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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 20, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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afternoon, and can you see the clouds starting to push out. i will go back several hours to -- well, it's going to go back to earlier this morning when the rain rolled through, and in the last hour the green is fading away. here's what is happening outside from sutro tower. haze and moisture out there, and especially highway 101 around santa rosa. as we head through your tpwre12 day planner, low to mid-50s, and staying in the mid-50s at the coast and mid to upper 60s inland and then upper 50s to mid-60s at 7:00. looks quiet once we get past 7:00. let's find out about the morning commute. bring alexis in. >> we have a new issue on the bay bridge. we have a disabled vehicle in a bad spot. it's on the westbound side past treasure island as you head into san francisco between treasure island and the fremont exit there. is that sitting in the far right lane. we are waiting for emergency crews to arrive on the scene. and down to 12 miles per hour,
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25 miles per hour, and we will keep an eye on that and the b.a.r.t. situation is improving and that's coming up at 6:t10. police say a man followed a woman into her dorm. matt keller is live in palo alto for us this morning. matt. >> reporter: this is scary. another incident here at stanford. students tell us for the most part they feel safe here on campus, but there are some things they can do to be extra careful. >> i don't run at night because of that. it's either biking or you are with someone. >> it's kind of hard because we are constantly getting these e-mails about different sexual assaults and other problems that are going on around campus, so it just makes you kind of nervous. >> reporter: the latest incident happened just before midnight on tuesday. a stanford student said a man followed her into her oncampus
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residence hall on the west side of the campus and in a common area he exposed himself and then took off. the man is heavy set, describes in his 30s and does not match the description of the man who groped to two women on april 7th, and 7 man was short and bald. campus police ask the students to walk in groups and never let a stranger into the dorms. police say renteria has not been seen since yesterday afternoon. she's 5'1", 105 pounds and brown hair and brown eyes, and she may have taken public transportation out of the area. if you see her call mountain view police. and then east oakland hills, police looking for an armed man that shot a man during a
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residential burglary. the victim was taken to the hopital and is expected to survive. this story is getting a lot of play nationwide. ann coulter says she is still coming to berkeley to speak next weaken though uc berkeley says they can't find a safe venue for her to speak. a neutral student group signed an agreement with coulter to see an agreement with coulter to see if a venue was first available. >> we need to realize that berkeley students are not the ones causing the violence. there are radicals coming in and we should try to prevent that from happening instead of labeling the students. >> we can accommodate coulter but not on short notice. >> and a young group is paying for coulter's $20,000 fee.
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and coulter requests that law enforcement not be told to stand down if there are v officers discovered this driver was on probation with a search clause, and they found a loaded gun, marijuana, more than $20,000 in cash and other drugs. that driver was arrested for violating his parole and faces firearm and narcotics possession charges. looking for additional victims in a child molestation case. here's a picture of the man deputies arrested. 26-year-old jb yancey earlier this year after a three-month investigation. it happened in a public place. detectives believe he may have additional victims in richmond, and also vallejo and fairfield where yancey lived. the city of san francisco
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plans to open a pop-up shelter consisting of 120 beds near 26 street. according to the chronicle, the shelter will open for seven or eight months starting in june. the goal is to get some of the people who are homeless into permanent housing. happening today, an open house to discuss a noise study at the san carlos airport. the study is designed to study the future kpasability of the airport with neighbors. the public meeting begins at 6:00 tonight at the museum at the san carlos airport. as the bay area gears up to celebrate 4-20 today, a group is trying to give joints away to congress. and the group says it wants to highlight an amendment that prohibits federal authorities from interfering with state's
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medical marijuana laws. the rule is set to expire next week unless congress renews it. when trump was campaigning he said he supported medical marijuana calling it a state issue. and then change is on the way for one san francisco street and it could impact your parking. and then the struggling brand american apparel closing in bay area stores. and then pretty colors building in the sky there. we are keeping weather and we are keeping weather and traffic u
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>> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> when you get in the hills it's about 49 in loss tkpwa napa, around 47. leftover moisture in san jose. tree pollen, grass pollen, moderate. quick burn time today. and a look from the exploratorium, walking the dog on the water. a little breezy out over the ocean this afternoon. 66 to 71 for the rest of us. and tonight's temperatures about 45 to 50.
