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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 1, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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now at 5:00, preparations for rallies across the country and bay area to observe may day. where they are happening and what you can expect to see this morning. hopefully you did something fun over the weekend. incredible weather. the warm weather trend continuing as we usher in this brand-new week. >> all watching wednesday as of right now, right, mike? >> tomorrow almost this warm, and the next two days hot and you may have to turn the ac on, and make sure your filters are clean. >> you meant the car. i thought, we don't have ac.
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>> yeah, i am one of those areas that will be in the 90s today, and the great thing is, you open the windows during the evening and it cools off nicely if you can tolerate the pollen. let's look at sutro tower and it's gorgeous out there. your day planner, 52 to 57 at 7:00, and 68 to 81 at noon and then look at that, 68 to 87 at 4:00, and 63 to 82. we have microclimates. get what, we will take a look at those when we come back. off to a rough start today, we had crashes overnight and a couple we need to worry about currently. eastbound 880 as you get to treasure island, they are pretty close to getting this cleared and a vehicle lost control and hit another one and one car has been towed off and we will see about the other one in a moment. and then on the golden gate
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bridge, and we will talk about the may day protests coming up in ten. we do expect to see support for the may day observance. >> immigration issues continue to take the spotlight. amy hollyfield is live for us in san francisco this morning. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hi, good morning, reggie. protesters will get an early start today, and one of the first events of the day will be at 8:00 this morning at the montgomery b.a.r.t. station here in san francisco, and at herman plaza there will be a march at 11:00, and organizers think you will see even bigger crowds because of the immigration policies of donald trump. unless people are too scared to come and organizers say they hope that's not the case. >> i know a lot of families have this idea that it's a day where
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you have to be fearful to hit the streets but we as organizers know that only through the masses coming together and through organizing together will we actually be able to stop living in fear. >> protesters started getting ready over the weekend, making signs and banners that will be on display on both sides of the bay, there will be marches in san francisco and in oakland. planners promise the rallies will be family friendly. they will have workers in the crowd watching for crowd control, and also to keep the message a positie one. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. new this morning all northbound lanes open on marina boulevard in san leandro, a deadly crash there before 1:00 a.m. a car hit the honda and caused it to hit the semi. the driver of the honda died at the scene.
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those lanes were closed for several hours. developing news out of the east bay, sheriff deputies are calling the discovery of a man's body suspicious. it was found off the coast of alameda on broadway. the cause of death is not known at the time and they are investigating the cause of death as suspicious until the corner can determine how the man died. an autopsy is scheduled for today. several gunshot victims remain in critical condition at a san diego apartment complex, and one woman died and several others were hurt and investigators are trying to figure out why this happened. a reporter from our affiliate in san diego talked with witnesses. >> reporter: police officers rac raced to the area. >> there was a crazy guy just shooting. >> emotional witnesses trying to make sense of it as police rushed by to help the victims, the unmistakable contrast, blood
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on the sidewalk next to a solo cup. >> it was surreal, you know, because we were just -- we live here. >> gabrielle was on the way to the pool and he got there as horrified pool goers tried to escape. >> you saw people jumping over the fences and running away like crazy. >> there were two people that had been shot and they were laying on the ground and one was trying to crawl towards the other one to help. >> in the corner, the shooter, he says, appearing relaxed. >> we can see the shooter sitting there with a beer in one hand and a gun in the other. >> a police helicopter saw man reloading and the police moved in and it's an overwhelming tragedy even for those trained to handle it. >> that was abc news 10 reporting. reporting. and robert raoeurb
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responding to ann coulter. the two admitted they disagree just about on everything but they did agree colleges must promote free speech in order to foster living. >> the lefties are on the side of the thugs and have taken over the universities, and nobody learns anything at college anymore, it's a four-year vacation. >> coulter did speak near the bay area after all. she actually spoke at an event in modesto on friday and there were moments of tension but nothing escalated into violence. take a look at the video. one more reason to keep your seat belt fastened on a plane. just got reports of more than a dozen people hurt because of
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turbulence on an international flight. there were people lying on the floor. it's shaky video there, but it was immediately afterwards that really bad turbulence, and i can tell you this was a flight from tell you this was a flight from moscow to mail" reporting this. >> what an awful flight. thank you. a southern california beach is reopening after a shark attacked a woman there, it happened in northern san diego county. the victim was wading in the water when the shark bit her below the waist on saturday and we are waiting to hear about her condition this morning. the salmon population is getting a boost from a semiretired sausalito
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the boat was used to release the salmon yesterday outside the golden gate bridge. they are hoping the fish will begin another cycle. happening today if you shop anywhere in alameda, make sure to bring your own bags. >> retail stores and restaurants will be required to charge ten cents for every shopping bag, and no more plastic bags. the 10 cent charge already applies to drug, liquor and grocery stores, and the expanded law affects an additional 13,000 stores throughout the county. and then this photo taken over the weekend at 6,700 feet. the park posted this twitter to yesterday and you can see melted snow, waterfalls and rushing water, and a beautiful rainbow there. it's going to be 80 there today. >> wow. >> incredible. >> you know where it's going to be hotter?
