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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone, the time right now is 6:00. we are following breaking news out of oakland. this is where a massive five-alarm fire is burning at a construct u construction site right now t. building is on san pablo avenue. a live look outside. you can see the smoke. fire crews are bringing water on it right now traffic not affected is the good news. we were hearing there were embers falling on vehicles. the oakland fire department says the building could collapse. that was one of the most recent updates. we are keeping an eye on multiple fires that started in nearby buildings. a construction crane could be monetized. crews are monitoring that. a wide array as to why this fire coverage is so important and we are continuing to upon tore the scene. we want po move things over to
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our east bay hills camera. this shows you a different perspective. you can see here the flames aren't too bad right now. you can actually barely see them from this vantage point. flames from 10 to 20 minutes ago, much hugeer. let's switch over to social media now, alameda county tweeted out these photos, crews are battling this five alarm fire. again this is happening at the 3000 block of san pablo. no reports of injuries. we will continue to seek out more information on how much you know as soon as it becomes available. all right, the time is 6:02. it's saturday. i'm chris nguyen. we will move things over to the accuweather forecast with lisa argen. we have been keeping an eye on the winds. you are saying it is not too bad in the east bay. >> smoke is drifting up, moving
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slightly to the south. here's a lock at live doppler 7. if you look at the wind profile, you notice the direction is coming from the forth. you see that 9 meals an hour, it's drifting a lit to the south. overall, the winds not much of a factor. gusty along the coast. in the meantime, anywhere from koum to 10 at most 15 miles per hour. you can see it here from mount tam, upper 40s, san francisco, to gil roi, half moon bay. this is across the bay, winds are pretty flat at this point for most of you, except if are you if part of the coastline 47 in santa rosa, fine in concord. a final look at your forecast, numbers ran himing from the 60s to the 70s inland.
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we are moving below average. we will talk about a few more clouds coming into the forecast for mother's day in a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you. more breaking news out of the east bay this morning, a child is recovering in the hospital after being trapped inside of a home that caught fire this one-alarm fire started around 2:00 this morning on lockwood near 73rd avenue. fire crews were able to quickly put the flames out t. child is in serious conditions. investigators are working to determine a cause of that fire. fire crews were on high alert after a suspected serial arsonist lit two more cars on fire t. latest once happened after 2:00 yesterday morning. then just 11 minutes later, a tobacco suv was torched on crescenta court in lafayette. thankfully, no one was hurt in either case. this makes seven suspicious car
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fires in the east bay alone. investigators are reexamining other arson cases, going back to the beginning of the year to see if there is a connection. in the south bay, one person is dead after being run over by a vehicle if san jose. it happened just after 9:00 last night on south bascom near scott. this is a few blocks north of city college. can you see the victim's walker lying in the road. victims say the victim took off and one person has been taken into custody. our global cyber attack has hit 100,000 computers around the world. it's crippled brands health care system. it is being felt here in the u.s. fedex is among the companies affected. abc 7 reporter katie marzulo has the details. >> there is now an armageddon open cyber attacks. >> it was leaked to the public. >> it has been taken and weaponized into a format used
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for ransom ware. >> the ceo says no one is safe. britain's hospitals were hit first with records and files encrypted, they were so paralyzed patients had to be turned away. a computer science professor at san francisco university. >> 30 minutes later, and 30 minutes russia and fedex. >> reporter: 99 countries have been hit, including the u.s., fedex is the only person company so far, it released a statement that reads, in part, we are implementing remed yax steps as quickly as possible. we redpret any inconvenience to our customers. >> i get they worry about being a customer. >> microsoft released a patch on march 14th. sopt some clients didn't instrahl it. 300 to $600 per device. >> even if you get rid of the malware, it's a bit of a waiting
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game. >> reporter: the department of homeland says it's aware of the attack and is ready to lend support. >> for tips on how to keep your computer safe. go to our website, abc 7 police say a man has died after he was tased. officers responded to the budget inn yesterday afternoon for men acting eare theically. he told officers he had been poisoned with capitals. they discovered he had a warrant and tried to arrest him. >> that led to an altercation, one officer used a tazer to subdue him. emergency personnel were unable to revive him. police have not released the man's identity. now to that tragic crash that left an alameda county deputy dead. he was killed when a tesla commuter bus smashed into his volkswagon, you can see the severity of his impact. abc 7 reporter has the story for
