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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 25, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, coming up on 5:00 a.m. on tuesday, april 25. i'm that zouves. >> y'all couldn't tell us you were going to wear red today? >> we were saying in commercial break you are the springy ones. >> we're just bringing the energy on this side of the table. regina reginald, bringing the sunshine back? >> i hope so, we're getting deeper into the 80s, 70s at the coast. here's dive doppler seven, you can put the umbrellas away today. here's a look from suit roe tower. it's bouncy out there. east bay hills camera. it's bouncy. it's bouncy. 47 to 54.
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how are we working on the commute? a little breezy as you mentioned, mike and here's the bay bridge toll plaza. everything looking okay so far. we don't have metering lights on so far. we have the high wind signs on when i came across. westbound 580 tracy to dup lynn, yellow at 36 minutes, slight delays out of the central valley. dublin to mission boulevard 15 and northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino, you here in the green at 15 minutes. san francisco bouncing back from an earlier crash. we'll check on that next. >> alexis, thank you. happening today, google's self-driving car company are looking for riders. hundreds of self-driving pacificas are about to hit the road. but you'll have to head south -- way south -- to get in one. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson live in mountain view for us. good morning, tiffany. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. yes, that's right. there is a catch. those passengers are going to be in phoenix. for the very first time today
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google's self-driving car company is accepting applications for passengers in the phoenix area. they will be among the very first to test the expanded fleet of chrysler pacifica minivans outfitting with the autonomous car sensors. the goal is for early riders to take waymo for free then provide feedback about the passenger experience. waymo will then provide a test driver -- well, they'll provide a test driver in all situations to monitor the experience and the long-term goal is to have a fully self-driving car that needs no human intervention. . the dmv is holding a public hearing in sacramento this morning to discuss proposed regulations for testing and public use of driverless
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vehicles. official rules could be in place by the end of the year so you'll have to wait to be a passenger in a self-driving vehicle around here but it's coming soon. live at google headquarters in mountain view, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> we'll let the phoenix folks be the guinea pigs on that one. we're learning more about apple's self-driving car project even though the company hasn't officially confirmed it. apple plans to start self-driving cars in california according to the business journal. the cupertino company submitted training documents to the dmv earlier this month which accidentally released names of test drivers. they include former nasa and tesla engineers. they will use lexus suvs controlled by a joy stick and drivers will have to pass a seven-part test before they hit the road. people in pacific heights talking about a kidnapping attempt. police say a man tried to abduct a woman right off the street. police are releasing details about this incident that happened over the weekend on
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steiner street. abc 7 news reporter lillian kim shows us the key move by a neighbor who saved the day. >> reporter: it was just before 9:00 p.m. on steiner street between green and vallejo. a woman was walking up the hill when a man grabbed her from behind and tried to put her in his truck. david covert was in his living room at the time. >> i heard a woman scream really loudly for about nine, ten seconds. >> reporter: but it was apparently the actions of an approaching motorist that scared off theturned on his brights an began honking his horn. the man ultimately let go of the victim. >> were it not for their intervention it's likely he would have succeeded in his kidnap and would have taken the victim in the vehicle. >> reporter: the suspect got away but not for long. san francisco police won't say how but they tracked him down the next day in petaluma where, after a high speed pursuit and collision, officers took him into custody. >> it's frightening. i mean, i assume my own safety
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but i guess i shouldn't. >> reporter: people we talked to, women especially who regularly walk at night in pacific heights are shaken by news of the attempted kidnap. they say this is a good reminder to remain vigilant at all times. >> try not to look at my phone and be aware of who is around me and what not. >> reporter: as for the suspect, police are not releasing his name but he's 46 years old from sonoma county. lillian kim, abc 7 news. an employee at the boys and girls club in petaluma is accused of offering up a six-year-old girl for sex. benjamin goerke was a program director. police say he posted a picture of the girl in one of the club's afterschool programs in an internet chat room for child foreign. he posted her home address and parents' phone number. he told police he accessed the club's computer remotely from his home. in a statement, the boys and girls club says its mission is to keep children safe and it's fully cooperating with the investigation.