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our first 100 of the year, palm springs. here's a look at sfo. no worries this morning, and in fact our activity planner, i have good on everything. the coast, there will be rip currents and you have to wear the sun screen if you are going to be out exercising or on the water which is going to be in the mid-50s compared to the temperatures in the 70s and 80s so that could be shocking. and this morning anywhere from 1 to 15 degrees warmer, and antioch is at 69 degrees right now. 52 in castro valley. fremont, 54. we have 55 in oakland, berkeley and orinda, and 57 in san carlos. antioch, 67 now. and 50 in napa, and novato about 52. and the lows, you will want these, mid to ruupper 50s. this is what is coming our way
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in the afternoons. 70s and 80s today. 70s, 80s and 90s tomorrow, and again on wednesday. take a look at the microclimates, and when heat relief is come into the forecast. i want to take you back to san francisco. i did say we were all clear but we are not it does sound like the ramp is back open but they have flares up and bringing in the evidence tow truck. you will be able to use that octavia onramp if you are traveling southbound on 101. also want to talk about mass transit today with may day. capital corridor with bus service cancelled this morning for all san francisco stops starting at 8:00 on, and the march from herman to civic center, expect muni reroutes. and then downtown san jose impact expected for the evening
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commute and have reroutes planned as well should they need to use those. rumors of joe biden running for president in 2020 are heating up. biden just went public with his stance. stance. a woman said her duh
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we're back at 5:13. traffic cameras captured a
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tragedy unfold in ohio, a person died after their car bursts into flames in downtown dayton. state troopers believe it was going the wrong way when it collided with a fuel tanker and the driver of the tanker escaped without injury. and then shutting down a popular public space. police arrested a 58-year-old transient that was sleeping nearby, they say he got in a fight with another man at the beach and that man died a short time later. there was no stab or gunshot wound and an autopsy will determine how that man died. times square back to normal after officers found two suspicious devices in the area. this was the scene late last night. very quiet in one of the busiest places in the country. two devices found within 50 feet of each other around 8:30 our time last night, and an hour later the bomb squad cleared the scene after finding the devices
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were safe. celebrating the life of one of the most committed fans. he died on saturday after a long fight with leukemia. he went into remission after chemotherapy, and in 2015 he developed another type of leukemia and within weeks was suffering from a viral infection. steph curry visited brodie at the hospital in indianapolis. and he was a ball boy against utah. >> brodie, how much are the warriors going to win by tonight? >> 20. >> what a sweetheart. steve kerr tweeted, we love you brodie. he taught us a lot.
