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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 26, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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misty and drizzly right now in san francisco. looks like some of the city disappeared. a live look from the explo exploratorium camera, and we have one question this morning, is this it? good morning, wednesday, april 26th.
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i'm looking at you, mike nicco. >> the 7-day is amazing. let's focus on that, shall we? >> let's try to make both happy. >> let's try to make both happy. know however year like some ti -- ducktion airy people put to. >> yes, today is our last chance of rain before the rain seasons ends on sunday and you can see not a lot of showing up on live doppler 7. you can see the drizzle hanging in the air from the roof camera. 52 to 57 warm this morning. we will have a chance of showers best across the north bay and that chance will become isolated by 4:00, and then by 7:00 it's over. >> we are nice and quiet on the roads so far today. here's a live look outside in walnut creek. southbound 680, you are doing
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fine through the walnut creek area. that's the theme and we don't have any major blocking incidents. westbound 80, just four minutes southbound 880 to san jose, green, and then between highway 101 and cupertino in the green at 11 minutes. developing news, ann coulter plans to speak at uc berkeley tomorrow and the city and university gearing up for protests. >> a lot of concern for safety if she speaks outside. >> reporter: campus officials say she is planning to speak in the plaza, and coulter put out a plan saying she is expecting berkeley to provide a room where she can speak. it's unclear on where she will speak, but one of the groups that invited her is now
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distancing itself from her, the young america's foundation announced it no longer wants to be associated with coulter's visit here. uc police and administrators want coulter to postpone, and she plans to be here tomorrow on the scheduled date. according to the chronicle she will bring her own security team. berkeley police say they are getting ready. >> we, as a police department, will be doing everything and more on our part to make it a safe event and for community members think careful about what you are doing and stay away from violence and destruction. >> this is what they are worried about. protesters used violent tactics back in february when another speaker from the far right was scheduled to be here. milo yiannopoulos' speech was cancelled which this broke out efore his appearance.broke out it is not clear when coulter will speak. right now organizers are saying
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thursday afternoon and they have not set a time, but a protest against her and what she believes is scheduled for 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. reporting live from berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. and donald trump is already vowing to appeal after a federal judge in san francisco blocked an order that would have withheld citibillions from sancy rulin rulings. the judge ruled president trump could not withhold federal funds from cities and counties that did not cooperate with federal immigration laws. san francisco city attorney said the court sided with them on every issue and restated they are not going to lock people up illegally even at the government's direction. construction companies in california may face serious financial consequences if they
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accept contracts to accept contracts to wall. hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake. the bill goes to the preparations committee for further evaluation. here at the live desk a. surprise move overnight by the u.s. to counter north korea's nuclear threats. our military position, a major defense system in south korea and it's a move made earlier than expected and it's an anti-system. i just got this video. it's of them moving to a deployment site, and it could taint progress by the trump administration with china. china does consider t.h.a.d. a
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threat to its committee. and not everybody in south korea supports it and there have been protests there as well. police are searching for a person that torched a mercedes benz and painted kkk on the side of the car. cornell bernard as the story. >> on arrival the car was fully engulf engulfed. >> reporter: the interior torched. it soon became clear there was much more to the crime. >> spray paint graffiti on the right side and left side of car that indicates a hate crime. >> vandals tagged kkk on both sides of the white mercedes parked downtown, a shocking sight. >> it's horrible. we have a small town here and to see something like that happening, a hate crime, it's hideous. >> the victim that owns the car is not african-american.
