people are doing behind the wheel. on the "abc 7 news" at 5:00, seven years after allowing women on board, the navy is making it easier for women to serve on submarines. some changes are obvious, others are not. all coming up. >> this next story likely to put a smile on your face. >> yeah, goats in pajamas, these kids were recently worn. this is from the cream railway in maine. they said we let the first ten kids born out for a pajamas party. >> it is goatling season. the farm expected about 50 kids to be born over the next month or so. the baby goats spend about eight weeks with their mom and then go to new homes in june and july. you know, maine not as warm as it is here. so maybe a little bit cozy. >> yeah. >> this has your finger prints all over it. >> i want a goat so badly. if only zoning laws were different, right? >> if only. >> you could move to a farm, there's always that.
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from all of us here at "abc 7 news," thanks for joining us. "who wants to be a millionaire" is next. >> next newscast at 4:00 p.m. make su see you then, bye-bye.
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>> they come with a dream, they leave with a check. it's that simple. it's "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good, because we're in the middle of a great game. today's returning contestant is a family man, who's playing to win a million to pay back a very special person. we're about to find out who that is. from los angeles, california, please welcome back spencer scott. [cheers and applause] >> nice to see you again. thank you. all right. >> how are you, sir? welcome back. >> thank you. >> we'll get back to your game in just a minute. who's this special person that you'd like to win some money for? >> she's my dear old mom. and she's not old. sorry, mom. >> your beautiful mother. >> my beautiful mother, who's in louisville, kentucky. >>


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