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they plan to celebrate his life at a service this week. dwight clark met face-to-face for the first time and clark and some other sports legends signed autographs during a car collector show. >> i love being here with the fans. >> is it fun? >> absolutely. >> how are you feeling lately? >> i felt better in my life, but i'm hanging in there. >> clark also described his memories of being on the receiving end of his famous catch that propelled the 49ers into their first super bowl following the 1981 season. what caused a fitbit to explode on a woman's wrist. the initial investigation shows it did not malfunction. she suffered burns when
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caught fire. fitbit said it ran determined determined external forces caused the damage to the device. and you download the gig app and you use it to find any of the 250 toyota prius vehicles in oakland and berkeley, so you are driving around and once you are done you can leave the car in any approved parking slot in the home zone. the cost is $2.50 per mile or a max of $85 a day. and the top colleges worth your investment, three of the top ten right here in the bay area. uc berkeley is number one. state tuition is near three $13,000. and stanford, takes the second spot, and uc davis, tuition is
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$13,000. the rankings are based on colleges with a meaningful return on investment. >> $45,000 a year? >> i know. >> that's a tough one to swallow. that's considered a great value. >> imagine if you have two kids in college. >> that's why i have the dog. >> woodstock, love him. >> you can see traffic is picking up right there. hope the air-conditioner works in your car. this is one of the areas where you need it the next couple of days. the highs keep warming, and clear and comfortable the next few nights. a cold front comes in on friday and showers are possible across especially in the north bay. and the wind is blowing offshore a little bit to nearly calm and the warmth will reach out to the coast. the sunset is 70. look at downtown san francisco, 78 degrees. bright and beautiful over along
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the east bay with 82 today in oakland and fremont, and 81 in union city. down in the south bay we are going to hit 83 in milpitas, and santa cruz, 82 to san jose at 85. inland east bay, the hottest neighborhoods. the cool spot, livermore and antioch, 87 along with walnut creek. and now it's going to be mild at the coast. on the peninsula coast, 69, pacifica. look at 80 in san mateo. and up in the north bay, 87, and almost hot today in santa rosa. sausalito nice, about 88 in napa. and 70s reach the coast and 80s around the bay, and 90s around the bay tuesday and wednesday, and then all of us back in the 50s and 60s this weekend. i want to take you back to the bay bridge. we had a couple issues this morning. the first one was on the lower deck, so east bay 80 around treasure island, that crash is fully cleared at this point. also seeing red there and down
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to 40 miles per hour on the westbound side of 80. once you get around treasure island, we did have a collision in that area, and it sounds like they are clearing them to the harrison off-ramp right now, and i don't think the backup will last long. and also, slowly filling in to the bay bridge plaza. that is ramping up as usual for this time of day. quick check of drive times. tracy to dublin, 43 minutes in the yellow. and antioch to concord looking good at 15. and san rafael to san francisco, 15 minutes. the first ever fire festival was supposed to be about listening to musics on a beautiful >> what went wrong at fire festival. >> the actual experience exceeds all expectations.
5:21 am
all expectations. >> it was billed as a experience. >> no showers, no running water, nothing. >> the exact opposite of everything we were promise. >> with tickets costing thousands of dollars, they are now apologizing for the luxury island getaway that wasn't. >> we had two beautiful sites prepared and then a big storm came through and busted our water system and affected half of the housing tents. >> and coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll talk live with one of those disappointed festival goers. with your "gma" first look, abc news, miami. first it was the hit know, "orange is the new black," and then the leaked system after netflix refused to pay a ransom.
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those episodes were stolen from a production company. on top of that there's concern on top of that there's concern of if it happens, 13,000 film and tv writers would cause widespread disruption in hollywood. the seven things you need to know as you start your day is next, and this incredible rescue. >> you have got to see this act of brave re. strangers listing their own safety to save a baby and a safety to save a baby and a 2-year-old trapped in the
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joining us or heading out the door here are the seven things you need to know before you go. number one from the live desk, an investigation under way in san leandro, three cars and a semitangled up and one person killed and the highway back open after several hours. another deadly situation in san francisco. this one involved a pedestrian. we do have the octavia on-ramp to southbound 101 back open and they are calling for a tow truck to the scene and it should wrap up shortly so a minimum traffic impact. number three, let's open the weather window on san jose and showing the first signs of the warm to hot sunshine, and this weekend was just the beginning. 11 to 16 degrees warmer than average, and 70s and 80s instead of 60s and 70s and the hottest days are still ahead of us. number four, thousands expected to hit the streets for may day rallies and protests in honor of international workers
5:26 am
day. organizers say there will be a bigger emphasis this year on the immigrant worker. strike averted. a deal reached over wages, pensions and health benefits. the strike threatened to impact several city services. congress reached a $1 trillion agreement to keep the government funded through september. the house and senate expected to vote this week to pass the bill. and then finding out who will be the next co-host of "live with kelly." we will find out when it's announced after 6:00 a.m., and bring you the moment when it's revealed. we will be back with the change aimed at making your commute smoother. and then facing another round of severe weather today food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston.
