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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 18, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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positive reaction from both sides of the aisle this morning over special counsel be appointed to head the russia/trump investigation. >> we are joined live from washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. three days, three big headlines here in washington. the latest, the netphaonews counsel is taking over the investigation. bombshell after bombshell sending shock waves through washington and the white house. >> no politician in history, and i say this great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly. >> they center of every controversy, now the department of justice appointing a special counsel to take control of the investigation into russia's
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interference with the 20 election, and that is after jeff sessions recused himself, and made by acting attorney, rosenstein. the white house initially blamed the decision on that a recommendation from rosenstein. but trump admitting the russia investigation was a factor. the man now leading the investigation, robert mueller who enjoyed wide bipartisan support then and now. >> obviously it's a step in the right direction. >> it takes the politics out of it. >> mueller will have all the authoriti authorities. >> he will have the credibility of bob mueller, the former director of the fbi. >> president trump previously called the russia investigation
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a total hoax and a taxpayer funded trade, and he said there was no collusion between campaign and any foreign even tau tea. robert mueller worked as a litigator out of law school here until 1976, and then he was in various u.s. attorney offices. he left the bay area in 1982 and then came back in 1998 as the u.s. attorney for the northern district of california. he resigned his position as a d.c. law firm as soon as he was appointed special counsel yesterday. he will have 60 days to put together the sources he will need for this investigation. if you don't have the app download it now to get breaking news as it happens on your phone
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or on your tablet. now, breaking news from the abc7 live desk. >> reporter: rocker chris cornell is dead at age 52, and he died last night in detroit after a concert there. his rep says it was, quote, sudden and unexpected and his wife and family are in shock. cornell was considered one of the lead voices of the 1990s grudge movement. an autopsy is scheduled for today and his family right now asking for privacy. back to you. >> thank you. plans to ban anything bigger than a cell phone on flights between the u.s. and europe are being grounded for now. homeland security security and the government left the door open for special discussions though. the airline industry opposed the ban saying it could cost travelers more than $1 billion
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in lost productivity. lamar's parents are set to testify today in the phase of the conviction of the man who killed their daughter. abc7 news was at the hall of justice in san jose as lamar left after giving her witness impact statement. we asked her what she would say if she could speak to sierra one last time? >> i would tell her how much i love her and how proud of her i was, and, you know, how much of an affect she made on everybody she met. >> two of sierra's friends and a teacher testified about her ability to make people laugh and share herself confidence with others. and then stopping a elementary school from closing. some reports dispute the
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findings that the school could collapse if that there was an earthquake. happening today, state auditor will formerly present her findings about the undisclosed surplus uncovered in the school's budget audit. nepapolitan napolitano's office took part in misleading business practices and extravagant spending. b.a.r.t. is take steps to make sure it doesn't leave passengers in the dark ever again after that exact thing happened twice in a week. montgomery street station fell into total darkness during a massive blackout in april. emergency lights were supposed to turn on. they did not. and a similar situation happened at the richmond station the next
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week, and b.a.r.t. looked into it and found the emergency lighting did not work at 14 of the stations. >> it's unacceptable. >> b.a.r.t. already installed new batteries or temporarily systems in the stations until a permanent fix is possible and it is changing how and when it does inspections, and b.a.r.t. trains run off of a different electric source. and u2 fans can't help but sing their favorite song after sing their favorite song after the concert last night at levi stadium. such a good song. >> yeah. >> u2 rocked yesterday, and some people left to beat the traffic, though. for fans seeing u2 in
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priceless, even if it meant enduring the commute. >> i am not pleased at all tonight, traffic, and a lot of tempers flaring. >> yeah, it was horrible. 45 minutes just sitting in traffic. >> the concert went well past the city's curfews. hopefully you had a great time if you can hear me this morning. here's a look at the explo exploratorium at pier 14. mass transit, good. cool to warm at your stops there. and let's take a look at what is going to happen as far as tree pollen, high grass pollen, and high uv index, going to be very high. burning, ten to 15 minutes. this is the coolest morning this week. temperatures up to five or six
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degrees cooler than yesterday. where does that put us? we will start in san francisco. look at the upper 40s, and glen park, bayview and lake merced, a lot of 40s out there. and then let's look at temperatures today. spring is back inland. 60s at the coast in san francisco. 90s make their first return so the first sign of heat tomorrow and it just keeps getting hotter. saturday hopefully your ac is working. or head to the coast, look at those 60s. hey, alexis. >> good morning. chilly out there as you head the keys and head out the door. we are up to a quiet start and i am talking about overnight construction projects. it's so light i should say so far today. east bay 24 in the caldecott
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tunnel, it looks like they are wrapping that up. if you are traveling westbound from walnut creek and heading towards the tunnel, everything is looking great, a really light volume so far this morning. we will check the drive times out of tracy coming up in less than ten minutes. a jury aquits a white police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. and east bay college declares a financial emergency, and the impact it will have the only women's college. only women's college.