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us. >> reporter: the man killed on eastbound i-580 worked long hours as an alameda county sheriffs deputy. >> he fautsdz if fourth generation. he is a really good example. >> reporter: the 50-year-old known as philip to friends had just completed a night shift at the jail. >> it's not fun seeing your employee. >> you can see the magnitude in these photos. >> the vehicle was stopped, or driving slowly in the number 2 lane. at the same time the driver of a 2016 touring bus driving eastbound. for reasons still under investigation, the front of the tour bus collided into the year of the volkswagon beetle. >> chp says the driver was not under the influence of drug or
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alcohol. investigators estimate they traveled and it was hit. kn died on scene. he's a positive person and outgoing and very personal. >> family friends say the deputy took advantage of every moment of his off duty time n. stockton, katie eutis, abc 7 news. wild video shows a high speed case ended with three people in handcuffs in oakley around 7:00 last fight. officers spotted a stolen suv, sped off on highway 4 and came to a screeching halt in martinez when the truck's tires exploded. one of the passengers tried to run. a k-9 made an arrest. now to the man accused of killing sierra lamar. a scientist will talk about how
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his state worked into the crime. he was affected by an abusive father. prosecutors want to have their own psychologist test that theory and the testimony could play a role in whether he gets life in prison. the final phase of the trial starts on tuesday. lisa argen previews the the accuweather forecast. >> we have a 40 degree reading out by the delta. can you see the beautiful perspective from mount tam, winds in the upper elevations, perhaps around 20 miles an hour. we are looking at numbers in the low 50s from san jose, oakland to hayward. we will talk about mother's day and when we finally see some much warmer weather. >> lisa, thank you. also next, our giant celebration at at&t park after buster posey hits a bomb in the 17th ending. it was time to move. >> i don't have as strong a
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to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. good morning, everyone, time now is 6:13. we continue to drive for breaking news out of oakland. fire crews are getting a handle on what was once a massive fire. it was originally called a five alarm fire. it started in the 3800 block of
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san pablo avenue near interstate 580. oakland fire is very concerned about the possibility of this building collapsing. it's a building that is under construction and there is also word earlier that multiple fire started in nearby buildings. so we're keeping an eye on this fire because of also the construction crane that is on site. fire crews are worried that that crane could also collapse. now, i want to bring you back to what the flames looked look earlier this morning. this is not a live picture. but this was the view from our emeryville camera early this morning as the flames just intensify. so you can compare and contrast to the difference in how different really it looks right now as the crews are able to do their best to get the thing under control. now, on social media, an abc 7 news viewer september us this video using the #abc 7 now.
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this viewer in the area and at that point here, wow, can you see the smoke just hovering in the sky. a lot of fire response activity here and i'm sure at one point the smell was probably very intense for people who live in the neighborhood. so obviously those who are affected by the speak, by allergies, should stay indoors and try to, you know, make sure that they're not exposing themselves to the elements. now, take you back live to the scene. okay. so you can see here, right now, traffic is not beblings affect. ed on interstate 580. obviously, it's a saturday morning. so cars are pretty much zooming on by right now. but that is different than what we saw an hour ago, as cars were slowly inching by. now you can see now the skeletal roof of the building there, at least what was once that section of the building, the engines are out.
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multiple hoses are being used right now to get this thing down so again, we are keeping an eye on braking news out of oak, the 3800 block arc live look from our emeryville camera at what was once a massive five alarm fire. we will continue keeping an eye on this, the good news so far no reports of any injuries. >> a high drive. it is out of here! >> all right, now to some lighter news, buster posy sent fans home happy last night, after questioning the 17th inning to beat cincinnati 3-2. it was posy's fourth home run in the last week. it lasted nearly five-and-a-half hours ending at 12:43 this morning.