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." i know it's early and it's monday morning, but here's the good news, it's may 1st, and also no matter who you are, one person here got less sleep than you did. jessi jessica! she is here and being a champion. >> looking fresh in pistachio. >> i want to hear more about what she was doing. >> a lot of us got a lot less psleep than a lot of people. >> let's move on and talk about the dry weather on live doppler 7, and let's take a look from sutro tower. you can see already an orange glow to the morning. it's going to be a warm one today. even at the coast we should get near 70 by noon. mid-70s to low 80s by the bay and inland. look at that, low to upper 80s.
5:30 am
a pretty comfortable evening. and 82 inland. we do have 50s at night and we have even warmer weather coming the next two days. i will show you that and the microclimates first. >> it has been a busy one so far today, mike. in the east bay we have a new problem on the 880, the northbound side before you get to fifth avenue. sounds like a disabled delivery truck there sitting in the middle lane and turn spwaod a collision unfortunately. we have a couple vehicles involved in that. we also have one of the vehicles smoking a little bit, so possibly catching fire. again, the three middle lanes are blocked and that's a tough spot to have anything blocking and that's heavy there as you make your way up 880. if you stick to 5:80 and not in a big rig this morning, highly recommend doing that. keep that in mind here this morning. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, and no official word the metering lights are on, and
5:31 am
i would say it looks like it. we will look at our drive times coming up in less than ten. happening today, barricades ready as groups across the bay area gear up and what expected to be the biggest may day rallies we have seen in the area. large gatherings expected in oakland, san jose and san francisco. with president trump in office the day is dedicated to laborers and working class has taken on to added significance. they insist these will be family-friendly events. we have a full list on our website, police are investigating after a body was found in a home depot parking lot on at media avenue just before 10:30 last night. it's not clear how the person died. we have calls into oakland police with information about how it happened. stanford public safety
5:32 am
officials are investigating a case of indecent exposure over the weekend. a man exposed himself just before 2:00 a.m. yesterday morning. the man is describe ld as 30 to 50 years old and heavy set and with short and dark hair. developing news in san diego, police are trying to figure out what caused a man to open fire at a pool party at his apt, complex, he shot seven people killing one woman and injuring others that were there for a birthday party. the man never got up from the pool side chair while shooting. it's not clear whether the gunman knew any of the victims. crews are fighting several fires in riverside county right now, and the largest is at 1,300 acres and burning 10 miles east of riverside. cal fire crews have the opera fire about 25% contained this morning, and crews are on the scene of three smaller fires in
5:33 am
that same area. happening now a. possible headache for travelers out of sfo. work on the airport's second longest runway expected to cause delays sews check your flights before you head out, and this is the third of nine scheduled weekend closures to pave the runway and add l.e.d. lights. the entire project scheduled to wrap up next month. your north bay commute could be getting easier as soon as next month, the carpool lanes could be extended in marin to relieve congestion. the transportation commission wants to extend it until 10:00 a.m. under a pilot program. and then caltrans is expected to consider the plan in the coming weeks. after a week off since advancing to the second round of the nba playoffs, the warriors host the jazz tomorrow night at oracle. >> golden state will be without
5:34 am
steve kerr as he continues to recover from complications from a back surgery. and the anniversary shirts will be sold at the team store. tip-off at 7:30 tomorrow night at oracle. >> dub nation, and we want to see how you are supporting the team and post your photos on social media and use #dubson7 we can find it and share it. look at the flag on the right side of the golden gate bridge. that's high pressure, not moving, and that's going to give way to movement and then that flag will be pointing that way, out to the ocean because we will have an offshore breeze today. if you are going ton on the roads, does your ac work? that's the big question the next couple of days. and look at temperatures, 60 right now, daly city. and we have 49 in wood side and about 50 to 56 for the rest of