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cooler because it will be clear. we will talk the 80s tomorrow and rain next week in the accuweather forecast next. we have had the metering lights since 5:20 this morning, and those were flipped on extra early today. and we did have a disabled vehicle past treasure island before you get to the san francisco exit. that was in the right lane. looks like it cleared in the last few minutes but up to a 23-minute drive across the bay bridge and hopefully that will start to thin out soon here. b.a.r.t. in recovery mode. we had a ten-minute delay in the pleasantton direction but the equipment problems have been resolved. next traffic update coming up at 6:20. a new problem on state route 4. big changes coming for san francisco streets. a total redesign proposed in the sunset district between 35th avenue and the great highway. here are images of the two options. both would add bike lanes and
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realign parking spaces. some blocks would lose parking spots near intersections to make it easier for drivers and pedestrians to see. the changes are an effort to make that street safer. they have not said when construction would begin. we have new information in the marine's naked photo scandal. a major discovery in outer space, and why this has new hopes of life as a possibility hopes of life as a possibility outside of earth. i sneeze... there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar? then you'll love this. always discreet. incredible protection... in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel for incredible protection. so i know i'm wearing it... but no one else will. always discreet. i've discovered incredible... bladder leak underwear that hugs every curve. can't tell i'm wearing it...
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track today's storm anytime on the abc7 news app. download it now. we have new details this morning about the bankruptcy of the clothing company, american apoeurl and its impact in the bay area. in fact the store in the upper area closed its door to tuesday. the one on union street will stay open until the end of the month. this morning the family of former patriots' star aaron hernandez is questioning officials about him killing
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himself in his cell yesterday. his lawyer is calling for the investigation saying the 27-year-old was looking forward to an opportunity for a second chance to prove his he was acquitted last week for the murder of two men but was still serving a live sentence that he was in the process of appealing. looking to peu charges when a man had a house fire and explosion yesterday. they found three large marijuana grows on the property and a butane lab. the man is not cooperating with police. new details in the naked photo scandal. service members are barred of distributing photos without the knowledge of the person in them.
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two weeks ago two marines were demoted and two dozen other military marine members were disciplined in connection with the photos online. and president trump talking about veterans issues. he signed a bill yesterday extending a program where will operate the choice program until funding runs out next year. and then a new planet found close enough where they could have signs of life. >> telescopes now under construction will eventually be powerful enough to see if oxygen molecules are swarming the planet. the new planet is described as the size of a jumbo earth and you see the comparison right there. it gets enough star light that would allow for liquid water so it's promising. >> always half torn on these sorts of stories.
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>> are you afraid? >> fascinated and would love to discover something like that, and also terrified and don't know what to expect. >> what if they are friendly? >> what if they are not? >> elon musk, when you make that shuttle to get us there, call me. 39 million light years away, yeah, you can do and looking at walnut creek, about 0.015 of an inch overnight. 680 looks damp but no puddles out there. damp but dry. dry and mild sunday through monday. keeping the storm impact scale on through the morning commute because there's a slight chance of an isolated shower down in the south bay, and you can see the future radar returns right there at 7:00, and then by 9:00
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they are pretty much gone. clouds will continue to open. lots of sunshine at noon. hazy because of the moisture hanging in the air. grab the sunglasses, you will need them as we head into the afternoon and early evening hours. if you are going to the game tonight it will start off at 64 degrees. mariners in town to take on the a's. will drop down to 59 degrees. taking a look at my accuweather. the 80 sticks out tomorrow. it's the only one on the entire graphic there. we will be at 66 to 76 for the bay neighborhoods. close to average with increasing clouds sunday into monday and then a light storm for tuesday into wednesday morning. here's alexis. good morning mike. we have a problem on westbound highway 4. if you are going to be traveling in the pittsburg bay point area, we have a crash involving a car and motorcycle. two left lanes blocked right now and this happened less than ten minutes ago so emergency crews arriving on the scene as we speak. it's normally a slow stretch,
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and we will check the drive time coming up in just a few minutes. in recovery mode here across the bay bridge, we had a disabled vehicle blocking the far right lane and that is gone now but still in the red and having a tough time bouncing back, and traffic is heavy back to the toll plaza. and not many issues here, and we started out soggy at 4:30. hopefully it won't be quite as slick when you head out. next traffic update coming up around 6:30. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> amy robach is live from new york city with what is ahead. good morning. >> good morning to you. coming up here next on "gma," the bombshell announcement that fox is severing ties of bill o'reilly. advertisers pulling spots from their show and we will tell you what it means for the network. serena williams making
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headlines, not for tennis. she posted this photo, and is pregnant, and we will have more on that coming up. it's a busy thursday coming and katherine have to make sure i am saying these names -- >> if you had not said i was not going to say anything. >> thank you, amy. a historic moment at seaworld in texas. there's a birth that is marking the end of an era. and then a sunken the bay. taillights are building this morning and a little haze in the air, but we have days of sunshine ahead. meteorologist, mike nicco, meteorologist, mike nicco, tracking that for us.