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right now i'm tracking this story major concerns over north korea after the country conducted large-scale live fire drills. that's according to the south korean military that claims the north performed the test to mark its military's founding anniversary. leader kim jong-un was likely there. the concern is now whether or not the north will carry out another nuclear or missile test. the u.s. is not standing by. the u.s. navy doing exercises with south korean and japanese forces today and tomorrow. i also want to show you this new video. the u.s. nuclear powered submarine, the uss "michigan" arrived off the coast of south korea too restock its supplies so it is there, too. reggie, natasha, back to you. the government will run out of money this weekend unless the budget agreement is reached and president trump may have saved the day. the president reportedly said his administration could get the funding for a wall at the mexican border this week or they could come back to it in
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september. democrats say if mr. trump takes that off the table they could pass a budget by friday. house minority leader nancy pelosi called the wall immoral and unwise. local and federal leaders urged the trump administration again to release millions of dollars to modernize the aging caltrain system. those leaders included representatives jackie spear, mayor ed lee, yesterday they urged the white house to stop delaying the project which would lechery phi the line and replace the agency's feet of the 1980s locomotives and rail cars. >> this is bad, bad politics. it's shameful anything like this would happen. the american people deserve better. certainly the people of our region deserve better. >> reporter: in february, the trump administration withheld $647 million from caltrain. the white house is seeking to cut nearly a billion dollars
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from the transportation budget this year. blurred lines between the president and his personal business are brewing new controversy now. on april 4,, a web site run by the state department, promoted mar-a-lago as the winter white house and detailed its history. according to "usa today," the u.s. embassy in london broke the story. democrats called it a conflict of interest. the post was quickly taken down. apologized saying the intent of the article was to inform the public about where the president has hosted world leaders. petaluma police hope someone recognize this is man. they say he vandalized 12 businesses, three cars, and several street signs along east washington street. it happened between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning on saturday. one of the businesses captured these images of the suspect so if you have info, call police. there will be a public hearing on a very heated topic in tiburon, trees. specifically 42 of them near the mckegney green soccer field. most of them are eucalyptus.
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on one side of the debate are the people who believe the trees add character and should be preserved. on the other side, people believe they are highly flammable and have shallow roots so they can fall without warning. rob herwin is in that group. he's so eager to get the job done he helped pull together $70,000 to pull together expenses to remove them. >> it's a good investment to save homes from burning down and your kids from getting injured. >> pages of letters and studies from both sides have been submitted. the hearing will take place at 6:00 p.m. at the town hall. bear have begun emerging from hibernation and are looking for food. >> get out of there! get out of there! >> south lake fire warned people to keep structures closed and garages secure. he didn't try to "go away,
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coyote, go away"? >> that's usually effective. >> really works with bears. 492 in black hawk and danville, 36 in diablo. there's cooler air up there so when we get sunshine we won't completely warm back to where we should be. everybody else in the 50-degree range heyward 55, san francisco and napa. let's talk about what's going to happen this afternoon. warm, low 60s at the coast, 64 to 68 around the bay and 68 to 70 so a slight jump over yesterday because we won't have the rain and we'll see a little sunshine. we have another weak system rolling through that will bring us a slight chance of showers. so we'll range from 59 at half moon bay to 69 in concord. look at the warmth thursday. a lot of 70s in the inland neighbors.
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mid to upper 60s around the by a. that will get warmer because we don't have more chances after tomorrow. walking the dog, cool this morning, mild this afternoon. exercising, watch out for the tree pollen. a breezy morning on the water. alexis? i want to take you back to our one and only issue of the morning so far and it's all gone. we had a few residual delays, westbound 80 to southbound 101 in san francisco. last time we checked we had just a little backup remaining. a two-car crash was blocking the left lane for 30 minutes but that's gone. as of 12 minutes ago, a quick check of our traffic camera, on the left we have a backup on the exit ramp but on the right that is looking much, much better, nothing to worry about heading into san francisco. a little delay out of the central valley. we'll check on that in less than 10. experts say tesla is taking a potentially costly and dangerous risk as they work to meet the deadline for the model 3. >> we are still coping with the fact that a six-figure salary fact that a six-figure salary means low-income for some
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bill o'reilly is making his first in-depth comments since fox news removed him from the air last week. on his podcast, he said he was taken aback by how his 21-year run at the network came to an end. he was dismissed after the "new york times" revealed the network paid settlements to five different women who accused him of sexual harassment or verbal abuse. o'reilly said he was sad he's not on television anymore and he is quote "confident the truth
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will come out." o'reilly's no-spin news podcast is on his web site for free this week and he plans to start charging next week. in today's gma first look, the former tennessee teacher charged with kidnapping a 15-year-old student makes his first court appearance. >> abc's eva pilgrim has new details about his alleged plan of escape. >> reporter: this morning's first look, new details on how that tennessee teacher allegedly hid from the law after taking his 15-year-old former student on a cross-country journey. >> he will face a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years and possibly quite longer. >> reporter: 50-year-old tad cummins appearing in federal court. prosecutors saying he planned an executed an audacious scheme, taking elizabeth thomas through nine states before being captured in california. to hide from authorities during the 39 days on the run, prosecutors claim cummins swapped license plates, disabled his car's gps, used back roads, changed the appearance of his suv and made only cash purchases. the pair ended up here in this remote cabin in california.