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the warriors take on the san antonio spurs tomorrow in game one of the western conference finals right here on abc 7. the matchup is definitely one fans are excited about. we spoke with some that they they expect the warriors to have their post-season dominant. the as are expecting a challenge. >> we have to come up here and be who we are which i dictate to tempo. that's how we are who we are. >> warriors in how many games? >> i have be safe to say five. >> i'm looking for a win. >> lebron. >> the warriors have had nearly a week's rest after sweeping the jazz monday night. abc 7 is your game tomorrow the tip-off from oracle at 12:30 is followed by after the game with larry biel, pike
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that's here tomorrow on abc 7. >> a good saturday morning to you. we are starting out with clear conditions, a little breezy on the coast arc live look in santa cruz right now. it will be gusty at times, we call it brick, from santa cruz up to ocean beach. 49 san francisco, 52 in oakland. 50 in mountain view. san osay, gilroy and half moon bay in the upper 40s, it's cooler than that by the valley. we are looking at numbers right around 40 degrees in some spots. look at fairfield, this is sfo. it is clear. 37 santa rosa. 39 in napa. the dew points in some of these areas in the mid-30s is allowing the temperatures to drop into the 30s t. wednesday are light. it's cool out there so speaking of the winds, we do have gusts to 18 piles an hour. half moon bay up to 15 miles an hour in nevada and they're
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pushing from the north to the east here. down drifting to the east the winds out of the northwest here over in oakland at 9 piles an hour. so that smoke from the fire drifting just a little bit to the south and we'll continue to see the winds relatively light. >> that itself some food news that smoke certainly drifting in the area. good of you to stay inside if you are sensitive to that, obviously. it's a wintry scene, temperatures in the upper 20s for trucking. today a high in the low 50s. partly cloudy skies but there is snow in the forecast here by tuesday. so for tomorrow, it's a bright sunny day for mother's day. we look for the breezy winds to continue temperature temperatures anywhere from five to 10 degrees a portion of it, anyway. we look at that shower chance come income on tuesday. so which see more of a manner layer overnight. here we are into sunday. some of this green popping up. that's the incoming weather
6:20 am
system that will hold off for a few more clouds and those clouds up and over the higher elevations. mount tam, it could riepg out a shower, not likely, though, we are looking at the cool temperatures to continue, today in the upper 60s for san jose, the coolest day on tuesday. the numbers continue to drop. look at the rebound for wednesday, thursday, friday numbers on near average getting quite warm by next weekend. mother's day, maybe clouds around to start out with the 60s by find time. you will still be breezy, bay side in the 50s, close to near 70 inland. >> that system on tuesday, whipping up on rain in northern california, snow showers in the sierra nevada, as we get closer to the bay area, looks like only .04 for most of you. highs in the upper 50s, half moon bay, breece breezy here winds should be looking at five to 15 miles an hour around the
6:21 am
bay. 50s at the coast. near 70 inland, both today, tomorrow, monday, tuesday the coolest, whipped quest day, maybe a few drops of rain around here and it gets milder wednesday and warm thursday and friday. >> all right. lisa, thank you. just ahead, will ferrell donates the class of 2017 whitney houston style. we can't wait to show you that video and the sounds coming from that ceremony, first in honor of the asian pacific american heritage month. we have our bay area instagram feed to celebrate events making a difference where you live. belly dancing is an ancient art form. it will be showcased at the shape the bay charity show next saturday at san francisco's bravo theater. the event benefits the alzhei
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>> good morning, everyone, 6:24 is the time. we have few video tweeted out by alameda county fire. thanks for choosing abc 7 news. if you are just joining us, we have been throwing breaking news throughout the show. a massive five alarm fire at a building under construction in the 3800 block of san pablo avenue. now the food news is that there are no injuries to report right now, but there are multiple crews on the scene right now checking out the hot spots,
6:25 am
putting out the fire and there are also monitoring nearby buildings because at one point some other nearby buildings actually caught on fire as well. so we want to get to howard george. he's an engineer with abc 7 news. he was stuck if traffic earlier because of that fire. howard, thanks for being with us this morning. first off, we are glad you are okay. where were you stopped and what did you see? >> well, i was traveling 580 toward the maze as you come off the 24 hardware to 580. can you see the fire pretty intense on the right side. i couldn't physical out why track was stopped. i fixed it was the obvious reasons for everybody wanting to see what is going on. they noticed the side of the freeway on fire, i assumeled it was from embers proceeding. but it was pretty intense looking and really we have those pictures on the screen right now in earlier as that fire played out.
6:26 am
now, did any embers fall on your vehicle? did you see any? >> no, i did not see. only smoke as we were stopping on the freeway. >> how long were you stopped in traffic for? >> i came to a halt so probably no more than five minutes there was it looked like an oakland police officer behind us trying to and a half fate through the stopped traffic. once she bought to the side of the smoke, traffic seemed to alleviate and start moving through. >> howard george, one of our abc 7 building engineers here on 900 front street, thanks again for taking time out of your day to join us on the show. we are keeping eye on breaking news out of oakland. this is the 3800 block of san pablo avenue.