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jessica castro. >> welcome back. i am tracking developing news in orlando. the widow of the pulse nightclub gunman is about to appear in
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federal court. she was transferred to florida from california two weeks ago, and she was taken into custody last year at her mom's house in rodeo. she is charged with helping her husband in planning the pulse nightclub attack that killed 49 people. her attorneys are asking the trial be pushed back for next year and right now it set for june 5th, which is one week before the first anniversary of the tragedy. >> thank you, jessica. this is the last killer whale to be born in captivity. seaworld says the whale at their san antonio park gave birth yesterday. this whale was already pregnant this whale was already pregnant before they change. and then a barge came loose during a storm and sank. the barge leaked fuel for two
6:25 am
days before it got capped. republican state lawmakers claim california's gas tax was passed illegally. now they want the attorney general to see if any votes were promised in exchange for certain projects getting priority funding. backers of the tax say it will generate $5 billion a year to fix and improve california's aging streets and highways, and governor brown is expected to sign the bill that will increase tax on november 1st. and then if you are a driver, jonathan has a question about potholes. >> he spoke to us at our ask finney event in daly city. >> if my vehicle becomes damaged after hitting a pothole, who do i contact and who is responsible? >> hey, jonathan. it all depends on where your car hit that pothole. did the pothole happen on a city road, you file in the city, and if it was on the h
6:26 am
with caltrans. you get only six months in the city, and caltrans gives you up to a year to file. i have included links on the website that will help you out, and good luck and thank you for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on your smartphone and post it with #askfinney. the bay area prepares to celebrate 4/20, and this year there are big-time changes coming to the annual event at golden gate park. a bomb attack in the bay area? the propaganda out of north korea that may leave you scratching your head. we have a crash involving a motorcycle westbound highway 4 blocking the two left lanes before you get to bailey road in the bay point area, and bay bridge bouncing back from an earlier problem too, and we'll talk about that next. and want to take you live to
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santa cruz, a nice picture of santa cruz, a nice picture of the whatwhat made them believeace carthat a two-ton behemothhop? could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it.
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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get good morning, south bay.
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>> this is "abc7 mornings." the last storm of the week pretty much moved through. >> ready for days of sunshine, right? the bay bridge toll plaza showing you what we are dealing showing you what we are dealing with, and and at least the roads are drying out and the sunshine is coming back. good morning and well can come to your thursday, april 20th. we have mike nicco to thank. >> me, really? i will take it. >> we can thank alexalexis, too. >> why? >> dry roads. >> we have had so much rain. >> yeah, we have had a lot of rain and snow and i will show you statistics on that that will maybe drop your jaw. reggie nailed it. you don't see anything on live doppler 7. i will hold off for a stray shower through 9:00. we are looking at southbound 101, hazy and foggy north of
6:31 am
there. dress milder this morning, 48 to 58. that's all, folks. 58 to 63 at noon. and dry and mild this afternoon, and 58 to 63 at 7:00 and looks like a great day to be outside. good morning, mike. it's heavy through the bay bridge toll plaza as usual so we have the metering lights on as of 5:24 this morning, and then once you get past that we are starting to look quite a bit better. we had an earlier disabled vehicle that has cleared, so highway 4 to the maze, 34 minutes for you, and across the bay bridge, 12 minutes, and then at the worst it was 23 minutes, and so things are starting to look better, and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo you are in the green at nine minutes. we will look at a problem on state route 4. we have a crash on the westbound side in the pittsburg bay area point, and we will have that update coming up in less than ten. it's 4/20 today, and
6:32 am
thousands are expected to gather in golden gate park at 4:20 and light up. amy hollyfield is live at the park with the changes people will see. >> reporter: first of all, look at the row of port a potties that just arrived in the last few minutes. this is being paid for by local businesses that are sponsoring the event and that money paid for the fencing you will see around hippie hill. there are entrance gates that will open at 9:00 this morning. city officials are teaming up with local merchants to try and control the event a bit this year. they know it's going to happen. 4/20 originated in san rafael, and so it has a rich history in the bay area and they are going to try and monitor it and keep it safe, and security will patrol the event to keep glass out of the park, and that includes glass bongs. >> it's a well-oiled machine and i truly believe it is going to
6:33 am
be one of the most organized and best events yet because of our collaboration, and hits you may not know it even happened. >> reporter: two teenage boys were robbed last year, and they were really hoping to make it safer this year, so no glass allowed in, and no children, no one under the age of 18, so parents and caregivers there is not the day to come here to golden gate park's playground and carousel here. the gates will open at 9:00 this morning, and they think the event will hit its high point at 4:20 this afternoon. gates close at 6:00. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. developing news, new video shows a confrontation between a man and a sonoma county sheriff's deputy that is now charged with felony assault.
