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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> a bomb shell announcement from the nation's capital, the man who was once u.s. attorney right here in san francisco is now tapped with investigating president trump's ties to russia. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm alma daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. tonight both republicans and democrats are praising the choice of robert mueller as special counsel. mueller is a former fbi director and served at the u.s. attorney for the northern district of california between 1998 and 2001. >> let's begin our team coverage with abc7 news reporter maggie in the nation's capital. maggie? >> dan and alma, washington is in shock as the white house gets hit with a third bomb shell in just as many days. and now lawmakers and the administration are scrambling to respond. in a week of breaking developments -- >> obviously it's a step in the right direction. >> reporter: a major decision
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from the department of justice. >> very solid and significant step. >> reporter: the department of justice appointed a special counsel to take over the investigation into russia's interference with the 2016 election, including possible collusion with the trump campaign. the man now leading the investigation, former fbi director robert mueller. >> whatever investigation goes on will have the credibility of bob mueller, former director of the fbi, and a renowned lawyer. >> reporter: now mueller will have all of the authority of a u.s. attorney including the ability to take the matter before a grand jury and the ability to issue subpoenas. abc's chief legal affairs chief says mueller will have the daunting taf of addressing all the recent controversies surrounding the white house. >> take all that of together and most importantly with james comey's account and then you assess, is it obstruction or is it not. >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are showing cautious optimism.
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>> i don't think you could have a better special counsel. >> it takes the politics out of it hopefully. this has gotten too political. >> reporter: president trump released a statement about mueller's appointment saying this investigation would only prove that his campaign did nothing wrong. reporting from washington, i'm maggie ruely, abc7 news. >> abc7 news reporter lilian kim continues our team coverage. >> yes, she's in the newsroom with robert mueller's bay area connections. lilly. >> reporter: dan and alma, not one person we talked to on or off camera could say anything negative about mueller. the prevailing sentiment is that he is the perfect person for the job. >> oh, i think it's great. i think by temperament, by integrity, by background and experience and by commitment, nobody better than bob mueller. >> reporter: joe was mueller's boss when he was head of the u.s. attorney's office in san francisco. mueller himself eventually became the top federal lawyer in the city before moving on to the highest ranks of the department of justice where he was deputy attorney general and director of the fbi. >> i have total confidene in
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his integrity and in his ability to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: san francisco john knows all about independent investigations. he was the assistant independent counsel in charge of the oliver north's job. he said mueller's job won't be easy. >> get being documents from a hostile power is impossible. he's going to need cooperators, he's going to need to follow the money. he's going to need to do all kinds of things and it could take white awhile. >> reporter: as special counsel mueller has all the powers of the federal prosecutor e the authority to create his own staff skpsz not subject to day to day supervision. the deputy attorney general has the question to question mueller's practices and seen fire him. prosecutor ma linda said they should have confidence in the process. >> if he disagrees with the decisions he has some oversight authority but he has to report to congress if he disagrees with any of those decisions so there will be great transparency. >> reporter: this is only the second time a special counsel has been appointed since the law
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that created the position took effect 18 years ago. in the newsroom, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. two more bomb shell rorgts tonight according to the washington post house majority kevin mccarthy told fellow republicans last year, quote, i think putin pays trump. the post says there is a recording but mccarthy said today he was just joking. and late tonight "the new york times" revealed the trump team new former nsa michael flynn was under investigation before he was hired at the white house. and be continuing coverage at the white house on night line at 12:37 right after jimmy kimmel live. >> let's move on. the list of charges against an accused arsonist in the east bay could grow. police a est ared james bishop iii of pittsburgh last saturday for 11 car fires in april and may. today he was charged with 26 counts for fires in cities including lafayette, walnut creek and brentwood. investigators say they are trying to determine whether he's connected to at least 30 more
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car fires. sierra lamar's sister shared her loss and her pain during the sentencing phase of the trial of antolin garcia torres. abc7 news was at the hall of justice in san jose and spoke with danielle lamar after she she said it was difficult, and she was asked about what she'd say if she could speak to sierra just one more time. >> tell her how much i love her, how proud of her i was, and, you know, how much of an effect she made on everyone she met. >> the jury that convicted torres of murdering ski era lamar is now deciding whether he should get life in prison or the death penalty. >> new at 11:00, it's a bumpy ride in oakland as the city's streets fall apart. the mayor's office is calling on citizens to help. abc7 news reporter katie is here to tell us what you can do to fix potholes in your city. katie? >> reporter: alma, everyone hates potholes, but everyone can