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>> all i can say is his ethnicity is not caucasian. >> that victim too frightened to come forward and speak out. >> it could be mistaken identity or targeted. >> neighbors say they saw similar tagging near where the car was parked. >> i did not think it was racist, i thought it was an idiot with a spray can. >> police don't know if the vandalism is related. there are a few clues in the case and call police if you have information to solve this hate crime. abc7 news. an oakland firefighter recovering after he was hurt during a fire. the firefighter was on the roof of this building when he fell into a vent and hurt his ankle. this is a vacant library that has become a nuisance. they say they found evidence of roughly 20 people sleeping
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inside. a special education teacher's aid from oakland high school is in critical condition after being hit by a student on campus. a woman that only wants to be identified as lila. when the sisters realized the suv might be towed, they panicked and gave the keys to the student, and that teen is the one that hit the aide. >> she didn't mean to do it. she meant to reverse but she doesn't know the gears, so yeah% that happens and she's really emotional right now. >> school staffers identify the aide as sanders and the 18 is cooperating with police. and then this woman got into a fight with a customer outside the pacific supermarket on
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sunday. apparently it started when the suspect bumped into the customer's cart. they started arguing and that's when police say the suspect hit the customer with the bag she was carrying and with her hand. the victim sustained minor injuries. >> let's talk about temperatures mild this morning. we are in the mid to upper 50s in the north bay. the cool spot, about 54 until you get out to bodega bay at 57, look at this, going to have delays because of the low-hanging clouds. activity planner at the coast, a little wet today and a little breezy. caution. head there this weekend for warm sunshine and slightly calmer conditions. pollen, that's part of your problem if you are out exercising and it's going to be damp this morning, and on the water a little caution, and if
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you like the faster breezes do kite serving and it will be good after 3:00. this is our coolest afternoon moving forward. look at the big jump tomorrow. inland, low to mid-70s there. mid to upper 60s along the bay, and we're still climbing on friday. no 80s yet. mid-40s to mid-50s tonight with increasing stars during the overnight hours. one last chance of rain and then look at all those goose eggs up until tuesday. i will give you an hour by hour look and who is most likely to get the showers coming up next. want to take you back to cornel cornelia. a little after 4:00 this morning we had a rollover crash on 680 before gold hill road and looks like they cleared that and it was never a major blocking issue and they have
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out of the way. i have a mass transit note to pass along and we will do that coming up at 5:20. and just a few days and school officials not happy after this driver takes a bus through floodwaters. through floodwaters.
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look at this video from north carolina. a school bus driver took students right through the flooded road. the person taking this video says the driver got out, moved a barricade before driving through the water. school officials say the driver's actions are inexcusable. she has been fired. yikes. the first star of the bachelor arrested. in this morning's "gma" first look, he's the iowa farm boy that captured america's attention in season 19 of "the bachelor," but this morning he is facing a very different reality, arrested early tuesday and charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident. >> the driver of the tractor is unconscious and in the ditch. >> reporter: the 35-year-old rear-ended a tractor with his pickup trick on a rural iowa
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road killing the traffic dr one of his neighbors. documents revealing alcohol was found at the scene of the accident though he has not been charged with driving under the influence. coming up at 7:00 a.m., dan abrams covers the case. hackers may have broken into chipotle's payment system, so watch out if you have been there recently. the company is investigating detected unauthorized activity. transitions from march 24th to april 18th may be affected. they are being reviewed right now. chipotle had a couple rough years, and this was the last thing they needed. robbery suspect arrested at gunpoint in berkeley yesterday afternoon. police say officers were directing traffic on shaddic avenue between haste street and
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channing way this weekend. the suspect drove off and police the arrest and they say he just robbed a nearby store. a toxic type of heroin may be circulating in and around santa rosa right now. five people appeared to have died from heroin overdoses in the last ten days. officials say there could be a potent bag of the drug on the streets and want to warn the public especially at health and rehabilitation centers of this trend. a sbgt lives in el dorado hills. he was in a backyard in milpitas at 2:00 in the morning on saturday. this fallout following the discovery of a secret budget fund at the university of california. the lieutenant government is calling for a reversal of a
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tuition hike. and he wants to reverse the decision in january to raise tuiti tuition. ucop pointed out a response that are what they call audit errors. the true amount is $38 million. a prudent and reasonable amount for unexpected expenses. if you live in the east bay, listen up, all stores in alameda county will start charging 10 cents for bags. it extends the county's existing reusable bag ordinance, and restaurants and food trucks will be required to implement the
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policy. spirit is ranked as the lowest airline. the second least favorite airline, another ultra a carrier frontier. jetblue followed by southwest won top honors. and off to the races at the games in new zealand. she won gold with the time of 1:14. she was the only person in her age group to compete, but that is beside the point. >> but that is the point! look, she is out there and nobody else is, right? >> she doesn't have much time to rest because she entered in the 200 meter skwraf >> can we call this the man
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core? i was thinking about skipping the gym today, but after that, that kind of shamed me, didn't it. >> no man core? >> there we go. >> i was waiting for joey to come and throw the flag over my head, but next time. he'll be ready. good morning, everybody. here's a look at walnut creek. it's cloudy was head down 680 and get on 24 and start heading through the hills there and up into the elevation, you will run into drizzle. drizzle likely today and showers possible. breezy transition to the warmth on thursday and friday, and summer-like highs next week. that's a whole lot of green and not a lot making it to the ground in the form of light rain, and more than just drizzle. you have to go up to crescent city to be -- yeah, there's drizzle and then showers. a little breezy this afternoon, but no damage.