6:34 am
we have to warn you, the video is pretty disturbing. >> stand up. >> i am not standing up. i have you on video, and go ahead and tase me. ah! ah! >> he recorded the 60-second video, and deputies were called out by neighbors who heard him and his wife arguing. his attorney said he refused to stand up and got tased two or three times and hit by a baton 15 times. the deputy is scheduled to go on trial in june. his attorney has filed a civil claim against the county. stanford police are looking for who followed a student into her campus residence hall and exposed himself just before midnight on tuesday in a common area. the man took off. police say he's in his 30s,
6:35 am
5'10", heavy set with dark hair and he does not match the description of a man that g two women two weeks ago. a female jogger got attacked two night on east san fernando around 7:00 p.m. the girl said a man tried to grab her and she broke free and he chased her a few hundred yards until she jumped in another student's car and called for help. police could not find him. >> i make sure not to walk around by myself because a bunch of things have happened in the past. i don't want to be the one to get hurt. >> the man dcresibed as black, in his 40s with a thin build and 6'3" with a mole on the side of his face. more details on the cokori
6:36 am
muhamm muhammad, and he got involved in the black liberation movement at 14. he showned the nation of islam and attended the million man march at the age of 17. muhammad open fire on several people onueay killing three white men in less than four minutes. he said he wanted to kill as many people as possible. the next story alarming and weird, and perhaps both. we have video of the military choir performance in north korea, and in the background you will see a simulated missile attack, and the target, the bay area. ♪ ♪ >> you can see the image in the background, right? there's a choir singing and then this missile travels across the pacific and lands right here in the bay area, perhaps even the peninsula. apparently one of the lyrics in the song says the bomb is going to fly as quickly as a flash of lightning to challenge imperialism. 6:36. new details on the fire in west
6:37 am
oakland that burned a transitional housing facility. the oakland city council approved grand tpupbting. for now 54 people are eligible with benefits raising from $6,500 to $12,000. the facility burned on march 27th killing four people. search crews having no luck finding the plane of a missing santa rosa couple. the richards took off from truckee on monday afternoon and never arrived to their destination in petaluma. they focussed on a mountainous area 18 miles northwest of trucky. the airport manager in petaluma says they have a lot of experience. >> they flew the plane quite often and competent pilots, and they flew across california and were competent in what they did. >> the couple has four daughters
6:38 am
and crews are expected to continue that search today. no signs of this fisherman onboard a boat that san income marin county. the 64-year-old's wallet a keys were found yesterday. the coast guard sent jet skis and boats and helicopters to search for the oakland resident but they have not had any luck. a cable car conductor is accused of stealing riders' fares. the 61-year-old williams of napa got arrested yesterday. a muni spokesperson said they believe he pocketed hundreds of dollars in cash. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> san francisco, 62 degrees. coming through the ferry building, 54. same thing downtown. look at all these 50s out there. a lot of low to mid-50s. the exception of fairfield, 49 for you.
