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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 25, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this tuesday morning, show of force overnight. a u.s. nuclear submarine docking in south korea. this as north korea's military performs artillery drills. plus, president trump meeting with every senator to discuss the rising tensions. the unusual gathering. we're live in washington. travelers could be looking at a big change. the electronics ban for people flying into the u.s. may be expanded to include other countries. the weather threat on the move. half a foot of rain in some places. significant flooding. and cars submerged. where it's heading now. and bill o'reilly returns to the air waves overnight. hear what he's saying about losing his job and those harassment claims. we say good morning,
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everybody, on this tuesday. north korea celebrating a special occasion overnight with pageantry and power as the crisis escalates over its nuclear arsenal. >> the north koreans held a series of ceremonies this morning to mark the anniversary of their military and conducted a massive live firing drill. >> that said, a show of force by the united states. "the u.s.s. michigan," a guided missile submarine, has arrived in the south. this following a new round of saber rattling. stephanie ramos is covering the overnight developments. she joins us from washington. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning. we know north korea tends to show off military capabilities during anniversaries. and as you mentioned, just this morning, north korea is said to be firing off the country's largest artillery drill marking the military's birthday. tensions between the united states and the north korean regime are still high and rising. >> north korea is a big world problem. >> reporter: the situation in north korea is said to be the big topic at the white house on wednesday.
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when all 100 u.s. senators take a trip to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. briefing them are the secretaries of state and defense, director of national security. and the chair of the joint chiefs. usually, it's the other way around. administration officials travel to capitol hill to address congress on foreign policy matters. >> the council must be prepared to enact additional sanctions on north korean nuclear and ballistic missile programs. >> reporter: on monday, president trump called on the united nations security council to do more. overnight, leaders from japan, south korea, and the u.s. met in tokyo to discuss the same. as north korea continues to threaten the united states with war. recently saying it could sink an american aircraft carrier in just one strike. >> they have threatened south korea and american forces in south korea. they have threatened japan. they have now threatened the west coast of the united states. this is a very serious issue for the united states.
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and i think is one of the great priorities of our foreign policy to contain north korea's nuclear power. >> reporter: overnight, a u.s. nuclear powered submarine docked in south korea. it's not expected to take part in any type of naval exercise. kendis and diane, back over to you. >> all of this as the vice president returns from the area. stephanie, thank you. new developments overnight about the looming government shutdown. >> president trump is reportedly no longer insisting that a downpayment for his border wall will be included in the spending plan. no official word from the white house yet. conservative reporters who met with the president last night say he is now willing to wait until september to seek funding. and today, ivanka trump hits the world stage for the first time as a white house adviser. the first daughter will be in berlin on the direct invitation of chancellor angela merkel, who, you may remember, had a rocky first visit to the white house. trump will attend the w-20 summit and will have dinner tonight with merkel. and word this morning the
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white house may extend the laptop ban in place for some overseas flights. into the u.s. "the times of london" reports the trump administration wants to keep laptops out of aircraft cabins on flights from the united kingdom, for security reasons, of course. last month, the ban was put in place for planes entering the united states from some middle eastern nations. arkansas has become the first state to carry out a double execution in 17 years. convicted murderer jack jones was put to death yesterday evening. a judge ordered a temporary stay on the execution of convicted murderer marcel williams, after williams' lawyers claimed that jones' death was torturous and inhumane. but, williams' execution did go forward about three hours later. arkansas is trying to carry out a series of executions before one of its lethal injection drugs expires on sunday. now for a look at your weather. the radar showing the problem spot this morning.
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heavy rain is moving through north carolina and virginia. that system will head north today. drenching the northeast. here's what those storms are leaving behind. record rainfall in charleston, south carolina, half a foot of rain flooding streets and submerging cars. after today, the threat is in the heartland from louisiana into parts of illinois. there is a potential for tornadoes with those storms, as well. buckle down, folks, in shreveport. and after making his first public appearance since leaving office, former president obama is making headlines for what he didn't say at a student forum at the university of chicago. the former president steered clear of ever mentioning the current president and instead offered some advice on life. >> yeah, obama told the students they should limit the photos they put online. and even had some words of wisdom about marriage. >> listening to understand rather than listening to respond. that will save you a lot of heartache and grief. >> very good advice.
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>> yes, i agree with you. obama disclosed he's been working on a book about his political career. and he said the most important thing he can do is to help prepare the next generation of leaders. >> i understand because i was listening. still ahead, lowe's is warning customers about a scam. that you might see on your facebook feed. >> what was that? and bill o'reilly back on the airwaves after being fired from fox news. what he's saying about being let go. and the harassment allegations. plus, the charred remains of a phone. a woman says her samsung device exploded right in her pocket. but it was not that troubled note 7.
