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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 12, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- president trump talks about his decision to fire former fbi director james comey. >> he's a showboat. he's a grandstander. >> hear what the president says about asking comey if he's under investigation and the controversy that's now causing. plus, the possible security breach in the oval office. why questions are being raised about the photographer taking these pictures showing president trump with russian officials. a plane evacuated because of a potentially dangerous animal on board. and who caused damage to air force one that cost $4 million to fix? and could have caused a mid flight fire.
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a good friday morning to you all. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kenneth moton in for kendis gibson. e we begin with president trump delivering stinging comments about former fbi director james comey. >> in an interview with nbc news, the president offered up his account of how and why comey was fired. >> he's a showboat. he's a grandstander. the fbi has been in turmoil. you know that. i know that. everybody knows that. you take a look at the fbi a year ago. it was in virtual turmoil. less than a year ago. it hasn't recovered from that. >> while the white house pinned the decision to fire comey on the justice department, the president made it clear that it all started and ended with him. abc's janai norman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: the white house clearing up conflicting messages. from the press secretary to the vice president, saying for days, the president's decision to fire fbi director james comey was triggered by the recommendation of deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. those claims directly
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contradicted by the commander in chief during an interview with nbc. >> regardless of recommendation, i was going to fire comey. >> reporter: acting fbi director andrew mccabe testifying before congress, offering more contradictions. to white house claims the fbi rank and file have lost confidence in the former director. >> director comey enjoyed broad support. within the fbi. and still does to this day. >> reporter: and white house claims the fbi investigation into russian meddling and possible collusion with the trump campaign was quote one of the smallest things of what the fbi is doing. >> we consider it to be a highly significant investigation. >> reporter: mccabe testifying that investigation is forging ahead. as this week's developments prompted some who opposed an independent prosecutor to reconsider. >> this is in the best interests of the president. >> reporter: and during mccabe's testimony, he agreed to notify the senate intelligence committee if the white house makes any moves to try to impede or quash the fbi's russia-related investigation. kenneth and diane?
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>> janai norman, live in washington, thank you. the white house is denying a new report that claims president trump allegedly demanded james comey's loyalty. >> sources close to comey tell "the new york times" he was summoned to the white house weeks after the inauguration. the president asked him to pledge his loyalty to him. comey offered his honesty instead. it's not clear if it was at the same time he asked about the russian investigation. >> i said, if it's possible, would you let me know am i under investigation? he said, you're not under investigation. i know that i'm not under investigation, me, personally. i'm not talking about campaigns. i'm not talking about anything else. i'm not under investigation. >> now, abc's jonathan karl pressed the white house, asking if that's an inappropriate question for a president to ask an fbi director. >> one of these conversations, the president said happened at a dinner where the fbi director, according to the president, was asking to stay on as fbi
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director. don't you see how that's a conflict of interest? the fbi director is saying he wants to keep his job and the president is asking whether or not he's under investigation. >> i don't see that as a conflict of interest. and neither do the many legal scholars and others that have been commenting on it in the last hour. so no, i don't see that as an issue. >> during his senate intelligence hearing, acting fbi director mccabe would not confirm whether comey told president trump he was not under investigation. and the white house is also under fire for allowing a possible security breach during a meeting with top russian officials. these photos of the meeting were taken by a russian photographer. now, intelligence officials have raised concerns over that photographer and his equipment being allowed into the oval office. given russia's history of sneaking surveillance devices into u.s. facilities. meanwhile, the president is defending his decision to go through with that meeting a day after firing comey. >> did you worry at all when you made the decision to fire comey when you did, the day before
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lavrov was here in the white house and the russian ambassador, did you think through the optics of the way this would look? >> i never thought about it. it was set up awhile ago. frankly, i could have waited. but what difference does it make? >> the president said vladimir putin asked him to meet with the foreign minister when they spoke by phone. and "the new yorker" is getting some attention this morning for its new cover and a unique take on comey's firing. the artwork shows the former fbi director being dragged off a plane by a security officer who looks a lot like attorney general jeff sessions, accompanied by a pilot who has a bit of resemblance to president trump. now to breaking must in italy. an explosion if rome. >> it happened in a parking lot for a post office. it appears to be a basic explosive device that was placed between two cars. no injuries report sod far. in the past, similar explosions in italian cities have been
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blamed on anarchists. now for a look at the weather. a severe storm system is now moving out of the plains into the deep south. but this weekend it will reach the northeast. the system brought strong winds, heavy rain, and lots of hail to texas, oklahoma, and here in arkansas. by this evening, the storms will reach the virginia coast. saturday will be pretty much a washout for the mid-atlantic region. and mother's day, unfortunately, will be soggy for new england. plan some indoor celebrations for mom if you're in that area. unless mom really likes rain. then party outside. >> right. a young man who had a public audience with duchess kate wasn't exactly crying tears of joy. >> this happened when kate arrived in luxembourg. the little guy in the little hoodie had just given the duchess some flowers. when she tried to thank him, he burst out crying. >> she tried to calm him down
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but that didn't work either. his mom said the little guy was just shy. >> i think i know a lot of grown men who would cry if she came near them. >> i would cry. she's beautiful. still ahead, the change all the big candymakers agreed to. and what mechanics did that put air force one at risk of catching fire mid-flight. plus, a rare look at the white house after hours. the president's new tv and how he's adding his own personal touch. today there is only one park for every 14,000 americans. connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today.
