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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  May 14, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. north korea missile launch. landing 300 miles from the russian border. the test launch raising new concerns. president trump's reaction. and why experts are saying this could be a new type of missile. the global implications this morning. the search for a replacement for james comey. the candidates with diverse backgrounds interviewed for the top job at the fbi. president trump wonders what all the fuss is about over james comey's firing. >> i guess i was a little bit surprised, because all of the democrats, i mean, they hated jim comey. >> plus, the president's message to these graduates at a christian university. did he win over the crowd? dodging a bullet. the american computer programmer who stopped that massive cyberattack in its tracks.
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>> once the kill switch was activated, the malware would simply do nothing. >> the cyberattack affecting hospitals overseas, as well as railroads, factories, and phone companies. the new concerns this morning for a potentially worse second attack. and party at the palace. will, kate, and harry front and center playing host to hundreds of kids in the queen's backyard. complete with bouncy houses and a water balloon launch. why the royals hosted this very special party. good morning, everybody. happy mother's day, on this sunday with a lot of news. but first, i want to say happy mother's day for all you moms. i hope you're enjoying breakfast in bed, watching our show. >> let's not forget that we have a mother of three sitting right here. >> where? >> yes. >> paula faris. >> oh. >> that's right. i have children. and i'm enjoying my children
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this morning as well here. i love all of you. >> we do act like children. we do begin this sunday morning, though, with a breaking story overnight. a fresh provocation from north korea. >> for the seventh time since the inauguration of donald j. trump, the north koreans have test-launched a ballistic missile. this one flew for half an hour and reached an unusually high altitude, suggesting it could be a new kind of missile. >> the timing is key here. the test launch coming just days after a new government was sworn in in south korea, expressing willingness to enter into a dialogue with the north and kim jong-un. that may now be in jeopardy. troops from the u.s., japan, france and the u.k. conduct joint drills in the pacific nearby. >> president trump has spent much of the week doubling down on the firing of james comey. a series of candidates showing up at the department of justice
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on saturday for job interviews. we have a live image of the doj as we await the arrival of more candidates in coming hours. >> we're covering all angles. george is standing by with analysis but we start with analysis from gloria rivera in washington this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. good morning, dan. this morning, the white house calling north korea a flagrant menace. u.s. analysts are assessing what type of missile this was with north korea threatening to produce nuclear-tipped weapons capable of making it to the u.s. all eyes are on this launch. this morning, tensions heating up with north korea after it launched another ballistic missile. u.s. officials saying the missile, fired off saturday, stayed airborne for 30 minutes, traveling over 400 miles before landing in the sea of japan. south of russia, home to the russian pacific fleet. president trump was immediately briefed. the white house releasing a statement saying, with the missile impacting so close to russian soil, in fact, closer to russia than japan, the president cannot imagine that russia is pleased. it also called for tougher sanctions.
