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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." 5:00 a.m. in the morning after a beautiful weekend. >> i have been rather warm and we will have another warm day lined up for us, right? >> that's for most of us, but in the city temperatures continue to tumble down. east bay may see a little cooling. you can see fog sliding in the
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north bay valleys heading towards petaluma and santa rosa, and along the coast covering san francisco and heading over towards oakland. you can see it's a little fuzzy and the flags on the ferry building pointing to the east. temperatures this morning 58 to 61. and look at that 78 to 73 around the bay and then 87 to 90, so scorching heat. inland, 50s at the coast and inland by 7:00, notice today is a spare the air day so watch out this afternoon. not only for the heat but for the poor air quality. great to use mass transit and that's off to a great start this morning. here's a look outside the golden gate bridge and you have a foggy commute today. its out there in some areas. don't have any dense fog advisories issued. and a few spots you may need to slow down and increase your following distance. westbound 580, one of the only
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slow spots at 39 minutes northbound 85, 101 to cupertino looks good at 16 minutes. we will look at the south bay coming up next. tracking breaking news out of the bayview district where police are combing the scene of an early-morning home invasion and it took place last night, and police surrounded the home and several suspects ran out and one shot at officers and one officer returned fire and nobody was hit. a shelter in place order was lifted just before 4:00 a.m., and one of the victims inside the home sustained minor injuries. uber drivers said the recent charges are short changing them and over charging you. matt keller is live for us this palo alto. >> reporter: a lot of people
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take to and from downtown palo alto, but here's the thing, you may be paying more because you live in a wealthier area. this was revealed to bloomberg over the weekend and they have been running this program since late last year in certain series. uber is using artificial intelligence to charge customers based on what it predicts they are willing to pay. an example, somebody coming from a wealthy neighborhood to another high income area may be asked to pay more for their ride than another person paying to a poor part of town even if the traffic and distance is the same. one uber driver told "the san francisco examiner," uber has been cutting prices over the past couple years, and uber says it will tell drivers how much they are charging their customers. >> interesting take. a mobile home fire in
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vallejo caused pg&e to shut off power for two hours. look at this. the fire department sent us this video of the first crews arriving there. as you can see, the mobile home fully involved. pg&e had to come in and secure some downed power lines. that mobile home is a total loss. no reports of anybody getting hurt. a new video shows flames destroying a vacation home in sonoma. the fire happened early yesterday morning and in the diamond a ranch estates neighborhood. eight people got out safely and the red cross is helping them get back to their home towns. happening today, the phase continues for torres. the jury is determining if he should serve l the death penalty for the death of lamar.
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and then a watchdog agency facing harassment accusations. the appointment of foretez raised red flags because he harassed her in 2016. the department did not comment on the incident but says it takes all allegations seriously. president trump is in israel, and the president and first lady arrived in tel aviv a couple hours ago, and he spoke earlier saying peace in the middle east can be achieved by only working together. he will meet with netanyahu and abbas on this trip. he will visit a holocaust memorial and the western wall. the trump administration will release its budget plan tomorrow but details have been leaked about what we can expect. it says massive cuts to medicaid and calls for changes to
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anti-poverty programs such as food stamps, and states will given new power. republicans feel strongly that more should be done to move people out of social welfare programs. new this morning, new yoort korea says it is ready to deploy and mass produce a new type of mid-range missile that can reach japan and u.s. bases. yesterday's launch was the second within a week and this missile you are seeing here in the video landed in the sea off of north korea's east coast. so far this morning, trump, as you just saw is overseas on a trip and his team have not commented on this launch. reggie and natasha, back to you. happening today, san francisco will launch an effort of creating safe injection sites
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for intravenous drug users. safe injection sites are to provide clean needles and provide support users that want to kick the drug habit. part of a road will be closed today for a police training exercise. the closure starts at 9:30 this morning, and neighbors will see extra officers and no need to worry about this because it's part of a scheduled training exercise. the dubs say this is not going to be easy. >> they own a 3-0 lead and the last two games have not even been close, but game three saw 21 warriors turn over something steph curry and kevin durant say the team cannot afford. >> it was not a pretty game by any stretch of the imagination. >> they are going to bring the energy, and the team is going to bring the energy, and they have a lot of pride.