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here we are at 6:00 to 7:00, you can see the best chance of scattered showers and slipping into the north bay and that's where they stay through 9:00. as we head towards noon you can see a few light showers through the rest of the bay, but by about 4:00 they become very isolated. by 7:00, they are just about gone. we will wake up tomorrow morning, cooler and partly cloudy and it will be breezy and milder tomorrow and then friday, still breezy, but look at the mid-60s, 70s and 80s, and near 70 to 80s for the rest of saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. >> that sounds great. checking on the roads this morning we are seeing slow spots in the usual areas, so nothing out of the ordinary here. westbound stop and go out of tracy. and a quick check of the south bay. san jose, 101 and 880, and inbound traffic coming towards us, and then a transit note to pass along, and yesterday i told you this coming weekend we were
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going to have b.a.r.t. track work, and they have rescheduled that to the following weekend. it's going to be may 6th and 7th and that's due to a potential warrior playoff game. once we get to that point, may 6th and 7th there will be a free bus bridge there. we will talk more when we get closer and you don't have to worry about it now. i wanted to share what i was doing yesterday afternoon with all of you. i went to google yesterday for something called tech know chicos. the keynote speaker was eva longoria. she just recently got her master's degree, and her thesis master's degree, and her thesis is why latino's don't careers in stem. it's recognizing latina
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helping women get in the stem feels and the public eye, and there were people there from google and it's a really neat program, and they basically say, okay, because we have been okay, because we have been honored and we are a techno cheek so tonight i am putting together a story right now about these tech know law cheek kwrauz. i hope everybody will tonight. >> fun. coming up next, seven things you need to know to start your day. day. an
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welcome back. 5:24. if you are just joining us here the seven things before you need to know before you go, and number one is breaking news we are watching from the live desk. san jose police investigating a woman beaten near the campus of san jose state. a woman was attacked by a group of women at a jack-in-the-box. she was taken to the hospital and she's expected to be okay. number two, conservative commentator ann coulter plans to commentator ann coulter plans to bring her own security when speaks at uc berkeley. and then wanting to slash the corporate tax rate and increasing the standard tax return deduction and expand the tax break for child care expenses. new numbers show drivers killed in crashes are more likely to be on drugs than drunk. 43% of drivers killed in 2015
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had used marijuana or another drug eclipsing the 37% who tested legally drunk. number five, our last system that could produce wet weather before the end of the rain system is here. look at the mist and drizzle hanging out from the emeryville window weather. look at oakland. you are just one of the many areas that will be warmer than average this weekend through next week. and then dealing with mist in the commute this morning, and here's a look at golden gate. it has been quiet on the roads this morning. no major blocking issues. it's a day for carb lovers everywhere. national pretzel day marking its 34th year today. whether you like them warm and soft or crunchy, there's an excuse to enjoy one today. we're coming back with a full 90 minutes of news, including the drought, and we're
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still playing a price for four still playing a price for four bone-dry
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if you are headed out the door, this is what you will see, or should i say not see, and where is the golden gate bridge? i swear it's back there. the drizzle making your drive a little tougher this morning, and this is what the bay bridge looks like. we just need to get over this one hump and then we have an amazing forecast to come. >> an amazing amount of warmth and sunshine. >> for the rest of the year, right? >> sure, yeah. >> so it gets cold and foggy in july. >> i was wondering which one of
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us was going to say that. good morning. radar returns especially up in the northern part of sonoma county. the rest of us a little drizzle this morning. this is the way it looks from the exploratorium camera. this is at pier 15, a little damp this morning and that's going to be the case through at least 7:00. there's a chance of some of the showers in the north bay slide into the heart of the bay by noon, and by 7:00 may see a little sunshine before the sun sets at 7:55. low to mid-60s, our last day with below-average temperatures. how is the commute, alexis? >> looking great so far today. we have the bay bridge commute starting to fill in, but that is one of the only slow spots this morning. quick check of drive times. quick check of drive times. never fails here,