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you're looking at the moment a powerful earthquake hit chile, shaking this apartment. the quake was a magnitude 6.9 and felt 600 miles away. the major tremor forced evacuations. so far, no reports of injuries. back here in the u.s., the accused kidnapper, tad cummins has pleaded not guilty. in federal court in sacramento amid some explosive new allegations. in what they're calling an audacious scheme, prosecutors say the former tennessee teacher had ultimately planned to take his 15-year-old student, elizabeth thomas, to mexico. he now faces a possible ten years to life in prison. both federal and state felony charges. we're hearing and seeing new information about the passenger dragged off a united airlines flight earlier this month. a newly released statement by aviation officer james long says 69-year-old dr. david dao got physically violent as he tried
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to lift dao out of his seat. dao then lost his hit and demetrio is now also representing the mother from the friday incident on board an american airlines flight. he says the flight attendant who took away her stroller was out of control. another passenger says the whole thing was started by the mother who shouted at the flight attendant after she refused to check the stroller. a woman in ohio says her new samsung phone exploded in her pocket and set her pants on fire. dorothea preston says she purr quhased the samsung gusto 3 flip phone last month. she was sitting in her living room when she heard a bang. she struggled to put out the fire. as the plastic melted against her leg. >> i mean, it exploded real loud. and it got hot. and the room was smoking. i'm trying to get it out of my pocket. >> now preston had heard about
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the fire issues with the galaxy note 7, but she thought her model was safe. samsung stands by the quality and the safety of the phone. they say the incident can't be linked to overheating until they can examine the damaged device. lowe's is now issuing a warning to its customers, saying not to be fooled by an online scam. it's presented on facebook pages as a mother's day coupon for 50 bucks. it takes you to a fake lowe's website that is designed to steal your personal information. lowe's confirm that site is not legitimate. it is advising customers to avoid it. when we come back, a man accused of killing his wife. how investigators say the woman's fitbit helped them track him down. plus, our first look at a flying car. or flying vehicle of some sort. we're going to show you. all the details and see it take off. it's late
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heavy rains triggered flooding. this scene in virginia. this construction crane collapsed into the holston river. it was part on an ongoing road project. that project apparently just got a lot more involved. up to half a foot of rain has fallen across parts of that region. >> and there will be more rain and the possibility of flooding on many roads in the east coast this morning. wet conditions across the middle of the country and in the northwest and some mountain snow in the rockies. if you're flying, airport delays possible from washington to boston, as well as kansas city. well, former fox news host bill o'reilly speaking out for the first time since he was fired amid a string of sexual harassment allegations. >> in a new podcast, o'reilly said he's sad and surprised at the way he lost his job. maggie rulli joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis. it's been barely a week since bill o'reilly's public firing from fox news. but now the former number one rated cable news host is back on
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the air and speaking out. >> welcome to the no spin news. >> reporter: bill o'reilly is back. >> a completely different experience than what you've had in the past. >> reporter: but this time it's not on tv. he says he's setting the record straight on his podcast. >> i am sad that i'm not on television anymore. i was very surprised how it all turned out. >> reporter: in his first spoken comments since being fired from his show, he alludes only vaguely to the controversy. >> i can't say a lot because there's much stuff going on right now. >> reporter: and seems to deny the allegations from multiple women who accuse him of harassment. >> but i can tell you that i'm very confident the truth will come out. >> reporter: despite what he says is the truth, the damage is already done. advertisers bolted. and protesters rallied against his show. [ crowd chanting ] >> all: hey, hey, ho, ho, bill o'reilly's got to go. >> reporter: fox's top executives let him go. but o'reilly is hoping to hold
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on to his millions of loyal fans by promising his podcast will be a genuine news program. one with his same voice and views. >> these people on the far left are really insane. and dangerous. dangerous. >> reporter: now, everyone seems to be peck -- speculating, what's next for o'reilly? in addition to this podcast, he also has a speaking tour starting in june. and an eighth book in his best-selling series is set to come out in september. so diane and kendis, plenty to keep him busy. >> that, indeed. his latest book is still on top of the bestseller's list, maggie, thank you. police in connecticut say a fitbit fitness tracker helped crack a murder case. richard debate is accused of killing his waif in late 2015. he claims she was shot dead home invasion. his statements about the case contradicted information found
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on her fitbit tracker. he's accused of tampering with evidence and making false statements. elton john is recovering from a potentially deadly bacterial infection. the rock 'n' roll hall of famer said to have picked it up on a tour in south america. landing him in the hospital for nearly two weeks. it forced him to cancel upcoming shows in las vegas. however, the rocket man is expected to make a full recovery and is set to return to the stage in england. on june 3rd. back here at home, we're learning what likely caused the sudden death of "happy days" actress erin moran. the 56-year-old found dead in her home in indiana over the weekend. authorities now say an autopsy has found she likely died from stage 4 cancer. they did not elaborate on the type of cancer. while toxicology results are still pending, investigators say no illegal narcotics were found in moran's home. let's turn the focus to sports. >> let's get the highlights from the nba playoffs from espn. hey, this is going out to dave craig, our loyal viewer. >> tiny milton college. the blazers no longer exist in the nba playoffs. kevin durant back.