6:27 am
you can see fire crews pretty much have this thing. it appears they have it under control as they got their hoses out, putting water on the building. again, this was a building under construction. no report of injuries, now, moving over to another element that we want to show you right now, this action, sorry, this is what i want to show you, this live picture of emeryville. now, social media has definitely been playing a role in this coverage throughout the morning. so if you see news happening any time where you live, you can safely share with us on social media, be sure to use the #abc137 now so we can put it on air or online at abc 7 still to come on abc 7 morning. president trump prepares to deliver a commencement speech at liberty university later today. what he is saying to all graduates this morning. plus a high voltage warning for
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internet speeds 20x faster. at&t fiber sounds amazing. wait a sec, i'm not done yet. less than 12% of at&t homes actually qualify. huh...
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hold on. everyone else gets our other, slower internet speeds. but no one reads this stuff anyway. except for the old guy with the binoculars. huh... we got ourselves a reader. don't be fooled by at&t. xfinity delivers the fastest speeds to the most homes. how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. good morning, everyone, the time right now is 6:30. fire crews are getting a handle on what was once a massive fire in oakland. this all started 90 minutes ago in the 3800 block of san pablo
6:31 am
avenue fear interstate 580. oakland fire was originally very concerned about the possibility of this building collapsing. it is a building under construction. there was word earlier that multiple fires started in other buildings nearby in the neighborhood. so we're keeping an eye on this fire because of that construction crane that's on site as well. this is video from earlier, can you see the intensity of the flames and the smoke definitely lit up the sky this morning and again that construction crew was, that construction trend rather was key because fire crews were also worried about that collapsing in addition to the building collapsing. but for now, it appears that they've got this thing under control. this is video from an abc 7 news viewer from earlier, they were able get a closeup to the scene and share these manls of the smoke and the flames, so i want
6:32 am
to thank this viewer for sharing on social media for us. again, back live to the scene from our emeryville camera. you can see traffic is moving around okay on interstate 580. no problems to report there. earlier, though, we did hear from alameda county fire and oakland fire that embers were falling on the interstate. so we'll continue to keep an eye on this and bring you more details throughout the morning. we want to go to our meteorologist lisa argen, because she has been keeping an eye on the wind for us, so far so good, not playing much of a role in the severity of this fire. >> that's right, chris, later on today, the winds become gusty t. winds are pretty much light. that smoke is drifting up, just pushing a little bit to the south. can you see that line over to oakland. >> that means the winds are at 9 miles per hour t. treks is out of the northwest. so drifting a bit to the south
6:33 am
and east, otherwise the wednesday anywhere from 18 to 50 miles per hour. by this afternoon, over in oakland, those winds will be gusting to near 35 miles an hour. so it will be another breezy day around the bay right now. 49 in san francisco. 48 in gilroy, 51 in san jose santa cruz looks nice. temperatures below average. 38 degrees by today. 39 in napa. for example in liverfor. we are looking at plenty of sunshine, 50s and 60s by find time. it will still just be in the 50s to the 70s. we will talk about when the warm-up comes our way in a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thank you. president trump will deliver the key note address at liberty university commencements in virginia. in his weekly address the
6:34 am
president says he will bring a message of hope and optimism. he says he is committed to technical education. >> business optimism is soaring. employment is rising. these are great signs from america's future the future that our new graduates will play with such a critical role in shaping our world and our country. i want every jung youngsters, regardless of education or geography, to be able to live out their american dreams. >> president trump will also give the commencement address to graduates of the u.s. coast guard academy on wednesday. if your travels are through bart, ongoing track work will take place all day today. a bus bridge will be set up. bart says regular service will
6:35 am
be tomorrow to accommodate warriors fans. people living near the bart expens tension. it has been energized. david bui has more on an outreach campaign to alert people of the dangish. >> anticipation grows as service along the extension could be operating be i the end of the year. bta, the agency in charge of the project eechd another milestone, community outreach teams started visiting 30,000 households to worn people to be pafl. >> people aren't used to having ground based tracks. in won can lock down a train track, which they're not supposed to do, in this kay, it's electrified and very
6:36 am
dangerous. >> messages are being left at front doors. contact is being explained how dangerous coming into contact with that 3rd rail is. >> there are a thousand colts going through that rail. we feed people to stay out of the right of way. >> reporter: bta says from freedom to milpetas to san jose. also target reasonable doubt businesses and schools and the homeless. >> it's they're doing everything for people to know how it is supposed to be over there, like, if you don't have any business of going into the area. >> bta's projects manager underscores the danger of saying you can't smell it, you can't see it, few touch it, it will be too late. in san jose, david lui, abc 7 news. >> happening today, south bay residents impacted be i the devastating flood physical february will get a chance to find some relief.