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north korea recently showing off its purported arsenal. u.s. pacific command on alert, saying this launch is not consistent with an intercontinental ballistic missile. japanese officials believe the flight pattern could be an indicator of a new type of missile. the launch coming days after the election of new south korean president moon jae-in. he has called for a closer relationship with north korea. this is the seventh missile test since president trump took office. the last missile test weeks ago marking trump's 100th day in office. the president saying this to abc news about the recent provocations. >> you'll soon find out, won't you? >> does that mean military action? >> you're going to soon find out. >> reporter: the russian defense ministry said the launch posed no danger to russia. it does raise questions on just how effective u.s. efforts to thwart north korea's missile program have been. dan? paula? >> gloria, thank you. >> let's bring in retired marine
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corps colonel and abc news steve ganyard. it doesn't look like this missile could have hit the u.s. the. what are the national security issues for the united states? >> dan, the security issues are that they have successfully launched a missile after several failures. so we see failure, failure, failure, but now we have a success. if you learn something about launching a missile that's maybe a shorter range, it could be applied to a longer range missile that could potentially hit the united states. >> steve, good morning to you. we know that this particular missile traveled for 30 minutes over 400 miles. then landed about 300 miles off the border of russia. the white house seems to be trying to bring russia into this. is this likely to work? >> it's always useful to bring as many countries to bear as you can on a problem like north korea. but i think in this case, the russians have always been fairly conciliatory to the north koreans. i don't think it will have much effect. i think what will be more interesting to the watch is how south korea reacts to this. we have the new president with a very conciliatory approach to
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north korea which is at direct odds with a firmer trump administration policy. >> a fascinating dynamic there. let me ask you though as we conclude here, are the north koreans picking up the pace on missile testing? are we seeing more from them than we usually do? and what does the pattern and the timing tell you? >> it seems to be about on pace as it was last year, dan. what it says is they have a deliberate missile program. they're going to test and test and test until they get it right. and the recent pressure by the u.s. and china hasn't had much effect. >> steve ganyard, thank you for joining us on this sunday morning. always great to have you. meantime, president trump is facing urgent issues both foreign and domestic. he hit the road on saturday, delivering a commencement address while continuing to defend his firing of the fbi director. >> meanwhile, back in washington, the attorney general interviewing the candidates for the new fbi director. abc's david wright is at the white house covering it all. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. president trump is trying to get past what's been called a credibility crisis brought on by
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the shifting stories over his firing of the fbi director. an fbi director who was investigating, among other things, trump's administration. speaking on fox news last night, the president came out blazing. >> how was your week? >> well, i think it was great. >> reporter: the president is now completely ignoring the reasons he initially gave for firing fbi director comey last week. >> was this the wrong time to fire jim comey? >> well, there's no right time. >> reporter: telling judge jeannine on fox news, he doesn't know what the fuss was about. >> i guess i was surprised because all of the democrats hated jim comey. they didn't like him. they wanted him fired, or whatever. and all of a sudden, they come out with glowing reports. >> reporter: trump sought to dismiss the outrage over the firing as a tempest in the washington teapot. >> i have a very strong base of incredible people. >> this is something that should have been a unifying thing for the country. instead, politics is still being played. the american people don't have
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confidence in comey. >> reporter: already trump is focused on choosing comey's successor, as he told reporters on air force one. >> i think the process is going to go quickly because almost all of them are very well known. they've been vetted over their lifetime. you will not fail. >> reporter: the president's advice to the graduates at liberty university, full of defiance. >> be totally unafraid to challenge entrenched interests and failed power structures. does that sound familiar? >> reporter: but even in this crowd. some skeptics. this past week, he fired the fbi director. what do you think of that move? >> i think it was -- um -- very irrational. >> reporter: do you trust president trump? >> not completely. not completely. >> reporter: expand on that thought. >> i don't trust any government official completely, to be honest with you. >> we all just want the truth. i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and, you know, he has to answer to god at
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the end of the day. >> reporter: as for the search for the fbi director, the interviews have already begun. the interviews being conducted by the attorney general and the deputy attorney general. 11 names on the short list. and here are some of the folks we saw yesterday, mike rogers, a former congressman. he's also a former fbi agent. he's been endorsed by the fbi agents association. alice fisher, fran townsend. they would be the first women to lead the agency. senator john cornyn. he's the former attorney general of texas. he serves currently as the majority whip. that's the number two position in the senate. dan and paula? >> filling the position is of the utmost urgency. thank you, david. we want to bring in our chief anchor, george stephanopoulos. he'll host "this week" later on. let's get to the fbi director. we just saw a list of names from david wright. the firing of comey seemed to galvanize both parties that the timing was not good. can he make a pick that quiets the storm? >> oh, no. it's necessary to make a great pick. but it's not even close to sufficient.