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and i mean, just making moves. you go that way, i'll go this way. this thing was 14-0, 22-3, i think it was 35-9. 45-22. skinny pop! golden state won by a lot. enthusiastic. here are the wizards and the hawks. >> pick it up. >> wizards lead the series, 2-1. jose calderon. oh, what happened? made it. hawks up, 93-88. five minutes to play. dennis schroder. missed the three. milsap. kooky shot. throws it home. when you do that, we show it more than once. top play nominee. hawks up by seven. still up seven. schroder. medicinal. he had 18 points. ten in the final five minutes of the game. the hawks go on to win. 111-101. and that series is tied at 2-2. best of seven thing, neil. >> you probably need to take this a little more seriously. >> yeah. we'll be back next time.
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time to check "the pulse." time to check "the pulse." starting with what looks like it could be a vehicle of the future. and i think it's the new way i'm going to commute to work. >> it's an annoying way to commute to work. that sound. it's sort of like a cool, flying -- contraption. they call it a flying car. it just made its debut on youtube. it's backed by google co-founder larry page. it's called a kitty hawk flyer. an all electric vehicle. designed specially to fly over water. >> you also, by the way, won't need a pilot's license. you can apparently learn to fly it in just minutes. the company is hoping the kitty hawk goes on sale before the end of the year. pretty soon. >> yes. i don't know that it will -- replace, you know, my little hyundai. but all right. >> it may replace my bike.
4:23 am
>> yeah, that's true. >> it looks a lot cooler. >> that sound, though. may have to work on that. next up, we're off to the lone star state for what they call the hottest burger in texas. >> it's charlie's five alarm fire burger at the little bitty burger barn in houston. it's made with several different peppers and some toxic hot sauce, at least toxically hot. they say the burger itself is so hot, customers have to sign a waiver before they can eat it. >> they have to take out a life insurance policy policy. i'm kidding about that part. it's also so hot -- >> how hot? >> 96% of those who try fail to finish. if you're not into that sort of pain there are plenty of other burgers to choose from. >> how much to get you to eat the burger? >> no. that's an actual photo, by the way. finally, take me out to the ball game? >> yeah. >> buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks. >> uh huh. >> and not a beach ball. >> whoa. that's probably what a minor league outfielder was thinking while trying to get that beach
4:24 am
ball all the field, they even started playing the theme from "the benny hill show" as this was going on. >> so perfect. the wind was blowing against the direction where he was trying to throw the ball. and it just kept blowing the ball back on the field. finally, he threw it up high enough where a woman was able to catch the ball. and that's how they finally got it over the wall where he was trying to get it. >> this kid, he's not going to make it out of the majors. whoa. look at that. i can throw it back. >> yeah, you got it. kid, he's not going to make it out of the majors. whoa. look at that. i can throw it back. >> yeah, you got it.
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. hey there, good morning, it's tuesday, april 25 at 4:27 in the a.m. and we're all here ready to go. >> and so are you. we'll get through it together. we have mike nicco and the rain moved out of here. >> yes, may come back tomorrow but for all intense and purposes the rain season i think is just about over. >> excellent. we'll take it. >> we'll talk more about that in the accuweather 7 day forecast. right now stepping out you can see it's dry on live doppler 7. we have cloudy conditions and it's breezy as you can see from mount tam. we'll see more sunshine after starting in the low to mid-50s, we'll stay in the 50s at the coast. mid-60s at 4:00 and we'll have 57 to 62 at 7:00.
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how about those winds? did you notice them on the bay bridge? >> yeah, and i saw the signs on for a high wind advisory. we also have one for the venetia bridge. our south beach camera, this is normally the view you see from the afternoon commute. westbound 80 right around the southbound 101 connector, so just beyond this curve, we have a two-car crash blocking the far left lane. we have a tow truck and an ambulance on the way to the scene. we're not seeing a backup there yet but i have a map so i'll show you that in less than 10. >> alexis, thank you. developing news, $24,000 worth of computers, iphones and ipads stolen from an apple store in marin. >> that store was robbed just months ago. abc 7 news reporter amy abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live for us in
4:29 am
madera. this attack happened at 8:00 last night. five people in their teens or possibly early 20s ran in at closing time, stole about $24,000 worth of stuff. this is the latest in the string of attacks. we have surveillance video of an attack that happened at the san francisco store. it's happened at stores in palo alto, berkeley and corps a ma dara has been hit before. usually the attacks are very quick. within seconds. a group of people run in, grab handfuls of ipads, phone, and computers and run out. different police departments are all working together. they're swapping information to try and get these crimes solved, prevented. make some arrests, they have made a few arrests but not in every attack. apple has not commented about these robberies. no customers have been reported even to hurt live in corte madera, amy hollyfield, nbc 7 news. two police officers were at the coliseum in oakland where
4:30 am
dozens of teens robbed passengers. up to 60 teens jumped the fare gates around 9:30 saturday night. they swarmed a car robbing and attacking passengers. two people were hurt. at first bart officials said none of its officers were at the station but now admits two officers were patrolling the parking lot when the gang hit. >> we did have increased police presence saturday night at oakland stations. we've been authorizing overtime for key stations, specifically oakland. >> the suspects grabbed five cell phones, a purse and duffel bag before running off. investigators are combing through surveillance video but are not releasing it because the attackers appear to be minors. i'm tracking this story. there is an amber alert issued in southern california for a one-year-old girl. this is alexis


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