6:37 am
coyote creek caused several million dollars worth of damage. today the county is hosting a flood and wellness fair for flood victims. this is a live look at arity officials say work should be done june 5th. the runway is expected to reopen tomorrow at noon. >> so if you fly to l.a., plan on confusion. 21 airlines are switching terminals at slaejs international airport. delta is the big reason for the switch. it is upgrading and modernizes term fams. passengers are being told to
6:38 am
check in online, print or download tear boarding passes and get to the airport extra early. >> abandon getting there early. >> we recommend you pitch a tent overnight we get here to make your flight. >> it is the biggest airline relocation in lax history t. move is expected to be finished by wednesday morning. still ahead on abc 7 morning, we are taking a live look at what was once a passive five-alarm fire in oakland. this is a live look from our emeryville camera. fire crews containing what was once that big fire. we will keep an eye on there and
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>> we continue to track breaking news out of oakland. if you have been following us, fire crews have been working to contain what was originally called a five alarm fire. multiple agencies responded. this is the 3800 block of san pablo avenue. we are taking a live look from our emeryville camera. multiple agencies responded. oakland fear was concerned about the possibility of this building collapsing. this is a building that is under construction. at one point, traffic was halted for about five to ten minutes on the freeway because of reports of embers falling on interstate 580.
6:42 am
so we want the get to an abc 7 news viewer who lives in the area. what did you see earlier? i understand you helped evacuate some neighbors. >> good morning. if you don't hold a time still before dawn, i first noticed my daughter crazy in the back yard, my daughter was in a white building. the building, the same building that caught fire of july of last year under construction as you said, no residents in the building, there is a said of neighboring townhouses in jeopardy, actually caught on fire last year. they caught on fire this year. i talked to residences, they say they voluntarily got the protocol now. if they built a fire in town, i
6:43 am
talked to a neighbor to the west he said he will be evacuated because embers were evacuating. plus i spoke to a anybody across the street on the emeryville side, she said her window was cracked because of the heat. that's the best updates i have for you right now. my apgar is shut off by police at one end of the block and fire chief at the other end of the block. it looks like i'm seeing the white smoke come up. >> and penn you mentioned earlier those neighboring town halls, what else is in the neighborhood? set the scene for us. >> sure thing, the awkward intersection and macarthur and adeleine. the building was under construction. can you tell the neighborhood is developing. there is a pizza place al qaeda corner to it.
6:44 am
not too far from the faithful and larger business is developing in emeryville. on the back side of this building on fire, it stretches on the being side, there are small restaurants. it's more or less a residential area. as you said, 580 is not too far from here. we're not too far from where 580 leads you up to the bay bridge. >> i can't imagine what you and your neighbors were going through. how quickly did you see fire crews respond? >> immediately. as soon as i came outside, i saw fire crews come down the block. i'm trying to walk past. i can't tell exactly where they're from. you know, i will mention one of the bigger things is this crane, the construction crane still looming over the building.
6:45 am
you can tell the structure of the crane has been compromised this what is still standing. at the very top of the crane, it looks like it's falling over. it looks like it can fall over more. i bought the you to say one-fourth of the crane at the top of it has fallen. it looks like maybe even half. it looks like the steel is very weak. so i imagine that is the concern of the fire department. as i said last year, this same building was on fire. this year, it appeared the building was going to be constructed. it started to look livable. and after last year's fire, cameras were put in place, security guards were hire ed am waiting for to to be fixed out. >> some valid concerns from you, penn, you have given off an interesting perspective.
6:46 am
we'll be sure to follow up the details. we appreciate your time. we'll let you go, penn, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> again, this is a like look from our emeryville camera. this is the screen, 3800 block of oakland, where a massive five-alarm fire started at around 5:00 this morning at a building under construction. as our abc 7 points out. there is a construction crane on the side of the property. >> that crane possibly mized and that is why crews obviously try to make sure they get the hot spots out as well, that train, they have been monitoring it to see if any more parts come down. we'll be sure to keep an eye on this story for you throughout the morning and bring you more details as we get them from
6:47 am
social media and the official authorities who have responded to the scene. lisa, wind has not been that much of a factor if that part of the east bay? >> you can see that smoke was sort of to the south t. wind is on the shore line. winds will be gusting from 20 to 35 miles an hour. >> that is this afternoon. we are 38 degrees by the delta. throughout the next how far should pure alpine spring water have to travel from its source to the bottle? ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source.