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dublin, 45 minutes. and shauoggy across the golden gate. we'll take a look at the south bay coming up next. breaking news in the south bay involving an attack near jose state's campus. >> reporter, matt keller, is gathering new information. matt. >> reporter: good morning. this happened just across the street from san jose state and i am told the victim is not a san jose state student, and it happened here at the jack-in-the-box and the victim was able to make her way at the corner of san carlos and fourth street. this happened around midnight. a group of females attacked another woman. she was beaten up at that jack-in-the-box. the victim was taken to the hospital. i was told she's going to be okay. police are calling this an assault and battery. so far no arrests have been made. reporting live in san jose, matt
5:32 am
keller, abc7 news. >> thank you for the update. b.a.r.t. police are not taking chances after a flash mob this weekend took over one of the trains and there was a robby and people got hurt. several teens were spotted at the merit station in oakland last night around 7:00, and they entered without paying and headed for the platform. b.a.r.t. then ordered two inbound trains not to stop at the station at all and the teens took off and b.a.r.t. police looked for them and did not find them and this incident follows saturday night's assault at the coliseum station at which 60 teens swarmed a train and robbed and beat riders as that train was waiting to leave. hayward police are investigating a shooting that left two people in critical condition it happened just before 7:30 last night. the two victims were sitting in a parked car when another car drove by and somebody started
5:33 am
shooting. both victims were hit by gunfire and police are still looking for the shooter. and then president trump vowing to appeal the decision. the president tweeted out of our very big country does everybody notice the ban case and now the sanctuary case is brought in the ninth circuit, which has a terrible record of being overturned, close to 80%, and they used to call this judge shopping. messy system. yesterday a ninth circuit judge ruled president trump cannot withhold money from jurisdictions. and the county supervisor says $1.7 billion in federal fund something now safe. >> i think the case is well written and i don't think he will win on appeal and i think it's bullet proof. >> they are prepared to defend the case if the president does
5:34 am
appeal. we posted a court ruling on our website and to get breaking news where you live download the app and enable push alerts. president trump set to unveil the blueprint for his tax reform plan. he wants to slash the corporate tax rate from 45% to 15%. that is going to cost money, and in an analysis released last night by the congressional budget office said that cut will increase the budget deficit. by law any measure that expands the deficit needs a 60-vote in the senate to pass and the president wants to increase the standard tax return deduction for all of us. happening today attorneys representing victims of a deadly fire in oakland plan to announce the first lawsuit following the tragedy. lawyers say they are filing suit against the landlord and master tenants on the building that burned last month and four people died and 100 survived. the building was being used as
5:35 am
transitional housing and one resident said she complained about the building's condition many times to the owner. a burning candle caused the fire. fire. and then one for the shooting, and he plans to enter a not guilty plea. he has been deemed mentally competent to stand trial. and then the first look at a man that tried to kidnap a woman off a busy san francisco street. and bravo tried to force a woman inside his truck on saturday night on steiner street in pacific heights. a man passing by intervened and scared that attacker away. police used witness descriptions to track the suspect, and the small chase ended in a crash in petaluma. demanding answers from pg&e
5:36 am
following last friday's power outage. officials are raising concerns about the aging infrastructure and the emergency preparedness. they want to know the status of plans to make repairs and upgrades. the outage affected about 88,000 customers, 21 schools, more than 300 traffic lights and also shut down b.a.r.t.'s montgomery street station. this morning a new study finds california's five-year drought had a huge impact on peoples' electricity bills and made air pollution worse. electricity costs soared by nearly 2$2.5 billion between and 2016 because of the lack of waters in dozens of the state's large dams. it boosted levels of smog and greenhouse gases. get ready the tickets go o
5:37 am
sale later today. second round tickets go on sale to the general public at 2:00 this afternoon. golden state will face the winner of the ongoing series between the utah jazz and l.a. clippers, and game one of the second round will be in because of the possibility of a sunday game, b.a.r.t. is postponing this weekend's planned track repairs. it would have led to a bus bridge for part of the dublin and warm springs lines. the work is going to be postponed to the first two weekends in may and three weekends in july. one of the side effects of our cloud cover and dampness this morning, look at the temperatures. up to six degrees warmer. 56 in danville. look at all the 57s and 58s in
5:38 am
our inland east bay neighborhoods. the cool spot, los gatos, up in the hills, 49. the rest of us to 54 in pacifica, and oakland and hayward up to 60 degrees. and even with cloud cover we are starting off so mild that what little sunshine we get late this afternoon will push us to 61 in half moon bay, and 63 in san francisco, and san jose, napa, and antioch at 68 degrees. here's a look at san rafael. it's quiet here right now. on the road, watch out for drizzle, especially if you are driving through some of the higher elevations or over the golden gate and also the bay bridge. ferry ride will be breezy this afternoon and mass transit, just a little damp in spots. dry in the south bay, 101 and 680. lows tonight cooler because the clouds will open up. 47 in santa rosa to oakland. fremont in san jose at about 53 degrees. north of us and into the sierra,