6:39 am
milder than yesterday morning. with partly cloudy conditions this afternoon we will warm to seasonal levels, and plus ill wiit will be dry. upper 50s to 60s for most of the bay. about 3:00 the sea breeze will kick up along the coast. look at this. 80s developing inland. tomorrow the warmest day of the week and then temperatures fall back a little bit to normal levels on saturday. look at this, san mateo bridge, we had a quarter inch of rain. if you are on the road, it's damp. light breezes for the ferry ride and drying quickly if you are taking mass transit at the stops. cooler tonight, mid-40s to mid-50s. we will take a look at the forecast coming up. and then a car and a motorcycle crash, and the update a few minutes ago said it should be cleared shortly, and it's heavy approaching that. i want to show you the drive
6:40 am
times. heavy if you are coming between the antioch area into concord. and tracy to dublin, 38 minutes. 53 minutes from antioch to concord on southbound 101, and then san francisco to san francisco, 13 minutes. and a little foggy up around santa rosa, and you can see the low clouds around the golden gate bridge, but no issues from 101 into san francisco. next traffic update coming up at 6:50. this morning a warning about a popular brand of head phones. they could be spying on you. you will want to see more and learn more about this truck dragging a car down the freeway. looking forward to a beautiful day here in the bay area. area. we are
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hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there
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for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru. storm impact scale, today's storm is level one. that means light rain so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm anytime on the abc7 news app. download it now. take a look at this. a drone capturing the moment that transmission tower just collapses during an intense fire in the philippines. the fire started yesterday in a structure occupied by dozens of families under the tower and no injuries were reported here. that fire was next to a major
6:44 am
interstate, as you can see, and caused chaos there. they are looking at what caused the fire. you see a big rig here in southern california, and you see a car attached to it. the car with a passenger, and the truck was dragging it for miles and had no idea. there's a driver in that car who is trying to wave anyone to help him. so this person is shooting obviously on an iphone, and essentially another car does get in front of the trucker and let's the big rig driver know you have a guy hanging on to you back here. the man in the car doesn't hurt and we don't know how he ended up getting pinned under the truck. the chp found 14 pounds of pot in a traffic stop in oakland on 580, and discovered dozens of tubes of hash oil and cash. they arrested the driver of san francisco on multiple charges. happening today, president trump will welcome italy's prime
6:45 am
minister to the white house. the two world leaders are expected to hold a joint news conference and will discuss the upcoming g7 summit. the summit will take place in italy next month. the trump administration facing another challenge when it comes to the foreign policy, iran. rex tillerson announced the administration is reviewing the obama era nuclear deal despite telling congress iran is holding up its end of the 2015 agreem t agreement. >> an unchecked iran has the potential to travel the same path as north korea and take the world along with it. >> meantime, the administration is trying to clarify the movement of a nuclear capable aircraft carrier in the kor pennsylvani peninsula. the white house initially said it was headed towards korea, and it was not, it was heading south for a training operation off the
6:46 am
coast of australia. and then seeking shelter for combat planes along the coastline, and all of this after the u.s. missile strike earlier this month. they moved their aircraft closer to the russians. you will remember the air strike was in retaliation for the chemical strike syria launched on its own people. syria has helicopters, artillery and rockets in other locations. a utah man had to go to another state for a lung transplant after a hospital refused to put him on the transplant list because of his marijuana use. he was admitted to the university of utah hospital after he got pneumonia and ten days later his lungs collapsed and the hospital would not put him on the transplant list because he tested positive for thc, and here medical centers are forbidden to deny a patient
6:47 am
because of marijuana use. doctors say that's one of the many things that helps to determine who will do best after surgery. >> we don't have enough organs to go around for all the people that need them, and so what we do in terms of selection is to try and select the patients that are going to do best. >> the teen is expected to remain in the hospital for the next year recovering from his lung trance plsplant. turns out a hack at some hotels was worse than thought. >> the company says more than 1,200 of these places fell victim to the malware attack. the hacking targeted customer credit card data between september and december of last year. in february we told you when intercontinental reported just 12 hotels were impacted by the
6:48 am
attack, and it has gone f to 1,200. if you are impacted by the hacking you will bg contacted by the hotel chain. and then facing a claiming your head phones collect information, and the company is bose which could not be reached for comment. the lawsuit specifically mentions segment, a san francisco software company that collects customer data and routes it to marketing firms. a state lawmaker wants to make it illegal for pet stores to sell animals from any other source than a rescue. san francisco recently passed a lawrie stricting pet store sales to rescued animals. the film "la la land" comes out on dvd, and a lounge is