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well it's a perfect nespresso hold on a second.orge. mmm.
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♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. >> fire crews are looking to contain what was once a five alarm fire at interstate 580. we are taking a like look from our emeryville camera. this is the 3800 block of san pablo avenue. at one point, embers flew onto the freeway. the good news, no reports for now. let's show you earlier, when the flames were at their high. check this out. the intensity here. this all started at around 5:00 at the building under construction. we learned just in the past 10
6:51 am
to 15 minutes from a maybe in the area that there have been fires in this neighborhood before. so we're going to follow up on that piece of information that we received. now, earlier, we also got more video from within of our twitter followers, thank you to@mad under score lines for sharing this using the hashtag abc now. you can see the next side of the screen as the flames just intensified throughout the morning. so again if you see breaking news happening, you can safely take a picture or send a picture. send video to us. use that #abc7now. here's a live look showing the current situation. you can see fire crews all around the scene putting water on this building. traffic is not affected right now. again, we know traffic was
6:52 am
affected earlier. so we are going to move now to our meteorologist lisa argen and with more on the accuweather forecast. >> now, your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning to you. it is clear. we are looking at another cool day. in fact, the winds will continue to increase throughout the afternoon. there is the smoke, moving up into the atmosphere, moving to the east. the winds move a bit to the south and east right now. the wind quite gusty out there. 49 in san francisco. good morning to you, oak, 51 in san jose. boy we have some 30 degree temperatures out there. it is cold. anywhere from 2 to 7 degrees than we were yesterday. 39 in napa. 38 by the delta 46 in livermorem 36 in concord.
6:53 am
we are looking at the winds, breezy, elsewhere, not as they said that. the ones that have dialed back here. they will continue to increase. around the bay, not much of a factor right now. as we go through the next hours the saturday calls for 12-to-15 mile an our winds. the coast is much windier anden the by your sunday, we are still having gusty winds from point ray to half moon bay and breezy around the bay. if santa cruz, 39 degrees right now. it will be much cooler than yesterday. just in the 60s. but blue skies for mother's day. not only today and tomorrow and monday, but tuesday looks to be the coolest day with a chance of showers so we're increasing the rain tonight, that will bring in more cloud cover. we will see an incoming weather system you see pay drop a sprinkle or two around here.
6:54 am
numbers in the 40s and 50s to start out. 60s by the find time hour. so not a warm day, how is that for san jose, 67 the coolest day on tuesday will we see rain in northern california? snow showers in the sierra, nevada. the latest forecast models bring in .04 or less around the bay. highs today underneath breezy conditions. the accuweather -they forecast 70 inland. it will change tuesday. it gets blustery. wing will for much warmer weather. above
6:55 am
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>> welcome back, everyone, fire crews are working to condane what was at one point a large fire in oakland fear interstate 580. this is a live look showing san pablo avenue. it started around 5:00 this morning. multiple agencies responded and track was halted on interstate 5 "for a short period t. food news is no injuries to report. we will have more information coming up in our next newscast. >> the rains will increase today. right now, we are chilly, 30, 40s, 64 in oakland with a light wind anywhere from 12-to-15
6:58 am
piles an hour. 65 in fremont and very little clang for mother's day monday. tuesday is the coolest day, maybe a few sprinkles. back to average on wednesday, above average, 70s and '80s arriving at the end of the week. >> thank you for watching,ite chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. abc 7 news continues at 506789 a.m. with more on that breaking news with that fire in he's a nascar champion who's faced thousands of drivers. she's a world-class swimmer who's stared down the best in her sport. but for both of them, the most challenging opponent was... pe blood clots in my lung. it was really scary. a dvt in my leg. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself. my doctor and i choose xarelto® xarelto®... to help keep me protected. xarelto® is a latest-generation blood thinner... ...that's proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt
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talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know. good morning, america. new overnight, did he or didn't he? president trump's actions raising questions about whether he secretly recorded a meeting with the now fired fbi director james comey. >> i can't talk about it. i won't talk about that. all i want is for comey to be honest. >> the new questions this morning as president trump threatens to cancel all future press briefings. conflicting stories over that dinner between president trump and james comey. did the president ask him about loyalty? >> i think loyalty to the country, loyalty to the united states is important. >> could comey be forced to testify before members of congress? all this as the search begins for his replacement. the top candidates in the running. cyberattack going global this morning. companies in nearly 100 countrs


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