5:39 am
you are going to run into mainly rain and some snow at just the highest peaks. palm springs, 95. all of this rain sliding down towards us, i will give you an hour by hour look if it's going to get to your neighborhood or not coming up next. yeah, we are really quiet on the roads so far this morning. i don't have any major problems to tell you about, just a little debris reported here on east bay 580 before you get to golf links road. if you are headed in that direction, be on the lookout for that. 280 and 17 in san jose, nice and light so far as far as traffic is concerned. as mike said, that's looking dry at the moment as well. a quick check of mass transit, ace one out on time, and ace three should leave on time, and no delays for b.a.r.t., and 46 trains in service and no issues reported for capital corridor so far this morning as well. we will look at drive times coming up. and one man ended up with
5:40 am
felony charges because of this video. a new startling report a new startling report highlights the incoming dangers
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welcome back. i'm tracking breaking news happening in the uk right now where let me show you this video. it's a huge fire being reported at a world renowned cancer
5:43 am
research hospital. this is in manchester. this video tweeted out a few moments ago by the bcc. there are reports the smoke can be seen for miles and the good news is the fire seems to be in the research center and there's no patience in that area, but it's attached to the main hospital. the hospital just a few moments ago tweeting out this actually is a situation where they have moved all of their patients and their staff and patients are okay, but such a big plume of smoke can be seen for miles and we will watch for any other developmen developments. a man is back in hot water after turning a simple fine a felony. he unknowingly dropped a back of cocaine out of his baseball cap.
5:44 am
a warrant was immediately issued for his arrest. >> that is some nerve. president trump is considering opening up the california coast to oil and natural gas drilling. he will sign a new order on friday that will direct the interior department to look at areas for exploration. the interior secretary said nothing is off the table when asked about leases off the pacific coast and that order will move our country towards the energy independence. the president is also signed to sign a executive order of renewing national monume the monument runs along the coastline of california. an lgbt activist are fighting
5:45 am
to free an hiv gay man, and he's locked up in an immigration jail in florida. he was arrested as he returned from he is from russia. right now he is getting his hiv medicine but his friends say he is unable to see a doctor. he faces a hearing in a week and a half. the state is dining pg&e more than $8 million for its role in a northern california wildfire that killed two people. the fire in 2015 destroyed 549 homes. an investigation found a pine tree slump spwaoded into a powe and that sparks the fires. now to one astronaut's special mission in space.
5:46 am
>> this one has to do with lunch and the making of one of earth's most popular foods. >> hello, everyone. i will show you how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the international space station. when we eat it's fun, and everything will float around if you don't manage it and we have tape as well as velcro. >> i am thinking they are eating astronaut food but they are eating pg & a. >> yeah, but with a tortilla. >> can't have everything. >> that's the astronaut making a peanut butter and jelly in space, and he said they use tortillas, and as the container and the tortilla float, he applies the jelly before putting it together, and he said every time he eats it's an adventure. >> i am having trouble getting past the tortilla. >> yeah, can't have everything. >> i can't go tospace, mike. that solves it.
5:47 am
>> that's what is holding you back? >> besides the other million reasons why they wouldn't let me to do that. >> i have your pb and j, feel for him, but the tor we have a reporting station in marin about 236 feet, and about 0.02 of drizzle this morning, and that's the lowest report of anything measurable. and then showers possible across the bay. winds are fairly light right now, but they will pick up when the cold front rolls through. depositing most moisture up to the north around portland. on my storm impact scale, i have given it light, and the drizzle and showers are going to be best along the coast. higher elevations and into the
5:48 am
north bay. you can see the best radar returns are around santa rosa and then they dip around 9:00, and even isolated sprinkles. that continues up until noon. look how they become very isolated by 4:00, and then by midnight, the chance is over. look at this, a couple hundreds by noon, and then just about nothing after that. let's take a look at my accuweather 7-day forecast. hold off and let's talk about tomorrow before we look at next week. 60s at the coast and low to mid-70s, and breezy tomorrow and breezy on friday, and then the clouds show up. we will ping between mid-70s and near 80 around the bay, and mid to upper 60s this weekend at the coast. it will be well worth it, alexis. >> i think i need ice cream this weekend or something, and that's going to be in the forecast as well. i am not calling in sick. i will be here.