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>> it's been hard for her. >> reporter: a live report from tennessee coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your first look, i'm eva pilgrim, abc news, nashville. brentwood police need your help to find this missing teenager. 17-year-old kamryn bresee was last seen wearing a black top, red shorts and black shoes. she may have been seen in pittsburg friday afternoon. if you have seen her, call brentwood police. a new date is set for berkeley to decide whether to continue its involvement in a controversial policing program. operation urban shield is an intense training of real-life scenarios. police say this program is essential but many people feel urban shield has no place in the bay area. critics call it an increase militarization of police. the berkeley city council was set to vote on whether to withdraw from the program today. that decision has been pushed back until may 16.
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happening today, the san francisco board of supervisors will consider a resolution supporting annual mayday demonstrati demonstrations. community groups gathered outside san francisco city hall yesterday to call for a general strike on may 1. last year, some workers got disciplined or even fired for not going to work and taking part in mayday marches. this resolution calls for the city and county of san francisco to support international workers day. the may 1 demonstration will begin at 11:00 a.m. with a rally followed by a march to civic center. >> we've taken every measure to make sure employers understand if you're a business that hires mostly immigrant workers, your business should be out there marching with us. >> marches are planned in snoe , snoez -- san jose and santa rosa a study by a tokyo-based research firm finds half of moms get flowers on mother's day but less than 10% want them.
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about a quarter will get jewelry, fewer than 10% want that. what does mom want? apparently the answer is a meal out. >> a meal out? >> take her out. >> noted. thank you. a new study shows many people in the bay area are looking to buy a home. >> the brokerage firm redfin found 20% of potential buyers a finding bay area prices too high for their blood. the san francisco metropolitan area is the top market where house hunters are most likesly to leave. sacrament open the the most common in-state destination for those headed for the exits and i thought this was notable. seattle is the most common out-of-state destination. >> interesting. you have to get use to that seattle weather, though. >> you sure, do. >> we have them beat. >> some of us have lived in the pa sichx northwest in this room and it's beautiful but it's wet. >> alexis was telling me it's almost as expensive to live there. >> not any cheaper there.
