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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 18, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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morning america" and have a great thursday, everybody. making news in america this morning, the appointment that even the white house didn't see coming. a new special counsel investigating possible interference in last year's election. the president offers his first reactions and lawmakers from both parties weigh in as markets around the world take a nosedive. we've got all angles covered live from washington. breaking overnight, protests after a police officer is acquitted in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. the victim's family saying the officer got away with murder. also breaking a rock 'n' roll star's mysterious death. we have new details just in about chris cornell's sudden and unexpected passing while on tour. and the multimillion dollar unclaimed jackpot. time is running out for whoever may be holding the winning ticket.
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a good thursday morning. we begin with yet another stunning development out of washington. a special prosecutor is now leading the investigation into russian election meddling. >> he is a former fbi director robert mueller who was tapped to oversee the probe whether the trump administration was connected to that russian meddling. >> president trump is expected to be bombarded with questions about the decision as he holds a previously scheduled news conference today with the president of colombia. >> and another big headline today. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein heads to capitol hill to brief the entire senate on the firing of former fbi director james comey. >> as special counsel robert mueller will have sweeping powers to prosecute any crimes he uncovers. >> we're told the white house was actually blindsided by the decision to appoint an outside prosecutor getting word just 30 minutes before the rest of the country. abc's janai norman has the latest from washington for us. good morning, janai. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis.
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three days, three breaking headlines here in washington. the latest, the announcement that a special counsel is taking over the russia investigation is already garnering support across the aisle. a trifecta of tumultuous developments. bombshell after bombshell after bombshell sending shock waves through washington and the white house. >> no politician in history and i say this with great surety has been treated worse or more unfairly. >> reporter: at the center of every controversy, president donald trump. now the department of justice appointing a special counsel to take control of the investigation into russia's interference with the 2016 election including possible collusion with the trump campaign. that announcement coming after attorney general jeff sessions recused himself made by acting attorney general rod rosenstein just a week after trump fired fbi director james comey and the white house initially blamed the decision on a recommendation from rosenstein but trump later admitting during an interview on
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nbc that the russia investigation was a factor. the man now leading the investigation, robert mueller, who served as fbi director from 2001 to 2013 and enjoyed wide bipartisan support then and now. >> obviously that's a step in the right direction. >> this takes the politics out of it hopefully. this has gotten too political. >> reporter: mueller will have all the authorities of a u.s. attorney including the ability to take the matter before a grand jury and to issue subpoenas. >> whatever investigation goes on we'll have the credibility of bob mueller, the former director of the fbi. >> reporter: and president trump previously called the russia investigation a total hoax and a taxpayer funded charade. he released a statement saying in part, there is no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity, and i look forward to this matter concluding quickly. diane and kendis. >> yeah, it took the white house some 80 minutes to come up with that three-line response. janai, thank you. and a vast majority of democrats had called for a
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special counsel, but as janai mentioned this morning, many republicans are praising the decision to appoint mueller citing his credentials. >> from what i know of former director mueller, he is an upstanding citizen and wonderful law enforcement talent and someone in whom i have great confidence, and, yes, he'll have my support unabashedly without qualification. >> anyone i don't believe in special counsels. having said that, if there has to be a special counsel, they made an excellent choice. >> reporter: and house speaker paul ryan is also weighing in on the appointment saying it should ensure a thorough and independent investigation is allowed to follow the facts wherever those may lead. >> and mueller's reputation does precede him in washington. he stayed on as fbi director two years longer than his tenured term at the request of president obama and our own steve gomez, a former fbi special agent, worked under mueller and talked to us about how his former boss might proceed.