5:35 am
the peninsula, san carlos at 55. oakland, san francisco, we have 56 in hayward. 57 in los gatos and concord. antioch, 68 degrees right now. from the roof camera, let's talk about tree pollen and weed pollen and grass pollen, and high uv index. check out the temperatures, 73 to 93 tomorrow. 90s for the first time and more 90s as it gets hottest on wednesday. good news, look at the temperatures in the overnight hours. i do have a dramatic change in the forecast for the coming weekend and the possibility of rain, and we'll talk about that coming up next. we have a major problem in the east bay and it's that one i told you about ten minutes ago. we are getting more details in. this is northbound 880 before you get to fifth avenue in the oakland area. this is going to be a sigalert any second. we have the three middle lanes
5:36 am
and we are getting word of serious injuries and possibly another fatality and that would be the third one for the morning commute. and chp also saying that big rigs are allowed to use 580 for now. normally you are restricted, and this sounds like it's going to be a long-term situation and you can use 580 for an alternate, and if you are in a regular vehicle i would head to 580 as well, and it looks good at this point and it will fill in. and westbound 80 across the bay bridge, 17, and southbound 101, san francisco no sfo, nine minutes. a lakeside-minute deal with avert a strike. >> both sides reached an agreement a few hours ago. matt keller is live with the details. >> reporter: a we just received the press release from the union
5:37 am
saying they did reach an agreement overnight with the city, so that means the 450 or so city workers will be heading to work this morning and that means people living here in the city of sunnyvale will not have to deal with their services being cut, at hraeleast during strike. we will wait for the president to arrive out here on the scene and he's going to talk to us and let us know about the details of what took place, but they are creditieding brokering the meeting that led to the agreement, and we will hear more about that and what this means for the residents and the workers coming up at soon as we get it, we will bring it to you live here on "abc7 mornings." >> thank you, matt. we are seeing signs of spring across northern california. here's the warning. it could cause some problems and we'll held you why. a special guest from the bay
5:38 am
area drops in for an ohio family's dinner. what it's like to have mark zuckerberg crash your dinner. no clouds, no mist, no fog. this is san francisco, right? this is san francisco, right? keeping on
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one east bay firefighter paramedic is showing what it's like to jump into action anytime and anywhere and even while on vacation. duffy of the livermore fire department helped a victim in arizona. several cars ended up crashing and caught fire near kingman yesterday and duffy jumped into action along with other drivers that stepped into help. one man was badly burned over nearly one-third of his body. and then discussing the future of where marijuana can be sold and grown. they are moving dispensaries into medical offices and it calls for home growing to be limited to a maximum of six plants. there will be an ordinance to go before the planning commission this year. lawmakers return to capitol hill today with a deal to keep the government funded through september. negotiators reached an agreement on a trillion-dollar spending
5:42 am
bill. the deal does not block funding for planned parent hood and there is no funding for trump's wall on the u.s. and mexico border. >> unless his approach changes the next 100 days will be just like the first, a series of broken or unfulfilled promises. >> the spending bill also includes $68 million to reimburse law enforcement for the protection of the president and his family in florida and new york. marine biologist are amazed at the number of whales come into monterey bay and the number being lost to attacks by killer whales. there are recent attacks on wheels by orcas. they are migrating from mexico a few weeks earlier, and orca's
5:43 am
killed four gray whale cavs in eight days and that's unusual for this time of year. and then enjoying the bike path seven days a week, and it will be open 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 at night, and that path will have one bike lane each way as well as a lane for walkers. until now the path was only open on the weekends while caltrans took down the rest of the old bay bridge. happening today the final snow pack survey about 90 miles east of sacramento. here's weight looked like on the last snow survey. it's the highest level since 2011. take a look at what this looked like just two years ago. what a stark contrast. absolutely no snow to measure. the heat wave expected to smart melting the snow at a faster pace this week, drying