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seriously. >> alexis lets you know don't bother. [ laughter ] scratch that one off. >> she sounded pretty adamant about it is in case you didn't hear what the microphones say. good morning, let's talk about the high clouds overtaking our sky. they will thin as the day unfolds so grab the sunglasses. don't need the umbrella today. here's 280, dry today. last chance of slight showers wednesday. i mean last chance for a long time with the medium range models. that means rain season just about ended. breezy transition to a warm weekend coming up the rest of the week. the storm impact scale is on tomorrow because there's a chance some of us will get wet. that's the whole point of the storm impact scale to let you know it will become breezy tomorrow. it will see where that rain falls. 4:00 tomorrow morning, drizzle possible as we head towards 9:00 you can see some showers across the north bay by noon, a few isolated showers for the rest of us and that will be the case as we head into the evening commute. by the time we finish the
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commute there may be a stray shower in the south bay and as we head into the evening hours that fades away. and for the rest of the week, thursday and friday will be breezy as the warm air rushes in, near 70 at the coast, near 80 for the rest of us, saturday, sunday, and monday. look at that sunshine, alexis. >> that's looking good, mike so far we're looking great on the roads. it's breezy as mike has been telling you as well. we have a high wind the venetia bridge. the bay bridge has a high wind advisory as well. we're getting close to those metering lights flipped on as well. slight delays out of the central valley. overall not too bad. westbound 580 tracy to dublin. westbound 4 antioch to concord 16 and san rafael to san francisco 16 minutes. next traffic update, 16 minutes. tesla reportedly planning a new assembly line strategy for
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the model three. according to the company plans to use expenser equipment, the goal is to cut down on production time in order to meet their september production deadline. it comes with risks, however, experts say any recall worthy missteps could be very expensive. tesla's ceo elon musk wants model 3 deliveries to begin by the end of this year. state lawmakers have put the brakes on a bill to let automated cameras snap pictures of speeders in san francisco and san jose. backers say automated speed enforcement would save lives. it faced opposition from the unions representing highway patrol and local police officers. that i fear speed cameras could eliminate jobs in law enforcement. up next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day, also, a pretty adorable celebration. ♪ happy birthday to me already love him. this 97-year-old man proving you are never too old to live out
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one a day women's in gummies and tablets. 5:24. here are the seven things you need to know today. there's been another smash-and-grab robbery at a bay area apple store in corte madera. five people swarmed the store and made off with an estimated $24,000 in products. a takeover robbery on bart in oakland. investigators say up to 60 teens boarded a train on saturday holding up and attacking riders. bart says two of its officers were actually at the coliseum station when this happened but they were patrolling the parking lot. so far, no arrests. number three from the live desk, a major search happening in southern california and an amber alert issued for a one-year-old girl. she was reportedly abducted by her 38-year-old father daniel segura. he's believed to be armed and driving a red mitsubishi gallant. rising tensions between the u.s. and north korea.
5:25 am
leader kim jong-un held large scale firing drills overnight as the missile-armed uss "michigan" moved into the region. number five, what we're looking at today, high clouds and sunshine dry but i have one more chance of wet weather before a breezy transition to 70s and 80s for the weekend. number six, looking good on the roads so far this morning. we have one issue in san francisco to kick things off. that's long gone. it's definitely breezy so maybe a few gusts as you head across golden gate bridge. it's official, the huffington post now just huffpost. the new look following the rebranding. this is the first name change in the site's 12-year history. the editor-in-chief says the change reflects what readers already call them. now to a heartwarming moment caught on camera. >> a pennsylvania man took the ride of a lifetime. he said he wanted to be a firefighter his whole life. on his 97th birthday, that wish
5:26 am
came true. firefighters surprised him, they showed up at his retirement home during his birthday celebration and told him to look out the window. >> oh, my gosh! [ laughter ] how about that? >> we're going to give you a ride. >> accidentally on the floor there were two black buttons and i rested my foot on one, it was the siren. >> you ready? >> i'm ready. [ sirens ] ♪ happy birthday to me >> yes! firefighters say they were so happy to help him fulfill his life long dream and we astore him. well done. >> that's cute. we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news include mag written county ending the budget year with plenty to spare. an east by a high school tries to diffuse racial tensions from a post on social media. the chance parents will have to weigh in on the controversy. and keep it or ditch it. a new poll out this morning on
5:27 am