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these guys are pros, man. we can't come out here and feel like we have won already, we have to go and take it. >> the dubs will try and make it through the first three rounds of the playoffs undefeated and of the playoffs undefeated and it will be a remarkable dub nation is showing its pride on social media. use #dubson7. we could use them on the air or online, abc7 news, a bunch of cute kids there. we always appreciate a dog dressed up in a golden state outfit. thank you for your submissions. >> watched the cavaliers last night and they looked good. didn't you think? >> no. boo. >> leave the boos for
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i heard a boo over there, too. we are going to play them so let's get ready. if you are exercising, watch out for the heat and the poor air. and if you are going to be on the bay today and if you are out and about, remember the heat inland, find some shade. plenty of fluids today and light and loose fitting closing if you can get away with that. 55 in oakland to fremont at 56. we have castro valley at 53. still in the 60s in places like livermore, antioch and brentwood. and some areas influenced by the marine layer there. and san mateo about 58, and 58 in san jose. and flirting with 100 in now we have got the rapid snow-melt so there's a flood watch for the entire week in
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tahoe and then a chance of storms as we roll into saturday and possibly sunday. let's show you what is going on happen had week. average high, 76, and average if not below a thursday and friday and then average for saturday and sunday. much better weekend to be out and about. so far so good for the monday morning commute. i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza filling in so we should have the metering lights flipped on in the next 15 minutes. towards the middle right of your screen you can see a vehicle with hazard lights on, and it is broken-down and did make it to the shoulder and that's not a blocking situation. looking good here on our traffic maps. seeing green at this early hour. we did have overnight roadwork on state route 17 around the cats statues in the los gatos area. and they should have gotten that done about 5:00, and i am seeing
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flows back in the green at this point. we have quite a bit of fog this morning. >> trapped no more. the tactic rescue crews may have helped this humpback find his way back out to sea. and then the valvaledictori the two sentences school leaders say went too far. >> i will not concede this race! >> i will not concede this race! >> a bay a
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we're back at 5:13. the runner up in the race to lead california's democratic party is refusing to concede. he beat kimberly ellis by 60 votes out of 3,000, and ellis posted video of her supporters protesting outside the sacramento convention center yesterday. they claim party leaders stacked the vote against ellis because she's a progressive liberal and an outsider. the ellis campaign says it is consulting with legal counsel to determine their options. young soccer players come together to help a teammate that died following a fall in the waters off of santa cruz players clapped for the family of lopez who played in the
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academy program for upcoming soccer players. his teammates played in a benefit match for his teammate's family. >> extremely honored to represent or play for him, and i used to play with him all the time and i love the kid and would do anything for him. >> the earthquakes connected donations for fans and lopez' family. the fbi is investigating a deadly stabbing at the university of maryland. >> authorities are calling the attack unprovoked and say it may have been racially motivated. >> in this morning's "gma"'s first look, a student behind bars for a stabbing, now the fbi is investigating whether 22-year-old university of maryland student, sean christopher committed a hate crime, identified by witnesses and taken into custody on sunday i ban 63 is charged with attacking a senior.
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>> we have come up with information in the last 24 hours and that concerns us a bit. >> investigators suspect the brutal killing was motivated by prejudice. and he belongs to a facebook group alt right nation. >> we will have the latest on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m., with your "gma" look, abc news, college park, madiba. and then a valedictorian was escorted off the stage after going off script, and she read the sentences that caused school officials to step in. >> but there are others including administration and counsellors that cause more distress than comfort by endangering scholarship opportunities, cause humiliation in front of peers and family
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endorse actions because of who you are and who you know, and how are you going to beat that. how are you going to beat that. >> and warned about speeches could cause you to be dismissed. and then protesting vice president mike pence. some in the crowd booed as the students left. he told the graduates that notre dame is better than what he has seen the other universities. legislation was originally broader and it would have applied to all public schools and universities and public buildings. the governor of texas is expected to sign the bill. a wayward humpback whale
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finally found its way out to sea. it got stuck over the weekend and hit the dock several times and nearly crashed into a boat propeller. the whale figured out how to get out of the harbor sometime saturday night or sunday morning saturday night or sunday morning and guided it by of while sounds near the what do you want for cooler weather? good weather possibly in the city? >> yeah, that's fine. i'm there for that. >> there you go, sutro tower, you can see right there we are barely seeing the top of the big tower here in san francisco and you can't see anything as you head over to the east bay, and that gives you an idea of the depth of the marine layer. and most of us will be hot. heat breaks for all of us wednesday and seasonal to warm highs and into the weekend.