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the confirmation hearings for this new fbi director are going to be brutal. they're going to be asking questions about how can you assure us that you'll be ready to run an independent investigation into the trump campaign and russia? would you take a loyalty oath? the president appears to have asked james comey to make it, though the president denies it. this is just the beginning. we haven't heard james comey's side of the story in public. a solid pick for fbi director is absolutely necessary for president trump. it's not going to put this controversy away. >> lots of questions about when or whether we'll hear from james comey. while the firing of comey has been controversial in many circles, if you look at the latest polling at least from gallup, it seems to suggest that most trump supporters are standing by their man on this one. they argue, what you hear from the right is, this is all about hyperpartisanship and hysteria from the left. do they have a case here? >> let's separate the questions. the president has a right to fire an fbi director. what president trump did is
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something that has never happened before in american history. he fired an fbi director who was conducting an investigation into the president's campaign and any possible ties to russia. and the president himself said that that was on his mind when he considered firing james comey. that is brand new. that has never happened before. that is beyond politics in many respects. i think the poll shows that we still have a very partisan country right there. overall, it shows most americans disapprove of the firing of james comey. i think the real question with the polls right now, even if the president maintains the core of support that allows him to survive, to remain in office, does he have enough support to get anything done? that's the real question for the white house right now. >> speaking of getting anything done, we know russia is important to voters but if you go to these town halls across the country, they're talking about taxes and health care. the likelihood of anything getting done in today's climate -- >> very little. the president is not going to get any democratic cooperation
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on those issues right now, both on substantive grounds and they're prepared to hold up action in the senate until an independent counsel is appointed to look into the trump campaign and russia. will they succeed? probably not. but i think that is something they will continue to push. remember here, as i think david wright pointed out in his piece, democrats have not been fans of james comey. you even had chuck schumer, the democratic leader, saying he lost confidence in him. but it is the timing and the way that this was done that is raising questions. >> our chief anchor, george stephanopoulos. thank you very much. i want to remind everyone george has a big show this morning. he'll go one on one with mark warner, the senate intelligence committee vice chair. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley. and the former director of national intelligence, james clapper. coming up on "this week." that's later this morning right here on abc. >> we want to move on to the other developing story this morning. the global cyberattack where hackers demanded money and exploited a dangerous security hole that has frozen computers
7:13 am
in over 100,000 companies in 150 countries. >> we're learning about the computer security programmers who were able to stop the attack but could there be a second wave coming? here's brian ross. >> reporter: u.s. officials this morning are praising the quick work of this computer security programmer in indiana. darien huss, and a counterpart in great britain, who analyzed the hacker's messages, demanding ransom, and stumbled on to a kill switch that shut down the massive attack in its tracks. >> so i was panicking looking through the code and i realized that actually we had stopped it. >> once the kill switch was activated, the malware would simply do nothing. >> reporter: the tally of victims includes fedex in the united states, railroads in germany and russia, factories and phone companies across europe, and hospitals in great britain where surgeries were cancelled, ambulances turned away. this morning, law enforcement and intelligence authorities
7:14 am
around the world led by britain's new computer security squad, where we were recently given rare access, are working to track down whoever was responsible. with russian organized crime considered a prime suspect. >> it's people trying to steal money. the digital world gives people an opportunity to do that at a scale hitherto unknown. allows bad people to think up new ways of doing bad things. >> reporter: ironically, cybersecurity experts believe the attack was carried out with the help of a program first developed by u.s. intelligence to compromise the commuters of terrorists and foreign adversaries. >> they lost it. somebody stole the information. published it on the internet. now it's being used against victims in the united states and elsewhere. >> reporter: as of this morning, u.s. officials believe american companies have dodged a bullet. because most had upgraded their computers to close those vulnerabilities. and because of the quick activation of the kill switch. even so, u.s. officials tell abc