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breaking overnight, a united flight had to be delayed for hours for a rather unusual reason. that flight to ecuador had to return to the gate in houston
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last night after a scorpion climbed out of a passenger's clothing. the plane was evacuated. but they didn't find a scorpion. someone said they had seen it, though. passengers boarded a backup plane and arrived in the country about three hours late. and recent damage to a plane that serves as air force one could have caused a fire. that's the finding of an air force report of a botched cleaning by boeing mechanics. the report says three mechanics contaminated the plane's oxygen system last month, doing $4 million damage. the plane has not yet returned to service. charges are still possible in the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. the crash two years ago killed eight people and injured nearly 200 others when it was going twice the speed limit. investigators found the train's engineer was to blame. philadelphia's district attorney declined to file charges against him. now, a judge has approved the filing of a private criminal complaint. chase bank's online system is back up and running this morning after a nationwide
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outage lasting about three hours. during that time, customers were unable to make online payments or mobile payments. no word on what triggered the outage. new evidence this morning that department stores are struggling to compete with online retailers. macy's saw a drop in sales for a ninth straight quarter. for kohl's, the fifth straight quarter of loss in sales. high-end department stores are falling short, too. nordstrom reported weaker than expected sales. causing its stock to drop. jc penney releases its earnings today. the powers that be in the world of candy are having a meeting of the minds focusing on making sweets better for you. executives from mars, nestle, ghirardelli and other companies are joining forces to provide more choices for consumers, including smaller portions. they plan to have calorie information on 90% of their most popular products within five years. >> but will you pay attention? >> i'm not sure i want to know. i just don't think i'll flip over the candy bar. >> right.
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well, a manhunt is under way in northern massachusetts for a shooting suspect police describe as quote armed and extremely dangerous. >> s.w.a.t. teams are swarming the streets of lowell, where that gunman, identified by police as ross elliott could be hiding. investigators say elliott is suspected of shooting and killing an ex-girlfriend and they say he has a long history of violence. an arkansas sheriff's deputy and two women are dead after what possibly started as a domestic dispute. lieutenant kevin mainhart was shot and killed after stopping a vehicle he thought was involved in the dispute. police say the suspect then barricaded himself inis side a house for five hours. after he surrendered, the bodies of two women were found inside. another deadly standoff is over. after 35 hours. u.s. marshals tried to serve a warrant on a man in trenton, new jersey, the suspect then allegedly opened fire, killing one of his neighbors. s.w.a.t. teams put the neighborhood on lockdown using a bull horn.
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trying to talk him into surrendering. well, that took a day and half. he was taken into custody without incident. more than two dozen great white sharks have been spotted off california beaches just in this week. some paddle boarders were surrounded by more than a dozen sharks but didn't know it. they found out when a crew in a sheriff's helicopter gave them a call from above. >> you are paddle-boarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks. >> there were advisories posted on the beach. authorities say the sharks were not aggressive. interested in fish, not people. los angeles officials are showing the international olympic committee around town, as l.a. bids for the 2024 games. l.a. and paris are battling to host the games for a third time. the winner will be announced in september. >> go usa. time now for sports. another team has been eliminated from the nba playoffs. >> let's go to our friends from espn with the highlights.