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this is when you know changes are happening. three quarter petaluma, all the way up to three quarter mile visibility and santa rosa at the charles shoals airport there at the end of town. 67 at balboa park. we will be 61 when the sun sets in daly city about 60. and then still going to be toasty in places like castro valley and fremont. 77 and 87. and now as we head over to the peninsula, cloudy at the coast. sunshine, 76 at san mateo to palo alto. and up in the north bay, spotty fog to sunshine where there's no fog this morning, napa, that's where you will be warmer at 92. 90, san jose, and 89 the last two days. just jump in that at 90. and here's the hottest temperatures and hopefully the
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air-conditioner is working for you. and my accuweather 7-day forecast in the upper 40s to mid-50s, and one more day of 90s and then 80s wednesday and then the warmest temperatures this weekend, at least thursday through sunday, back in the 70s. alexis. taking a look at our emeryville this morning, you can see the fog expanded. and then making your way towards the maze, you may want to give yourself extra minutes out the door today, and we have fog and in the north bay, too, the brighter the white the denser the fog so it's thick south of santa rosa and into the petaluma area. a quick check of our drive times this morning. westbound fi580, and antioch to concord, 15, and southbound 101,
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another foggy drive especially across the golden gate bridge but not causing any backups, and you are in the green at 16 minutes. it's a spare the air day and we'll talk about that coming up next. and anybody that thinks drones are just a toy you have not met these guys. and drone sports 2017, look at this, drone operators racing their machines through obstacles and this came two days after the court overruled the faa's that you don't have to register your drone if it's just for fun. >> yesterday's drone sports world event features drone combat. >> did you know that was a thing? >> it can get vicious. propellers and pieces flying. >> is there blood? >> no blood. they don't bleed and that's the
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scariest part. >> the longest running event on the face of the planet is right there. and then the moments that made this year bill barrboard a so special. and then a man asked to move and then a man asked to move seats because of his
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and then a hearing is over the appeal that the were not approved by congress. and then number four from the live desk, president trump in israel. he arrives in tel aviv and then is in jerusalem. he is signing the guest book in the holy city, a brand-new video. he made a speech alongside the israeli president and that just ended and we will have an update in minutes. let's talk about where it's not going to be hot today. 59 along the coast with the marine layer keeping you cool. 75 in oakland, that's a lot more comfortable than over the weekend. if you go in inland neighbors, 94 in walnut creek. with that heat it's a spare
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the air day today so if you are planning on using mass transit, we just got a ten-minute delay into b.a.r.t. in the daly city station and that's impacting trips towards warm springs. ace 1 and 3 out on time this morning as well. the bachelorette here on abc7. two contestants to watch, blake k, a marine from san francisco, and a 26-year-old product manager from pacifica. these names will undoubtedly come up today. >> celine dion, and drake and cher, and their performances still trending on social media. it was so great to see cher last night. she sang two songs, "believe," and her classic, "if i could
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turn back time", and there is her son, chaz, in the audience. it was her first award performance in more than a decade, and she is 71, and she performed the crowd she can still do five-minute planks. and then another great performer last night, miss celine dion. ♪ ♪ forever this way ♪ >> i am telling you! celine performed "my heart will go on" from "titanic," and that movie getting ready to celebrate its 20th anniversary. bruno mars did a great job, too. what a voice on him. drake broke a record last night and received 13 awards, so that beats adele by one award. beyonce and 21 pilots each one
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five awards while the chain smokers tied drake and won four awards. coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including what happens with including what happens with james
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>> announcer: good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. monday is back again, as it often happens. it's may 22nd. >> if you are in san francisco you will notice the change in temperature today. >> temperatures back to average today in san francisco. the rest of us will follow as soon as we head deeper into the week. visibility half a mile in petaluma. keeps dropping as the marine layer and the low clouds keep filtering include. that area around santa rosa,
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three quarter miles there. foggy at the golden gate towards emeryville right now, and we don't have any official stations there. and that's sfo and you can hear the theme from "jaws" as the fog comes at you. 87 at noon, and that's your spread. and 60 to 94 and 56 to 85 is the spread. it's a spare the air day and i will show you what that means for your neighborhood coming up. here's alexis. thank you, mike. the metering lights were flipped on about six minutes a the official word this morning. quick check of drive times, too. westbound 580, tracy to dublin in the yellow at 42 minutes, and dublin to mission boulevard, and we'll talk more about a crash coming up next. and then 101 to cupertino in the