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4:42. we are staying on top of the breaking news in contra costa county right now. officers responded to a shots fired house and this is the scene not far from san pablo dam road. you can see the presence of the police officers there. we are going to bring you a live update in the next half hour. developing news in tulsa, oklahoma, the jury acquitted a white officer of shooting a black man. the trial centered around whether officer shelby was justified in using deadly force
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against the man that was unarmed or if she acted irrationally out of fear. reggie, i have been monitoring the feeds all morning and the acquittal prompted big protests overnight. people have seen shouting quote no justice, no peace, no racist police on the streets of tulsa. later a smaller group blocked off roads in the downtown area, but despite all the angry feelings, it was relatively peaceful and nobody was arrested or hurt. and everything should be back to normal after a computer outage caused major delays. dmv workers were kept from registering vehicles or license for hours. many decided not to wait and others just stood and stood and stood in line hoping for the best. >> we have been standing in line
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and a lot of people left real angry, and i think it's not worth it. we have been waiting here for 45 minutes. >> normally the line is around the block, so normally you come to dmv and you expect to wait at least a couple hours. >> the dmv computers came back slowly and it's trying to determine what caused the outage in the first place. and then take a look at the surveillance photos from april 21st. it shows a suspect walk into the cvs and then he pointed a gun at the an employee, and he was a black man about 25 years old, and 5'7", around 200 pounds. call oakland police if you have tips that might help them catch this man. google opened eyes at the conferen conference. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom was there live tweeting the whole time. >> google, what is up?
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>> traffic is heavy right now so you need to leave in 14. >> ai could solve life's little problems. >> and you go to dinner with friends and somebody takes a photo and you will never see that photo again. >> if i take photos of either of my daughters, my wife will get those photos immediately. >> and then augmented reality, think of it as virtual reality's first cousin. look through the phone and you will swear there's a heart suspended in space. all these kids can see it, too. >> students can get up close to see the detail. >> and the augmented reality goes hand and hand with virtual field trips for classrooms and it will enable indoor location like a gms inside the store, and something called google lens. >> you point your phone at it
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and we can tell you what kind of flower it is. >> getting an answer should just happen. >> and there's a shift in how we will use technology there. >> jonathan bloom, abc7 news. remember your mom telling you not to sit in front of the television, and now we take a phone and put it right here. >> that can't be good. >> just sayin'. let's talk about what is going on. yeah. go outside. and it's going to be the most comfortable day going forward especially for the inland areas. sunshine and calm conditions and a large temp swing today. some areas could warm nearly by 40 degrees today. summer heat will break next week. let's take a l
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the fact that the marine layer and the sea breeze not going to have a big affect. the further away you are from the coast, that's as cool in the south bay. and head up the peninsula and we will have mid to upper 70s. millbrae at 70. and temperatures in the low to pheutd 6 mid-60s along the coast. and looks like we will have temperatures around 78, and petaluma to napa about 83. 72 to about 76 along the east bay shore, and low to mid-kweudz in our east bay valleys. tonight, temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s, and not as chilly as this morning. look at all those 90s. friday through at least monday inland. 70s at the coast this weekend. and then we get a little closer to average wednesday of next week. >> we will enjoy that, mike. and taking a look at the roads this morning, we are really quiet. here's a look at 101 and 880, wide open and that's how all the traffic cameras look at this
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early hour. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, our only drive time in the yellow, and southbound 680, you are in the green, dublin to mission boulevard, and 101 to kao cupertino just 15 minutes. oakland mills college is warning of impending layoffs for the first time in its 165-year history. there's a projected $1.1 million deficit. it's the only bay area women's college, and the president of the college says mills is not generating enough revenue to support itself. a new exhibit featuring the work of the artist that gave sleeping beauty its unique look.