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>> i think his overall objective is going to be to conduct the most comprehensive investigation and to conduct this investigation as fast as possible because he recognizes that all of america and the world is looking at the results of this investigation. they are going to expect answers one way or the other as to what occurred with the russia issue, any kind of russia involvement with the trump campaign and then, of course, was there any kind of obstruction of justice or influencing by the president. >> well, gomez says mueller is the right person for this job. he describes him as demanding and no nonsense saying he expects results right away. >> and the news of mueller's appointment comes amid a new report about a key figure in that investigation. according to "the new york times," former national security adviser michael flynn warned the trump administration team weeks before the inauguration that he was under federal investigation for secretly working as a paid lobbyist for turkey. "the times" says trump named flynn as his national security adviser even after receiving
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that warning. and the turmoil in washington is taking a heavy toll on the financial markets this morning. all overseas markets are down. that's following the worst day on wall street so far this year. the dow lost 372 points. the nasdaq was off 158. the s&p dropped 43. analysts say investors are rattled by the unrest swirling around president trump and are losing faith that he'll be able to pull off his ambitious plans. breaking overnight protests in tulsa, oklahoma, after a police officer is acquitted in the fatal shooting of an unarmed man. protesters marched, held hands and shouted, no justice, no peace and hands up, don't shoot. officer betty shelby testified that she shot terence crutcher out of fear because he failed to obey her commands. now, prosecutors say shelby overreacted and crutcher had his hands in the air at the time. crutcher's family says shelby got away with murder. >> this is definitely a tough pill to swallow. >> and i don't know what was in
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the mind of that jury, how they could come to that conclusion. you did your job, but i'm wondering what were you thinking about. >> and the governor is asking residents of oklahoma to stay calm and respect the jury's verdict. now here's a look at today's weather. heavy rain and wind are continuing to rage across parts of iowa. the storms have already knocked down trees and power lines leaving thousands of people without power. more than two dozen tornadoes ripped across much of the central u.s. two people have been killed. one in oklahoma, one in wisconsin. the twisters also leveled or damaged dozens of homes and businesses. and a major late season snowstorm is moving through the rockies. it has already dumped 15 inches of snow in parts of montana and idaho. well, still ahead, the breaking news we're learning just coming in. the death of rocker chris
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cornell. plus, gisele bundchen's controversial comments about her husband tom brady and a new secret she has revealed. and students outside of a school being pepper sprayed in the face. why did they do this on purpose? purpose?
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breaking overnight, check out this high-speed chase through neighborhoods of los angeles county. the driver actually loses control around a turn, starts to run and gets blindsided by an officer. >> he got tackled. >> yep. and we're learning this morning that rocker chris cornell died last night while on tour in detroit. cornell is best known as the lead singer of soundgarden and then later on audioslave.
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his representative says cornell's death was, quote, sudden and unexpected adding that his family is in shock. no word yet on the cause of death. he was just 52 years old. >> he tweeted just a few hours ago saying how much he was excited to be back in vegas or back in detroit, i should say. to las vegas where a police officer is on paid administrative leave after an unarmed suspect died in custody. body cam video shows tashi farmer being tased seven times. this happened sunday night. investigators say farmer was then put into an unauthorized choke hold for more than a minute. that taking place off camera and it was by the hands of officer kenneth lopera. well, farmer's cause of death has not been determined. baylor university faces another lawsuit claiming it ignored sex crimes by its football players. the school is now named in seven federal cases and the latest claims, a volleyball player was drugged and raped by
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as many as eight football players in 2012. the suit alleges the school's former head football coach never reported the incident to police or the university. a new study finds that the number of women in the u.s. living with the most severe form of breast cancer is growing. federal researchers say the increase in cases of metastatic breast cancer or mbc is likely due to the aging population and improvements in treatment. they say they believe the findings are favorable because mbc patients are living longer after getting diagnosed. well, if your summer plans include air travel, you won't be lopely in the skies. >> no, a record 234 million people are expected to take flight on u.s. airlines this summer. that's a 4% increase over last year. the tsa says it's ready for the challenge. yeah, the agency has added 2,000 extra agents to help lines move a little bit faster but expect more canine teams, as well. when we come back, has tom brady suffered unreported concussions? the nfl reaction. and the long-running saga of a bear in a tree, not a joke.