5:49 am
this week. checking out the traffic maps, i have the visibility layer on top and we are seeing a few sprinkles out there, as mike and i have been mentioning, and a little fog around the petaluma area, and the fog is not too bright here as you can see, and the visibility, a mile and three quarters, is that right, mike? yes. not too bad, and it could slow you down a little bit. the bay bridge toll plaza we have the metering lights on for the last 20 minutes or so. >> 11 across the bay bridge, and southbound 101, san francisco to sfo in the green at ten minutes. better days start with "abc7 mornings." >> we want to give a better day shout-out to a group of students in san jose. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:50 am
>> goodness, that's talent. this is the valley christian high school performing they performed against teams across the country and brought home the gold. from everybody here at "abc7 mornings," congratulations, and thank you to the proud mom, dina chillar, who sent this in to us. >> head to, and you will see the e-mail abc section, fill it out and we could feature it. just send it to us on social media. not hard to find. just do that. a special honor for the man that created the rainbow pride flag. >> really cool guy. first, a warning for everybody that leaves their car idling. stop doing it. officials explaining to us why.
5:51 am
>> the soccer referee had to >> the soccer referee had to make a
5:52 am
5:53 am
in marin county a public meeting was held last night marked by hard facts, fear and hope. the topic, how rising seas will impact low-lying areas. climate models report that this very field in mill valley could be underwater within decades or just years. the principle planner for the public works led the formal meeting that served as a real eye-opener. >> it's a little scary. i admit. a lot of people don't get it's happening but they just need to look at our streets and our highways. >> for example, last winter when
5:54 am
king tides turned streets into waterways, flooding at the parking lot near mill valley could be the new normal. officials just need to take action now is what officials say, and prepare. bay area arrow officiair us to stop idling. it turns out idling your engine is one of the biggest sources of air pollution in the bay area. for every ten minutes your engine is off, you will one pound of gas to be > >> oh, my goodness. that's, like, spider-man drop to
5:55 am
the ground action right there. this video was tweeted out by a sock kwraur team over the weekend, and the caption was always be ready. best referee crew out there. >> kudos to the camera person, capturing it right in the middle of the screen. >> had a great weekend in iowa. >> you looked nice in those shorts. legs really coming along. >> you know it's not me, right? funny. 59 and 57, breezy as we take on the dodgers. can we score more than one or two runs. good luck to the giants. 65 the average high in san francisco. oh, my, low to mid-70s starting saturday through wednesday. here's a look at san jose. average high, 72. friday, 75. low to mid-80s saturday through tuesday, and oakland, average high 67. tomorrow through tuesday, low to mid-70s.
5:56 am
alexis. yeah, yesterday you told me you pulled your achilles, and now we know the real story because of the splits at the soccer game. walnut creek starting to fill in, and we have no incidents reported but it's looking heavy right now. mass transit, everything looking great so far this morning but wanted to give you this heads up. the weekend track work b.a.r.t. was supposed to do between fruitville and lake merit, it has been pushed back. we will check on drive times coming up at 6:00. now a live desk update. >> just come into our live desk, a video that will make your wednesday just a little better. it's the pope giving a ride to six kids on the popemobile. he gave them a spin just a short while ago, and onlookers were thrilled and everybody was happy the kids were getting a ride. didn't realize, but he does this
5:57 am
often. today, though, we finally have it on camera. look at that. he's going to bend down, and give those kiddos on kiss on the top of the head, so for each kid a blessing and a ride. pretty good deal. back to you guys. >> thank you. new at 6:00, going back to the base kwreubics in san franc. >> somebody burns a car and marks it with the racist lettering and police say they have seen it before. you can keep on top of weather and traffic where you weather and traffic where you live
5:58 am
5:59 am
morning fremont. we are taking a look at you from sky 7 this morning, and you are looking good but you are looking a little misty, aren't you? could be a shower or two today, and it's the beautiful bay area,
6:00 am
always beautiful, but a tiny bit wet this morning. no big deal. this is the end of it. we are promised. >> you are in fremont this weekend? >> i have a cousin down there and hope it's not raining. >> let start with meteorologist, mike nicco. >> making it a better day in the form of sunshine later -- >> yeah, we'll take it. >> remember that rain i promised? it's here. >> i get it. >> i want to thank the exploratorium camera at pier 15 that shows the rain. light rain and maybe sprinkles at the last showing up in santa rosa, dillon beach, and through go, open the weather window and you can see the drops on the camera there at the exploratorium at pier 15 looking back at san francisco. we have drizzle, even a little light rain. 52 to 57. mild this morning. showers are possible at noon, especially across the north bay. an isolated chance of a shower at 4:00.


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