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he was a background painter when he caught the eye of walt disney, and he was selected as the lead stylist, and he based his art for sleeping beauty on persian and japanese works. >> he ae long gated characters and really embellished landscapes with patterns. >> the retrospect includes more than 250 works of art, and awakening beauty runs through january. >> fascinating. fighting cancer is expensi e expensive. the one conversation you may have to force your doctor to have with you. they rule the skies once, and now can you know what it was like. get a sneak peek. and then a home run ball smashes this guy's phone. the oakland a's have him
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covered, though. now for today's tech bytes. >> users have access to google's assistant, and that means it will go head to head against siri. siri is easier google could offer more suggestions. >> and now getting big macs and >> and now getting big macs and fries
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it's difficult to believe but most doctors don't discuss costs with their patients, and if it topic came up it was short, less than two minutes. the reason for this, doctors don't even know the costs themselves, which according to the study is around $100,000 a year and climbing. if you are going somewhere next weekend, get in line. aaa expects weekend. aaa says the economy is stabilizing and americans feel more confident they can afford to take a weekend getaway. if you are staying closer to home, why not enjoy an kpeubgt of the california sciences of san francisco. there was a new of the preview,
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and you can try to fly like one of the creatures. they were not dinosaurs, they were flying reptiles with wings, much different. >> we have one digit that makes up their wing. they have an extended finger that holds their wing with flesh that comes off of it. they also had clause cows c out of their wings. can you get a closer look at the tara saurious starting tomorrow. >> i wonder what the average body weight they could lift? let's talk about a bigger bounce today. temperatures are going to be five to eight degrees warmer than yesterday when we were in the 60s and 70s. today, mainly 70s and 80s. the a's are back in town, and the red sox are in town and that means a large crowd, and
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sometimes for the other team, and let's not let that happen. 58 at 10:00. and sunday morning in san francisco we start at 55 and end up at about 66. dress accordingly, please. alexis? i don't know if anybody is going take your advice on that, mike, and everybody probably already has costumes worked out for that. here's a live look at golden gate bridge, and maybe one car on the way down here but really light volume so far this morning. and one mass transit note to pass along, and b.a.r.t. looking good. we don't have any race rail issues or anything like that, but we have maintenance once again on the pier 41 dock. that will impact your trip from mid morning to the east bay, and trying to get to pier 41, and those departures will take place from alameda and oakland but will terminate at the ferry building and not able to go to pier 41.
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this is the last day this week. we will see if we have further maintenance, and this should be done after today, and all the morning and afternoon departures will be on track. more drive times coming up at five. two men with an incredible connection, they jumped off the golden gate bridge and survived, and both say the moment their fingertips left the railing they felt regret. and then -- >> hits one high and deep to left field. and that baby is gone into the upper deck. >> what you couldn't see was that a fan sitting in the upper deck ended up getting his phone smashed by the ball. he tweeted the a's hoping they would do something about his
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broken tpoet and he got heat on social media for it. >> my phone got hit by a home run ball and broke it. >> and twitter is giving you a hard time -- >> yeah, a little bit. it's whatever, though. >> what did he just say? >> i am not sure. >> he kaouged it? >> yeah. >> i am glad alexis is here. the a's told peter they would replace it. they kaouged it. complaining about potholes doesn't do any good but east bay residents have a simple way to help fix the problem. and keeping an eye on the breaking news we are tracking this morning, a huge fire at a strip mall in san jose, much more coming up at 5:00.
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we are getting an
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welcome back. we are tracking breaking news in san jose. firefighters fighting a strip mall fire at south white and story road. you can see crews are still out there putting out a lot of water on to this fire. this is an abandoned o'reilly auto parts store. our reporter, matt keller, is on the scene and he first arrived there an hour ago, he said part of the buildinged and luckily nobody was injured in this. we are tracking police activity


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