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get in on the fix. all you have to do is snap a photo to the pothole, up load it to the city's site and they will get out and fix it. in four weeks they are doing a city wide pothole fix. oakland is bustling. its streets are buckling. >> international boulevard is horrible. foothill boulevard is horrible and then you have side streets throughout. i can't name all of them. >> reporter: potholes plague drivers and cyclist. >> it feels like they're getting worst. it seems like they've popped up, especially after the rain. >> reporter: it's true. record rainfall ripped apart asphalt. >> on burden street, there is a particular part that i avoid because it's so bumpy. i take a different street. >> reporter: that could change in four weeks. the mayor is calling on residents to see something, say something when it comes to potholes so they can be filled during the city's pothole blitz. download the see click fix app to report. >> next time i am out and about,
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i see one, i will take a picture of it. >> reporter: more complete paving will come in the fall as the city gets approval to spend kkk infrastructure bond money. in oakland katie, abc7 news. >> all right. new tonight the u2 concert at levi stadium created a traffic crunch coming and going, but hey that was expected. ♪ >> look at that crowd. the big unknown, would the concert end in time for the venue's 10:00 curfew. abc7 news reporter katie is live. >> reporter: the concert ended a few minutes ago, right after 11:00. we did see some people, though, leaving early. they told me they wanted to miss some of that traffic heading home. they might have also missed some of bono's social commentary. he gave out a shout out to cecil williams and steve jobs and he talked about the fight against hiv and aids and gave props to
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the new women's movement. u2 dazzled concert goers inside the stadium, all things must come to an end, it ended well past the 10:00 curfew. it is possible the city of sclera cousanta clara could issue a noise fine, but it wouldn't be more than a thousand dollars. for fans it's priceless even if it means entering the evening commute. >> it's the first time at levi stadium. we'll see how it is. >> reporter: it took her groups 2 hours 45 minutes from san francisco. they were dropped off in a limo which may have made all the difference. people who needed to park had bigger problems. >> took longer to drive from the freeway exit to the parking spot than it did to drive from our home in pleasanton to here. >> not enough places at all tonight for traffic and very frustrating, a lot of tempers flaring. >> great america park was
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horrible. sitting in traffic. >> reporter: they'd do it again for the love of the band. katie sulo, abc7 news. >> coming up, find out how protecting your cat or dog could be putting the san francisco bay eco system at risk. >> and first it was deflate gate. now questions surrounding tom brady and the patriots. >> and only in san francisco, the cafe serving coffee with some bizarre company, rats. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. signs of summer in the accuweather forecast. we'll check out your weekend coming up. >> thanks, sandhya. first what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. jimmy. >> thanks, dan and alma. there is so much going on tonight. >> we'll see a walter white shirt on some guy and i will sneak up to him and saddle up next to him and just go, i like your shirt. [ laughter ]
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some popular flea control products may be responsible for trace amounts of pesticides getting into san francisco bay. now, according to a new study, the amounts are very small, but experts say the bay eco system could be at risk. americans spend more than a billion dollars a year to keep fleas and ticks off their pets. >> i think with all the winter rain we've had this is going to be a heavy flea season. >> a lot of pet owners use topical spot-on treatments. just a few drops on the back of the neck will kill fleas and ticks for months. some of those products contain a pesticide turning up where it is not supposed to, in sudden imt in the san francisco bay. >> we are particularly concerned about the chemicals because it's harmful to all the critters at the bay bottom.
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that's the base of our food web. if those critters experience impacts, it could go up and harm our fish and wildlife. >> rebecca sutton is with the san francisco estuary institute part of a regional program that monitors bay water kwamt. sutton's team believe the chemical is getting into the bay from outdoor best side use and now research indicates it will may also be coming from inside our homes. they used sales data to identify a possible source. >> one of the things we started to look at was flea and tick treatments. >> spot on flea products use natural oil on your pet's skin to spread the oil on their body. fluorescent dye was added to a flea treatment so it shows up under black light. you can see where the pesticide was applied and how much it spread over 24 hours. >> these chemicals get on our hands when we pet our pets, get on our clothing, the pet bedding so when we wash our hands or wash our clothes, this all goes down the drain. >> sutton's team tested waste
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water flowing in and out of eight sewage treatment plants around the bay area and found the drug at all of them. >> the treatment even at our most advance facilities was not removing significant levels of these pesticides. >> researchers say that means the pesticide is flowing into the bay. the amount of drug in waste water is actually tiny, the equivalent of this pill in an olympic size swimming pool. at that level it is above the environmental protection agency's guidelines for freshwater creeks and streams. there are no guides for saltwater. washing dogs treated with the drug, they washed 34 dogs. up to 28 days after the flea treatments, then tested the water to see how much pesticide ran off. their conclusion? >> pesticides watch off animals during routine bathing at cool sen "trading nation"s that are high enough to be significant. >> not all topical flea treatments contain fipronyl. here are some that do. one of the leading manufacturers
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is front line which sent us a statement in part, the studies do not identify a direct causal link to pets as a contamination source and more research is required. it adds, topical products contain the drug undergo a rigorous assessment of safety, efficacy and quality, and regulatory bodies worldwide review and approve its use. now, researchers agree more study is required and this summer they'll test for other types of flea best sides in the bay, but one way to reduce pesticides on your pet's fur is to use oral flea treatments now available for dogs and cats. experts say frequent vacuuming and washing pet bedding eliminates the need for pesticides whatsoever. >> tom brady's wife gisele gisee reported he suffered a concussion. there are no records saying he had a head injury or concussion. the league is working with the player's union.