obamacare just coming into our live desk and, despite what washington says, the answer may surprise you. and let's look outside at 5:26. you can always see weather and you can always see weather and traffic information on your
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good morning. it's 5:29 in the a.m., thanks for being there. >> we appreciate it. we want to start with meteorologist mike nicco. people tired of waking up to drizzly rain and you have good news. by "a lot of people" i mean myself. putting all that emotion on you. >> let's see what i can do. you can put your head on my shoulder and cry. >> look how dry it is. >> it is. but there's one chance of rain tomorrow and i didn't want you to fixate on that because we have a warm weekend coming up. we will have dry weather today, more sunshine. this is the way it looks from
5:30 am
east bay hills starting off in the low to mid-50s today. 57 to 63 at noon, 58 to 65 at 4:00 and a delightful evening, about 57 to 62. we'll talk more about that rain and warmth next. here's alexis. we have those metering lights on on the bay bridge commute. this is filling in very quickly. that happened around 5:26. getting reports of a collision beyond the metering lights in the far left lane. sounds minor, like both of those vehicles will be able to drive off on their own, not have to call a tow truck to the scene so an update on that and we'll look at mass transit around 5:40. alexis, thank you. developing news, $24,000 worth of computers, ipads and iphones stolen from an apple store in marin. >> this same store was hit months ago. amy hollyfield live in corte madera. amy? >> reporter: the store will have some restocking to do today. look at the empty countertops here at this apple store in
5:31 am
corte madera. thieves got away with about $24,000 worth of electronics. it happened at 8:00, right at closing time. there were customers here. the doors were still unlocked. five people ran in, grabbed the products and ran away. this is one of several attacks on apple stores in the bay area. here's surveillance video of a raid of the san francisco store in chestnut street in december. it took three thieves 11 seconds to rob the store. we have also seen attacks at apple stores in berkeley, palo alto and the corte madera store has been hit before. police arrested four people from the december robbery in palo alto but in most cases the thieves have gotten away. the different police departments are working together to try and find the people who are doing this. no one has been hurt. apple has not commented. there store is right in the middle of this corps te madera the village of corte madera shopping center. security officers say they saw the thieves running away, they
5:32 am
didn't see whether they grot ota car but they did get away. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. bart is revealing two of its police officers were at the coliseum station in oakland where dozens of teens jumped on a train and robbed passengers. up to 60 teens jumped the fare gates 9:30 saturday night. they swarmed a car, robbing and attacking passengers. two people were hurt. at first bart officials said none of its officers were at the station but now it's admitting two officers were patrolling parking lot when the gang hit. the suspects grabbed five cell phones, a purse and a duffel bag before running off. investigators are combing there surveillance video but are not releasing it because the attackers appear to be minors. san francisco police trying to determine how two explosive devices ended up in a neighborhood. someone found a pipe bomb and a hand grenade near 22nd and wisconsin streets around 5:00 yesterday. police closed off the streets for almost two hours while the bomb squad checked it out. they ended up determining the
5:33 am
devices were safe and they gave the all clear a short time later. developing news in southern california, there is an amber alert for a one-year-old girl who was abducted in rancho cucamonga by her father. the child, named legacy segura, was taken by daniel segura, around 5:30 last night. authorities say he's armed and dangerous. we are hearing authorities found the car moments ago but no sign of the man or the girl. conservative commentator ann coulter says she will be at uc berkeley thursday despite the university rescheduling her planned speech. no word on how coulter will speak or when but school leaders say there is no safe place for her to speak. the two groups sponsoring her appearance filed a federal lawsuit accusing the university of trying to restrict conservative speech on campus. they attorney claims the school has a secret policy that limits conditions for certain speakers. >> it's not in writing. it's not been publicized but it has been used to shut down two
5:34 am
speakers that the berkeley college republicans have brought to cal. >> the university says it's trying to avoid the same kind of violence that erupted before a speech by milo yiannopoulos. yesterday coulter retweeted a weather forecast with the words "nice day for an outdoor into even in berkeley." advocates for immigrants and victims of hate crime will rally in san jose. organizers say the rally expected to be similar to this one in san francisco is to show the board how critical certain items are that are up for discussion. one, the need for safe shelter beds for transgender people. another to help families with an emergency plan in case a parent is picked up for deportation. also happening, the albany school board will discuss this racially-fuelled instagram page that targeted minority students at albany high. one photo that we showed you just a moment ago had a student with a noose around her neck.