7:15 am
news, they believe the hackers will try a second wave of attacks without a kill switch. and that could come anytime soon. dan and paula? >> not something to look forward to. brian ross, thank you very much. a lot of other news this morning. as always, we kick it over to dr. ron claiborne. what's happening? >> dan, good morning to you, paula, adrienne, robert, good morning, everyone. in france, emmanuel macron is being sworn in as the country's new president. the ceremony taking place at the elysees palace in paris. the former investment banker is succeeding francois holland. macron won the resounding victory over marine le pen a week ago. pope francis flying back to rome. from a one-day trip to portugal. he talked about his upcoming meeting with president trump. the pope said he doesn't want to quote prejudge the president before meeting him. pope francis adding he intends to speak his mind and hopes president trump will do the same. trump is scheduled to meet the pope may 24th when he visits the vatican. in new york, police were called on to a jetblue flight at jfk airport because of an argument between passengers and
7:16 am
crew members over a birthday cake. a new jersey family on the way to las vegas said they were ordered off the flight after a flight attendant asked them to move a cake that they brought on board. the family saying they complied. jetblue says they did not, they became agitated, cursed and yelled at the crew. the family was removed. i'm sure that's the end of that story. in california, more than 900 students and teachers affected by a highly contagious virus. that's sweeping through dozens of schools in yolo county, near sacramento. the norovirus, which causes flu-like symptoms, has been spreading through the school district there. health officials are advising parents to keep children home from school for at least two days after they show symptoms. a fiery three-car race in kansas city, kansas. at a nascar race. look at that. number 43 going airborne from the impact. the driver air-lifted to the hospital. he's said to be in stable condition this morning. that race was red flagged,
7:17 am
stopped for nearly half-an-hour while the crashed vehicles were removed. the driver air-lifted away. and rain delays at baseball games are not that unusual. how about a squirrel delay? look at this. last night in cleveland, a squirrel making its way on to the ballpark and running around the bases there. all over the field. jumping into the stands to hang out with some of the fans. after a five-minute delay, the twins of minnesota beat the hometown indians, 4-1. blame it on the squirrel. otherwise they would have won. >> i have a few cats that could have solved that problem quickly. >> chased the squirrel right off? >> that's right. >> a note to all of the stadiums out there, have a cat on hand. have a steve. >> i have a cat named steve. i do. got it from the aspca. everybody should adopt pets. anyway, rob marciano, who also owns a cat by the way. >> yes, and my cat would not have been so swift to catch that squirm. it would be great episode of "wild kingdom."
7:18 am
for the seventh inning stretch. let me show you rainfall and flooding that happened across parts of new jersey. this is flooding in avalon, cape may county. high tides from the moon, the wind, the water, led to this bit of a mess. it happens from time to time. it's since receded. the storm is still lumbering across the northeast. south of boston now. we rotate it. it doesn't get offshore much. coastal new england today will be a bit of a mess with rain, wind and even some reports of snow this morning across the higher elevations of new hampshire and maine. the wind looks like it wants to hang around for much of the northeast. kind of cool and raw for now. but this big ridge will build into the east and hello, mama, it's suddenly summer. the next four days look to be much, much warmer. approaching if not going over 90 in some of the bigger cities. chicago, new york, philadelphia by thursday. that's a qui good sunday morning. happy mother's day. we'll start out with cloudy
7:19 am
conditions, a slight chance of a shower, breezy and cool to the middle of the week. today, low 60s around noon time. upper 60s 4:00, partly cloudy skies. we'll look for numbers to be once again cool. it will be breezy in san francisco. >> if it is not so nice and raining potentially where you are, i'm sure mom will bring her own sunshine today. have a great mother's day, everybody. >> that is so sweet. i think a lot of us were praying that the rain would go away after the storms yesterday in new york. people are going to church. they're going to brunch with mom. it is mother's day. we want to honor the moms in our lives. paula, you're one of them. >> i am? >> we have some beautiful flowers for you. and we also have a special message. while those flowers are coming out, we want you to pay attention to the screen. >> wow. what did i do to deserve this? >> all: hi, mom. we love you. happy mother's day!