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green at 15 minutes. and police are investigating a home invasion in the bayview district. >> now we are learning several suspects are still on the loose. amy hollyfield is live. >> reporter: police are still here gathering evidence but they have lifted the shelter in place order that they had in this neighborhood. they do think the suspects are long gone. they did make one arrest. they are interviewing him now but they say the others got away, they are not sure how many. officers say they got the call about 11:00 last night about a home invasion robbery. when they got to the house on kau saweda avenue, they said several men ran out the backdoor and one man fired a shot at police and an officer returned fire. >> at this time there are no known injuries as a result of the exchange of gunfire but what i hear, it was a close call for
5:33 am
the officers that were in the backyard. >> police say they chased the men and set up a parameter and told residents to shelter in place, but around 4:00 this morning they called off the search. they don't think this robbery was random. they think this home was targeted but they have not said why. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. antioch police are looking for a person in a house filled with marijuana plants that caught fire and that caught fire yesterday on pwaoug annual way. >> they had put beams behind all of the entryway doors and there was sheet rock and bars in all of the windows on the first and second floor. this is what they typically do in these scenarios to keep intruders out. >> how come we did not catch this and how come we didn't know as neighbors this was happening? >> firefighters say the second floor was filled with about 200
5:34 am
pot plants and the cause of the nder investigation. there's now criminal investigation into a fire that burned more than 2,000 acres in san diego county. hundreds were forced to evacuate after the gates fire started on saturday and somebody posted a video on social media that appears to show the fire started by people target shooting in the area. a san francisco man says he was asked to move out of an exit row of an airplane because he has a prosthetic leg. >> you can't prove if your leg -- >> you cannot prove my leg is functional? >> he says he took the cell phone video on an asiana flight and he paid extra for the seat for extra leg room and he said he sat in exit rows before and is fully capable of performing the emergency duties. >> they threatened me they would
5:35 am
kick me off the plane if i didn't move. personally i feel like it was not right to have somebody determine for me my physical ability. >> we did reach out to the airlines for comment and have airlines for comment and have not heard back, and one policy said. and then on a flight from shanghai to newark, and a suspect, an elderly man wearing a red make america great again hat and the man took another passenger's seat and refused to move and everybody onboard had to deplane before the taken off.
5:36 am
and the flight landed in earlier this morning. and then keeping an eye on trump's overseas visit, and right now he is at the church, you see him there with his wife, the first lady, melania trump getting a photo-op there, and he just wrapped up his remarks alongside the israeli president, and i want to get you a quick highlight of that, and president trump said there was a great feeling of peace throughout the middle east, and people enough of the bloodshed and killing and with god's help somebody will bring us peace. the white house, though, throughout the trip overseas downplayed the prospects of a break through on middle east peace, and trump did pose a
5:37 am
threat by iran, much like his speech in saudi arabia. again, we are watching live images throughout the morning and this speech just wrapped up. we will have an update and back to you. >> israeu the trip and is in israel, and he will meet with netanyahu. >> we have before us a rare opportunity to bring security and stability and peace to this region and to its people defeating terrorism and creating a future of harmony, prosperity and peace, but we can only get there working together. >> tomorrow president trump is going to meet with palestinian president, mahmoud abbas. and jason chaffetz said they
5:38 am
are looking for documents that would detail notes of meetings between trump and comey. comey has agreed to testify in open session before the senate intelligence committee. a father who jumped into the water near the pittsburgh marina to save his son from drowning is still missing. crews searched over the weekend looking for the missing boater and he disappeared on saturday evening to save their son that fell from their boat. officials said nobody on board was wearing a life jacket. these photos show damage to a succulent garden on saturday night. the intruders ruined the and electrical systems and a gat. they are asking anybody who may have seen something to please
5:39 am
come forward. now your accuweather 7-day forecast with mike nicco. >> you know things are going to change when you look at the golden gate and you see that, and fog is what we are seeing, a reduction of visibility there, and watch out for some foggy spots on the roads had morning. that's why on your commuter plane, i put caution down. mass transit cool to hot possibly this afternoon, especially if you are traveling from san francisco back to other areas, and on the bay, it's going to be foggy and breezy in spots, especially this morning. here's a look at san jose, 280, and here's a look at the spare the air today. and this evening the santa clara valley and east bay valleys could have poor air quality. temperatures on highway 4, look up in the hills, 2,000 to feet there, and temperatures in the mid to upper 60s in san ramon valley.