6:49 am
helping to bring the movie to life. >> the jazz club from the movie, seb's. pop-up seb's will be popping up. pop-up seb's will be popping up. "la la land" won six trophies. mike nicco. >> i was wondering if you were going there. >> just a little shade this morning. >> need a little shade the next couple of days, strong sunshine. while most of us were sleeping this is what happened, a quarter inch of rain fell across the neighborhoods. look at the snow pack. nasa said it's the greatest it has been in the four years combined preceding this. so you take the four winters and put it together and they don't add up to the snow pack we have
6:50 am
right now. fog in livermore. that's new. that just popped up, a quarter mile there. and the fog in santa rosa, starting to spread southward along 101. and so the way it looks from mount tam, you can see the clouds moving away as we go from showers to sunshine. we have a dry pattern through sunday, and then a weak storm on tuesday and wednesday. just a few isolated showers possible in the south bay, and you look here and the green is just about gone as we head through 9:00. and you can see the white there signifying some of the clouds. yeah, even that starts to take off as we head into the afternoon hours. let's see what it does to our temperatures. here's my accuweather 7-day forecast. low to mid-60s along the coast, and our warmest day tomorrow, look at that, 80, the only day we get to 80 is tomorrow. 66 to 76 elsewhere. and then for saturday and sunday we are looking at decreasing temperatures, increasing clouds, and still pretty close to average and then a one on our storm impact scale, a light
6:51 am
storm for tuesday. let's find out about the morning commute. hi, alexis. they are still trying to clear the crash involving a motorcycle on westbound 4. they said about 6:30 this morning they should have it clear any minute, and 20 minutes later it still is not gone. it's just before bailey road blocking the two left lanes and that backup continues to grow. it's very slow approaching that through the pittsburg area. we have a car fire westbound 80 ramp to mcbride. it's pretty hefty to berkeley and emeryville asia, aeurmery on the bridge you are okay. next traffic update coming up just before 7:00. a kansas city man facing an assault charge after an altercation with a pilot inside the airport. how did this start? well, they were both on a flight
6:52 am
from dallas to kansas city last week and the pilot was riding as a passenger on the plane, and the man says he was taking up too much root -- room in the aisle and being disrespectful, and the man tried to take a picture of his badge and the pilot lifted his hand and the passenger's phone fell to the ground and that's when the shoving match started. the man followed the pilot out of the airport and police say that was the end of the altercation. first, our instagram photo of the day. if you have not yet, follow us @bayareanews7. a live look outside. 6:52 in the morning at sfo. 6:52 in the morning at sfo. hazy out there and the sun
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the time is 6:54. >> thousands of smokers will crowd golden gate park for the annual 4/20 smokeout. the city partnered with business owners to pay for security and cleanup and port a potties. number two, we are watching the different kind of fog in the north bay valleys and over towards livermore. bus stop forecast, partly cloudy and mild. a lot of sunshine this afternoon, 61 to 69. number three, our biggest issue on the roads right now is a crash involving a motorcycle
6:55 am
westbound highway 4 in the bay point area. we still have two left lanes down. i did check the drive time and we are down to 41 minutes between antioch and concord. number four, new videos show an violent encounter between a man and a sonoma county deputy who is now charged with assault. the man refused to stand up and got tased several time. the deputy is facing charges of felony assault by a public officer. looking for the armed robber that shot a man inside of his oakland home. it happened near khau bow park. the man was shot in the back and is expected to survive. general motors responding to the seizure of one of their plants in venezuela. the company released a statement moments ago saying the move was, in quote, total disregard of gm's right to do process and gm has stopped all operations in that country. and then giraffe mom meets
6:56 am
real giraffe mom. traveling to new york with a newborn son to meet april the giraffe and her newborn sun. her pregnant dancing impression went viral -- >> can't forget it. >> and how could you forget it? >> mike was rolling his eyes through the entire story. >> the hippo is much cuter. >> yeah.
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good morning, america. fired at fox. bill o'reilly out after 20 years. >> it is the end of an era here at the fox news channel. >> "the factor" aired overnight, but o'reilly's name removed from the title after the fallout from that scandal. we'll have o'reilly's response this morning. what will losing its biggest star mean for the cable news giant fox? the new showdown. the judge he targeted on the campaign trail. >> there's a hostility towards me by the judge. i believe he happens to be spanish which is fine. >> now back in the spotlight. a sign to that headline making case by that young man deported. plus why the supreme court could be heading for another major shakeup. passenger versus pilot. the angry fight caught on camera. a man shoving this american airlines pilot just moments after landing even following him out tois


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