5:35 am
the page was up for two months before school administrators became aware of it. the students responsible got suspended but some parents say they should have been expelled. there will be a chance for a public comment at tonight's meeting. developing news over the north korea crisis. president trump will hold a rare briefing with the full senate tomorrow at the white house. congressional aides have suggested the briefing will underscore the message to north korea that washington is serious about wanting a shift in policy. yesterday president trump said the united nations security council must come up with new and stronger sanctions against pyongyang, adding it's time to solve the problem. also happening today, president trump expected to name a retired two-star general as the new secret service director. randolph tex alice served 35 years in the military before joining the u.s. customs and border patrol. the head of the secret service is appointed by the president and doesn't need senate confirmation. brand new at this hour, a new poll shows many americans
5:36 am
want to keep obamacare. 61% of those polled by abc news and the "washington post" say the affordable care act should be kept and improved. only 37% say it should be repealed and replaced. when asked about top priorities, 62% said they want nationwide coverage standards for things like preventative services and prescription drugs and the other note that i am seeing here in the poll, 70% say they wanted coverage for conditions. reggie, natasha, back to you. happening today, fireworks in florida. wells fargo executives and board of directors are going to face what's expected to be angry investors at a shareholder meeting in jacksonville. this is the first time they'll have a meeting like this since the scandal surrounding the bank sales practices. it cost the bank hundreds of millions of dollars in fines. it forced them to make an apology to two million customers who had accounts opened for them without their permission and of course it also led to a damaged
5:37 am
reputation for the bank. many residents of san francisco's mission district are not happy about a new temporary homeless shelter planned for their neighborhood. the location is an empty building in an adjacent lot on van ness and 26th streets. some residents said not here, not now. others, though, want the center to open quickly. >> i know we need to get these people in homes, but adding 120 people to the area is not the right solution. and also they're going to end it with no exit plan. that's another big issue. >> every single day that we delay folks who are living on the streets are still out on the streets and aren't getting the services they need and neighbors still continue to have to deal with these tent encampments. a second community meeting will be held about this issue since last night's was overcapacity. marin county expected to be swimming in money by the end of the fiscal year and there's already suggestions on how to spend it. county officials told the board of supervisors yesterday that marin should see a $5.5 million
5:38 am
surplus by the end of june. they suggested the money could be spent on improving roads damaged during the storms and contributing to the county library's reading program for pre-schoolers. supervisors have the final say on where the money will go. if you're stepping outside, especially in the south bay, we'll start with your temperatures. 44 in los gatos. upper 40s to low 50s just about everywhere. san jose 52. mountain view 53. 55 in alameda, newark, san carlos along with brentwood at 54, 49 in danville, 53 in noato, san francisco, half moon bay 54. today's highs a little warmer than yesterday. most neighborhoods 61 at half moon bay. 64 to 68 around to 70 inland. breeze lighter on the golden gate bridge. ferry ride will be breezy and
5:39 am
choppy. this afternoon not quite as much. mass transit will be good today. no worries. in fact, you can see the flags on the ferry building unfurled because of the wind. they'll push around a lot of tree pollen today. uv index is going to be high. lows tonight will be mild. about 50 to 56 degrees. notice the green on the map? one more chance of wet weather before the weekend. we'll go hour by hour looking at it next. here's alexis. i want to take you back to the bay bridge and zoom in on our traffic maps. we have a crash reported. we have varying accounts of where it's located so initially it sounded like it was just west of the metering lights. it could be closer to treasure island but i'm not seeing backup there and it sounds minor. both vehicles are going to drive off on their own. we won't call tow trucks to the scene and i'm seeing the typical backup here at the toll plaza approaching the the metering lights were flipped on 13, 14 minutes ago and that's filling in. mass transit, ace 1 and 3 out on
5:40 am
time. no delays for bart, 46 trains in service and san francisco bay ferry, you're looking good. probably a breezy ride across the bay this morning so just keep that in mind. thanks, alexis. a murder case could be solved because of a fitbit. the key role it's playing. new details on the incident on a united airlines flight. an aviation officer involved is telling his side of the story. imagine going to work by riding in this. a look at a local company's flying car that could hit the market sooner than you think. mike and alexis will help mike and alexis will help make this a better day k