5:40 am
and 75 in oakland, and also in hayward. 51 in san francisco. look at these upper 40s in pacifica, and novato and up towards santa rosa. today's temperatures, 59 in half moon bay to 96 in antioch. so 27-degree spread. we will be in the 60s around san francisco and sausalito. and barely 90 in antioch. no more in the north bay or south bay, and then on wednesday, more comfort to barely 81 in antioch and livermore. i will let you know if this cooling trend continues into the weekend coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. we have a lot of fog on our emeryville camera, and you can't see too much but we have a crash reported on the westbound 80 connecter, just before you gets to seeing a huge delay, but that definitely could change. we have the second lane from the
5:41 am
left blocked. trouble southbound 680 in the sunol area, just past sunol boulevard, we have a hit-and-run situation. sounds like one lane is blocked right now, and that backup almost all the way back up to a 80 already. 19 miles per hour is quickly stacking up. mass transit, it's a spare the air day and the only issue is the ten-minute delay at daly city, and that's due to a equipment problem on the truck. next traffic update a 5:50. a fire is trapped after a flaming storefront collapses on top of him. the dramatic action other the dramatic action other firefighters had to take to
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it's 5:44, and you have to see this rescue caught on camera. a storefront collapses down on top of a firefighter in northwest, michigan. more than a dozen first responders jumped into action and all worked together to lift the metal frame and
5:45 am
call kwraeg olleague to safety. no word on what caused the fire. a san jose player in critical condition after he got stabbed in a bar fight. police say chad miller was with friends and the group got into a fight with another group and that's when miller got stabbed. he was taken to santa clara valley medical center and we talked to his dad who said his son was not initially involved in the fight. >> right now we are just concerned about him being alive. football is secondary. we just want him to be alive right now. >> police have not arrested anyo anyone. friends and family are urging anybody with information about the fight to contact police. jury selection about to begin in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. he says the encounter was consensual.
5:46 am
nearly 3,000 prospective jurors will be requested today and the jury will be sequestered during the trial that is expected to last two weeks. the circus staged its final show last night. the ringling brothers decided to end their show. still there are animals in the show and these groups have been -- i am saying taking them around the country and forcing them to perform has amounted to abuse. and a uniquely san francisco sums up the 106th running of the beta breakers race. the annual race is known for its, you know, whacky costumes, including these people that dressed as salmon.
5:47 am
do you get what they are doing? they are naughty salmon and racing up the stream against the crowd. police enforced the no-alcohol policy, and we just saw people drinking so i don't know what that means. they had sobriety tents for those that needed it and most people behaved themselves. >> a lot more calmer, and don't have to deal with the urination problem, and not too many people drunk. >> it's always nice when you don't have to deal with the urination problem. and a man from kenya won the race, so congrats to him. >> he's not wearing a flower crown or a salmon costume and he is just running it. >> he is like, get me away from these people. i am a serious runner. >> was he the only one running that hard? looked like it, didn't it?