7:20 am
>> happy mother's day. >> bye. >> that is so cute. >> aw. it probably took my husband 75 takes to get that one. that is so sweet. >> i doubt that. i bet caroline got it. >> caroline by the way, look at this mother's day gift from the heart. can we get a closeup? a little pen with a locket. >> she made the pen, too? >> thank you guys for these. >> mommy, write me some checks. >> i know you totally orchestrated this. i want to say thank you. >> oh, no, no, no, no. i can't take all the credit. this was definitely a team effort. >> thank you, everybody. >> one person who is going to be surprised besides paula, my mama, paulette, mom of seven, watching probably does not know that her picture will be across national tv this morning. she's a great woman. we appreciate her. >> happy mother's day to paulette. >> what a great name, by the way. >> i thought you would like that. >> we're all going to talk a little bit about our moms. my mom is actually in her mid 70s and going full force with her medical career.
7:21 am
she won't be seeing this this morning because she's on a plane back from europe, where she just gave a speech. so my wife, who is also a mother, i'm putting her up this morning. that's a couple of years ago after we had our son, alexander. who is now a lot bigger and talks back a lot more. >> we have a picture of my mom, carol faris. thank you for teaching me to see the best in people, even when they didn't deserve it. my mom said kindness regardless. i love you, mom. isn't she the cutest? >> i want to say special happy mother's day to my mother, marie claiborne, originally from alabama. she's out in los angeles. a big sports fan, like me. she'll be watching baseball today. i'm not going to give away her age. but she's a nonagenarian. >> wow, really? >> wow. >> good for her. she looks great. and you're out to see her every couple of months. my mom, patricia, this is 1976, teaching me how to figure skate. and my wife, erin, mother of my child, natalie. >> happy mother's day. >> keep it here. >> love you, mom. >> those are great.
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good morning, everyone. breaking news out of fremont -- police are investigating a crash that left one person dead and three others injured. fire officials say a driver was making a u-turn when another car possibly ran a red light and hit that car head-on on fremont boulevard and darwin drive. officials say speeding was likely involved.
7:28 am
northbound lanes of fremont boulevard between paseo padre parkway and ferry lane are closed. one southbound lane has since re-opened. turning to the weather now and our bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. we are looking at 52 in san jose. 48 in gilroy. you can see partly cloudy skies. looking at another cool and breezy day on the coast. 60 in the city, 67 in livermore. but the look ahead, it gets cooler, maybe a shower, then much warmer. chris? >> thanks so much for joining
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we want to welcome you back to "gma" on this sunday morning. happening now, fighting back, president trump defending the firing of the fbi director james comey, insisting democrats also wanted him gone. the president promising to find a replacement quickly. as the revolving door of candidates keeps flowing on through the justice department. >> more interviews today. also happening right now, baby wipe recall. the honest company voluntarily recalling wipes after learning that some packets showed mold spots. they're offering refunds to customers. united airlines warning employees that some access codes used to open cockpit doors on airplanes were accidentally leaked. the airline says this is unrelated to the global cyberattack. that's been hitting companies across the world. united says officials are now working on resolving this issue as quickly as possible and that
7:31 am
measures are in place the keep the flight decks secure. scary. >> scary. especially for the pilots. we want to say happy mother's day. we'll have more in a little bit. we turn to the frightening standoff inside a hospital. >> an inmate grabbing a gun and a nurse setting off a hostage crisis. s.w.a.t. teams and other armed officers moving in. eva pilgrim is here with the story of how this horrifying situation played out. >> reporter: tense moments. an inmate being treated at a chicago-area hospital breaks free. what he did next put an entire community on edge. >> a subject with a gun, delnor hospital. 300 south randall. >> reporter: a hospital near chicago on lockdown. an inmate being treated at the hospital taking an officer's gun and multiple people hostage. after three hours, the gunman dead. this morning, the staff recovering. >> mr. salters was in a hospital room under guard. >> reporter: authorities say this was the gunman, 21-year-old
7:32 am
tywon salters, awaiting a trial for stealing a vehicle. being treated in the hospital for almost a week. >> units responding to delnor, it's going to be a handgun, a glock 21. >> reporter: officials say he grabbed the gun from the officer guarding him. taking two nurses hostages. one getting away. abc news speaking to a woman trapped inside who was visiting her father, a patient, when it happened. a nurse suddenly ordering them to stay in his room. >> she said there's an armed intruder in the hospital and you have to stay behind locked doors. >> reporter: the tense standoff which began on the third floor, spilling into the emergency room downstairs where the gunman, holed up with his hostage, as heavily armed s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the building. these photo taken from inside the hospital, showing officers armed with rifles crouched behind a wall, taking aim. another, standing guard. >> standing by for additional units. >> reporter: negotiators trying to talk to him by phone. eventually hitting a wall. talks breaking down. the s.w.a.t. team rushing in. an officer shooting salters. the hostage, that nurse, finally