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a fitbit is being used as a key piece of evidence in a murder case in connecticut. richard debate was charged with killing his wife in 2015. he claims she was killed during a home invasion but her fitbit logged steps after the time he says she was killed. >> it's all about the timeline. he says basically he comes home around 9:05, that a guy fully in camouflage with a blowtorch attacks him and her in the house. they're able, though, to piece together using evidence from the alarm system, from when she posted things on facebook, from text messages and from the fitbit to try to prove that his
5:44 am
timeline is not true. >> another fact raising suspicion here, he has a pregnant mistress. he's being held on a million dollars bail. >> that's a crazy story. arkansas just had the nation's first double execution in more than 16 years. there is accusations one of them suffered. the state executed jones for the rape and murder of a book keeper in 1995. three hours later they put williams to death for the murder of a young mother in 1994. a judge temporarily blocked williams' lethal injection because attorneys argued the first excuse was inhumane. they say officials spent 45 minutes trying to place an iv in jones' neck before putting it elsewhere and that he gulped for air as he died. the judge ultimately allowed both executions to go forward. we hearing from one of the aviation officers involved in dragging a united arabliirlines
5:45 am
passenger from a flight. james long claims dr. david dao was physically and verbally combative. long says when he pulled dao from his seat the 69-year-old knocked his arms away, fell and hit his own mouth on the armrest. dao suffered a broken nose and teeth. the incident was caught on video and has gone viral. united says it had to bump dao and three other passengers to make room for four airline employees. tesla says it plans to double the number of its super charging stations from 5,000 to 10,000. that's 40% more than the automaker previously said it would install. the extra stations will be needed. they plan to have 5,000 extra vehicles in 2018 including the model 3 launching this year. warriors fans get your credit cards ready. tickets for the first three games of the next round of the nba playoff going tomorrow. nbc 7 news was at green sports bar in san francisco as fans watched the dubs eliminate
5:46 am
the trailblazers in a blowout. the final score, 128-103. the team will face whoever wins the series between the l.a. clippers and utah jazz. we won't know until friday at the earliest who exactly that will be. on a more somber note, coach steve kerr not on the sidelines last night. our cameras captured him at practice in portland before the game. he is taking a step back from coaching indefinitely because of ongoing complications from back surgery. >> you can leave your get well wishes for coach kerr on our facebook page or share this badge on your own page. like us on facebook at abc 7 news for the updates on kerr's conditions and the warriors' playoff progress. the future is now and the future is flying cars. >> would you go to work in a company called kitty hawk says its product is safe, tested and legal to operate and you don't need a pilot's license. the company says the kitty hawk
5:47 am
flier is for recreation only. it can only be flown in uncongested areas like over a body of water. we showed the test flight video to drivers. >> i think it's cool. i think we'll get there at some point like in "back to the future ii." if i could afford one, i'd buy one. >> it looks like fun but i would worry about the safety issues. >> are you on the same page with lynnette right now? >> it looks real wobbly to me. i don't want to be underneath that, you know what i'm saying? >> experts say the flying car is basically a giant drone. it looks like it. as for the price tag, that has yet to be revealed. >> mike, you're just like treading water, having a good day, maybe on an inner tube and then this thing comes buzzing buy and ruins your whole day. starts whipping the water. no thank you. >> and what do you do when it rains? i'll stick inside my car for now. keep my suit looking okay.
5:48 am
i like the technology, though. good morning, everybody, keep pushing the envelope. a little breeze will be the case today as we're in between systems. systems. here's a look from the explorer gray with a stray shower tomorrow and an extended dry period and warm pattern developing. put a storm impact scale on this. it will be a light storm with scattered showers and it will stay breezy again tomorrow. here we are tomorrow morning mostly cloudy, a few patches of drizzle possible through the morning commute until you get to the north bay. scattered showers up here. notice how few and far between they are. that will continue up until about 4:00 then you can see another round will develop through 7:00 then it falls apart once the sun sets and that's it for a long, long time.
5:49 am
if the medium range models are correct, tomorrow will mark the end of the rain season. breezy thursday and friday. near 70 to 80 for sunday and monday some of our warmest days. we're still trying to get to the bottom of this bay bridge mystery here. here's folks heading into san francisco. no issues there. everything looks great but we have a collision reported, i think it's closer to the metering lights than treasure island but we have varying reports. we haven't gotten the all clear so a quick check of drive i times. it's not terrible. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze 20 minutes. westbound 80 across the bay bridge we are up to 18. zsh southbound 101 you're in the green. a quick check of our traffic maps, seeing some red westbound 205 to 580. getting out of the central valley towards altamont pass. next traffic update just before 6:00.