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good morning, america. i'm sweating profusely. he's stan. i'm neil. >> starting off with tmi. and spurs and rockets. this is game six. the spurs up, 3-2. houston was at home. james harden, just wasn't ready. if he was ready, that's even worse. six turnovers in the game to go with just seven assists. didn't take his first shot until 6:19 of the second quarter. wound up with 10 points, 2 for 11 shooting. lamarcus aldridge. meanwhile, 34 points and 12 rebounds for the spurs. murray, kyle anderson. murray with the dunk. spurs win it. they win the series. they take on the warriors next. this is houston's baseball team. man, they better be better than the basketball team. >> that wasn't hard. >> i'm getting up and walking off this good morning. carlos correia. off michael pineda. former seattle mariner. his fifth. astros up, 2-0. "sportscenter" with stan and
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neil, carlos correia did an impression. pretty funny. this game ended in awhile. bottom nine, yankees are down two. they get one. not two. ellsbury not wearing the flyers. jake throws him out. houston, 3-2 winner. >> anything else? >> that's all we got. have a great day. >> all right. we'll take it. up next in "the pulse" -- doctors are sending out a warning over the rising number of injuries called avocado hand. and the best mother's day present. what a football coach told this mom right here about her son that received this reaction. and check out our facebook page for this story getting a lot of shares. a baby, nearly 14 pounds at birth. that's on ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪
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time to check "the pulse" beginning with a rare, after-hours look at the trump white house. behind the scenes. >> yes, the president escorted a "time" magazine crew, showing off an enormous flat screen tv where he catches up on the day's news clips recorded on tivo,
4:22 am
which he calls one of the great inventions of all time. >> they checked out his favorite meal. diet coke. chick within extra sauce. and two scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate cream pie for dessert. >> two scoops for the president. >> i'll take some vanilla ice cream and chocolate cream pie. good combo. >> i wonder if that screen is as large as the one behind us. >> maybe not. >> i don't think so. would the president like this? i think he would. doctors are warning about a surge in the injury they call "avocado hand." >> avocado hand? apparently, this is what happens when people cut an avocado in their hand. they cut all the way around it. instead of cutting the avocado only, they end up slicing their hand. it may sound funny. apparently, it can cause serious nerve and tendon damage. >> doctors are not calling for safety labels. they simply recommend slicing avocados on a cutting board, like you see there, and using some common sense. >> it always come down to that common sense thing, doesn't it? >> it really does. especially when you're dealing with knives. >> no sledge hammer.
4:23 am
that's not recommended? >> that's not the way to get into an avocado. >> noted. a college football coach has found a very special mother's day gift for the mom of one of his players. >> east carolina head coach scottie montgomery paid a visit to tia chapman. at her job. her son, kiante anderson, is a walk-on for the pirates. >> watch as the coach hands her an envelope. he tells her it's a nice mother's day gift. when she opens it, she finds out it's a full scholarship for her son. >> look at that hug. and here's another twist. her son didn't know. she told him over the phone. >> thank you so much, wow. i'm here with coach mo and, some cameras and people. i just got presented with the best mother's day gift ever. you're on a full scholarship for ecu. and your name and number is on this letter! >> it's like two gifts in one. not only does she get this amazing news, she gets to be the one to tell her son about it.
4:24 am
>> and he thanked his coach over the phone. then he took to twitter. >> and he tweeted to his coach and the team, saying -- thank you for the blessings you have given me. he also says he'll continue to be the best player he can be. he says, i will continue to grind. >> to grind on the football field, in the classroom. kiante anderson, congratulations on that scholarship. that's amazing. mom, she hugged him tight, didn't she? >> i have a feeling mom is going to remember this mother's day gift for quite some time. >> i think she will. more news coming up. after this. after this. more news coming up. after this. hey, honey. dad, where's the car? thought we'd walk. he's counting steps. walk, move and earn money... goal! dad... hey, we wanna welcome everyone to the father daughter dance. look at this dad, he's got some moves! money you can use on out-of-pocket medical expenses. he's ok, yeah! unitedhealthcare
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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> friday, may 12th. welcome at 4:27 in the morning. >> it has been a long week. >> i don't know if it has been long but it has been hard. >> mother's day on the way. >> sunshine and cool and breezy. about the same as today. we have a little stretch of below average temperatures. when you step outside grab a heavier coat possibly. a few clouds hanging around, and almost a full moon. 41 to 52 degrees. the breezes will start to kick in and that will hold us at 56 to 54. and then if you are headed out this evening, look at it already
4:28 am
in the 50s by 7:00. here's a look at your commute. maybe folks turning their heat on in their car, but overall we are not seeing anybody out there especially on the westbound side of 580 for the richmond san rafael bridge. and we have green all the way around as well. we have a couple overnight construction projects that we still have in the works here and i will talk about those coming up in less than ten. breaking news from the abc7 live desk. >> we want to start with breaking news. a serial arsonist may have struck again, two more car fires in the east bay bay, and this marks seven cars burned in the lat five days. we are working on getting you video and images from the scene. but walnut creek, giant
4:29 am
were coming from that car and the second car in lafayette, two miles away on krau sepb tau court. both locations are close to highway 24. those fires follow five others, as i mentioned, in the two cities we had fires as well as inmartinez. we have a reporter on the way to the scene and a live report will be coming up. back to you. progress is coming down the tracks this morning in the north bay. >> for the first time you will >> for the first time you will see and hear testing their passenger routes. amy hollyfield is live. >> reporter: they are now forming an schedule, and they think they are going to start the trains rolling at 5:00 a.m., and the smart trains will
4:30 am
connect sonoma county to marin county. officials estimate it will take 67 minutes to get from sonoma county airport to downtown san rafael. they determined that peak time is a window from 5:00 t and they are going to start testing the trains this morning so don't be surprised if you see a smart train rolling through san rafael or marin county this morning, and they are going to start at 5:00 this morning, and don't try to hop on, this is only a test. reporting live in san rafael, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the chp is asking for help this morning in finding suspects in a wine country drive-by shooting. somebody in a truck opened fire on two people on a honda accord in hillsboro. minutes earlier a person


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