7:33 am
freed. this morning, authorities are looking into whether or not he was handcuffed at the time this all went down. no question, though, a huge sigh of relief this morning for that community that no one else was hurt. >> glad that nurse got free. thank you, eva. appreciate it. a lot of weather to talk about this morning, including a warmup. let's get to rob. >> more flowers for paula. the virtual ones. >> thank you, rob. you're so sweet. >> the mother of all beaches. mother's beach, california. 70 degrees. flowers, new york, 58. and mother vineyard, north carolina, 74. loving, texas, 91. do you feel it? do you feel the cool air across the corners? the high corners? this omega block has been in place. temperatures way above normal in the central part of the country. this trough will slide to the east as we go through time. that will trigger some severe storms, i think, tomorrow and tuesday. mostly across the oklahoma panhandle. maybe wednesday and thursday,
7:34 am
we'll see another batch of severe weather. happy mother's day to you. partly cloudy skies. it is another cool afternoon. we'll look for numbers in the upper 50s to upper 60s, a slight chance of showers on tuesday. >> this weather report is brought to you by lowe's. nothing says mother's day like buying mom a hammer or a saw. >> or an on mag ga block. >> there are a lot of diy mama's. look at joanna gaines. >> that's not where most of us were going with that, though. he said hammer and saw. >> a gift is a gift. >> i'm going to save you, rob. coming up on "gma," the royals, front and center at buckingham palace at a garden party. the reason behind the festivities coming up. and one of my favorite stories. the amazing story of an nfl draft pick. the family that helped garett bolles go from a homeless teen
7:35 am
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♪ i feel my heart beating it was the royals on parade this morning during a party at the palace.
7:39 am
>> trying to brighten the lives of deserving children who have been through a whole lot. >> hello to all of you. it was very a very worth while cause. honoring the children of military service members killed in the line of duty. prince harry saying he thought it was the most fun ever seen at the buckingham palace gardens. >> hi. >> reporter: it's the request most only dream of receiving. an invite from the royal family to spend the day at buckingham palace, and for a very special reason. prince harry and the duke and duchess of cambridge hosting more than 800 children who lost a parent serving in the armed forces. for an unforgotable day of fun. one of them, 6-year-old rigby, whose father, lee, was attacked and killed by extremists four years ago. >> it's fantastic chance for children to meet other children in the same situation. >> reporter: it was able to string together young people,
7:40 am
armed forces, and dealing with loss, as the brothers mark the 20th anniversary of the passing of their mother, princess diana. parachutists from the royal air force literally dropped by, as the royal garden was transformed in the ultimate party space. safe to say there was something for everyone. prince harry tried his hand at plate-spinning while the duchess showed off her water balloon slinging skills. the prince even delivered some touching words to the crowd. >> and we, up and down the country, will never, ever, ever, forget about the sacrifices that every single one of you have made. >> reporter: and william and harry have used their story to inspire others. opening up recently about their own struggles of loss and being examples of resilience. it's just really remarkable to see them carry the torch of their mother, princess diana. >> a huge difference them opening up about the struggles they've had after losing their mother. coming up on "gma" this sunday morning, it's mother's day. a remarkable story of the nfl football player, garett bolles,
7:41 am
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♪ love that moment, everyone. welcome back. this mother's day, we're celebrating family. a coach and his wife opening up their home to a troubled teen. you're looking at him. that was a young garett bolles. where he is today, though, is nothing short of a miracle. it's a testament to the power of a mother's love. >> the denver broncos select garett bolles. >> reporter: arguably one of the most memorable moments at this year's nfl draft almost didn't happen. >> if you look at my life six
7:45 am
years ago, you told me i was going to walk on the stage of the 2017 draft. i would think you're crazy. >> reporter: drugs, alcohol, violence, some gang activity. you did squal time. you were expelled. the local police knew you by your first name. >> they did. i was a troubled teen. >> reporter: garett bolles was troubled, and suddenly on the street when his father kicked him out. you had nowhere to go. >> i had all my stuff in cardboard boxes and bags. >> reporter: his lacrosse coach greg freeman drove by and saw him. what kind of condition was he in when you found him? >> he was lost and really worried and scared. >> reporter: the freemans, with four biological children of their own took garett in. did so cautiously. when he got here, you laid down the law. >> i told him there were three rules he would have to keep to live here. >> pay my tithing. go to church.