5:44 am
river levels up. rangers are worried the water will go a foot over its banks in a week as the record snow-melts. back here in the bay area, if you thought it was warm over the weekend, wednesday is expected to be the hottest day of the week and that means possibly dangerous conditions if you are headed to the beach. lifeguards had to rescue a 13-year-old girl at ocean beach yesterday morning. during the spring the rip currents are active and defiant so be careful. let's get over to alexis smith with the commute. >> we have another fatfatality. if you have been with us since early this morning, this is the third fatal crash here today. all lanes are blocked on 880. this is a sigalert and it's just before you get to fifth. we have onlooker delay on the southbound side as well and significant delays forming here on northbound 880. the only information we have gotten as far as a detour is
5:45 am
concerned so far is just stick to 580 instead, and i am not sure at what point they are going to force you off and route you up for for an alternate, and any east bay commuters you want to stick to 580. big rigs are allowed to use 580. we had an earlier problem, westbound 80 on the bay bridge, slowly clearing vehicles involved in a crash in the harrison off-ramp and that's the reason for the delay there, and we have the metering lights on as well. unfortunately if you are coming from the east bay and trying to get into san francisco that is going to be a tough commute for you here today. we'll take a look at drive times coming up next. right now let's check in with meteorologist, mike nicco, and it's another warm day ahead. >> yeah, we do. yesterday was just the beginning. let's open up the mount tam weather window. you can see not too much bouncing but you can see the shades of a warmer day ahead and
5:46 am
total sunshine. near record highs tomorrow and wednesday, and especially on wednesday, temperatures tumble beginning on thursday. here's an area of high pressure. and watch the clouds run away from the coast. high pressure sinking air, when air sinks from high levels to low levels, it compresses and that makes it heat and dry and then more heat and the next three days will be summer 83 to 85 in the south bay and heading to santa cruz, 82 this afternoon. we will have 80 to 83 on the peninsula. the exception with millbrae at 79. 70 in half moon bay. we will be close to everywhere else to 70. napa at 88. along the east bay shore, ri richmond and berkeley, 80 to 82. and 87 to 89 degrees, and you
5:47 am
will be in the 90s tomorrow. you want to know where the hot spot is? palm springs. 100 degrees today. it's going to be 90 in sacramento if you are heading through the central valley. 90s inland. cooling hits the coast hardest on thursday and then hits the independent neighborhoods hardest on friday, and 50s and 60s by friday and saturday. what a change. >> thank you, mike. if you are hoping joe biden will run in the next presidential election, he's not going to. he spoke yesterday and such an early post election visit fueled speculation about his presidential ambitions and he quickly put that to rest. >> there was not a doubt in my mind, even though i know it caused a lot of speculation, guys, i'm not running. i know it caused a lot of speculation. no, look -- look --
5:48 am
>> biden did say he was ready to start raising money and campaigning to get democrats elected at every level and government and discussed the importance of bringing a sense of dignity back to the system. does it make a difference if the stranger knocked on your door for dinner was mark zuckerberg. he ended up at a home in ohio and he told his staff to find a and he told his staff to find a family that democrats but voted for trump. >> he said 90% of americans u his products. >> moore said they talked about a wide range of topics and his visit inspired him. and the photo he posted has more than 120,000 likes.
5:49 am
>> they got out the plastic plates for him. new at 6:00 a. health alert for mothers. new research shows common antibiotics can be dangerous for your unborn baby. organizing chores for your kids can be a chore, and the new app that just changed everything. and we are moments from finding out who kelly ripa's new host will be. lots of rumors, and are they true? true? we'll find out food. water. internet. true? we'll find out we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate.