5:48 am
here's what is going on from sutro tower, and the sales force tower barely breaking through. and today spare the air day and more heat inland. the heat breaks for all of us on wednesday and that's going to leave us with a much more palatable temperature this weekend if you wanted to be outside. the high pressure still holding on top of us, and we are just getting undercut by a 1,200 foot marine layer and that's why we are seeing some of the cooler weather. santa cruz, 69 today. 92 in los gatos and and keeping the northern part of the peninsula cool. 59 at half moon bay. and sunset at 67 in downtown san francisco. 83 in petaluma, so fog and sea
5:49 am
breeze keeping you much cooler in places like napa and 92 degrees. 73 in richmond. 74 in berkeley. 75 in oakland. the city's most influenced by the sea breeze today. 87 in union city newark. 92 to 97 in our east bay valleys. good news, comfortable and cool, 48 to 60 degrees. my accuweather 7-day forecast, one last day of 80s on wednesday and then 50s, 60s and 70s pretty much thursday through saturday. i want to take you to sky 7, they are flying above the clouds this morning and check out the only thing that is above the fog, yeah, the sales force tower, and that's cool. want to show you the emeryville camera that we can't see because we are stuck in the fog. told you about a crash on westbound 80 before you get to the 580 connecter, we did spot it here and not sure you can still see it, if you look closely towards the middle of
5:50 am
your screen you can see flashing lights and that crash pushed off to the shoulder and that was blocking the left center lane and now off to the side. we are not clear yet in the tri-valley. dublin to mission boulevard, you are in the red at 41 minutes due to a crash near sunol boulevard so an update on that coming up shortly. and looking good between 101 and cupertino, you are in the green at 16 minutes. this is the end of a four-year battle on the peninsula. the battle of an ice rink set to be demolished. when you can soon see these things tested over our sky ways. >> this girl pulled into the water by a sealion and why experts say it was really not trying to hurt her. trying to hurt her. here's live weather
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
we're back at it's out of canada, and this sealion gets too close to a little girl. keep in mind this is a 1,000-pound creature. take a look. so as soon as that sealion latched on to that little girl a man jumped in to save her and in the end nobody got hurt. wildlife experts say that this was not the sealion intentionally trying to hurt the girl but was expecting the girl and trying to grab some. the tourists were feeding the sealion bread even though there are signs posted around the dock not to.
5:54 am
>> glad she's okay. more than 2,000 pounds of hot dogs are being recalled because of complaints of metal being found in the packages. the packages were shipped to stores all over the country and the company that makes the hot dogs say they have gotten three complaints and so far no injuries or adverse reactions. how about a self flying car? a san jose company says it hopes to begin testing one by the end of the year. it's made by airbus. it's a single seat eight-rotor aircraft and comes equipped with radars and cameras to maneuver around birds, and aircraft and drones. it's going to be similar to taxi rates. it includes a parachute that automatically drops in case of an emergency.
5:55 am
>> i am not the first to try this. >> mike, you are a daredevil. >> sure, why not. let me be the guinea pig. >> i will be waving from the ground. >> i will be hoping the parachute opens. and from mount tamalpais this morning, what you are going to see is the gorgeous sunrise on the left side of your screen trying to develop. let's see what is going on as far as our temperatures today. come on, show them. oh, i am sorry. we are going to go with tree pollen. high amounts of that, and grass pollen moderate. this is the way it looks from sky 7. there you go, sho force tower. punching through carl the fog. and that was not very nice. one more thing to show you and that's just what is going to happen in livermore. 94 today, advertised 76.
5:56 am
you will get there by friday but won't stay long and temperatures will start warming again on little bit on saturday, sunday and monday but nothing too outrageous. we have a sigalert in the tri-valley. we have at least one lane blocked and possibly two for the crash near sunol boulevard and we have a significant delay starting to form so 17 miles per hour and that backup has reached 580. everybody else fairly quiet but starting to fill in. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, and the metering lights on for half an hour at this pointed. and then a fire in the oakland area and we'll talk about that in less than ten. and then inventors trying to come up with a better mouse trap, and now a surfer has come up with a shark band. the 8$80
5:57 am
sharks. experts say to stay safe in the ocean you need to arrive sunset and sunrise, that's when sharks look for food typically. and then responding to something they don't have much of, female employees. and then providing a safe space for people to do drugs. and then the change in how uber charges you that has many uber charges you that has many drivers asking
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up on 6:00 a.m., and look at the sunrise coming up over the bay area this morning. that is just gorgeous. talking about a little bit warmer temperatures for some of us, and although some are going in the opposite direction depending on where you live. >> yeah, the fun of forecasting the microclimates today.
6:00 am
the fog, we will see that in just a second, and the winds coming in from the ocean. 13-mile-per-hour in fairfield. it's not a lot but it's enough and you can see the winds elsewhere, while they are light they are blowing from the ocean to the land and that means not quite as hot for those around the bay, but inland look at the scorching sunshine this morning. starting off 49 to 59 and hangout in the upper 50s at the coast from noon to 4:00, and then 87 to a scorching 94 inland. hate to leave this, but we have to find out about the morning commute. want to take you into oakland where we have a fire reported under the freeway here 880 near jackson street. not a lot of information but sounds like it's near the oakland fire training facility and firefighters are on the scene there and it did clear from t


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