7:46 am
get rid of my old friends. and turn my phone in at night. >> reporter: if he didn't abide? >> then i told him you won't be able to stay here. >> reporter: emily and greg became mom and dad. you sensed he needed boundaries. what did you think he needed? >> love. >> love. >> when i looked at him, i just thought, we gotta love this kid. there's potential in there. he needs to see that it's there. >> reporter: and garett thrived. because for the first time in his life, he experienced the unconditional love of family. >> i'll never forget the day i was sitting at the top of the stairs. >> he asked me one day, how long are you going to love me for? >> she's like, i'm going to love you regardless. i'm your mom for the rest of your life. >> when you get married, when you have your first baby, i'll be at the hospital. that's what it means to be family. >> reporter: garett went to colorado on a mormon mission, a year later, sprouted to 6'5", enrolled in a junior college to play football. he excelled and also fell in love and became a husband and father. this past season at utah, he was
7:47 am
the most sought after offensive lineman in the country. >> i'm so grateful for this family. i love them so much. >> reporter: do you think about where he might be had you not brought him home? >> yep. >> he would be in jail. >> reporter: why didn't you give up on him? >> well, this is what we should say. god didn't give up on him. and i felt that. the whole time. >> reporter: that family is so extraordinary. garett says who does that? who takes a troubled teen off the streets and trying to ingratiate them into your own family. >> it's an incredible move. it really worked out. >> the thing that got me about that story is when he had that moment with his mom. he was like, how long are you going to love me? he had never experienced that kind of love. and it's just a reminder to families and moms out there, at the end of the day, we can buy our kids every meaningless toy. all they really want is love. they want to know we're going to be there for them. >> and reach out to others outside of your four walls, your home. you never know the touch that you'll give to somebody who
7:48 am
you're not that close to but needs that love. >> mm-hmm. >> great story. great job. >> really nice. >> thank you to the family for inviting me in. coming up, how mom can get a free mimosa today and more. coming up in "pop news." >> free mimosas? are we having them? no, we can't. >> we're just looking at them. t. the thing that's really important to dentists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime. the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend the new pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪ it's looking up, not fit's being in motion. boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ♪ okay. time now for "pop news." a special mother's day edition. what's popping? >> what's popping? i like that, d-money, dan harris. >> i'm very, very cool. >> i got that nickname from paula. for all the moms out there, let's start out by looking at mother's day by the numbers. according to money americans are spending more than $23.5 billion with a "b." dollars. >> it is worth it, everybody.
7:53 am
>> on our mamas. wouldn't it be nice if we could spend that much each? we would be rich. it's 10% up from last year. shoppers expected to spend an average of $186 apiece. millennials are the most generous. spending over 250 bucks. >> they're probably getting the money from -- hopefully not from their parents. >> from their allowance. >> i don't understand the stat. it's all the student loan debt. >> say good-bye to everybody in the 18 to whatever demo. >> jewelry is a popular gift. $5 billion going to glitz and bling. over $4 billion on special outings. flowers are in the mix. over $2.5 billion there. the same amount of gift cards. >> great. >> gift cards are good. cash is king. >> 10% more. does that mean we're doing a 10% better job at parenting over the year? or no? >> i think it's adjusted for inflation. hollywood has a bunch of new moms celebrating for the first time this year. janet jackson welcomed eissa.