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>> that question, do you need some help? look at this rescue caught on
5:52 am
camera in texas. that truck hydroplaned and trapped a father and his 2-year-old daughter and baby son inside. thank goodness several good samaritans jumped into action risking their own safety and pulled the baby out and started performing cpr right away and everybody got out and was taken to the hospital and said to be doing much better this morning. parishioners dropped to the floor in the small community of emery, texas. 45 people were trapped inside and somehow none of them were hurt. millions of people across the south and midwest are dealing with the aftermath of heavy rain, high winds and tornadoes. one couple felt helpless as they watched the twister destroy their home. >> we're lucky. i don't know if we'll ever get it cleaned up. we got to, though. >> for some water was their only
5:53 am
escape route from the flooding and a pregnant woman and her husband was taken to safety by boat, and a man was forced to swim to land from his sinking boat. and then engineers scrubbed the scheduled flight yesterday because of a sensor issue. this is the first time elon musk's company is doing a security mission for the military, and there was a spy satellite that tracks terrorists and monitors the development of nuclear weapons in other countries. a 7-year-old boy in woodland got a second chance at a birthday party. dozens of people from the community came out to wish him a happy birthday yesterday. the surprise party was a do over of his original birthday when there were cupcakes and gift bags but not a single guest, and he waited for hours and nobody showed up and it ruined a day he had been waiting for for months.
5:54 am
>> i got super excited. i was, like, is my birthday today? or today or today or today? i was, like, why did i even have a birthday if nobody came? >> the day after that party, his aunt posted about what happened on facebook and the community really came through this time with gifts and cards and, of course, that new surprise birthday party. >> that's so sweet. parents and children don't always agree but i have a feeling both will give the new app a thumbs up, and it allows parents to assign chores and pay allowances electronically once the chores are completed, and it encourages children to save since the allowance goes into the account directly, and children can use the app to message their parents about school events or practices, and it's free and there's an upgraded version for $3.99. let's take you to the roads here this morning.
5:55 am
we have a significant problem. a fatal crash has all lanes of northbound 880 closed in oakland. yes, this is a sigalert. started off as a disabled vehicle and that vehicle was hit and we have the fatality investigation under way. you are forced off of 880 approaching the crash scene before you get to fifth avenue. chp highly recommending you use 580 as an alternate instead. 580 looks great. quick look at drive times this morning. westbound 580, richmond to rafael, looks good. and then trouble on southbound 880 in the hayward area and we'll check on that next. hi, everybody. look at the soft sunshine. we have the early-morning sunrise from south beach. let's throw hot temperatures up there, and we will be close to
5:56 am
rcord highs in places like san francisco, and little behind oakland and redwood city. i had to laugh when i saw this, and it's an emoji forecast, get ready to sweat. i thought i would share that. remember, lots of fluids early. by the time you are thirsty, it's almost too late. light-fitting and loose closing and check on the seniors and pets. maybe i can top your forecast. here's a ray of sunshine for everybody. i want to bring you something blowing up on social media. they just announced the name of they just announced the name of april, the it's going to be tau jeery, and if you find it hard to say, no
5:57 am
worries, they are going to call him taj. we are sure a boy from sacramento is going to be a linebacker even though he is only three days old. 13 pounds, 11 ounces born on friday, and 22 inches long. one of the largest babies ever born in northern california. congrats to the family. and then the housing shortage hits local universities now, and what they are going to now, and what they are going to do to encourage more units for
5:58 am
the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
5:59 am
the breaking news in the east bay this morning where there are major commute issues after a deadly crash. >> this is happening on 880 in oakland and alexis smith has been tracking it. what are you seeing? >> a major problem. all lanes of northbound 880 are closed before you get to fifth
6:00 am
avenue. it started off as a disabled vehicle sitting in the middle lanes hit by another vehicle and now it's a fatality situation. kwhra clearly it's a sigalert. we are looking at over a four-mile backup and it continues to grow. we are launching sky 7 and we are going to see if we can get an estimate of how long all the lanes will be blocked. on top of 880 near whiple, another crash. you are heavy through the hayward area, heavier much earlier than normally. a tough start to the morning commute. >> hi, everybody. check out live doppler 7. no need to worry about wet weather. the sun is coming up over the hills and when it does get ready for the glaring sunshine that will push us into really warm temperatures. here's a look at your 12-hour day planner. a light jac


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