5:50 am
new at 6:00, another reason to hit the gym. the workout that could help your memory as you age. first, east bay students developing an app to help organize car pools to get your kids to school and how you can make it a reality. a brave young girl shave a brave young girl shave hearse head in front of her
5:51 am
5:52 am
ivanka trump at a women's empowerment summit many germany. we got this video. she is not getting a warm welcome. ivanka in berlin on her first international trip as a white house adviser and as soon as she started talking about her father, president trump, she got heckled and hissed by members in
5:53 am
the audience so they were not very friendly towards her. it didn't seem to phase her. she kept going. german chancellor angela merkel is there, too. the two women are in the panel together today. they will have dinner together tonight. reggie, natasha, back to you. >> a canadian girl's bravery inspiring a lot of people this morning. this is nine-year-old sofia smith. she went as he got her first-ever hair cut. she lost her mother to cancer and shaved her head in honor of her. also in solidarity with her teenage brother who is also now fighting cancer. about 70 other students shaved their heads at this event. sofia wanted to raise a few hundred dollars for calgary cancer charity. well, she ended up raising $20,000. her brother is undergoing chemo and we are told his prognosis is good. >> you could read that she said "i'm scared" but she had no reason to believe, she looks beautiful. >> she looks amazing. happening today the oakland city council will hear about proposed legislation to ban the sale of flavored tobacco
5:54 am
products. that could include vape juice for electronic cigarettes and prevent the sale of cigars in single or double packs. the proposed legislation is designed to stop tobacco companies from marketing their products to kids candy and fruit-flavored cigarettes are banned by federal law. police are encouraging you to sign up for a new tool to help fight mail theft. it's a free service from usps called informed delivery. the postal service sends you photos of the mail you should be getting. the images are taken as your mail gets sorted through equipment. police say the tool can help you alert police if something is missing. the service is limited to letter-sized mail and if you're interested in informed delivery, we have a link on our web site, interesting idea. >> i was thinking the same thing. i like that. anything we can do to get people to stop stealing our mail, that works. you can see blues, purples,
5:55 am
pinks. temperature in oakland, san francisco, the same. the rest of us about four to six degrees warmer. if your last name starts with an o and has an apostrophe in it, it's irish heritage night at the giants game tonight. 60 dropping to 57. your name could be patrick, too. there's a lot of other ones. so let's look at what will happen at san jose. 72, the next few days below that but look at that warmth this weekend. how's it going alexis o'patrick? [ laughter ] >> i do not know where you were going with that one, mike. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we gotten a update on the collision we had just beyond the metering lights. sounds like that pushed that off to the treasure island onramp. we have typical delays back through the maze that are starting to form. quick check of drive times as well. southbound 680 looking great at seven minutes. walnut creek to highway 13 at 9 and then we have stop-and-go traffic westbound 580 tracy to dublin. yellow at 43 minutes. we'll talk about breezy conditions at 6:00.
5:56 am
>> alexis, thank you. we know this is true, getting kids to school in the morning can be stressful for working parents trying to get to their jobs on time soon there could be an app for that. a team of east bay college students knows the school bus isn't an option for every family so they came up with a car pooling app that will help parents spend more time with their families. >> the app matches parents based on the time they need to leave and their final work. >> neesha and other student could use your help winning this challenge. there's a link on the site if you want to vote for them. >> the world of virtual reality. >> google and a chinese partner have unveiled the halo camera system. the 17 cameras weave images together to create a 360 degree film. it goes on sale this summer.
5:57 am
>> for what price, though? we have to wait and see. >> we'll wait. new at 6:00, mark zuckerberg's effort to help disadvantaged kids get an education is working. his plans now for an expansion. >> google reaches a new milestone for self-driving cars. the project that will put families on the road without a human driver. and if you have plans to fly to europe any time soon, find out why you may need to grab a book instead of your laptop. i'm gathering details. that's next. we're the only ones here at abc 7 morning to keep up weather and traffic throughout the commercial break. commercial break. beautiful
5:58 am
5:59 am
if we could take a moment to look at this sunrise. that is brewing behind us right now. it's a good way to start the tuesday, april 25, and we're glad you're here. >> that is nice. we'll see a lot of sun over the next few days. get excited for that. >> i hope so. a lot more than yesterday,
6:00 am
that's for sure. we have that one chance of some showers tomorrow and then, yeah, you'll want to find sunscreen because you'll need it for the next several days into the weekend. here's a few of those high clouds that continue through our sky but it's dry on live doppler 7. here's the breezes out there and expect those to continue, especially over the bodies of water today. so 47 to 54. petty mild this morning. by noon 57 to 63. we'll be 58 to 65 this out 57 to 62. so temperatures a little cooler than average. look at the temperatures when we get back in the forecast next. alexis? you can see the mt. tam camera bouncing around. we have a high wind advisory for the bay bridge and we have one for the venetia bridge so if you're traveling 680, as mike just mentioned, once you get over those bodies of water it could get gusty.


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