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if he did have a concussion they could face a fine. the san mateo native said he plans to play into his 40s. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> hi there. get ready for some heat. today we had warmer weather and a gorgeous sunset from our mount tam camera. take a look for yourself. sun went down at 8:15 tonight, and yes, there were a few wispy crowds that went through, but it was absolutely stunning tonight as the sun set. you will be seeing sunsets like this in the coming days because we are not expecting any fog at all. as a matter of fact, look at these temperatures. over the next seven days, livermore's average high is 76 degrees. you're really going to start out at about 82 tomorrow afternoon and then the temperatures in the low 90s for your weekend into early next week, and then we will see some cooling as we head into tuesday and wednesday. a live look right now from our east bay hills camera, we are looking towards the port of oakland right now and the visibility is terrific as you can see there.
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and we check out live doppler 7 and the skies are clear. no rain on the screen, we're not expecting any over the next seven days. temperatures right now in the 40s, 50s even a few 60s showing up around brentwood. abc7 news exploratorium camera giving you a nice view of the embarcadero there. warming trend continues tomorrow. summer like heat this weekend and it's a cooler pattern early next week. you can always download the accuweather app to help you keep track of all the changes happening and there will be changes happening. you can keep track on the go. hour by hour planner. clear start tomorrow morning, you're going to be seeing the sun, 40s, 50s, at noontime mild sunshine, temperatures rising as we head into 4:00 p.m., warming up enough to where you'll need the sun screen and your shades the evening hours.s we head into clear start tomorrow morning, clear enough to where you'll need to grab that light jacket. mid 40s to low 50s. tomorrow afternoon it's going to be warmer than today so we'll introduce some low to mid-'80s in our warm est inland valleys.
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coast line mid to upper 60s. leak at the weekend. it really is going to be summer like heat. friday the warming trend continues saturday and sunday features low to mid 90s inland, low 70s along the coast line. don't worry if you're going to beta breakers sunday and you're running it's not going to be terribly hot. a gentle wind, bright start plenty of the sun for that race, but it is not going to be warm like i said. just mild conditions. mid 60s for you. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. warming trend continues tomorrow, changes for your friday. upper 60s to low 90s. bumping up to of the tiers r tours to the low to mid 90s for the weekend which means the pool and the beach just might look attractive. 70s coast side and cool it off as the fog rolls back in starting at the coast monday, spreading tuesday, wednesday across the entire bay area where we'll see those 80s inland. a little more comfortable coast side. dan and alma? >> thank you, sandhya. >> coming up there is a new
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tourist attraction. it is not for the faint of heart. >> tomorrow night two men with an incredible connection. they jumped off the golden gate bridge and survived. both say the moment their fingers left the railing, they felt instant regret. a story of
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from geico. visit for more safety tips, and to get a free rate quote. san francisco's newest tourist attraction enjoys a latte and paid to see rats, you heard that correctly. for $50 you get the privilege of a cup of coffee, a pastry and 15 minutes with a rat. the san francisco done john at fisherman's wharf opens the black rat cafe for two days this summer. all rats will be from a rat rescue organization and will be available to adopt. >> rat rescue?
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all right. >> for 25 bucks do i get 7 minutes with a rat? >> scale it down, right? >> oh, man, in sports the giants had their hands full with clayton kershaw today and the warriors. they had the same situation pretty soon with mr. lebron
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>> announcer: abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. the giants finally feeling good about themselves. they were hoping for a sweep of the dodgers. clayton kershaw had other ideas about that. how much time does he spend on that mustache? that is world class tremendous. top of the first two, 0-2 pitch
11:29 pm
off the wall and right. cory seeinger and justin turner, dodgers top 3. randall next to ba chin music. dodgers were stealing signs, and that's why he came inside. dodgers not happy with the pitch location. the bench is clear. they eventually talked it out. he allowed five runs in six innings. meanwhile the giants rendered powerless by kershaw. struck out michael morris there and mack williams from there. her shah 7 scoreless fans. 20th lifetime win against the giants. 6-1 dodgers the final. giants were 5-2 from the home stand. >> great home stand. got to be happy with it. won the series here. obviously would have liked to come away with a win today. have to be happy going into the off day tomorrow, how we played here at home. >> tonight the a's in seattle got their fans up there and christian berg manmade the best start of his career. personal best 7 third earnings, steven vote the victim, mark ken
11:30 pm
a. berg man has been a reliever. bottom 1-0 mariners. that scores a bear. the a's go quietly losing 4-0 to go one and five on this road trip. nba, celtics hosting the cleveland cavaliers. they've been off a week-and-a-half. would lebron be rusty, he and his team be out of sync? no, refreshing and devastating and reversing. celtics don't have anybody who can guard him. kevin love couldn't guard him either. smart love for 32 points. lebron finished with 38. you look at this shot right here, the fade away, smooth, gliding butter. the cavs cruise in game one of the series 117-104. to the pitch, orlando hosting -- talk about cute right there. quakes down 1-0. tommy thompson shot the redirect by one, though.
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chris, that's the way they teach it in danville right there. his fifth goal of the season and this game ends in a 1-1 draw. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good stuff. thanks, buddy. >> abc7 news continues online on twitter, facebook and mobile
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