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this big, dirty thing is a snow pile that doesn't want to go away. the 10-foot-high garbage covered mound sits in a parking lot outside boston. now, record temperatures today expected in the 90s. it means the last holdover from winter may finally melt away. and we hope you have chains or snow tires if you're on the road this morning in parts of montana, idaho and colorado thanks to a late season snowstorm. also expect plenty of wet roadways in the central u.s., great lakes and parts of the northeast. so if you're flying airport delays are possible in dallas and denver. and now to a new controversy surrounding tom brady and a potential secret about the quarterback his wife gisele bundchen has revealed. >> yeah, the secret revealed during an interview. take a look. tom brady's wife gisele bundchen
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in a surprising revelation about the star quarterback. >> like he had a concussion last year. i mean he has concussions pretty much -- we don't talk about -- but he does have concussions. >> reporter: she says as he led the new england patriots toward their fifth super bowl winning season, he was playing through a concussion. >> i don't think it's a healthy thing for a body to go through, like, you know, through that kind of aggression like all the time. that cannot be healthy for you, right. >> reporter: the remarks significant because brady was not listed with a concussion in any injury reports last season and the nfl said there are no records of a head injury. well, following bundchen's bombshell, league representatives said the nfl and players union are seeking more information. gisele, who recently called it quits from her career of doing this, wanted her 39-year-old husband to also hang up his cleats concerned about the frequency of the quarterback's concussions. >> i'm planning on having him be healthy and do a lot of fun things when we're like 100, i hope. >> reporter: the league is also especially sensitive to
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concussions which have been linked to brain disease. the nfl recently agreeing to pay $1 billion to some retired players as compensation for issues resulting from those powerful hits. but brady in the past saying head injuries are just part of the game. >> i think concussions, you know, in any contact sport there is going to be head injuries. >> reporter: well, for now brady's agents and the patriots are refusing to tackle the shocking statement from gisele. just imagine the conversation in the brady household after that. in the meantime, we're going to move on now and video of ohio students being pepper sprayed for an extra credit assignment getting lots of attention and sock backlash. the barberton high school students scream in pain after being lined up and sprayed in the face. they not only volunteered for the assignment but got permission from their parents who said, okay. a law enforcement blog criticized the assignment calling the effects of pepper spray tortuous. a bear made its way up a
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tree after an elementary -- outside an elementary school, i should say. well, the bear has finally come down. >> it took 11 hours according to the reports for the bear to return to solid ground. okay, so police tried. they fired bean bags, tranquilizer darts. but that only made it climb higher up the tree. a loud blast didn't do the trick either. >> now, this all happened near seattle. but guess what did finally happen. >> what? >> they just left the bear alone. >> oh, old man time. >> the little guy took a nap and finally came down on its own late last night. >> i will do this on my own. >> i'll come down and not because you told me to. all right, time now for some sports. >> some hoops, hockey and even baseball. let's get the highlights from espn. good morning, america. i'm scott van pelt. the cleveland cavaliers continue to match golden state win for win as it appears destined they meet for the third consecutive year in the nba finals. cleveland taking on boston, game one of the eastern conference finals. lebron james said he was in attack mode early. there is evidence of that as he takes it to the rim.
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and all night long he was a physical match-up nightmare for boston. lebron here buries the three. he's shooting 56% from the floor in the playoffs. he had 38. the final was closer, frankly, than the game. only win by 13. a blow-out as well in ottawa. game three, penguins/senators, not enough. here turris to hoffman. hoffman loses the puck. turris stays with it and buries it, and the sens win 5-1 and lead 2-1. mike trout dialed in. his 13th homer of the year. his fifth in six games. he hammers this one out to the land of the lost and the angels win 12-8. their fourth in a row. that's all from here at "sportscenter." enjoy your thursday. we'll see you midnight eastern right back here.
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we are ae tracking breaking news. >> this is near south white and story road. matt keller is there for us this morning. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. wow. what a fire. this started at 3:00 and here we are an hour and a half later and it's still burning. they have a lot of water going on to the building, one, two, three aerial attacks from the ladder and two attacks from the ground, and this is now a defensive effort by firefighters, and just trying to put the flames out. no risk to the building now, it's destroyed, and no risk to people on the inside so they are staying on the outside and
4:28 am
fighting it defensively. this is an abandoned o'reilly auto parts store. when we first arrived here on the scene just before 4:00, we saw part of the building collapse. i just talked with the firefighter and he said there were three parts of the building that collapsed this morning. we did talk to a captain that told me that they got this call from a security guard that saw the fire, and they did say homeless people were sleeping around the building and they are not sure what caused this fire, the electrical is out so there is no powe wer to the building. south white road right here at story road is closed down, so you will have to find another way around. they have hoses lying across the road so there is no way to get across the road. matt keller, abc7 news.
4:29 am
>> matt, thank you. we will go and see what the weather looks like this morning and see what mike nicco has in store. >> i found cloud cover and it's almost fog-forming along the peninsula coast, still about six miles for visibility and that's it. let's jump in and show you what is going to happen on the 12-hour day planner. cooler this morning, but look at that, quick warming. 59 to 74, and then 58 to 80, and then 53 to fortable this evenin. comfortable on the roads so far today as well. a little stack up in both of the cash lanes. that should not be a significant issue. a quick check of the traffic maps, in the green almost all the way around. we will check on that and overnight construction projects coming up at 4:40.
4:30 am
positive reaction from both sides of the aisle this morning over special counsel be appointed to head the russia/trump investigation. >> we are joined live from washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. three days, three big headlines here in washington. the latest, the netphaonews counsel is taking over the investigation. bombshell after bombshell sending shock waves through washington and the white house. >> no politician in history, and i say this great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly. >> they center of every controversy, now the department of justice appointing a special counsel to take control of the investigation into


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