7:54 am
in january. of course. sharing this snap of her baby last month. apparently getting ready for a nap time there. "dancing with the stars" pros peta and maks are parents of shai. born in january. very cute. former "bachelorette" ali fedotowski is celebrating her first mother's day as mom to molly. and lacy chabert celebrating with mimi. in september. calling her daughter's arrival the best day of her life. looking ahead to next year. "scandal" actress katie lowes is expecting her first baby. and now you know all the dish. >> the baby news. >> all the baby business. let's talk about what's on the table. how about setting mom up with free mimosas today. the mobile app ibotta is making it possible. fyi, download the app. the ibotta app. in the bar category, tap mimosa for mom rebate. she'll get five bucks to pick it at the establishment of her
7:55 am
choice. dan, of course, taking the bottle. a lot of companies are offering deals to moms today. if you want to save money, take your wife or mom somewhere. >> i'm saving money. i'm bringing this home. >> there's a free drink. you want to go to hooters. you can go to hooters. >> okay, done. >> go to hooters? >> maybe there's a mom that likes -- >> claiborne, no. >> who said that? >> you don't take your mom to hooters on mother's day. any other day, yes. >> you get a discount on the subsequent divorce. >> a complimentary dining card for free lunch or dinner on the next visit. and these sweet treats that came in, dough flowers, from mark israel. they're made by hand. no two are exactly alike. three glazes, strawberry, rose water and blood orange. so popular, they sell it every day. >> can i take the tray? >> can i take the blood orange.
7:56 am
>> take something. >> i'm on a sugar fast. george stephanopoulos has a big show coming up. thank you, everybody. happy mother's day. mama faris. this afternoon the warriors will resume their playoff run with game one of the western conference finals. coach steve kerr made a brief appearance at yesterday's practice as the team got ready for today's game against the spurs it was the first time that many players had seen kerr in nearly two weeks. he underwent a spinal procedure nine days ago at duke university. kerr also was at a coaches
7:57 am
meeting on friday. he remains out indefinitely. mike brown is coaching in his place. don't forget, you can spend your mother's day afternoon with abc 7. coverage of the dubs game one begins at noon with tip-off at 12:30. stick around for "after the gam game." we'll have post-game interviews live from oracle arena. turning to the mother's day forecast with our meteorologist, lisa argen. hey, chris. good morning. here's our view from tam. nicesunny. the peninsula and south bay has a little bit more in the way of fog. this was our east bay hills camera. kind of cool a minute ago. now the fog's pushed on in so it is out there and it may be around for another hour or so before it clearance out. 45 by the deltas. 54 in concord. 52 in river more. you can see visibility from the
7:58 am
suture tower is pretty good. a chance an isolated shower in the north bay, otherwise, breezy and cool throughout the middle of the week, sunny and warmer by the end of the week. hour by hour, a few pop-up showers, perhaps, the santa cruz mountains, mt. hamilton. 65 in fremont, 67 in this san jose. look at the warm-up by the end of the week. thanks so much for joining us.
7:59 am
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we're still going, and we feel better! starting right now on a special edition of "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> he wasn't doing a good job. >> the fbi director fired. >> he's a showboat. he's a grandstander. >> president trump sparks a firestorm by sacking the lead investigator of his campaign's ties to russia. >> the president's decision to remove director comey was related to this investigation. that is truly unacceptable. >> the timing of it and the reasoning of it make no sense to me. >> the surprise decision throws his white house into chaos. >> why were so many people giving answers that just weren't correct? were you guys in the dark? then trump threatens comey with claims of secretly recorded tapes. >> all i want is for comey to be honest. >> the big question this week. did those actions obstruct justice? >> it borders on a constitutional crisis.


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